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While most industry insiders have a firm grasp on Facebook’s monetization
models, most people still don’t understand how Facebook makes money. For
those that still don’t know how Facebook makes money, we thought we’d take
the opportunity to break down Facebook’s various revenue streams including
past and future streams of revenue.

“Facebook proudly says it's bringing in enough cash to cover most of its
day to day business costs. But how is Facebook.com and its team making
the money that fuels and powers the number 2 most visited site in the
whole wide world”

With an estimated $2 billion in revenue last year and expectations set to nearly
double that number this year, many wonder how a free service makes money.
The games are huge and with the recent complete switch to Facebook Credits
for in-game merchandise, that’s definitely a part of it. Yet, advertisers are able to
hyper-target us in ways never truly seen.

After reading this guide, you should have a complete understanding of how
Facebook makes money.

The news that Facebook has tripled in size in the past year has grabbed
headlines, but the real news was that the social network is now - in Mark
Zuckerberg's words - "free cash flow positive". That piece of accounting jargon
indicates that, after more than five years, the site has taken the first major step
towards becoming an honest-to-god profit-making company and (perhaps)
indicates that a stock market launch could finally become a possibility.

But the news that the site has money coming in needs to be examined a little
closer. While it's a little difficult to discern exactly what this "free cash flow"
constitutes for a private company like Facebook, one spokesman told Reuters
that it "does not include any cash from private investment". That might indicate
that Facebook is now making more than enough money to cover its taxes, capital
expenditure and the cost of around 700 staff - but that the money put into the
company by its backers (such as the $300m recently raised from Russian group
Digital Sky Technologies) doesn't count.

If all that extra money isn't being used to shore up vital day-to-day Facebook
operations, that's probably good news - but whatever the case, the site hasn't hit
the high notes quite yet.

However, the fact that Facebook is making any money at all might come as a
surprise to some, given that many are sceptical that social networking sites have
real money-making potential (and for good reason, given the history of the
dotcom bubbles and here-today, gone-tomorrow social websites).

However, after throwing around all kinds of ideas - some good, some not so
good - Zuckerberg and company now seem to have settled on a number of ways
to bring in the money

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