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					Second Semester Master Of Business Administration March04
(M.B.A.) Examination

Paper I
HUMAN RESOIURCE MANAGEMENT Time : Three Hours } [Full Marks :80

1. “Human factor is the most important factor in any organization.” Comment. State the significance of human resource in an organization. 2. State various types of tests used in selection process. Also explain various principles of testing. 3. state the concept of induction. Explain the importance and objectives of induction programme. 4. state the concept of promotions and transfers. Explain various criteria for promotions. 5. 6. define job evaluation and job design. State methods of job design. what is merit rating? State various methods of scientific merit rating.

7. “Training reduces and cost of operations in the organization.” Comment. State the importance and objectives of trai8ning programme. 8. State the concept of minimum, fair and living wages. Explain various methods of wage payment. 9. State the concept of Employee Welfare and Social Security in the organization. Also explain the significance of employee welfare and social security measures. 10. Write notes on ( any two):(a) (b) (c) (d) Globalisation and Human Resource Management Selection Criteria Job Specifications Absenteeism and Leave Record.

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