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PlantConnect.nl _Catalog and Webshop_ Rules of Play


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									             PlantConnect.nl (Catalog and Webshop) Rules of Play

1. Supplying supply information

1.1 Responsibility
The offering party, who shall in most cases be the supplier, is liable for the supply information included
in the PlantConnect.nl Catalog and/or Webshop. Delivery must take place in accordance with the
specifications, quantities and prices shown in the Catalog and/or Webshop.

FloraHolland Connect is in charge of managing the system, which means that conditions apply that
must be met by the supply information. Only supply lines that meet the above conditions shall be
included in the PlantConnect.nl Catalog or Webshop. FloraHolland Connect retains the right to reject
and/or delete incorrect, incomplete, obsolete or unlawfully supplied information without further
warning. The supplier shall be responsible for the correct and timely announcement, adjustment and
removal of the supply information that has been placed on PlantConnect.nl under his or her (business)
name at all times, regardless of whether he or she has added this information himself or herself.

1.2 Authorization
One person/authority shall be authorized per supplier to update the supply information of this supplier.
This can be the supplier themselves, but also a representative appointed by said supplier. In the case
of technical malfunctions, FloraHolland shall be entitled to obtain access to the supply data and shall
have the authority to implement changes (in consultation with the supplier).

The buyer may authorize one or more people to place orders on his/her behalf. This can be the
supplier themselves, but also a representative appointed by said supplier.

1.3 Exemptions
The supplier is themselves responsible for specifying at which location (Naaldwijk or Aalsmeer etc.) a
product can be purchased, even in the case of possible restrictions due to exemptions.

1.4 Changes
If a lot included in PlantConnect.nl has been sold out, this must be changed immediately by the
offering party. All changes including price changes that the supplier/offering party implements in his or
her supply lines occur in real time. This entails that as soon as a change is made, this will be seen
immediately or almost immediately by buyers in the PlantConnect.nl Catalog and/or Webshop.

1.5 Long-term information (applies solely to the PlantConnect.nl Catalog)
Supply information is issued from PlantConnect.nl to affiliated buyers regarding lots that can be
delivered at that time or can be made available for delivery in the future. Suppliers have the
opportunity enter their supply including long-term information into PlantConnect.nl. This long-term
information that suppliers enter themselves is available to FloraHolland, its employees and to buyers.
The supplier is responsible at all times for the accuracy of this information.

2. Retrieving supply information

2.1 Authorization to View Supply
The total amount of information supplied in the PlantConnect.nl Catalog and/or Webshop is only
visible to (the staff of) FloraHolland and to buyers participating in PlantConnect.nl. The total supply
information in the PlantConnect.nl Catalog and/or Webshop of cannot be viewed by (participating)
suppliers; they can only view their own supply lines/information.

2.2. Restrictions Related to Viewing the Webshop Supply
In the Webshop, buyers can only view the supply information regarding lots of ornamental plants and
flowers that can be delivered immediately or within 14 days.

3. Contents of the Supply Information

3.1 Product Name
The supplier shall use the product name used by the Dutch Flower Auctions Association (VBN) with
the accompanying product code. The supplier my not change the product name. If a specific code
does not exist, the supplier is obliged to use the product code "other" and the supplier must further
specify the product in the "Article Comments" field.

3.2 Product Properties
The mandatory product properties assigned by the VBN, which differ per product group
specified and which can be found in the planning regulations must be filled in
by the supplier

3.3. Product photos
The following provisions apply with regard to the product photos shown on PlantConnect.nl that are
linked to the lot information included on PlantConnect.nl and its Webshop
• A photo is mandatory with regard to each supply line in the Webshop. The photo must comply with
the guidelines as laid down in the included “FloraHolland Connect Plant Photo Guidelines” document’;
• The lot information shall remain the leading factor. Rights cannot be derived from the displayed
product photos;
• The supplier shall retain the copyrights to the product photo insofar as they may apply. The product
photo shall only be issued to buyers so that they can use the images in the chain under the following
a. the relevant product photo is not edited;
b. the product photo is only used to inform direct customers about the supply, regarding which the
purchase price must be settled through FloraHolland;
c. the product photo may only refer to the supply of the supplier concerned;
• The buyer must include the aforementioned Terms and Conditions as a perpetual clause in the
agreements with his or her customer.

3.4 Price
The price that is calculated when ordering, settling and/or delivering through the distribution network of
the specified FloraHolland location must be specified in this field. The specified price shall include
delivery at the specified site (e.g. the buyers' box space). Insofar as it concerns a delivery ‘off nursery’,
the product price shall exclude transportation.
The supplier is obligated to specify the item price in general supply:
- Per full auction trolley; and
The supplier is advised to declare the price:
- Per minimum ordering quantity; and
- For all other common ordering quantities, if the price deviates from the previous two options.
The product price to be offered excludes the customary auction expenses, auction packaging,
Horticulture Product Board levy and
VAT. The price includes any accessories unless a separate price specification for accessories has
been included in the supply information.

You can indicate in your profile what the minimum order amount in euros (€) per order and/or
compound order must be. When a buyer places an order under the minimum order amount per order,
the supplier has the right to reject this order.

3.5 Load
The supplier must enter all most common load options, with a minimum of one (1) load option that the
supplier can offer. A load consists of an auction trolley type, packaging type, number of tiers per
auction trolley, number of packaging units per tier and the quantity of items per packaging.

3.6 Deliverable Quantity
The term deliverable quantity is taken to mean the number of products the supplier has available from
one lot and offers via PlantConnect.nl.

The deliverable quantity (per week in the Catalog and/or Webshop) must be entered. On every order
from the Webshop, the stock is automatically reduced by the ordered quantity. Should the deliverable
quantity be below a specific level, the supplier can receive an ‘alert’ (for example, as a text message)
based on which he or she can increase the deliverable quantity again. The supplier can specify at
which level he or she wishes to receive such an ‘alert’.
3.7 Accessories
The price of an accessory may not be a negative number. Should “€0.00” be specified for an
accessory price, this shall be delivered as standard (free of charge). A price for the product including
the accessories that are offered together with it shall then apply. If an accessory is given a separate
price specification, the product can also be purchased without the accessory.

3.8 Updating Name and Address Details and Remaining (Offer) Details
Suppliers are obligated to check their name and address details as well as other details including
those that pertain to offers every two (2) weeks and amend them if necessary.

4. Placing and administering orders (only applies to the PlantConnect.nl Webshop)

4.1. Responsibility
The buyer is responsible for the orders placed in the Webshop. This means that the buyer commits to
taking delivery of the order that he or she has placed with the supplier through the PlantConnect.nl
Webshop. The buyer must take into account the latest delivery time for the lot of ornamental plants or
flowers that he or she has ordered. The buyer must also make sure that one fixed delivery date
applies to one order in the Webshop. Should the buyer wish to receive a lot of ornamental plants or
flowers on different delivery dates, the buyer must
place a separate order for each of these dates.

4.2. Ordering and Confirming
• The standard ordering times are between 8:00am and 5:00pm on auction days.
• An obligatory response time of one hour after receipt of the order applies to the supplier with regard
to orders placed between 8:00am and 4:00pm.
• A final response time up to 5:00pm on the auction day in question applies to the supplier with regard
to an order placed between 4:00 and 4:30pm. A final response time until 8:15am on the following
auction day applies to an order placed after 4:30pm.
• A buyer can place an order outside standard ordering times. An obligatory response time of 15
minutes as from the standard ordering time applies to these orders (for example: ordered on a Sunday
evening, final response time shall then be on Monday at 8:15am).
• The supplier must accept an order unless the buyer has made use of the free text field (comments
field) and placed a comment. If the supplier accepts an order including the comment made by the
buyer, then he or she shall be accepting the order including the comment and he or she must deliver
the order in accordance with the comment.

4.3 Ordering and Delivery Times, Purchase & Delivery
The supplier must enter the related latest delivery times for each delivery location in his or her profile
and/or supply information. Examples of ordering times are: “9:00am at the latest” and “after 2:00pm”.
When specifying the latest delivery times, the supplier must take into account any turnaround times
with regard to transportation, both outside and at or within the auction complex to the official delivery
location of the buyer at the auction site (for example the buyer's box). Delivery locations are deemed
to be present in the transporters’ logistics system.

The ordering and delivery times specified by the offering party are his or her responsibility and are
binding. Products shall be delivered on the agreed delivery date and final delivery time at the agreed
delivery location. Products are deemed to have been delivered when they have been placed at the
agreed delivery location. They shall be deemed to be at the expense and risk of the buyer as from the
moment that the products are at the delivery location.

4.4. Order number
Suppliers must specify the order number issued by the Webshop on the related Electronic Delivery
Form (EAB). This facilitates logistic and administrative checking and settlement with regard to all
involved parties.

5. Sanction Policy
If a supplier and/or buyer does not abide by the Rules of Play, then FloraHolland may impose certain
sanctions on the relevant user. The core of the sanction policy is oriented towards keeping
PlantConnect.nl as well as the Catalog and/or Webshop as reliable as possible. This means that
suppliers who place incorrect or unreliable supply information in the PlantConnect.nl Catalog and/or
Webshop, and/or that buyers who, in the case of irregularities in payments/collection, or if a buyer
does not satisfy the payment security that FloraHolland requires, will hereby be corrected using the
sanction policy in the following manner:
a) suppliers who continue to place or have placed incorrect or unreliable supply information in
PlantConnectl.nl, its Catalog and/or Webshop can be excluded by FloraHolland from participation in
PlantConnect.nl, its Catalog and/or Webshop.
b.) buyers can be excluded by FloraHolland from participation in PlantConnect.nl, its Catalog and/or
- If they do not satisfy the payment security required of them by FloraHolland and/or;
- in the case of irregularities in payments/collections with buyers, and/or;
- in the case of repeated irregularities in orders placed by buyers, including the repeated nullification
and/or reversal of orders placed.

6. Applicable terms and conditions
The terms of the FloraHolland Auction Regulations and other terms and regulations established by
FloraHolland apply to the supply information and resulting agreements between Users, i.e., suppliers
and buyers. Any complaints regarding these agreements should be lodged with FloraHolland Connect
Info on telephone number +31 (0)17 463-5555 or +31 (0)29 739-3003.

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