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    Dubrovnik Foreign
                                                      1.  Directory
   Circle Resource Guide                              2.  Emergencies / Taxi
                                                      3.  Money / Banks
                                                      4.  Post Office / Telephone
                                                      5.  Pharmacy
                                                      6.  GP Doctors
                                                      7.  Gynaecologist / Paediatrician / Ears, Nose
       Connecting you to                                  and Throat
                                                      8. Dentist / Orthodontist/ Cosmetic Dentist
          Dubrovnik                                   9. Optometrist / Dermatologist
                                                      10. Physiotherapist / Neurologist / Heart &
Dubrovnik can be a difficult place to find things         Lung
as we have the ―old‖ and the ―new‖- negotiating       11. Having a car / Parking / Petrol Stations
your normal tasks could resemble connecting all       12. Rental Car
the pieces of a jigsaw puzzle. We hope to make it     13. Bus / Cable Car
easier for you.                                       14. Shopping / Food
                                                      15. Clothing / Designer Clothes
Dubrovnik also has some surprises when it comes
                                                      16. Dry Cleaning / Laundromat
to ―an address‖. Many street addresses are not
                                                      17. Shoes / Shoe repair
actual Streets in the sense of driving access, they
are pedestrian access only most commonly stairs
                                                      19. Books / Magazines
or alleys.
                                                      20. House / Home ware / Lighting / Bathroom
Then there is the problem of signs to be precise      21. Hardware / Garden
the LACK of signs and as you move further away        22. Car / Sport
from the town centre the numbering becomes            23. Electrician / Plumber
quite random. There still exists an address with      24. Painter / Gardener
simply ―bb‖ which means ―bez broj‖ without            25. Mechanic / Tyres
number. So when asking for directions please be       26. Legal Assistance / Other services
aware many people use churches, post-offices or       27. Eating Out
other landmarks to direct you.                        28. Places of Interest
                                                      29. Uniquely Croatian Gifts
We have sectioned our guide in a manner of direct     30. Uniquely Croatian Gifts
importance and have provided a page format to         31. Useful Information and Numbers
allow you to locate needs more immediately.

We will be updating the guide as new information
becomes available to us. Unfortunately at times
businesses do close unexpectedly or change their
hours of business so wherever possible we will try
to include a contact number.

“When you travel, remember that a foreign
country is not designed to make you
comfortable. It is designed to make its own
people comfortable.”
Clifton Fadiman
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       The Emergency Essentials:                       hospital if needed (red slip) or will write you a
                                                       script to be filled at a Pharmacy.
              Police – 92   (Policija)
                                                       If given a referral to the main hospital you will
         Ambulance – 94 (Hitna Pomoc)                  need to drive up to the main car park and enter
                                                       through the doors where the ambulance ramp is –
          Fire Brigade – 93 (Vatrogasci)               you cannot park at this entrance.

Procedure for an emergency visit to the                As with all Emergency Depts. be
        Dubrovnik Hospital:                            prepared for a LONG wait.
Roka Mišetica bb
Tel: +385 20 431 777, fax: +385 20 426 149
all surgeries work from 7 a.m. to 3 pm, 24 hour        You may need to call a taxi at 020-970
duty service                                           which is a 24/7 service.
                                                           Taxi Service Dubrovnik, ☎ +385 95 914 2221

POLICLINIC                                                 (,
Dr. A.Starĉevića 45                                        There are several Taxi Ranks throughout the
                                                           City and surrounding areas. Taxis are not
Tel: +385 20 416 866, fax: +385 20 422 122
Family Medic Ward,                                         cheap and most will take a maximum of 4
Tel: 429 044, 425 757,                                     passengers.
M – F 8-20.30 h, Saturday 8-13 h
Dental Ward,
Tel: 412 433, 420 806,                                 Taxi stands:
M – F 7-21.30 h, Saturday 7-12 h
Laboratories,                                          Outside the hospital
Tel: 411 432,
                                                       Outside the old town on Pile and Ploĉe
M – F 7-14 h, Saturday 7-13 h
                                                       Lapad beside the DOC shopping centre
Guests from countries which have signed a health-
care agreement with the Republic of Croatia do         Gruţ next to the harbour and main bus station
not have to pay for medical services. If that is not
the case, the services are charged directly to the     Outside the Jug swimming pool opposite Tommy
user, according to the official price list.
                                                       shopping centre.
Unlike many western hospitals the emergency
dept of the hospital is a separate building.
You will follow the signs to the hospital (Opca
Bolnica Dubrovnik) and before you reach the
hospital the emergency dept is on your right hand
side about 500 metres before the main hospital.
You will need to have identification with you
(passport) if you do not have your identity card
(osbna karte) and proof of where you are staying.
Many of the hospital staff speak English and on
the whole are extremely helpful.
You will be assessed by the doctor working in the
ED who will then give you a referral to the main
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Currency:                                              Erste & Steiermarkische Bank
                                                       Vukovarska 26
Kuna (1 Kuna = 100 Lipa).                              Tel. (+385- ) 062 37 46 85
Coins: 1, 2, 5, 10, 20, 50 Lipa, and 1, 2, 5 Kuna      Open 08:00 - 18:00,
Banknotes: 10, 20, 50, 100, 200,                       Sat 08:00 - 12:00,
500 and 1,000 Kuna                                     Sun Closed.

Most shops and restaurants do accept Euro and          Hypo-Alpe-Adria Bank
other currencies but it is advisable to pay in Kuna.   Vukovarska 15
                                                       Tel. (+385-20) 32 24 44
Foreign currency can be exchanged at banks,
                                                       Open 08:00 - 19:00,
exchange offices, postal offices and most tourist
                                                       Sat 08:00 - 13:00,
agencies, hotels and camps. Credit cards: most
                                                       Sun Closed.
hotels, restaurants and shops accept credit cards
(American Express, Diners Club, Euro
                                                       OTP Bank
card/MasterCard, Visa, Sport Card International).
                                                       Vukovarska 19
                                                       Tel. (+385- ) 062 20 12 00
Opening a bank account:                                Open 08:00 - 19:00,
                                                       Sat 08:00 - 12:00,
Opening a foreign or local currency bank account       Sun Closed.
in Croatia is a straightforward process and can be
done at any major bank. The only requirements          Privredna Bank
are proof of identification (i.e. passport or ID       Obala S.Radića 8
card) and a nominal sum to deposit which may           Tel. (+385-20) 72 01 00
vary from bank to bank.                                Open 08:00 - 19:00,
                                                       Sat 09:00 - 12:00,
In addition, some banks may request proof of           Sun Closed.
residency prior to issuing an ATM card or
providing Internet banking services. Most banks
have English or German-speaking staff available        Raiffeisen Bank
to assist foreign customers. Foreign exchange          Vukovarska 17
rates are generally prominently posted in several      Tel. (+385-20) 44 18 00
languages.                                             Open 08:00 - 19:30,
                                                       Sat 08:00 - 12:00,
Once an account is opened the customer has             Sun Closed.
immediate access to his/her funds, but will only be
able to withdraw them from that specific bank
until an ATM card has been issued, which usually       Volksbank
takes from one to two weeks.                           Vukovarska 36
                                                       Tel. (+385-20) 35 89 00
There are no restrictions on the importation or        Open 08:00 - 19:00,
exportation of foreign currency into the Republic      Sat 08:00 - 12:00,
of Croatia. However, the importation and               Sun Closed.
exportation of Croatian currency is restricted and
regulated by the Croatian National Bank. Their         Zagrebaĉka Bank
web address is:           Vukovarska 7
                                                       Tel. (+385-20) 32 25 07
Head Branches of Banks available in                    Open 08:00 - 18:00,
                                                       Sat 08:00 - 12:00,
Dubrovnik. There are of course various smaller
                                                       Sun Closed.
branches and their ATM machines located
throughout the City and surrounding areas.
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Post Office (Pošta)
                                                      20107 Dubrovnik
You can receive all types of service, such as         Babin Kuk, Mali Stradun, Tel/fax: 437 677
telephone links, telex, fax etc.                      Mon-Fri. 8-12h, 18-19h, sat. 9-12h
Postal stamps can be purchased in postal offices or
at kiosks (Tisaks)                                    20110 Dubrovnik
most post offices are open throughout the day,        Nikole Tesle 2, Tel: 357 367, fax: 357 399
only in the morning on Saturdays, and are closed      Mon-Fri. 8-19h, sat.8-14h
on Sundays.

Working hours are extended during the summer          POST OFFICES - in Zupa
time in many post offices.
                                                      20207 Mlini
Public telephones can be used only with phone         Srebreno, Tel: 486 240
cards.                                                Mon-Fri. 8-19h, sat. 8-14h
 Phone cards can be purchased at post offices,        20208 Mlini - Astarea
kiosks, hotels and tourist resorts.                   Tel: 485 099
                                                      Mon-Fri. 7.30-12h, 18.30-20.30h
In order to make a phone call from Croatia to any
country in the world, an international prefix 00      POST OFFICES - in Cavtat
is required, followed by the country code.
The telephone code for Croatia is +385 and            20210 Cavtat
Dubrovnik and Dubrovnik Region dial (0)20.            Trumbi�ev put 10, Tel: 478 040, fax: 479 020
                                                      mon-fri.8-19h, sat. 8-12h
Operator 981                                          20213 Ĉilipi
International operator 901                            Tel: 771 400, fax: 771 455
International Directory Inquiries 902                 Mon-Fri. 8-14.30h
Area Codes:                                           20117 Airport
                                                      Tel: 771 420, fax: 771 460
When calling between cities you must dial             Mon-Fri. 8-14.30h
specific city area codes: (area code) + (phone
number)                                               If you have an unlocked phone:
Zagreb (01) Split (021) Rijeka (051) Dubrovnik        You simply need to purchase a pre-paid sim
(020) Šibenik/Knin (022) Zadar (023) Osijek           card from one of the providers.
(031) Vukovar (032) Varaţdin (042) Bjelovar
(043) Sisak (044) Karlovac (047) Koprivnica
(048) Krapina (049) Istria (052) Lika/Senj (053)      Mobile companies:
                                                      Croatia uses the GSM 900/1800 system for mobile
POST OFFICES - in Dubrovnik                           phones. There are three providers.
                                                      T-Mobile (also operates the Bonbon prepaid
20000 Dubrovnik                                       brand), T Mobile (098)
Put Republike 28, Tel: 413 960, fax: 413 962
Mon-Fri. 8-19h, sat 8-19h, Sun 8-12h                  VIP (also operates the Tomato prepaid brand)
                                                      VIPnet (091)
20105 Dubrovnik                                       Tele2. TELE2 (095)
Frana Supila 10, Tel/fax: 413 755
Mon-Fri. 8-12h, 18-19h                                Over 98% of the country's area is covered. Since
                                                      2006 UMTS (3G) is available as well.
20106 Dubrovnik
Marka Marojice 1, Tel/fax: 332 380
Mon-Fri. 7.30-14h
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                                                 Gruţ Harbour (Gruţ Luka)
                                                 Zdravstvena ustanova Ljekarna
               Pharmacy/ (Ljekarna)              Obala pape Ivana Pavla II 7
                                                 +385 (20) 419 863
Pharmacy - Pharmacies in Dubrovnik have varied
working hours: They're open mornings and         ĈEBULĆ I (mall SRĐ)
afternoons Monday through Friday, but only in    Obala S.Radica 44
the morning Saturday. Almost all accept credit   Tel: 419 292, fax: 419 233
cards. Kod Zvonika and Gruţ Harbour              Open 8-20 h, Sat. 8-14 h
alternate the afterhours / Sunday and
Public Holiday openings                          LJEKARNA ĈEBULĆ
                                                 Metohijska 4,
                                                 +385 (20) 313 370
Lapad (closest to hospital)
                                                 +385 (20) 417 984
                                                 +385 (20) 419 233
                                                 +385 (20) 419 292
Mata Vodopića 30,
                                                 E-mail -
+385 (20) 436 751
+385 (20) 436 778
Open 8-20 h
                                                 ATTS d.o.o
ĈEBULĆ II (Hotel Lero)                           Uz Jadransku cestu 7,
I.Vojnovica 14                                   20236 Mokošica
Tel: 331 766                                     +385 (20) 453 652
Weekdays open 8-20 h, Sat. 8-14 h                +385 (20) 356 544
                                                 +385 (20) 453 652
Dubrovnik Old Town
Placa 5                                          LJEKARNA SREBRENO
20000 Dubrovnik,                                 Vukovarska 44, Srebreno, Zupa
+385 (20) 323 882                                020/487 014
+385 (20) 426 259
Open 8-12.30 h and 17-20 h, Sat. 8-13 h          Cavtat

                                                 LJEKARNA CAVTAT
KOD ZVONIKA                                      JASMINKA MIŠKOVIĆ
Placa, Old Town                                  Trumbićev put 2, 20210 Cavtat
Tel: 428 656, fax: 411 373                       +385 (20) 478 261
Week days open 8-20 h                            Mon-Sat. 8-12 h and 16-19.30 h

KOD MALE BRAĈE                                   Gruda
Placa, Old Town
Tel: 426 372, fax: 411 373                       VIDOVIC - GRUDA
Weekdays open 8-14 h                             Tel/fax: 791 484
                                                 Mon-Fri. 8-20 h, sat. 8-13 h
Kardinala Stepinca 1D
+385 (20) 437 031
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GP Doctors
Stradun - Babin Kuk
Tel: 435 596, fax: 331 433,
Mob: 091 506 7235
Mon, Wed, Fri. 8-13 h,
Tue & Thu. 14-19 h

Clinic of General Medicine MADUNOVIĆ
Liechensteinov put 10 (sport centre)
Tel/fax: 331 013
Weekdays 7-11 h and 17-20 h
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Gynaecologist                      Paediatrician
Put Republike 28
Tel: 414 220,
Mon -Thu. 8-12 h and 16 19 h
Fri. 8-15 h

Obstetrician Oftalamus
N.Tesle 4
Tel: 357 901
Open weekdays 8-12 h and 16-19 h

                                                                 Page |8

Private Dentists                              Orthodontist
Dr.Dubravko Jurišić
E.Kvaternika 14
Tel: +385 20 332 644, mob: +385 98 285 080,
fax: +385 20 332 644
Weekdays 8-13 h and 17-19 h

Dr. Bonaĉić
N.Tesle 4/III (Batala centre)
Tel: 357 130
Weekdays 8-12 h and 16-19 h

Dr. Refika Kneţević
Lapadska obala 2
Tel/fax: 356-122
Weekdays open 14-20 h
                                              Cosmetic Dentist
Dental Service Raguţ
Kneza Domagoja 5
Tel/fax: 412 822,
Weekdays open 9-13 h and 17-20 h
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Optometrist:   Dermatologist:
                                    P a g e | 10

Physiotherapists:   Neurology:

                    Heart / Lung:
                                                                                              P a g e | 11

                                                      For those who cannot find a spot on the street or
                 By Car                               who plan to park for an extended period of time,
                                                      the city has an underground parking garage
             ROAD      HELP-1987                      located just 10–15-minutes’ walking distance to
                                                      the Old Town. Ravne Garaža is located on Ilija
One of the many features that make Dubrovnik’s        na Glavica.
Old Town so attractive is its pedestrian-only
streets. However, this ban on traffic makes           Petrol Stations / (Benzinska postaja)
arriving by car and finding parking very difficult.   The 24/7 ―INA‖ Petrol station is on the main road
                                                      leading out to the airport it is in Kupari, Zupa
Oh no! You parked your car and it’s not               about 8 km from Dubrovnik.
there! Car theft in Dubrovnik is extremely            There is a Petrol Station beside the Airport in
low more likely you have parked illegal ly            Ĉilipi
and have been towed away.                             Dubrovnik has 2 other ―INA‖ Petrol Stations
                                                      basically along the same road into Gruţ along the
Dubrovnik parking - tow-away service                  Main road coming from the Airport.
Tel: 331 016                                          To the north there is a Petrol station at Komolac
                                                      opposite the ACI Marina
Visit the depot on Starĉevićeva ulica
(leads from Pile to Gruţ) behind the Jug
swimming centre and across from the T -
Com building. Its open 24 hours.

The bad news is you’ll have to pay a
charge of 300kn for the trouble, plus a
police fine of up to 800kn. Let’s face it, it
could be worse! The people here speak
English and accept payment by credit card.

Parking/ (Parkiraliste)

 Under this ―pay & display‖ system, drivers may
either buy a ticket from a machine and display it
in their car windows or send an SMS (from a local
Croatian mobile phone) with their registration
number (license plate number) to the displayed
zone 8200/8202/8203. They may then send
additional SMS messages to add more time, one
hour per message. You may also buy parking
coupons from a Tisak each coupon is 5 Kuna, it is
always handy to have one or two on standby.

For free on some parts of Petra Krešimira IV and
Frana Supila. These are the two main streets in the
Ploĉe neighbourhood, just outside of the Old

 In addition, two ―pay & display‖ parking lots
located just behind the Old Town, near the Buza
Gate. The ―pay and display‖ lot on Pile is the most
expensive as is the parking opposite the Hilton.
                                                                                          P a g e | 12

Car Rental                                           Hertz
                                                     Hotel Croatia Cavtat
Car rental rates in Croatia are generally high by    Dubrovnik Airport
international standards and vary greatly depending
                                                     mob. +385 91 425 1111
on the Rental Company and class of car. Drivers
should also be aware that roads are often narrow     phone: +385 20 425 000
and local drivers can be aggressive and erratic.     fax +385 1 488 3077
Defensive driving is a must.                         e-mail:
Rentals generally begin at about 40 Euro per day
for a small economy car, including taxes and

Dubrovnik                                            Sixt Rent a Car
                                                     Dubrovnik Airport
   A Marker Car Rental                               mob. +385 91 619 9972
   Svetog Djurdja 6-Pile Gate-Old Town,    
   ☎ +385 91 739 75 45
    fax: +385 (0) 20 418 730                         Euro Car Rental
                                                     Dubrovnik Airport
   Kompas Rent a Car                                 mob: +385 98 211 218
   Kardinala Stepinca 52,                            phone/fax: +385 20 419 657
   ☎ +385 20 436 541                                 e-mail:              
   fax: +385 (0) 20 436 571

   Easy Rent                                         Gulliver
   Uz glavicu 7,                                     Dubrovnik Airport
   ☎ +385 98 1952 114                                mob. +385 98 324 649
                                                     phone: +385 20 333560
    fax: +385 (0) 20 773 953
                                                     fax +385 20 333 525
Dubrovnik Airport
mob: +385 91 201 4638                                M.A.C.K.
phone: +385 20 418 998                               Dubrovnik Airport
e-mail:                                phone: +385 20 412 732                                        fax +385 20 423 747
Europ car                                  
Dubrovnik Airport
mob. +385 98 244 390                                 Avis
phone: +385 20 437 325                               Dubrovnik Airport
fax +385 20 437 326                                  mob. +385 91 314 3010
e-mail:                     e-mail:                            
                                                      P a g e | 13

              Bus Service

Getting around Dubrovnik by bus is a breeze. All
the neighbourhoods are linked by buses that run
anywhere from every 10 minutes to every half
hour. (See a map of Dubrovnik's bus network).
Busses begin running at about 5am and pick up
their last passengers around midnight.
Tickets are available from newsstands (Tisak’s) or
from the driver but he will expect the exact
change. The tickets are cheapest from the Tisak.
Multiple ride tickets are available from the Bus
Station Office on Pile and opposite Tommy in
Gruţ where the Taxi stand is.
Signal the driver to stop when waiting at any bus
stop as a precaution. When you board the bus,
make sure you validate the ticket by inserting it
into a validating machine or you'll be liable for a
For more detailed information about timetables
see, the website of Libertas Dubrovnik
You may need to temporarily unblock pop ups to
view the timetables.

         Cable Car

   Dubrovnik Cable Car. 9AM-9PM. 73 Kuna
   round trip
   The original cable car had been closed since
   1991, when it was bombed during the conflict.
   It reopened to the public for the first time on
   10 July 2010. Fantastic views and an
   interesting Museum of the Homeland War
   await you.
                                                                                               P a g e | 14

                                                       In Šrebreno next to the council offices. Good
                                                       variety of food items and also has a clothing dept
           Shopping                                    upstairs.
Food                                                   Srebreno, Vukovarska 46, 20207 Mlini
                                                       Phone: 020 484-700 | Fax: 020 484-777
Supermarket Chains                                     Working hours: Monday - Saturday: 08 - 21h
Open approx 0700 – 2100 hrs.                           Sunday mornings till 13h.
Sundays until 1400hrs

The largest Konzum is in Gruţ Harbour by the
cruise ship Terminal.                                  Speciality Foods
Also located in ―Old Town‖ in the same plaza as
the fresh market, Ploĉe gate. Good selection of        BioBio – Located where the Tommy complex is in
goods and stock is turned over regularly and           Gruţ has a good range of ―health foods‖, organic
Šrebreno in Zupa.                                      vegetables and fruit also nuts.

Kerum                                                  DM – Not exactly a supermarket but does have
Along the road out of Ploĉe next to Bikers Cafe        household goods, a great range of cosmetics and
(not a good supply of goods)                           hair colour and also has a range of health foods.
                                                       Located on Pile and in the DOCS centre in Lapad.
Main road to Gruţ opposite Jug swimming pool,          Fresh Markets- ―Old Town‖, Lapad behind the
parking 1 hour free, fresh fish counter but not so     DOCS centre, Gruţ down from the shopping
good for veg. Lapad Docs shopping centre.              complex Robna Kuća and beside the FRESH
                                                       FISH MARKET.
Pemo Trade
Behind Erste Bank adjacent to Tommy, entrance
at rear and parking with receipt is free for 1 hour.

In Zupa Retail Park off the main road – Large sign
visible 6 km south of Dubrovnik. Cash and Carry
- Large supermarket also sells in large sizes,
supplies most retail outlets. Also have electrical,
clothing, garden supplies and white goods.
Gornja Ĉibaĉa 10B
Phone: 020 484-810 | Fax: 020 484-829
Working hours: Monday - Saturday: 07 - 21h
(Sunday during Summer Season)

A German company opposite Getro. Sells food
and non food items, good selection of wines, new
food items are delivered each Thursday and can
have some great low cost items on specials.
                                                                        P a g e | 15

                                                     Designer Clothes
Clothing House (Robna Kuća)
(Shopping Complex in Gruţ Harbour)
SrĊ is opposite the harbour area and near the Gruţ
fresh fish market. Above Euro shop which does
sometimes have clothing itself upstairs in Robna
Kuća there is clothing for the whole family.

Doc’s Centre
(Shopping complex in Lapad)
On the road to Babin Kuk opposite the Football
Stadium. Here you will find a variety of boutiques
which include Benetton and other known
―Labels‖. Children’s / women’s clothing and
shoes predominately.

Minĉeta Centre
(Shopping complex in Gruţ)

Mercante Centre
(Shopping complex in Gruţ)
                                                   P a g e | 16

             Laundry                 Dress maker
Sanja & Rosie's Laundrette
Open 07:00 - 22:00.
Put od Bosanke 2
Self-Service Laundromat.
50kn wash up to 9kg.
(+385) 099 254 69 59

Amo Wash & Dry
Open 09:00 - 13:00, 16:00 - 19:00,
Sat 09:00 - 15:00. Closed Sun.
Pera Ĉingrije 8
(+385) 20 33 33 47

Dry cleaners
Open 07:00 - 19:00,
Sat 07:00 - 12:00. Closed Sun.
Andrije Hebranga 106
(+385) 098 42 86 71

Open 07:00 - 21:00.
Andrije Hebranga 8
(+385-20) 41 25 18
                      P a g e | 17

        Shoe Repair
P a g e | 18
                                                   P a g e | 19

       Book Shop
Great Books – most languages – extremely helpful
and friendly staff.
Placa 8, (Stradun)
Tel: + (385) 020/ 322 044
Fax: + (385) 020/ 322 043;
September- June
 Open 09:00 - 21:00,
Sun 10:00 - 14:00.
 July, August
Open 09:00 - 24:00,
Sun 10:00 - 14:00, 18:00 - 22:00.

Tisak Kiosk
Newspapers and magazines in different languages
also stocks Stationary supplies.
June, September Open 07:00 - 24:00.
 July, August Open 00:00 - 24:00
Placa bb
(+385) 099 706 1326
                                                                                        P a g e | 20

                                                           Home ware

            House                                 Spiona       In Zupa retail park opposite Getro.
                                                               Spiona seems to be having identity
Furniture                                                      crises at the moment but we will
                                                               keep you updated. Restaurant top
Meblo         Next to Getro in Zupa.                           floor.
              Slovenian/Italian co. Top floor.
              Lovely quality. Cushions,           Robna        This is in Gruţ harbour.
              material.                           Kuća SrĊ     Refurbished floor for household
                                                  dept store   items and towels, material etc.
                                                               Extended section for household,
                                                               need to search. Pans good. Storage
Linea         Behind Minĉeta dept store. Two                   boxes.
              Mixture of traditional/modern.      Dota         Iva Vojnovica near to Ĉokolino,
              Mattresses, Garden furniture too.                same road at Hotel Bellevue.
              Delivery. The better furniture                   Plain towels/linen, cushions. Nice
              tends to be hidden in corners.                   items. Modern.

Perak         By Mangan (orange building),               Lighting
              Babin Kuk, Iva Dulĉića.
              Contemporary Italian, expensive,    Brenum        Lighting shop – Batala, (Gruţ
              but gorgeous. Catalogues too.                     bay). Large glass fronted store.
              Two storeys large glass fronted                   Very nice Italian lighting, lot of
              building. Design service offered.                 choice, some expensive, but some
              Ask for Natasha – speaks English.                 designer classics too.

                                                  Ĉokolino      Montovjerna, Iva Vojnovića street
Selva         On road leading down to Old City.                 opposite shop Dota. Has material,
              Upmarket and expensive, but                       foam, lighting, parquet
              different.                                        floorboards, rugs etc. Helpful.
              Closes between 12-4 each working                  Hidden away.
              day. Parking difficult.

Interni       Ex-cargo warehouse – within
              airport surrounds. Entrance just
              after airport turnoff from main
                                                  Grga           Gruţ, top road, Andrije
              road. Modern, tiles too.
                                                                 Hebranga street also in Zupa
                                                                 Kupari, auto camp.
                                                                 Modern styles. Range of prices.

                                                  Termo          Near to traffic lights to Old
                                                  Commerce       Town, street Vladimira Nazora.
                                                                 Showroom. Good modern

                                                  OTP            Mercante shopping centre –
                                                  Dubrovnik      Mixture of styles and prices.
                                                                                              P a g e | 21

        Garden                                                 Hardware

Vrtna Centar                                          Euro Shop at Gruţ, near to fresh produce
                                                      SrĊ dept store market. Within the dept. store,
Greenhouse centre – below Iva Vojnovica, Lapad                       ground floor, next to lock/key
near all café bars. Plants, trees, shrubs, flowers,                  cutting kiosk. Maurer make
seeds, pots etc. No gardening tools.                                 (Italian) – includes lots of
                                                                     hardware items, screws in
Vrtna Centar                                                         packets, ladders, electrical drills,
                                                                     post-boxes, garden hoses, tool
―Miljekera‖ at Ĉibaĉa in Ţupa (opposite primary
                                                                     boxes, bbq’s, industrial clothing.
school). Plants, shrubs, flowers and seedlings –
specialises in vegetable seedlings.
                                                      Spiona           Home ware store in retail park.
                                                                       1st floor lots of hardware items.

                                                      Brodmerkur       Dedicated hardware store.
                                                                       Above Pemo Trade supermarket
                                                                       opposite Raiffeisen bank. Sells
                                                                       everything inc Dulux paints in

                                                      Getro            Supermarket has an aisle of
                                                                       hardware items, low prices.

                                                      Konzum           Gruţ store. Has ½ an aisle of
                                                                       hardware items.

                                                      Mangan           On way to Babin Kuk. Orange
                                                                       painted building on left. English

                                                      Dubrovnik        Shop is tucked away on road
                                                      Bavaria          down from the garden centre,
                                                                       Marka Marojice road.
                                                                       German/Croatian owned – lots
                                                                       of German products – Bosch etc.
                                                                       Lot of industrial Tools. Very
                                                                       comprehensive. English
                                                                       speaking. Lots of advice.
              P a g e | 22

Car   Sport
                        P a g e | 23

                           P a g e | 24


          Shoe Repair
                   P a g e | 25

Mechanic   Tyres
                                                                                             P a g e | 26

                                                      Other Services

                                                      Recognition of Foreign Qualifications
                       Legal Assistance                Ministry of Science, Education and Sport
                                                       Lower Svetice 38
Location of the Main Police Station                    10 000 Zagreb
Dr. Ante Starĉevića 13                                 The request is handled in
tel. (+385-20) 44 37 77                                Department of recognition of foreign educational
Open 00:00 - 24:00                                    qualifications                 Directorate of Joint Programmes
This is the official Police web site and provides      E-mail: Recognition @ MSES . Hr
information about the Ministry as well as a section
for Aliens.                                           Education
Please go to this website and scroll down to the
bottom where you will see two small flags the         This is the Ministry of Education web site and has
Croatian Flag and the Union Jack click onto the       an English Language link.
Union Jack and the page will appear in English.       As with all government departments it is long
Click onto ALIENS and you will find quite clear       winded and takes a little hunting around to find
instructions and links to Applications from           what you want but it is quite well written and
applying for an identification card to becoming a     there are links to other contacts of education.

 Applying For Permanent Residency: The Croatian
Language Test
             P a g e | 27

Eating Out
                     P a g e | 28

Places of Interest
                                                                                                P a g e | 29

                                                       In Croatia, ―Travarica‖ (herbal rakija) is usually
                                                       served at the beginning of the meal, together with
                                                       dried figs. The Croatian Adriatic coast is known
         Uniquely Croatian Gifts                       for a great variety of herbal grappas, some typical
                                                       for only one island or group of islands. The island
Did you know that the tie, a universal symbol of       Hvar is famous for grappa with the addition of
sophistication and culture, originates from the        myrrh (mrtina — bitter and dark brown). Southern
                   Croats?                             islands, such as Korĉula, and the city of
                                                       Dubrovnik are famous for grappa with anise
As a fashion accessory, the Croats spread it           (aniseta), and in central Dalmatia the most
throughout Europe in the 17th century. At the          popular rakija is grappa with nuts (orahovica). It's
beginning, the Croatian soldiers wore a scarf          usually homemade, and served with dry cookies or
round the neck. The scarf was named after them -       dried figs. In the summer, it's very typical to see
the cravat (the tie) - and it was their recognizable   huge glass jars of grappa with nuts steeping in the
trait. Therefore, in the year of 1667 a separate       liquid on every balcony, because the process
regiment was formed. It was named the «Royal           requires the exposure of orahovica to the sun.
Cravates», after the Croats.
                                                       "Orahovica" or walnut brandy
Pošip                                                  Is an alcoholic drink and used as a medicine (a
An autochthonous white wine grape that is              great digestive).
primarily grown in the Dalmatian region of
Croatia on the island of Korĉula, although small       Šljivovica
amounts are also being grown on the Pelješac           Plum Rakija is a world famous alcoholic beverage
Graševina                                              A sweet dessert wine that is traditionally from the
In Croatia, Graševina is the most planted white        Balkans and made using dried wine grapes. Good
grape variety. It is grown in all the inland wine      quality Prošek is usually much more expensive by
regions, particularly in Kutjevo municipality and      volume than other wines due to an average of
around Ilok, both in the far east of the country       seven times more grapes being needed to make the
                                                       same amount of wine.
Malvasija Dubrovaĉka
(Malvasia of Dubrovnik or sometimes Malvasia of
Konavle)This variety grows in Konavle valley just
south of town Dubrovnik in south Dalmatia. It
was a wine of Dubrovnik nobility as it has a very      This local quality chocolate is one of the unique
sweet taste                                            and best tastes of Croatia. Fortunately you can
                                                       only buy it in Croatia, so it is a wonderful gift.
Plavac Mali                                  
Plavac Mali, a cross between ancestral Zinfandel
(known locally in Croatian as Crljenak
Kaštelanski) and Dobriĉić grapes, is the primary
red wine grape grown along the Dalmatian coast
of Croatia.[1] The name refers to the small blue
grapes that the vines produce: in Croatian plavo
means blue; mali means small.

Croatian wines from this grape include the reds
from Dingaĉ and Postup (both growing regions on
the Pelješac peninsula), Ivan Dolac and Sveta
Nedilja (Hvar island), Bolski plavac (Braĉ island)
and the rosé Opol (a vinification style).
P a g e | 30
                                                                                           P a g e | 31

DFC Connecting you to Dubrovnik
                                                   Tourist Board Ţupa-Dubrovaĉka
                                                   Tel: 486 254, fax: 486 254,
Useful Information and Telephone                   RIVIERA.HR/?LN=EN
                                                   Very helpful information for the area
                                                   Tourist Board of Konavle
Operator 981
                                                    Tel: 479 025, fax: 478 025,
International operator 901
International Directory Inquiries 902
                                                   County Tourist Office Tel: 351 182
Time zone:
GMT + one hour in winter                           Very helpful site
GMT + two hours in summer.
Clocks are moved forward 1 hour at 2am on
the last Sunday in March.
Clocks are moved back 1 hour at 2am on the
last Sunday in October.

A single countrywide number for all
emergency situations: 112

Police 92
Fire Department 93
Ambulance 94

Traffic police Tel: 443 666
District police Tel: 443 333

Coast Guard Tel: 443 555

Public Emergency Centre 985

Roadside Assistance 987

Dubrovnik parking - tow-away service
Tel: 331 016

Croatian Customs Office
Tel: 01 6102 333

Dubrovnik Tourist Board
Tel: 426 303, fax: 422 480,
Excellent site for finding events and activities

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