Weekly Thermometer Calibration (Form)

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					WEEKLY THERMOMETER CALIBRATION MONTH ___________________ YEAR __________ Thermometer ID
Example Thermometer No.1.

Week 1
1/1/05 (1) 32=32 Employee Initials

Week 2
1/8/05 (1) 32 =34 Adjusted to 32 Employee Initials

Week 3
1/15/05 (2) 135 = 135 Employee Initials

Week 4
1/22/05 (2) 135 = 134 Adjusted to 135 Employee Initials

Week 5
1/29/05 (1) 32=32 Employee Initials

Measure thermometer accuracy using one of two methods: (1) Add ice to a small, clean container. Add water to make slush. The temperature should be 32 ºF. (2) Verify temperature of thermometers against an NIST reference thermometer. You can use any temperature ice-water or water within the zone the NIST - thermometer is meant to measure. Follow manufacturer’s instructions to adjust thermometer for calibration. Each entry should include date, calibration method (1) or (2), temperature measured of standard versus sample thermometer, note adjustment-if made, and include employee initials.

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Description: This is a form that can be used or modified to facilitate food service operators recording of thermometer calibrations