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									Dr. Joshua McDowell And Dr. David Pace Of Raleigh Premier Chiropractic
Help Patients Recover Fast

Raleigh, NC, 03-Oct-2011: Dr. Joshua McDowell and Dr. David Pace, the
Raleigh chiropractor team provides the assistance that individuals who
have been injured or who suffer from chronic pain with the help they need
to recover safely, naturally, and quickly. The doctors have developed
programs that are designed to give patients the ability to function
without pain while their body is healing.

When interviewed recently, the doctors stated, "The focus of our practice
is on the "whole body". We work very closely with our patients to ensure
that they have the training they need to maintain their health and
wellness goals after the immediate issues of a pain or injury have been
addressed. It is our goal that patients are able to recover from injuries
quickly through safe and natural methods that will allow them to
participant in their daily activities while healing."

An individual who visits the Raleigh chiropractor will be given a
complete examination to identify the areas of the body that have been
damaged or are being impacted as a result of the injury. X-rays are taken
to find compressed discs which may be pinching nerves and the doctor
discusses the incident that caused the pain in depth. During the initial
consultation, the doctor will discuss the past medical history of the
patient, their diet and lifestyle.

After evaluating the data collected, the doctor will create a plan that
addresses the immediate pain or condition and provide the patient with a
program that will help the body to achieve and maintain the health and
wellness desired. The doctors use gentle, low-force manipulation to
realign the discs in the spine and neck and relieve pressure from nerves
that are being pinched. They may also incorporate other therapies such as
massage and heat/cold therapy to reduce swelling and inflammation, and
stimulate circulation to the tissues surrounding the injured area.

To get more information about the methods and techniques used by Joshua
McDowell and David Pace, the Raleigh chiropractor team visit
http://www.PremierChiroNC.com today. Individuals wishing to get details
about this press release will find contact information below.

Dr. Joshua McDowell and Dr. David Pace

Raleigh Premier Chiropractic/North Raleigh Accident and Injury Center

1600 Ronald Drive Suite #103

Raleigh, NC 27609

Telephone: 919-850-1550

Website: http://www.PremierChiroNC.com

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