ISSUE 11                                                                                                             THURSDAY 26th APRIL, 2007

          FROM THE PRINCIPAL                                                      College and, most importantly, her care and compassion for kids. We wish
                                                                                  June (and husband Jim) a well-deserved retirement.
Dear Parents
Welcome back to everyone after what I hope has been a good break; I’m
looking forward to another productive term. All of our students look very
smart in their transition to winter uniform - thank you to all parents and
students for supporting the College uniform policy.

                                                                                  Speaking of staff, this term we welcome back Mrs Rachael O’Brien (Year
                                                                                  Three) and Mr Paul Alteri (Year Eleven) – it’s good to have them back with
                                                                                  Best wishes to all for Term Two.
                                                                                  Tony Curry
As usual, last term finished with a K – 12 assembly on the final day.             Principal
Congratulations are extended to the following students who received a
Principal’s Award:
Year One: Declan Jilbert         Year Two: Alexander D’Rosario
Year Three: Emily Lwin           Year Four: Joshua Donovan                           BIRTHDAY CELEBRATIONS
Year Five: Andy Thai Nguyen      Year Six: Cameron James                          Congratulations are extended to the following students who celebrated
Year Seven: Daniel Younger       Year Eight: Kevin Tran                           birthdays over the holiday break:
Year Nine: Alex Best             Year Ten: Jaydon Barlow-Widdicombe
Year Eleven: Matthew Nichols     Year Twelve: Maribelle Salinas                   Brandon Le KR; Michael Sidoti 8C; Lisa-Jane Martin 10C; Joyce Palma 12A;
                                                                                  Calen Duffy PB; Sarah Panting 4B; Amy Knights 8A; Jodie Knights 8A;
PARENT TEACHER INTERVIEWS                                                         Alanna Amoroso 8O; Michelle Tilaka 9M; Dario Juric 10A; Chad Bergman
Elsewhere in this newsletter are details of the parent/teacher meetings (JLC      11C; Mitchell Martin 11M; Hieu Dong 2R; John Gabriel 7L; Joanna Mac 7S;
& MLC) that will be held next Tuesday. All parents are encouraged to make         Minh Tran 8A; Layne Gasper 9A; Lyna Dieu 9F; Anthony Giovenco 11C;
appointments with the relevant teachers – there is little doubt that your         Leanne Tran 11F; Clelia Achilli KB; Clifford Phung 6R; Natilie Nguyen 8C;
children’s best results are achieved only when home and school work               Tea Babic 8F; Teagan Wallis 9O; Brendan Daniels 11C; Savilla Jansen 11C;
together.                                                                         Isabella Faure 6R; Amie Stone 11MC; Jessica Terranova 12F; Han Lee KB;
                                                                                  Kyelen Glossop PR; Viviene Nguyen 7Y; Alexis Glew 8F; Julie Nguyen 9MC;
MERCY COLLEGE A FAIR TRADE SCHOOL                                                 Mary Buli 8C; Tayla Dunstan 8O; Alex Finlay 8O; Jeromie Castillo 9M;
Did you know that an announcement has been made that Mercy College is             Shannon Pettit 10M; Helen Le 11F; Maddyson Wallis 2R; Jess Bravo 9A;
the first Fair Trade school in Australia? Fair Trade contributes to sustainable   Ross De Domenico 9C; Eldric Nicomedes 11O; Francine De Gaye 12MC;
development by offering better trading conditions to marginalised producers       Johnson Lam 6R; Jessica Alexander 11C; Amy McEnaney 12O; Charlize
and workers who are usually situated in Africa or South America. Fairtrade        Dudek KB; Jake Semini 9F; Tiana Hall 10O; Rebecca Wyllie 8M; Casey
products (coffee, tea & chocolate products are the most well-known) are now       Martin 9M; Michael Huynh 9MC; Alan Conticello 10A; Sakura Htoo Htoo
available in supermarkets. You can find out more on          8MC; Mikael Dailey 11MC; Claude Giovenco 4R; Sonia Karia 10M; Jennifer
                                                                                  Abel 11MC; Asha Nicotra 1R; Hannah Tilak 2B; Isabella Torretti 2B; Kirulus
Next week marks the beginning of ‘Fair Trade Fortnight’ and this year Mercy
                                                                                  Divanian 3B; Verra Divanian 3B; Anita Divanian 3R; Yervant Divanian 3R;
College will be hosting a guest speaker. Guillermo Vargas, a coffee farmer
                                                                                  Charmaine Al-Hussein 10A; Andrej Senic 11C; Isabella Napoli 3R; Sacha
from Costa Rica, will be speaking at our College next Monday 30th April at
                                                                                  Thomas 6B; Kevin Tran 8F; Blessing Murombedzi 11M; Nadia Nesevski PB;
1.30pm in our chapel. Parents are most welcome to attend.
                                                                                  Tatjana Apostoloski 7L; Dylan Shepherd 10MC; Xander Henbury PB; Joshua
STAFFING                                                                          Harbor 4B; Melissa Treloar-Rush 8M; Emma Walker 9O; Aru Wade 12F; Mia
At the end of last term we farewelled a long-standing staff member, Mrs June      Wolski 3B; Antonio Glavinceski 8M; Katrina Lambert 9C; Stephanie Glew
Barns. June began at Mercy College back in 1981 and fulfilled a number of         10F; Jessica Asbury 11A; Theresa Nguyen 11C; Ayen Deng 11MC; Steven
roles including Year Coordinator and Deputy Principal. June was known for         To 6B; Donnie Secillano 7Y; Yashar Aghdasi Yekta 11MC.
her outstanding professionalism, her passion for teaching, her love of Mercy
                                                                                        CREATING A POSITIVE ENVIRONMENT FOR
JUNIOR LEARNING CENTRE                                                                  COMMUNICATION WITH YOUR CHILDREN
MERCY GAMES                                                                             Find special times to talk with your children
At the end of Term One, the JLC held its annual Mercy Games which was a                 As your children grow through the years they may start to spend more time
highlight for staff, students and parents. The day consisted of tabloid sports          talking with their peers. Try to find some special time just to talk with each of
such as sack races, egg and spoon races, tug–of–war and various relays                  your children.
and included students from all year groups. Fun was the main ingredient for             Ask your children specific, rather than general questions
the day and judging by the smiles was enjoyed by all who attended. Thank                Specific questions will encourage your children to carry on a conversation
you to the JLC staff for organising such a wonderful day and to the parents             e.g. “how did you go playing football today?” rather than “how was school
who came along to cheer and support our young Mercy athletes. The casual                today?”
atmosphere was continued with families enjoying morning tea under the                   Listen to your child without interruption
shade of the trees.                                                                     This will encourage your children to tell their story. It also shows your
                                                                                        children that you value what they have to say.
                                                                                        Repeat back what you heard your child say
                                                                                        Summing up what you heard your child say allows them to know that you
                                                                                        have understood what they were saying.
                                                                                        Keep talking even if your child won’t talk with you
                                                                                        Even when you think that your child is not listening to you keep on talking.
                                                                                        They are learning and trying to develop their own views of the world and may
                                                                                        at times disagree with or criticise what you are saying.
                                                                                        Laugh a little and admit your own mistakes
                                                                                        The use of humour is a useful tool at times to settle disagreements or
                                                                                        misunderstandings. Remember that your children can be a great source of
                                                                                        knowledge when you are not too sure or get something wrong. Remember to
                                                                                        ask them for help.
                                                                                                                                Mrs Jennie Jago: Director of Mission
                                                                                        NURSE NEWS
                                                                                        Cervical cancer vaccine - A reminder to students that all completed consent
                                                                                        forms must be returned to the Care Centre as soon as possible. The first
                                                                                        immunisations will be done on Tuesday 22nd May. Any queries, please
                                                                                        contact Ms Alison Roberts (School Nurse) on 9247 9216.
                                                                                                                                   Ms Alison Roberts: School Nurse

                                                                                          MIDDLE LEARNING CENTRE
                                                                                        YEAR EIGHT CAMP

            CARE CENTRE NEWS
To all members of the Mercy College community, welcome back to Term Two.
To the students in our care, here’s hoping and praying that you have returned
refreshed, renewed and ready for the many teaching and learning challenges
that lay ahead. Let us pray that it is a fruitful time of learning and growth for all
The following are some upcoming events:
           Anzac Day Remembrance Service (Friday 27th April at 10.00 am on
           the main oval)
           Year 11 Retreat (3rd & 4th May)
           Year 7 Confirmation Commitment Mass (12th & 13th May)
           Year 7 Confirmation Mass (25th May)                                          The annual Year Eight camp was held from April 2nd to 4th at the Ern Halliday
           Archbishop Barry Hickey’s Lifelink Appeal (6th June)                         Recreation Camp. We were all very excited about attending and were not
           Year 10 Loving for Life Program (commencing 18th June)                       disappointed. Some favourite activities included the ‘Big Swing’, abseiling
and a game called ‘Lost Pilot’ which involved lots of teamwork. The food         IMPORTANT DATES
was great, healthy and plentiful and included some delicious chocolate cake.          •     SLC exams for Years 10-12 will be held in Weeks 7 and 8 of this
In the evenings we played Bingo and theatre sports and watched movies.                      term.
Thank you to all the staff who organised and attended the camp – we really            •     SLC photos are on Wednesday May 2nd (Week Two). Students
enjoyed ourselves, learnt a lot about each other and made new friends.                      need to be in full College winter uniform (including blazer) and
Natilie Nguyen, Emma Gebbie, Loren McCavanagh and Ashleigh Peck                             personal grooming needs to be immaculate.
                                                                                                         Mr Kevin Sheehy: Head of Senior Learning Centre
Sincere thanks go to everyone involved in our Year 7 and 8 Camps in Term         PREVENT ALCOHOL RELATED TRAUMA IN
One. Both were a GREAT success! Thank you to all staff who attended and          YOUTH
also to those who ‘held the fort’ back at school. A special thank you to Ms      Before the end of Term One, we went to Royal Perth Hospital to learn about
Carmel Lucas and Ms Cathy Santarelli for their exceptional organisation in       the risks and consequences of drink/drug driving. We started the ‘tour’ of the
ensuring such successful camps                                                   hospital with various videos and talks, many of which were quite gruesome.
                                                                                 After that we had various demonstrations, which seemed quite silly, but were
WHAT’S HAPPENING IN TERM TWO                                                     actually teaching us valuable lessons.
Welcome back! I hope everyone has had a restful break and is ready to            After morning tea (which was provided by the hospital), we went through
tackle Term Two with energy and enthusiasm. As usual the school is a busy        some of the different wards and learnt what to do in case of emergency and
place, so please mark these dates for your calendar.                             the different types of equipment used and learn how to use them.
 Wk     Date                 Activity                  Information               After that, we walked around the hospital and went down to the Intensive
 1      Wed 25th April       ANZAC Day                 Public Holiday            Care Unit (ICU) to see the patients who had accidents such as motor vehicle
 1      Fri 27th April       ANZAC Day Service         10.00 am
                                                                                 crashes caused by drink driving. We also visited the helipad and spoke to
                                                       main oval
  2     Mon 30th April       MLC Student Photos        Full Winter
                                                                                 patients and saw x-rays of various fractures and dislocations. We ate lunch
                                                       Uniform                   while being bandaged as though we were patients in the ICU and it was
  2     Tues 1st May         Parent/Teacher            7.00pm – 9.00pm           loads of fun.
                             Interview                                           We then went to Shenton Park Rehabilitation Hospital to visit a nurse who
  2     Fri 4th May          MLC Assembly              10.00am Gym               was the coordinator for the spinal injury (quadriplegics unit). We then went
  3     Wed 9th May          Year 9 Lightning          Sports Uniform            upstairs to see a man who was in a car accident and he was talking to us
                                                                                 about making the right decisions. After we went to a place (like a gym) and
  3     Thurs 10th May       Year 8 Lightning          Sports Uniform
                                                                                 went on wheelchairs but this was not just for fun but to think about what it
  4     Fri 18th May         Year 7                    TBA                       would be like if any of us were one of the victims of the trauma accidents for
                             Reconciliation                                      our whole lives.
  4     Sat 19 May           Year 8, 2008              9.00am-11.00am            We realised just how hard it was navigate around and do all the things, they
                             Scholarship Exams         Academic/ Music           could do. This led to us giving a second thought before doing stupid, crazy
  5     Thurs 24 May         Year 8 Social             6.00pm                    things.
  5     Fri 25th May         Confirmation Mass         6.00pm
                                                                                                                                  Lynette and Tina (10MC)
  6     Fri 1st June         Pupil Free Day            Pupil Free Day
  7     Fri 8th June         Year 9 Mass               10.00am Chapel
  8     Fri 15th June        MLC House Activity        House Shirt/              GEOGRAPHY GO-GETTERS
                                                       Sport Shorts              Fifteen Year Ten Mercy College students were entered in the prestigious
  9     Thurs 21st June      Year 7 Lightning          Sports Uniform            Australian Geography Competition which was held Australia wide in the last
                             Carnival                                            week of March. The multiple choice competition is a very thorough test of
   9    Fri 22nd June        Year 8 Mass               10.00am Chapel            student knowledge and interpretative skills. Those selected will be 15 of
  10    Fri 29th June        MLC Assembly              10.00am Gym               some 9000 students who will participate in the competition, so some of our
  11    Fri 6th July         Last Day Term Two         K-12 Assembly             best performed Society and Environment students were entered by the
                                                                                 Department to represent the College.
MLC PHOTOS MONDAY 30 APRIL                                                       The top scorer under 16 years in Western Australia will have the opportunity
On Monday 30th April, Year Seven students will have their photos taken in        to join other state winners to compete for a position on the Australian team
Periods 1 & 2, Year Eight students in Periods 3 & 4 and Year Nine students       that will go to San Diego (USA) to participate in the 2007 National
in Periods 5 & 6. All students must be appropriately groomed and in their full   Geographic World Championships. The national finals will take place over
winter school uniform. Please contact the Year Coordinator or myself if there    three fun-filled days in Sydney in late May, so we at Mercy College will know
is a problem with the uniform.                                                   how our outstanding students have performed by week three of May.
                                                                                 We congratulate the following students for their nomination for the National
MLC PARENT TEACHER INTERVIEWS TUESDAY                                            Geographic Competition:
1st MAY 4.00PM – 7.00PM
We encourage all parents to make appointments with your child’s teachers         Bituin Balaguer          Natalie Hind               Kim Phan
so that you may be kept up-to-date with their progress. If ‘Needs Attention’     Sandy Chen               Cassandre Hubert           Lesha Pidutti
was assigned to one of the categories, it is essential that you make an          Danielle D' Rozario      Erika Millares             Sarah-Jane Shields
appointment to discuss this with the teacher.                                    Alex Fenton              Natalia Nojkovska          Rachel Towill
                                                                                 Nikeah Heydon            Tom Percival               Kaitlin Vander Donk
                         Mrs Sue Bursey: Head of Middle Learning Centre
                                                                                 We look forward to seeing how our candidates perform and hope the results
                                                                                 will reflect good overall awareness of world current events, national
                                                                                 happenings and sound analytical and interpretative skills that are demanded
SENIOR LEARNING CENTRE                                                           in this highly respected national competition.
Welcome back to the SLC for Term Two. I trust that you had a restful and                  Mr Peter Banting: Year 10 Geography Competition Coordinator
peaceful holiday. Mercy College provides many activities for students to
succeed through their involvement in the spiritual, academic, cultural and       TRANSITION TO REGISTERED NURSING
sporting life of the College. Students will benefit enormously from the          PROGRAM
activities provided by the staff in Term Two.                                    Year 11 students interested in a career as a Registered Nurse are invited to
Please remember to continue using your Mercy Organiser to record all             apply for the Transition to Registered Nursing program for 2007. The
homework and assessment details and bring it to all your classes. There is       program provides an excellent opportunity for prior training and involvement
information on the correct Winter Uniform and personal grooming. Parents         in the Registered Nursing industry as well as providing students with the
need to check the organiser and sign it on a weekly basis. We appreciate         Nationally Accredited credentials and an alternative entry pathway into Curtin
your support in its use.                                                         University Registered Nursing program.
Registered nurses work in a team environment with a range of other health
professionals and specialists. They assess, plan, provide and evaluate
preventative, curative and rehabilitative care for patients from babies to the
elderly in a wide variety of settings including hospitals, nursing homes, the
community and industry. A registered nurse also has the opportunity to work
in child health centres, schools, health services, rural and isolated areas as
well as overseas opportunities.
The Transition to Registered Nursing program is an innovative and practical
program run in partnership with Mercy College, Curtin University and the
Health Department of Western Australia.
Any students interested in applying for the program are to make an
appointment with Mrs Lesley Elder. Applications close on the 4th May. No
late applications will be considered.
                Mr Jason Sutton: Head of Technology & Enterprise / VET

  STRUCTURED WORKPLACE                                                           Thank you to the entire group for their efforts, motivation and enthusiasm.
                                                                                 You were a wonderful team and it was a privilege coaching you.
        LEARNING                                                                       Mrs Joanne Sullivan: Coach, Year 8 Indoor Mixed Beach Volleyball
                                          Year 11 student, FREDERICK
                                          ONESIMO, is currently working at
                                                                                       PARENT COUNCIL NEWS
                                          Rechichi’s Autos in Balcatta. On
                                          a recent visit to the workplace,       At the last parent information evening, an audience of over 70 people were
                                          Frederick’s      supervisor,    Joe    present to hear Senior Constable Shane Hickman speak on Cyber Predators
                                          Rechichi, was impressed with the       and Bullying.
                                          work ethic displayed by Frederick in
                                          his first few weeks. Frederick has
                                          shown himself to be a resourceful
                                          and independent worker and is very
keen to learn new skills in the automotive industry. He is a pleasure to have
in the workplace.
While in the workplace, Frederick is working on Curriculum Council Generic
Skills: collecting, analysing and organising information; communicating ideas
and information; planning and organising activities; working with others and
in teams; using mathematical ideas and techniques; solving problems and
using technology.
We thank Rechichi’s Autos for supporting Frederick in his choice of              The most important message from this presentation was to ensure your
workplace.                                                                       children keep their personal information safe. You would not expect them to
                                Mrs Maxine Muir: SWL Coordinator                 give out their phone number, address and other information including photos
                                                                                 to complete strangers on the street or over the phone, the same applies to
                                                                                 the internet which allows users anonymity.
CAREERS AND TRANSITIONS                                                          The following may also be of benefit. Place your computer in a family area
                                                                                 for ease of supervision, install filters on your computer to help block
         NEWS                                                                    inappropriate content, set rules for safety on the internet, set time limits on
                                                                                 usage, be involved and interested in what they are doing, encourage them to
     •     University of Melbourne is hosting a FREE evening seminar for         tell you if something happens that makes them feel uncomfortable so it can
           students (Years 10 to 12) and parents to provide information on       be reported.
           courses available and the admissions process.
                                                                                 While a mobile phone is a great tool to have, should your child receive
           Date:      Tuesday 8th May
                                                                                 threatening or explicit text messages, ensure they realise that this is
           Time:      6.30pm to 8.00pm
                                                                                 harassment and a violation of their civil liberties and that the message
           Place:     The Freshwater Room at the Hyatt Hotel,
                                                                                 is retained and reported. If you wish to monitor your child's mobile activities,
                      99 Adelaide Terrace, Perth
                                                                                 check their statement for dialled numbers which are unknown to you. If
     •     WA Insurance Expo – Friday 11 May Perth Exhibition and                necessary, talk to your service provider to limit access to incoming/outgoing
           Convention Centre. The aim of this expo is to provide students        calls, text messages and picture messages.
           with information on pathways available and the benefits of careers
                                                                                 For further information, the following sites may be of benefit to you:
           in this multi billion dollar industry
                                                                        or - if you see content on
                      Mrs Lesley Elder: Careers and Transitions Officer          the internet which you wish to lay a complaint about
            Phone: 9247 9271, Email:
                                                                        - Australian Communications & Media Authority
                  SPORT REPORT                                          Monitoring
                                                                                 filters keep a record of sites visited so you know which sites your children are
YEAR 8 MIXED INDOOR BEACH VOLLEYBALL                                             using.
After playing hard all season the wonderful Year 8s made it into the finals. - the Australian Internet Safety Advisory Board website
We were up against tough competition, though that did not faze us. The
Mercy students were pumped even though they had left their camp to play. provides an online resource so
They were already exhausted but they charged on like tough soldiers.             young children can learn how to use the Internet in a safe and fun
                                                                                 environment which includes games. We look forward to see you at our next
After the first two sets John Septimus Roe were leading 50 to 33. In the last
set the Mercy students were on fire eventually winning that set 25 to 15. JSR
won the game by just 7 points.                                                           Ms Debbie Cinquina: Chairperson, Mercy College Parent Council

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