Engagement with Customers by pengxiuhui


									              Engagement with Customers
              In order to deliver high-quality products to customers, we emphasize product development from the viewpoint of
              customers and optimize production, quality assurance and other systems.

            ■Production-Process and Human-Resource Development with the “Hitachi Cable Just-
             in-Time (JIT) Production System”

             Hitachi Cable JIT Production System                             Initiatives to Enhance Value for Customers
            Hitachi Cable introduced the Hitachi Cable JIT Production       In order to effectively operate the Hitachi Cable JIT
            System in FY2007. This system is based on the Toyota            Production System and to enhance value for customers,
            Motor Corporation Production System and aims for a              the flow of the entire supply chain must be adjusted. Our
            thorough elimination of waste. From the standpoint of           Group started the “Business Strategy Visibility Project”
            total optimization, every process from marketing, design        with a cross-functional team comprising of members from
            to procurement, manufacturing and shipment is reviewed          Manufacturing, Business Planning, Sales, Development/
            to establish a production framework to produce “what is         Design, Production Planning, Procurement, Quality
            needed to be produced to the amount needed when it is           Assurance and Logistics, since FY2007. The project team
            needed.” The Hitachi Cable JIT Production System is to          has thorough discussions on what values must be provid-
            ensure a rearing of talent in view of total optimization take   ed to customers by division or by product group, grasps
            root in the company. Under the concept that the evolu-          the strengths and weakness of individual divisions, clarifies
            tion of “manufacturing” means “development of human             the key challenges and takes the necessary measures.
            resources,” Hitachi Cable keeps on advancing.
               Currently, the Hitachi Cable JIT Production System
            has been introduced to all six works, expanding the cov-
            erage to all departments and sections. The system is
            now being deployed at domestic Group companies, and
            preparations for the FY2011 implementation at overseas
            Group companies are also in progress.

            ■ Quality Assurance

             Our Approach to Quality Assurance                               Quality Assurance System
                                                                            The Quality Assurance Departments of each business
                                                                            group and Group company are engaged in quality assur-
                      Basic Principle of Quality Assurance                  ance operations of products they are responsible for, mak-
               Aiming for “quality first” and “customer first” based        ing efforts for quality improvement. In addition, from a
               on Hitachi’s Ochibo Seishin (spirit of Ochibo),*1 we         corporate-wide perspective, the Quality Assurance Center
               offer highly reliable products with secured product          supports on a departmental basis, the Group and Divisions
               safety (including software, etc.) to satisfy custom-         through promoting corporate-wide quality assurance
               ers, and thereby contribute to the development of            activities and implementing quality education in order to
               society.                                                     make sure quality-related activities go smoothly.
                                                                               As a company-wide organization on quality, we have
                                                                            established a Quality First Committee and Company-
            Based on its “Basic Principle of Quality Assurance,”            wide Quality Assurance Conference. These committee
            Hitachi Cable promotes initiatives to improve quality and       activities enable those concerned including, Officers to
            customer satisfaction within the entire Group. In order to      share information on quality situations and to promote
            realize this Basic Principle, we establish a yearly corpo-      continuous improvement by discussing challenges and
            rate-wide quality policy, set concrete targets and address      directions for improvement.
            quality assurance activities.
               Furthermore, to improve quality and operational effi-
            ciency and to increase customer satisfaction, the Hitachi
            Cable Group has established quality management sys-
                                                                            *1 Ochibo Seishin: Hitachi Group’s tradition of “acting on the basis of
            tems appropriate for individual operations while aggres-           conscience and humanity.” Our efforts to eliminate product defects
            sively supporting the achievement of ISO9001 or ISO/               and accidents are based on this spirit.
            TS16949 at both domestic and international production           *2 Group companies manufacturing products for vehicles have
            bases.*2                                                           achieved ISO/TS16949 certification.

23 | Hitachi Cable, Ltd. CSR Report 2010
Acquisition of ISO Quality Management System Certifications (As of March 31, 2010)

Hitachi Cable                                          Overseas Group Companies
                        Month and year                                                        Month and year           Month and year
   Name of Works         of ISO9001 Authorizing                    Company name                of ISO9001 Authorizing  of ISO/TS16949            Authorizing
                         acquisition   agency                                                  acquisition   agency (automobiles acquisition)     agency
                                                             Shanghai Hitachi Cable
 Densen Works            1995.10       LRQA                                                     2002.3        SAC             2008.1               SGS
                                                                   Co., Ltd.

 Hitaka Works            1994.2        LRQA                                 Cable Works         2007.8       CQC
                                                         Hitachi Cable
                                                       (Suzhou) Co., Ltd.    Assembly
 Tsuchiura Works         1998.12       LRQA                                                     2004.5         UL
 Including Takasago Works,                                Hitachi Cable        PLO50
 Toyoura Works and Minato Works                                                                 2000.5       LRQA             2006.7               LRQA
                                                        (Johor) Sdn. Bhd.      PLO40
Domestic Group Companies                               Giga Epitaxy Technology Corporation      2003.1
                        Month and year
   Name of Works         of ISO9001 Authorizing            Hitachi Cable Indiana, Inc.                                        2007.2
                         acquisition   agency                                                                                                   Registrations
  Tonichi Kyosan
                         1996.1        LRQA                AHCL (Thailand) Co., Ltd.            2006.2        URS             2006.2               URS
    Cable, Ltd.
 Hitachi Cable Film                                        Hitachi Cable Florida, Inc.                                       2008.12               SGS
                         2009.1          JQA
    Device, Ltd.

 Hitachi Alloy, Ltd.     2004.3        LRQA             Hitachi Cable (Singapore) Pte. Ltd.     2002.11      LRQA             2005.6               LRQA

   Hitachi Wire &                                       Suzhou Hitachi Cable Precision
                         2003.8        LRQA                                                     2006.7       LRQA             2008.1               LRQA
      Rod Ltd.                                                    Co., Ltd.
   Hitachi Cable                                        Thai Hitachi Enamel Wire Co., Ltd.      2003.5        SGS             2007.3               SGS
                         2002.7        LRQA
 Precision Co., Ltd.
 Hitachi Cable Fine                                      Hitachi Cable Philippines, Inc.        2003.12       AJA
                         1994.2        LRQA
     Tech, Ltd.
                                                         Hitachi Cable Manchester Inc.          2003.8         UL
   Hitachi Cable                       LRQA
  Logi-Tech, Ltd.
                                                          HC Queretaro, S.A. de C.V.            2006.11       SGS            2006.11               SGS
   Hitachi Cable
                         2004.3        LRQA
   Networks, Ltd.
                                                                    PHCP, INC.                  1998.5        SGS             2005.1               SGS
 Hitachi Cable MEC-
                         1998.10       LRQA                  Shenzhen Hitachi Cable
      Tech, Ltd.                                                                                2008.9         UL
                                                                   Co., Ltd.
  Hitachi Magnet
                         2002.9        LRQA
    Wire Corp.                                            Hitachi Cable Austria GmbH            2006.6        TÜV
  Tohoku Rubber
                         2001.11       LRQA
     Co., Ltd.                                               Hitachi Cable UK, Ltd.             2003.1        BSI

                                                                                                                                                                            Social Performance
 Simultaneously acquired with the works of             Hitachi Cable PS Techno (Malaysia)
 Hitachi Cable                                                                                  2002.10      BVQI             2009.3               BVQI
                                                                  Sdn. Bhd.

        Quality Assurance System

                       President & CEO

                                               Quality Assurance         Quality First Committee
                                                                                      [Chairman] Executive responsible for quality assurance
                                                                                      [Committee members] Executives
                          Business             Quality Assurance
                        Headquarters             Department
                                                                       Quality Assurance Conference
                                               Quality Assurance                      [Chairman] General Manager of the Quality Assurance Center
                       Group Companies                                                [Committee member] Manager of Quality Assurance Department

                                                                                                                                 Hitachi Cable, Ltd. CSR Report 2010 | 24
             Quality Improvement Activities                                           with a focus on addressing the
            Aiming for a further improvement in quality, Hitachi Cable                following five issues, and each
            has launched a “Quality First for 21st Century Phase III”                 business group and division
            (QF21 III) initiative, which extends from FY2010 to                       implements them by running a
            FY2012.                                                                   Pla n-D o - Che c k-Act ( PDCA )
                Prior to the launch of the QF21 III initiative, Hitachi               cycle: planning, trial, follow-up
            Cable reviewed and renewed quality improvement activi-                    and review by the Committee,
            ties implemented under the previous “New QF21,” which                     including executives, and imple-             Logo mark of quality
                                                                                                                                   improvement movement
            extended from FY2007 to FY2009.                                           mentation.
                These quality improvement activities are promoted

               ① Strengthen quality-related CSR                                           promote quality improvement activities working together
                 In order to promote business operations in an orderly                    with overseas Group companies.
                 manner, we carry out investigations on and thorough
                 awareness raising of technical laws and regulations applied          ④ Improvement of quality measures
                 to our products as well as the establishment of compli-                To meet customer's expectations of quality and to firmly
                 ance mechanisms for individual operational processes.                  establish a business foundation, we quantify quality for
               ② Quality improvement of procured and subcontract-
                 ed goods                                                             ⑤ Human resource development
                 In order to strengthen supply chain management,                        We regularly hold quality control and quality control
                 including the globalization of the procurement of parts,               technical courses in order to improve skills by function.
                 components and materials, we are restructuring the                     Furthermore, in consideration of frequent issues of cor-
                 quality control system of procured and subcontracted                   porate ethics in recent years, we host ethical education
                 goods, and are promoting activities to improve the skills              for engineers through manager training and e-learning
                 of control engineers.                                                  courses in order to promote an understanding of the
                                                                                        importance of compliance and to prevent issues in
               ③ Global quality improvement                                             actual business.
                 Aiming for the “same quality throughout the world,” we

             Small Group Activities                                                    Tackling Quality Issues
            Ever since their introduction as the core of Total Quality                If any quality issue occurs, it is communicated to depart-
            Control (TQC) in 1968, small group activities have driven                 ments and sections concerned through predefined rules
            quality improvements at each business group and Group                     and routes. If a major product accident takes place, it is
            company. In recent years, the scope of these activities                   promptly reported to top management to take quick
            has been expanded to cover “quality, cost and delivery”                   action, placing priority on customers. Countermeasures
            (QCD) improvement. With the expanded scope, small                         for any product accident are pursued on the basis of two
            group activities have become an important initiative that                 aspects, direct cause of the accident and the motivation-
            underpins Hitachi Cable’s business foundation.                            al reason of the background to prevent a recurrence.
                Today, with the aim of further reinforcing its production                 In addition, from May to June every year, an “Ochibo
            processes and human resources, Hitachi Cable focuses                      Hiroi” meeting*3 inherent to the Hitachi Group is held at
            on linking these activities with the Hitachi Cable JIT                    each Business Group and domestic Group company,
            Production System and, at the same time, integrating                      and under the guidance of top management, those
            bottom-up activities with top-down activities. Also, in                   directly involved in accidents and those concerned learn
            order to encourage the development of individual small-                   lessons from the mistakes and contribute them to future
            group activities, the Company holds a “Companywide                        operations.
            Convention,” where small groups from business divisions                   *3 “Ochibo Hiroi” meeting is an activity to review product accidents
            and Group companies give presentations on the out-                           from the viewpoint of customers, reflect on them and prevent their
            come of their activities. We also hold a Groupwide                           recurrence.
            “International Convention,” which includes overseas
            Group companies. At the 8th International Convention
            held on April 20, 2010, selected small groups from 17
            companies in 8 coun-
            tries gathered in Hitachi
            City, Ibaraki Prefecture,
            to give presentations.
            Through these presen-
            tations, par ticipants
            a c t i v e l y e xc h a n g e d
            opinions and engaged
            in discussions on the
            theme of quality
                                         8th International Convention of the Hitachi Cable Group’s Small Group Activities (Hitachi City, Ibaraki Prefecture)

25 | Hitachi Cable, Ltd. CSR Report 2010
  Engagement with Suppliers
  Through the establishment of guidelines and the holding of explanatory meetings, the Hitachi Cable Group shares
  information with suppliers, thereby jointly promoting CSR activities.

■ Approach to and System for Procurement
Under the basic principles of fairness, justice and equal                          As a forum to share the basic policies on purchasing
opportunities, Hitachi Cable selects partners based on a                        and to enable purchasing staff to reflect on their own
total judgment in accordance with the Hitachi Cable                             purchase activities, we also hold a Hitachi Cable Group
Group’s purchasing standards, regardless of the country                         Materials Meeting both in Japan and abroad once a year.
and scale. In procurement, we attempt to share a sense                          The company further holds Group training courses on
of social responsibility with partners such as compliance                       compliance with relevant laws and regulations and ethics
with relevant laws and regulations and a consideration of                       on materials associated with procurement activities every
the global environment and aim to establish relationships                       year, implementing continuous education.
to widely contribute to society through mutual business
as good partners.

■ Sharing CSR Awareness with Suppliers
The Hitachi Cable Group operates in diverse fields and
manufactures and sells a wide range of products for vari-
ous industries and businesses. In order to conduct man-
ufacturing that complies with various social
responsibilities, including environmental conservation, it
is essential for Hitachi Cable to share CSR awareness
with its partners who jointly promote business.
    Hitachi Cable has created a “Procurement” section on
its website, widely disclosing its procurement policies
and other related information while holding explanatory
meetings for suppliers when appropriate. In FY2010,
Hitachi Cable held 17 explanatory meetings on compli-
ance with RE ACH regulations for 416 par tners.
Furthermore, in order to prevent information leaks, we

                                                                                                                                                          Social Performance
                                                                                Explanatory meeting on compliance with REACH regulations
regularly conduct investigations of our partners with
regard to the status of their measures to prevent informa-
tion leaks.

■ Promotion of “Green” Procurement
In order to comply with RoHS directives and other chem-                         details of green procurement, see Page 53.) In FY2010,
ical substance regulations, the Hitachi Cable Group has                         we revised the Hitachi Cable Group Green Procurement
established rules for eco-friendly manufacturing                                Guidelines, and the revised version has been translated
( E nv i ro n m e n t a l C S R - C o m p l i a n t M a n u f a c t u r i n g   into English and Chinese. All versions are available on
Standards), reviewing corporate-wide manufacturing                              the Company’s website.
from a CSR viewpoint. The Group continues initiatives                              Also, in FY2009, we started an environmental supplier
toward reducing its environmental burden throughout the                         certification system. Based on this system, we have
lifecycle of its products, from design to disposal.                             compiled supplier information into the Environmental
    In FY2007, the Group established the Hitachi Cable                          Supplier Certification Database and have begun using
Group Green Procurement Guidelines, distributed cop-                            this database in our operations. At the same time, the
ies to partners, solicited cooperation for surveying and                        Company is promoting the registration and certification
auditing of chemical substances contained in products,                          of the environmental quality of items procured.
 and continuously implemented green procurement. (For

                                                                                                               Hitachi Cable, Ltd. CSR Report 2010 | 26
              Engagement with Shareholders and Investors
              In order to meet the trust and expectations of shareholders and investors and allow them to deepen their under-
              standing of the Company, Hitachi Cable is working to strengthen communication with them through various
              media and events.

            ■ Principle of Disclosure

            Hitachi Cable maintains strict adherence to fair and           addition to the above principle, we closely adhere to the
            transparent activities. In line with this principle, the       policy of valuing speed and timeliness, we observe relat-
            Company promotes corporate management and busi-                ed laws and regulations and the guidelines and internal
            ness operations by respecting trust-based relationships        rules of financial instrument exchanges, and we work to
            with customers, shareholders and investors, society, and       comprehensively understand and manage the informa-
            other stakeholders.                                            tion to be disclosed and ensure that such content is
               More specifically, in disclosing important information      appropriate and accurate.
            relating to Hitachi Cable and its Group companies, in

            ■ Shares and Shareholders Information
            As of March 31, 2010, the number of shares issued and          Composition of Shareholders       Own shares
            outstanding was 374,018,174 shares, held by a total of         (As of March 31, 2010)            2.56%
            22,331 shareholders. The composition of shareholders is                                                            Financial
            comprised of domestic financial institutions (about 17%),                                                          institutions
                                                                                                             Individuals, etc. and securities
            individual investors (about 17%), overseas investors                                             16.99 % companies
            (about 10%) and domestic corporations, including                                              Overseas             17.47%
            Hitachi, Ltd. (about 53%), plus the company’s own                                             investors
            shares (about 3%).
                                                                                                                  Other domestic corporations
                                                                                                                          53.12 %

            ■ Basic Policy on Profit Sharing
            Taking such factors as performance status, the strength-       internal reserves to invest in promising operations and to
            ening of our business structure and future business strat-     vitalize existing businesses while maintaining a sound
            egies into consideration, we properly distribute the profit    financial standing and working to strengthen it.
            we make through business to shareholders.                      Furthermore, regarding the repurchase of shares as an
               With regard to paying dividends based on surplus            effective measure to distribute profit to shareholders, we
            profit, we value stability in terms of the amount and fre-     undertake share buybacks as appropriate by taking into
            quency of dividend payments, while giving due consider-        account share price trends and financial conditions. The
            ation to our business performance. We effectively use          annual dividend for FY2010 was 5.00 yen per share.

            ■ Communication with Shareholders and Investors

             Hosting IR Events                                              Perception Study
            For securities analysts and institutional investors, we host   In fiscal 2010, we conducted a perception study of 19
            a results briefing on the day of account settlement            security analysts. Management considered this feedback
            announcement every quarter, as well as meetings to             and made use of the results in creating a new Medium-
            explain management policies and business details when          Term Management Plan.
            appropriate. As a most recent example, we held a meet-
            ing on April 30, 2010 to introduce details of our new Plan      Providing Shareholders and Investors with
            “BRIDGE” medium-term management plan, which covers              Information
            the period from fiscal 2011 to fiscal 2013.
                                                                           We send Hitachi Cable News—a brief business report—
               For people who cannot attend said briefings and
                                                                           to shareholders at the end of the second quarter and at
            meetings, we provide meeting minutes and other related
                                                                           the end of the fiscal year to inform them of our perfor-
            materials online. In addition, for analysts and investors,
                                                                           mance and provide a business overview for each period
            we respond to individual inquiries, hold various other
                                                                           in an easy-to-understand manner. As a means of disclos-
            types of meetings and offer factory tours.

27 | Hitachi Cable, Ltd. CSR Report 2010
ing information to shareholders and investors in a prompt       corporate information in the most appropriate manner to
and fair manner, we make full use of the Internet. To pro-      overseas shareholders and investors.
vide individual investors with information equivalent to that   *Only available in Japanese.
offered to institutional investors, the latest IR informa-
tion—including news releases, financial results, materials
used in various explanatory meetings and details of Q&A
sessions in explanatory meetings—is available on our IR
website. We have also established a dedicated website
for individual investors and are constantly endeavoring to
strengthen the content of the website. Moreover, we offer
a service that sends registered users e-mail* notices of
any updates made to our website.
   For overseas investors, we issue annual reports and
distribute information in English via the Internet, including
news releases and summaries of explanatory meetings on
business and financial results. Through these and other
activities, we have established a structure to deliver our      Presentation of Medium-Term Management Plan

   External appraisal in relation to IR
   In order to realize fair and prompt information disclosure, Hitachi Cable continuously makes
   efforts to improve IR activities, including the utilization of its website. In FY2010, we received the
   following evaluations from external organizations in relation to our attitude toward IR activities
   and conditions of information disclosure.

   ●Companies with Excellent Disclosure                          Internet IR websites by Daiwa
      Selected by Securities Analysts                            Investor Relations Co., Ltd. This         優 秀
   In the 2009 Awards for Excellence in Corporate                represented the fourth consecu-           企業賞
   Disclosure, organized by the Corporate Disclosure             tive year for its selection to this       2009
   Study Group of the Securities Analysts Association            group.
   of Japan, Hitachi Cable ranked third in the Iron &                                                               R

   Steel/Non-Ferrous Metal category (the top in the              ●Excellent Company Award
   cable industry). Specifically, the Company received              in Internet Investor Relations
   high praise for the strong explanations and elucidat-         On December 18, 2009, Hitachi

                                                                                                                                        Social Performance
   ing materials it uses at its results briefing sessions        Cable was presented an Award of
   and for its acceptance of interviews to promote bet-          Excellence in the 2009 Internet IR
   ter understanding of the content of these materials,          Awards, announced by Daiwa
   as well as for other efforts it makes to continuously         Investor Relations Co., Ltd.
   enhance its disclosure activities.

                                                                 ●General Ranking of IR Websites
   ●2009 All Listed                                              Hitachi Cable was selected as one of the 110 Excellent
      Company Website                                            Companies in the General Ranking of IR Websites in
      Ranking                                                    March 2009, announced by Gomez Consulting Co.,
   In the Fiscal 2009 Listed                                     Ltd. on April 15, 2009. The Company was also select-
   Company Website Quality                                       ed as one of the 127 Excellent Companies in the
   Ranking, announced on                                         General Ranking of IR Websites, announced by
   November 25, 2009 by                                          Gomez Consulting on April
   Nikko Investor Relations Co., Ltd., Hitachi Cable was         14, 2010, marking the fourth
   ranked 19th among all companies listed in Japan,              consecutive year of winning
   totaling 3,779. In the Non-Ferrous Metal category,            this honor.
   the Company received the top ranking for the sec-
   ond consecutive year.

   ●Award for Excellence in Internet Investor
   On April 24, 2009, Hitachi Cable was selected as
   one of 580 companies that maintain outstanding

                                                                                             Hitachi Cable, Ltd. CSR Report 2010 | 28
              Engagement with Employees
              Hitachi Cable is striving to develop its human resources through a fair personnel system and various measures,
              while promoting a work-life balance and other initiatives to provide an employee-friendly work environment.

            ■ Respecting Human Rights
            In its Business Ethics Handbook, the Hitachi Cable Group      taking advantage of the Intranet, in-house magazines and
            declares that it respects the personalities and human         other measures.
            rights of its individual employees and will never commit          Furthermore, Hitachi Cable is providing position-spe-
            any discrimination or unjustified acts. Under the basic       cific and other types of education programs on a variety
            stance of “not allowing any kind of harassment to occur”      of human rights-related subjects, such as Dowa issues,
            and “taking the appropriate measures, including aware-        discrimination based on ethnicity, disabilities and gender,
            ness-raising activities and education, in order to prevent    and gender harassment. Through these programs, the
            various types of harassment from taking place,” the           Company is disseminating accurate information and pro-
            Group encourages the prevention of harassment. To be          moting proper understanding of these subjects among its
            precise, contact persons are assigned at individual offic-    employees, while encouraging appropriate approaches
            es and workplaces to provide consultation, and aware-         to these subjects.
            ness-raising activities are conducted as appropriate,

            ■ Human Affairs Systems and Human Resources Development

             Improving Management-by-Objectives System and                to, the new employee will then receive on-the-job training
             Formulating Role Definitions                                 at a business department related to his or her depart-
            To enable employees to promote the enhancement of             ment (mainly a plant) for a period of three to six months.
            their ability and skills and to encourage autonomy, Hitachi   The purpose of this training course is to help new
            Cable has continued to update its human affairs systems.      employees understand the basic concept of “manufac-
            The management-by-objectives system was introduced            turing” and operational and supply-chain flows and to
            to managerial employees and above in 1995 and has             raise awareness of the significant responsibility inherent
            been improved every year by, for example, expanding the       in “manufacturing.”
            coverage to all employees on a major career path.                 In FY2010, the second year of this scheme’s imple-
               In FY2009, Hitachi Cable stipulated the roles and          mentation, a total of 64 new employees took the course,
            requirements expected of line managers in Role                deepening their understanding of the operations con-
            Definitions, updated the management-by-objectives sys-        ducted at the individual departments to which they were
            tem based on this, and restructured and simplified the        assigned. Reflecting on successes and failures in the first
            system to agree with the original goal of management by       year, in FY2010, we designated section chiefs of the
            objectives of “human resources development” and               departments to which those new employees were
            “assessment.” The Role Definitions were prepared on the       assigned as on-the-job training instructors. These
            basis of interviews with about 70 managerial employees,       instructors worked to promote effective and practical
            including executives, as well as medium-term manage-          training.
            ment plans and other management policies. The goal                Building on this training system, Hitachi Cable plans to
            here is to facilitate workplace management more suitable      reinforce its educational and training infrastructure, there-
            for accomplishing business strategies by enabling indi-       by becoming a company with employees who will con-
            vidual line managers to set targets and manage their          tribute to the sustainable development of society.
            implementation based on their defined roles.
               By integrating Role Definitions and the management-         Overseas Operations Training
            by-objectives system and running its PDCA cycle every
                                                                          Ever since its commencement in 1978, this training system
            year, Hitachi Cable commits itself to “developing inde-
                                                                          has enabled employees to gain overseas operational
            pendent human resources” and “establishing reasonable
                                                                          experience. The goal of the system is to help participants
            assessment systems.”
                                                                          master the practical command of a foreign language and
                                                                          to attain operational expertise in the international commu-
             Business-Specific On-the-Job Training                        nity at local language schools, universities or professional
            We started a “business-specific on-the-job training”          schools while attaining experience at our overseas Group
            course with new college and university graduates who          companies. There are one-year and short-term (3 to 6
            joined Hitachi Cable in FY2009. Under this new scheme,        months) courses available, greatly contributing to the
            when each new employee has gained a basic under-              development of human resources with global business
            standing of the department he or she has been posted          capabilities among young to middle-rank employees.

29 | Hitachi Cable, Ltd. CSR Report 2010
■ Initiatives to Promote Diversity

 Promoting Diversity in Human Resources                              ratio on a consolidated basis stood at 1.92%. We contin-
Hitachi Cable promotes diversity management to inte-                 ue to make efforts to expand the range of job functions
grate the ability and value of diverse human resources               available for the physically and mentally challenged,
into one to invigorate the entire organization, regardless           improve working environments and secure more employ-
of personal attributes (gender, age, nationality and physi-          ment opportunities for them.
cal/mental challenges.)                                               Ratio of Females Hired as New Employees (Non-Consolidated)

                                                                                20                                            17.4
 Expanding Opportunities for Female Workers                                                                       15.8                        16.0

Currently, the ratio of females having managerial roles at                      15                 11.9

Hitachi Cable is rather low when compared with other
                                                                                10                                                                                   7.6
Hitachi Group companies and major global companies,
and we are somewhat behind in terms of the active roles                          5
that females play within the Company.
   For this reason, we set a target of promoting the                             0             FY2006             2007         2008           2009              2010
employment of females taking a major career path so
that the ratio reaches 20% among all the newly employed
                                                                      Ratio of Employees with Disabilities
candidates planning to take a major career path. Thus,                (%)
within the last ten years, the number of females planning                      2.0
                                                                                          (Mandatory proportion of jobs for
                                                                                          people with disabilities: 1.8%)

to take a major career path has increased fivefold. We                                                                         1.83            1.83             1.86
continue to enthusiastically employ female employees on                        1.5                 1.61           1.65

a major career path and promote the education and
development of female candidates for managerial posts.                         1.0

   In becoming a company that can fully offer opportuni-
ties for women to exert their abilities and skills, it is
essential to improve the work process and environment.                           0               2006             2007         2008           2009              2010
This includes changing work attitudes among male                                Non-Consolidated             Consolidated
                                                                                                                                                                       (At FiscaYear End)

employees, enhancing various systems to support a                     Numbers of Foreign Employees (Non-Consolidated) and Employees
work-life balance and diverse ways of working, and pro-               Aged 60 Years or Over (Non-Consolidated)
moting understanding of this initiative throughout the                Number of employees aged 60 years or over                                             Number of foreign employees
Company. Hitachi Cable will continue to take a wide                           200
range of initiatives so that employees can work with vigor,                                                                                                      180
regardless of race, religion, age, or gender.                                 160                                                               33                                   40
                                                                                                                    26                         146
 Promotion of Employment for the Physically and

                                                                                                                                                                                            Social Performance
                                                                              120                                                                                                    30

 Mentally Challenged                                                            80

By the end of FY2008, Hitachi Cable, on a non-consoli-                                              66

dated basis, succeeded in offering jobs for people with                         40                                                                                                   10

disabilities at a higher proportion than the 1.8% set by
                                                                                 0               2006             2007         2008           2009              2010                    0
the government. The ratio in FY2010 was 1.86%, and the                                                                                                             (At FiscaYear End)
                                                                            Number of employees aged 60 years or over         Number of foreign employees

                 Comment by Overseas Operations                      everything new, from work processes and workplace
      VOICE      Training Participant                                environment to language and in-office relations. At the
                                                                     same time, however, it was a very meaningful experience
                                                                     to try to sell services offered by a Hitachi Cable customer
   Takayuki Kishimoto                                                to whom I had previously provided business proposals
   Global Business                                                   and sold Hitachi Cable systems. This is definitely some-
   Development Office,                                               thing that I would never be able to experience if I had been
   Global Business                                                   dispatched to a Hitachi Cable subsidiary. So, for me, par-
   Development Planning                                              ticipating in the training program was a truly invaluable
   Department, Global                                                experience.
   Business Development                                                  Today, I belong to the Global Business Development
   Group, Hitachi Cable                                              Planning Division and am involved with activities aimed at
                                                                     expanding overseas sales of information- and communi-
   I had long hoped to                                               cation-related systems, particularly in Asia. I feel a sense
   participate in this training program and was finally able to      of fulfillment when the experience and personal connec-
   join the program in my seventh year after joining the             tions that I nurtured through the training program actually
   Company. I was sent to San Jose, California for about a           help me out in my daily operations. I hope to see many
   year. In fact, I was the first participant, throughout the his-   young Hitachi Cable employees take advantage of this
   tory of this program, to be dispatched to a customer’s            training program and develop their strengths and interna-
   office, instead of to a Hitachi Cable overseas subsidiary.        tional business capabilities.
       Naturally, it was extremely difficult for me to adjust to

                                                                                                                              Hitachi Cable, Ltd. CSR Report 2010 | 30
            ■ Work-Life Balance

            In order to enable employ-                                       Short Time Working System Use Results*
            ees to choose the ideal
                                                                                       FY                2006               2007               2008            2009             2010
            way to work in accordance
            with personal values and                                               Persons                1                  9                  3                0               10
            family conditions, a wide
            variety of alternatives are                                      Childbirth Leave System Use Results*
            available. For childbirth,                                                 FY                2006               2007               2008            2009             2010
            nursing and child rearing,
            and family care-giving,                                                Persons                3                  8                 24               25               24

            employees can take
            advantage of the tempo-
            rary leave system, short-                                      Childcare Leave System Use Results*
            time work system, and                                                (Persons)

            childbirth leave system. Hitachi Cable has also estab-                  25
            lished a system to reemploy workers who left the                                                                                             21

            Company for child rearing and nursing. The Company                      20
            has also introduced a “volunteer vacation system.” Under                                                                    16
            this system, employees may take leaves and participate                  15                                                                                    13
            in volunteer activities by taking advantage of the discre-                                               11

            tionary work and flextime systems and their paid holi-                  10

            days. Through this and other systems, we have
            established flexible working conditions. In addition, in                   5

            FY2010, Hitachi Cable launched a “Change the Way of
            Working” initiative aimed at facilitating the realization of               0        FY2006               2007               2008            2009             2010
            the optimal work-life balance for individual employees.        * The number of persons who started to use the system in the relevant

                             Comment by Nursing/Child Rearing              returning to my office from these leaves, a year has
                  VOICE      Leave System Applicant                        already passed. But right after I returned to work, my
                                                                           boy had trouble getting used to the day-care center,
                                                                           and I took many days off due to a fever he developed.
                  Mari Sunagawa                                            So I was worried about whether or not I would be able
                  Kansai Regional                                          to continue working. However, when we used the day-
                                                                           care center, I was allowed to make use of the short-time
                  Operation, Hitachi Cable
                                                                           work system. I could leave the office at 3:30 pm, pick
                                                                           up my boy and thus be with him as much as possible.
                  I used a year and a                                      To make things much easier, my boss was so very con-
                  half of childbirth and                                   siderate, telling me to prioritize family matters. Such kind
                  nursing and child                                        words from my boss and the help of my colleagues sup-
                  rearing leaves.                                          ported me. It was only with their support that I was able
                  Thanks to this sys-                                      to keep going during the first year after my return. Now
                  tem, I could prepare                                     that I have gained confidence in balancing nursing and
                  myself better for the                                    child rearing with work, we are thinking about having
                  delivery of my first baby, a bouncy little boy. Since    another baby.

            ■ Health and Safety

                                                                            Labor accident rates*1
             Safety Management                                               (%)

            We endeavor to maintain high levels of health and safety             2.0

            standards and further improve them under the basic                                                                                                           All industries rates*2

            principle of “Protecting the health and safety of employ-
            ees comes before all else.”
                In the area of safety management, we have estab-
            lished an employee health and safety management sys-                 1.0                                                                                     industry rate*2
            tem and, accordingly, promoted related activities in a
            voluntary and systematic manner. To raise safety aware-              0.5
            ness in all workplaces, we are conducting risk assess-                                                                                                       Cable industry rate
            ment with the participation of all employees, facilitating                                                                                                   Hitachi Cable
            communication through morning assembly and meetings                    0         2005             2006               2007            2008             2009

            and implementing regular safety inspection by manageri-         *1                      Casualty Figure of labor accidents
                                                                                    Rate                                                                      × 1,000,000
            al staff.                                                                              Total working hours
                                                                            * 2 2009 figures were not disclosed as of August 13, 2010.

31 | Hitachi Cable, Ltd. CSR Report 2010
    In addition, we are strengthening safety education and        Health Management and Mental Healthcare
training and the provision of safety-related information.        To protect the health of employees, Hitachi Cable works
For example, we are providing safety training through            to control employees’ hours of service, while providing
disaster identification drills and video learning. We are        opportunities to take regular health checkups and com-
also implementing safety education programs designed             plete medical checkups as well as health guidance based
for inexperienced workers using materials based on past          on the results of these checkups. Meanwhile, we urge
disasters and incidents, while offering employees safety-        health insurance unions to introduce such mechanisms
related information through the weekly Safety News               as reference services to specialist doctors and telephone
magazine and the health and safety Intranet website.             health consultation. Through these mechanisms, we have
    In addition, with the aim of improving the level of safety   built an environment where employees can work with a
management on a Groupwide scale, we are promoting                sense of safety and security.
information-sharing throughout the Hitachi Cable Group,               In recent years, mental healthcare for employees has
while coordinating Groupwide safety activities.                  become a critical issue for Hitachi Cable. In order to
                                                                 enable the prevention, or early detection, of mental health
                                                                 problems in employees, we are striving to enhance work-
 Countermeasures against Disasters                               place communication and mental health education. In
Hitachi Cable sets December as “Disaster prevention              particular, Stress Coping Seminars are frequently held to
awareness month” to raise anti-disaster awareness and            counsel individual employees on ways of reducing stress
to improve the disaster prevention management system.            so that they can work happily and productively. We are
In September, we run drills to prepare for a major earth-        encouraging young and middle-aged employees to take
quake at our works. Also, we continue to provide various         the seminars. Also, in order to help employees solve a
kinds of traffic safety activities for employees. These          wide variety of mental health-related troubles through
include traffic lectures, inviting law enforcement officials     consultation, we collaborate with medical institutions
as speakers, providing education for new car owners              within the Hitachi Group.
who commute to work and training sessions using driv-            Furthermore, the
ing safety demo cars (touring vehicles equipped with             Company has estab-
safe-driving educational facilities).                            lished a program to
    All works of the Hitachi Cable Group have established        assist employees who
an internal firefighting team that regularly takes part in       took long-term leaves
firefighting drills to prepare for unexpected fires. In addi-    due to mental health-
tion, both domestic and overseas Group companies con-            re l a te d p ro b l e m s i n
duct a comprehensive range of activities to raise                returning to work and
                                                                                                Stress coping training
employee awareness of disaster prevention.                       preventing a recurrence.

■ Sound Labor-Management Relations
At Hitachi Cable, all employees, except managerial staff,            In addition, when establishing, amending or abolishing

                                                                                                                                         Social Performance
belong to a labor union. To promote communication                various systems related to labor conditions, Hitachi Cable
between employees and management, refine corporate               and the Labor Union establish task forces for discus-
management, improve business development and                     sions, making efforts to maintain and strengthen sound
enhance working conditions for employees, Central                and favorable labor-management relations.
Management Committee meetings between representa-                    During FY2010, the Company and the Labor Union par-
tives from the Head Office and Labor Union Headquarters          ticularly focused their discussions on such subjects as the
and Works Management Committee meetings between                  “Change the Way of Working” initiative and the establish-
representatives from each business site and Labor Union          ment of a labor-management committee aimed at reducing
branch office are held twice a year.                             the total working hours, while promoting related activities.

■ Employee Benefits and Welfare
In order to make the lives of employees and their families       needs of individual employees such as “ability and skill
more affluent and stable, Hitachi Cable offers a compre-         development,” “child rearing,” “nursing” and “health build-
hensive range of measures to support them. In 2003, as           ing,” in addition to such conventional benefits as dormito-
one of the employee benefits and welfare initiatives to          ries for single employees and company-run houses and
support self-help efforts and the independence of                provision of medical services for employees. Within a
employees, the Company introduced the “Cafeteria Plan            range of points that each employee has earned
System” (selective benefit and welfare system). This sys-        (“Cafeteria Points”), he or she can choose the type of
tem offers options to meet the different lifestyles and          support wanted when necessary.

■ Life Plan Support
In this day of declining birthrates and an aging popula-         efits, company pension, welfare pension, health insur-
tion, and as lifestyles in old age become more diversified,      ance, employment insurance, etc.) and hosts Life Plan
having a definitive life plan is becoming more and more          Seminars as an opportunity to think about one’s current
important. Hitachi Cable provides information to serve as        work style and one’s lifestyle after retirement.
the basis for life planning after retirement (retirement ben-

                                                                                              Hitachi Cable, Ltd. CSR Report 2010 | 32
              Engagement with Society and Local Communities
              In line with its Fundamental Credo, the entire Hitachi Cable Group is working as one to conduct corporate activi-
              ties in a fair and open manner, promote harmony with the natural environment and engage vigorously in activities
              that contribute to social progress. These activities are implemented through the daily operations of all Group
              employees, domestic and overseas.

            ■ Works and Regional Environmental Improvement/Environmental Preservation

             Joining Japan Business Federation’s Declaration                  intended for protecting the global environment. Also,
             of Biodiversity                                                  while conducting biodiversity-conscious corporate activi-
            The Japan Business Federation (Nippon Keidanren)                  ties, Hitachi Cable is proactively implementing other
            announced a Declaration of Biodiversity in March 2009,            activities to maintain and revitalize the natural environ-
            explaining the basic concept behind its promotion of              ment. These activities include a project that improves
            corporate activities that give due consideration to biodi-        conditions of the Ogitsuyama Nature Park.
            versity. In December 2009, in accordance with its
            Fundamental Credo that upholds the principle of promot-
            ing harmony with the natural environment, Hitachi Cable
            has agreed to cooperate on and participated in related
            initiatives with the Nippon Keidanren as a Promotion
                Meanwhile, the Hitachi Cable Group is promoting                                                        Environmental develop-
                                                                                                                       ment activities in the
            wide-ranging environmental projects, from those aimed                                                      Ogitsuyama Nature
            at improving conditions surrounding its works to those                                                     Park

             Cleaning Activities in Singapore’s Sungei Buloh                  Also, the reserve has been selected as a target for nature
             Wetland Reserve                                                  protection and forest restoration under the Singapore
            Hitachi Cable (Singapore) Pte. Ltd. started cleaning              Green Plan 2012 promoted by the Singaporean
            activities in the Sungei                                          government.
            Buloh Wetland Reserve
            in Singapore in January
            2010. Boasting an area
            of 87 hectares, this wet-
            land site is the first to be
            designated as a nature
            park by the Singaporean
            government. Being home
            to mangroves and rare
            animals and plants as
            well as being a migratory
            stopover for birds, many
            people visit this reserve
            to observe the wildlife.
                                           Cleaning activities in Singapore

            ■ Collaboration with NPOs

             Continuing the “ecoCAP Movement”                                 of June 2010 we have
            Through the ecoCAP Movement, the caps of plastic bot-             collected a total of
            tles are sorted, collected and recycled as a reusable             2,057,800 caps, the
            resource. The recycling of these caps not only saves              equivalent of 2,572
            resources but also reduces CO2 emissions by an amount             polio vaccine s or
            equivalent to the CO2 that would have been generated              16,205 kg of CO 2
            through their incineration. Also, proceeds from sales of          emissions—the
            these caps to recycling companies are used to deliver vac-        amount absorbed by
            cines for various infectious diseases to underprivileged          1,15 8 J a p a n e s e
            children throughout the world. The Hitachi Cable Group            cedars in a year.
                                                                                                       Plastic bottle caps collected from the
            joined the ecoCAP Movement in November 2007, and as                                        Group companies

33 | Hitachi Cable, Ltd. CSR Report 2010
 Participation in the “goo Green Label” Project                   Participation in the “Morino Chonai-Kai” Initiative
NTT Resonant Inc. operates a search engine called “goo           Hitachi Cable has participated in an initiative called
Green Label.” This environment-friendly search engine is         “Morino Chonai-Kai” (literally, Forest Neighborhood
operated with a special mechanism. That is, users of the         Association), which is promoting forest thinning and the
search engine can contribute to environmental conserva-          effective use of paper made from wood collected through
tion as NTT Resonant donates 15% of the gross profit it          forest thinning, as a support company. This initiative is
makes from advertisements placed on goo Green Label              operated by Office-Chonai-Kai, an environmental NPO
search result displays to various kinds of soical contribu-      working to encourage the recycling of used paper. By
tion NGOs and NPOs.                                              prioritizing the use of certain types of paper that contrib-
   Having become a corporate partner of this project,            ute to the promotion of forest thinning, we are assisting in
Hitachi Cable has promoted the use of the goo Green              the sound development of forests in Japan.
Label search engine on a companywide basis.

■ Corporate Sports

 Marathon Team: Regular Contestant in the New                    participation in these and other sporting events and local
 Year Ekiden                                                     festivals, we are striving to invigorate local communities
                                                                 and contribute to sports promotion.
Hitachi Cable’s Marathon Team has participated in the
New Year Ekiden (All-Japan Inter-Business Organization
Ekiden Relay Race), which takes place every New Year’s            Basketball Team: Assisting Sports Promotion
Day, for the past eight consecutive years, for a total of 23     Hitachi Cable’s Basketball Team, the “Hitachi Cable
times. Not only runners, but also team staff, employee           Bulldogs,” belongs to the Japan Basketball League 2
supporters throughout Japan and people in the local              (JBL2), competing in games all over Japan and contribut-
communities along the relay course all share the excite-         ing to the promotion of basketball.
ment and come together for this event.                              Aside from such professional activities, our basketball
   Members of the Marathon Team also participate in the          team conducts exchange activities in the community
Hitachi Sakura Road Race held in Hitachi City, Ibaraki           around Hitachi City, their hometown, through basketball.
Prefecture, as guest runners and in the Kasumigaura              In particular, technical training programs and practice
Marathon (International Blind Marathon Kasumigaura),             matches are popular events, attracting the participation
which takes place in Tsuchiura City, Ibaraki Prefecture, as      of a number of local elementary, junior and senior high
escorts for visually impaired runners. Through proactive         school students each year.

                                                                                                                                            Social Performance

Escort running at the Kasumigaura Marathon                       Technical training programs by the Basketball Team members

(Marathon Team URL:
 http://www.hitachi-cable.co.jp/gaiyou/marathon/index.html   )   (Basketball Team URL:
                                                                  http://www.hitachi-cable.co.jp/basketball/index.htm         )
■ Social Welfare and Donations

 Participation in the Hitachi National Food Drive in              Donation of Stationary to Elementary Schools in
 the United States                                                Mexico
 Hitachi Group companies located in North America are            Located in Mexico, Hitachi Cable Group company HC
promoting the Hitachi National Food Drive. From the              Queretaro, S.A. de C.V. manufactures and sells automo-
Hitachi Cable Group, Hitachi Cable America Inc. and              tive brake hoses. HC Queretaro has participated in sta-
Hitachi Cable Manchester Inc. have joined this initiative.       tionary donation activities promoted by the Queretaro
Through this program, foodstuff is donated, while mone-          City government and local teachers’ associations.
tary contributions are also made. Proceeds from mone-            Through these activities, the company collects such sta-
tary donations are used to purchase foodstuff for                tionary items as pencils, pens and notebooks, which are
donations.                                                       then donated to local elementary schools, and is thus
                                                                 contributing to the development of the educational envi-
                                                                 ronment in local communities.

                                                                                                 Hitachi Cable, Ltd. CSR Report 2010 | 34
             Other Major Social Contribution Activities in FY2010
                                                   Category and Activity Description                                                Name of Company and Works
                               “Clean & Green Project” parks cleaning and weeding activities organized by the association
                                                                                                                          Hitachi Cable Precision Co., Ltd.
                               of local corporations
                                                                                                                               Tohoku Rubber Co., Ltd., Hitachi Densen
                               Sendai City volunteer cleaning activities organized by Hitachi Aobakai
                                                                                                                               Shoji, Ltd. (Tohoku Branch)
                               “Clean-Up Day” cleaning activities around the works                                             Hitachi Cable Film Device, Ltd.
                               Kazusagawa River cleaning activities promoted by local volunteers
                               Cleaning activities along the river near the works in cooperation with the Juo
                               RiverFishermen’s Cooperative                                                                    Works and Group companies in the
                Regional                                                                                                       Hitachi area
                Cleaning       Cleaning activities at stations, along commuter roads and on beaches near business sites
                Activities     Mount Kamine and Mount Takasuzu Climb & Clean Program
                               Cleaning activities around Kanda Station in Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo
                               Environmental beautification activities in Aoba-ku, Sendai City                                 Hitachi Densen Shoji, Ltd.
                               Cleaning activities on streets from the Chubu Region Branch Office to nearby stations
                                                                                                                               Hitachi Cable, Ltd. ( Hokkaido Sales
                                                                                                                               Office), Hokkai Hitachi Densen Kihan,
                               Love Earth Clean Up in Hokkaido
                                                                                                                               Ltd., Tonichi Kyosan C able, Ltd.
                                                                                                                               (Hokkaido Sales Office)
                               Volunteer Experience Tour to Horqin Desert Greening Project in China                            Hitachi Cable (China) Trading Co., Ltd.
                               Tree Planting Forum                                                                             Thai Hitachi Enamel Wire Co., Ltd.
                               Tree-planting activities promoted by companies operating in the LIMA Technology Center          Hitachi Cable Philippines, Inc.
              Environmental                                                                                                    Works and Group companies in the
                               Project to improve the hiking courses within the Ogitsuyama Nature Park
              Development                                                                                                      Hitachi area
                Activities     Greening of employee parking area within the works’ site 25                                     Tonichi Kyosan Cable, Ltd.
                               Award presented by Sendai City in recognition of ensuring safety at business site
                               Registered under Mori-no-Miyako Heart Aid, a Sendai City initiative to register businesses Tohoku Rubber Co., Ltd.
               Safety- and     that are qualified to use automated external defibrillators (AEDs)
             Hygiene-Related Award presented by the head of Hitachi Labor Standards Supervision Office for achieving
                Activities                                                                                           Densen Works, Hitaka Works
                             Class-3 no accident record
                                                                                                                               Works of Hitachi Cable, Ltd., Tonichi
                               Voluntary fire department organized
                                                                                                                               Kyosan Cable, Ltd.
                                                                                                                               Works and Group companies in the
               Blood Drive     Contributions to blood drive                                                                    Hitachi area, Tsuchiura Works, Tonichi
                                                                                                                               Kyosan Cable, Ltd.
             Local Production                                                                                                  Welfare facilities in the Hitachi area
                for Local     Promotion of local production for local consumption at welfare facilities
              Consumption                                                                                                      (Hitaka Club, Suginouchi Club)

            Cleaning activities along the Juo River                   Cleaning activities (Hitachi Densen Shoji, Ltd.)     Drill of voluntary fire department
                                                                                                                           (Tonichi Kyosan Cable, Ltd.)

                                                      Tree-planting activities
                                                      (Thai Hitachi Enamel Wire Co., Ltd.)

                                                                                                            Tree-planting activities (Hitachi Cable Philippines, Inc.)
                      Volunteer experience in Horqin Desert
                      Greening Project in China
                      (Hitachi Cable (China) Trading Co., Ltd.)

35 | Hitachi Cable, Ltd. CSR Report 2010
Summer family hands-on experience seminar              Works and sites tour for elementary school
(Hitachi Cable Logi-Tech, Ltd.)                        students (Takasago Works)

                                                       Works and sites tour for high school students     Hitaka Natsu-Matsuri festival <summer festival>
                                                       (Tohoku Rubber Co., Ltd.)

                                        Category and Activity Description                                             Name of Company and Works
                   Summer Family Hands-on Experience Seminar
                                                                                                                 Hitachi Cable Logi-Tech, Ltd.
                   Work experience programs for junior-high school students
   Educational                                                                                                   Head Office, Hitaka Works and Takasago
    Activities     Works and site tours for local residents and elementary and junior-high school students       Works of Hitachi Cable, Ltd., Tohoku
                                                                                                                 Rubber Co., Ltd.
                   High-School Student Internship Program hosted by the Hitachi Chamber of Commerce and Industry Hitachi Magnet Wire Corp.
Opening Company Athletic field, gym and welfare facilities opened to the public                                  Hitaka Works
 Facilities to the
      Public       Athletic field opened to the public free of charge, tennis court opened to the public         Tonichi Kyosan Cable, Ltd.
                   Hitaka Onmosa Matsuri festival
                  Hitachi Sakura Matsuri festival as volunteers
                                                                                                                 Hitaka Works
 Participation in
 Regional Events Hitaka Natsu-Matsuri festival

                                                                                                                                                                Social Performance
                                                                                                                 Tsuchiura Works, Hitachi Densen Shoji,
                   Tsuchiura City Industry Festival
                   Donations by employee volunteers to typhoon victims through churches, etc.                    PHCP, Inc.
                   Participation in “My Tree” tree-planting initiative promoted by the Bureau of Construction,
                   Tokyo Metropolitan Government
                                                                                                                 Hitachi Densen Shoji, Ltd.
                   Donations to Aojyu-Kai, an organization promoting tree planting in Inner Mongolia
                   Donations to NPO Adventure Navigation Crew of Oarai
                   Donations of Hitachi Cable Manchester’s category cables to be used in the construction of a
   Donations                                                                                                   Hitachi Cable Manchester Inc.
                   new Manchester Boys and Girls Club building
                                                                                                                 Five Hitachi Cable Group companies in
                   Monetary donations to Haitian earthquake victims
                                                                                                                 North and Central America
                   Donations to Overseas Mutual Aid Funds organized by the Japan Red Cross Society and
                                                                                                       Hitachi Cable Precision Co., Ltd.
                   Japan Broadcasting Corporation (NHK)
                   Donations to the Japanese Foundation for Cancer Research
                                                                                                                 Hitachi Cable, Ltd.
                   Donations to NPO Budou-no-Ie
                   Tohoku Rubber’s escalator handrails received a 77 Business Support Foundation prize from
                                                                                                            Tohoku Rubber Co., Ltd.
                   the 77 Business Support Foundation in recognition of their top domestic market share
     Others        Became a supporting member for the NHK Symphony Orchestra                                     Hitachi Cable, Ltd.
                   Joined as a board member of the Hitachi Foundation (U.S.)                                     Hitachi Cable America Inc.

CSR-Related External Commendations during FY2010
           Organization                                                 Survey, etc.                                             Ranking
      The Nippon Foundation           Survey on CSR of Top Japanese Companies                                          76th (out of 1,725 companies)
         Toyo Keizai, Inc.            2009 CSR Ranking                                                               146th (out of 1,104 companies)
            Nikkei Inc.               Nikkei Sangyo Shimbun Worker-Friendly Companies Survey                         166th (out of 1,543 companies)

                                                                                                                     Hitachi Cable, Ltd. CSR Report 2010 | 36

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