cherry blossom viewing by pengxiuhui


									                                                                                              No. 207

                                                                                      March 15, 2011
                                                                                     Voluntary Supporters
                                                                                  Kalamazoo Division NICE
         You can get information about Numazu twice a month on this home page and some hard
         copies issued by Supportive Volunteers at the Tourist Information Office at the Numazu
         Station, Palette, the City Library Participation, the City Gymnasium, Speakeasy, the
         Tap Room, Catholic Church, Kato Gakuen, Chiku Centers and the City Hall

                              Let’s Enjoy Spring Events at Downtown Numazu!
                              During the spring vacation, various events will be held downtown. Please
                              take part in walking, running, cherry blossom viewing or eating the food
                              of the season in Numazu under the mild spring sunlight.
                              Inquiries: Commerce and Industry Promotion Division                055-934-4748

             Event Calendar                          3/19(Sat)     3/20(Sun)       3/21(Holiday)     3/22(Tue)
                                                          E             A, E           C, F             B
3/23(Wed)        3/24(Thu)         3/25(Fri)         3/26(Sat)     3/27(Sun)         3/28(Mon)       3/29(Tue)
   B                                    J            H, J, K       D     , G, J          J            B     ,J
3/30(Wed)        3/31(Thu)         4/ 1(Fri)         4/ 2(Sat)     4/ 3(Sun)         4/ 4(Mon)       4/ 5(Tue)
  B     ,J          I, J            D       ,J        D   ,J        D     ,J                            D

Numazu Machiaruki Station (Map                   )
Inquiries and applications: Numazu Machiaruki Station (4-9 Otemachi)                    055-952-3222

      Asobima Station: [A]
      When: Mar. 20(Mon) 9:00~16:00 (accepted till 15:00)           /    Where: Chuo Koen(Central Park)
      Contents: Unique play (Parents and children can enjoy together.)
      For: Elementary and junior high school students              Come to the site directly on the day.

      Spring mini event: [B]

    When:       Mar. 22(Tue), 29(Tue) 13:00~15:00
                Mar. 23(Wed), 30(Wed) 10:00~11:00
    Meeting place: Numazu Machiaruki Station
    Contents:      Curolling(Curling played indoors or ground instead of on the ice)
                    Walking and picking up litter along the Kano River
    For: Anyone            Come to the site directly on the day.

    Kano River walking and running 42.195          : [C]

                    When: Mar. 21(Holiday) 8:30~12:00 / Meeting Place: Chuo Koen
                    Contents: Enjoy walking and 1/10 marathon on the Kano River Bank (at which
                               participants’ times are officially recorded.)
                    For: Anyone       Come to the site directly on the day.

    Cherry blossom viewing walk: [D]

    When and Where: 10:00~
                    Mar. 27(Sun) Jyamatsu Ryokudo and Kannon Gawa River
                    Apr.    1(Fri) Mt. Kanuki
                    Apr.    2(Sat)   Kadoike Park and Ayutsubo no Taki(fall)
                    Apr.    3(Sun) Hara Area
                    Apr.    5(Tue)   Ashitaka Extensive Park
   For: Anyone       /     Capacity: The first 15 people each day
   How to apply: By phone, Mar. 18(Fri) 10:00~

Numazu Monozukuri Taikenkan Skillpa (Map            )
Inquiries and applications:      055-952-3232    (4-1 Otemachi)

    Skillpa Science vol.2: [E]

    When: Mar. 19(Sat), 20(Sun)         10:00~      13:30~
    Contents: 3 electrostatic experiments
    For: Elementary school students and older / Capacity: 15 persons for each class
    Admission fee: 500 yen (the material costs) / How to apply: Directly or through the website

    Making a mud ball: [F]

    When: Mar. 21(Holiday) 13:00~
    Content: Making an original glistening ball using mud
    For: Elementary school students and older / Capacity: 20 persons
    Admission fee: 500 yen (the material costs) / How to apply: Directly or through the website

    Making a propeller plane: [G]

    When: Mar. 27(Sun) 13:00~ / For: Anyone         /    Capacity: 20 persons
    Admission fee: 500 yen (the material costs) /       How to apply: Directly or through the website

    Making an album: [H]

                 When: Mar. 26(Sat)       10:00~        13:30~   /   For: Anyone
                 Capacity: 10 persons for each
                 Content: Making an original album of memories of this year
                 Admission fee: 500 yen (the material costs)
                 How to apply: Directly or through the website

    Cherry blossom viewing walk and handicraft: [I]

    When: Mar. 31(Thu) 10:00~15:30
    Contents: Walking and making a handmade postcard using cherry blossom’s petals
    For: Anyone /    Capacity: 20 persons     / How to apply: Directly or through the website
    Admission fee: Junior high school students and older= 700 yen
                    Elementary school students and younger= 500 yen

Numazu Jimanya (an antenna shop of Numazu’s products) (Map          )
Inquiries:   055-951-5110    (5-chome, 6-3 Otemachi)

    Spring Thanksgiving Days: [J]

    When: Mar. 25(Fri) ~ Apr. 3(Sun) 10:00~19:00
    Contents: Sale of Numazu’s products only during a limited period
      Please inquire about further details.

Inquiries: numazoo executive committee

    numazoo 2 year anniversary: [K]

   When: Mar. 26(Sat) 10:00~15:00     /   Where: Chuo Koen(Central Park)
   Contents: Parasols and tables will be set up in the park.
      Live music performances, self-produced workshops, performance of Okinawa folk songs
      and cherry blossoms lighted up, etc.
     Come to the site directly on the day.

                                                 JR Numazu St.

             Numazu                          Nakamise
             Jimanya                         Market mall
                                                                            Kano River
                                                                Numazu Machiaruki

                         Mon Musse Numazu ~Exhibition in April~
               *Exhibition of Dyeing Products by Ichiba Yuta & Yoshiko
                 Apr. 2(Sat) ~ 24(Sun) 10:00~17:00
                 *Please enter it until 16:30.     *until 16:00 on April 24
                 *Closed: Mar. 29(Tue)~Apr. 1(Fri)

Such a Unique Festival! Suruga Bay’s Specialties!
Ose Festival & the 24th Uchiura Fishing Port Festival
When & Where: Apr. 4 (Mon)
                Ose Shrine 7:30~ / Uchiura Fishing Port 8:30~14:30
Inquiries: Uchiura Fishery Cooperative  055-943-2316
          Tourism & Exchange Division            055-934-4747
Enjoy watching Isami Odori (Dance of Bravery) performed by young men in
women’s Kimonos with heavy unique make-up, and the fishing boats decorated with colorful flags
for displaying good catches. You can also enjoy many other events and different kinds of seafood.

                                       [ Program ]
                 8:00 Boats leave the port for Ose Shrine.
                      (150 persons can be on board in order of arrival.)
                 8:30 Fishing boats leave the port for Ose Shrine.
                      Oku Suruga Bay seafood market and Sunday market
                 9:20 Tape Cutting Ceremony
                 9:45 Kato Gakuen High School Marching Band performance
                      and parades
                10:00 Lottery. Awa Odori dance. Japanese drums played
                      by the students of Izu Sogo High school.
                11:30 Fishing boats arrive in the port.
                11:50 Isami Odori dance.
                13:00 Kato Gakuen High School Marching Band performance
                      and parades. Awa Odori dance

Brief Notice about Ose Matsuri
Ose Shrine is believed as an angel of marine safety by the fishermen of Suruga Bay. It was
designated as one of the 100 historical and cultural fishery assets in 2006.

Event ~~Hiking to Mt. Kinkan crossing Heda Pass~~
Let’s enjoy viewing Mame-zakura, or a kind of cherry tree with small flowers.
When: Apr. 10(Sun) 10:00~15:00
Meeting place: Shimin-no-mori(the Citizen’s Woods) in Nishiura Kochi
Applicants: 4th graders and older (Primary school and junior high school students should be
           accompanied by their parents.)
Capacity: 30 persons (If too many persons apply, there will be a drawing.)
Things to bring: Lunch, water and rain gear
How to apply: Write the names, address, age, grade if a student, & telephone number of all the
              applicants on a double sided postcard and mail it to Park & Tree Planning Division,
              Numazu City Hall,       410-8601.
Deadline: Mar. 31(Wed)
                   Check the City Homepage, and you will find hiking courses from the Citizen’s
                   Woods to Mt. Kinkan, viewing points such as the Big Cedar in Kochi and driving
                   courses with landmarks in Nishiura.
Mt. Kinkan, an attractive place
*Mame-zakuras are characterized by their small pale pink flowers.
The whole mountain is covered with fantastic color in spring.
*At an angle of 360 degrees, you can enjoy panorama views of Uchiura Bay,
mountains on the west coast of Izu Peninsula, Suruga Bay and Mt. Fuji on
the top of the 816-merter-high mountain.


Subsidy Tickets for Acupuncture, Moxibustion and Massage
Applications and Inquiries: Longevity Promotion Division         055-934-4834
Applicants: over 60 years old who live in Numazu as of Apr. 1
Subsidy Amount: 1,000 yen for 1 time
Number of tickets: 3 for 1 person for fiscal year 2011
Delivery Date: Apr. 5(Tue)~    *Please bring your seal.
Delivery Place: Longevity Promotion Division of City Hall, Citizen’s Information Office of each
                 area, Health Center Heda branch office

Please Make Use of “Exceptional Measures of the National Pension Payment for
Applications and Inquiries: Resident Registration Division         055-934-4724
The students who have difficulty paying the National Pension premiums can apply for the
exceptional measures which grant them a moratorium on the payment.
Where: Resident Registration Division (at Window 6, City Hall 1F) or each Citizens Information
Applicants: Students whose income in the last year is 1,180,000 yen or less
What to bring: A personal seal, a National Pension certificate, a Student ID or student
registration certificate, an income certificate of the last year (such as a withholding statement)
*You have to apply for it annually.

Information~~Health Center~~
Inquiries: Health Promotion Division (Health Center)           055-951-3480
Polio Vaccination (Spring)
      Date                       Place                       Date                   Place
  Apr. 5(Tue)~                                          Apr. 20(Wed)     Health Center
                    Health Center
       8(Fri)                                                22(Fri)     Ashitaka Community Center
                    Health Center                                        Health Center
      12(Tue)                                                26(Tue)
                    Hara Chiku Center                                    Hara Chiku Center
                    Health Center                            27(Wed)     Ashitaka Community Center
                    Ashitaka Community Center                28(Thu)     Health Center
      14(Thu)       Hedakko Center                      May 10(Tue)      Health Center
                    Health Center                            11(Wed)
                    Shizuura Chiku Center                    17(Tue)     Health Center
Time: 13:30~14:00 (14:30~14:50 at Hedakko Center)
Applicants: 1st time = Born between July 1 to Dec. 31, 2010
             2nd time = Born between Jan. 1 to June 30, 2010
                (Applicants will be notified in advance.)
  Children under 7 and a half years old can be vaccinated if they have not been vaccinated twice.
  Please come to the place directly on the day.
Things to bring: Mother and Child Health Handbook (Boshi Kenko Techo), Vaccination
  Questionnaire (Vaccination Coupon), Thermometer (Ear-type thermometer is not appropriate.)

Ophthalmic Consultation for Children
When: Apr. 20(Wed), May 18(Wed) and June 29(Wed), 13:30~15:30
Where: Health Center (Hachiman-cho)
Contents: Ophthalmic consultation by an orthoptist
Applicants: Preschool children aged 3 and older
Applications: By phone
  Consultation time is about 30 minutes for one person.

    Health Notes
      Ocular discomfort in children up to about 6 years old will affect their ophthalmic
      functional development. If your child has symptoms such as a strange look, poor
      eyesight, feeling it is too bright in a weak light, etc., please consult an ophthalmologist.

A Consultation on Mental Health
Mental health welfare professionals individually counsel people who can’t sleep or have mental
When: Apr. 18(Mon), May 16(Mon), 13:30~16:30            /   Capacity: 3 people per day
How to apply: By phone
Applicants: People who worry about their depression but don’t see a doctor regularly, or their
             family members

Event ~~“Kira-Message” Festival Will Be Held in Kira Messe Numazu~~
Kira Messe Numazu, which was built twelve years ago, is going to be closed on Mar. 31, with the
construction of a new institution, “Tobu Convention Center”. We are going to hold a big festival, so
please come to the festival and enjoy the event. We welcome all of you.
Inquiries: Maintenance Division          055-934-4843
When: Apr. 3(Sun) 10:00-16:00 (A ceremony will start at 9:30.)
Where: Kira Messe Numazu
* Please come to the festival by taking public transportation.
At the festival, there will be more than 100 shops and exhibits of agriculture and forestry
products and marine products made in Numazu. You can also try “B-class gourmet”. On a stage,
the Numazu professional wrestling team is going to perform. The team has given professional
wrestling matches mainly at Kira Messe Numazu.

                  At the exhibit section, you can buy …
                 *agriculture, forestry, and marine products
                 *Numazu brand products            *a deep-sea fish burger
                 *several special products produced in Numazu, including “B-class gourmet”

                  On the stage, you can watch or listen to …
          *a Japanese drum performance played by Hiryu Senior High School students
          *a theme song of “Numazu Minato Shinsen Kan”
          *the Japanese drum performances performed by two groups named “Neppu-Maito”
           and “Hakuin Daiko”
          *a show and a wrestling lesson for kids given by Numazu professional wrestling team

                  A lottery will be held in the festival!
      You may get a “grab bag” if you answer a questionnaire! Inside the bag, there are many
      special products.
      When:        12:00       15:00      /      Where: Center Stage at the site
               You need to get a lottery ticket with a questionnaire at the entrance information
               center near the gate at the following time;       10:00-11:30        13:00-14:30
      *        Your lottery ticket will be invalid if you are not there during the lottery.

  “Kira-Message Forest” will be completed soon                The city-run North Parking Lot will be
  Twelve years has passed since Kira Messe was built.         closed
  We advertised for messages to Kira Messe and a new          The municipal North Parking Lot, which is
  building from the citizens. We got a lot of messages,       located next to Kira Messe Numazu, will be
  which we call “Kira-Message”. We are still advertising      closed on Mar. 31. So you cannot use it after
 for your message until Mar. 28(Mon). “Kira-Message           the stroke of midnight on Apr. 1.
Where: Center Stage in the site
 Forest” will open at the end of March.

Information ~~ Don't forget to register and get an anti-rabies serum injection~~
Inquiries: Clean Center Administration Section           055-933-0711
A dog over 3 months old has to get registered once in its lifetime and get an anti-rabies
vaccination once a year. Please make use of the veterinary hospitals listed below or each place set
in the communities on the designated day. Please inform us if there is any change in the contents
of registration (address, the owner, moving in or out, pet’s death, etc.)

[Animal Clinic]
Things to bring: a dog passbook (a dog card), a notice of anti-rabies injection guide
Fee: Injection fee(different from hospital to hospital) + 550 yen(fee for injection proof certificate )
*In case of a new dog, you need 3,000 yen more (fee for the new registration).

                 Name                                   Address                         TEL
   Ami Animal Clinic                   Miyamae-cho 1-3                              920-0411
   Windy Animal Clinic                 Higashishiiji 869-2                          922-4113
   Ueda Animal Clinic                  Shimokanuki Fujiibara 1620-10                934-3110
   Ooka Animal Clinic                  Ooka 1719-1-109                              963-2525
   Oba Dogs & Cats Clinic              Ooka 900-3                                   921-9009
   Sakura Animal Clinic                Yoneyama-cho 11-18                           929-8111
   Tama Animal Clinic                  Shimokanuki Miyawaki 315-9                   932-7703
   Numazu Chuo Animal Clinic           Yanagi-cho 3-4                               920-3311
   Bypass Animal Clinic                Matsunaga 947-2                              966-5972
   Pal Animal Clinic                   Numakita-cho 1-5-27                          922-6255
   Hiragori Animal Clinic              Miya machi 452-4                             963-9665
   Family Animal Clinic                Shirogane-cho 480-7                          963-2724
   Hosaka Animal Clinic                Nakasawada 468-15                            923-5068
   Maha Animal Clinic                  Hara-machi naka 2-12-7                       967-4707
   Miyata Animal Clinic                Nishijima-cho 3-13                           931-1806
   Ishii Animal Clinic                 Shimizu Town, Tokura 976-1                   933-0111
   Sugisawa Animal Clinic              Nagaizumi Town, Takehara 281-8               978-5151
   Nagaizumi Animal Clinic             Nagaizumi Town, Nameri 395                   989-1013
   Yashinomi Animal Clinic             Shimizu Town, Kakita 211-20                  972-0308
   Nakasato Mill Animal Clinic         Fuji City Nakazato 81-2                  0545-34-5123

If you get the injection at a clinic which isn’t listed above, take the
proof of injection to the Clean Center Administration Section or
Garbage Control Promotion Division, and get the official injection
proof certificate.(Fee: 550 yen)

[The Designated Places and time for Anti-Rabies Vaccination]
No parking lot, rain or shine
Things to bring: a dog passbook (a dog card) / a notice of anti-rabies injection guide
Fee: 3,320 yen (injection fee (2,770 yen) + fee for injection proof certificate (550 yen))
     *In case of a new dog, you need 3,000 yen more (fee for the new registration).
* Dogs that can't get anti-rabies vaccination
  1. a puppy within 3 months of birth      2. a dog that got another vaccination within 1 month
  3. a dog expecting a baby                4. a dog during a nursing period
  5. a dog that is sick or having treatment

               Ukishima, Ashitaka, Hara                                        Hara
        9:00~ 9:50     Ishikawa Jichikaikan                  9:00~ 9:20     Shin-Ueda Chiku
       10:00~10:30     Ukishima Chiku Center                 9:30~ 9:50     Momosato Kominkan
4/11   10:50~11:10     Higashi-ide Shuraku           4/12   10:10~10:40     Rokken-cho Jichikaikan
Mon.                   Center                        Tue.
       11:30~11:50     Akaike Park                          11:00~11:40     Nishi-cho Ikku
       13:30~14:00     Ono Kokaido                          13:30~14:10     Otsuka shinden
       14:10~14:30     Higashioki Jichikai
                  Ashitaka, Kanaoka                                          Kadoike
        9:00~9:20      Yanagisawa Kokaido                    9:00~ 9:20     Takunan Jichikaikan
        9:40~10:10     Toya Kokaido                          9:40~10:10     Tomei-cho Community
4/13                                                 4/14                   Hall
Wed.   10:30~11:30     Ashitaka Kominkan             Thu.   10:30~11:30     Kadoike Green Center
       13:00~13:20     Nishisawada Hiyoshi                  13:00~13:30     Kashiwao Jichi Kaikan
                       Shrine Ground
       13:40~14:10     Takasago Park                        13:50~14:30     Kitakobayashi Kominkan
       14:20~14:50     Yutaka-cho Park
         Imazawa, Katahama, Kanaoka, Dai 1                                Shizuura, Dai 3
        9:00~ 9:40     Imazawa Shukaijyo                     9:00~ 9:20     Tabi Funakoshi Bus stop
4/17   10:00~10:40     Katahama Chiku Center                 9:40~10:00     Shizuura Chiku Center
Sun.   11:00~11:30     Kozuwa Kominkan               4/18   10:20~11:00     Shige Kokaido
       13:00~14:00     Kanaoka Chiku Center          Mon.   13:00~13:30     Okubo Park
       14:30~15:30     Seishonen Kyoiku Center              13:50~14:20     Ganyudo Park
          Nishiura, Uchiura, Shizuura, Ohira                14:30~15:10     Ganyudo Rengo
         9:00~ 9:40    Kisho Kanko                                          Jichikaikan
       10:00~10:20     JA Nansun Omosu                                    Nishiura, Heda
4/19   10:40~11:20     Minami Shobosho                       9:00~ 9:20     Kuzura Kominkan
Tue                    Uchiura Bunkenjyo             4/20
       13:00~13:20     Shigedera Kominkan            Wed.   9:30~ 9:50      Nishiura Chiku Center
       13:30~13:50     Kuchino Kominkan                     10:00~10:20     Ashibo Kominkan

         14:20~15:10      JA Nansun Ohira                   10:40~11:00        Enashi Kominkan
                         Dai 4, Ooka                        13:30~14:30        Heda Shimin Office
          9:00~10:10     Cultural Center             The person who can control his/her dog needs to
                         promenade                   come with the dog.
4/24     10:40~11:40     Ooka Shimin Sports          He/She must bring a bag for doggy do and take
Sun.                     Ground                      the blame for treating.
         13:20~14:30     JA Nansun Ooka
         14:50~15:20     Kisegawa Hachiman


A Wider Public Sewage Area from April
Inquiries: Sewage Construction and Maintenance Division            055-934-4861
The public sewage area is expanding in April. In the areas below, you can use the new public
sewage. Please connect your house’s sewage pipe with the public sewage as soon as possible.
   District                                        Area
 Dai 3              Shimokanuki Ishihara, Ushibuse, Kamisyoji, Kinomiya, Sangumae,
                    Shioiri, Shiomitsu, Shichimen, Shimizu, Shimosyoji, Shioba, Tsukada,
                    Nishimura, Hinokuchi, Fujiibara, Maehara, Agehara, Ganyudo-akibacho,
                    Egawa, Tsushima-cho, Nanjoji, Hakkenwari, Hamakata, Hama-cho,
                    Higashi-cho, Kamikanuki-sanganchi
 Shizuura           Kuchino
 Dai 5 and Ooka     Ooka
 Kanaoka and        Okaisshiki, Okanomiya, Sawada, Surugadai, Takaodai, Takasago-cho,
 Kadoike            Nakasawada, Nishikumando, Nishisawada, Higashikumando,
                       Higashisawada, Matsuzawa-cho, Yutaka-cho
 Katahama           Ozuwa, Nishimakado, Nishimakado-2chome, Nishimakado-3chome,
 Imazawa            Imazawa, Matsunaga
 Hara               Otsuka, Hara
 Ukishima           Ide, Hiranuma
 Heda               Heda
*See Numazu City website for the details.

Payment for Municipal Tax and National Health Insurance at Night and on Sundays
Inquiries: Tax Collection Division         055-934-4730
            National Health Insurance Division         055-934-4727
Reception at night time: Mar. 24(Thu), until 20:00
Reception on holidays: Mar. 27(Sun), 9:00-15:00
Where: City Hall 1F, National Health Insurance Division
         City Hall 2F, Tax Collection Division

Payment for Water Bill at Night
Inquiries: Water and Sewage Service Division                055-934-4853
When: Mar. 29(Tue), until 20:00
Where: Water service department building, 1F, Water and Sewage Service Division

Eliminate Illegally-Parked Bicycles.
Inquiries: Traffic Control Division          055-934-4742
A bicycle is a simple and convenient kind of transportation, but it becomes an
obstacle to walkers or an obstruction to rescue operations at the time of a
disaster if it is left at a station square. Use a bicycle parking lot so that a bicycle
is never illegally parked.

*Use bicycle parking lots
Free bicycle parking lots around the station are available. Use a bicycle parking lot even if you are
planning on leaving a bicycle on a sidewalk or a road for a little time.

                   [ The list of municipal bicycle parking lots (Available all day) ]
          Bicycle parking lots                          Classification             Capacity(units)
Around Numazu         Otemachi               Bicycle                                       500
Station               Soechi                 Bicycle, motorbike, gentsuki                  710
                      South Exit No.1        Bicycle, gentsuki                             481
                      South Exit No.2        Bicycle                                       650
                      North Exit No.1        Bicycle, motorbike, gentsuki                  150
                      North Exit No.2        Bicycle, gentsuki                            1,124
Katahama Station                             Bicycle, motorbike, gentsuki                  870
Hara Station                                 Bicycle, gentsuki                             604
Ooka Station                                 Bicycle, gentsuki                             264
                                              *gentsuki: a motorized bicycle
*Remove illegally parked bicycles
The city has made no parking areas for bicycles around busy station squares based on regulations.
Illegally parked bicycles in the areas are removed and carried to storage areas. They are kept for
six months and are disposed of after that.

*Payment for illegally parked bicycles
                    The fee is revised for the removal of bikes as of Apr. 1(Fri).
                                                        By Mar. 31       From Apr. 1
                                   Bicycle              1,000 yen          2,000 yen
                                   Motor bicycle        1,500 yen          3,000 yen

  Please contact the city website about the details of the prohibition areas for illegally parked
bicycles and the storage areas.

White Marine the Second
West Izu Service with a stopover in Mitohama
                 Inquiries: Heda Unso-sen           0558-94-3323
                             Traffic Control Division        055-934-4742
                 From March 2011, White Marine the Second will stop at Mito Sea Paradise on
                 Saturdays, Sundays and holidays during the spring timetable (Mar. 20-Jul. 19)
                 and the autumn timetable (Sep.1- Oct. 31).
                 *Please ask for the details or see the website

“Toi Heda Public Crematory” Will Change After April
Inquiries: Citizens Information Office in Heda          0558-94-3111
           Resident’s Registration Division             055-934-4720
“Toi Heda Public Crematory,” which was jointly managed by Numazu City and Izu City, will be
managed only by Numazu City and newly named “Numazu City Heda Crematory (Numazu-shi
Heda Kasoba)”.
The difference after April is as follows;
 1) Please ask a private funeral agent for a hearse because the hearse service is abolished.
 2) The fees will be changed. If a Numazu citizen uses the crematory, a cremation is free of charge
   and the usage of the waiting room is 1,000 yen.
*Please ask us about the details.

Child Raising

 When You Hear the Melody of “Kono-ko-no-kawaisa,”
It’s Time for Children to Go Home
Inquiries: School Education Division        055-934-4809
School children and kindergarteners will soon have spring holidays.
During the holidays, from Mar. 19(Sat) to Apr. 5(Tue), the melody of a
lullaby “Kono-ko-no-kawaisa” will be broadcasted through the
simultaneous radio service every day at five in the evening. Since children spend more time
playing out of doors in their neighborhood during the spring holidays, their guardians and people
in the area are asked to pay attention to the children playing and tell them it’s time to go home
when the melody of “Kono-ko-no-kawaisa” is broadcasted. The municipal government hopes that
the neighbors’ attention to children will lead to the prevention of crimes committed by suspicious
individuals because these days there are more and more tragic cases in which small children
become victims when they are playing outdoors near their own house.

Kaihoku Child Raising Center (Rakko) Will Be Closed; the building will be reinforced with
earthquake-proof construction.
                   Inquiries: Child Support Division        055-934-4826
                  The center will be closed during its renovating construction. It will reopen on
                  February 2nd in 2012 when the construction will have been completed as a nursery
                  facility for children waiting for enrollment into child-care centers.
                  Closed Period: Mar. 30(Wed)~

Lectures and Classes

It’s Spring Time; let’s go out and observe wildflowers, wild grass and herbs!
Applications & Inquiries: SHONEN SHIZEN no IE (Youth House in Nature)               055-922-1746
             When: Apr. 17(Sun)     9:30~13:00   /        Where: SHONEN SHIZEN no IE
             Contents: Observation of spring wildflowers, grass and herbs
             Participants: Anyone who wants to (Elementary school children and children under
                          school age need to be accompanied by their guardians.)
             Capacities: 50 persons (In order of applications)
             Fee: 600 yen (Insurance Premium, ingredients for lunch)
What to bring: Writing implement, Water bottles and drinks, and cotton work gloves
How to apply: Please call the office after 9:30 on Mar. 27.

Class for Having Better Posture: Shisei Kaizen Kyoshitsu
Applications & Inquiries: Health Promotion Division 97 Hachiman-cho,         410-0881
When: Apr. 14(Thu), 21(Thu), 28(Thu), May 12(Thu), June 9(Thu), July 28(Thu), 19:00~20:30
           (This course comes in 6 classes in total.)
Where: San-Well Numazu, 4F, Multipurpose Hall
Contents: Easy Pilates, Physical Fitness & Health Test, Lectures on Health, Individual
Participants: Women residents (aged 20~59) of this city who are thinking of starting to exercise
from now       Participants are required to attend all of the 6 classes.
Capacity: 30 persons (There will be a drawing in case of too many applicants.)
Fee: 720 yen (including premium of accident insurance)
How to apply: Please send a postpaid postcard to the address above, writing clearly the name of
            this class “Shisei Kaizen Kyoshitsu,” your address, name, age, phone number, and the
            reason why you want to participate in this class and write your address and name
            clearly on the other card for a reply.
Deadline: Mar. 29(Tue)      Please use one postpaid postcard for one application.

Event ~~Charity Concert by Shikinami; To celebrate the establishment of the facility for
handicapped people and children with a high degree of disability
Applications & Inquiries: Shikinami charity concert planning committee           055-929-8886
Inquiries: Handicapped Person’s Welfare Division            055-934-4831
When: Apr. 9(Sat)
Afternoon Part: The concert starts at 13:30. (Doors Open: 13:00)
Evening Part: The concert starts at 17:00. (Doors Open: 16:30.)
Where: Senbon Plaza Music Hall
Performer: Shikinami
Admission Fees: 2,000 yen for Afternoon Part / 3,000 yen for Evening Part
   The concert program of the Afternoon Part is different from that of the Evening Part. Please
contact the Committee or the Division for more information.

Message Board to Citizens          ~Free Events~

Yukata Making Class
Application & inquiries: Shizuoka Wasai Kyoshikai (Ito san)         055-966-2872
When: The second & fourth Friday from April to July, 19:00-21:00
Where: Ashitaka Community Center (Higashi Hara)
Contents: Making yukata through 8 courses
Lecturer: Teachers of Shizuoka Wasai Kyoshikai (teachers’ group)
Capacity: 10 people (In case of a lot of applicants, there will be a drawing.)
Things to bring: Roll of cloth for yukata, tools for wasai (Japanese dressmaking)

     Photo Exhibition of Therapy Dogs
     Inquiries: NPO Shizuoka Therapy Dog Support Club              090-9916-3087
     When: Mar. 22(Tue) – 27(Sun) 10:00~17:00 (10:00~15:00 on 27)
     Where: Shizuoka Prefecture Tobu Chiiki Koryu Plaza “Palette”
     Contents: Photo exhibition of animal-assisted therapy dogs
       Please go to the place directly on the day.

Consultation on troubles about rent
Inquiries: Shizuoka Shiho shoshi (Judicial Scrivener) kai         054-289-3704
Free consultation on the phone or interview
When: Mar. 27(Sun) 10:00~17:00
Where: Shizuoka Shiho Shoshi Kai (1-1-1, Inagawa, Suruga-ku, Shizuoka City)
  Please go to the place directly on the day.

Calisthenics Class
Inquiries: Kato san        090-1280-3855
When: Mar. 20(Wed) 10:00~11:30        /   Where: Dai 5 Chiku Center, Meeting Room 3
Contents: Stretching, muscle training, rhythm exercise, recreational exercise, etc.
  Please go to the place directly on the day.

Yosakoi Dancing Class
Inquiries: Instructor of lifelong learning (Kurihara san)
When: Mar. 27(Sun), 10:00~11:30
Where: Gym at Kaihoku Elementary School
Contents: Model dancing, learning basics of dancing
Things to bring: Drinks, indoor shoes, clappers(if you have them)
  Please go to the place directly on the day.

Events by Numazu Art Association
Inquiries: Numazu Art Association Office (Saito san)            055-926-8087

    ❦ Sketching Event in Spring
    When: Apr. 3(Sun) 9:30~14:30             /   Where: Numazu Imperial Villa Memorial Park
    and around
    Gathering place: The entrance of West Annex of Numazu Imperial Villa Memorial Park
    Things to bring: Tools for sketching
       Please go to the place directly on the day.

    ❦ 32nd Exhibition by Numazu Art Association
    When: May 9(Mon)~15(Sun) 10:00~18:00 (until 17:00 on 15)
    Where: Cultural Center, exhibition room and lobby at 1F
     You can put your work on exhibition. Please ask for details.

Free Lesson of Rhythmic gymnastics
Applications & Inquiries: NPO Numazu Koryo Rhythmic Gymnastic Club               090-9198-4307
When: Mar. 25(Fri) 17:00~18:30       /   Where: Gym at Dai Yon Elementary School
Applicants: Kindergartners and 1st graders
Capacity: 20 people      /      How to apply: By phone

Consultation for children with truancy or development difficulties
Applications & Inquiries: NPO Numazu Koto Gakuen                090-966-0132
When: Apr. 16(Sat), 23(Sat) 10:00        /       Where: Hara Community Center
Application: By phone
  Please ask for the details.

              Be careful about frauds concerned with the environment
             Inquiries: Consumers’ Center            055-934-4841
              A new type of fraud is increasing. By using phone or direct mail. They recommend
             you to buy rights of environmental organizations for investment. The rights concern
sources of water or membership of organizations. Sometimes shortly afterward, another person of
the same group calls and offers to buy the rights you are going to buy. They attempt to stir you up.
 The same type of fraud has been seen in unlisted stock investment or foreign currency trading. If
you pay money once, it will be very difficult to get it back.

                                           We’ll Introduce Treasures in Numazu to You
                                    From among more than 400 treasure troves in Numazu
                                    mentioned to us by citizens, we will introduce 66 troves in the
                                    field of food and other areas. This time is the last.

               Food...From No.1 to No.24 was introduced on the Feb.15th edition.
25   Local Beer                                  26   Local sake
27   Raw young sardines                          28   Oranges
29   Products made from oranges                  30   Dried mackerel shavings
31   Fresh Seafood from Suruga Bay               32   Japanese sweets
33   Box lunches sold at train stations          34   Products made from local tea leaves
                                          Other areas
1    Numazu Summer Festival                       2   Ayumibashi Bridge
3    Chuo Koen (Central Park)                     4   Rowers’ teams practicing at Kano River
5    A sudden rainfall in the sunshine            6   Numazu Jimanya
7    Numazu Star Festival                         8   Sunset Pagent
9    View-o                                      10   A famous place for wisteria flowers
11   The project on ‘Hyokkori Hyotan Jima’ 12         Kanuki Ohashi (Bridge)
     (an island in the city)
13   Izu Mito Sea Paradise                       14   Awashima Marine Park
15   A yacht race at Uchiura Bay (Tamori         16 Okusuruga Kaihin Matsuri (a festival at
     Cup)                                           Okusuruga bay)
17   Firework Festival in Enoura Bay             18 Togo Bathing Place
19 Mito Bathing Place                            20   La-la-la Sun Beach
21 Fresh Ose Divers’ Day                         22   Nitta Bairin(plum field) Park (in Heda)
23   Sunset Cruising                             24   Middle hard water in Numazu Port
25   Minato no eki (Heda)                        26   Ichi no yu(hot spring in Heda)
27   Heda Sun-sun Festival                       28   Izu-Heda Marathon
29   Isaribi Cruise (cruising with a fire lit on 30 Garbage collection in Numazu City
     a boat to lure fish)
31   ‘Festa Kosta Deru Gomi’ in Senbonhama       32   Eco activities by the Citizens
33   Song for the city                           34   Numazu Ondo (a dance song for festivals)
35   Numazu Yakyoku (a serenade for the 36 Kano River Sea bus derby
37   Solar panels on Numazu Station’s North      38   Firefly Festival in Numazu

39   ‘Izumi suigenchi’(the source of a river)       40      Research activities on plants by the
41   The theme song for ‘Sinsenkan’ at              42      Numazoo
     Numazu Port
43   Numazu Orange Circus                           44      Numazu Summer Garden
45   Numazu Marine Festival                         46      Very strong teams of basketball
47   A project for introducing the city as a        48      ‘Ukishi-map’ made by the students of
     place for movie locations                              Tokai University
49   Bee Bus Service in the city                    50      The dance to Shoyoka(the song after
                                                            Katsuta Kogetsu)
51   Hakuin Sakura Festival                         52      Toro nagashi(a Buddhist ceremony in
                                                            which paper lanterns are floated)
53   Numazu Professional Wrestling                  54      A long-distance relay race in Numazu
55   New Year Day Swimming Meet in                  56      Robo Cup Junior Numazu Competition
     Senbonhama Beach

                             We are still looking for treasure troves in Numazu.
               We are planning to select “100 Treasure Troves in Numazu” from among citizens’
               recommendations.       Please inform us of what is unknown yet but you think is the
pride of Numazu. Check the details on the city website or the September 15th Numazu Newsletter.


                           [ February Garbage Collection Report ]
                                                whole city         / person
 Burnable garbage             Feb. 2011           2,253t            10.7 kg
                              Feb. 2010           2,269 t           10.7 kg    Landfill garbage
                              Ratio                 0.7 %                       ceramics & glass) has
 Landfill garbage             Feb. 2011             94 t            0.4 kg     been increasing.
                              Feb. 2010             77 t            0.4 kg
                              Ratio               + 22.1 %                     Take out burnable garbage
                                                                               or recyclable garbage as
 Plastic Containers,          Feb. 2011            207t             1.0 kg
                                                                               much as possible.
 packing                      Feb. 2010            208t             1.0 kg
                              Ratio                0.5 %


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