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					    Spectra Innovations
     Providing Innovative Solutions

Corporate Overview

     Prasad Mamidanna
      Tel : 408-954-8474 extn-102
      Fax : 408-954-8399
      Cell : 408-307-5576
      Visit us @
     Updated as of Wednesday November 07, 2001

   Direction
   Organization
   Performance
   Market
   Products
   Services
   UVP’s

             First, We Will Be The Best.
             Then, We Will Always Be First
           Direction – Vision, Mission, Value


– To be the leading provider of technology products and design
  services for Semiconductors, RF products and Computer Storage


– Excel in providing value-enhancing solutions with absolute
  commitment to teamwork and continuous improvement in
  QOS (quality of service).
         Direction – Vision, Mission, Value


                                       Direction - Goals

   Revenues
    USD100 Million by FY-2005

   Growth
    Accelerate revenues to exceed market rate of growth

   Cost
    Increase productivity and add value to eliminate duplication
                              Organization - Corporate

   Established in 1989 as a California, USA Corporation

   D&B listed since inception with good rating

   Peripherals group (USD300Mil+) sold to Ingram Micro Inc.,

   Five business groups
    – Semiconductor Products Group, Computer Peripherals Group, India Sales
      Group, Technology Solutions Group, and Global Trading Group

   Global presence-USA, Singapore, India

   Seven sales offices worldwide, 05-India
                             Organization - Corporate
   Spectra Innovations Inc., San Jose
     – Semiconductors Products Group (SPG)
   Spectra Innovations Inc., (India sales/liaison office)
     – India Sales Group (ISG)
   Spectra Innovations Pte. Ltd Singapore
     – Computer Peripherals Group (CPG)
   Specsynergy India Pvt. Ltd.
     – Technology Solutions Group (TSG)
   Specsynergy International Inc.
     – Global Trading Group (GTG)
     Organization – Spectra Innovations Inc.
   Spectra Innovations Inc., San Jose and Singapore
     – Purchasing
     – Inventory
     – Financing
     – Kitting
     – Support
     – Logistics
   Spectra Innovations Inc., India sales/liaison office of SII
     – Pre Sales support
     – Field Sales
     – Post sales support
     – Product Marketing
     – Vendor Reporting
     – Customer Support
                                     Organization - Corporate
                Corporate (Head Quarters)
                   San Jose, USA

                                       India (Head Quarters)
Asia (Head Quarters)
Singapore                              Bangalore

NIRO (North)           EIRO (East)   WIRO (West)               SIRO (South)

  New Delhi                                 Mumbai                    Bangalore


                     Organization – India Sales Group

Regional Sales   General Manager-              General Manager-        General Manager-
Managers         Semiconductor Products
                                               Computer Peripherals    Technology Service
                 Group                         Group                   Group

                                              Product Sales Manager   Product development
Field Sales        Product Sales Manager
Engineer                                                              Manager

                                                                      Product development
Sr Sales            Field Application       Field Application
Engineer            Engineer                Engineer

                                                                      Product Development
                   Product Sales             Product Sales
Customer Care                                                         Coordinator
                   coordinator               coordinator
                                      Organization - Sales

   Field Sales Engineers            Customer Care Coordinator
    FSE                               CCC
     – Single Contact Interface        – Pre/post sales service
     – Regular Account visits          – Quotations
     – Scope of coverage               – Scope of Coverage
          • Product solution                • Order/shipment status
          • Relationship                    • Special logistics
            management                      • RMA’s-Returns
          • Account servicing
                              Organization - Product

   Product Sales                  Field Application Engineer
    Manager-PSM                     FAE
     – Vendor Champion               – Design-win focus
     – Stock management              – Product training
     – Pricing                       – Product seminars
     – Key Accounts                  – New products marketing
     – Revenue Target                – Post-sales technical support
   National Responsibility        National Responsibility
                               Organization - Technology

   Product Design Manager-            Product Design Engineer-
    PDM                                 PDE
     – Technology Specialist             – Design focus by segment
     – Product specification             – Product design
     – Design management                 – Tech documentation
     – Vendor coordination               – Customer support
     – Customer Licensing                – Technology training
   Global Responsibility              Global Responsibility
                         Organization - Marketing

 Web   Marketing
 – Business center
 – Corporate information
 – Product information
 – Channel contact information
 – Application case study’s
 – Single key hot Link to vendors’ website
 – Future options by end of FY-2002
    • on-line pricing information
    • on-line ordering
    • On-line customer care-RMA
                              Performance - Revenue

2000-A                       16

2001-A                                 21

2002-F                                      25

         0         10                  20           30             40

 Total-USD ‘000’             Spectra-USA         Spectra-Sing
Performance by Business Groups





          0   1999-2000      2000-01             2001-02
    SPG         12.8          13.5                   11
    CPG          21            21                    25
    TPG          0.2           0.5                    1
    TOTAL        34            35                    37

              SPG      CPG   TPG          TOTAL
                                     All values in Million Dollars
                     Market - Focus
   Communications
   Industrial
   Peripherals
   Consumer
   R&D
   Automotive
   Mil-Aerospace
Market – India Semiconductor (TAM)




                         2000                     2001   2002
 Telecom                  500                     600     750
 Industrial               125                     150     150
 Military&Space           250                     300     300
 Consumer                 100                     150     200
 Total                    975                     1200   1400

                  All Values in Million Dollars
Products - SPG
Products – RF Products
Products - CPG
             Services - Focus

 Services-Our        new focus

  – Technology Services

  – Vendor Services

  – Customer Services
                Services – Specsynergy Charter

Our charter is to provide:
•Value added design, engineering, and technical support services leveraging our global
•Cost optimized outsourced services to reduce time-to-market and technology adoption
cycle time
•Turnkey product solutions tackling the supply as well as the demand chain equations
                                  Services - Technology

         For Our Valued Vendors and Customers
         TADS (Technology Application Design Services)
Value-add technology services @ USA, Singapore, India

Application and Technical support services

Reference designs and OEM kits

Full turn-key manufacturing product solution kits

Programmable logic, ASIC and conversion services

Embedded controllers and software

Optical networking and telecom software services

Outsourced 24X7 application/technical support services
                          Services - Technology

         Specsynergy Programmable Electronics,
         Embedded Design Services for:
         FPGA, PLD, CPLD, SOC, PSOC, Micro-controllers, VLSI's,
         ASIC's, PSLIC

Specsynergy Integrated Manufacturer Product
Licensed Engineering Kit
Turnkey solution from design to complete kit of materials for converging
consumer and Communication applications

 Specsynergy Optical Network Engineering Telecom
 Software Services
 Software for convergence, legacy and voice/data applications
                                           Services - Vendors

             For Our Valued Vendors
             DEAL (Distribution, Export Administration, Logistic Services)

   Access to a growing market with minimal investment for our principals
   Global presence - San Jose, USA, Singapore and locally at several
    locations in India
   Localized services and support for both the buyers as well as the sellers
   Excellent proven technical skills to absorb technology and provide
    localized design/product support
   Local payments in US$ from San Jose for principals to minimize
    business payment risks
   Ability to inventory product to reduce cycle time and carrying costs for
   Standardization of socket, device types and technology by active
    involvement with design engineers
                                 Services – Vendors               (Contd)

              For Our Valued Vendors
              DEAL (Distribution, Export Administration, Logistic Services)

   OEM Kitting (Sourcing of entire BOM- Bill of Materials)
   Shipment Consolidation
   Import/Export Documentation
   Banking
   Extended Credit/Financing
   Marketing Support
   Technical Support
   Literature Support
   Marketing Communications
   Product Training
   Customer Services
   Strategic Project Planning & co-ordination
                                      Services - Customers
               For Our Valued Customers
               DIAL (Distribution, Import Administration, Logistic Services)

Vendor consolidation-kitting (USA, Singapore)
Payment consolidation. Import Financing - Long/Short term
Global Exports facilitation - (USA & Singapore)
Non Franchised products trading/Sourcing.
Local currency shipment (Third party INR billing)
End of life product sourcing & inventory holding
                                 UVP’s – Why Spectra?
   Proven credentials with leading customer & principal relationships

   Strong financial strength to fund continued growth and expansion

   Extensive market experience, averaging 20+ years per person

   Excellent reputation and market credibility

   Complete product line & diverse services from a single source

   Single window for our principals & customers to transact business
             Spectra Innovations Inc.,

              Thank you for your
              continued support

              Race into the
              future today???
Can Do It
Must Do It    A+T+T+I+T+U+D+E
Will Do It       = 100%

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