Teaching Behavioral Expectations

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					Teaching Behavioral

 Module 4
Step #4: Elements Necessary for
     Team led system
      ◦ Assist teachers by modeling ways to teach
      ◦ Establish procedures for collecting data
     Examine Data
      ◦ Search for research based interventions that may
        be useful to your school
     Support/Adjust good practice
      ◦ Ongoing staff training
      ◦ Providing resources for all staff
      ◦ Reward implementation efforts
Lesson Plans

 Going over information is not
    ...teaching implies that
      students are actually
  Teaching Expectations

               •Model Expectation
•Reason to
               •Provide examples and non-
               •Lots of student involvement

Role Playing    •Expectations
Questioning     demonstrated?
Reinforcing     •Reinforcement given
                •Celebrate positive
   Teaching Examples
Respect Others

Setting the      “If you want others
                  to show respect to
 Stage            you, you must be
                  respectful of
                  others” or “You’ve
                  got to give it to get
    Respect Others
         Presenting the Information

 Modeling expectation    Teacher acts out
 Point out differences     Examples/Nonexamples
                          Role Play with students
Respect Others
           Nonexample                            Example

   Making fun of the girl in the      Helping the girl clean up the
    lunchroom who spills her            milk or telling your friends
    milk all over the table             not to make fun.

   Turning your back on               Turning to the person who
    someone who has asked               has asked the question and
    you a question because              giving them a genuine
    your group of friends don’t         response.
    like him/her.
Respect Others
            Nonexample                             Example

     Yelling a curse word at           Getting quiet and accepting the
      another teacher when she           correction of another teacher.
      requests that you keep your
      voice down in the hallway.

     Calling the new boy in class      Going over to the new boy in
      an unkind name because his         your class and introducing
      clothes are worn and frayed.       yourself and offering to walk
                                         with him to the lunchroom.
Respect Others
 Student     Students role play
 Guided       Students identify
 Practice      aspects of
              Answer questions
              Receive
               reinforcement and
               error correction if
Respect Others
 Evaluate      Teacher tracks
 Evidence        number of
 ◦ Graph         “gotchas”
                 distributed and
 ◦ Chart         received – chart to
                 see if students are
Miller MS
Cafeteria Tabletop Prompt
                                                      Behavior Expectation
Prepare to learn (Use of Playground equipment)
                                     Rationale/Explanation for Displaying the Behavior
When we use the playground equipment properly, we protect ourselves and the equipment.
                      Positive Examples                                                          Non-examples
1.   Sitting on swing with feet forward                              1.   Standing, straddling, or swinging upside down.
2.   Climb up steps and slide down                                   2.   Climbing up the slide and running down the steps.
3.   Shoot ball through the hoop                                     3.   Throwing the ball through the hoop backwards and
4.   Slide down fire-pole and exit away                                   hanging on the rim.
5.   Sit on bleachers, eat snack, use trash can                      4.   Sliding down and lingering near the pole.
                                                                     5.   Running up and down the bleachers and throwing trash
                                                                          on the ground.

                                             Instructional Procedures/Activities
                                          (Including opportunity to Model Positive Behaviors)

Class moves to playground and teacher states rationale for the lesson.
Teacher then gives some examples and non-examples of the correct and incorrect way to demonstrate Prepare to Learn
how to use the playground equipment properly.
Teacher and students model correct and incorrect use of playground equipment. Have students identify parts of the
modeling process which portray correct and incorrect use.
Assess knowledge of learning by asking students to demonstrate correct use.

                                                   Feedback in Natural Context
          Prompts                          Acknowledgements                                     Corrections
Before recess each day, allow          T: “I really like the way ______ chose to                When incorrect use is noted, teacher
Students to repeat ways to use          swing with his feet forward.                             will ask student to state how they are
playground equipment properly.                                                                   suppose to use the ____correctly and
                                                                                                 to identify what they were doing that
                                                                                                 was incorrect.
   Timely reminder to students
    ◦ Sets them up to comply
    ◦ Cues expected behavior
    ◦ Increases chances of compliance and positive
      demonstration of the identified expectation.
      Lesson Plan Format
                                       Behavior Expectation

                     Rationale/Explanation for Displaying the Behavior

          Positive Examples                                                         Non-Examples

                              Instructional Procedures/Activities
                              (Including opportunity to Model Positive Behaviors)

                                  Feedback in Natural Context
Prompts                             Acknowledgements                                        Corrections
Activity #7: Lesson Plans
     In groups on chart paper,
      ◦ Identify grade level of students
      ◦ Select 1 your school’s behavioral
      ◦ Write a lesson plan for the rule
   Share with Team for feedback and
    make necessary changes.
   Copy onto the lesson plan form
   Put a copy of completed lesson plans in

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