PREQUALIFICATION OF FIRMS Prequalification of Firms is required

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					                      PREQUALIFICATION OF FIRMS
               Prequalification of Firms is required to supply IT / WiFi &
LAN/Electronics/Fire Fighting Equipments for use in District Resource Center, Nankana
Sahib as per under noted standard specifications. The firms must be registered by the
Government Department to supply such items and have vast experience alongwith
documents of registration, in department of sale tax / income tax / professional tax.. The
applications from the firms / manufacturer possessing such documents are required to
this office on or before 07/09/2011, subject to fulfilling the under noted terms,
conditions and specifications.

                                 Description                         Qty   Unit   Amount
            IT Equipments
            Multimedia Projector 2700 Illumines (Model:
       1    SHARPXR-50S), SHARP make or of any equivalent            1
            Company & Model.
       2    Multimedia Projector's Screen 8' x 10' (Good quality).   1     No
            LCD 40” for Audio/Visual Lab. (Good Brand /
       3                                                             1     No
            LCD 55” for Audio/Visual Lab. (Good Brand /
       4                                                             1     No
            DVD Player, SONY make or of any equivalent
       5                                                             1     No
            Company & Model.

       6    Multimedia Speaker (Imported) Good Brand.                1     No
            Laptop Sony Vaio FW590-Matt Black, Intel Core 2
            Dou 2.2 GHz Processor, 16.4" wide screen, ATI
       7    Graphics, 4GB Ram, 320 GB HDD, Multi BlueRay             1     No
            Rom, Web Cam, Bluetooth, LAN WiFi, Windows 7
            Home Premium.
            Laptop case Bag Targus, Laptop case polyester/PVC
       8                                                             1     No
            Lap top HP Pro Book 4520 -i3v5W7 Intel Core I3 2.4
            GHz processor,15.6" wide screen, Intel integrated
       9    graphics,2 GB Ram,320 GB HDD, multiformat DVD,           1     No
            Writer, webcam, Bluetooth, Wifi, LAN Windows 7
            Home premium(For Manager IT Lab)
            Laptop case Bag Targus CN31 16" laptop case
      10                                                             1     No
            polyester/PVC mater(For manager IT Lab)

            Work Station PC in IT Lab(7)library(1)conference(1)
            processor Intel core I3 540 3.06Ghz(4MB Cache-2.5
            Gt/s) Mother Board Intel DH55P J H 55(LGA 1156-
            AGP*SND) Memory: 2GB DDRIII (1333 Bus) Hard
            Drive: 500 GB 3.5" Seagate 16 MB Cache
      11                                                             9     No
            (3500418AS) Optical Drive: Samsung DVDRW 22x
            SATA Chassis: Legend thermal HT support 9500 GT
            G-force PCX 1 GB(128-bits)DDR2Lancard wireless
            and PCI adapter(DWA-547) Wifi system key board
            and mouse A4 tech G-3100
     Server processor Intel core I7 540 3.2Ghz(4MB
12                                                        1     No
     Cache-2.5 Gt/s) with registered window.
13   Headphone mic A4Tech HU-510                          2     No

14   LCD monitor Dell E1709H 17" black widescreen         10    No

15   Logitech webcam c160                                 1     No

16   Windows home premium 32 bit (Original)               8     No

17   Norton Antivirus 2011                                8     No

18   Speaker Edifier R401                                 2     No

19   Scanner HPG4050 Flatbed photo                        1     No

20   Printer Hp Laser jet 2035N (B & W)                   1     No

21   Printer Hp Laser jet CP1518ni (Colored)              1     No

     Digital camera Sony Cyber shot DSC-WX5, 12 Mega
22                                                        1     No

23   Fax machine Panasonic KX-Ft 98 7CX                   1     No

24   Canon photo copier                                   1     No

25   UPS 1.5KVA Good Brand.                               1     No

     Batteries 12V AGS or any equivalent company with
26                                                        1     No
     Battery Chamber
     Wifi System
     Range Max make Model: WPN824 300 Mbps 802.11g
27   MIMO wireless LAN/Firewall 4-Port Router Brand:      7     No
     NETGEAR, or of any equivalent Company & Model.
28   4 ports router with WiFi system model w160 N.        8     No
     UTP CAT 6 4-Pair Cable Data Cable Brand:
29                                                        3     No
30   24-Ports 10/100 Data Switch Model:2959 Make Cisco    1     No
     6Data Cabinet with fan, lock and glass door Make
31                                                        1     No
     Local Area Networking Wiring Accessories
     Dual port faceplate with CAT-6 RJ-45 Jack
32                                                        15    No
33   Patch cord CAT -6 3-Meter Brand: 3M/KRONE            15    No

34   Patch Cord Cat-6 1-Meter Brand:3M/KRONE              15    No

35   24 ports Cat-6 Data Patch Panel Brand:3M/KRONE       1     No

36   8-Ports 10/100 Data Switch(Links)                    1     No
     UTP CAT 6 4-Pair Cable Data Cable Brand:
37                                                       3000   Rft
      38   6U Data cabinet with fan, lock and glass door           1    No

           Electronics / Fire Fighting Equipments
           Chairperson Unit Model No Laxitas VS-27C (China) or
       1                                                           1    No
           of any equivalent Company & Model.
           Delegate Unit Model: Laxitas VS-27D(China) or of any
       2                                                           16   No
           equivalent Company & Model.
           Main Controller Unit Model: LaxitasVS-27M (China)
       3                                                           1    No
           or of any equivalent Company & Model.
           Conventional Optical type Smoke Detector, Complete
       4   with base plate made by Honeywell, or of any            10   No
           equivalent Company & Model.

           Heat detector, rate of rise/fixed Temperature with
       5   base, made by Honeywell, or of any equivalent           1    No
           Company & Model.
           Manual Call Point made by Honeywell, or of any
       6                                                           2    No
           equivalent Company & Model.
           Sounder/Shirker made by Honeywell, or of any
       7                                                           2    No
           equivalent Company & Model.
           02 Zone control panel complete(for 56 devices) made
       8                                                           1    No
           by Honeywell, or of any equivalent Company & Model.

           (Dry Chemical Powder Fire Extinguisher) 6 Kg size,
           stored pressure model, complete with controlled-
       9   discharge operating lever, pressure gauge and initial   2    No
           charge, made by us to NFPA-10 (ready for use) under
           BS EN ISO 9001:2000 quality control system

      10   First Aid Box with Medicine                             1    No

1)   All firms / manufacturers who wish to have their name pre-qualified for the
     above noted supply are required to submit their applications with following
     documents as detailed below (in duplicate) in the office of the undersigned upto
     07/09/2011 during the office hours.
2)   Name of Firms / Manufacturer partnership deed / articles of association in case
     of company / limited firm, with complete address of person (s) authorized by the
     firms / Manufacturers.
3)   Year of establishment of firm / company with proof.
4)   Detail of permanent business management, financial management and technical
5)   The applicant must establish its financial. Copy of upto date balance sheet
     should also be part of the application.
6)   Bank certificate and bank statement indicating financial strength of the firms /
     suppliers / Manufacturers.
7)   Bank documents to establish the financial bid capacity.
8)    Detail of any arbitration / litigation of similar proceedings against any
      Government Semi Government Department showing extent & results.
9)    Undertaking of judicial paper that the firm was never black listed by any of the
      Government or Semi Government organization.
10)   Further particulars, if desired, may be obtained from the District Officer
      (Buildings), Division Nankana Sahib during office hours.
11)   Only approved firms / Manufacturers will receive the contract document and
      shall be invited to submit their technical and financial proposals for the supply
      of above mentioned items.
12)   Competent authority / prequalification committee reserves the right to reject any
      or all application without assigning any reason.
13)   In case of incomplete information, prequalification/ application will be rejected
      and will not be considered for prequalification.
14)   No court proceedings against the prequalification committee will be allowed and
      the decision of the prequalification committee would be the final.
15)   The firm should attach the performance certificate of the required items supplied
      to the Government / Semi Government during the last 3 years.

                                                      District Officer (Buildings)
                                                          Nankana Sahib

      Endst No.7036-40/DOB/NNS,              Dated: 18/08/2011.
               A copy is forwarded for information to the:-
         1)   District Coordination Officer Nankana Sahib.
         2)   Executive District Officer (Finance & Planning), Nankana Sahib.
         3)   Executive District Officer (Works & Services), Nankana Sahib.
         4)   District Officer (Planning), Nankana Sahib.
         5)   Deputy District Officer (Buildings), Nankana Sahib.
         6)   Assistant Accounts Officer (W&S) Nankana Sahib.
         7)   Notice Board.

                                                     District Officer (Buildings)
                                                          Nankana Sahib

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