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   Introductory Coursework for the
    Advanced Placement Program
               and the
International Baccalaureate Program at
           Irmo High School
    What Are The Goals of Gateway?

   To provide interdisciplinary coursework
    that will prepare students for AP and IB
    requirements & expectations
   To provide meaningful foundation
    coursework that will support the transition
    of Gateway students into the challenging
    and rewarding academic programs of
    study afforded by AP and IB
How Will Gateway Prepare Students
    To Become Good Citizens?

    Students are encouraged to become
     leaders in planning and implementing
     service projects
        To meet the needs of their school,
         community, nation, and world
        To build a sense of camaraderie
The Outcome:
At the end of the tenth grade, the student is

      Fully ready to travel the roads of
  The Advanced Placement Program
   The International Baccalaureate
          Programme at IHS
    Why Should A Student Choose the
  Advanced Placement Program or the
International Baccalaureate Programme?

     To get a head start on college-level
     To improve writing skills and sharpen problem-
      solving techniques
     To demonstrate preparedness for college-level
     To show commitment to academic excellence
     To earn college credit and advanced
           Historical Information
               AP                             IB
   Began in 1970                 Created in 1968
   More than 110,000                 Three programs—PYP,
    teachers in schools                MYP, and DP (Lexington-
                                       Richland 5 only offers the
    worldwide                          DP [Diploma Program])
   35 courses in 20 subject          583 DP schools in North
    areas                              America & Caribbean
   60% of US high schools            1,597 IB World Schools
    participate                   Numerous courses in six
                                   subject areas
                  Information for IB
   First Diploma Program exam – 1970
   College/university credit, placement, or both awarded for
    qualifying scores
       Scores range from 1-7
            Most colleges award credit for a 4.
   May exam administration
       2 or 3 papers (essays)
       No multiple choice
       Administered on 2 or 3 days designated by IBO
       Final score is determined by internal assessments throughout the
        duration of the course as well as the papers at the end.
       Each assessment and paper is scored by over 5,000 examiners located
    Assessment Information for AP
   College, university credit, placement or both
    awarded for qualifying scores
       Scores range from 1-5
            Most colleges award credit for a 3.
   May exam administration
       Day and time designated by the College Board
       Exam consists of multiple choice section and essay
        section (3 essays)
       Multiple Choice—1 hour
                Essay—2 hours
   Score determined by the May exam
AP Courses at Irmo High School
             English Language
            English Literature
                 Statistics
            Calculus AB & BC
                  Biology
                Chemistry
                  Physics
               US History
           Human Geography
             World History
            European History
          Government & Politics
           Spanish Language
                    Art
              Music Theory
      Requirements for Admission
             to AP Courses
   Above average grades in prerequisite
   High percentile scores on PSAT, SAT, or
   Commitment and motivation
   Teacher recommendation
          AP Course Availability
   Grade 10 (Statistics—but a student may take the
    course during grade 11 or 12)
   Grade 11 (AP Language, AP US History, any
    Math or Science course for which the student
    has the prerequisites, AP Art, AP Music Theory)
   Grade 12 (AP Literature, AP Government, any
    other AP course for which the student has the
    prerequisites and/or will fit into his/her
The International Baccalaureate
        Program At IHS
    The IB Diploma Programme is a
  commitment to a two-year course of
study. Students must take courses from
six areas; at least three courses (and no
  more than four) must be Higher Level
 courses (two years), and the remaining
  courses must be Standard Level (one
                 In addition. . .

   Students must also . . .
       Complete a course entitled Theory of
       Complete 150 CAS hours (Creativity, Action,
       Complete an Extended Essay (a researched
        paper in an area of the student’s choice with
        an on-staff supervisor)
 Academic Requirements
 for Admission to the IB

- Satisfactory completion of state
- At least 2 years of foreign language
(3 years for HL)
- Physical Science, Biology 1, Chemistry 1
- Algebra 1, Algebra 2 & Geometry
       for (SL Math Studies)
- AP Statistics (SL Mathematics)
             In addition . . .
   Commitment to a two-year course of

   Submission of a letter of intent
      (January 31st of Grade 10)

   Satisfactory evaluation by current
             The IB Hexagon
Students will take courses from each of six areas…
     Available IB Diploma
       Courses at IHS
 Group 1: Language A1 (English) HL
 Group 2: Language B (Foreign Language)--Spanish,
               French, German, or Latin (HL or SL)
 Group 3: History of the Americas (HL)
 Group 4: Biology HL, Chemistry (HL or SL),
               Physics SL
 Group 5: Mathematics (SL), Math Studies (SL)
 Group 6: Visual Arts (HL or SL), Music (HL or SL),
               Theatre Arts (HL or SL)
*Note: If a student takes two Group 4 courses (Science), he/she is
  not required to take a Group 6 course (Arts).
        Prerequisites for IB
   Successful completion of Language B
     begins AFTER the completion of the third year
    of foreign language.
   Students who take both Biology 1 and
    Chemistry 1 in the 10th grade should take HL
    sciences in grades 11 & 12.
   Students choosing Mathematics SL must have
    completed Algebra 2 AND AP Statistics prior to
    grade 11.
   Students choosing Math Studies SL should have
    completed Algebra 2 prior to grade 11.
              The Result . . .

   Because of the variety of courses required,
    including Theory of Knowledge, the
    International Baccalaureate programme
    develops the whole student. The outcome
    is a well-rounded student with a variety of
    interests, skills, and knowledge.
   IB Certificate Courses
Students may take the following
  courses to earn an IB Certificate:
     Language B (Second Language)

     Group 6 Courses (Music, Art, or Theatre Arts)
       Similarities in AP & IB

   Students must be committed and
   Both programs are recognized
    internationally as the best preparation for
    college courses.
   Students may earn college credit
    (Amount varies according to each
Differences Between AP & IB
 Advanced Placement       IB Diploma Program
                         Student must commit
A student may take as    to a prescribed
few or as many courses   course of study over
as his schedule and      two years (grades 11
background will allow.   & 12).

   Refer to District 5 Course Catalog
   Contact
   Contact Mrs. Diane Padula, AP/IB
    Coordinator, Irmo High School.
       803 476 3072

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