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					                   Temporary Staff Induction Check List
   1.      Tour of the Building
           i)        Reception
           ii)       Building Opening Times
           iii)      Signing In/Out of Building
           iv)       Keys
           v)        Toilets
           vi)       Car Parking
           vii)      Photocopying
           viii)     Stationery & Printer Cartridges
           ix)       Smoking Policy
           x)        Fire Exits
           xi)       Fire Assembly Point
           xii)      Kitchen

   2.      Tour of the Medical School
           i)        Roy Storer
           ii)       Medical School Board Room
           iii)      The Canteen

   3.      Meet the Dental Team
           i)        Introduction to colleagues
           ii)       Lara Office Manager – Time Sheets

   4.      Office Environment
           i)        Turning off Printers, Windows, Lights etc
           ii)       Office Cover & Working Hours – 37.5 Hours per week
           iii)      Dental Section Timetable & Sessional Staff
           iv)       Stationery – Ordering Stationery – Wednesday deadline for Framlington Place
           v)        IT access request
           vi)       Tea & Coffee
           vii)      Fax machine
           viii)     Printers
           ix)       Post
           x)        Lunch
           xi)       Phones *3 & 9

   5.      Dress Code
           i)    Verbal

   6.      Sickness/ Absence Procedure
           i)    Verbal

   7.      Acronyms
           i)    Enclosed

   8.      Personal Phone Calls
           i)    Verbal

   9.      Music Policy

           i)     Verbal

   10.     Induction File
           i)     The Basics
           ii)    Contact Form
           iii)   Deanery Basic Building Plan
           iv)    Deanery Contact List
           v)     IT Policy – Use of the Web & Email

   11.     Policies & Procedures




ACDA          Advisory Committee on Distinction Awards
ACO           Association of Course Organisers
ADEE          Association for Dental Education in Europe
AGMETS        Advisory Group on Medical Education Training and Staffing
AHQR          Agency for Healthcare Quality and Research
ALS           Advanced Life Support
APLS          Advanced Peadiatric Life Support
ARA           Access to Registration Assessment
ARF           Annual Retention Fee (GDC)
AS            Associate Specialist
ASME          Association for the Study of Medical Education
ATLS          Advanced Trauma Life Support
AURE          Alliance of UK Health Regulators on Europe
AvMA          Action against Medical Accidents

BADN          British Association of Dental Nurses
BADT          British Association of Dental Therapists
BChD          Bachelor of Dental Surgery
BDA           British Dental Association
BDDG          British Doctors and Dentists Group
BdentSci      Bachelor of Dental Science
BDHA          British Dental Hygienists' Association
BDHF          British Dental Health Foundation
BDJ           British Dental Journal
BDPMA         British Dental Practice Managers’ Association
BDRA          British Dental Receptionists Association
BDS           Bachelor of Dental Surgery
BDSc          Bachelor of Dental Science
BDTA          British Dental Trade Association
BLS           Basic Life Support
BMA           British Medical Association
BMJ           British Medical Journal
BNF           British National Formulary
BPMDE         British Postgraduate Medical and Dental Education
BSA(DPD)      Business Services (Dental Practice Division) – formerly Dental Practice Board

BST (1)       Basic Surgical Training
BST (2)       Basic Specialist Training
BTP           Back to Practice (GBTP – Getting Back to Practice)


CAL           Computer Assisted Learning
CASP          Critical Appraisal Skills Programme
CCSC          Central Consultants and Specialists Committee
CCST          Certificate of Completion of Specialist Training
CD (1)        Clinical Director
CD (2)        Clinical Directorate
CDDS          Council of Dental Deans
CDE           Continuing Dental Education
CDO(1)        Chief Dental Officer
CDO(2)        Community Dental Officer
CDS           Community Dental Services – see PCTDS
CDSM          Committee on Dental and Surgical Methods
CDTA          Clinical Dental Technicians Association
CE            Chief Executive
CG            Clinical Governance
CIS           Clinical Information Systems
CLIMP         Clinical Information Management Programme
CMDE          Continuing Medical and Dental Education
CME           Continuing Medical Education
CMO           Chief Medical Officer
COCET         Committee of Continuing Education and Training Dentistry
CODE(1)       Confederation of Dental Employers
CODE(2)       Conference of Orders and Assimilated Bodies of Dental Practitioners in Europe
COG           Clinical Outcomes Group
COPDEND       Committee of Postgraduate Dental Deans and Directors
COPDEUK       Conference of Postgraduate Dental Education in the UK
CPD           Continuing Professional Development
CPE           Continuing Professional Education
CPR           Cardio-Pulmonary Resuscitation
CSA           Contractor Services Agency
CT(1)         Care Trust
CT(2)         Clinical Tutor


D502          Postgraduate Room, 5th Floor of Newcastle School of Dental Sciences
DCP           Dental Care Professional

DCS            Dental Complaints Service
DDRB           Doctors’ and Dentists’ Remuneration Review Body
DDU            The Dental Defence Union
DGDP(UK)       Diploma in General Dental Practice (UK) – replaced by MFGDP(UK)
Dip in Cons    Diploma in Conscious Sedation
DoH            Department of Health
DLA            Dental Laboratories Association
DMSG           Dentistry Modernisation Steering Group
DMT            Dental Management Team
DNART          Dental Nurse Access to Registration Training
DPASS          Dental Practitioner Advice and Support Scheme
DPB            Dental Practice Board now replaced by NHSBSA Dental Practice Division
DPL            Dental Protection Ltd
DwSIs          Dentists with Special Interests


EEA            European Economic Area
EBL            Evidence-Based Learning
EBP            Evidence-Based Practice
ECDL           European Computer Driving Licence
EL(s)          Executive letter (from the National Health Service Executive)
EMAS           European Medical Advisory Service
EUD            European Union of Dentists
EWTD           European Working Time Directive


FDI            World Dental Federation
FDS            Faculty of Dental Surgery
FDSRCSEng      Fellow of Dental Surgery of the Royal College of Surgeons of England
FFDRCS         Fellow of the Faculty of Dental Surgery Royal College of Surgeons
FGDP           Faculty of General Dental Practice
FP             Foundation Programme
FRCS           Fellow of the Royal College of Surgeons
FRCS(Ed)       Fellow of the Royal College of Surgeons of Edinburgh
FRCS (Glasg)   Fellow of the Royal College of Surgeons of Glasgow
FRCSE          Fellow of the Royal College of Surgeons of England
FRCSI          Fellow of the Royal College of Surgeons of Ireland
FT1            Foundation Training Year 1
FT2            Foundation Training Year 2
FTA            Flexible Training Advisor

FTTA          Fixed Term Training Appointment


GA            General Anaesthesia
GBTP          Getting Back to Practice
GDC           General Dental Council
GDP           General Dental Practitioner
GDPA          General Dental Practitioners Association
GDP Tutor     General Dental Practitioner Tutor
GDS           General Dental Services
GMC           General Medical Council
GPT           General Professional Training
GPTT          General Professional Training Trainee


HC            Healthcare Commission
HE(1)         Health Education
HE(2)         Higher Education
HEA           Health Education Authority
HEFCE         Higher Education Funding Council for England
HO            Health Officer
HPCB          Healthcare Professionals Crossing Borders project
HSC           Health Service Circular
HSE           Health and Safety Executive
HSI           Health Service Indicators
HSG           Health Service Guidelines
HSJ           Health Service Journal
HST           Higher Specialist Training


IiP           Investors in People
IM&T          Information Management and Technology
IQE           International Qualifying Examination
IRC           Inspection and Recognition Committee
ISFB          Intercollegiate Specialty Fellowship Board
ISFE          Intercollegiate Specialty Fellowship Examination


JACADS        Joint Advisory Committee for Dental Related Subjects

JANET         Joint Academic Network
JCDSM/CDPH    Joint Community Dental Service Managers/Consultants in Dental Public Health
JCHST         Joint Committee for Higher Surgical Training
JCSTD         Joint Committee for Specialist Training in Dentistry
JDC           Junior Doctors Committee
JDWFG         Joint Dental Workforce Group
JPAC          Joint Planning Advisory Committee


KITS          Keeping in Touch


LAS           Locum Appointment Service

LAT           Locum Appointment for Training

LDC           Local Dental Committee

LDS           The Licentiate in Dental Surgery

LMWAG         Local Medical Workforce Advisory Group

LOS           Length of stay


MADEL         Medical and Dental Education Levy
MADEN         Medical and Dental Education Network
MCCD          Member in Clinical Community Dentistry
MDDUS         Medical and Dental Defence Union of Scotland
MDS           Master of Dental Surgery
MDU           Medical Defence Union
MFDS          Member of the Faculty of Dental Surgery
MFGDP(UK)     Member of the Faculty of General Dental Practice (UK)
MGDS          Membership in General Dental Surgery
MHRA          Medicines and Healthcare Products Regulatory Agency
MMC           Modernising Medical Careers
MPET          Multi-Professional Education and Training Levy
MPS           Medical Protection Society
MSc           Master of Science


NACPDE        National Advice Centre for Postgraduate Dental Education
NACT          National Association of Clinical Tutors

NAHAT         National Association of Health Authorities and Trusts
NAO           National Audit Office
NAPPI         Non-abusive psychological & physical intervention
NCAS          National Clinical Assessment Service
NDHAG         Northern Dental Health Advisory Group
NDTC          Northern Deanery Training Committee
NHSBSA        Naional Health Service Business Services Authority
NHSE          National Health Service Executive
NHSIA         National Health Service Information Authority
NHSU          NHS University
NICE          National Institute for Clinical Excellence
NJDWG         Northern Joint Dental Workforce Group
NPN           National Post Number
NTN           National Training Number
NPSA          National Patient Safety Agency
NVQ           National Vocational Qualification


OHAG          Oral Health Advisory Group
OHIG          Oral Health Implementation Group
OMFS          Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery
OPOG          Office Planning and Operation Group
OTA (UK)      Orthodontic Technicians Association (UK)


PASS          Practitioner Advice and Support Scheme
PBL           Problem-Based Learning
PCAG          Primary Care Audit Group
PCC           Primary Care Contracting
PCD           see DCP
PCO           Primary Care Organisation
PCT           Primary Care Trust
PCTDS         Primary Care Trust Dental Services (formerly CDS)
PDP(1)        Personal Development Plan
PDP(2)        Professional Development Portfolio
PDS           Personal Dental Services
PFC           Patient Focused Care
PGCs          Postgraduate Centres
PGDD          Postgraduate Dental Dean
PGEA          Postgraduate Education Allowance
PGMDE         Postgraduate Medical and Dental Education

PIMD          Postgraduate Institute for Medicine and Dentistry
PLAB          Professional and Linguistic Assessment Board
PMETB         Postgraduate Medical Education and Training Board
PPDP          Personal and Practice Development Planning
PPIG          Project Plan Implementation Group (Trainer Development Group)
PRHOs         Pre-Registration House Officers


QA            Quality Assurance

QAA           Quality Assurance Authority

QEG           Quality in Education Group


RCS           Royal College of Surgeons

RITA          Record of In-Training assessment

R&RA          Retaining and Returning Advisor


S63           Courses funded and run for General Dental Practitioners under section 63 of the Health
              Services and Public Health Act 1968
SAC           Specialist Advisory Committee
SAS           Staff and Associated Specialist Grade
SDO           Senior Dental Officer
SEA           Significant Event Analysis
SFBH          Standards for Better Health
SFE           Statement of Financial Entitlement
SG            Staff Grade
SHA           Strategic Health Authority
SHO           Senior House Officer
SIFT          Service Increment for Teaching
SLA           Service Level Agreement
SPC           Specialist Programme Coordinator
SPCDS         Salaried Primary Care Dental Service
SpR           Specialist Registrar
SpROG         Specialist Registrar Operations Group
STAC          Standing Dental Advisory Committee
StBoP         Shifting the Balance of Power
STC           Specialist Training Committee
StHA          Strategic Health Authority

SWAG          Specialist Workforce Advisory Group


TDG           Trainer Development Group
tPCT          Teaching Primary Care Trust
TPD           Training Programme Director
TQM           Total Quality Management
TR            Temporary Registration
TWES          Training and Work Experience Scheme


UCAS          Universities College Administration Service

UTD           Unit Training Director

UTG           Unified Training Grades

UTH           University Teaching Hospital


VDP           Vocational Dental Practitioner
VTA           Vocational Training Advisor
VTAG          Vocational Training Advisory Group
VT            Vocational Training
VTN           Visiting Training Number
VTR           Vocational Training Record
VTS           Vocational Training Scheme


WDC           Workforce Development Confederation

WTE           Whole Time Equivalents

www           World-wide Web

                                       The Basics

Front Door Code: 0108

Your Room Number: ……………..

Your Extension: ………………..

Fax: 0191 232 3657

Photocopier number: For colour photocopies get code from reception

Printers:        Black & White : DT2.7, DT 2.8 & DT 2.9
                 Colour: DT28C

Reception: 8908 Laura & Louise

Answering the phone: ‘Good Morning Dental Education ……….. Speaking’

The N Drive: N:\Dentistry

Documentation Creation:
File name & path, creators name, date & date to be renewed.
Font: Arial 11 or 10

The web:

Outside line – 9
Pick up another phone *3
Operator – 0
R*1 – Ring Back
R*2 - Save
*3 - Call Pick up
*4 – Number #
R#4 - Cancel call forward
#8 - Private Call


Current Address:

Home Telephone Number:

Mobile Telephone number:

Emergency Contact:
Name & Address

Telephone Number:

Mobile Telephone Number:

Date form completed

               10-12 Framlington Place Building Plan

Ground Floor:

       Reception
       IT
       Education & Development
       Stationary Cupboards

Basement No. 10

       Meeting Room

Mid Basement

       Kitchen
       Specialty Training

Basement No.12
   Specialty Training

1st Floor:

       Business Administration
       Information Team
       Foundation Programme Team

2nd Floor

       Dentistry
       General Practice

3rd Floor

       Research

 Northern Deanery Contacts
 Room Key          B = Basement         1 = First Floor 2 = Second Floor A = Attic
 Name                     Room Job Title                                     Tel
 Deans Office
 Shamima Begum             SHA Finance Assistant                           2106475
 Brenda Bewick              1.5 Information Manager                          8910
 Kate Bowman                G.4 QA Manager                                   3044
 Rich Bregazzi              G.4 Education Devel & Governance Advisor         5945
 Bryan Burford             A10 Research Associate                            5768
 Julie Callanan             G.3 Education Devel & Governance Secretary       7041
 Madeline Campbell         A10 Research Associate                            3042
 Paul Crampton             A11 Research Associate                            3073
 Marjorie Glass             1.8 Personal Assistant                           7025
 Mal Glass                 SHA Finance Manager                             2106494
 Juliet Graves              G.4 Education Advisor                            3044
 Julia Grierson             1.7 Assistant Business Manager                   3045
 Trish Hall                 G.3 Education QA Coordinator                     7290
 Andy Howorth               G.5 IT Manager                                   5763
 Jan Illing                A12 Principal Research Associate                  8217
 Chris Jones                1.4 Business Manager                             5122
 Charlotte Kergon          A11 Research Associate                            5765
 Moira Livingston           1.3 Acting Postgraduate Dean and Director        8925
 Jeremy Manning             G.6 Office Manager                               5141
 Derek Marshall             1.7 Northeast SHA Workforce Lead                 7389
 Susan McIntyre             1.8 Personal Assistant                           6772
 Gill Morrow               A11 Research Associate                            5765
 Andy Punton                G.5 Computing Officer                            5209
 Pauline Richards          SHA Finance Officer                             2106494
 Tracy Straker             A12 Research Secretary                            8921

 Andrea Sturmey           1.9 Finance Assistant                              3887
 Sharon Talbot            1.3 Business Assistant to Postgraduate Dean        8925
 Neill Thompson           A10 Research Associate                             5768
 Louise Toward            G.1 Office Secretary                               8907
 Ann Ward                 G.3 Education, Dev' & Gov Assistant (temp)         7290
 Joanne Watson            1.5 Records Management and Audit Officer           5795
 Laura West               G.1 Office and Facilities Coordinator              8908
 Jenna White              G.3 PA to QM Manager                               7290
 Richard Ablett           2.9 VT Advisor                                     6826
 Adele Cairns             2.7 PA Dental Education                            8345
 Nicola Cartwright       Bourn Facilities Manager and FP Coordinator       3861197
 Sanjay Chopra            2.9 DFP2 Advisor                                   8536
 Jane Ford                2.9 Acting Lifelong Learning Advisor               8536
 Ian Gordon               2.9 VTA General Professional Training              8536
 Lynn Hart               Bourn Deputy Facilities Manager & LLL             3861197
 Lara Hills               2.9 Office and Project Manager for Dental          6826
 David Jacobs             2.5 Associate Dental Dean for Specialty Training   5766

 Northern Deanery Contacts
 Room Key          B = Basement         1 = First Floor 2 = Second Floor A = Attic
 Name                      Room Job Title                                    Tel
 Vikki Maxfield              2.7 Dental Specialty Programme Coordinator      5766
 Helen Mills                 2.8 Regional Dental Lifelong Learning           5767
 Gerry Parkins               2.8 Deanery Lifelong Learning Coordinator       8924
 Paula Pears                 2.6 Assistant Business Manager                  8927
 Helen Pearson             Bourn Curator and FP Coordinator                3861197
 Valerie Silver              2.9 Regional Dental FP Advisor                  6826
 Malcolm Smith               2.5 Acting Postgraduate Dental Dean             8536
 Nichola Smith               2.7 Dental Workforce Support Coordinator        8345
 Karen Wilson                2.8 Regional VT & Conferences Coordinator       7908
 June Wright                 2.7 Specialty Programme Coordinator             5766
 Foundation Programme
 David Bell                  1.1 FP Communications Coordinator               5804
 Gillian Cain                1.1 FP Directors Administrator (Mon&Wed)        8923
 Gemma Crackett              1.7 Assistant Business Manager                  6068
 Eleanor Cunningham          1.1 Personal Assistant to DD & ABM              5762
 Helen Davis                 1.1 Support Officer (p/t Tues&Thurs)            8923
 Janet Deverick              1.1 Office Assistant                            8923
 Frank Local                 1.6 Acting Dean Director                        8915
 General Practice
 David Anderson              2.4 Associate Director General Practice         7028
 Susan Convery              2.10 CPD Coordinator                             3079
 Hazel Ellis                 2.1 Assistant Business Manager                  7040
 Gary Fraser                 2.3 Associate Director General Practice         7028
 Jamie Harrison              2.3 Associate Director General Practice         7028
 Anne Holmes                 2.3 Associate Director General Practice         7028
 Judith Jackson             2.10 Personal Assistant                          7029
 Angela Johnson             2.10 GP Office Manager (mon, tues, wed am)       6766
 Claire Maddison             2.2 GP Administrator                            5764
 Graham Rutt                 2.4 Acting Dean Director General Practice       8926

 Rachel Taylor             2.10     GP Assessment Coordinator      8922
 David Turner              2.10     GP Recruitment Coordinator     5151
 Human Resources
 Jonathan Armstrong       Scots     HR Assistant                  2264157
 Gillian Barker           Scots     Payroll Officer               2264184
 Wendy Burney             Scots     Payroll Officer               2264180
 Liz Convery              Scots     Payroll Officer               2264180
 Lesley Currer            Scots     LET HR Manager                2264163
 Norman Eddy              Scots     HR Officer                    2264164
 Penny Gibbons            Scots     Payroll Officer               2264178
 Laura Horsham            Scots     HR Officer                    2264165
 Michael Laws             Scots     Payroll Assistant             2264183
 Adrian Mitchell          Scots     HR Assistant                  2264175
 Alasdair Morton          Scots     Payroll Assistant             2264181

 Northern Deanery Contacts
 Room Key          B = Basement         1 = First Floor 2 = Second Floor A = Attic
 Name                     Room Job Title                                       Tel
 Human Resources
 Michelle Parkin          Scots HR Officer                                   2264177
 Dawn Powell              Scots Senior HR Officer                            2264161
 Amanda Purcell           Scots HR Assistant                                 2264166
 Linsey Richards          Scots Deputy Head of HR                            2264162
 Kelly Robinson           Scots HR Officer                                   2264153
 Helen Ross               Scots Recharge Assistant                           2264173
 Suzanne Szomoru          Scots HR Officer                                   2264155
 Joy Toner                Scots HR Manager                                   2264159
 Ashley Willerton         Scots Payroll Assistant                            2264183
 Louise Wymer             Scots HR Officer                                   2264177
 Specialty Training
 Jonathan Adcock            B.3 Specialty Programme Coordinator               8917
 Sarah Atkinson             B.1 Recruitment Project and Communications        5312
 Steve Barkess              B.3 Specialty Programme Assistant                 6767
 Sarah Beecroft             B.2 Assistant Business Manager                    5171
 Lynn Bradley                   Specialty Programme Coordinator(maternity     6762
 Aliy Brown                 B.1 QA Manager                                    3043
 Gillian Conway             B.5 Specialty Programme Coordinator (maternity    8917
 David Elders               B.5 Specialty Programme Coordinator               8917
 Kelly Faulder              B.5 Specialty Programme Coordinator               6762
 Kerry Gardner              B.5 Specialty Programme Coordinator               5761
 Amy Geraghty               B.2 Project Manager                               3047
 Steve Hamnett              B.5 Specialty Programme Coordinator               7083
 Kerry Handyside            B.1 Recruitment Project and Communications        5312
 Trudie Heron               B.3 Specialty Programme Coordinator               7905
 Ruth Male                  B.3 Office Manager                                8928

 Mike McKean                B.2 Associate Dean Specialty Training   8913
 Joanne O’Brien             B.5 Specialty Programme Coordinator     7083
 Deborah Park               B.1 Personal Assistant                  8913
 Nancy Redfern              1.2 Dean Director Specialty Training    8919
 Helen Richardson           B.2 Associate Dean Specialty Training   8913
 Davina Robinson            B.3 Specialty Programme Coordinator     3072
 David Roxborough           B.5 Specialty Programme Assistant       5761
 Claire Tiernan             B.3 Specialty Programme Coordinator     3046
 Julian Whaley              B.2 Associate Dean Specialty Training   8913
 Susan White                B.3 Specialty Programme Coordinator     7905

New/Amend User Details

Page 1 of 2                        SYSTEM ACCESS REQUEST FORM

Details of Member of Staff Concerned:                                                               Tick
the Appropriate Box
 Surname                                                                                            for Service required:
 Forename                                       (Please circle preferred name if more than one)     New Access              
 Location/Site                                                                                      Amend Current Access 
 Tel Ext.
 Job Title                                                                                          Delete Access           
 Payroll No

Type of contract held with County Durham and Darlington Acute Hospitals NHS Trust.
Permanent                  Temporary                  Honorary

Date Contract Starts                                    Date Contract Ends
1.1     SECTION B
Please tick which systems are required:
                                    North   South                                           North   South
Network/Internet                                      HISS
Email                                                 Automated Network Fax
PACS - Radiology                                      Radiology
IPRIS - Pathology/Radiology                           Labcentre - Pathology
i.CM (Sunrise Clinical Manager)                       Labcentre - (Blood bank only)
A&E                                                   GUM
Theatres - Sapphire                                   Child Health
Maternity                                             Multi-Therapy
Pharmacy                                              EROS
Unisoft                                               PRISM (Payroll)
Cathlab                                               Finance
CaMIS                                                 FMIS (Estates)
e-CaMIS                                               Any Other - Please state

  As the applicant I confirm that I have read and understand the Trust IM&T Security & Internet
   Policies. I fully understand the terms of these policies and agree to abide by them. I recognise that
   my use of the Internet will be routinely recorded and monitored by the Trust. I am aware that
   violation of these policies could lead to dismissal and or criminal prosecution.
  As the authorising manager I certify that the above officer is authorised to access the services
   set out above and
   these are required to perform their work, and that they have been made aware of their
   responsibilities in line with
   the Trust IM&T Security Policy. I also acknowledge and accept my responsibility under the
   terms of the Trust’s IM&T Security and Clinical Information & Confidentiality Policies.

   Applicant Signature:                                            Manager Signature:
           Print Name:                                                   Print Name:
                  Date:                                                         Date:

Director of
Informatics                               Signature                          Date
Name:   Page 2 of 2, Email and Internet Application Form
Policy on Internet Usage
This policy covers access to web, news group, e-mail, file transfer and related services
external to the Trust from a Trust computer (whether or not connected to the Trust network),
or during working hours or using a personal identifier supplied by the Trust.
Trust Policies
This is supplementary to existing Trust policies including those on IT Security and
Confidentiality, which continue to apply.
Provision of Service
Access to Internet services shall only be with the agreement of the staff member’s head of
department and of IM&T and shall only be either from a PC on the Trust’s network or from a
stand alone PC whose use for this purpose has been agreed with the IM&T security officer.
NHS Usage
Internet access must be for business related purposes.
Accessing Internet sites containing pornographic, hateful or other objectionable materials is
against Trust Policy and may result in disciplinary action.
Unnecessary usage of web services may cause network congestion affecting the network
performance of other legitimate users.
The Law
Internet access is governed by existing laws. Of specific interest are those relating to data
protection, computer misuse, copyright, privacy, offensive material, theft and libel.
No sexually explicit images or other illegal material may be accessed or created using Trust
Unlawful Internet usage may lead to negative publicity or legal liability. Use of Trust property
for illegal activity is grounds for immediate dismissal.
Communications with External Bodies
Only those employees authorised to speak on behalf of the Trust to the media and the public
may do so using the Internet. Any other employee who expresses his views on the Internet
and identifies himself as an employee (for example by using a Trust e-mail address) must
include the following words in his correspondence:
‘Any views expressed are mine and not those of my employer ‘.
The only Trust web page allowed is that maintained by the IM&T Division.
File Management
Any breach of copyright may lead to disciplinary action.
Before uplifting any file from the Internet the Trust’s IM&T Division should be consulted. The
Head of IM&T’s written permission is required for the transfer of any executable files
programmes and other software) by staff outwith the IM&T Division. Only the IM&T Division
may load software applications onto Trust computers.
Any file uplifted from the Internet (including those received attached to e-mail) must be virus
scanned. Infecting a PC with a virus can lead to disciplinary measures.

User’s Name (Printed):                      Position:                      Signature

Requests for Administrative rights or special services must be accompanied by Special
Services request Form ITSF002

When completed please return all pages to either:
IT Helpdesk, Consett Business Park, Unit 6, Villa Real, Consett,

IT Helpdesk, Bishop Auckland General Hospital.
IT Helpdesk, Darlington Memorial Hospital.

For official use only
 Process/          Date          Completed         Signature
 Training       Completed           by
                                                                  User ID
                                                                  Date Actioned
                                                                  Print Name


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