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					                                                                  Children’s Resource Center                    Division of Child Development (DCD)

           Child Care
                                                                  328-8228                                      1-800-859-0829
                                                                  4th Floor, First Plaza Building               2201 Mail Service Center
                                                                  1985 Tate Boulevard SE                        Raleigh, NC 27626
                                                                  Hickory, NC 28602                   
                                                                        Monitors and licenses all child care
                                                                   Catawba County’s “Child Care Resource         programs in North Carolina. Key
                                                                   & Referral” agency. Maintains database        responsibility is to assure a safe and
                                                                   on child care availability and provides       healthy child care environment in
                                                                   impartial referrals to child care centers,    licensed child care centers and family
                                                                   family child care homes, half-day             child care homes in NC. Also provides
                                                                   programs, and access to parenting             information to parents about choosing
                                                                   classes. Also available: Catawba County       quality child care.
                                                                   Center Guide with map, information
                                                                   about choosing quality child care, plus      Early Childhood Support Team
                                                                   support and training for child care          256-5084
                                                                   providers. A SMART START funded              Tyndall Center for Early Childhood
                                                                   project.                                     4431 County Home Road
                                                                                                                Conover, NC 28613
                                                                  Child Day Care Unit 695-5721                   This multi-disciplinary team is made up of
                                                                  Catawba County Department of Social            counselors and nurses who work with
                                                                  Services                                       parents to provide support and
                                                                  3030 11th Avenue Drive SE                      information on behavioral, emotional, and
                                                                  Hickory, NC 28602                              health issues. Early childhood education
                                                                        specialists provide training and technical
                                                                  dcdata.asp                                     assistance to child care programs. A
                                                                   Provides financial assistance for child       SMART START funded project.
                                                                   care expenses for low to moderate
                                                                   income families. Call for eligibility        Head Start (ECCCM)
                                                                   screening. A SMART START funded              464-8875
                                                                   project.                                     310 South Ervin Avenue
                                                                                                                Newton, NC 28658
                                                                  Community Schools Program of                   Preschool program for children from low-
                                                                  Catawba County                                 income families. Assists parents with
                                                                  464-9355                                       services such as access to health and
                                                                  111 West 8th Street                            dental care, GED education, and others.
                                                                  Newton, NC 28658                               Transportation available. Four locations
                                                                          in Catawba County. Call for application.
                                                                   Offers before and after school in            More At Four Pre-Kindergarten
                                                                   coordination with public schools for         Program
                                                                   preschool and school-age children.           345-6284
                                                                                                                Catawba County Partnership for Children
                                                                  Creation Station                              4th Floor, First Plaza Building
                                                                  328-4848                                      1985 Tate Boulevard SE
                                                                  Catawba County Partnership for Children       Hickory, NC 28602
                                                                  4th Floor, First Plaza Building     
                                                                  1985 Tate Blvd. SE                             More At Four is a free, public preschool
                                                                  Hickory, NC 28602                              program for 4-year-olds who are at risk
                                                                                    for delays in school readiness.
                                                                   A resource room with books, magazines,        Classrooms are located throughout the
                                                                   laminating machines, die cuts machines,       county, in public schools and child care
                                                                   lending library of early childhood            centers. Call for more information or to
                                                                   textbooks, art supplies, etc.                 get an application.
Chapter 1: Child Care                                    Page 1
Parent’s Helpbook       Catawba County Partnership for Children   Parent’s Helpbook: Child Care                                                     Page 2
Tyndall Center Therapeutic Preschool
256-5056, extension 348                          How Do I Choose                                                What to Look For …
Sipe’s Orchard Home                             Quality Child Care?                        when I’m visiting a potential child care provider
4431 County Home Road
Conover, NC 28613                             There are many child care options          The Children’s Resource Center, our local child care resource & referral         available to parents today. In             agency, recommends keeping the following questions in mind when visiting
 A therapeutic preschool program for
                                              Catawba County, the main types of          potential child care providers:
 children with behavioral and emotional
 difficulties. Specializes in helping young   care available for young children are:     Basics
 children who are troubled and their            • Family Child Care Homes                 • Is the program licensed?
 families improve the quality of their
                                                • Child Care Centers                      • Is the facility well maintained with a pleasant atmosphere?
 lives. A SMART START funded project.
                                                • Church-Affiliated Centers               • Are the toys safe and appropriate?
                                                • Public Preschool Programs               • Are medicines/cleaning products locked away?
                                                • Half-Day or “Mothers Morning            • Are the hours acceptable and fees affordable?
                                                  Out” Programs
                                              How do parents identify a child care         • Do the caregivers enjoy playing with the children?
                                              program that will be safe, healthy,          • Are children and parents greeted when they arrive and leave the
                                              and will be a good fit for what their          facility?
                                              family needs?                                • Do the caregivers respond to the children’s needs gently and promptly?
                                              ChildCareAware suggests visiting             • What is the discipline policy?
                                              several different child care programs        • Do the caregivers meet with parents regularly and share information
                                              before deciding which one is best for          about the child on a daily basis?
                                              your needs. Count the number of              • Are parents’ ideas and input encouraged? Could you be involved?
                                              adults and the number of children
                                              they will each be supervising to make
                                                                                          • Are the children engaged in interesting and age-appropriate activities?
                                              certain there is enough adult
                                                                                          • Are there plenty of materials in good repair for the children to play
                                              supervision to ensure safety, and ask
                                              about the training and experience of
                                                                                          • Do the children play outdoors each day? Is the outdoor play area safe
                                              all adults who will interact with your
                                                                                            and age-appropriate?
                                              child. How many of the staff have had
                                                                                          • Is there a clear schedule for meals, naps, play in small groups, story
                                              CPR/FirstAid training? Have all
                                                                                            time, and individual/quiet time?
                                              caregivers gone through a background
                                                                                          • Do the caregivers follow the schedule?
                                              check? Are children supervised at all
                                                                                          • Are snacks and meals nutritious and appealing?
                                              times, even while sleeping? Visit www.
                                                                                          • Are parents welcome to visit and spend time in the facility?
                                     for more tips.
                                                                                         The Children’s Resource Center can assist parents in locating suitable
                                              For more information on N.C.’s child       child care arrangements, offering non-biased referrals, and can provide
                                              care licensing system, or to check the     information about age appropriate toys, activities and environments.
                                              license status of a particular child       The Children’s Resource Center will also direct parents to resources for
                                              care provider, visit the N.C. Division     obtaining financial assistance with child care fees. Call 828-328-8228 to
                                              of Child Development’s website at          speak with a parent counselor.
                                                                                              The Children’s Resource Center is a SMART START funded project.

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