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Which Digital Signage Player Should I Choose


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									                                   Which Signage Player Should I Choose?
Standard Definition
Even though this is the “Age of High Definition”, there is still a place for DVD-quality resolution devices in the market. Caltron’s MP-01 Standard
Definition Digital Signage Player can drive videos and images on small 4:3 aspect monitors to large, high definition 40 inch and larger displays.
With support for popular video codes like MPEG 4 Divx and XviD, it is easy to use software and compress raw video into a format with excellent
video quality and a compact file size. The MP-01 has been used in projects by artists, retailers, integrators and large scale OEM accounts. Despite
being extremely affordable, the MP-01 is a workhorse product capable of 24/7 playback - it’s been know in some cases to outlast the solid state
storage media used! For a customer testimonial, please visit Our Customers page under the News section and see an MP-01 in the real world.

High Definition
The MP-1080A and MP-1080H encompasses Caltron’s current lineup of High Definition Digital Signage Players. While both players are
capable of operating 24/7 in their native standalone mode, the option to network and update content from a remote location is also
available to the user. This is controlled through a text-based playlist file, essentially a list of files that instruct which media file to play and
what time it will be displayed. In addition, the MP-1080A can be mated to our external keypad controller thereby enabling this combo to
be used for interactive applications like keypad kiosks, coin operated booths and many more.

Both the MP-1080A and MP-1080H are capable of up to 1080p, 1920 x 1080 video playback supporting MPEG 1, MPEG 2, MPEG 4 and WMV
9 HD video. The on-board chipset will downscale any picture up to 2048x2048 and output to a manageable size. Both players have seen
extensive duty in retail projects , end cap displays and interactive kiosks.

Should I network my signage players?
With the growing popularity of digital advertising and sign boards, many sign owners have asked that same question which on paper,
would seem like a no-brainer.

With an influx of devices that now list the ability to update content remotely as a standard feature, it is now more cost effective than ever to
explore the possibility of networking your signage devices and monitoring them from a central location. Caltron’s MP-1080A and MP-1080H
players have been capable standalone signage players but now the partnership with Atmio and their SaaS solution has introduced a new
dimension to both signage players.

Using Atmio’s content management web portal, an MP-1080A or MP-1080H sign owner has the ability to create a playlist and schedule
content through a web browser - no software has to be installed on the user side. Enter a root URL into the setup screen of either MP-1080
player and when powered on, it will go to Atmio’s HTTP server and download the playlist and any associated media files. Once the playlist
has been download, the player will check every 60 seconds for a new playlist and subsequently any new media during playback. With
Atmio’s service, you can control multiple signage players from one place thereby cutting tiresome logistics factors like driving to a location
to change content.

Take a look at our MP-1080A and MP-1080H and see if this simple-to-use standalone player is the network device you are looking for.

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