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                                                 Granary Bulk Foods                                  2125 N. Richmond Street
                                                      Catalog                                             Appleton, WI 54911
          SKU#                           Dept                                            Product Name
25141200000                   Pasta                         ELBOWS, WW, ORGANIC
24847500000                   Organic                       FLOUR, WW WHITE HARD ORGANIC
9781935397120                 Cook Books                    COOKBOOK, NATURALLY SWT SF DES
20673200000                   Spices and Seasonings         All Purpose Seasoning w/o Salt
20739700000                   Flavorings and Extracts       Imitation Almond Extract, 8 oz
25122300000                   Nuts and Seeds                Almond Paste
20733900000                   Nuts and Seeds                Sweet Creme Almonds
20726200000                   Nuts and Seeds                Yogurt Covered Almonds
088281029613                  Bath and Body                 Aloe All Over, 1 oz.
20741100000                   Food Preservation             Ammonium Carbonate Powder
25408800000                   Dried Fruits                  Organic Turkish Apricots
20772100000                   Candy                         Assorted Wild Fruit Candy
20742800000                   Miscellaneous                 Jumbo Baking Cups, 125 count
20691900000                   Organic                       Organic Hulled Barley
20668200000                   Spices and Seasonings         Ground Basil
29156600000                   Miscellaneous                 Bread Basket
29207700000                   Miscellaneous                 Cake Carrier Basket
29180800000                   Miscellaneous                 Bowl Basket, Large
29183300000                   Miscellaneous                 Biscuit Basket, Large
29182200000                   Miscellaneous                 Biscuit Basket, Medium
29352200000                   Miscellaneous                 Round Fruit Basket, Medium
29164400000                   Miscellaneous                 Bowl Basket, Medium
29956600000                   Miscellaneous                 Salt & Pepper Basket
29181100000                   Miscellaneous                 Biscuit Basket, Small
29163300000                   Miscellaneous                 Bowl Basket, Small
29228800000                   Miscellaneous                 Casserole Basket, Small
29351100000                   Miscellaneous                 Round Fruit Basket, Small
29100300000                   Miscellaneous                 Square Tissue Basket
20668300000                   Spices and Seasonings         Ground Bay Leaves
21702100000                   Beans                         Adzuki Beans
20728700000                   Organic                       Organic Split Yellow Peas
20754800000                   Beans                         Yellow Whole Peas
25136800000                   Soup and Gravy                Beef Broth, Instant
860441000096                  Protein                       Cajun Beef Sticks
860441000089                  Protein                       Maple Beef Sticks
860441000072                  Protein                       Original Beef Sticks
25267400000                   Candy                         Chocolate Bridge Mix
20704300000                   Candy                         Milk Chocolate Bridge Mix
037064113506                  Food Preservation             Bucket Wrench
25589500000                   Miscellaneous                 Burgie's Laundry Soap

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                                                 Granary Bulk Foods                           2125 N. Richmond Street
                                                      Catalog                                      Appleton, WI 54911
25268600000                   Candy                         Butterscotch Candy, Sugar Free
25179800000                   Nuts and Seeds                PISTACHIOS, SHELLED, R&S
25272100000                   Candy                         Candy Blox
25353400000                   Candy                         Milk Chocolate Caramel Drops
20659300000                   Spices and Seasonings         Whole Cardamom Seed
071923761798                  Cereal                        Apple Cinnamon Toasted Oat
071923762344                  Cereal                        Apple Whirls
20836100000                   Gluten Free                   Sorghum Cereal
071923761880                  Cereal                        Sugar Puffed Wheat Cereal
20720200000                   Spices and Seasonings         Chipotle Powder
20692700000                   Chocolate                     Orion SF Milk Chocolate
28423400000                   Spices and Seasonings         Cilantro, Bulk
25268900000                   Candy                         Sugar Free Cinnamon Candy
25361000000                   Spices and Seasonings         Cinnamon Sugar
20694700000                   Bath and Body                 Cocoa Butter
20664100000                   Beverages                     Non-Dairy Coffee Creamer
26010800000                   Organic                       Organic Corn Meal
20736600000                   Baking                        Seasoned Croutons
20669300000                   Spices and Seasonings         Ground Dill Seed
25374800000                   Food Preservation             Regular Dutch Gel
20773600000                   Fragrance and Essential OilsAloe Vera Essential Oil
20676400000                   Fragrance and Essential OilsAnise Essential Oil
20730000000                   Fragrance and Essential OilsCedarwood Essential Oil
20674900000                   Fragrance and Essential OilsClove Essential Oil
20768100000                   Fragrance and Essential OilsEucalyptus Essential Oil
20675000000                   Fragrance and Essential OilsFreesia Oil II Essential Oil
20676500000                   Fragrance and Essential OilsGinger Essential Oil
20741800000                   Fragrance and Essential OilsLavender Essential Oil
20742400000                   Fragrance and Essential OilsOrange Sweet Essential Oil
25103000000                   Grain                         Brown Flax Meal
20589500000                   Flour                         Teff Flour
074441020033                  Baking                        Blue Food Color, 16 fl oz.
074441020040                  Baking                        Green Food Color, 16 fl oz.
0734394000314                 Miscellaneous                 Blue Food Color, 1oz.
074441020026                  Baking                        Red Food Color, 16 fl oz.
20751200000                   Fragrance and Essential OilsApple Jack/Orange Frag Oil
20741600000                   Fragrance and Essential OilsCucumber Melon Fragrance Oil
20110200000                   Fragrance and Essential OilsOatmeal Cookie Fragrance Oil
079126008405                  Dried Fruits                  Harvest Grape Fruit Leather
079126306112                  Dried Fruits                  Smooshed Grape Fruit Leather
052000039672                  Beverages                     Lemon Lime Gatorade

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                                                 Granary Bulk Foods                         2125 N. Richmond Street
                                                      Catalog                                    Appleton, WI 54911
204611030000                  Beverages                     Orange Gatorade
25169100000                   Gelatin and Pudding           Apricot Gelatin
25169700000                   Gelatin and Pudding           Black Raspberry Gelatin
25169700000                   Gelatin and Pudding           Black Raspberry Gelatin
25169900000                   Gelatin and Pudding           Blueberry Gelatin
25169300000                   Gelatin and Pudding           Cherry Gelatin
99991700000                   Food Preservation             Country Living Grain Mill
20746300000                   Soup and Gravy                Country Gravy Mix
25134400000                   Soup and Gravy                Old Time Beef Gravy Mix
25310100000                   Candy                         Mini Gummi Fried Eggs
028367865653                  Bath and Body                 Lavender & Chamomile Lotion
028367835646                  Bath and Body                 Grapefruit & Bergamot Lotion
20696100000                   Spices and Seasonings         Hickory Salt
649241848578                  Sugars and Sweeteners         Honey Bear
076928000163                  Sugars and Sweeteners         Creamed Honey
649241850113                  Sugars and Sweeteners         Raw Honey, Pint Jar
649241850106                  Canned Goods                  Raw Honey, Quart Jar
21275400000                   Spices and Seasonings         Horseradish Powder
20111100000                   Health                        Large Hot Pack
20203100000                   Health                        Medium Hot Pack
20111200000                   Health                        Small Hot Pack
718531137200                  Canned Goods                  Bacon Dressing
718531454406                  Canned Goods                  Black Bean Salsa
718531231229                  Canned Goods                  Chow Chow
718531231229                  Canned Goods                  Chow Chow
718531131505                  Canned Goods                  Four Bean Salad
718531324280                  Canned Goods                  Hot Garlic Mushrooms
718531136210                  Canned Goods                  Hot Salsa
718531454376                  Canned Goods                  Medium Salsa
718531236804                  Canned Goods                  Old Fashioned Sauerkraut
718531236804                  Canned Goods                  Old Fashioned Sauerkraut
718531122800                  Canned Goods                  Pickled Dill Baby Corn
718531222845                  Canned Goods                  Pickled Sweet Baby Corn
718531422603                  Canned Goods                  Pickled Sweet Baby Beets
718531459449                  Canned Goods                  Spiced Apple Rings
718531127805                  Canned Goods                  Sweet Midget Pickles
812052000484                  Canned Goods                  Blackberry Spread
20706300000                   Bath and Body                 Jojoba Oil
20756900000                   Candy                         JuJube Fruits
056828121069                  Baking                        Freeze Dried Kefir Starter
22510500000                   Flavorings and Extracts       Lemon Emulsion

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                                                 Granary Bulk Foods                          2125 N. Richmond Street
                                                      Catalog                                     Appleton, WI 54911
20510500000                   Flavorings and Extracts       Lemon Emulsion, Gallon
20762000000                   Candy                         Black Licorice Bites
20653900000                   Candy                         Sugar Free Cherry Niblets
25393900000                   Candy                         Orange Twist
02931532                      Flavorings and Extracts       Lorann Butterscotch
02931037                      Flavorings and Extracts       Lorann Cherry
02930737                      Flavorings and Extracts       Lorann Clove Oil
02931338                      Flavorings and Extracts       Lorann Grape
02939835H                     Flavorings and Extracts       Lorann Horehound
02932939                      Flavorings and Extracts       Lorann Pina Colada
02930834                      Flavorings and Extracts       Lorann Spearmint Oil
02932337                      Flavorings and Extracts       Lorann Strawberry
02930436                      Flavorings and Extracts       Lorann Wintergreen
22752600000                   Cereal                        Whole Wheat Cream of Wheat
20588900000                   Sugars and Sweeteners         Barley Malt Syrup
088281001008                  Bath and Body                 Miracle Rub, 1 oz
812052000613                  Canned Goods                  Cran-apple Spread
20670700000                   Spices and Seasonings         Whole Coriander
20444400000                   Rada Cutlery                  Rada Steak Knife Set
20929000000                   Rada Cutlery                  Rada Ham Slicer
25170500000                   Gelatin and Pudding           Lime Gelatin
25229300000                   Grain                         White and Wild Blend Rice
25067400000                   Organic                       Organic Long Grain Brown Rice
20284300000                   Health                        Unkers Aussie Euca Lip Balm
22284300000                   Health                        Unkers Natu-rub
20113300000                   Health                        Unkers Pain & Itch Relief
28284300000                   Health                        Unkers Therapeutic Soap
040329005003                  Food Preservation             Universal Grain Mill
040329003238                  Food Preservation             Universal Meat Chopper
27777300000                   Food Preservation             Universal Stuffing Attachment
22628400000                   Flour                         Barley Flour
28012600000                   Organic                       Organic Turbinado Sugar
22201100000                   Nuts and Seeds                Raw Pecan Halves
20735400000                   Food Preservation             Ascorbic Acid.
25374500000                   Spices and Seasonings         Meat Tenderizer
20669400000                   Spices and Seasonings         Ground Fennel Seed
25171700000                   Gelatin and Pudding           Strawberry Gelatin
20719100000                   Baking Chips                  M & M Baking Bits
718531126303                  Canned Goods                  Bread & Butter Pickle Chips
25416700000                   Candy                         Smarties Gum
041449002002                  Beverages                     Apple Cider Mix

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                                                 Granary Bulk Foods                           2125 N. Richmond Street
                                                      Catalog                                      Appleton, WI 54911
25135000000                   Soup and Gravy                Beef Bouillon Cubes
811957010123                  Food Preservation             Victorio Grain Mill
99991000000                   Bath and Body                 Brown Sugar & Fig Soap
99990300000                   Bath and Body                 Amas Veritas Soap
99990400000                   Bath and Body                 Aroma No Soap
99990100000                   Bath and Body                 Butterfly Kisses Soap
99991200000                   Bath and Body                 Ferns of Muir Woods Soap
99990200000                   Bath and Body                 Leather Soap
99990900000                   Bath and Body                 Lemon Verbena Soap
99990600000                   Bath and Body                 Lily of the Valley Soap
99990700000                   Bath and Body                 Lovely Lavender Soap
99990500000                   Bath and Body                 Pink Grapefruit Soap
99991100000                   Bath and Body                 Sea Air & Sandlewood Soap
017082001580                  Spices and Seasonings         Jerky Cure Seasoning
20708300000                   Mixes                         Cheesecake Mix
072058957513                  Mixes                         Chili Base Tomato Mix
25217500000                   Beverages                     Chocolate Milk Mix
072058603243                  Food Preservation             Dill Pickle Mix
20688600000                   Mixes                         Fat Free Oat Bran Muffin Mix
25217900000                   Beverages                     Hot Chocolate Mix
20178500000                   Beverages                     Dark Hot Chocolate Mix
071923683243                  Beverages                     Sugar Free Hot Chocolate Mix
20764000000                   Beverages                     Instant Orange Break Drink Mix
072058957506                  Mixes                         Pasta (Spaghetti) Sauce Mix
25216800000                   Beverages                     Pink Lemonade Drink Mix
072058957520                  Mixes                         Pizza Sauce Tomato Mix
20774900000                   Mixes                         Pohonka's Waffle & Pancake Mix
20687200000                   Mixes                         Sloppy Joe Mix
28687200000                   Mixes                         Sloppy Joe Mix, Bulk
22951900000                   Mixes                         Variety Muffin Mix
20772900000                   Nuts and Seeds                Deluxe Mixed Nuts, Salted
20663100000                   Dried Vegetables              Champignon Sliced Mushrooms
20766800000                   Protein                       Nature's Burger
25113900000                   Cereal                        Oat Groats
20714100000                   Organic                       Organic Oat Groats
039153010109                  Cooking Oils                  Colavit Extra Virgin Olive Oil
023254113210                  Cooking Oils                  Safflower Oil, 32 fl oz.
022506145054                  Organic                       Organic Sesame Oil
20670100000                   Spices and Seasonings         Ground Oregano
20775400000                   Organic                       Organic Brown Rice Macaroni
25141500000                   Organic                       Organic Whole Wheat Orzo

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                                                 Granary Bulk Foods                          2125 N. Richmond Street
                                                      Catalog                                     Appleton, WI 54911
25141900000                   Organic                       Organic Whole Wheat Linguine
25140900000                   Organic                       Whole Wheat Stuffing Shells
25284500000                   Candy                         Peanut Brittle
20768000000                   Nuts and Seeds                Peanut Butter, No Salt
25284400000                   Candy                         Peanut Squares
20671200000                   Spices and Seasonings         Black Tellicherry Peppercorns
20702500000                   Spices and Seasonings         Pink Peppercorns
20670400000                   Spices and Seasonings         White Peppercorns
718531222401                  Canned Goods                  Pickled Asparagus
718531222401                  Canned Goods                  Pickled Asparagus
718531224245                  Canned Goods                  Dill Mushrooms
718531224245                  Canned Goods                  Dill Mushrooms
20671600000                   Cooking Oils                  Lard
25393800000                   Candy                         Green Apple Twists
074703291218                  Mixes                         Blueberry Pancake Mix
25181100000                   Nuts and Seeds                Dry Roasted Split Peanuts
20775200000                   Spices and Seasonings         Peppermint Leaf
20702700000                   Baking                        Apple Pie Filling
20703500000                   Baking                        Coconut Pie Filling
20704000000                   Baking                        Date Pie Filling
20705500000                   Baking                        Mince Meat Pie Filling
25179900000                   Nuts and Seeds                Pine Nuts (Pignolias)
072058957599                  Food Preservation             Hot Salsa Mix
072058957575                  Food Preservation             Salsa Tomato Mix
25128200000                   Sugars and Sweeteners         Rainbow Sanding Sugar
20692500000                   Chocolate                     Milk Fountain Chocolate
20777700000                   Food Preservation             Black Removable Bucket Lid
25555500000                   Food Preservation             Orange Removable Bucket Lid
20664000000                   Dairy                         Butter Powder Sprinkles
25375900000                   Spices and Seasonings         Food Grade Alum Powder
718531454413                  Canned Goods                  Pineapple Salsa
20115100000                   Sugars and Sweeteners         Sorghum Syrup, 16 fl oz.
078347001523                  Bath and Body                 Anise Toothpaste
022506002043                  Food Preservation             Balsamic Vinegar
039153413061                  Food Preservation             Aged White Wine Vinegar
21008600000                   Soup and Gravy                Pork Gravy Mix
25267300000                   Candy                         Sugar Free Milk Choc. Peanuts
20663500000                   Spices and Seasonings         Whole Marjoram
24950500000                   Snacks                        Honey Mustard Pretzel Crips
25234800000                   Snacks                        Chocolate Coat Pretzel Balls
25341700000                   Snacks                        Holiday Drizzle Pretzel

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                                                 Granary Bulk Foods                           2125 N. Richmond Street
                                                      Catalog                                      Appleton, WI 54911
25347200000                   Snacks                        Patriotic Frosted Pretzels
25320900000                   Snacks                        Valentine Frosted Pretzels
25119800000                   Mixes                         Bisquick Baking Mix
20757400000                   Baking                        Chocolate Bavarian Pie Filling
20771500000                   Sugars and Sweeteners         Barley Malt (Maltoferm)
25215200000                   Cereal                        Yellow Hominy Grits
20286500000                   Spices and Seasonings         Chopped Rosemary
20100000000                   Flavorings and Extracts       Imitation Dark Vanilla, Gallon
25208200000                   Dried Fruits                  Shredded Sweetened Coconut
21685600000                   Decorettes                    Peppermint Candy Cane Shapes
25337800000                   Decorettes                    Peppermint Crunch Bits
22100200000                   Decorettes                    Blue Sprinkles
25125500000                   Decorettes                    White Sprinkles
25132800000                   Decorettes                    Chocolate Lovers Mix
25131100000                   Decorettes                    Cow Shapes
20711700000                   Decorettes                    Festive Flurry Mix
25403500000                   Decorettes                    Heart Shapes
25336900000                   Decorettes                    Holly Berry Mix
25202000000                   Decorettes                    Holly Quins
25319100000                   Decorettes                    Kiss Shapes (Lips)
25403300000                   Decorettes                    Red White & Blue Stars
20681200000                   Decorettes                    Wedding Bells
25425300000                   Decorettes                    Winter Wonderland Mix
25132600000                   Decorettes                    Shamrock Mix
25128800000                   Sugars and Sweeteners         Pink Sanding Sugar
20703300000                   Baking                        Creme Cheese Pie Filling
20757000000                   Candy                         Sugar Free Gummi Bears
02932230                      Flavorings and Extracts       Lorann Vanilla Butternut
25156300000                   Baking Chips                  Peanut Butter Baking Drops, 1M
20703700000                   Baking                        Banana Cream Pie Filling
20703800000                   Baking                        Pineapple Pie Filling
20657100000                   Spices and Seasonings         Whole Chili Pepper
20672200000                   Decorettes                    Red Fire Ants
29229900000                   Miscellaneous                 Casserole Basket, Large
02933336                      Flavorings and Extracts       Lorann Tutti Fruitti
25414900000                   Organic                       Organic Cinnamon Spice Granola
20786800000                   Organic                       Organic Whole Buckwheat
749174097279                  Miscellaneous                 Dishmate Dishwashing Soap
041700119968                  Food Preservation             Kitchen Crop Sprouter
20714600000                   Dried Vegetables              Shitake Mushrooms
25133400000                   Flavorings and Extracts       Powdered Vanilla

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                                                 Granary Bulk Foods                          2125 N. Richmond Street
                                                      Catalog                                     Appleton, WI 54911
25128400000                   Decorettes                    Blue Sanding Sugar
22468500000                   Decorettes                    Christmas Mix Sanding Sugar
20784200000                   Decorettes                    Boughs of Holly Mix
25130600000                   Decorettes                    School Bus Shapes
20783500000                   Decorettes                    Baby Quin Shapes
25364000000                   Spices and Seasonings         Mace
25119400000                   Mixes                         Honi Bran Muffin Mix
25171100000                   Gelatin and Pudding           Pineapple Gelatin
25170900000                   Gelatin and Pudding           Peach Gelatin
25170300000                   Gelatin and Pudding           Lemon Gelatin
25242200000                   Snacks                        Cajun Hot Sesame Sticks
20699300000                   Nuts and Seeds                Unhulled Sesame Seeds
20672600000                   Nuts and Seeds                Black Sesame Seeds
718531459531                  Canned Goods                  Vanilla Peaches
079126008603                  Dried Fruits                  Ripened Raspberry Frt Leather
25306300000                   Candy                         Gummi Fruit Salad
078009000055                  Spices and Seasonings         Popcorn Salt
20736900000                   Snacks                        Black Hills Popcorn
24640300000                   Snacks                        Organic White Popcorn
25234300000                   Snacks                        Chocolate Coat PB Pretzels
25195700000                   Dried Fruits                  Pitted Prunes
20702300000                   Gelatin and Pudding           Cook-Type Chocolate Pudding
20709700000                   Gelatin and Pudding           Cook-Type Coconut Pudding
25174500000                   Gelatin and Pudding           Instant Coconut Cream Pudding
25173000000                   Gelatin and Pudding           Instant Maple Walnut Pudding
25174100000                   Gelatin and Pudding           Instant Orange Dream Pudding
25174300000                   Gelatin and Pudding           Instant Pistachio Pudding
20935000000                   Rada Cutlery                  Rada Bagel Knife
20927000000                   Rada Cutlery                  Rada Carver/Boner
20230800000                   Rada Cutlery                  Rada Carving Fork/Knife Set
20949000000                   Rada Cutlery                  Rada Cheese Knife
20212300000                   Rada Cutlery                  Rada Cook's Spoon
20125000000                   Rada Cutlery                  Rada Cook's Spoon w/Holes
20430000000                   Rada Cutlery                  Rada Daisy Mate Pan Scraper
20932000000                   Rada Cutlery                  Rada Plain Food Chopper
20933000000                   Rada Cutlery                  Rada Serrated Food Chopper
20939000000                   Rada Cutlery                  Rada Granny Fork
20913000000                   Rada Cutlery                  Rada Grapefruit Knife
20934000000                   Rada Cutlery                  Rada Handi Stir
20600300000                   Rada Cutlery                  Rada Loaf Pan
20945000000                   Rada Cutlery                  Rada Mini Server

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                                                 Granary Bulk Foods                           2125 N. Richmond Street
                                                      Catalog                                      Appleton, WI 54911
20928000000                   Rada Cutlery                  Rada Old Fashioned Butcher
20600200000                   Rada Cutlery                  Rada Pie Plate, 9"
20937000000                   Rada Cutlery                  Rada Pie Server
20600400000                   Rada Cutlery                  Rada Rectangular Baker
20211600000                   Rada Cutlery                  Rada Serverspoon
20927100000                   Rada Cutlery                  Rada Slicer
20600500000                   Rada Cutlery                  Rada Square Baker
20929100000                   Rada Cutlery                  Rada Stubby Butcher
20441400000                   Rada Cutlery                  Rada Boxed Tomato Knife Set
20938100000                   Rada Cutlery                  Rada Turnover
25131700000                   Decorettes                    Rainbow Candy Coated Chips
25345600000                   Candy                         Old Fash Mini Ribbon Candy
21101100000                   Candy                         Root Beer Barrels
20658000000                   Baking                        Rye Flavor
20721400000                   Spices and Seasonings         Saffron, 1 gr.
22705300000                   Spices and Seasonings         Whole Sage
21101400000                   Candy                         Assorted Salt Water Taffy
20775500000                   Spices and Seasonings         Canning & Pickling Salt
20702000000                   Spices and Seasonings         Coarse Guerande Sea Salt
20667000000                   Spices and Seasonings         Coarse Sea Salt
024600017022                  Food Preservation             Coarse Kosher Salt
024600010863                  Food Preservation             Pickling & Canning Salt
20656900000                   Spices and Seasonings         Pretzel Salt
20774800000                   Spices and Seasonings         Seafood Seasoning
25336300000                   Organic                       Organic Shea Butter
20671700000                   Cooking Oils                  Pure Vegetable Shortening
20723400000                   Baking                        Skor Bits
20782800000                   Baking                        Skor Toffee Flavored Bits
25343300000                   Baking                        Red & Green Smooth & Melty's
25209600000                   Soup and Gravy                Complete Chili Soup, No MSG
20731100000                   Soup and Gravy                Cream of Potato Soup
20661400000                   Soup and Gravy                Ham Soup Base
25454900000                   Soup and Gravy                Hearty Tomato Soup, No MSG
20773100000                   Soup and Gravy                Hearty Vegetable Soup
25210000000                   Soup and Gravy                New England Clam Chowder
20730800000                   Soup and Gravy                Onion Soup
25210100000                   Soup and Gravy                Vegetable Beef Soup, No MSG
20775100000                   Spices and Seasonings         Spearmint Leaf
25431100000                   Sugars and Sweeteners         Stevia Extract Powder, Bulk
9781570671333                 Cook Books                    Steiva Naturally Sweet Recipes
716123125857                  Sugars and Sweeteners         Stevia Plus, 100 pkts

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                                                 Granary Bulk Foods                           2125 N. Richmond Street
                                                      Catalog                                      Appleton, WI 54911
716123125918                  Sugars and Sweeteners         Stevia Plus, 50 count pkg.
716123125949                  Sugars and Sweeteners         Stevia Plus, 4 oz shaker
716123123983                  Sugars and Sweeteners         Apricot Stevia Liquid
716123123860                  Sugars and Sweeteners         Chocolate Rasp Stevia Liquid
716123124126                  Sugars and Sweeteners         Cinnamon Stevia Liquid
716123123006                  Sugars and Sweeteners         English Toffee Stevia Liquid
716123124089                  Sugars and Sweeteners         Grape Stevia Liquid
716123124003                  Sugars and Sweeteners         Milk Chocolate Stevia Liquid
716123124102                  Sugars and Sweeteners         Peppermint Stevia Liquid
716123123884                  Sugars and Sweeteners         Valencia Orange Stevia Liquid
20761900000                   Candy                         Strawberry Bites
25175600000                   Baking                        Strawberry Danish Dessert
20660100000                   Beverages                     Organic Chai Tea Blend
032917000866                  Beverages                     Cran-Aid Herbal Tea
047445919719                  Beverages                     Organic Earl Grey Tea
794522200986                  Beverages                     Organic Green/Black OM Tea
047445919924                  Beverages                     Irish Breakfast Tea
047445919320                  Beverages                     Moroccan Mint Green Tea
794522210121                  Beverages                     Organic Chai Spiced Black Tea
070734070495                  Beverages                     Victorian Earl Grey Decaf Tea
832544200178                  Organic                       Organic White w/Rasp Tea
794522200658                  Beverages                     Zen Green Tea
20670600000                   Spices and Seasonings         Ground Thyme
20689900000                   Flavorings and Extracts       Pure Vanilla Extract, 2 fl oz.
VERVESHOT                     Beverages                     Verve Shot - case of 24
20692000000                   Chocolate                     Dark Chocolate Dipping Wafers
25148800000                   Chocolate                     Dark Green Coating Wafers
22512500000                   Chocolate                     Yogurt Wafers
052329070028                  Food Preservation             Zipvac Starter Kit, Green
20699100000                   Spices and Seasonings         Cayenne Pepper
20555500000                   Miscellaneous                 Microfiber Dish Cloth
20743100000                   Food Preservation             Dextrose
VERVE ENERGY DRINK            Beverages                     Verve Energy Drink - 24 case
726228293689                  Spices and Seasonings         Mel's Seasoning, 1 lb
25207000000                   Baking                        Flaked Unsweetened Coconut
20938000000                   Rada Cutlery                  Rada Pizza Cutter
23262000000                   Snacks                        Honey Roasted Soybeans
29111100000                   Organic                       Organic Lentils
20729600000                   Organic                       Organic Garbanzo Beans
041183001750                  Grain                         Dried Sweet Copes Corn
20674400000                   Mixes                         Whole Wheat Pancake Mix

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                                                 Granary Bulk Foods                           2125 N. Richmond Street
                                                      Catalog                                      Appleton, WI 54911
25238300000                   Snacks                        Whole Wheat Pretzels
071923761859                  Cereal                        Toasted Oats Cereal
23439400000                   Flavorings and Extracts       Imitation Maple Extract, 4 oz.
094922301970                  Dried Vegetables              Teriaki Beef Sticks
23604600000                   Dried Fruits                  Goji Berries
22656300000                   Mixes                         Barley White Bread Mix
20782900000                   Dressing and Dips             Cucumber Dill Dip Mix
20738800000                   Fragrance and Essential OilsCoconut Sweet Fragrance Oil
20670500000                   Spices and Seasonings         Ground Rosemary
20666800000                   Dairy                         Egg White Powder
704711000020                  Mixes                         Soft Pretzel Mix
812052000507                  Canned Goods                  Blueberry Spread
20723500000                   Gluten Free                   Chick Pea (Garbanzo) Flour
716123125710                  Sugars and Sweeteners         Stevia Extract, 25 gr. shaker
20678500000                   Mixes                         General Mills Pie Crust Mix
25359100000                   Spices and Seasonings         Apple Pie Spice
25159100000                   Baking Chips                  Unsweetened Carob Drops
071923761811                  Cereal                        Crisp Rice Cereal
25210900000                   Soup and Gravy                Country Corn Chowder
20788600000                   Canned Goods                  Butterscotch Baking Chips
20788600000                   Baking Chips                  Butterscotch Baking Chips
25232100000                   Cereal                        Cran-ola Granola
052329070219                  Food Preservation             Zipvac Bags, Gallon
052329070158                  Food Preservation             Zipvac Starter Kit, Orange
25129300000                   Sugars and Sweeteners         Silver Sanding Sugar
25144500000                   Chocolate                     Bronze Medal SS Chocolate
24650500000                   Snacks                        Organic Yellow Popcorn
20725200000                   Decorettes                    Gold Sanding Sugar
20689100000                   Baking                        Black Raspberry Pie Filling
25416500000                   Candy                         Strawberry Licorice Laces
25266900000                   Candy                         Sugar Free Root Beer Barrels
20111300000                   Health                        Neck Wrap Hot Pack
25153400000                   Baking Chips                  Fun Flavor Cookie Drops
076455600003                  Miscellaneous                 Jumbo Baking Cups, 500 count
21594000000                   Protein                       TVP, Soy
20770400000                   Organic                       Organic Brown Rice Elbows
075181001139                  Gluten Free                   Corn Spaghetti
20770600000                   Gluten Free                   Garden Pagodas
25132900000                   Decorettes                    Lovestruck Mix
071923761804                  Cereal                        Corn Flakes
010900013314                  Paper Products                Parchment Paper

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                                                 Granary Bulk Foods                           2125 N. Richmond Street
                                                      Catalog                                      Appleton, WI 54911
21451200000                   Beans                         Pink Beans
25401300000                   Organic                       Organic Sucanat Sugar
20738600000                   Fragrance and Essential OilsPine Needle Essential Oil
25177800000                   Gelatin and Pudding           Seed Pearl Tapioca
25239700000                   Snacks                        Garlic Bagel Chips
052329070226                  Food Preservation             Zipvac Bags, Quart
25231800000                   Organic                       Organic Gingersnap Granola
25282300000                   Candy                         Kookaburra Licorice
20690600000                   Gelatin and Pudding           Sugar Free Vanilla Pudding
25128100000                   Sugars and Sweeteners         Yellow Sanding Sugar
20662100000                   Spices and Seasonings         Garlic Salt
25176600000                   Food Preservation             Thermflo (Canning & Freezing)
20729700000                   Fragrance and Essential OilsRosemary Essential Oil
20668400000                   Spices and Seasonings         Ground Caraway Seed
20689200000                   Snacks                        Bowlby's Bits
25126900000                   Decorettes                    Black Nonpareils
20922100000                   Rada Cutlery                  Rada Peeling Paring
716123124027                  Sugars and Sweeteners         Dark Chocolate Stevia Liquid
20670900000                   Spices and Seasonings         Whole Celery Seed
20656400000                   Mixes                         Ezekiel Bread Mix
25409000000                   Dried Fruits                  Green Cinnamon Apple Chips
25317100000                   Candy                         Spearmint Lozenges
20731000000                   Dressing and Dips             Bacon & Onion Dip Mix
25401000000                   Sugars and Sweeteners         Crystalline Fructose (Corn)
0716123125987                 Sugars and Sweeteners         Stevia Tabs, 100 count
20667300000                   Spices and Seasonings         Whole Cumin Seed
25369200000                   Spices and Seasonings         Hickory Smoked Salt
20660200000                   Soup and Gravy                Au Jus Gravy Mix
25270300000                   Candy                         Mixed Coconut Tips
25429300000                   Candy                         Spearmint Leaves Candy
20954000000                   Rada Cutlery                  Rada Regular Paring
20712300000                   Candy                         Peanut Butter Cups
25331600000                   Chocolate                     Chocolate Stars
25125900000                   Decorettes                    Orange Sprinkles
20688300000                   Dressing and Dips             Italian Dressing Mix
23937400000                   Soup and Gravy                Cream Soup Base
023535057059                  Candy                         Sucker Sticks, Bags & Ties Com
02934238                      Flavorings and Extracts       Lorann Lime Oil
02931639                      Flavorings and Extracts       Lorann Coconut
02931231                      Flavorings and Extracts       Lorann Chocolate
02939631                      Flavorings and Extracts       Lorann Blueberry

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                                                 Granary Bulk Foods                         2125 N. Richmond Street
                                                      Catalog                                    Appleton, WI 54911
25212100000                   Beans                         Lima Beans, Large
26503600000                   Cooking Oils                  Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Bulk
079126008900                  Dried Fruits                  Summer Strawberry Frt Leathe
21814300000                   Baking                        Key Lime Pie Filling
072058603250                  Food Preservation             Kosher Dill Pickle Mix
29779000000                   Spices and Seasonings         Lemon Citrus Peel, 2T
29275400000                   Spices and Seasonings         Horseradish Powder, 2T
29660400000                   Spices and Seasonings         Celery Salt, 2T
29661800000                   Spices and Seasonings         Chili Powder, 2T
29423100000                   Spices and Seasonings         Chives, 2T
29698300000                   Spices and Seasonings         Chopped Onion, 2T
29286500000                   Spices and Seasonings         Chopped Rosemary, 2T
25242600000                   Snacks                        Honey Roasted Sesame Sticks
29779200000                   Spices and Seasonings         Citrus Orange Peel, 2T
0742820113408                 Canned Goods                  Cran-grape Jelly
29707300000                   Spices and Seasonings         Cream of Tarter, 2T
29665900000                   Spices and Seasonings         Curry Powder, 2T
29696700000                   Spices and Seasonings         Dill Weed, 2T
29375900000                   Spices and Seasonings         Food Grade Alum Powder, 2T
29715000000                   Spices and Seasonings         Garam Masala, 2T
29363300000                   Spices and Seasonings         Garlic Pepper, 2T
29697200000                   Spices and Seasonings         Granulated Garlic, 2T
29698400000                   Spices and Seasonings         Granulated Onion, 2T
29698900000                   Spices and Seasonings         Green Bell Pepper, 2T
29667700000                   Spices and Seasonings         Ground Allspice, 2T
29668100000                   Spices and Seasonings         Ground Anise, 2T
29668200000                   Spices and Seasonings         Ground Basil, 2T
29668300000                   Spices and Seasonings         Ground Bay Leaves, 2T
29668400000                   Spices and Seasonings         Ground Caraway Seed, 2T
29668700000                   Spices and Seasonings         Ground Celery Seed, 2T
29669300000                   Spices and Seasonings         Ground Dill Seed, 2T
29669400000                   Spices and Seasonings         Ground Fennel Seed, 2T
29697900000                   Spices and Seasonings         Ground Mustard Seed, 2T
29670100000                   Spices and Seasonings         Ground Oregano, 2T
29670500000                   Spices and Seasonings         Ground Rosemary, 2T
29670600000                   Spices and Seasonings         Ground Thyme, 2T
29369900000                   Spices and Seasonings         Ground Turmeric, 2T
22100400000                   Decorettes                    Halloween Mix Sprinkles
023535942102                  Candy                         Hard Candy Mix
29713600000                   Spices and Seasonings         Italian Seasoning, 2T
29661000000                   Spices and Seasonings         Lemon Pepper, 2T

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                                                 Granary Bulk Foods                           2125 N. Richmond Street
                                                      Catalog                                      Appleton, WI 54911
02932531                      Flavorings and Extracts       Lorann Apple
02939835BR                    Flavorings and Extracts       Lorann Brandy
02939835B                     Flavorings and Extracts       Lorann Butter
02933734                      Flavorings and Extracts       Lorann Chocolate Hazelnut
02629390                      Flavorings and Extracts       Lorann Coffee
02939835CR                    Flavorings and Extracts       Lorann Cranberry
02930339                      Flavorings and Extracts       Lorann Cran-Raspberry
02939835E                     Flavorings and Extracts       Lorann Eggnog
02937235                      Flavorings and Extracts       Lorann Licorice
02939835PB                    Flavorings and Extracts       Lorann Peanut Butter
02931833                      Flavorings and Extracts       Lorann Pineapple
02939835P                     Flavorings and Extracts       Lorann Praline
02932434                      Flavorings and Extracts       Lorann Root Beer
02939835S                     Flavorings and Extracts       Lorann Sassafrass
02939136                      Flavorings and Extracts       Lorann Tangerine
02932036                      Flavorings and Extracts       Lorann Watermelon
29364000000                   Spices and Seasonings         Mace, 2T
29697300000                   Spices and Seasonings         Minced Garlic, 2T
29698500000                   Spices and Seasonings         Minced Onion, 2T
29738900000                   Spices and Seasonings         Monosodium Glutamate (MSG), 2T
29731700000                   Spices and Seasonings         No Salt Seasoning, 2T
29698600000                   Spices and Seasonings         Onion Powder, 2T
29661900000                   Spices and Seasonings         Onion Salt, 2T
25316100000                   Candy                         Smooth & Melty's
26681300000                   Sugars and Sweeteners         Pastel Lavender Sand Sugar, XS
22681300000                   Sugars and Sweeteners         Pastel Lavender Sanding Sugar
29367600000                   Spices and Seasonings         Pickling Spice, 2T
29665600000                   Spices and Seasonings         Poultry Seasoning, 2T
29699200000                   Spices and Seasonings         Red Bell Pepper, 2T
29686300000                   Spices and Seasonings         Seasoned Salt, 2T
29660600000                   Decorettes                    Silver Dragees, XS
29485400000                   Spices and Seasonings         Wasabi Powder, 2T
21831000000                   Candy                         White Chocolate Deviled Eggs
21251100000                   Chocolate                     White Chocolate
29667900000                   Spices and Seasonings         Whole Allspice, 2T
29670800000                   Spices and Seasonings         Whole Basil, 2T
29796300000                   Spices and Seasonings         Whole Cardamom Pods, 2T
29671000000                   Spices and Seasonings         Whole Cloves, 2T
29670700000                   Spices and Seasonings         Whole Coriander, 2T
29667300000                   Spices and Seasonings         Whole Cumin Seed, 2T
29193600000                   Spices and Seasonings         Whole Fennel Seed, 2T

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                                                 Granary Bulk Foods                         2125 N. Richmond Street
                                                      Catalog                                    Appleton, WI 54911
29672100000                   Spices and Seasonings         Whole Fenugreek Seed, 2T
29663500000                   Spices and Seasonings         Whole Marjoram, 2T
29671100000                   Spices and Seasonings         Whole Oregano, 2 Tbsp.
29688700000                   Spices and Seasonings         Whole Rosemary Leaf, 2T
29369400000                   Spices and Seasonings         Whole Thyme, 2T
29698100000                   Spices and Seasonings         Yellow Mustard Seed, 2T
26234300000                   Mixes                         Yellow Cake Mix
24444400000                   Food Preservation             Blue Removable Bucket Lid
23333300000                   Food Preservation             Red Removable Bucket Lid
2088880000                    Food Preservation             Yellow Removable Bucket Lid
20675200000                   Bath and Body                 Beeswax Ear Candles, 4 pk.
25154300000                   Baking Chips                  White Confectionery Drop
25117400000                   Mixes                         Gingerbread Cake Mix
20662000000                   Soup and Gravy                Chicken Gravy Mix
25310600000                   Candy                         Orange Slices
20707600000                   Baking                        Caramel Dip
25122900000                   Baking                        Special Mello Fruit Mix
29697400000                   Spices and Seasonings         Garlic Powder, 2T
29662100000                   Spices and Seasonings         Garlic Salt, 2T
28710800000                   Mixes                         White Frosting Mix
20995000000                   Rada Cutlery                  Rada Tomato Slicer
20950000000                   Rada Cutlery                  Rada Cook's Utility
25128600000                   Decorettes                    Lavender Sanding Sugar
25129000000                   Decorettes                    Black Sanding Sugar
25129100000                   Sugars and Sweeteners         Orange Sanding Sugar
28510300000                   Food Preservation             Regular Clearjel
25369900000                   Spices and Seasonings         Ground Turmeric
20709100000                   Gelatin and Pudding           Instant Butter Pecan Pudding
02931134                      Flavorings and Extracts       Lorann Raspberry
077031004956                  Cook Books                    Ideals Candy Cookbook
02933637                      Flavorings and Extracts       Lorann Pralines & Cream
02933530                      Flavorings and Extracts       Lorann Orange Cream
25316900000                   Candy                         Wintergreen Lozenges
25282500000                   Candy                         Good N Plenty
25237600000                   Snacks                        Pretzel Balls
25337400000                   Flavorings and Extracts       Christmas Bulb Shapes
25337400000                   Decorettes                    Christmas Bulb Shapes
20769300000                   Cereal                        Honey Granola
20702800000                   Baking                        Bavarian Cream Pie Filling
25358300000                   Candy                         Rock Candy Suckers, 6 ct.
25158600000                   Baking Chips                  Chocolate Raspberry Chips

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                                                 Granary Bulk Foods                           2125 N. Richmond Street
                                                      Catalog                                      Appleton, WI 54911
25510300000                   Flavorings and Extracts       Butter Emulsion, 4 fl oz
02930533                      Flavorings and Extracts       Lorann Orange Oil
25429000000                   Candy                         Gummi Frogs
25164700000                   Beverages                     Soy Original Beverage Mix
858392002047                  Health                        Unkers Medicated Salve 3.25 oz
20722400000                   Candy                         Hershey's Mini Kisses
026700795183                  Cooking Oils                  Baking Release, 20.5 oz.
20674600000                   Mixes                         Buttermilk Pancake/Waffle Mix
20948000000                   Rada Cutlery                  Rada Serrated Slicer
25331300000                   Decorettes                    Jack O Lantern Shapes
20116200000                   Sugars and Sweeteners         Maple Syrup, 16 fl oz.
29163400000                   Spices and Seasonings         Crushed Red Pepper, 2T
20739400000                   Miscellaneous                 Green Food Color, 2 fl oz.
20662300000                   Spices and Seasonings         Iodized Salt
20512100000                   Mixes                         Pizza Crust Mix
20664600000                   Miscellaneous                 Red Food Color, 2 fl oz.
20705400000                   Candy                         Wax Syrup Bottles
20703900000                   Baking                        Prune Pie Filling
20703100000                   Baking                        Blueberry Pie Filling
20743200000                   Baking                        Apricot Pie Filling
20704100000                   Baking                        Red Raspberry Pie Filling
092819250516                  Organic                       Mrs Millers Organic Spinich
20656000000                   Flour                         White Pastry Flour
20673400000                   Organic                       Organic Whole Corn
20704800000                   Snacks                        Chocolate Sugar Free Wafers
25412600000                   Snacks                        Sugar Free Vanilla Wafers
26522300000                   Snacks                        Sugar Free Peanut Butter Wafer
20742700000                   Miscellaneous                 Regular Baking Cups, 500 count
20273000000                   Health                        Unkers Simply Sens Lip Balm
25100800000                   Fragrance and Essential OilsTea Tree Essential Oil
20688200000                   Dressing and Dips             Cole Slaw Dressing Mix
25404800000                   Dressing and Dips             Ranch Dressing Mix
25168600000                   Protein                       Imitation Bacon Bits
25210600000                   Soup and Gravy                Creamy Chicken Noodle Soup
20745400000                   Snacks                        Sweet Temptation Snack Mix
25154800000                   Baking Chips                  Sugar Free Chocolate Chips
25116600000                   Mixes                         Carrot Cake Mix
052000336726                  Beverages                     Riptide Rush Gatorade
25284700000                   Candy                         Sanded Cherry Drops
25258600000                   Snacks                        Chocolate Ice Cream Wafers
20728100000                   Soup and Gravy                Calico Soup, Gluten Free

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                                                 Granary Bulk Foods                           2125 N. Richmond Street
                                                      Catalog                                      Appleton, WI 54911
20668100000                   Spices and Seasonings         Ground Anise
25369800000                   Spices and Seasonings         Tarragon Leaves
25449100000                   Dried Fruits                  Goji Berry Health Mix
20767100000                   Spices and Seasonings         Anise Seed
21171200000                   Snacks                        Mini Animal Crackers
20763900000                   Candy                         Atomic Fireballs
20725600000                   Organic                       Organic Amaranth Flour
20761800000                   Candy                         Red Cherry Bites
20697400000                   Spices and Seasonings         Garlic Powder
20669100000                   Spices and Seasonings         Ground Coriander
812052000682                  Canned Goods                  Gooseberry Spread
20698700000                   Spices and Seasonings         Paprika
25416400000                   Candy                         Black Licorice Laces
039153413054                  Food Preservation             Aged Red Wine Vinegar
29659300000                   Spices and Seasonings         Whole Cardamom Seed, 2T
25067500000                   Spices and Seasonings         CA Garlic & Pepper Marinade
25329500000                   Spices and Seasonings         Prime Rib Rub
25728500000                   Spices and Seasonings         Better Burger Seasoning
20745300000                   Snacks                        Yogurt Trail Snack Mix
02932133                      Flavorings and Extracts       Lorann Maple
02934131                      Flavorings and Extracts       Lorann Almond Oil
02933433                      Flavorings and Extracts       Lorann Creme De Menthe
20654200000                   Mixes                         Variety Cookie Mix
20781100000                   Spices and Seasonings         Wright's Liquid Smoke, 8 fl oz
716123123846                  Sugars and Sweeteners         Vanilla Creme Stevia Liquid
20765900000                   Organic                       Organic Alfalfa Seeds
812052000675                  Canned Goods                  Apple Butter Spread
25194600000                   Nuts and Seeds                Soybeans, Roasted No Salt
812052000514                  Canned Goods                  Boysenberry Spread
812052000651                  Canned Goods                  Black Raspberry Spread
25350700000                   Candy                         Dark Chocolate Peanuts
20613500000                   Dried Fruits                  Mixed Dried Fruit
25424600000                   Dried Vegetables              Dehydrated Diced Carrot
25149100000                   Chocolate                     Red Coating Wafers
25178100000                   Dried Vegetables              Instant Potato Flakes
852309002007                  Miscellaneous                 Maxwell's All Nat. Party Treat
25315800000                   Candy                         Petite Mints
25106000000                   Spices and Seasonings         Ground Cumin Seed
25236700000                   Snacks                        Sourdough Nugget Pretzels
25454500000                   Snacks                        Green Bean Crisps
20668700000                   Spices and Seasonings         Ground Celery Seed

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                                                 Granary Bulk Foods                           2125 N. Richmond Street
                                                      Catalog                                      Appleton, WI 54911
25128300000                   Sugars and Sweeteners         Pastel Blue Sanding Sugar
20110100000                   Decorettes                    Lavender Sprinkles
20654900000                   Flour                         White Rye Flour
25127000000                   Decorettes                    White Nonpareils
25163400000                   Spices and Seasonings         Crushed Red Pepper
079126306082                  Dried Fruits                  Smooshed Raspberry Frt Leather
079126008702                  Dried Fruits                  Orchard Cherry Fruit Leather
071923761835                  Cereal                        Raisin Bran Cereal
071923761873                  Cereal                        Honey Nut Toasted Oats Cereal
25308600000                   Candy                         Gummi Fried Eggs
20945100000                   Rada Cutlery                  Rada Vegetable Peeler
20731500000                   Decorettes                    Snowflake Shapes
20739100000                   Miscellaneous                 Yellow Food Color, 2 fl oz.
28671100000                   Spices and Seasonings         Whole Oregano, 2/3 cup
28663500000                   Spices and Seasonings         Whole Marjoram, 2/3 cup
24485400000                   Spices and Seasonings         Wasabi Powder
23948600000                   Soup and Gravy                Vegetarian Chicken Soup Base
20663800000                   Soup and Gravy                Vegetable K Soup Blend
25409100000                   Dried Fruits                  Red Caramel Apple Chips
20757100000                   Grain                         Pearled Barley
25165400000                   Dressing and Dips             Sour Cream & Onion Powder
25356200000                   Candy                         Haviland Nonpareil
071923762580                  Cereal                        Honey Moons Cereal
20664500000                   Cereal                        Wheat Bran (Crude Fiber0
25212000000                   Beans                         Split Yellow Peas
20702900000                   Baking                        Cherry Pie Filling
079126306273                  Dried Fruits                  Smooshed Strawberry Leather
20662500000                   Soup and Gravy                Buttered Brown Gravy Mix
20768300000                   Fragrance and Essential OilsJasmine Fragrance Oil
735541810060                  Bath and Body                 Miracle Hand Repair, 1 oz.
20999900000                   Sugars and Sweeteners         Maple Syrup, 2 Qt
20600100000                   Rada Cutlery                  Rada Baking Stone
25164200000                   Dairy                         Parmesan Cheese, Grated
20673000000                   Organic                       Organic Green Split Peas
20705200000                   Dairy                         Grated Romano Cheese
02939835C                     Flavorings and Extracts       Lorann Caramel
02939835ET                    Flavorings and Extracts       Lorann English Toffee
25402500000                   Gluten Free                   Roasted Corn Meal
20699400000                   Spices and Seasonings         Whole Bay Leaves
24748100000                   Protein                       TVP, Hamburger Colored
28360400000                   Spices and Seasonings         Celery Flakes, Bulk

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                                                 Granary Bulk Foods                           2125 N. Richmond Street
                                                      Catalog                                      Appleton, WI 54911
28713600000                   Spices and Seasonings         Italian Seasoning
25369400000                   Spices and Seasonings         Whole Thyme, Bulk
25368500000                   Spices and Seasonings         Savory
28670800000                   Spices and Seasonings         Whole Sweet Basil, Bulk
25172700000                   Gelatin and Pudding           Unflavored Gelatin
25177000000                   Gluten Free                   Potato Starch
20698900000                   Dried Vegetables              Green Bell Pepper
25115400000                   Baking                        Plain Bread Crumbs
25231400000                   Gelatin and Pudding           Bread Pudding
20163100000                   Gluten Free                   Natural Almond Meal
25205500000                   Soup and Gravy                Vegetable Flakes
25178600000                   Nuts and Seeds                Premium Rst & Salted Mixed Nut
25131600000                   Decorettes                    Bright Bear Shapes
25229400000                   Grain                         Brown & Wild Blend Rice
21601000000                   Organic                       Organic Whole Buckwheat Flour
25171300000                   Gelatin and Pudding           Raspberry Gelatin
20655700000                   Grain                         Cracked Wheat Grain
25351000000                   Candy                         Dark Chocolate Malt Balls
020700427013                  Baking                        Junket Rennet Tablet
22300900000                   Nuts and Seeds                Sunflower Seeds, Rst & Salted
25455300000                   Snacks                        Very Berry Health Mix
25173500000                   Gelatin and Pudding           Instant Butterscotch Pudding
25181600000                   Nuts and Seeds                Honey Toasted Peanuts
25242800000                   Snacks                        Chili Lemon Corn Sticks
718531454390                  Canned Goods                  Black Bean & Corn Salsa
25126400000                   Decorettes                    Dark Green Sprinkles
25196600000                   Dried Fruits                  Dried Peaches
25196300000                   Dried Fruits                  Dried Pears
25199100000                   Dried Fruits                  Dried Blueberries
20768500000                   Snacks                        Poppy & Onion Sesame Sticks
20701700000                   Flavorings and Extracts       Vanilla Emulsion, 8 fl oz.
25145200000                   Chocolate                     Dark Fountain Chocolate
25435500000                   Snacks                        Tailgate Crunch
28423000000                   Spices and Seasonings         Chives
25127400000                   Decorettes                    Orange Nonpareils
066676784279                  Organic                       Organic Maple Sugar
022506421752                  Organic                       Spectrum Ext Virgin Olive Oil
25451200000                   Candy                         Kookaburra Strawberry Licorice
25411100000                   Soup and Gravy                Cream of Mushroom Soup
VEMMA                         Health                        Vemma, 32 fl oz.
20943000000                   Rada Cutlery                  Rada French Chef Knife

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                                                 Granary Bulk Foods                           2125 N. Richmond Street
                                                      Catalog                                      Appleton, WI 54911
20947000000                   Rada Cutlery                  Rada Ice Cream Scoop
20212700000                   Rada Cutlery                  Rada Super Parer
20946000000                   Rada Cutlery                  Rada Cook's Knife
25358700000                   Spices and Seasonings         Honey Mustard Powder
25405600000                   Dressing and Dips             Nacho Cheese Dip Mix
837654360507                  Canned Goods                  Jimmy J's Rib Sauce
20757300000                   Candy                         Boston Baked Beans
29696200000                   Spices and Seasonings         Whole Caraway Seed, 2T
29670900000                   Spices and Seasonings         Whole Celery Seed, 2T
25313600000                   Candy                         Sourpatch Kids
20680100000                   Snacks                        Brown Bagel Chips
20725500000                   Organic                       Organic Amaranth
812052000552                  Canned Goods                  Red Raspberry Spread
25370000000                   Dried Vegetables              Tomato Powder
25193600000                   Spices and Seasonings         Whole Fennel Seed
20779200000                   Spices and Seasonings         Citrus Orange Peel
20698400000                   Spices and Seasonings         Granulated Onion
20754400000                   Dried Fruits                  Sugar Free Yogurt Cov Raisins
812052000620                  Canned Goods                  Cran-raspberry Spread
02932638                      Flavorings and Extracts       Lorann Bubble Gum
02932832                      Flavorings and Extracts       Lorann Amaretto
02934034                      Flavorings and Extracts       Lorann Mint Chocolate Chips
02933132                      Flavorings and Extracts       Lorann Cotton Candy
25158900000                   Baking                        Carob Powder
25104200000                   Sugars and Sweeteners         Demerara Coarse Unref Sugar
25117200000                   Mixes                         Angel Food Cake Mix
20665600000                   Spices and Seasonings         Poultry Seasoning
20767800000                   Nuts and Seeds                Smokehouse Salted Almonds
25423000000                   Spices and Seasonings         Chives, 2/3 cup
25201600000                   Dried Fruits                  Papaya
20737500000                   Snacks                        Red River Popcorn
25174800000                   Gelatin and Pudding           Cook-Type Tapioca Pudding
20738200000                   Organic                       Organic Quinoa Flakes
25110200000                   Gluten Free                   Organic Soy Flour
20666200000                   Dairy                         High Heat Non-Fat Dry Milk
20254300000                   Spices and Seasonings         Garlic N Herb Seasoning
20751800000                   Bath and Body                 Lavender Flowers
25267500000                   Candy                         Sugar Free Milk Choc Malt Ball
20773200000                   Soup and Gravy                Hearty Soup
20806000000                   Fragrance and Essential OilsGardenia Fragrance Oil
29690900000                   Spices and Seasonings         Star Anise, 2T

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                                                 Granary Bulk Foods                          2125 N. Richmond Street
                                                      Catalog                                     Appleton, WI 54911
20690000000                   Flavorings and Extracts       Vanilla Extract, 4 fl oz.
20716300000                   Nuts and Seeds                Whole Raw Cashews
078009000048                  Spices and Seasonings         Butter Flavored Popcorn Salt
25211400000                   Soup and Gravy                Beefy Noodle Soup
812052000583                  Canned Goods                  Strawberry Spread
20767500000                   Candy                         Cinnamon Hearts
20691700000                   Organic                       Organic Unhulled Barley
25253500000                   Snacks                        Hawaiian Snack Mix
20771900000                   Spices and Seasonings         Green Peppercorns
25119500000                   Mixes                         Oat Bran Muffin Mix
20688700000                   Spices and Seasonings         Whole Rosemary Leaf
25406400000                   Nuts and Seeds                Roasted & Salted Pecan Halves
20686800000                   Soup and Gravy                Creamy Potato & Leek Soup
20660000000                   Nuts and Seeds                Hulled Millet
20672400000                   Mixes                         English Muffin Bread Mix
20656300000                   Mixes                         White Bread Mix
20932200000                   Candy                         Gummi Peach Rings
29669900000                   Spices and Seasonings         Ground Nutmeg, 2T
25431400000                   Sugars and Sweeteners         Xylitol
25360400000                   Spices and Seasonings         Celery Flakes, 2/3 cup
02939835BW                    Flavorings and Extracts       Lorann Black Walnut
25211500000                   Beans                         Lima Beans, Small
754715021392                  Baking                        Fleishmans Yeast
20732200000                   Soup and Gravy                Beef Base, No MSG
25164000000                   Dairy                         Cheddar Cheez Powder
088281001299                  Bath and Body                 Miracle Food Repair, 1 oz.
25144600000                   Chocolate                     Velvet Dark Chocolate
25249000000                   Snacks                        Iced Animal Cookies
25336200000                   Spices and Seasonings         Pumpkin Pie Spice
25237200000                   Snacks                        Alphabet Pretzels
25177200000                   Gelatin and Pudding           Granulated Tapioca
21086500000                   Dried Fruits                  Unsweetened Macaroon Coconut
20784900000                   Candy                         Choc-O-Rocks
20659500000                   Flour                         Barley Malted Flour
25420900000                   Baking                        Vanilla Marshmallow Bits
25118900000                   Mixes                         Buckwheat Pancake Mix
20715000000                   Spices and Seasonings         Garam Masala
25122500000                   Baking                        Whole Green Cherries
25122700000                   Baking                        Whole Red Cherries
20695700000                   Dried Fruits                  Seedless Oil Treated Raisins
20695800000                   Dried Fruits                  Seedless Select Raisins

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                                                 Granary Bulk Foods                           2125 N. Richmond Street
                                                      Catalog                                      Appleton, WI 54911
20692800000                   Beans                         Black-eyed Peas
02930931                      Flavorings and Extracts       Lorann Anise Oil
20697300000                   Spices and Seasonings         Minced Garlic
24950800000                   Snacks                        Pretzel Crisps
24950200000                   Snacks                        Everything Pretzel Crisps
26769800000                   Snacks                        English Toffee Caramel Corn
25173900000                   Gelatin and Pudding           Instant Lemon Pudding
25173300000                   Gelatin and Pudding           Instant Chocolate Pudding
20678300000                   Mixes                         Instant Whipped Topping Mix
25426000000                   Gelatin and Pudding           Instant Vanilla Pudding
20730900000                   Dressing and Dips             French Onion Dip Mix
25212400000                   Beans                         Pinto Beans
20690100000                   Flavorings and Extracts       Vanilla Extract, 8 fl oz.
25212700000                   Beans                         Garbanzo Beans
25212300000                   Beans                         Navy Beans
25287200000                   Candy                         Cherry Sours
25157400000                   Baking Chips                  Cinnamon Baking Chips, 5M
25208000000                   Dried Fruits                  Flaked Sweetened Coconut
25375700000                   Food Preservation             Citric Acid
MIRACLE                       Miscellaneous                 Miracle Towel - Microfiber
092819400041                  Organic                       Mrs Millers Org Garlic Parsley
20936000000                   Rada Cutlery                  Rada Knife Sharpener
20687400000                   Spices and Seasonings         Taco Seasoning
20207000000                   Cooking Oils                  Flax Seed Oil, 8 fl oz.
20732700000                   Nuts and Seeds                Chunky Honey Rst Peanut Butter
20787100000                   Fragrance and Essential OilsPlumeria Fragrance Oil
20705100000                   Fragrance and Essential OilsPeppermint Essential Oil
21120200000                   Spices and Seasonings         Jerky Seasoning, Iroquois
20729300000                   Bath and Body                 Parafin Ear Candles, 4 pk.
29671400000                   Spices and Seasonings         Hungarian Paprika, 2T
20735800000                   Candy                         Reese's Pieces
29698700000                   Spices and Seasonings         Paprika, 2T
29669600000                   Spices and Seasonings         Ground Ginger, 2T
20726100000                   Nuts and Seeds                Yogurt Coated Peanuts
25315400000                   Candy                         Butter Mints
25367600000                   Spices and Seasonings         Pickling Spice
059080110024                  Miscellaneous                 Planet Dishwashing Soap
014800582284                  Flavorings and Extracts       Lemon Juice
20730300000                   Dried Vegetables              Potato Dices (no sulfites)
20671800000                   Spices and Seasonings         Cracked Black Pepper
25426400000                   Beans                         Great Northern Beans

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                                                 Granary Bulk Foods                          2125 N. Richmond Street
                                                      Catalog                                     Appleton, WI 54911
20657700000                   Gluten Free                   Potato Flour
20711900000                   Organic                       Organic Pearled Barley
25210700000                   Soup and Gravy                French Onion Soup
29353300000                   Miscellaneous                 Round Fruit Basket, Large
071923761866                  Cereal                        40% Bran Flakes Cereal
22686900000                   Flavorings and Extracts       Imitation Vanilla, 4 fl oz.
20672100000                   Spices and Seasonings         Whole Fenugreek Seed
25147000000                   Chocolate                     Milk Chocolate Dipping Wafers
24950600000                   Snacks                        Garlic & Parm Pretzel Crisps
25332100000                   Decorettes                    Halloween Mix Sanding Sugar
079927080112                  Snacks                        Sprouted WW Pretzel Splits
25429400000                   Candy                         Spice Drops
29669100000                   Spices and Seasonings         Ground Coriander, 2T
25332200000                   Gelatin and Pudding           Instant Pumpkin Pie Pudding
20761500000                   Candy                         Black Licorice Twists
20761700000                   Candy                         Chocolate Twist
25205800000                   Dried Vegetables              Sun Dried Tomato Halves
25113000000                   Grain                         Rolled Wheat Flakes
02930630                      Flavorings and Extracts       Lorann Peppermint Oil
20761600000                   Candy                         Strawberry Twists
25234900000                   Snacks                        Nine Variety Pretzel Mix
25435200000                   Snacks                        Honey Wheat Braid Pretzel
858392002085                  Health                        Unkers Medicated Salve 7 oz
29667800000                   Spices and Seasonings         Ground Cinnamon, 2T
25160300000                   Dried Fruits                  Yogurt Coated Raisins
02931930                      Flavorings and Extracts       Lorann Banana Creme
716123125727                  Sugars and Sweeteners         Stevia Extract, 10 gr shaker
20656800000                   Dairy                         Dehydrated Whole Egg Powder
20726000000                   Candy                         Yogurt Malt Balls
02939835A                     Flavorings and Extracts       Lorann Apricot
02931736                      Flavorings and Extracts       Lorann Blackberry
25101800000                   Spices and Seasonings         Epsom Salt
20962000000                   Rada Cutlery                  Rada Granny Parer
25155900000                   Baking Chips                  Milk Chocolate Chips
25163800000                   Dairy                         Cheddease White Powder
29668800000                   Spices and Seasonings         Ground Cloves, 2T
25193500000                   Spices and Seasonings         Dill Seeds
25130700000                   Decorettes                    Butterfly Shapes
20714700000                   Spices and Seasonings         Rubbed Sage
25292000000                   Candy                         Caramel Creams
25176000000                   Food Preservation             Perma Flo

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                                                 Granary Bulk Foods                           2125 N. Richmond Street
                                                      Catalog                                      Appleton, WI 54911
25242000000                   Snacks                        Sour Cream Onion Sesame Sticks
25454700000                   Snacks                        Fruit Crisps
25141600000                   Organic                       Organic Whole Wheat Lasagna
20725400000                   Grain                         Red Rice
20756800000                   Candy                         Anise Bears
20670300000                   Spices and Seasonings         Ground White Pepper
20655100000                   Flour                         Dark Rye Flour
25119300000                   Mixes                         Blueberry Muffin Mix
25250200000                   Snacks                        Cheddar Lovers Snack Mix
25159000000                   Baking Chips                  Sweetened Carob Drops
20672500000                   Mixes                         Light Rye Bread Mix
20692600000                   Chocolate                     White Dipping Wafers
20783400000                   Decorettes                    Gingerbread Men
20736700000                   Snacks                        Yellow Baby Rice Popcorn
20672300000                   Mixes                         Cracked Wheat Bread Mix
20702400000                   Baking                        Shredded Unsweetened Coconut
20718000000                   Nuts and Seeds                Poppy Seed
117929159037                  Baking                        Red Star Yeast
20752600000                   Cereal                        Farina
20723000000                   Organic                       Organic Steel Cut Oats
20753100000                   Organic                       Organic Brown Flax Seed
20668800000                   Spices and Seasonings         Ground Cloves
034394000162                  Flavorings and Extracts       Peppermint Extract
20706600000                   Organic                       Organic Fr Van Almond Granola
25110700000                   Flour                         Oat Flour
718531138306                  Canned Goods                  Old Fashioned Peaches
02930232                      Flavorings and Extracts       Lorann Lemon Oil
20697900000                   Spices and Seasonings         Ground Mustard Seed
20766500000                   Dressing and Dips             Humus Dip Mix
25452400000                   Snacks                        Louisiana Cajun Snack Mix
20745000000                   Snacks                        Chili Crescent Bits Crackers
25248400000                   Snacks                        Cheddar Whale Crackers
20713600000                   Spices and Seasonings         Italian Seas, 2/3 cup
20662600000                   Soup and Gravy                Turkey Gravy Mix
20672700000                   Beans                         Whole Green Peas
047445919221                  Beverages                     Organic Black Tea
25143900000                   Chocolate                     Cashmere Pure Milk Chocolate
25129700000                   Sugars and Sweeteners         Orange Gourmet Sugar
20736500000                   Baking                        Plain Croutons
20698100000                   Spices and Seasonings         Yellow Mustard Seed
20657000000                   Candy                         Red Chocolate Cherries

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                                                 Granary Bulk Foods                          2125 N. Richmond Street
                                                      Catalog                                     Appleton, WI 54911
25448700000                   Dried Fruits                  Dried Kiwi
20686400000                   Organic                       Organic Vanilla Beans
28273000000                   Health                        Unkers Lavender Lip Balm
20759900000                   Candy                         Dark Chocolate Coffee Beans
20771800000                   Candy                         Sugar Free Lemon Candy
20714300000                   Spices and Seasonings         Granulated Kelp
20667400000                   Baking                        Graham Meal Crumbs
20693800000                   Grain                         Brown Flax Seed
20723800000                   Organic                       Organic Spelt Flour
812052000576                  Canned Goods                  Rhubarb Spread
812052000590                  Canned Goods                  Strawberry Rhubarb Spread
20701100000                   Nuts and Seeds                Walnut Pieces and Halves
716123124041                  Sugars and Sweeteners         Root Beer Stevia Liquid
716123123969                  Sugars and Sweeteners         Lemon Drop Stevia Liquid
25125000000                   Decorettes                    Chocolate Sprinkles
25376600000                   Baking Chips                  Caramel Bits
25230800000                   Grain                         Couscous w/Chives and Saffron
20773400000                   Soup and Gravy                All-the-Fiber Soup
812052000538                  Canned Goods                  Peach Spread
20703600000                   Baking                        Lemon Pie Filling
02930135                      Flavorings and Extracts       Lorann Cinnamon Oil
25368400000                   Spices and Seasonings         Ground Sage
20671400000                   Spices and Seasonings         Hungarian Paprika
20672800000                   Beans                         Red Lentils
25213800000                   Beans                         Red Kidney Beans
20757200000                   Candy                         French Burnt Peanuts
20669600000                   Spices and Seasonings         Ground Ginger
20699200000                   Dried Vegetables              Red Bell Pepper
22100100000                   Decorettes                    Rainbow Sprinkles
22157000000                   Spices and Seasonings         Chef Special Seasoning
20700500000                   Decorettes                    Jack O Lantern Mix
20661900000                   Spices and Seasonings         Onion Salt
20771600000                   Nuts and Seeds                Slivered & Blanched Almonds
20678200000                   Baking                        Meringue Powder
25198600000                   Dried Fruits                  Dried Cherries
20752900000                   Organic                       Organic Peanut Butter
25170700000                   Gelatin and Pudding           Orange Gelatin
20659100000                   Gluten Free                   Coarse Corn Meal (Polenta)
20674500000                   Mixes                         PG Whole Wheat Pancake Mix
25360200000                   Spices and Seasonings         Hot Cajun Seasoning
20665800000                   Soup and Gravy                Chicken Soup Base, Low Sodium

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                                                 Granary Bulk Foods                          2125 N. Richmond Street
                                                      Catalog                                     Appleton, WI 54911
20655800000                   Flour                         Durum Extra Fancy Flour
20788300000                   Flour                         Semolina Flour
25426100000                   Nuts and Seeds                Sunflower Meats, Roasted/Salt
20779000000                   Spices and Seasonings         Lemon Citrus Peel
25207600000                   Dried Fruits                  Sweetened Macaroon Coconut
21675900000                   Flour                         Bleached All Purpose Flour
20780400000                   Organic                       Arborio Rice
20712400000                   Sugars and Sweeteners         White Sanding Sugar
20659900000                   Sugars and Sweeteners         Light Brown Sugar
26403500000                   Canned Goods                  Trois River Steak Seasoning
26403500000                   Spices and Seasonings         Trois River Steak Seasoning
20712700000                   Organic                       Organic Golden Flax Seed
25359500000                   Gluten Free                   Arrowroot
20695900000                   Dried Fruits                  Currants
25788600000                   Organic                       Organic Six Grain Flour
20700900000                   Nuts and Seeds                Fancy Medium Pecan Pieces
25204400000                   Dried Fruits                  Fancy Pitted Dates
20695400000                   Dried Fruits                  Diced Dates
20667700000                   Spices and Seasonings         Ground Allspice
25135900000                   Soup and Gravy                Vegetable Bouillon Cubes
20722700000                   Organic                       Organic Quick Oats
20766600000                   Grain                         Refried Beans
20729400000                   Grain                         Soybeans
25230400000                   Grain                         Minute Rice
074305011283                  Organic                       Organic Apple Cider Vinegar
20655600000                   Flour                         Fine Whole Wheat Flour
20659800000                   Sugars and Sweeteners         Powdered Sugar
20686900000                   Flavorings and Extracts       Imitation Vanilla, 8 fl oz.
21551000000                   Flavorings and Extracts       Almond Extract, 4 fl oz.
25112600000                   Grain                         Toasted Wheat Germ
20659700000                   Sugars and Sweeteners         Granulated Sugar
20222600000                   Organic                       Organic Whole Yellow Peas
20922000000                   Rada Cutlery                  Rada Heavy Duty Paring Knife
017929159092                  Baking                        Saf Instant Yeast
20779900000                   Grain                         Soft White Pastry Wheat Berry
20700400000                   Beans                         Mung Beans
20718500000                   Organic                       Organic Rye Berries
20662900000                   Nuts and Seeds                Chia Seed
25228600000                   Grain                         Long Grain White Rice
25238400000                   Snacks                        Hand Made Dutch Pretzels
25253100000                   Snacks                        Fruit N Fitness Snack Mix

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                                                 Granary Bulk Foods                           2125 N. Richmond Street
                                                      Catalog                                      Appleton, WI 54911
20770300000                   Dried Fruits                  Citron
29026700000                   Cooking Oils                  Grapeseed Oil
29360300000                   Spices and Seasonings         Ground Cardamom Seed, 2T
25428800000                   Candy                         Gummi Worms
25194800000                   Nuts and Seeds                Soybeans, Roasted & Salted
25440600000                   Snacks                        Spicy Black Bean Corn Stick
20697600000                   Baking Chips                  Semi-Sweet Chocolate Chips, 4M
25350900000                   Candy                         Dark Chocolate Raisins
20749300000                   Organic                       Organic Whole Wht Penne Rigate
25142000000                   Organic                       Organic Whole Wheat Rotini
20668600000                   Spices and Seasonings         Ground Black Pepper
25285000000                   Candy                         Sanded Anise Drops
25257900000                   Snacks                        White Popcorn
20704200000                   Baking                        Strawberry Pie Filling
25257800000                   Snacks                        Yellow Popcorn
898051002018                  Packaging                     Milk Bottle Carrier, Basic 4
25285300000                   Candy                         Horehound Herb Drops
20757900000                   Candy                         Peanut M & M's
25183200000                   Nuts and Seeds                Whole Cashews, Roasted & Salt
25244500000                   Snacks                        Mixed Vegetable Chips
20740200000                   Snacks                        Pretzel Rods
718531324266                  Canned Goods                  Marinated Mushrooms
718531123203                  Canned Goods                  Pickled Dill Brussel Sprouts
074441020019                  Miscellaneous                 Yellow Food Color, 16 fl oz.
20731700000                   Spices and Seasonings         No Salt Seasoning
20669900000                   Spices and Seasonings         Ground Nutmeg
716123125611                  Sugars and Sweeteners         Stevia Clear, 2 fl oz.
20787900000                   Sugars and Sweeteners         Natural Sucanat Sugar
20696200000                   Spices and Seasonings         Whole Caraway Seed
20690900000                   Spices and Seasonings         Star Anise
20698200000                   Spices and Seasonings         Whole Nutmeg
20667900000                   Spices and Seasonings         Whole Allspice
25229000000                   Grain                         Wild Rice
25211700000                   Beans                         Black Turtle Beans
20670800000                   Spices and Seasonings         Whole Sweet Basil, 2/3 cup
22163100000                   Gluten Free                   Blanched Almond Meal
20746100000                   Nuts and Seeds                Hickory Nuts
20769200000                   Cereal                        Almond Granola
25435800000                   Candy                         Rainbow Licorice Laces
20724200000                   Candy                         Mini Peanut Butter Cups
20754700000                   Candy                         Gummi Bears

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                                                 Granary Bulk Foods                           2125 N. Richmond Street
                                                      Catalog                                      Appleton, WI 54911
20706200000                   Cooking Oils                  Coconut Oil
25325700000                   Candy                         M & M's
20663000000                   Sugars and Sweeteners         Dark Brown Sugar
25203500000                   Dried Fruits                  Dried Mango Slices
25407700000                   Nuts and Seeds                Almond Butter
25139000000                   Organic                       Organic Regular Rolled Oats
25239500000                   Snacks                        Plain Bagel Chips
718531135503                  Canned Goods                  Corn Salsa
25199700000                   Dried Fruits                  Sweet Unsulfured Apple Snitz
25165200000                   Dairy                         Buttermilk Powder
20661000000                   Spices and Seasonings         Lemon Pepper
29699100000                   Spices and Seasonings         Cayenne Pepper, 2T
29451100000                   Miscellaneous                 Hot Dish Carrier Basket
20657400000                   Nuts and Seeds                Psyllium Husks
20686300000                   Spices and Seasonings         Seasoning Salt
25191700000                   Nuts and Seeds                Sunflower Meats, Honey Roasted
20781300000                   Snacks                        Fig Bars
25232000000                   Cereal                        Peanut Butter Almond Granola
25243700000                   Snacks                        Salted Corn Chips w/ Flax Seed
027434012249                  Health                        Cod Liver Oil
078347001530                  Bath and Body                 Creme De Mint Toothpaste
078347001554                  Bath and Body                 Cool Mint Gel Toothpaste
20751500000                   Candy                         Ginger Chews
20780300000                   Organic                       Short Grain Brown Rice
20788100000                   Protein                       Soy Protein Powder
23125600000                   Organic                       Organic Pitted Prunes
609280105001                  Bath and Body                 Wally's Ear Oil
074305000164                  Spices and Seasonings         Liquid Aminos Seasoning
078314212358                  Sugars and Sweeteners         Organic Amber Agave Nectar
20727400000                   Dried Fruits                  Calimyrna Figs
23133200000                   Gluten Free                   Sorghum Flour
25478600000                   Mixes                         Red Velvet Cake Mix
812052000606                  Canned Goods                  Bumbleberry Spread
25115600000                   Baking                        Seasoned Bread Crumbs
20665700000                   Soup and Gravy                Chicken Soup Base w/Pars, LS
25423400000                   Spices and Seasonings         Cilantro, 2/3 cup
20116000000                   Sugars and Sweeteners         Sorghum Syrup, 32 fl oz.
25424800000                   Flour                         Light Buckwheat Flour
20769500000                   Grain                         Barley Flakes
20719700000                   Dried Vegetables              Dehydrated Potato Slices
20722300000                   Candy                         Red Swedish Fish

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                                                 Granary Bulk Foods                          2125 N. Richmond Street
                                                      Catalog                                     Appleton, WI 54911
20749700000                   Organic                       Organic Muesli Cereal
20733400000                   Snacks                        Hot Cajun Snack Mix
20740900000                   Snacks                        Oat Bran Nugget Pretzel
25135400000                   Soup and Gravy                Chicken Bouillon Cubes
25119600000                   Mixes                         Corn Muffin Mix
071923762320                  Cereal                        Bite-Sized Shredded Wheat
25214800000                   Snacks                        Toasted Corn
25141000000                   Organic                       Organic Whole Wheat Spaghetti
20657500000                   Grain                         Quick Oats
20787500000                   Organic                       Organic Evaporated Cane Juice
25401100000                   Sugars and Sweeteners         All Natural Raw Sugar
25352700000                   Candy                         Milk Chocolate Raisins
25125700000                   Decorettes                    Pink Sprinkles
22100300000                   Decorettes                    Red Sprinkles
25126800000                   Decorettes                    Rainbow Nonpareils
25127200000                   Decorettes                    Green Nonpareils
25130800000                   Decorettes                    Bright Sequin Shapes
25130500000                   Decorettes                    Pig Shapes
20697200000                   Spices and Seasonings         Granulated Garlic
25301900000                   Candy                         Gummi Red Raspberries
25429800000                   Candy                         Milk Chocolate Malt Balls
25127500000                   Decorettes                    Pink Nonpareils
25127300000                   Decorettes                    Lavender Nonpareils
25126700000                   Decorettes                    Blue Nonpareils
25127600000                   Decorettes                    Yellow Nonpareils
25126000000                   Decorettes                    Purple Sprinkles
25126500000                   Decorettes                    Light Green Sprinkles
25127100000                   Decorettes                    Red Nonpareils
25126300000                   Decorettes                    Yellow Sprinkles
20732600000                   Nuts and Seeds                Honey Roasted Peanut Butter
25192300000                   Grain                         Golden Fax Meal
25203000000                   Dried Fruits                  Pineapple Tidbits
25244000000                   Snacks                        Salsa Rice Triangles
20726500000                   Grain                         Jasmine Rice
20672900000                   Mixes                         Multi-Grain Bread Mix
20951000000                   Rada Cutlery                  Rada Serrated Steak Knife
25112400000                   Grain                         Raw Wheat Germ
20654800000                   Flour                         Rye Meal (Pumpernickle) Flour
20930000000                   Rada Cutlery                  Rada 10" Bread Slicer
20656500000                   Organic                       Organic Prairie Gold Flour
20656500000                   Flavorings and Extracts       Organic Prairie Gold Flour

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                                                 Granary Bulk Foods                          2125 N. Richmond Street
                                                      Catalog                                     Appleton, WI 54911
25117800000                   Mixes                         Oatmeal Cookie Mix
074703231214                  Mixes                         Apple Cinnamon Pancake Mix
20780200000                   Grain                         Organic Hulled Spelt Berries
898051002001                  Packaging                     Milk Bottle Carrier, Basic 2
21111100000                   Food Preservation             White Removeable Bucket Lid
20333300000                   Food Preservation             White Food Grade Bucket
20698300000                   Spices and Seasonings         Chopped Onion
25164900000                   Dairy                         Instant Non-Fat Milk
25211300000                   Soup and Gravy                Cheesy Bacon Potato Soup
25411000000                   Soup and Gravy                Beef Barley Soup, No MSG
20698500000                   Spices and Seasonings         Minced Onion
25228400000                   Grain                         Long Grain Brown Rice
20735000000                   Grain                         Natural Harvest Rice Mix
25420700000                   Baking                        Assorted Marshmallow Bits
25138700000                   Dried Fruits                  Sweetened Banana Chips
20663600000                   Sugars and Sweeteners         Light Corn Syrup
20662400000                   Soup and Gravy                Beef Soup, Low Sodium
25357200000                   Baking                        Industrial Micro Marshmallows
25212600000                   Beans                         Red Beans, Small
20659200000                   Spices and Seasonings         Sea Salt (Topping)
20688100000                   Dressing and Dips             Creamy Italian Dressing Mix
20785000000                   Decorettes                    Red & Black Ants
25234000000                   Snacks                        Cinnamon & Honey Pret Grahams
20671000000                   Spices and Seasonings         Whole Cloves
25152900000                   Baking                        Unsweetened Cocoa Powder
20780500000                   Grain                         White Basmati Rice
25273000000                   Candy                         Sanded Lemon Drops
20670200000                   Spices and Seasonings         Black Peppercorns
812052000699                  Canned Goods                  Elderberry Jelly
20655300000                   Flour                         Coarse Whole Wheat Flour
20721700000                   Spices and Seasonings         Peppercon Medley
29157000000                   Spices and Seasonings         Chef Special Seasoning, 2T
25363300000                   Spices and Seasonings         Garlic Pepper
26211500000                   Spices and Seasonings         Smokehouse BBQ Seasoning
20698600000                   Spices and Seasonings         Onion Powder
20736400000                   Beans                         Cranberry Beans
25232300000                   Cereal                        Bulgur Wheat Cereal
20733500000                   Grain                         White Harvest Rice Blend
25239000000                   Snacks                        Wasabi Soynuts, 4 color
20667500000                   Grain                         Oat Bran
25234100000                   Snacks                        Chocolate Pretzel Grahams

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                                                 Granary Bulk Foods                           2125 N. Richmond Street
                                                      Catalog                                      Appleton, WI 54911
812052000477                  Canned Goods                  Apricot Spread
20729900000                   Canned Goods                  White Hominy Grits
20729900000                   Cereal                        White Hominy Grits
25202200000                   Dried Fruits                  Pineapple Cores
25204300000                   Dried Fruits                  Unsweetened Banana Chips
25237100000                   Snacks                        Peanut Butter Pocket Pretzel
25240800000                   Snacks                        Wasabi Green Peas
25116300000                   Mixes                         German Black Rye Bread Mix
20786600000                   Sugars and Sweeteners         Maple Syrup, 32 fl oz.
25162000000                   Baking                        Vital Wheat Gluten
28698800000                   Spices and Seasonings         Parsley Flakes, 2/3 cup
20658900000                   Sugars and Sweeteners         Raw Honey
25127900000                   Decorettes                    Green Sanding Sugar
25127700000                   Sugars and Sweeteners         Red Sanding Sugar
20655900000                   Flour                         Cake Flour
20704900000                   Snacks                        Sugar Free Strawberry Wafers
22687100000                   Flavorings and Extracts       Clear Vanilla, 4 fl oz.
20708700000                   Gelatin and Pudding           Instant Banana Pudding
25174900000                   Gelatin and Pudding           Cook-Type Vanilla Pudding
25211900000                   Beans                         Split Green Peas
20717900000                   Nuts and Seeds                Raw Hulled Sesame Seeds
812052000569                  Canned Goods                  Raspberry Rhubarb Spread
20706100000                   Beverages                     Malted Milk Powder
20656100000                   Flour                         Bleached High Gluten Flour
20660400000                   Spices and Seasonings         Celery Salt
25241500000                   Snacks                        Sesame Sticks
20743700000                   Snacks                        Roasted & Salted Green Peas
25203100000                   Dried Fruits                  Crystallized Ginger
25360300000                   Spices and Seasonings         Ground Cardamom Seed
20697500000                   Baking Chips                  Semi-Sweet Chocolate Chips, 1M
20656600000                   Flour                         Organic Wht High Gluten Flour
20675300000                   Dairy                         Whey Powder
25426200000                   Nuts and Seeds                Sunflower Meats, Rst No Salt
20741700000                   Candy                         Cinnamon Imperials
25352200000                   Snacks                        Choc Covered Sunflower Meats
20326100000                   Baking                        Do-cel Dough Conditioner
25410800000                   Beans                         Brown Lentils
718531123241                  Canned Goods                  Pickled Sweet Brussel Sprouts
20769800000                   Organic                       Whole Wheat Couscous
20151500000                   Sugars and Sweeteners         Honey Sticks, indivicual
20655000000                   Flour                         Medium Rye Flour

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                                                 Granary Bulk Foods                           2125 N. Richmond Street
                                                      Catalog                                      Appleton, WI 54911
25179100000                   Nuts and Seeds                Brazil Nuts, Shelled & Broken
078314112351                  Sugars and Sweeteners         Organic Light Agave Nectar
20788200000                   Baking                        Nutritional Yeast Flakes
25408700000                   Dried Fruits                  Turkish Apricots
20672000000                   Grain                         Red Spring Wheat Berries
20733100000                   Grain                         White Spring Wheat Berries
25428300000                   Candy                         Anise Squares, Wrapped
20707300000                   Spices and Seasonings         Cream of Tarter
20743400000                   Organic                       Organic Red Quinoa
25132100000                   Decorettes                    Candycane Shapes
25192800000                   Nuts and Seeds                Roasted & Salted Pumpkin Seeds
20787800000                   Nuts and Seeds                Roasted & Salted Macadamia Nut
25352800000                   Candy                         Milk Chocolate Coffee Beans
20772800000                   Flour                         Unbleached High Gluten Flour
20768200000                   Fragrance and Essential OilsFennel Sweet Essential Oil
25176700000                   Gluten Free                   Tapioca Starch
20666000000                   Gluten Free                   Corn Starch
25177100000                   Gluten Free                   Xanthum Gum
25402600000                   Gluten Free                   Corn Flour
20657800000                   Gluten Free                   Long Grain White Rice Flour
20773300000                   Soup and Gravy                Harvest Soup
25182200000                   Nuts and Seeds                Wasabi Peanut Crunchies
812052000644                  Canned Goods                  Wisconsin Special
812052000521                  Canned Goods                  Red Cherry Spread
25114000000                   Grain                         Steel Cut Oats
25112700000                   Organic                       Organic Buckwheat Groats
20696000000                   Dried Fruits                  Seedless Golden Raisins
25138300000                   Organic                       Organic Seedless Raisins
20700600000                   Nuts and Seeds                Thin Sliced Almonds
25207100000                   Baking                        Unsweetened Chipped Coconut
20780600000                   Organic                       Brown Basmati Rice
25183100000                   Nuts and Seeds                Raw Cashew Pieces
25113300000                   Grain                         Thicker Rolled Oats
20654700000                   Flour                         Unbleached All Purpose Flour
20655500000                   Flour                         Medium Whole Wheat Flour
25192600000                   Nuts and Seeds                Raw Pumpkin Seeds (Pepitas)
20706500000                   Cooking Oils                  Organic Ext Virgin Coconut Oil
25190900000                   Nuts and Seeds                Sunflower Meats, Raw
25278500000                   Candy                         Sunbursts
20705300000                   Organic                       Organic 7 Grain Cereal
20732500000                   Nuts and Seeds                Natural Peanut Butter

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                                                 Granary Bulk Foods                           2125 N. Richmond Street
                                                      Catalog                                      Appleton, WI 54911
20693700000                   Grain                         Golden Flax Seed
22701500000                   Spices and Seasonings         Chili Seasoning
25301500000                   Candy                         Gummi Neon Worms
25229800000                   Grain                         Haitian Rice & Black Beans
20744900000                   Snacks                        Noshies Oriental Rice Crackers
25258400000                   Snacks                        Caramel Puffs
20704600000                   Flavorings and Extracts       Almond Emulsion, 4 fl oz
20696700000                   Spices and Seasonings         Dill Weed
20732300000                   Soup and Gravy                Chicken Base w/Parsley, No MSG
20675900000                   Organic                       Orgainic Rye Flakes
20719200000                   Dried Fruits                  Dried Cranberries
20751700000                   Pasta                         Chow Mein Noodles
20747600000                   Pasta                         Medium Shells
20730100000                   Pasta                         Fettucini
25224600000                   Pasta                         Garden Rainbow Rotini
20747400000                   Pasta                         Kluski Noodles
769546023408                  Pasta                         Little Barn Garlic Dill Pasta
769546623462                  Pasta                         Little Barn Pot Pie Squares
769546345630                  Pasta                         Little Barn Vegetable Mix Past
20747900000                   Pasta                         Midget Bow Pasta
092819250561                  Pasta                         Mrs Millers Lemon-Pepper Pasta
092819260003                  Pasta                         Mrs Millers Spelt Pasta
20748200000                   Pasta                         Spaghetti, 10 inch
25224000000                   Pasta                         Thin Spaghetti
20748600000                   Pasta                         Wagon Wheels Pasta
25225200000                   Pasta                         Whole Wheat Fettuccine
25141400000                   Pasta                         Organic Whole Wheat Shells
20734700000                   Pasta                         Middle Eastern Couscous
20748000000                   Pasta                         Large Bow Tie Pasta
092819250448                  Pasta                         Mrs Millers Old Fash Kluski
20747800000                   Pasta                         Alphabet Pasta
20748800000                   Pasta                         Angel Hair Pasta
25432100000                   Pasta                         Rotini
20747700000                   Pasta                         Small Shells
20748900000                   Pasta                         Linguine
20748400000                   Pasta                         Lasagna
092819250585                  Pasta                         Mrs Millers Bell Pepper Basil
25220500000                   Pasta                         Large Shell Pasta
092819250479                  Pasta                         Mrs Millers Extra Wide
769546123412                  Pasta                         Little Barn Wide Noodles
769546723476                  Pasta                         Little Barn Kluski Noodles

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                                                 Granary Bulk Foods                           2125 N. Richmond Street
                                                      Catalog                                      Appleton, WI 54911
20749100000                   Pasta                         Orzo
20727000000                   Pasta                         Couscous
25413600000                   Pasta                         Fine Noodles, 1/16"
092819250530                  Pasta                         Mrs Millers Vegetable Mix
769546223426                  Pasta                         Little Barn Fine Noodles
25413900000                   Pasta                         Wide Egg Noodles, 1/2"
20748300000                   Pasta                         Elbow Macaroni
092819250547                  Pasta                         Mrs Millers Tomato-Basil Pasta
25224100000                   Pasta                         Elbow Spaghetti
20666500000                   Baking                        Active Dry Yeast
20686000000                   Mixes                         Brownie Mix
20875000000                   Spices and Seasonings         Cinnamon Sticks, 3"
20788000000                   Health                        Lecithin Granules
20660300000                   Cereal                        Rolled 7 Grain Cereal
20661800000                   Spices and Seasonings         Chili Powder
25178800000                   Nuts and Seeds                Raw Filberts (Hazelnuts)
20746000000                   Snacks                        Crunchy Nut Delight
25406900000                   Nuts and Seeds                Raw Almonds
20690500000                   Candy                         Licorice Allsorts
25129800000                   Sugars and Sweeteners         Pink Gourmet Sugar
25132700000                   Decorettes                    Shamrock Shapes
25131500000                   Decorettes                    Dinosaur Shapes
25133200000                   Decorettes                    Gold Dragees
20660600000                   Decorettes                    Silver Dragees
25129600000                   Decorettes                    Lavender Gourmet Sugar
20769100000                   Decorettes                    Noel Mix
25131300000                   Decorettes                    Helmets & Footballs Shapes
25129500000                   Decorettes                    Green Gourmet Sugar
25129400000                   Decorettes                    Blue Gourmet Sugar
25130100000                   Sugars and Sweeteners         Yellow Gourmet Sugar
25130200000                   Sugars and Sweeteners         White Gourmet Sugar
25590500000                   Sugars and Sweeteners         Red Gourmet Sugar
25205700000                   Soup and Gravy                Soup Greens
25239900000                   Snacks                        Bagels and Bits Snack Mix
20667800000                   Spices and Seasonings         Ground Cinnamon
20728000000                   Soup and Gravy                Calico Soup (Holiday Soup)
20657600000                   Grain                         Regular Rolled Oats
20780100000                   Organic                       Organic Quinoa
20723900000                   Organic                       Organic Brown Rice Flour
25230200000                   Grain                         Saffron Jasmine Rice
25141800000                   Organic                       Organic Whole Wheat Flats

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                                                 Granary Bulk Foods                          2125 N. Richmond Street
                                                      Catalog                                     Appleton, WI 54911
20696400000                   Baking Chips                  Cherry Baking Chips
23012400000                   Organic                       Organic Whole Wheat Macaroni
25409900000                   Grain                         Sweet Black Thai Rice
20657900000                   Gluten Free                   Corn Meal
25160400000                   Snacks                        Yogurt Coated Pretzel
071923761897                  Cereal                        Frosted Shredded Wheat Cereal
25350300000                   Nuts and Seeds                Dark Chocolate Coated Almonds
20713900000                   Spices and Seasonings         Real Salt
22031000000                   Snacks                        White Baby Rice Popcorn
25429900000                   Nuts and Seeds                Double Dipped Choc Peanuts
20658200000                   Baking                        Baking Soda
25254900000                   Snacks                        Taco Snack Mix
25241400000                   Snacks                        Garlic Sesame Sticks
20658100000                   Baking                        Baking Powder

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