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Community College
College for Lifelong Learning
Fall Quarter 2011
Class Schedule
September 8 – November 23

...for every age and stage of life
Fall Quarter 2011                                                                                    Welcome!
Mission                          Dear Friends,

Statement                        Fall is coming, and that means back to school…for lifelong learning students,
To develop a collaborative
relationship with adults of      Your favorite College for Lifelong Learning instructors are back, as well as new
the Miami Valley area to         sessions by new presenters. Have you ever wished you knew things to look
promote lifelong learning        for to avoid being scammed? Have you ever wanted to learn ballet or how to
through educational,             “aqua jog”? Would you like to become more computer literate? Want to lunch
cultural, recreational, and      with a congenial group of people? Write your family history? Learn about
social opportunities that        Utopian Societies?
embrace diversity and
                                 These are just a few of the many sessions that are scheduled for this fall
service to the community.
                                 quarter. And look for new sessions offered in the Preble County area, Yellow
Holiday/Closings                 Springs, and Springfield, as we continue to expand our program.
Labor Day            Sept 5      Remember, you can take classes three ways:
Veterans’ Day        Nov 11         •	 Enroll	in	Seminars	&	Workshops,	which	are	open	to	adults	of	any	age.
Any College for Lifelong            •	 Audit	academic	classes	tuition	free	on	a	space-available	basis	once	you	
Learning student attending             are age 60 or better at the campus locations or at 25+ off-campus sites
courses at a site other than           throughout the community.
the Dayton campus should
check with the instructor           •	 Take	classes	for	credit,	just	as	any	other	student.
or site coordinator for any      Also remember that in Fall 2012, Sinclair will be switching from quarters to
unique closings for that site    semesters. Some brief information is on the card inserted in this CLL book,
only.                            with more to come as details of the transition continue to be worked out.
                                 Please take the time to fill out our brief questionnaire and mail it back to us,
Weather/Emergency                postage paid. We will appreciate your feedback on how we can make that
Closing                          transition as smooth as possible for you, and what you would like to see
                                 offered in the future.
Check the local media
outlets, Sinclair’s web site,    In addition, be sure to look for The Chronicle at the libraries and around
or Sinclair’s information line   town. Sinclair’s Lifelong Learning program is the cover story, and you’ll see
at (937) 512-2888 to see         a photograph of just a few of our wonderful lifelong learning students. A full
if the college is closed or      page article with details about our program is inside the publication.
delayed due to weather or
                                 Recent	statistics	from	the	U.S.	Department	of	Education	show	that	adult	
other emergency.
                                 students are the fastest growing educational demographic. And we know that
                                 continuing to learn helps us to stay well. Please join us again for another term
    College for                  of exciting learning opportunities.
    Lifelong Learning            Best wishes,
    Sinclair Community College
    Building 10, Room 10112      Anne Holaday
    444 West Third Street        Coordinator, College for Lifelong Learning
    Dayton, Ohio 45402-1460      (937) 512-5184
    (937) 512-2372
    (937) 512-5184                                                                      For more information about the
                                                                                        upcoming Semester conversion, see
On the cover: (left to right)                                                           the insert between pages 17 & 18.
Priscilla Mutter, Dane Mutter,
and Don Varga, CLL students,      Sinclair Community College (USPS 943-500) Volume 39, Issue No. 4, July, 2011, Published by
read a notebook from the          Sinclair Community College, Dayton, Ohio 45402, 5 times a year; monthly in February, April,
                                  June, July, November. Periodicals Postage Paid at Dayton, Ohio 45401. Postmaster send
class Writing About Your Life     change of address to: Sinclair Community College, Dayton, Ohio 45402-1460.
& Times.
                                                                   General Information
College for Lifelong Learning Advisory Board                                 College for Lifelong
Our College for Lifelong Learning Advisory Board is an important part of     Learning Executive
our effort. Through representatives, we receive constructive input about
our program, including new sessions to develop, and valuable volunteer       Board & Advisory Board
assistance during registration and other peak times. The guidance keeps us   Meeting Dates
on target to meet educational interests and needs.                           The College for Lifelong
Committees work on specific issues and make recommendations to the           Learning	Executive	Board	and	
advisory board. Individuals work in the areas of curriculum, marketing/      Advisory Board will meet on the
publicity,	SEEK	Conference	(Sharing	Education,	Experience,	Knowledge),	      following dates:
speaker’s bureau, and volunteerism.                                          Oct. 5	   Executive	Committee
If you are interested in becoming part of the advisory board to shape the    Oct. 19   Advisory Board
future learning opportunities we offer, call (937) 512-5184. Thank you!
                                                                             Dec. 7	   Executive	Committee
                                                                             Dec. 21   Advisory Board
                                                                                       Appreciation Luncheon
              In This Issue                     Page                         All meetings are open to
                                                                             interested individuals.
              Emergency Closing            1
              Advisory Board               2                                 Fall Quarter
                                                                             Registration Dates
              Registration Dates           2
                                                                             Seminars & Workshops
              New Directions               3                                 August 1 until session meets.
              Health & Well Being          5                                 Audit & Golden Age
              Computers & Technology       8                                 •	 Monday,	August	29	-	
                                                                                Thursday, September 1
              Arts & Entertainment        11                                      8:00 a.m. - 7:00 p.m.
              History & Culture           16                                 •	 Friday,	September	2
                                                                                   8:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m.
              Senior Site Audit Schedule 20
                                                                             •	 Tuesday	and	Wednesday,	
              Sinclair Audit Schedule    23                                     September	6	&	7
              Theatre                    35                                       8:00 a.m. - 7:00 p.m.
                                                                             Fall Quarter 2011
              Campus Map                 36                                  September 8 - November 23
              Registration              37, 38
                                                                             Winter Quarter
                                                                             Registration Dates
                                                                             Seminars & Workshops
                                                                             Dec. 1 until session meets.
                                                                             Audit & Golden Age
                                                                             •	 Wednesday	-	Friday,	
                                                                                December 28 - 30
                                                                                   8:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m.
                                                                             •	 Tuesday	-	Thursday,
                                                                                January 3-5
   Note: Even	if	the	Seminars	&	Workshops	are	free,	you	must	                      8:00 a.m. - 7:00 p.m.
                                                                             •	 Friday,	January	6
   register with College for Lifelong Learning to attend.
                                                                                   8:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m.
                                                                             Winter Quarter 2012
                                                                             January 9 - March 25                                                                                    2
Seminars & Workshops                                                                   New Directions
Course Descriptions                                                                    At a Glance!
LL 08 X1 Fall                                                             1 session    LL 08 X1 Fall
Each	season	has	its	own	message	and	metaphor	for	our	lives.	The	essence	of	fall	       Free	•	Englewood	LC,	111
is to look at our personal harvest and examine what we have accumulated this           Friday	•	10:00a-11:30a
year. Did we accomplish our goals? What needs to change? And what can we let           10/7	•	S.	Graves
go of? Come explore the message of fall and how that message can guide us to           LL 40 X1 Career Services
a greater realization of ourselves and our well-being.
LL 40 X1 Tour of Career Services                                          1 session    Free15	•	Sinclair,	10312
Career Services can help you set career goals and learn ways to reach them. At         Thursday	•	10:00a-11:00a
this visit, you’ll learn about everything available to you, including computerized     9/22	•	M.	Massie/M.	Imwalle
career guidance systems, the career library, assistance with resume writing and        LL 40 X2 Job Center Tour
interviewing skills, “Clothes That Work” referral forms, and individualized career     Free15	•	Job	Center
counseling.                                                                            Thursday 1:30p-2:30p
LL 40 X2 – Tour of the Job Center                                         1 session    9/29	•	K.	Holland
Montgomery County’s Job Center is the largest one-stop employment and                  Maximum: 20
training center in the United States. More than 40 organizations are housed            LL 36 X1 Career Services:
in this facility, and a half-million customers go to the Job Center every year.        The Resume & Interview
The Center provides thousands of local employers access to a large pool of             Free15	•	Sinclair	
skilled and professional individuals, giving job seekers access to thousands of        Thursday	•	10:00a	–	12:00p
job postings at one site. The Center has been recognized for its ability to bring      10/6-10/20	•	M.	Massie/T.	Grant
employers, educators, and social service agencies together to address workforce
development issues. Take a tour of this facility and see how it can help you.          LL 37 X1 Experience:
                                                                                       Recognizing Your Value
LL 36 X1 Career Services: The Resume & Interview                        3 sessions     Free15	•	Sinclair	
If you are looking for a new opportunity but haven’t been in the job market for        Thursday	•	10:00a-12:00p
awhile, this session is designed for you. You will learn the principles of writing a   10/27-11/3	•	M.	Massie/T.	Grant	
strong resume for today’s market, have the opportunity for instructor and peer
critique of your draft resume, and discover how to secure the job with your
                                                                                       LL 38 X1 Good Jobs
                                                                                       Free15	•	Sinclair	
interview. Taught by the director of Sinclair’s Career Services department.
                                                                                       Thursday	•	10:00a-11:00a
LL 37 X1 Experience: Recognizing Your Value                             2 sessions     11/10	•	M.	Massie/T.	Grant
Experience	means	that	you	have	a	lot	to	offer,	both	in	a	work	environment	             LL 08 X2 BBB
and as a community volunteer. But sometimes we need to convince others                 Free18	•	Bethany	Village	Center
of that value. Come to these informative sessions on how to recognize and              Thursday	•	10:00a-11:00a
communicate the value you can bring to the table, no matter where life is taking       9/22	•	S.	Popp/T.	Chatfield/M.	
you. Taught by the director of Sinclair’s Career Services department.                  Anderson
LL 38 X1 Good Jobs for Bad Times                                          1 session    Minimum: 10
In an economic slump, some jobs have better staying power than others. What
are these jobs, and how can you learn about them? In this session, we’ll look at
the local economy and try to determine where to find the jobs with the best
chance for stability.
LL 08 X2 Better Business Bureau                                           1 session
Dayton’s Better Business Bureau uses objective, unbiased information on
businesses in our area to provide consumer guidance and dispute resolution, as
well as a list of organizations that have met the standards to be accredited by
the BBB. Participants will receive a directory of BBB-accredited businesses as
part	of	the	presentation.	Meet	at	the	BBB	offices,	Kuhns	Building,	15	W.	Fourth	
Street, in the 4th Floor Conference Room, Dayton; park in the Reibold Building
garage, with entrance on Fifth Street, or at meters on the street.

                                                   List of Seminars & Workshops sponsors: page 20
Seminars & Workshops                                                                   New Directions
At a Glance!                            Course Descriptions
LL 08 X3 Legacy Letters                 LL 08 X3 Legacy Letters                                                  1 session
Free 	•	Yellow	Springs	Senior	
                                        A professional writer will help you write your “legacy letter” or “ethical will,”
Center                                  a popular document designed to pass values on between generations. This
Thursday	•	12:30p-1:30p                 document can range from a few paragraphs to a lengthy piece and can include
10/20	•	A.	Koehnen                      cultural and spiritual values, blessings and expressions of love, as well as lessons
LL 08 X4 Foundations                    and wisdom from life experience, requests for forgiveness, and family stories.
Free	•	Dayton	Metro	Library,	           LL 08 X4 Foundations of Investing                                        1 session
Kettering-Moraine	Branch                Learn the key features of bonds, stocks, and mutual funds. Uncover the
Wednesday	•	1:30p-3:00p                 importance of asset allocation. And outline the steps you can take to get started
9/14	•	R.	Solada                        investing. This is an educational and informational presentation. The library is
LL 08 X5 Outlook                        located	at	3496	Far	Hills	Avenue,	Kettering.
Free	•	Dayton	Metro	Library,	           LL 08 X5 Outlook & Opportunities                                         1 session
Kettering-Moraine	Branch                Discuss the progress, but not perfection, in the economic recovery. Also covered
Wednesday	•	1:30p-3:00p                 will be the economy and inflation, deficits and debt, interest rates, the stock
10/12	•	R.	Solada                       market, and international investing. This is an educational and informational
LL 08 X6 Retirement Plan                presentation.	The	library	is	located	at	3496	Far	Hills	Avenue,	Kettering.
Free	•	Dayton	Metro	Library,	           LL 08 X6 Put Your Retirement Plan to Work                                1 session
Kettering-Moraine	Branch
                                        Why save for retirement? Why start now? Learn how to save through your
Wednesday	•	1:30p-3:00p
                                        employer-sponsored plan and build a retirement plan outside of your employer’s
11/9	•	R.	Solada
                                        plan. This is an educational and informational presentation. The library is located
LL 08 X7 Smart Choices                  at	3496	Far	Hills	Avenue,	Kettering.
Free	•	Dayton	Metro	Library,	
                                        LL 08 X7 Smart Choices in Retirement Seminar                             1 session
Kettering-Moraine	Branch
                                        Covered in this session will be planning for a long and fulfilling retirement,
Wednesday	•	1:30p-3:00p
                                        mapping out your financial goals, and being smart with your spending. Inflation
12/7	•	R.	Solada
                                        doesn’t retire, so learn how to prepare for the unexpected and maintain a healthy
LL 41 X1 Student                        portfolio. Finally, define your legacy. This is an educational and informational
Employment Job Fair                     presentation.	The	library	is	located	at	3496	Far	Hills	Avenue,	Kettering.
Free	•	Sinclair,	Bldg.	8,	Lower	Level
                                        LL 41 X1 Student Employment Job Fair                                     1 session
Tuesday	•	10:00a-1:00p
                                        Explore	gaining	valuable	work	experience	while	earning	income	to	help	with	
5/4	•	M.	Massie/T.	Grant
                                        your college expenses. Departments are looking for student workers and will
LL 39 X5 10 Truths                      be recruiting and conducting on-the-spot interviews. Bring your interests,
$25	•	Sinclair                          questions, and resume. Note: This employment fair is for students enrolled in
Friday	•	10:00a-11:30a                  classes for credit and taking a minimum of 6 credit hours for the Fall Quarter.
10/21	•	P.	Fleming/T.	Roberts
                                        LL 39 X5 Leadership: The 10 Truths about Leadership                      1 session
                                        In turbulent times, leaders must move beyond pessimistic predictions, trendy
                                        fads, and simplistic solutions, and turn to what’s real and proven. Based on 30
                                        years of research and 1+ million responses to a leadership assessment study,
                                        these truths show what leaders must know, the questions they must prepare to
                                        answer, and real-world issues they face. Patrick Fleming and Tom Roberts, from
                                        Sinclair’s Student Leadership Development Office, will present. Fee includes
                                        workshop and book.

 New Session                            LL 45 X1 Retirement Planning Workshop                                2 sessions
LL 45 X1 Retirement                     Are you within five years of retirement? Are you wondering what to do in the
Planning                                next stage of life? This is the time to start thinking about some of the issues
$25	•	Sinclair                          you will face and plan to make a smooth transition. Among topics discussed
Thursday	•	4:00p-6:00p                  will be employment, volunteerism, and lifelong learning, as well as hobbies,
9/29-10/6	•	P.	Mutter                   housing	&	transportation,	and	personal	and	inter-generational	relationships.	
                                        Take charge of your future after retirement—the best time of your life!                                                                                                  4
Seminars & Workshops                                                                    New Directions
Course Descriptions                                                                     At a Glance!
LL 08 X8 Sinclair 101                                                    1 session      LL 08 X8 Sinclair 101
Henry Ford once said, “Anyone who stops learning is old, whether 20 or 80.              Free	•	Preble	County	Senior	Center
Anyone who keeps learning is young.” Discover all the ways you can take classes         Thursday	•	10:30a-11:30a
at Sinclair, including lifelong learning sessions for personal development and          8/25	•	A.	Holaday/S.	Ratliff/C.	
enrichment.                                                                             Young

LL 08 X9 Social Security 101: What Every American Should Know                           LL 08 X9 Social Security 101
about Social Security                                   1 session                       Free4	•	Mercy	Siena
                                                                                        Friday	•	1:30p-3:00p
This informative session will focus on all of the essentials of Social Security
                                                                                        11/4	•	T.	Busher/B.	Kreuzer/P.	
benefits,	including	the	new	on-line	retirement	Estimator,	annual	benefit	
statement, and other benefit estimate tools; how to apply; taking benefits early
vs. later; if you can work and get Social Security benefits; spouse benefits and
widow/er eligibility; the disability process; Medicare enrollment; and more!

Seminars & Workshops                                                      Health & Well Being
Course Descriptions                                                                     At a Glance!
LL 02 X1 Caregiver: Taking Care of Mom & Dad                             1 session      LL 02 X1 Caregiver
If you are caring for someone, you know that it’s important for you but can also        Free30	•	Oakwood	Village,	
be a challenge. Statistics show that individuals, as well as their employers, suffer    Springfield
losses	due	to	absenteeism,	productivity,	and	financial	expenses.	Even	if	you	don’t	     TBA	•	TBA
feel that you have the time, coming to this session will help you think through         TBA	•	A.	Holaday/C.	Boase
the issues and will provide practical tips that will actually save you time later on,   LL 02 X2 Discussion Group
such as how to hire a caregiver and how to select a retirement community.               Free4	•	Mercy	Siena
LL 02 X2 Taking Care of Your Loved Ones:                                                Saturday	•	10:00a-12:00p
Discussion Group                                                       3 sessions       9/17,	10/15,	11/19	•	A.	Holaday/
                                                                                        B.	Kreuzer/P.	Buening
Caring for a parent, spouse, or other loved one? Discuss useful tips and helpful
information,	as	well	as	brainstorm	about	your	specific	situation.	Guest	speakers	       LL 06 Duplicate Bridge
offer additional insight. You are not alone.                                            X1—$17	•	Sycamore	Creek	CC
                                                                                        Wednesday	•	10:00a-3:00p
LL 06 Duplicate Bridge                                                 3 sessions       9/28	•	L.	Walker
This is a beginning program to increase your awareness about Duplicate Bridge              —
                                                                                        X2	 $17	•	Sycamore	Creek	CC
and how much fun it can be, but it is also a good session for accomplished              Wednesday	•	10:00a-3:00p
players as well. Sessions take place the fourth Wednesday of each month, so             10/26	•	L.	Walker
choose the sessions that fit with your schedule; this is an on-going session, and       X3—$17	•	Sycamore	Creek	CC
you	don’t	need	to	play	every	time.	Price	includes	a	soup	&	salad	lunch,	bridge	         Wednesday	•	10:00a-3:00p
play, and prizes. Deadline: 9/19, 10/17, 11/14.                                         11/23	•	L.	Walker
LL 55 X1 No Tutu Ballet                                                  Ongoing        LL 55 X1 Ballet
This easy-to-follow ballet class will show you steps and combinations that will         Free12	•	St.	Leonard,	Franciscan	Center
improve your grace, balance and coordination.                                           Wednesdays	•	1:30p-2:30p
                                                                                        9/7-12/28	•	D.	Stewart
LL 56 X1 Sock Hop Jive                                                   Ongoing
In this class, have fun with ballroom dance steps from the 40’s, 50’s and 60’s.         LL 56 X1 Sock Hop Jive
                                                                                        Free12	•	St.	Leonard,	Franciscan	Center
LL 57 X1 Line Dance                                                      Ongoing        Wednesdays	•	2:30p-3:30p
Add this to your dance repertoire—country line dance! Discover 1-wall to 4-wall         9/7-12/28	•	D.	Stewart
dances. A great time for all!
                                                                                        LL 57 X1 Line Dance
                                                                                        Free12	•	St.	Leonard,	Franciscan	Center
                                                                                        Friday	•	1:00p-2:00p
                                                                                        9/2-12/30	•	D.	Stewart

Seminars & Workshops                                                          Health & Well Being
At a Glance!                               Course Descriptions
LL 58 X1 Aqua Joggers                      LL 58 X1 Aqua Joggers                                                   Ongoing
Free 	•	St.	Leonard,	Franciscan	Center
                                           Enjoy	water	aerobics,	walking	and	jogging	taught	to	the	tunes	of	the	oldies.	
Friday	•	2:30p-3:30p                       Provides a great workout and great fun!
9/2-12/30p	•	D.	Stewart
                                           LL 08 X10 Body Talk                                                     1 session
LL 08 X10 Body Talk                        Learn to develop a rapport with your inner dialogue that will help you be your
Free12	•	St.	Leonard,	Franciscan	Center    own best motivator and coach for your mind-body connection.
Wednesday	•	1:30p-3:00p
10/19	•	J.	Harless/D.	Stewart              LL 08 X11 Asian Martial Arts Demonstration                              1 session
                                           Come and participate in an Asian martial arts demonstration! Through this
LL 08 X11 Asian Arts Demo
                                           demo, you can explore a fun way to improve your balance, self-confidence and
Free 	•	Mercy	Siena
                                           strength.	Tae	Kwon	Do,	Tai	Chi	and	Asian	weaponry	will	be	demonstrated.	Try	
Tuesday	•	6:00p-7:00p
                                           one or try them all!
9/20	•	D.	Stewart
LL 23 X1 Chair Exercises                   LL 23 X1 Chair Exercises for Balance and Strengthening                  Ongoing
(suggested for age 60 and better)          Learn gentle chair exercises focusing on improving functional balance and
Free12	•	St.	Leonard,	Auditorium           strength. By improving core strength and flexibility, you can improve balance
Tuesday	•	10:15a-10:50a                    with these easy-to-do exercises.
9/6-12/27	•	D.	Stewart
                                           LL 24 X1 Tai Chi                                                        Ongoing
LL 24 X1 Tai Chi                           Tai Chi is a gentle approach to physical and mental training. Benefits include
(suggested for any age)                    stress reduction, better focus, and concentration. When adults study and train
Free12	•	St.	Leonard,	Franciscan	Center    using this ancient art form, they can find improved balance, flexibility, and
Friday	•	10:15a-11:00a                     coordination.
9/02-12/30	•	D.	Stewart
                                           LL 24 X2 Advanced Tai Chi                                               Ongoing
LL 24 X2 Advanced Tai Chi                  Take your skills to the next level in this advanced class. We’ll explore more deeply
(suggested for any age)
                                           into the “long forms.”
Free12	•	St.	Leonard,	Franciscan	Center
Friday	•	11:00a-11:30a                     LL 25 X1 Chair Pilates & Yoga                                           Ongoing
9/02-12/30	•	D.	Stewart                    Focus on the core section of the body to strengthen up-right balance, using
LL 25 X1 Pilates & Yoga                    gentle yoga techniques to improve mobility and functional balance. All exercises
(suggested for age 60 and better)          are done from a seated position and are moderate in intensity.
Free12	•	St.	Leonard,	Auditorium           LL 26 X1 Zumba Gold                                                     Ongoing
Friday	•	2:00p-2:50p                       Zumba	Gold	is	an	exercise/dance	class	that	is	a	great	aerobic	workout	for	the	
9/2-12/30	•	D.	Stewart                     senior adult. The choreography of the program is geared to improve functional
LL 26 X1 Zumba Gold                        balance	and	overall	strength.	Zumba	Gold	at	St.	Leonard	is	offered	at	a	step-by-
(suggested for age 60 and better)          step pace to allow for learning and great fun!
Free12	•	St.	Leonard,	Franciscan	Center
Tuesday	•	2:00p-2:45p                      LL 27 X1 Self-Defense with a Cane                                       Ongoing
9/6-12/27	•	D.	Stewart                     Learn various moves with the cane and found objects that can be used
                                           defensively. Taught by Master Instructor Debra Stewart, this program is also
LL 27 X1 Self-Defense—Cane                 considered an exercise program, as certain muscles for balance and strength
(suggested for age 60 and better)          need to be toned to successfully perform the movements and stances for self-
Free12	•	St.	Leonard,	Franciscan	Center	   defense.
Tuesday	•	3:00p-4:00p
9/6-12/27	•	D.	Stewart                     LL 28 X1 Hula Hoop                                                      Ongoing
                                           Hula Hoop! Remember how much fun that was? This aerobic exercise program
LL 28 X1 Hula Hoop
                                           will	be	done	to	music	from	all	eras.	Children	and	Grandchildren	are	welcome.	
Free12	•	St.	Leonard,	Franciscan	Center
Friday	•	3:00p	–	4:00p
9/2-12/30	•	D.	Stewart                                                                                                    6
Seminars & Workshops                                                        Health & Well Being
Course Descriptions                                                                    At a Glance!
LL 29 X1 Integrated Asian Arts                                            Ongoing      LL 29 X1 Asian Arts
Great	amounts	of	strength,	stamina,	and	flexibility	are	developed	through	the	         (suggested for age 60 and better)
practice of Asian Arts. Proper form and movement develop the mind-body                 Free12	•	St.	Leonard,	Franciscan	Center
connection, coordination, strength, flexibility, and stamina. This is an alternative   Tuesday	•	4:00p-5:00p
for the healthy, active senior adult to take the Asian Arts to a new level without     9/06-12/27	•	D.	Stewart
putting	yourself	at	risk	–	don’t	worry,	no	breaking	boards	or	free-sparring.           LL 31 X1 Belly Dancing
LL 31 X1 Belly Dancing                                                    Ongoing      Free12	•	St.	Leonard,	Franciscan	Center
This wellness program is designed to be a great workout, while improving your          Wednesday	•	3:30p-4:30p
strength and balance. Offering a different and interesting way to move and stay        9/07-12/28	•	D.	Stewart
fit, come prepared for fun and excitement!                                             LL 33 X1 Sunrise Yoga
                                                                                       Free12	•	St.	Leonard,	Franciscan	Center
LL 33 X1 Sunrise Yoga                                                     Ongoing      Monday	•	8:00a-8:45a
Start your day in a positive way. Come for meditation and power yoga. Bring            9/05-12/26	•	D.	Stewart
your own blocks and mat, and enjoy.
                                                                                       LL 35 X1 Wrinkle Busters
LL 35 X1 & X2 Wrinkle Busters                                                          Free	•	St.	Leonard,	Auditorium
Put your best face forward for a more healthy you. This is a gentle facial exercise    Tuesday	•	9:30a	–	10:00a
class for toning muscles under your natural layers of skin to add light and life to    9/06-12/27	•	D.	Stewart
your facial expressions.
                                                                                       LL 35 X2 Wrinkle Busters
LL 48 X1 Beginning Clogging                                               Ongoing      Free29	•	Oakwood	Village,	Springfield	
You’ve	seen	it	on	TV	and	perhaps	even	in	a	live	performance.	Ever	wonder	how	          Saturdays	•	2:00p	–	3:00p		 	
those dancers do it? Have fun with various folk and clogging dance techniques,         9/17	&	10/29	•	D.	Stewart/C.	Boase
while experiencing a great aerobic workout!                                            LL 48 X1 Clogging
LL 03 X1 & X2 Laughter Yoga                                                            Free12	•	St.	Leonard,	Franciscan	Center
Laughter Yoga combines unconditional laughter with yogic breathing for a new           Friday	•	4:00p-4:45p
exercise routine. Laughter is simulated as a body exercise in a group, but with        9/02-12/30	•	D.	Stewart
eye contact and childlike playfulness, it soon turns into real and contagious          LL 03 X1 Laughter Yoga
laughter, providing physiological and psychological benefits. Taught by a              X1—Free24	•	Waterford	House
Certified Laughter Yoga Leader.                                                        Tuesday	•	1:30p-3:00p
                                                                                       9/20,	10/18,	11/15,	12/20	•	
LL 08 X5 Labyrinth Walk                                                    Monthly
                                                                                       L. Andriacco
The Labyrinth is a walking meditation that quiets the mind and offers a
                                                                                       X2—Free4	•	Mercy	Siena
metaphor for life. Labyrinths can be found in almost every spiritual tradition,
                                                                                       Thursday	•	1:30p-3:00p
from the Tree of Life in Jewish Mysticism to the Medicine Wheel in Native
                                                                                       9/15	•	L.	Andriacco
American tradition. Walk the indoor 11 circuit (circle) labyrinth at Westminster
                                                                                       X2—Free29	•	Oakwood	Village,	
Presbyterian Church, downtown Dayton, using the same design as the labyrinth
in the floor of the Chartres Cathedral in France. For those not familiar with this
                                                                                       Thursday	•	1:30p-3:30p
ancient meditation tool, brief instruction is offered.
                                                                                       9/29,	10/20	•	L.	Andriacco/C.	Boase
                                                                                       LL 05 Labyrinth Walk
                                                                                       X1—Free	•	Westminster
                                                                                       Tuesday	•	12:00p-7:00p
                                                                                       9/16	•	B.	Battin
                                                                                       X2—Free	•	Westminster
                                                                                       Tuesday	•	12:00p-7:00p
                                                                                       10/4	•	B.	Battin
                                                                                       X3—Free	•	Westminster
                                                                                       Tuesday	•	12:00p-7:00p
                                                                                       11/1	•	B.	Battin
                                                                                       X4—Free	•	Westminster
                                                                                       Tuesday	•	12:00p-7:00p
                                                                                       12/6	•	B.	Battin

Seminars & Workshops                                                     Health & Well Being
At a Glance!                          Course Descriptions
LL 08 X12 Mindful Eating              LL 08 X12 Turn Mindless Eating into Mindful Eating                        1 session
Free24	•	Waterford	House              Explore	dietary	guidelines,	how	you	look	at	food,	and	why	we	eat	more	than	we	
Wednesday	•	3:00p-4:30p               think. Receive facts, tips, and strategies to navigate your nutritional environment
9/21	•	D.	Schwinn                     to make smarter, healthier, more mindful yet enjoyable food choices.
LL 08 X13 Many Heroes                 LL 08 X13 History Has Many Heroes                                         1 session
Free12	•	St.	Leonard,	Pott	Hall	      Come join us for this opportunity to learn about the history of the Red Cross in
Thursday	•	1:30p-2:30p                general, with a focus on our local Chapter’s history. This presentation will also
9/22	•	P.	Hiatt-Peer                  highlight some of the individuals who, throughout the history of the Red Cross,
LL 08 X14 Breast Cancer               made significant contributions to the organization.
Free	•	Earl	Heck	Center
                                      LL 08 X14 High Risk Breast Cancer                                         1 session
Tuesday	•	11:30a-1:00p
                                      Learn what to look for during self-examination, the role of genetic consultation
9/6	•	S.	Rogers/P.	Blosser/T.	Heck
                                      and BRCA blood-testing, factors increasing your risk of developing cancer and
LL 08 X15 Blocked Arteries?           an overview of treatment options available. The presenter, Dr. Thomas Heck, has
Free22	•	Brookhaven,	Conference	      practiced medicine for over 25 years, is the Co-Medical Director of Samaritan
Center                                Breast Center, and specializes in breast surgery. Lunch is included.
Tuesday	•	12:00p-1:00p
8/16	•	S.	Rogers/T.	Markus            LL 08 X15 Blocked Arteries? How Do You Know?                              1 session
                                      Join us for lunch and an informative presentation teaching you the warning signs
LL 08 X16 Colorectal Cancer           of poor heart and vascular health. Learn how early detection may prevent long-
Free22	•	Brookhaven,	Conference	      term issues, risk factors and the new technologies available for use in evaluation,
Center                                diagnoses and treatment. The presenter is Cardiologist Tim Markus, M.D.
Tuesday	•	12:00p-1:00p
9/20	•	S.	Rogers/M.	DeGroat           LL 08 X16 Colorectal Cancer: A Call to Action                             1 session
LL 08 X17 Deciphering Bills           Did you know the colorectal cancer is the second leading cause of death in
Free21	•	Sycamore	Glen                Montgomery County for both men and women? Learn what it is as well as how
Friday	•	2:00p-3:30p                  to	reduce	the	risk	of	developing	it.	The	presenter	is	Dr.	Michelle	DeGroat,	a	board	
10/14	•	S.	Klein                      certified general surgeon. Lunch is included.

LL 20 X1 Diabetes                     LL 08 X17 Deciphering Your Medical Bills
Free12, 31	•	St.	Leonard              What do you do if, after a series of medical events, the bills start arriving, and
Thursdays	•	10:00a-12:30p             they continue to arrive until you become overwhelmed with the mountain of
9/22-10/27	•	A.	Finnicum/B.	          bills, medical statements, insurance denials, and collection notices? Learn to
Kreuzer/P.	Buening                    decipher medical bills, and receive tips on managing the reimbursement system.
LL 08 X18 Vitamin D                   LL 20 X1 Diabetes Self-Management Program                               8 sessions
Free5	•	Mill	Ridge	Village,	          This interactive, small group workshop is for people with Type 2 diabetes. Meet
Friendship Hall                       once a week for six weeks to discuss day-to-day management skills, and how to
Thursday	•	7:00p-8:30p                maintain	and/or	increase	activities.	Gain	confidence	and	new	skills	so	you	can	
9/29	•	Dr.	J.	Studebaker/G.	King      better manage your diabetes and feel healthier. This evidence-based program,
LL 08 X19 Brain Fitness               proven to provide health benefits and promote disease prevention, is offered in
Free4	•	Mercy	Siena,	Nass	Wellness	   partnership with the Area Agency on Aging and St. Leonard’s Living Community.
Center                                LL 08 X18 Vitamin D: Dramatic New Discoveries
Saturday	•	9:00a-12:00p
                                      and Applications                                                          1 session
10/8	•	A.	Anzalone/B.	Kreuzer/P.	
                                      Dr. John Studebaker, M.S., M.D., a Family Medicine Physician in Darke County,
                                      Ohio, for over 30 years, has devoted time to Vitamin D research, showing that
                                      Vitamin D is immediately valuable for your health and longevity, as well as that
                                      of your family and friends. Dr. Studebaker is certified by the American Board of
                                      Integrative Holistic Medicine, and he practices and consults in that field.
                                      LL 08 X19 Use It or Lose It: Keeping Your Brain Fit                       1 session
                                      It takes exercise, nutrition, and mental stimulation to keep the brain fit. Learn
                                      new techniques and ideas to keep the brain active, alert, and focused for a
                                      lifetime.                                                                                                 8
Seminars & Workshops                                                        Health & Well Being
Course Descriptions                                                                    At a Glance!

 DIT 143 S1 & S2 Healthy Cooking                                         8 Sessions    DIT 143 S1 & S2 Healthy
 This class explores the basic principles of nutrition, food selection, meal           Cooking
 preparation, and recipe modifications/substitutions that promote healthy              Audit (no tuition, if 60 or better;
 eating and disease prevention. Menu planning and sanitation principles will be        $15	lab	fee)	•	Sinclair	13422
 incorporated.	This	class	is	very	interactive	and	hands-on.	Each	week	the	class	       Tuesday	or	Friday	•	9:00a-12:30p
 begins with a 45-60 minute lecture, demonstration, and discussion, followed by a      9/13-11/1;	9/16-11/4	•	Chef	Lorraine	
 2-hour lab session, during which students prepare items and taste what has been       Gose
 prepared. “Celebrate life by being healthy” is the course’s theme.

Seminars & Workshops Computers & Technology
Course Descriptions                                                                    At a Glance!
LL 43 X1 Photoshop I                                                    6 sessions     LL 43 X1 Photoshop I
With the Photoshop software you will learn in class, you can become the                $75	•	Barnes,	Room	202
electronic equivalent of your all-time favorite artist. Learn the basics, as well as   Wednesday	•	11:30a-1:30p
how to touch up pictures on your home computer.                                        9/21-10/26	•	N.	Roach

LL 46 X1 Photoshop II                                                   6 sessions     LL 46 X1 Photoshop II
Build	on	the	fundamentals	presented	in	Photoshop	I.	Emphasis	is	placed	on	             $75	•	Barnes,	Room	202
correcting the most common image problems, restoring old photographs,                  Wednesday	•	2:30p-4:30p
inserting text, and other step-by-step techniques to improve and create inspiring      9/21-10/26	•	N.	Roach
images with skill and subtlety.                                                        LL 52 Beginning PC Skills
                                                                                       X1—$75	•	Barnes,	Room	202
LL 52 Beginning PC Skills                                              10 sessions
                                                                                       Monday	•	10:00a-12:00p
Are you computer challenged? Let this course introduce you to the computer
                                                                                       9/19-11/21	•	G.	Frericks
age. As a beginner, you’ll appreciate the clear introduction to computer
                                                                                       X2—$75	•	Sinclair
terminology, hardware, and software. You will also be introduced to the Windows
                                                                                       Wednesday	•	2:00p-4:00p
operating system and other basic PC skills. Text materials are provided.
                                                                                       9/21-11/23	•	P.	Neal
LL 54 Keyboarding                                                      10 sessions     X3—$75	•	Preble	County	LC,	109
Are	you	a	“hunt	&	peck”	person?	Learning	how	to	“touch”	keyboard	can	save	             Monday	•	5:00p-7:00p
you time and effort, and may be essential if you are looking to use a computer         9/19-11/21	•	M.	Jones
for work. Develop your skill using software that will teach you where to touch for     LL 54 X1 Keyboarding
the keys you want. This class will help you become more efficient as you create        $75	•	Sinclair
documents, send e-mails, or work on other projects.                                    Tuesday	•	10:00a-12:00p
LL 61 Intro to Microsoft Word                                          10 sessions     9/20-11/22	•	P.	Neal
Learn basic word processing skills using Word 2007, including commonly used            LL 61 Intro to Word
commands and strategies for formatting, editing, and revising text. Prerequisite:      X1—$75	•	Barnes,	Room	202	
keyboarding and computer experience.                                                   Friday	•	9:00a-11:00a
                                                                                       9/16-11/18	•	G.	Frericks
                                                                                       X2—$75	•	Sinclair
                                                                                       Thursday	•	3:00p-5:00p
                                                                                       9/15-11/17	•	P.	Neal
                                                                                       X3—$75	•	Englewood	LC,	109
                                                                                       Friday	•	2:00p-4:00p
                                                                                       9/16-11/18	•	M.	Jones
                                                                                       X4—$75	•	Preble	County	LC,	109
                                                                                       Thursday	•	12:00p-2:00p
                                                                                       9/15-11/17	•	M.	Jones

Seminars & Workshops Computers & Technology
At a Glance!                     Course Descriptions
LL 62 Intermediate Word          LL 62 X1 Intermediate Word                                          10 sessions
$75	•	Barnes,	Room	202           The more advanced features of Microsoft Word will be covered in this class.
Monday	•	1:00p-3:00p             Learn about setting up a database and mail merging for address labels, creating
9/19-11/21	•	G.	Frericks         labels, and performing calculations in tables, making posters and working with
LL 68 X1 E-mail                  clip art, and setting up a newsletter.
$45	•	Barnes,	Room	202           LL 68 X1 E-mail                                                       5 sessions
Tuesday	•	10:00a-12:00p          Electronic	mail	is	the	most	popular	use	of	the	Internet.	It	offers	a	convenient,	
9/20-10/18	•	G.	Frericks         quick way for staying in touch with family, friends, and other contacts. Learn
LL 69 X1 E-mail & Internet       how to compose, send, receive, and manage e-mail messages. Commonly used
$75	•	Preble	County	LC,	109      e-mail features will be demonstrated and practiced.
Wednesday	•	3:00p-5:00p
                                 LL 69 X1 E-mail & Internet                                          10 sessions
9/21-11/23	•	M.	Jones
                                 If you’ve been wanting to learn the skills needed to create, receive, and manage
LL 70 X02 Useful Internet        your e-mails, as well as learn how to find whatever you need on the internet, this
Price	•	Barnes,	Room	202         combines both areas into one class. You’ll learn and practice in class.
Wednesday	•	10:00a-11:00a
10/26-11/23	•	B.	Brandewie       LL 70 X02 The Useful Internet                                         5 sessions
                                 Would you like to use the Internet to find things? Would you like to use the
LL 72 X1 PowerPoint &            Internet for learning how to do new things and improve the things you currently
Publisher                        are doing? Would you like to know where to go for entertainment sites—movie
$75	•	Barnes,	Room	202           trailers, TV shows, short videos? Want to see the beaches of the Caribbean on
Thursday	•	8:00a-10:00a          a winter’s day? Need information on the stock market? Want to know how to
9/15-11/17	•	P.	Neal             change a tire? Need new recipes? Want to talk with someone “face to face” on
LL 72 X2 Publisher               the computer—Skype? Want to learn how to keep up with family and friends on
$75	•	Preble	County	LC,	109      Facebook? Literally, the world is on your desk!
Thursday	•	2:00p-4:00p           LL 72 X1 PowerPoint & Publisher                                     10 sessions
9/15-11/17	•	M.	Jones
                                 Learn the basics of PowerPoint, which allows you to prepare presentations with
LL 75 X1 Your Own Web Site       graphics and/or text, and Microsoft Publisher, which provides formats you can
$75	•	Preble	County	LC           use for newsletters and other items such as business cards, flyers and more.
Tuesday	•	2:00p-4:00p
9/20-11/22	•	M.	Jones            LL 72 X2 Publisher                                                  10 sessions
                                 Learn the Microsoft Publisher software, which provides formats you can easily
LL 79 Excel                      use for newsletters and other publications, including business cards, flyers, and
X1—$75	•	Huber	Heights	LC        more. You will be able to use these skills for work or your own personal projects.
Friday	•	11:00a-1:00p
9/16-11/18	•	M.	Jones            LL 75 X1 Building Your Own Web Site                                 10 sessions
X2—$75	•	Barnes,	Room	202        Learn to effectively design your own web site, for personal or business use.
Thursday	•	10:00a-12:00p         Follow a template to enter key information and pictures. The web site can be
9/15-11/17	•	P.	Neal             shared with family members or business associates so everyone stays up to date.
X3—$75	•	Preble	County	LC,	108
Thursday	•	5:00p-7:00p
                                 LL 79 Excel                                                         10 sessions
9/15-11/17	•	M.	Jones            Explore	basic	spreadsheet	functions	using	Microsoft’s	Excel	program.	Excel	
                                 can be used for a wide range of functions, from creating a list to performing
LL 81 X1 Selling on eBay         accounting functions.
$35	•	Barnes,	Room	202
Friday	•	1:00p-4:00p             LL 81 X1 The Basics of Selling on eBay:
10/14	&	10/21	•	L	Seery          Learn to sell like a pro!                                             2 sessions
Maximum: 15                      Learn about selling on eBay and the steps needed to become a successful seller,
                                 from setting up an account to completing the sale. Learn about eBay, getting
LL 82 X1 Beyond the Basics
                                 started, enhanced listings, detailed listings, and completing the sale. This class
$35	•	Barnes,	Room	202
                                 uses a live, hands-on format with demonstrations of actual listing and selling of
Friday	•	1:00p-4:00p
                                 items. Special emphasis will be placed on pricing, shipping, and security.
10/28	&	11/04	•	L	Seery
Maximum: 15                                                                                        10
Seminars & Workshops Computers & Technology
Course Descriptions                                                                   At a Glance!
LL 82 X1 Beyond the Basics                                            2 sessions      LL 85 X2 Genealogy
If you’ve been selling on eBay and are now ready to grow your business, this          $75	•	Courseview
class is for you. Learn the keys to success on eBay: set goals, provide great         TBA	•	TBA
products and deals, provide excellent customer service, increase efficiency and       TBA	•	D.	Palmer
lower costs, become an eBay Top-rated seller, effectively market your business,       LL 89 X1 Digital SLR
and review your performance so you can continually improve.
LL 85 X2 Beginning Genealogy                                         10 sessions      $75	•	Barnes,	Room	202
Do you have an interest in searching for your roots? Have tons of old mementos        Monday,	Wednesday	•	6:00p-8:00p
but don’t know how to put them all together? Or have your started your                9/199,	9/21,	9/26,	9/28	•	T.	
genealogy and just can’t seem to figure out what to do? This class will give you      Watson/B. Crafton
all of the basic tools to become an effective and successful searcher. The class is   LL 90 X1 Photography
designed for beginners, but those with a bit of experience will also benefit.         $65	•	Various	Locations
LL 89 X1 Digital SLR Photography                                      9 sessions      Friday	•	9:00a-1:00p
Take the mystery out of camera settings and functions, and unleash the power of       10/14-11/4	•	B.	Brandewie/N.	Roach
your digital camera. Learn about composition, light, aperture, shutter speed and      LL 90 X2 Better Pictures
ISO, as well as depth of field and capturing motion. It is recommended that you       $65	•	One	Lincoln	Park
have a camera with manual settings. Digital SLRs are perfect!                         Friday	•	10:00a-12:00p
                                                                                      11/11-12/16	•	B.	Brandewie/N.	Roach
LL 90 X1 Photography on the Go                                        4 sessions
Join other photographers to shoot in various Miami Valley locations. Learn to         LL 92 X1 Techniques &
look. Learn to see. Learn tricks to improve your images. Meet at a site, have a       Elements
short lesson, then shoot assignments within a designated timeframe. Reconvene         $75	•	Barnes,	Room	202
for lunch (at your own expense) and talk about the shoot, assignments, and            Thursday	•	1:00p-3:00p
what you learned. The first class and lunch will be at Young’s Dairy near Yellow      10/6-11/17	•	B.	Brandewie
Springs. Bring a folding chair.                                                       LL 95 X2 Social Media
                                                                                      $35	•	Barnes,	Room	202
LL 90 X2 Taking Better Pictures                                       5 sessions
                                                                                      Tuesday	•	12:30p-2:30p
No matter what type of photographs you like to take, you can improve them
                                                                                      10/4-10/18	•	G.	Frericks
using a few simple tricks of the professional photographer. Learn helpful
techniques. Consider the effect of color, lighting, background, and more as you
practice. Bring your camera and shoot with the group both inside and outside.
LL 92 X1 Photographic Techniques Using
Photoshop Elements                                                    7 sessions
Learn to edit and enhance photos and create art from your photos. Bring your
laptop with a photo editing program on it, or just take notes and work on
your	photos	at	home	later.	We	will	be	teaching	Photoshop	Elements	9,	but	most	
editing programs are similar. This beginner’s class introduces the program and
how it works. We will also address many basic photo enhancing techniques.
LL 95 X2 Facebook & Twitter:
Why Social Media Should Interest You                                  3 sessions
Your kids and grandkids are using these social networking tools; learn to use
them to your advantage and how to “follow Sinclair” to stay up to date.

LL 08 Xxx Dayton Thrives! Tour of Tech Town &                                         LL 08 Xxx Dayton Thrives!
the Aerospace Hub Story                                                  1 session    $5	•	Second	Street	Market	&	Tech	
Monument Avenue is full of the innovation on which Dayton was built. Meet at          Town
the Second Street Market (corner of Second and Webster) for an overview of            Friday	•	1:30p-3:00p
the exciting developments in downtown Dayton. Then drive to Tech Town (711            9/23	•	S.	Nutt/C.	Felver
Monument Avenue) to hear the Aerospace Hub story, tour Tech Town, and learn
how entrepreneurs are collaborating with local universities, WPAFB, and public/
private sectors. It’s an exciting time to live and work in Dayton!

Seminars & Workshops Computers & Technology
At a Glance!                        Course Descriptions
LL 95 X3 LinkedIn                   LL 95 X3 LinkedIn                                                      2 sessions
$30	•	Barnes,	Room	202              LinkedIn is a networking tool that helps you stay informed about your contacts
Tuesday	•	10:00a-12:00p             and industry—find and access experts, ideas, and opportunities—as well as
10/25-11/01	•	G.	Frericks           establish and maintain your professional profile online. Learn about this way to
                                    stay in touch and potentially find a new job. It’s like a Facebook for your career!
LL 96 X1 Skype
$35	•	Centerville	HS                LL 96 X1 Skype                                                         3 sessions
Saturday	•	9:00a-11:00a             Would you like to talk with your children or grandchildren and see them at the
9/24-10/8	•	J.	Fike                 same time? Would you like to show family members in Arizona what snow
LL 97 Troubleshooting               looks like? Then you’ll want to learn how to use your PC and a camera to
X1—$35	•	Barnes,	Room	202           communicate in a different way. Come to this class and learn the basics, the
Tuesday	•	12:30p-2:30p              popular features, how to create an account, and how to install the software on
9/20	&	9/27	•	G.	Frericks           your home computer.
X2—$35	•	Barnes,	Room	202
                                    LL 97 X1, X2 Help! Troubleshooting Problems                            2 sessions
Tuesday	•	12:30p-2:30p
                                    What’s wrong with my computer? Why won’t it do what I want it to do? How
11/08	&	11/15	•	G.	Frericks
                                    can I get back on track? If you need help figuring out problems you’re having
LL 98 X01 Instructor                with your computer, come to this session. You’ll learn practical tips about solving
X1—$30/hr	•	Sinclair                common problems—and receive help with your individual situations as well.
Wednesday	•	1:00p-2:00p
9/21-11/16	•	P.	Neal                LL 98 Instructor for an Hour: Get Your
X2—$30/hr	•	Barnes,	Room	202        Computer Questions Answered            Instructors available 3 days
Tuesday	•	3:00p-5:00p               Is there something you’re unsure about or that you’d like to know without
9/20-11/15	•	G.	Frericks            attending a class? This is your opportunity to sit down one-on-one with an
X3—Instructor for an Hour           instructor and get individual, focused attention. Time will be scheduled by the
$30/hr	•	Preble	County	LC           hour.	Instructors	are	Gwen	Frericks,	Marian	Jones,	and	Paula	Neal.	
M:	3:00p-5:00p	•	R:	12:00p-2:00p
9/19-11/14;	9/23-11/18	•	M.	Jones   LL 99 Sinclair’s Online Schedule                                         1 session
                                    Now that the schedule for classes available for credit or audit are exclusively
LL 99 X1 Online Schedule            online, how can you find what you’re looking for? Come for an easy tutorial on
X1—Free	•	Sinclair
                                    how to go to Sinclair’s website and identify the classes you want to enroll in.
Thursday	•	2:30p-4:30p
                                    There will be explanation, practice, and individual assistance during class.
9/01	•	G.	Frericks
X2—Free	•	Sinclair	
Friday	•	2:30p-4:30p
12/16	•	G.	Frericks

Seminars & Workshops                                               Arts & Entertainment
At a Glance!                        Course Descriptions
LL 08 X20 Lunch Bunch:              LL 08 X20 Lunch Bunch: Scrambler Marie’s                                 1 session
Scrambler Marie’s                   See what has made this restaurant famously known as the “Best Breakfast in
Free	•	Scrambler	Marie’s            Town” or have lunch with exciting, fresh new tastes. Choose from eye-opening
Tuesday	•	11:30a-?                  recipes as well as traditional favorites. Order from the menu and pay on your
9/6	•	A.	Schwieterman               own. Located at 9600 Springboro Pike, Miamisburg.
Minimum: 10
                                    LL 08 X21 Lunch Bunch: Sidebar Cafe                                      1 session
LL 08 X21 Lunch Bunch:              Experience	Mediterranean-style	small	plate	tapas,	with	a	South	American	
Sidebar Cafe                        influence, made using only the freshest ingredients. This restaurant also
Free	•	Sidebar	Cafe                 accommodates guests with food allergies by properly preparing all foods to
Tuesday	•	11:30a-?                  avoid	reactions.	Gluten-free	items	are	on	the	menu	as	well.	Order	from	the	menu	
10/4	•	A.	Schwieterman              and	pay	on	your	own.	Located	at	410	E.	Fifth	Street	in	Dayton.	
Minimum: 10                                                                                             12
Seminars & Workshops                                                  Arts & Entertainment
Course Descriptions                                                                  At a Glance!
LL 08 X22 Lunch Bunch: EO Burgers                                       1 session    LL 08 X22 Lunch Bunch: EO
See why this restaurant claims to give “fast food” an entirely new meaning.          Burgers
They’ve taken the great value, convenience and prompt service of fast food           Free	•	EO	Burgers
restaurants and created a leisurely, comfortable place to relax and enjoy! On the    Tuesday	•	11:30a-?
menu are freshly ground, handcrafted burgers, free-range, all natural chicken,       11/1	•	A.	Schwieterman
and	freshly	ground	turkey	with	local	produce.	Fries	from	freshly	cut	Yukon	Gold	     Minimum: 10
potatoes with your choice of dipping sauces, and house-made frozen custard
round out the menu. Order from the menu and pay on your own. Located in the
                                                                                     LL 08 X23 Lunch Bunch: The
Greene	on	4482	Glengarry	Drive	in	Beavercreek.                                       Heights Cafe
                                                                                     Free	•	The	Heights	Cafe
LL 08 X23 Lunch Bunch: The Heights Café                                 1 session    Tuesday	•	11:30a-?
Experience	a	quaint,	local	café	with	fresh	ingredients	and	great	taste!	Soups,	      1/3	•	A.	Schwieterman
salads and sandwiches are inspired by foods from around the world. Order from        Minimum: 10
the menu and pay on your own. Located at 6178 Chambersburg Road in Dayton.
                                                                                     LL 08 X24 Mike-Sell’s Tour
Call to reserve your spot in December.
                                                                                     $2	•	Mike-Sell’s
LL 08 X24 Mike-Sell’s Potato Chip Factory Tour                          1 session    Wednesday	•	10:00a-11:00a
Beginning in 1910 selling dried beef and sausage and soon afterward purchasing       9/21	•	A.	Schwieterman
equipment to make potato chips, Mike-Sell’s is the oldest potato chip company        Maximum: 15
in the United States. See how 100 pounds of potatoes fried in peanut oil yield       LL 08 X25 Plant Exchange
about 25 pounds of potato chips ready to be shipped in about 15 minutes.             Free6	•	Cox	Arboretum
Located at 333 Leo Street, with parking in the visitor’s parking lot. Wear           Thursday	•	6:00p-8:30p
protected shoes. Deadline: Registration and payment due by September 12.             9/29	•	Metroparks
LL 08 X25 Gardener’s Plant Exchange                                     1 session    LL 08 X26 Seasonal
Do you have plants you don’t need? And plants you’d like to have? Take part in       Containers
this plant exchange. Call the College for Lifelong Office for more details.          Free6	•	Cox	Arboretum
                                                                                     Friday	•	11:30a-1:00p
LL 08 X26 Lunch & Learn: Seasonal Containers                            1 session    9/9	•	C.	Carpenter
Learn some secrets for designing containers that will enhance your garden. You
will also learn how utilizing containers can create and maintain extended interest   LL 08 X27 Trees & Shrubs
in your own garden. Bring lunch with you.                                            Free6	•	Cox	Arboretum
                                                                                     Thursday	•	11:30a-1:00p
LL 08 X27 Lunch & Learn: Using Trees & Shrubs                                        9/29	•	B.	Jorg
in Your Landscape                                                       1 session
                                                                                     LL 08 X28 Outdoor
Come see some of the best native shrubs and trees and how we can utilize them
in our landscape. Bring lunch with you.                                              Photography
                                                                                     Free6	•	Cox	Arboretum
LL 08 X28 Lunch & Learn: Outdoor Photography                            1 session    Wednesday	•	11:30a-1:00p
Discuss the basics you need to know for creating great photographs of nature.        10/12	•	Metroparks
Topics covered include the best way to capture elements of the outdoors that         LL 08 X29 Lasagna Garden
can be a part of any photograph including bugs, bees, butterflies, flowers,          Free6	•	Cox	Arboretum
visitors, and landscapes. Bring lunch with you.                                      Friday	•	11:30a-1:00p
LL 08 X29 Lunch & Learn: Composting & Lasagna Gardens 1 session                      10/21	•	Metroparks
Want to learn how to turn your yard waste into garden “gold”? This seminar will      LL 08 X30 Plants for
teach how to do just that. With some simple guidelines, you can create next          Pennies
season’s garden beds. Bring lunch with you.                                          Free6	•	Cox	Arboretum
LL 08 X30 Plants for Pennies                                            1 session    Thursday	•	5:00p-6:00p
Learn how to grow more plants in an easy and economical way through the use          9/15	•	B.	Hoevel
of vegetative propagation. Learn useful techniques such as how and when to
divide, how to take cuttings and more. You will also gain the ability to correctly
interpret a seed catalog and the ability to successfully grow plants at home.

Seminars & Workshops                                                Arts & Entertainment
At a Glance!                         Course Descriptions
LL 08 X31 Pruning                   LL 08 X31 Pruning for Health & Beauty                                      1 session
Free6	•	Cox	Arboretum               This class offers an opportunity to learn pruning with a hands-on introduction.
Wednesday	•	6:30p-8:30p             You will learn the best practices of pruning and to manage overgrown shrubs
11/9	•	B.	Hoevel                    and trees in your garden. You will be taught the skills in the first half of class, and
LL 08 X32 Seed Collecting           have an opportunity to try them for yourself in the second half.
Free6	•	Wegerzyn,	Adult	Classroom   LL 08 X32 Living With Mother Earth: Seed Collecting                        1 session
Saturday	•	10:00a-12:00p            Take a walk through Wegerzyn and collect seed from native and cultivated
9/10	•	B.	Hoevel                    plants as you go! You will learn the basics of seed collection and saving, which is
LL 08 X33 Buckeyes                  an easy and economical way to keep your garden growing year after year.
Free6	•	Wegerzyn
                                    LL 08 X33 All About Buckeyes                                               1 session
Saturday	•	1:00p-2:00p
                                    Learn about the history, growing process, and get the answer as to why the
9/10	•	B.	Hoevel
                                    fascinating Buckeye has become so important to Ohio. You’ll even get a chance
LL 08 X34 What is that              to try a sweet treat! Meet in the parking lot.
Free6	•	Wegerzyn,	Adult	Classroom   LL 08 X34 Living With Mother Earth: What is that Thing?
Saturday	•	10:00a-12:00p            A Look at Galls and Fungus on Leaves and Trees          1 session
9/17	•	B.	Hoevel                    Have you ever wondered what the lumps and odd-shaped growths on trees and
                                    leaves are? Come explore the reasons these odd lumps exist and what it means
LL 08 X35 Fall Leaves               in the life of the plant. You won’t want to miss this fascinating class!
Free6	•	Wegerzyn,	Adult	Classroom
Saturday	•	10:00a-12:00p            LL 08 X35 Leaves Through the Season: Fall                                  1 session
9/24	•	B.	Hoevel                    We all enjoy the brightly colored leaves of fall. This informative session will
LL 08 X36 Perennials &              explore the different types of leaves, how they function, why they change color,
                                    and how they prepare the tree for winter and next spring. Come dressed for the
Flowering Bulbs                     outdoors and bring your camera, notebook, and questions.
Free6	•	Wegerzyn,	Adult	Classroom
Saturday	•	10:00a-12:00p            LL 08 X36 Fall is for Planting, Part 1:
10/8	•	B.	Hoevel                    Perennials and Spring Flowering Bulbs                                      1 session
LL 08 X37 Trees & Shrubs            The first of a two-part series, perennials have come to be known as the
Free6	•	Wegerzyn,	Adult	Classroom   “workhorses” of the garden, returning year after year, adding great seasonal
Saturday	•	10:00a-12:00p            color. Learn to select, divide, and maintain them. Also discuss spring flowering
10/15	•	B.	Hoevel                   bulbs, how to select them, care for them, and keep them beautiful.
LL 08 X38 Walk Through              LL 08 X37 Fall is for Planting, Part 2: Trees & Shrubs                     1 session
Wegerzyn                            Join us for a discussion of the best ways to plant your trees and shrubs so they
Free6	•	Wegerzyn                    will give you years of pleasure. Bring your friends and your notebook, and go
Saturday	•	10:00a-12:00p            home with great new ideas.
10/22	•	B.	Hoevel
                                    LL 08 X38 Walk Through Wegerzyn                                            1 session
LL 08 X39 Evergreens                Wegerzyn is a beautiful place all year long, but it is purely magical in the fall.
Free6	•	Wegerzyn,	Adult	Classroom   Tour the Patrick Dougherty sculpture “A Wiggle in Its Walk,” the formal gardens,
Saturday	•	10:00a-12:00p            and the Marie Aull Trail. Dress appropriately for the weather, and bring your
11/5	•	B.	Hoevel                    friends and your camera for a spectacular fall treat! Meet in the parking lot.
LL 08 X40 Eating Seasonally         LL 08 X39 Living With Mother Earth:
& Locally                           Evergreens in the Landscape                                                1 session
Free6	•	Second	Street	Market
                                    There are more to evergreens than just taxus and juniper! Come learn about all
Saturday	•	10:00a-12:00p
                                    the wonderful varieties that do well in our area.
11/12	•	B.	Hoevel
                                    LL 08 X40 Living With Mother Earth:
                                    Eating Seasonally, Eating Locally                                          1 session
                                    Join us at the Second Street Market as a professional chef demonstrates
                                    delicious ways to cook seasonal and local produce. There will be samples and
                                    recipes!	Meet	at	Second	Street	Market	(600	E.	Second	Street,	Dayton).                                                                                               14
Seminars & Workshops                                                   Arts & Entertainment
Course Descriptions                                                                    At a Glance!
LL 08 X41 Tour of Toledo                                                1 session      LL 08 X41 Toledo Tour
Tour	the	Toledo	Botanical	Garden:	Color	Garden,	English	Border	Garden,		               $79	•	Wegerzyn	&	Toledo
Cottage	Garden,	Pioneer	Garden,	Shade	Garden,	Aquatic	Garden,	and	one	of	the	          Friday	•	6:30a-7:00p
nation’s best hosta collections. Then board the bus for Providence Metropark for       9/9	•	B.	Hoevel
a picnic lunch on the grounds, followed by a ride on a mule-drawn canal boat           LL 08 X42 Franklin
down	the	Miami	&	Erie	Canal.	Providence	Metropark	is	located	in	a	former	canal	
town with the original limestone canal locks, towpath, working water-powered
                                                                                       $65	•	Wegerzyn,	Granville,	&	
gristmill	and	a	scenic	roller	dam.	There	will	be	time	to	shop	in	the	General	Store,	
filled with unique gifts. Deadline: Reservations and payment due by August 9.
                                                                                       Thursday	•	8:00a-4:30p
LL 08 X42 Franklin Conservatory Tour                                    1 session      12/1	•	B.	Hoevel
Take an early break from the holiday rush and join us for a beautiful day in           LL 08 X43 Fall Tea
Columbus. First we visit the Franklin Park Conservatory for the lavish poinsettia      Free6	•	Aullwood
displays	and	lighted	holiday	trees.	We’ll	travel	on	to	Granville	for	lunch	at	the	     Sunday	•	1:00p-3:00p
historic	Granville	Inn,	return	to	Columbus	for	a	fun	visit	to	the	Short	North.	        10/16	•	Aullwood
Deadline: space is limited; reservations and payment due by October 31.
                                                                                       LL 08 X44 Amish Quilt
LL 08 X43 Fall Tea at Aullwood                                          1 session      $4/adults;	$2/children	•	Aullwood
Join us on the porch at Mrs. Aull’s house for tea and cookies and then a look at       Monday-Saturday	•	9:00a-5:00p
the garden in fall. Also tour the trees that were planted by the Aulls, as well as     Sunday	•	1:00p-5:00p
those that have been on the property for hundreds of years.                            8/27-10/8	•	Aullwood
LL 08 X44 Amish Quilt Exhibit                                           1 session      LL 08 X45 Bird Day
View over 100 quilts and wall hangings, along with rugs, furniture and baskets.        Free6	•	Aullwood
Register through the College for Lifelong Learning office; pay at the door. If         Saturday	•	7:30a-4:00p
you are part of the Friends of Aullwood and National Audubon Society, free             11/5	•	Aullwood
                                                                                       LL 08 X46 Dinner & a
LL 08 X45 Happy Bird Day                                                1 session      Concert
Come join us for bird-related programs and activities for families and groups.         $7	&	dinner	•	Harrison’s	&	Tipp	
Take part in the early morning bird walk beginning at 7:30a. Build a bird house        Roller Mill
for a modest donation. There will be a scavenger hunt and more.                        Saturday	•	5:00p-9:00p
                                                                                       10/15	•	P.	&	D.	Mutter
LL 08 X46 Dinner & a Concert: Harrison’s and
a performance at Tipp Roller Mill                                       1 session      LL 08 X47 Dinner & a Play:
First	have	dinner	at	Harrison’s	Restaurant	(106	E.	Main	Street,	Tipp	City),	and	       God of Carnage
then	enjoy	a	performance	by	Spittin’	Image	at	the	Tipp	Roller	Mill	(225	E.	            $21.50	•	Citilites	&	Loft	Theatre
Main Street, Tipp City). Spittin’ Image is a duo of identical twin brothers from       Thursday	•	5:30p-10:00p
Greenville,	Ohio.	They	deliver	a	side-splittin’	evening	of	good-humored	musical	       9/22	•	P.	&	D.	Mutter
performances, including audience interaction and music ranging from oldies to          Minimum: 12
classic country and classic rock. Order from the Harrison’s menu and pay on            LL 08 X48 Hors D’oeuvres &
your own. Tickets are purchased at the door for $7. Deadline: October 8.               Theatre: The Crucible
LL 08 X47 Dinner & a Play: God of Carnage                               1 session      $15	•	Sinclair,	Blair	Hall
Enjoy	dinner	at	Citilites	in	the	Schuster	Center;	order	from	the	menu	and	pay	         Thursday	•	6:00p-7:00p,	
on your own. Anyone who is a parent or who had parents will recognize the              refreshments; 7:00p-9:00p, play
carnage that is prevalent in this 2009 Tony Award winning production by                10/20	•	A.	Holaday
Yasmina Reza. The mayhem begins innocently with two couples discussing their
11-year-old son’s schoolyard scuffle. However, this peaceful beginning accelerates
into ever-shifting battles and what the New York Times calls “laughter that
comes from the gut.” Deadline: Registration and payment due September 8.
LL 08 X48 Hors D’oeuvres & Sinclair Theatre: The Crucible 1 session
Written by Arthur Miller, The Crucible is a Tony Award winning dramatization of
the Salem witch trials that took place in Massachusetts in the 1690s. Written as
an allegory to McCarthyism, it is sure to be a powerful performance and evening.

Seminars & Workshops                                                  Arts & Entertainment
At a Glance!                           Course Descriptions
LL 08 X49 Opera: La                    LL 08 X49 Opera: La Boheme                                              1 session
Boheme                                 See why Puccini’s La Boheme is the most popular opera in the world! A beautiful
$10	•	Schuster	Center                  score accompanies a poignant tragedy of passion, beauty, and the fragility of
Wednesday	•	5:00p-10:00p               young love. This masterpiece has enchanted generations of opera-lovers. Join us
10/19	•	P.	&	D.	Mutter                 for the best first opera, the best date opera, and, for many, the best opera.
Maximum: 10
                                       LL 10 Writing About Your Life & Times                                 10 sessions
LL 10 Writing: Life & Times            Everyone	has	a	story	to	tell.	Provide	your	family	with	your	story	for	now	and	in	
X1—$45	•	Sinclair	                     the future. This course leads you through the process of writing, sharing, and
Tuesday	•	2:15p-4:15p                  preserving	your	personal	history.	Each	student	may	submit	a	writing	sample	to	
9/20-11/22	•	K.	Berg                   be duplicated, bound in booklet form, and distributed to class members.
X2—$251	•	Mercy	Siena
Tuesday	•	10:00p-12:00p                LL 12 X1 Journaling Workshop                                          6 sessions
9/20-11/22	•	S.	Kelleher               If you agree with Plato that “The life which is unexamined is not worth living,”
                                       come join our Journaling Workshop. For six weeks, we’ll explore such topics
LL 12 X1 Journaling                    as why we journal, how to choose a journal, the various types of journal keeping,
Free12	•	St.	Leonard                   how to overcome writer’s block, the healing power of personal writing, and how
Wednesday	•	1:30p-3:30p                journaling can lead to memoir writing. With the help of weekly writing exercises,
9/21-10/26	•	S.	Kelleher/D.	Stewart    we’ll each begin the age-old practice of keeping a journal.
Free10	•	One	Lincoln	Park              LL 17 X1 WOLP                                                         17 sessions
Tuesday	•	9:30a-10:30a                 DJ and Musicologist Tony Peters will play your favorite music for your listening
9/6-12/27	•	T.	Peters/H.	Campbell-     pleasure each Tuesday morning. He accepts requests, and will also share some
Bradley                                of the history about the music you’re listening to. This is offered through a
                                       partnership with One Lincoln Park.
LL 08 X50 Oil Painting
$45*	•	Mill	Ridge	Village              LL 08 X50 Bob Ross Style Oil Painting                                 4 sessions
Tuesday	•	10:00a-4:00p                 The Bob Ross style is a wet-on-wet oil painting technique developed by Bob
9/13,	10/11,	11/8,	12/13	•	R.	Davis/   Ross, who appeared on television and was known for using large paint brushes.
G.	King                                No previous painting or drawing experience required. You will complete a picture
Maximum: 10                            in just one class, ready for framing, and do a new painting each month, with
                                       some being landscapes and some being florals. Please wear old clothing, and
                                       bring a sack lunch, paper towels, and/or wet wipes. Taught by a certified Bob
                                       Ross Painting instructor. *Register with the College for Lifelong Learning; make
                                       payment to instructor at Mill Ridge Village.

Please note: Tickets for College for Lifelong Learning students are only available through the CLL office.

Seminars & Workshops                                                            History & Culture
At a Glance!                           Course Descriptions
LL 08 X51 Carrying the                 LL 08 X51 The 2002 Olympic Torch Through the
Olympic Torch                          Eyes of a Torchbearer: Atlanta to Salt Lake City                        1 session
$10	+	lunch	•	Engineer’s	Club          The	torch	for	the	2002	Winter	Olympics	Games	was	carried	from	Atlanta,	
Wednesday	•	10:00a-1:00p               Georgia,	to	Salt	Lake	City,	Utah,	by	11,500	torchbearers	from	46	states	for	13,500	
9/28	•	C.	Beck                         miles over a period of 65 days. The torch came through Dayton on a very cold
Minimum: 10; Maximum: 18               January day, and was carried by Dayton resident, College for Lifelong Learning
                                       Advisory Board member, community leader, and medal winner in the Miami
                                       Valley	Senior	Olympics	and	Worldwide	Transplant	Games	Clark	Beck.	Arrive	
                                       early	to	see	the	torchbearer’s	special	outfit.	Lunch	is	optional	in	the	Engineer’s	
                                       Club dining room after the presentation (ranging from $10 to $15). Park free in
                                       the	Wright	State	University	lot	east	of	the	Engineer’s	Club.                                                                                              16
Seminars & Workshops                                                            History & Culture
Course Descriptions                                                                    At a Glance!
LL 08 X52 Harvey Girls: The Women Who Civilized                                        LL 08 X52 Harvey Girls
Dining in the Wild West                                                 1 session      Free24	•	Waterford	House	
Originally, trains in the West did not offer meal service, leaving passengers to       Tuesday	•	1:30p-3:00p
fend for themselves or be at the mercy of poorly run roadhouses. But Fred              11/8	•	N.	Roach/D.	Schwinn
Harvey had a dream to bring good food at reasonable prices to the travelling           LL 08 X53 Kroc Center
public,	and	the	“Harvey	Girls,”	as	they	came	to	be	known,	were	an	important	part	      Free	•	Kroc	Center
of that equation. They brought respectability to the work of waitressing, while        Monday	•	10:00a-11:30a
having the chance to travel and experience a bit of adventure as they “civilized       10/17	•	C.	Felver/Salvation	Army	
the Old West.”                                                                         Personnel
LL 08 X53 Tour of the Ray Kroc Center                                   1 session      LL 08 X54 Woodland
Joan	Kroc,	wife	of	McDonald’s	entrepreneur	Ray	Kroc,	made	a	large	bequest	to	          Cemetery: Part 1
The	Salvation	Army,	funding	the	creation	of	Dayton’s	Kroc	Center	with	a	tech	          $5	•	Woodland	Cemetery
café,	family	center,	400-seat	sanctuary,	movie	theater,	and	more.	The	Duncarrick	      Wednesday	•	9:00a-10:30a
Mansion, the original structure on the grounds, has been restored and serves           10/12	•	S.	Pesut
as the administrative offices. Tour this wonderful facility that is open to all area
residents.	Located	at	1000	Keowee	Street,	Dayton.
                                                                                       LL 08 X55 Woodland
                                                                                       Cemetery: Part 2
LL 08 X54 Woodland Cemetery: Part 1                                     1 session      $5	•	Woodland	Cemetery
Ever	play	ghost	in	the	graveyard?	Ever	wonder	about	those	old	graves,	who	             Wednesday	•	9:00a-10:30a
those people were, what they did for a living, how they passed? This is the first      10/19	•	S.	Pesut
in a six-part history lesson about one of the oldest and most historic cemeteries
                                                                                       LL 08 X56 Woodland
in	the	country,	Woodland	Cemetery	&	Arboretum,	which	was	founded	in	1841	in	
Dayton. This class will focus on a short history of Dayton and then Woodland           Cemetery: Part 3
Cemetery’s history from its beginnings. We will also learn the meaning of the          Free5	•	Mill	Ridge	Village
symbols on the stones and talk about the many crosses at Woodland. Sherry              Tuesday	•	1:30p-2:30p
Pesut, the presenter, will be in period costume for this program.                      10/25	•	S.	Pesut/G.	King
                                                                                       LL 08 X57 Woodland
LL 08 X55 Woodland Cemetery: Part 2                                     1 session
In the continuing history of Woodland Cemetery, we will discuss some of
                                                                                       Cemetery: Part 4
                                                                                       Free5	•	Mill	Ridge	Village
the prominent families of Dayton who are buried at Woodland, including the
                                                                                       Tuesday	•	1:30p-2:30p
Pattersons, James Ritty, John Stoddard, and Paul Lawrence Dunbar. We will also
                                                                                       11/1	•	S.	Pesut
learn about the Royalty, the famous actress, and the infamous madam buried
there. In addition, this class will present an initial group of other famous women     LL 08 X58 Historic Churches
buried in Woodland. Sherry Pesut, the presenter, will be in period costume for         Free21	•	Sycamore	Glen
this program.                                                                          Thursday	•	2:00p-3:30p
                                                                                       10/6	•	S.	Pesut/S.	Willis
LL 08 X56 Woodland Cemetery: Part 3                                     1 session
This session deals with aviation heroes and legends. Learn about the Wright
Brothers, a World War I Flying Ace, the Tuskegee Airmen, fallen soldiers from
each war, and other aviators at Woodland. Sherry Pesut, the presenter, will be in
period costume for this program.
LL 08 X57 Woodland Cemetery: Part 4                                     1 session
More famous people of Woodland will be covered in this session. You’ll find out
about	the	Meads,	Colonel	Deeds,	Charles	Kettering,	the	politicians	of	Woodland,	
more famous women there, and the inventors who now reside in Woodland.
Sherry Pesut, the presenter, will be in period costume for this program.
LL 08 X58 Historic Downtown Dayton Churches                             1 session
Look back in time at the first church in Dayton and our beautiful churches in the
downtown area. Discuss the history of each church, and take a photographic
tour of them.

Seminars & Workshops                                                           History & Culture
At a Glance!                          Course Descriptions
LL 08 X59 Written in Stone            LL 08 X59 Written in Stone                                              1 session
Free21	•	Sycamore	Glen                What can a quiet, reflective walk through old cemeteries tell you? Other than
Tuesday	•	2:00p-3:30p                 being the site of much genealogical research, you may be struck by the beautiful
10/18	•	N.	Roach/S.	Wills             examples of carvings on gravestones, the brave statuary, and epitaphs. These
LL 08 X60 Remember the                silent sentinels link us with our American history and culture. We will look at the
                                      evolvement and meaning of tombstone iconography, humorous and famous
“Nickel”                              obituaries and epitaphs through the 19th and 20th centuries.
Free18	•	Bethany	Village	Center
Thursday	•	10:00a-11:30a              LL 08 X60 Remembering the “Nickel”                                      1 session
11/17	•	N.	Roach/J.	Neidhart          Take a look back at the early Wright-Dunbar area, including the famous theatres,
LL 08 X61 Civil War                   entertainment, baseball teams, Lakeside Park, and many other sites. See the
Free18	•	Bethany	Village              neighborhood through pictures and reminisce about another era.
Thursday	•	11:00a-12:00p              LL 08 X61 The 150th Anniversary of the Civil War                        1 session
9/29	•	J.	Neidhart                    2011 marks the 150 anniversary of the Civil War’s beginning. See historic photos

LL 08 X62 Dayton’s Gypsies            of Dayton during the War, including the Dayton Civil War Band, and monuments
$5	•	Hubert	Heights	LC,	115           to the Civil War. Also learn about conditions in Dayton, including protests, riots,
Friday	•	11:00a-12:00p                and a number of Montgomery County citizens who served in the war.
9/16	•	L.	Bey
                                      LL 08 X62 Dayton’s Rich Gypsy History                                   1 session
LL 08 X63 Music to Our Ears           King	Owen	and	Queen	Harriet	Stanley	came	from	England	in	the	1800s	to	make	
Free4	•	Mercy	Siena,	Naas	Wellness	   the Miami Valley the headquarters of gypsies in the U.S. Learn about where
Center                                they lived, how they made a living, how many gypsies lived here, newspaper
Friday	•	1:30p-3:00p                  accounts	of	the	Queen	and	King’s	burials	at	Woodland	Cemetery,	and	the	history	
10/7	•	S.	Lightcap/B.	Kreuzer/P.	     of the Woodland gypsy burial plot. There will be colorful descriptions of local
Buening                               gypsy life, the legacy of Miami Valley gypsies in street names and family names,
LL 08 X64 Norman Rockwell             photographs, gypsy tales, and gypsy music.
Free4	•	Mercy	Siena,	Nass	Wellness	   LL 08 X63 Music to Our Ears: Three Composers                            1 session
Center                                Music comes to our ears in different forms and genres. These are the stories of
Friday	•	1:30p-3:00p                  three different composers representing three different eras and three different
12/2	•	J.	Lightcap/B.	Kreuzer/P.	     genres of music. Join us for a music-filled presentation.
                                      LL 08 X64 Christmas with Norman Rockwell                                1 session
LL 08 X65 Ohio First Ladies           As we begin the busy holiday season, we’ll take a look at the life of this
Free33	•	Lathrem	Center               memorable American artist who helped give us our modern image of Christmas.
Friday	•	2:00p-3:00p	
9/16	•	M.	Mabe/K.	Collier/A.Schott    LL 08 X65 Ohio’s Presidential First Ladies                              1 session
                                      Frequently called the “Mother of Presidents,” Ohio proudly boasts the election
LL 08 X66 Presidents—Part I           of	eight	of	her	sons	as	the	American	Chief	Executive.	Hear	about	the	women	
Free8	•	Walnut	Creek	
                                      behind the men, the wives who supported their husband’s political careers,
Tuesday	•	10:30a-11:30a
                                      sharing their personal lives with their country.
9/13	•	J.	Lightcap/J.	Ashworth
LL 08 X67 Wizardry 101                LL 08 X66 Ohio: Mother of Presidents – Part I                           1 session
Free8	•	Walnut	Creek                  The Buckeye State claims eight Presidents of the United States as “favorite
Tuesday	•	10:30a-11:30a               sons”. The stories of these leaders of the U.S. make up a two-part presentation.
10/11	•	J.	Lightcap/J.	Ashworth       Four of those “favorite sons” will be presented.

LL 08 X68 Presidents—Part             LL 08 X67 Wizardry 101                                                  1 session
II                                    Harry	Potter,	the	“Wizard”	of	Waverly	Place,	Excalibur,	and	The	Sorcerer’s	
Free8	•	Walnut	Creek                  Apprentice, have stirred an interest in the world of wizardry. We’ll look at the
Tuesday	•	10:30a-11:30a               lessons of wizardry based on the teachings of the most famous wizard, Merlin.
11/8	•	J.	Lightcap/J.	Ashworth        LL 08 X68 Ohio: Mother of Presidents – Part II                          1 session
                                      This session continues the stories of the Ohio “favorite sons” who have served
                                      our nation as President. We’ll look at four more presidents and review the impact
                                      Ohio has had on the national scene as we move from the 19th to the 20th century.                                                                                                18
Seminars & Workshops                                                               History & Culture
Course Descriptions                                                                    At a Glance!
LL 08 X69 There’s a Pickle on My Christmas Tree                         1 session      LL 08 X69 A Pickle
Ever	wondered	why	we	do	what	we	do	to	celebrate	Christmas?	Review	many	of	             Free8	•	Walnut	Creek
the traditions of our Christmas celebrations in this special presentation.             Tuesday	•	10:30a-11:30a
                                                                                       12/13	•	J.	&	S.	Lightcap/J.	Ashworth
LL 08 X70 Eleanor Weakley Nolen: A Librarian,
an Author, and Somewhat of a Mystery                                    1 session      LL 08 X70 Eleanor Weakley
One	of	Eleanor	Weakley	Nolen’s	best-known	books,	The Cowhide Trunk, takes              Nolen
place in Warren County in the 1840s. The locations in this historical novel for        $18	•	Warren	County	History	Center
children will be discussed, as well as the mystery surrounding the author’s burial.    Wednesday	•	11:30a-1:00p
Fee includes presentation, box lunch, and museum admission.                            9/14	•	J.	Zimkus
                                                                                       LL 08 X71 Gruesome but
LL 08 X71 Gruesome but Truesome 19th Century Practices 1 session
Exploration	some	of	the	strange	practices	and	objects	of	19th century life in          Truesome
southwest Ohio found at the Warren County History Center. Discuss and view             $18	•	Warren	County	History	Center
what would be today considered macabre devices such as hair art, death                 Wednesday	•	11:30a-1:00p
masks, bloodletters, post-mortem photos, and skull-boring tools. Fee includes          10/19	•	J.	Zimkus
presentation, box lunch, and museum admission.                                         LL 08 X72 Issachar Bates
                                                                                       $18	•	Warren	County	History	Center
LL 08 X72 The Life & Times of Issachar Bates,                                          Wednesday	•	1130a-1:00p
Pioneer of the Shaker West                                              1 session      11/16	•	J.	Zimkus/C.	Medicott
Learn how Bates, a musician and soldier in the American Revolution, was drawn
in middle age to join the Shakers. How this “clever, jolly, honest fellow,” with a     LL 08 X73 “His Heart
gift for preaching, was an ideal candidate to lead the expansion of the Shaker         Laughed”
way of life. And how he, and two others, walked more than 1,000 miles in 1805          $18	•	Warren	County	History	Center
to find the first Shaker convert in the West in Warren County, Ohio. Fee includes      Wednesday	•	11:30a-1:00p
presentation, box lunch, and museum admission.                                         12/14	•	J.	Zimkus/F.	Compton

LL 08 X73 “And His Own Heart Laughed”                                   1 session      LL 08 X74 Hollywood
                                                                                       Free5	•	Mill	Ridge	Village
Of the five Christmas novels Charles Dickens wrote, his most famous, A
                                                                                       Tuesday	•	2:00p-3:30p
Christmas Carol, was not the author’s personal favorite. In this spirited discussion
                                                                                       8/23	•	J.Zimkus/G.	King
of	Christmas	and	Victorian	England,	discover	why	a	later	novel	in	the	series	
would, in Dickens’ words, “knock The Carol right out of the park.” Fee includes        LL 08 X75 Heritage Center
presentation, box lunch, and museum admission.                                         Donation	•	History	Center,	
LL 08 X74 Warren County Goes Hollywood                                  1 session      Wednesday	•	10:30a-11:30a
Learn	about	the	making	of	Warren	County’s	two	major	motion	pictures	–	“Harper	         10/12	•	A.	Holaday
Valley PTA” and “Milk Money.” We’ll also look at the actors from the county, from
an Oscar-nominated actor to a character actor whose name you can’t remember            LL 08 X76 Genealogy
but whose face you’ll never forget.                                                    76A—$534	•	Preble	County	Library	
LL 08 X75 Tour: The Clark County Heritage Center                        1 session      Saturday	•	9:00a-11:30a
A century-old City Hall and Marketplace has become the home for Springfield            9/17	•	J.	Young/A.	Noland
and Clark County’s heritage. Priceless mementos have been assembled to                 76B—$534	•	Preble	County	Library	
open an exciting window on seven generations of fascinating history. You will          Admin.
learn about the impact that Springfield had on the development of not only             Wednesday	•	9:00a-11:30a
Ohio	but	also	of	our	nation.	We	will	view	the	National	Road	Gallery	and	trace	         10/12	•	J.	Young/A.	Noland
the development of America’s first “interstate highway.” The Heritage Center
is located at 117 S. Fountain Avenue, Springfield 45502; the Marriott is located
directly across the street at 100 S. Fountain Avenue, Springfield 45502.
LL 08 X76A & X76B Preble County Genealogy                               1 session
Begin tracing your family history and gain an overview of the various resources
that	are	available	to	help	you	in	the	Genealogy	Research	Room	of	the	Preble	
County Library Systems’ Administrative offices. Taught by Joyce Young, a local
authority on the subject.

Senior Sites                                                                                               Audit Schedule
To register for Sinclair classes at senior and community centers, register at the site that you will be attending.
Membership at the site may be required. These classes are tuition-free for those age 60 and better. Others may attend
with permission and by paying the tuition. Call (937) 512-2372 or 512-5184 for more information.

Covenant House (formerly Beth Jacob) (DSC), 7020 N. Main St., Dayton 45415 (937) 274-2149
CJS	102/GG		 Constitutional Law                                       R	                         1:00p-3:30p	               E.	Orlando
Bethany Village (BLV), 6445 Far Hills Avenue, Dayton 45459, (937) 433-2110
ART	297/GM		 Painting & More                                          W                          10:00a-1:15p               F. Betz
PED	148/8E		 Beginning Ballroom Dance**                               M	                         1:00p-2:40p	               J.	&	D.	Rose
PED	149/9F		 Intermediate Social Dance**                              R	                         6:00p-7:40p	               J.	&	D.	Rose
Brookville Senior Citizen Center (BSCC), Golden Gate Park, Brookville 45309, (937) 512-2372
ART	297/GA		 Painting & More                                          T	                         9:00a-12:15p	              K.	Moore
PED	105/GH		 Physical Fitness                                         MW                         9:30a-10:20a               T. Penick
Dayton Jewish (DJC), Boonshoft Center, 525 Versailles Dr., Centerville 45459 (937) 853-0372
HIS	297/GH		 The Supreme Court in an Era of                           W                          1:00p-3:30p                D. Williams
             Cultural Transformation
ART	297/GP		 Art Appreciation                                         F                          10:00a-12:00p              B. Stork
Earl Heck Community Center (EHCC), 201 N. Main Street, Englewood 45322, (937) 836-5929
ART	297/GN		 Painting & More                                          W                          9:00a-12:15p               S. Harbaugh
Northwest Recreation Center (formerly Ellison) (ESCC), 1600 Princeton Avenue, 45406, (937) 333-3322
ART	297/GJ		 Painting & More                                          F                          9:00a-12:15p               B. Bolton
PED	105/GA		 Physical Fitness                                         TR                         9:45a-10:35a               L. Tschippert
HIS	297/GL		 Dayton’s African-American                                W                          9:00a-11:30a               M. Peters
             Heritage & You

    Legend of Sponsors
     Sponsored by Mercy Siena or Sycamore        11
                                                      Sponsored by Mercy Siena Retirement             22
                                                                                                           Sponsored by Brookhaven Retirement
     Glen Retirement Community (They will pay         Community (Mercy Siena will pay the                  Community
     $15 of the $45 tuition fee.)                     instructor’s fee, plus $2 of the $6 food        23
                                                                                                           Sponsored by Vandalia Senior Center
     Sponsored by Crestview Manor                     supply fee).
                                                                                                           Sponsored by Waterford House
     Cooperatively offered by Lathrem Senior
                                                      Sponsored by St. Leonard’s Wellness
                                                                                                           Sponsored by Yellow Springs Senior Center
     Center and Sinclair Community College for
     Lifelong Learning                           13
                                                      Dayton Urban League may pay for training
                                                                                                           Sponsored by Brookhaven Retirement
                                                      for qualified students.                              Community & Good Samaritan Hospital
     Sponsored by Mercy Siena Retirement
     Community                                   14
                                                      Sponsored by Dayton Metro Library System
                                                                                                           Sponsored by Diversity Grant funding
     Sponsored by Mill Ridge Village             15
                                                      Provided by Sinclair’s Career Services
                                                                                                           Underwritten by Edward Jones office, Ron
                                                      department                                           Solada, Financial Advisor. Edward Jones, its
     Offered in collaboration with Five Rivers                                                             employees and financial advisors are not
     MetroParks: Aullwood, Cox Arboretum         16
                                                      Provided by KMCN Community Wellness                  estate planners and do not give tax or legal
     and the Germantown Nature Center, and            Program                                              advice
     Wegerzyn Gardens                            17
                                                      Sponsored by Otterbein Retirement               29
                                                                                                           Sponsored by Oakwood Village, Springfield
     Sponsored by the Oscar & Marjorie                Community, Lebanon
     Boonshoft Center for Jewish Culture and
                                                                                                           Sponsored by The Greenbriar, Eaton
                                                      Sponsored by Bethany Village
     Education                                                                                        31
                                                                                                           Provided by The Area Agency on Aging
                                                      Sponsored by Dayton Urban League
     Sponsored by the Suites at Walnut Creek                                                          32
                                                                                                           Provided by VITAS Innovative Hospice Care
                                                      Sponsored by Fairhaven Church
     Offered in collaboration with Dayton                                                             33
                                                                                                           Sponsored by Lathrem Senior Adult Center
     History—Carillon Historical Park
                                                      Sponsored by Sycamore Glen Retirement
                                                                                                           Supported by the Preble County District
     Sponsored by One Lincoln Park                                                                         Library                                                                                                                          20
Senior Sites                                                            Audit Schedule
Rec Center-Roosevelt Commons (formerly Ellison) (ROSC), 2021 W. Third Street, 45417, (937) 333-4732
PED	105/GA		 Physical Fitness                    TR              9:45a-10:35a        S. Trees
PED	148/GC		 Soulful Line Dance                  MF              10:00a-10:50a       J. Drummond
Englewood Learning Center, (937) 836-8750
PED	105/GF		 Physical Fitness                    MW              9:30a-10:20a        F. Strahan
Fairborn Senior Center (FSC), 325 N. Third Street, Fairborn, 45324, (937) 878-4141
HIS	297/GA		 Utopian Societies                   F	              10:00a-12:30p	      W.	Kuhn
Friendship Village (FSHP), 5790 Denlinger Road, Dayton 45426, (937) 837-5581
ART	297/GB		 Painting & More                     M               1:00p-4:15p         B. Stork
PLS	297/GE		 Political Parties & the Electoral   W               1:30p-4:00p         M. Sprague
Hithergreen Senior Center (HSC), 5900 Hithergreen Drive, Dayton 45429, (937) 435-2415
ART	297/GC		 Painting & More                     M               9:00a-12:15p        B. Stork
ART	297/GD		 Watercolor Painting*                R               9:30a-12:45p        D. Coyle
ART	297/GE		 Watercolor Painting*                T               9:30a-12:45p        D. Coyle
HIS	297/GB		 Antebellum America & the Road       M               1:00p-3:30p         M. Mohler
             to the Civil War
MUS	115/GB		 Originals & Sundaes                 T               6:00p-8:00p         R. Bobo
PED	154/GA		 Aerobic Conditioning                TR              10:00a-10:50a       M. Pittman
PED	165/GD		 Country/Western Dance               T               1:30p-3:10p         P. Burger
PED	204/GA		 Adv. Aerobic Conditioning           TR              8:45a-10:00a        M. Pittman
Huber Heights Senior Center (HHSC), 6428 Chambersburg Road, Huber Heights 45424, (937) 233-9999
PED	105/GG		   Physical Fitness                  TF              8:00a-8:50a         F. Strahan
PED	105/GC		   Physical Fitness                  MW              10:00a-10:50a       D. Pence
PED	105/GD		   Physical Fitness                  MW              8:00a-8:50a         D. Pence
PED	105/GB		   Physical Fitness                  MW              9:00a-9:50a         D. Pence
Kettering Rosewood Arts Centre (KRAC), 2655 Olson Drive, Dayton 45420, (937) 296-0294
ART	297/GF		 Painting & More                     W               1:00p-4:15p         D. Black
ART	297/GG		 Painting & More                     R               1:00p-4:15p         D. Black
Lathrem Senior Adult Center (LSAC), 2900 Glengarry Drive, Dayton 45420, (937) 296-2480
HIS	297/GF		 Ohio History                        M               1:30p-4:00p         M. Mabe
PED	165/GE		 Country/Western Dance               R               1:00p-2:40p         P. Burger
Lohrey Recreation Center (LCC), 2366 Glenarm Avenue, Dayton 45420, (937) 333-3131
ART	297/GH		 Painting & More                     T               9:00a-12:15p        R. Wourms
Maria-Joseph Living Care Center (MJLC), 4830 Salem Avenue, Dayton 45416, (937) 278-2692
DAN	105/GB		 Adapted Wheelchair Dance            F               1:30p-3:10p         M. Pittman
DAN	105/GC		 Adapted Wheelchair Dance            F               3:20p-5:00p         M. Pittman
Mercy Siena Retirement Community (MSNC), 6105 North Main Street, Dayton 45415, (937) 279-2879
DAN	105/GE		 Adapted Wheelchair Dance            F               10:00a-11:40a       M. Pittman
ART	297/GK		 Painting & More                     T               1:00p-4:15p         S. Harbaugh
PED	105/GM		 Physical Fitness (meets at Naas     W               10:00a-11:40a       D. Stewart
             Wellness Center)

Senior Sites                                                                 Audit Schedule
Miami Shores of Moraine Nursing Center (MSMN), 3421 Pinnacle Road, Dayton 45418, (937) 268-3488
DAN	105/GA		 Adapted Wheelchair Dance               MW                11:00a-11:50a        M. Pittman
Miamisburg Senior Adult Center (MBSC), 305 East Central Avenue, Miamisburg 45342, (937) 866-8999
PED	204/9E		   Adv. Aerobic Conditioning**          MWF               4:00p-4:50p          D. Pence
ART	297/GI		   Painting & More                      F                 1:00p-4:15p          S. Harbaugh
PED	204/GB		   Adv. Aerobic Conditioning            TR                12:45p-2:00p         D. Pence
HIS	297/GM		   Medieval History                     M	                1:15p-3:45p	         K.	Combs	
One Lincoln Park (OLP), 590 Isaac Prugh Way, Dayton 45429, (937) 298-0594
HIS	297/GC		   Rebuilding Europe after WWII         F                 1:00p-3:30p          B. Weiss
Preble County Learning Center (PCLC), 450 E Washington-Jackson Rd, Eaton 45320, (937) 456-5252
ART 101/8B     Introduction to Art                  TR                2:00p-3:15p
HIS 101/9A     United States History (1607-1815)    R                 7:00p-9:45p          B. Newbury
Sinclair Campus (SCC), 444 West Third Street, Dayton 45402, (937) 512-2372
PED	101/02		   Beginning Swimming                   TR                11:00a-11:50a        N. Peavy
PED	102/02		   Intermediate Swimming                TR                10:00a-10:50a        N. Peavy
PED	153/05		   Water Aerobics                       TR                2:00p-2:50p          N. Peavy
ART 297/5Z     Ceramic Arts for Seniors             MW	               8:00a-10:45a	        G.	Hageman
DIT 143/S1     Healthy Cooking                      T	                9:00a-12:30p	        Chef	L.	Gose
Trinity Community of Beavercreek (TBC), 3218 Indian Ripple Rd., Beavercreek 45440, (937) 426-8481
HUM	140/GT		 Appalachian Folkways                   W	                1:30p-4:00p	         K.	Hayes
Trotwood Seniors (CPMC), Greater Works/Y, 506 E. Main St., Trotwood 45426, (937) 512-2372
PED	148/8D		 Soulful Line Dance**                   T	                6:00p-7:40p	         C.	Echols
Vandalia Senior Center (VSCC), 21 Tionda Drive, South, Vandalia 45377, (937) 898-1232
ART	297/GL		   Painting & More                      R	                12:00p-3:15p	        K.	Moore
MUS	115/GD		   Originals & Sundaes                  M                 1:00p-3:30p          R. Bobo
PED	105/GE		   Physical Fitness                     MW                11:00a-11:50a        F. Strahan
PED	105/GJ		   Physical Fitness                     MW                12:00p-12:50p        F. Strahan
ART	297/GO		   Art Appreciation                     T                 1:30p-3:30p          B. Stork
Villas of Brookhaven (VOB), One Country Lane, Brookville 45309, (937) 833-4006
ENG	260/GJ		 Memoir Writing                         R	                9:30a-12:00p	        S.	Kelleher
Walnut Creek Nursing Center (WCNC), 5070 Lamme Road, Dayton 45439, (937) 293-7703
DAN	105/GG		 Adapted Wheelchair Dance               TR                4:10p-5:00p          M. Pittman
Wood Glen Nursing Center (WGNC), 3800 Summit Glen Drive, Dayton 45449, (937) 436-2273
DAN	105/GH		 Adapted Wheelchair Dance               T                 2:15p-3:55p          M. Pittman
DAN	105/GJ		 Adapted Wheelchair Dance               R                 2:15p-3:55p          M. Pittman

* Restricted class. Instructor’s signature required.
**Not restricted to seniors 60 and over. Tuition charged for those under 60 and membership fee at offering site
may be required.                                                                                    22
Sinclair Community College                                                        Audit Schedule
College for Lifelong Learning students who are age 60 or better may register to participate in credit classes for
continued learning at any of the Sinclair campuses tuition free on a space-available basis. The classes shown in
this list represent days and times that have been convenient for our students. However, not all classes or times
are listed. For the complete listing of classes and sections, check the Sinclair website at, which
has the latest information, as the schedule is updated on an ongoing basis. If you have any questions or concerns,
please feel free to contact the College for Lifelong Learning office at (937) 512-2372. Please note: no credit given;
lab fees may apply to some classes. For more information on audit class locations, see the legend on page 34.
Accounting (ACC)
ACC 121/03     Introduction to Financial Accounting       MW      10:30am-12:45pm
ACC 121/07     Introduction to Financial Accounting       TR      1:00pm-3:15pm
ACC 122/01     Intro to Managerial Accounting             MW      10:30am-12:45pm
ACC 122/50     Intro to Managerial Accounting             TR      7:00pm-9:15pm
Allied Health (ALH)
ALH 103/02     Intro to Health Care Delivery              TR      9:30am-10:45am
ALH 103/04     Intro to Health Care Delivery              F       9:00am-11:45am
ALH 103/8B     Intro to Health Care Delivery              MW	     12:30pm-1:45pm	      ELC,	104	
ALH 103/8F     Intro to Health Care Delivery              F       8:00am-10:45am       PCLC, 109
ALH 104/02     Allied Health Informatics                  MW      12:30pm-1:45pm       4110
ALH 104/08     Allied Health Informatics                  TR      3:30pm-4:45pm        4110
ALH 106/03     Intro to Basic Health Care Practice        MW      2:30pm-4:00pm        12302
ALH 106/51     Intro to Basic Health Care Practice        T       5:30pm-8:00pm        12302
ALH 106/8A     Intro to Basic Health Care Practice        W       8:00am-10:40am       HHLC, 111
Art (ART)
ART 101/02     Introduction to Art                        TR      4:00pm-5:15pm        13404
ART 101/04     Introduction to Art                        F       1:00pm-3:45pm        13404
ART 101/8A     Introduction to Art                        MW	     2:00pm-3:15pm	       ELC,	106	
ART 101/8B     Introduction to Art                        TR      2:00pm-3:15pm        PCLC, 111
ART 102/01     Art Appreciation: Art Media                R       11:00am-1:40pm       13404
ART 102/8A     Art Appreciation: Art Media                S       8:30am-11:10am       HHLC, 110
ART 107/9B     Beginning Photoshop                        M	      7:00pm-9:45pm	 ELC,	109	
ART 107/W1     Beginning Photoshop                        W	      12:00pm-2:40pm	 ELC,	109	
ART 108/01     Design Basics: Color                       MW      8:00am-10:45am       13206
ART 111/02     Art Drawing I                              TR      11:00am-1:45pm       13301
ART 111/03     Art Drawing I                              TR      2:00pm-4:45pm        13301
ART 111/04     Art Drawing I                              F       9:00am-2:30pm        13301
ART 111/8A     Art Drawing I                              MW	     6:00pm-8:40pm	       KHS	
ART 111/W1     Art Drawing I                              S       9:00am-2:30pm        13301
ART 111/W5     Art Drawing I                              U       12:30pm-6:00pm       13301
ART 112/04     Art Drawing II                             F       9:00am-2:30pm        13301
ART 112/50     Art Drawing II                             MW      5:30pm-8:15pm        13301
ART 112/8A     Art Drawing II                             MW	     6:00pm-8:40pm	       KHS
ART 112/W1     Art Drawing II                             S       9:00am-2:30pm        13301
ART 112/W5     Art Drawing II                             U       12:30pm-6:00pm       13301
ART 113/04     Art Drawing III                            F       9:00am-2:30pm        13301
ART 113/50     Art Drawing III                            MW      5:30pm-8:15pm        13301
ART 113/8A     Art Drawing III                            MW	     6:00pm-8:40pm	       KHS
Sinclair Community College                               Audit Schedule
ART 113/W1   Art Drawing III            S    9:00am-2:30pm    13301
ART 113/W5   Art Drawing III            U    12:30pm-6:00pm   13301
ART 121/02   Painting I                 TR   11:30am-1:45pm   13304
ART 121/W1   Painting I                 S    9:00am-2:30pm    13304
ART 122/02   Painting II                TR   2:00pm-4:45pm    13304
ART 122/W1   Painting II                S    9:00am-2:30pm    13304
ART 123/02   Painting III               TR   2:00pm-4:45pm    13304
ART 123/W1   Painting III               S    9:00am-2:30pm    13304
ART 131/01   Sculpture I                TR   2:00pm-4:45pm    13306
ART 131/02   Sculpture I                MW   11:00am-1:45pm   13306
ART 131/50   Sculpture I                MW   5:30pm-8:15pm    13306
ART 131/W1   Sculpture I                S    9:00am-2:30pm    13306
ART 132/01   Sculpture II               TR   11:00am-1:45pm   13306
ART 132/50   Sculpture II               MW   5:30pm-8:15pm    13306
ART 132/W1   Sculpture II               S    9:00am-2:30pm    13306
ART 133/01   Sculpture III              TR   11:00am-1:45pm   13306
ART 133/50   Sculpture III              MW   5:30pm-8:15pm    13306
ART 133/W1   Sculpture III              S    9:00am-2:30pm    13306
ART 141/01   Ceramic Art I              TR   8:00am-10:45am   13307
ART 141/02   Ceramic Art I              TR   11:00am-1:45pm   13307
ART 141/50   Ceramic Art I              MW   5:30pm-8:15pm    13307
ART 141/W1   Ceramic Art I              S    9:00am-2:30pm    13307
ART 142/01   Ceramic Art II             MW   11:00am-1:45pm   13307
ART 142/02   Ceramic Art II             TR   2:00pm-4:45pm    13307
ART 142/W1   Ceramic Art II             S    9:00am-2:30pm    13307
ART 143/01   Ceramic Art III            MW   11:00am-1:45pm   13307
ART 143/02   Ceramic Art III            TR   2:00pm-4:45pm    13307
ART 143/W1   Ceramic Art III            S    9:00am-2:30pm    13307
ART 161/01   Photography I              TR   8:00am-10:45am   13303
ART 161/02   Photography I              TR   11:00am-1:45pm   13303
ART 161/W5   Photography I              U    12:30pm-6:00pm   13303B
ART 162/01   Photography II             R    4:00pm-9:15pm    13303
ART 163/01   Photography III            R    4:00pm-9:15pm    13303
ART 171/01   Studio Photography         W    4:00pm-9:15pm    13202
ART 175/50   Computer Photography I     W    5:30pm-8:15pm    13322
ART 221/02   Advanced Painting I        TR   2:00pm-4:45pm    13304
ART 221/W1   Advanced Painting I        S    9:00am-2:30pm    13304
ART 222/02 Advanced Painting II         TR   2:00pm-4:45pm    13304
ART 222/W1 Advanced Painting II         S    9:00am-2:30pm    13304
ART 223/02 Advanced Painting III        TR   2:00pm-4:45pm    13304
ART 223/W1 Advanced Painting III        S    9:00am-2:30pm    13304
ART 231/01   Art of the Ancient World   MW   9:30am-10:45am   13404
ART 231/8A   Art of the Ancient World   TR   8:00am-9:15am    CVCC
ART 241/01   Advanced Ceramic Art I     MW   11:00am-1:45pm   13307
ART 241/02   Advanced Ceramic Art I     TR   2:00pm-4:45pm    13307                                              24
Sinclair Community College                                            Audit Schedule
ART 241/W1    Advanced Ceramic Art I               S     9:00am-2:30pm       13307
ART 242/01 Advanced Ceramic Art II                 MW    11:00am-1:45pm      13307
ART 242/02 Advanced Ceramic Art II                 TR    2:00pm-4:45pm       13307
ART 242/W1 Advanced Ceramic Art II                 S     9:00am-2:30pm       13307
ART 243/01 Advanced Ceramic Art III                MW    11:00am-1:45pm      13307
ART 243/02 Advanced Ceramic Art III                TR    2:00pm-4:45pm       13307
ART 243/W1 Advanced Ceramic Art III                S     9:00am-2:30pm       13307
ART 251/04    Advanced Sculpture                   TR    11:00am-1:45pm      13306
ART 251/50    Advanced Sculpture                   MW    5:30pm-8:15pm       13306
ART 251/W1    Advanced Sculpture                   S     9:00am-2:30pm       13306
ART 265/01    Color Photography I                  M     4:00pm-9:15pm       13303
ART 266/01    Color Photography II                 M     4:00pm-9:15pm       13303
ART 267/01    Color Photography III                M     4:00pm-9:15pm       13303
ART 297/5Z    Ceramics for Seniors                 MW    8:00am-10:45am      13307
American Sign Language (ALS)
ASL 111/01    Beginning American Sign Language     MW    8:00am-9:15am       9212
ASL 111/02    Beginning American Sign Language     TR    11:00am-12:15pm     9212
ASL 111/03    Beginning American Sign Language     MW    12:30pm-1:45pm      9212
ASL 111/50    Beginning American Sign Language     MW    5:30pm-6:45pm       9212
ASL 111/8B    Beginning American Sign Language     MW	   12:30pm-1:45pm	     ELC,	111
ASL 111/9A    Beginning American Sign Language     R     7:00pm-9:45pm       HHLC, 110
Automotive (AUT)
AUT 100/50    Basic Automotive Systems             R     6:00pm-10:10pm      20112
AUT 108/50    Engine Systems                       TR    6:00pm-9:15pm       20241
Biology (BIO)
BIO 141/02    Principles of Anatomy & Physiology   MW    9:30am-10:45am
BIO 141/04    Principles of Anatomy & Physiology   TR    9:30am-10:45am
BIO 141/06    Principles of Anatomy & Physiology   MW    2:00pm-3:15pm
BIO 147/05    Lab for BIO 141                      T	    10:00am	–11:50am	 4012	
BIO 147/51    Lab for BIO 141                      M     7:00pm-8:40pm     4012
BIO 147/54    Lab for BIO 141                      W     7:00pm-8:40pm     4012
Business Information Systems (BIS) NOTE: Prerequisite required; contact department chair
BIS 101/04    Personal Computer Keyboarding        TR    2:00pm-2:50pm
BIS 101/8A    Personal Computer Keyboarding        F	    8:00am-9:40am	      ELC,	104	
BIS 101/8B    Personal Computer Keyboarding        F     11:00am-12:40pm     HHLC, 117
BIS 104/8A    Introduction to P.C. Usage           F	    10:00am	–12:45pm	 ELC,	104	
BIS 104/8D    Introduction to P.C. Usage           F	    10:30am	–1:10pm	 PCLC,	108	
BIS 104/S1    Introduction to P.C. Usage           MW    12:30pm-1:55pm    3213
BIS 105/02    Computer Concepts                    MW    11:00am-12:15pm
BIS 105/04    Computer Concepts                    TR    2:00pm-3:15pm
BIS 160/21    Intro to Word, PowerPoint & Excel    TR    12:30pm-1:45pm      5231
BIS 160/8B    Intro to Word, PowerPoint & Excel    TR    9:30am-10:45am      HHLC, 117
BIS	160/9G	   Intro to Word, PowerPoint & Excel    W     7:00pm-9:40pm       PCLC, 108
BIS 160/9H    Intro to Word, PowerPoint & Excel    MW	   7:00pm-8:15pm	      ELC,	104	
BIS 161/02    Intermediate Word, PowerPoint & Excel MW   2:00pm-3:15pm
Sinclair Community College                                           Audit Schedule
BIS M35/01    Microsoft Access                    MW    1:00pm-1:50pm
BIS M35/8A    Microsoft Access                    F	    1:00pm-2:40pm	    ELC,	104	
BIS M45/01    Microsoft Excel                     TR    10:00am-10:50am
BIS M45/50    Microsoft Excel                     MW    6:00pm-6:50pm
BIS M75/01    The Internet                        TR    12:30pm-1:45pm
BIS M75/02    The Internet                        MW    9:30am-10:45am
BIS M75/8A    The Internet                        F     1:00pm-3:40pm     HHLC, 117
BIS M85/01    Microsoft Word                      TR    2:00pm-2:50pm
Chemistry (CHE)
CHE	120/02	 Introduction to Chemistry             MWF   12:00pm-12:50pm   12341
CHE	120/05	 Introduction to Chemistry             TR    11:00am-12:15pm   12336
CHE	126/03	   Lab for CHE 120                     M     12:00pm-1:50pm    12343
CHE	126/13	   Lab for CHE 120                     R     2:00pm-3:50pm     12343
Computer Information Systems (CIS) NOTE: Prerequisite required; contact department chair
CIS 107/01    Introduction to Operating Systems   MW    9:30am-10:45am    4111
CIS 107/04    Introduction to Operating Systems   TR    3:30pm-4:45pm     4111
CIS 107/50    Introduction to Operating Systems   M     6:00pm-8:45pm     4111
CIS 130/01    Introduction to Web Development     TR    11:00am-12:15pm
CIS 130/51    Introduction to Web Development     M     6:00pm-8:45pm
CIS 131/50    Intermediate Web Development        W     6:00pm-8:45pm
CIS 238/01    PC Troubleshooting                  MW    2:30pm-3:45pm     5043
CIS 238/51    PC Troubleshooting                  T     6:00pm-9:30pm     5043
CIS 265/01    Database Management Systems         TR    12:30pm-1:45pm
CIS 265/02    Database Management Systems         MW    9:30am-10:45am
CIS 265/50    Database Management Systems         R     6:00pm-8:45pm
Developmental Studies (DEV)
DEV	075/12	   Foundations in Paragraph Writing    MW    12:00pm-1:50pm
DEV	075/9A	   Foundations in Paragraph Writing    MW    1:30pm-3:20pm     HHLC, 115
DEV	075/9B	   Foundations in Paragraph Writing    TR	   1:30pm-3:20pm	    ELC,	108
DEV	075/9G	   Foundations in Paragraph Writing    TR    5:00pm-6:40pm     PCLC, 110
DEV	084/06	 Basic Mathematics I                   MW    2:00pm-3:50pm
DEV	084/8C	 Basic Mathematics I                   MW	   12:00pm-1:50pm	   ELC,	108
DEV	084/9C	 Basic Mathematics I                   TR    6:00pm-7:40pm     PCLC, 112
DEV	108/03	   Introduction to Algebra             MW    10:00am-11:50am
DEV	108/8A	   Introduction to Algebra             TR	   12:00pm	–1:50	pm	 HHLC,	113	
DEV	108/8B	   Introduction to Algebra             MW	   12:00pm-1:50pm	 ELC,	106	
DEV	108/8H	   Introduction to Algebra             TR    10:00am-11:50pm PCLC, 111
DEV	110/8A	   Foundations of Essay Writing        MW	   2:00pm-3:50pm	    ELC,	105
DEV	110/9G	   Foundations of Essay Writing        TR    7:00pm-8:40pm     PCLC, 110
Dietetics (DIT)
DIT 143/S1    Healthy Cooking                     T     9:00am-12:30pm    13422
DIT 143/S2    Healthy Cooking                     F     9:00am-12:30pm    13422
Economics (ECO)
ECO	105/01	 General Economics                     TR    8:00am-9:15am
ECO	105/50	 General Economics                     M     7:00pm-9:45pm                                                                  26
Sinclair Community College                                            Audit Schedule
ECO	218/02	 Principles of Microeconomics           MW    10:00am-11:50am
ECO	218/05	 Principles of Microeconomics           TR    12:00pm-1:50pm
English (ENG)
ENG	111/24	     English Composition I              MW    9:30am-10:45am
ENG	111/8B	     English Composition I              TR	   12:30pm-1:15pm	     ELC,	105
ENG	111/8P	     English Composition I              TR    10:00am-11:15am     PCLC, 109
ENG	116/01	     Advanced Vocabulary Building       TR	   9:30am-10:45am		 	              K.	Berg
ENG	131/06	     Business Communications I          TR    9:30am-10:45am
ENG	131/9A	     Business Communications I          F	    11:00am-1:40pm	     ELC,	109
ENG	132/50	 Business Communications II             W     7:00pm-9:45pm
ENG	255/01	 Creative Writing: Poetry               TR    2:00pm-3:15pm
ENG	256/01	 Creative Writing: Fiction              TR    12:30pm-1:45pm
ENG	256/02	 Creative Writing: Fiction              MWF   11:00am-11:50am
English as a Second Language (ESL)
ESL	050/01	     ESL Basic                          MW    10:00am-11:50am
ESL	050/51	     ESL Basic                          MW    6:00pm-7:50pm
Finance (FIN)
FIN 245/01      Personal Finance                   MW    12:30pm-1:45pm
French (FRE)
FRE	100/50	 Intro to French Conversation,          MW    5:30pm-6:45pm
            Language & Culture
FRE	101/01	 Elementary French I                    TR    12:00pm-1:50pm
FRE	101/50	 Elementary French I                    MW    5:00pm-6:50pm       3111
FRE	102/01	     Elementary French II               TR    12:00pm-1:50pm
Geography (GEO)
GEO	101/02	 Physical Geography                     TR    12:00pm-2:15pm      12311
GEO	101/8A	 Physical Geography                     MW	   2:00pm-3:50pm	      ELC,	108
GEO	102/01	 Human Geography                        MW    2:00pm-3:15pm       12311
GEO	102/02	 Human Geography                        TR    8:00am-9:15am       12311
German (GER)
GER	100/50	 Conversational German                  W     5:30pm-8:10pm
GER	101/02	     Elementary German I                TR    2:00pm-3:50pm
Health Information Management (HIM) NOTE: Prerequisite required; contact department chair
HIM 260/01      ICD-9CM Medical Office Coding      MW    9:30am-10:45am      13203
HIM 260/02      ICD-9CM Medical Office Coding      TR    11:00am-12:15pm     13203
HIM 260/50      ICD-9CM Medical Office Coding      MW    5:30pm-6:45pm       13203
HIM 261/01      CPT Medical Office Coding          MW    11:00am-12:15pm     13203
HIM 261/02      CPT Medical Office Coding          TR    12:30pm-1:45pm      13203
HIM 261/50      CPT Medical Office Coding          MW    7:00pm-8:15pm       13203
HIM 262/01      Advanced Medical Office Coding     MW    8:30am-10:45am      2121
HIM 262/50      Advanced Medical Office Coding     TR    5:30pm-7:45pm       2121
History (HIS)
HIS 101/02      United States History (16071815)   MW    11:00am-12:15pm
HIS 101/52      United States History (16071815)   W     7:00pm-9:45pm       3147

Sinclair Community College                                              Audit Schedule
HIS 101/8C    United States History (16071815)      TR    12:30pm-1:45pm     HHLC, 116
HIS 101/9A    United States History (16071815)      R     7:00pm-9:45am      PCLC, 111
HIS 102/02    United States History (18151919)      TR    9:30am-10:45am
HIS 102/03    United States History (18151919)      MW    9:30am-10:45am
HIS 102/50    United States History (18151919)      M     7:00pm-9:45pm      3145
HIS 102/8B    United States History (18181919)      F     8:00am-10:45am     HHLC, 114
HIS 103/01    United States History (1919Present)   MW    9:30am-10:45am
HIS 103/02    United States History (1919Present)   MW    11:00am-12:15pm
HIS 103/50    United States History (1919Present)   R     7:00pm-9:45pm
HIS 103/8A    United States History (1919Present)   F     11:00am-1:40pm     HHLC, 114
HIS 111/02    Western Civilization (01300)          MW    9:30am-10:45am     3111
HIS 111/03    Western Civilization (01300)          TR    9:30am-10:45am     3111
HIS 111/50    Western Civilization (01300)          W     7:00pm-9:45pm
HIS 111/8B    Western Civilization (01300)          MW	   12:30pm-1:45pm	    ELC,	110
Hospitality Management (HMT)
HMT 107/01    Sanitation & Safety                   TR    9:30am-10:45am
HMT 107/02    Sanitation & Safety                   MW    9:30am-10:45am
HMT 107/50    Sanitation & Safety                   R     7:00pm-9:45pm
Japanese (JPN)
JPN 100/01    Conversational Japanese I             TR    12:30pm-1:45pm     3111
JPN 105/W1    Conversational Japanese II            S     9:00am-11:45am
Law (LAW)
LAW 101/02    Business Law I                        TR    10:00am-11:40am
LAW 101/04    Business Law I                        TR    12:00pm-1:50pm
LAW 101/53    Business Law I                        F     6:00pm-9:40pm
LAW 101/9A    Business Law I                        TR	   11:00am-12:50pm	   ELC,	111
LAW 102/TC Business Law II                          WWW Online Course
LAW 103/TC Consumer Law                             WWW Online Course
Management (MAN)
MAN 201/02 Introduction to Supervision              TR    12:30pm-1:45pm
MAN 201/50 Introduction to Supervision              M     7:00pm-9:45pm
Marketing (MRK)
MRK	201/06	 Marketing I                             TR    11:00am-12:15pm
MRK	201/52	 Marketing I                             W     5:30pm-8:15pm
MRK	202/01	 Marketing II                            MW    11:00am-12:15pm
MRK	202/50	 Marketing II                            TR    5:30pm-6:45pm
Mathematics (MAT)
MAT 101/08    Elementary Algebra                    MW    12:00pm-1:50pm     13120
MAT 101/17    Elementary Algebra                    TR    2:00pm-3:50pm      1321
MAT 101/8L    Elementary Algebra                    MW    8:00am-9:50am      PCLC, 111
MAT	101/9G	   Elementary Algebra                    MW    5:30pm-7:20pm      HHLC, 112
MAT 102/06    Intermediate Algebra                  MW    1:00pm-3:15pm
MAT 102/8A    Intermediate Algebra                  TR    9:30am-11:45am     HHLC, 113
MAT 102/8F    Intermediate Algebra                  TR    10:00am-12:15pm    PCLC, 110
MAT 191/05    Pre-college Algebra I                 TR    10:00am-11:50am    1323                                                                28
Sinclair Community College                                                Audit Schedule
MAT 191/8A    Pre-college Algebra I                TR	     8:00am-9:50am	       ELC,	112
MAT 191/8C    Pre-college Algebra I                TR      1:00pm-2:50pm        PCLC, 110
MAT 201/01    Calculus & Analytic Geometry I       MWF     10:00am-11:25am      1326
MAT 201/50    Calculus & Analytic Geometry I       MW      4:30pm-6:45pm        1332
Music (MUS)
MUS 105/01    Introduction to Music                MWF     10:00am-10:50am 2020
MUS 105/50    Introduction to Music                MW      5:30pm-6:45pm   2020
MUS 115/03    Music Appreciation                   TR      2:00pm-3:15pm        2020
MUS 115/50    Music Appreciation                   W       7:00pm-9:30pm        2020
MUS 115/8A    Music Appreciation                   TR	     12:00pm-1:15pm	      ELC,	108	
MUS 121/02    Piano Class I                        TR      9:30am-10:45am       2030
MUS 121/50    Piano Class I                        TR      5:30pm-6:45pm        2030
MUS 121/W1    Piano Class I                        S       9:00am-11:45am       2030
MUS 151/01    Guitar Class I                       W       1:00pm-1:50pm        2031B
MUS 151/9A    Guitar Class I                       W       6:00pm-6:50pm        HHLC, 110
MUS 198/01    Applied Music-Piano                  VARIES;	Register	with	Music	Department,	512-4580;		
                                                   Room 2220; Lesson times will be assigned at that time.
MUS 198/02    Applied Music-Voice                  VARIES;	Register	with	Music	Department,	512-4580;		
                                                   Room 2220; Lesson times will be assigned at that time.
MUS 198/03    Applied Music-Classical Guitar       VARIES;	Register	with	Music	Department,	512-4580;		
                                                   Room 2220; Lesson times will be assigned at that time.
MUS 198/14    Applied Music-Violin                 VARIES;	Register	with	Music	Department,	512-4580;		
                                                   Room 2220; Lesson times will be assigned at that time.
MUS 198/21    Applied Music-Popular Guitar         VARIES;	Register	with	Music	Department,	512-4580;		
                                                   Room 2220; Lesson times will be assigned at that time.
MUS 198/22    Applied Music-Electric Bass          VARIES;	Register	with	Music	Department,	512-4580;		
                                                   Room 2220; Lesson times will be assigned at that time.
MUS 280/01    Women’s Ensemble                     TR      12:30pm-1:45pm        2L15
                                                   (audition required; call Nolan Long, 512-4054)
MUS 280/02 Men’s Ensemble                          TR      12:30pm-1:45pm        2L15
                                                   (audition	required;	call	Daniel	Greene,	512-2341)
MUS 280/05 Classical Guitar Ensemble               W       7:00pm-8:40pm         2031B
                                                   (audition	required;	call	Daniel	Greene,	512-2341)
MUS 280/06 African-American Music/Gospel Choir T       6:50pm-9:30pm         2022
                                               (audition	required;	call	Daniel	Greene,	512-2341)
MUS 288/01    Applied Music Practicum I - Piano    VARIES;	Register	with	Music	Department,	512-4580;		
                                                   Room 2220; Lesson times will be assigned at that time.
MUS 298/W6 Performance Class-Bluegrass Ensemble    S       Register with Music Department, 512-4580;
                                                           Room 2220.
Occupational Therapy (OPT)
OPT 126/01    Supervision & Team Leadership        R       8:30am-10:40am       13225
OPT 126/50    Supervision & Team Leadership        R       6:00pm-8:40pm        13225
OPT 198/50    Excel for Engineering Technology     T       6:00pm-8:40pm        13123
OPT 201/50    Statistical Process Control          T       5:30pm-9:00pm        13105

Sinclair Community College                            Audit Schedule
Physical Education (PED)
PED	101/01	   Beginning Swimming    MW    10:00am-10:50am 8024
PED	101/02	   Beginning Swimming    TR    11:00am-11:50am   8024
PED	101/W1	   Beginning Swimming    S	    10:20am–	12:00pm	 8024	
PED	102/01	 Intermediate Swimming   MW    9:00am-9:50am   8024
PED	102/02	 Intermediate Swimming   TR    10:00am-10:50am 8024
PED	102/W1	 Intermediate Swimming   S     12:15pm-1:55pm  8024
PED	105/01	   Physical Fitness      TR    11:00am-11:50am   8022
PED	105/03	   Physical Fitness      TR    2:00pm-2:50pm     8022
PED	105/05	   Physical Fitness      TR    9:00am-9:50am     8115
PED	105/50	   Physical Fitness      MW    5:00pm-5:50pm     8022
PED	105/GA	   Physical Fitness      TR	   9:45am-10:35am	   ESCC	
PED	105/GB	   Physical Fitness      MW    9:00am-9:50am     HHSC
PED	105/GC	   Physical Fitness      MW    10:00am-10:50am   HHSC
PED	105/GD	   Physical Fitness      MW    8:00am-8:50am     HHSC
PED	105/GE	   Physical Fitness      MW    11:00am-11:50am   VSCC
PED	105/GF	   Physical Fitness      MW	   9:30am-10:20am	   ELC	
PED	105/GG	   Physical Fitness      TF    8:00am-8:50am     HHSC
PED	105/GH	   Physical Fitness      MW    9:30am-10:20am    BSCC
PED	105/GJ	   Physical Fitness      MW    12:00pm-12:50pm   VSCC
PED	105/GM	   Physical Fitness      W     10:00am-11:40am   MSNH
PED	106/01	   Weight Training       MW    9:00am-9:50am     8112
PED	106/02	   Weight Training       MW    10:00am-10:50am   8112
PED	106/03	   Weight Training       MW    11:00am-11:50am   8112
PED	106/04	   Weight Training       MW    1:00pm-1:50pm     8112
PED	106/05	   Weight Training       MW    2:00pm-2:50pm     8112
PED	106/06	   Weight Training       TR    8:00am-8:50am     8112
PED	106/07	   Weight Training       TR    9:00am-9:50am     8112
PED	106/08	   Weight Training       TR    10:00am-10:50am   8112
PED	106/09	   Weight Training       TR    11:00am-11:50am   8112
PED	106/10	   Weight Training       TR    12:00pm-12:50pm   8112
PED	106/11	   Weight Training       TR    1:00pm-1:50pm     8112
PED	106/12	   Weight Training       TR    2:00pm-2:50pm     8112
PED	106/13	   Weight Training       F     9:00am-10:40am    8112
PED	106/15	   Weight Training       MW    3:00pm-3:50pm     8112
PED	106/16	   Weight Training       TR    3:00pm-3:50pm     8112
PED	106/17	   Weight Training       MW    8:00am-8:50am     8112
PED	106/50	   Weight Training       MW    4:00pm-4:50pm     8112
PED	106/51	   Weight Training       MW    5:00pm-5:50pm     8112
PED	106/54	   Weight Training       TR    5:00pm-5:50pm     8112
PED	106/55	   Weight Training       TR    6:00pm-6:50pm     8112
PED	106/8A	   Weight Training       MW	   8:00am-8:50am	    ELC
PED	106/8B	   Weight Training       MW    1:00pm-1:50pm     YMCP
PED	106/W2	   Weight Training       S     10:20am-12:00pm   8112
PED	107/01	   Flexibility Fitness   MW    10:00am-10:50am 8022
PED	107/02	   Flexibility Fitness   TR    11:00am-11:50am 8113
PED	107/03	   Flexibility Fitness   MW    2:00pm-2:50pm   8022                                           30
Sinclair Community College                                  Audit Schedule
PED	117/50	   Badminton                   M     5:15pm-6:55pm      8L10F
PED	119/03	   Golf                        F	    12:00pm-1:40pm	    8L10E	
PED	119/51	   Golf                        W	    6:00pm-7:40pm	     8L10E	
PED	119/W1	   Golf                        S	    8:30am-10:10am	    8L10E	
PED	125/86	   Bowling                     T     3:00pm-4:40pm      BVB
PED	126/W1	 Volleyball                    S     8:30am-10:10am     8113
PED	127/01	   Basketball                  MW    11:00am-11:50am 8113
PED	127/03	   Basketball                  TR    10:00am-10:50am 8113
PED	131/02	   Beginning Tennis            TR    12:00pm-12:50pm    8L10C
PED	131/50	   Beginning Tennis            T     5:15pm-6:55pm      8L10C
PED	131/51	   Beginning Tennis            R     7:00pm-8:40pm      8L10C
PED	131/W1	   Beginning Tennis            S     8:30am-10:10am     8L10C
PED	132/01	   Intermediate Tennis         MW    12:00pm-12:50pm    8L10C
PED	132/02	   Intermediate Tennis         TR    11:00am-11:50am    8L10C
PED	132/03	   Intermediate Tennis         F     9:00am-10:40am     8L10C
PED	132/50	   Intermediate Tennis         M     7:00pm-8:40pm      8L10C
PED	132/51	   Intermediate Tennis         W     7:00pm-8:40pm      8L10C
PED	132/52	   Intermediate Tennis         W     5:15pm-6:55pm      8L10C
PED	132/W2	   Intermediate Tennis         S     10:20am-12:00pm    8L10C
PED	133/01	   Advanced Tennis             MW    10:00am-10:50am    8L10C
PED	133/02	   Advanced Tennis             TR    10:00am-10:50am    8L10C
PED	133/03	   Advanced Tennis             F     11:00am-12:40pm    8L10C
PED	133/50	   Advanced Tennis             M     5:15pm-6:55pm      8L10C
PED	133/51	   Advanced Tennis             R     5:15pm-6:55pm      8L10C
PED	133/W1	   Advanced Tennis             S     12:15pm-1:55pm     8L10C
PED	136/01	   Beginning Yoga              MW    9:00am-9:50am      8115
PED	136/03	   Beginning Yoga              TR    1:00pm-1:50pm      8113
PED	136/50	   Beginning Yoga              M     5:15pm-6:55pm      8115
PED	136/8B	   Beginning Yoga              TR	   1:00pm-1:50pm	     ELC	
PED	142/03	   Beginning Pilates           MW    3:00pm-3:50pm      8022
PED	142/05	   Beginning Pilates           TR    10:00am-10:50am    8022
PED	142/50	   Beginning Pilates           MW    7:00pm-7:50pm      8022
PED	142/8A	   Beginning Pilates           TR	   2:00pm-2:50pm	     ELC
PED	148/01	   Beginning Social Dance      MW    10:00am-10:50am    8113
PED	148/02	   Beginning Social Dance      TR    3:00pm-3:50pm      8022
PED	148/8D	   Beginning Social Dance      T     6:00pm-7:40pm      CPMC
PED	148/8E	   Beginning Social Dance      M     1:00pm-2:40pm      BLV
PED	148/GC	   Beginning Social Dance      MF    10:00am-10:50am    ROSC
PED	149/9F	   Intermediate Social Dance   R     6:00pm-7:40pm      BLV
PED	153/01	   Water Aerobics              MW    11:00am-11:50am    8024
PED	153/02	   Water Aerobics              MW    12:00pm-12:50pm    8024
PED	153/05	   Water Aerobics              TR    2:00pm-2:50pm      8024
PED	153/07	   Water Aerobics              TR    1:00pm-1:50pm      8024
PED	153/50	   Water Aerobics              TR    5:00pm-5:50pm      8024
PED	153/8A	   Water Aerobics              MW    2:00pm-2:50pm      YMCP

Sinclair Community College                                          Audit Schedule
PED	154/01	    Aerobic Conditioning             MW     9:00am-9:50am      8022
PED	154/02	    Aerobic Conditioning             MW     12:00pm-12:50pm    8022
PED	154/06	    Aerobic Conditioning             TR     12:00pm-12:50pm    8022
PED	154/8B	    Aerobic Conditioning             TR     2:00pm-2:50pm      HHLC
PED	154/GA	    Aerobic Conditioning             TR     10:00am-10:50am    HSC
PED	164/01	 Cardio Sculpt                       MW     1:00pm-1:50pm    8113
PED	164/8A	 Cardio Sculpt                       TR	    12:00pm-12:50pm	 ELC	
PED	165/GD	 Country/Western Dance               T      1:30pm-3:10pm      HSC
PED	165/GE	 Country/Western Dance               R      1:00pm-2:40pm      LSAC
PED	166/02	 Fitness Walking                     MW     12:00pm-12:50pm    8L10D
PED	166/03	 Fitness Walking                     TR     12:00pm-12:50pm    8L10D
PED	166/W1	 Fitness Walking                     S      10:20am-12:00pm    8L10D
PED	168/02	    Advanced Weight Training         MWF    12:00pm-12:50pm    8112
PED	170/01	    Tai Chi                          MW     8:00am-8:50am      8022
PED	170/02	    Tai Chi                          TR     9:00am-9:50am      8022
PED	170/03	    Tai Chi                          F      9:00am-10:40am     8115
PED	171/05		   Beginning Self Defense           TR     1:00pm-1:50pm      8L11A
PED	171/51	    Beginning Self Defense           T      5:15pm-6:55pm      8L11A
PED	171/W1	    Beginning Self Defense           S      10:20am-12:00pm    8L11A
PED	172/50	    Intermediate Self Defense        T      7:00pm-8:40pm      8L11A
PED	172/51	    Intermediate Self Defense        M      7:00pm-8:40pm      8L11A
PED	176/01	 Core Conditioning                   MW     11:00am-11:50am    8022
PED	176/03	 Core Conditioning                   TR     1:00pm-1:50pm      8022
PED	176/8A	 Core Conditioning                   MW     1:00pm-1:50pm      HHLC
PED	192/02	    Group Indoor Cycling             MW	    12:00pm-12:50pm	   8L10E	
PED	192/04	    Group Indoor Cycling             TR	    12:00pm-12:50pm	   8L10E	
PED	192/8A	    Group Indoor Cycling             MW	    1:00pm-1:50pm	     ELC	
PED	192/8C	    Group Indoor Cycling             MW     2:00pm-2:50pm      HHLC
PED	200/02	 First Aid & Safety                  F      1:00pm-1:50pm      8016
PED	200/8B	 First Aid & Safety                  W      2:00pm-3:50pm      HHLC
PED	204/9E	 Adv. Aerobic Conditioning           MWF	   4:00pm	–4:50pm	 MBSC	
PED	204/GA	 Adv. Aerobic Conditioning           TR     8:45am-10:00am HSC
PED	204/GB	 Adv. Aerobic Conditioning           TR     12:45pm-2:00pm MBSC
PED	209/50	 Beginning Scuba Diving              T      7:00pm-9:40pm      8018
PED	211/W1	    Intermediate Volleyball          S      10:20am-12:00pm    8113
Philosophy (PHI)
PHI 205/01     Introduction to Philosophy       MW     10:00am-11:50am    4141
PHI 205/03     Introduction to Philosophy       TR     12:00pm-1:50pm
PHI 205/50     Introduction to Philosophy       MW     4:00pm-5:50pm      3145
PHI 205/8A     Introduction to Philosophy       TR	    1:00pm-2:50pm	     ELC,	110
PHI 206/01     Introduction to Ethics           MW     12:00pm-1:50pm
PHI 206/02     Introduction to Ethics           TR     2:00pm-3:50pm      4141
Political Science (PLS)
PLS 101/8B     American Federal Government I    MW	    2:00pm-3:15pm	     ELC,	107
PLS 102/02     American Federal Government II   MW     12:30pm-1:45pm                                                            32
Sinclair Community College                                          Audit Schedule
PLS 102/50    American Federal Government II     TR    6:00pm-7:15pm
PLS 103/01    State Government                   MW    11:00am-12:15pm
PLS 200/04    Political Life, Systems & Issues   TR    2:00pm-3:50pm       3145
PLS 200/8A    Political Life, Systems & Issues   TR    2:00pm-3:50pm       HHLC, 114
PLS 200/8B    Political Life, Systems & Issues   MW    2:30pm-4:10pm       PCLC, 112
PLS 201/50    International Relations            MW    5:00pm-6:40pm
Psychology (PSY)
PSY 119/03    General Psychology                 TR    10:30am-12:45pm
PSY 119/06    General Psychology                 MW    3:30pm-5:45pm
Religious Studies (REL)
REL	111/02	   Eastern Religions                  TR    2:00pm-3:50pm
REL	111/8A	   Eastern Religions                  MW    1:00pm-2:50pm       HHLC, 112
REL	111/8B	   Eastern Religions                  TR    4:30pm-6:40pm       PCLC, 111
REL	112/01	   Western Religions                  MW    2:00pm-3:50pm
REL	112/02	   Western Religions                  TR    12:00pm-1:50pm
Real Estate (RES)
RES	202/S1	 Real Estate Law                      U     8:00am-4:00pm
RES	202/S2	 Real Estate Law                      MTW   8:00am-4:00pm       DABR
RES	203/S1	 Real Estate Finance                  U     8:00am-4:00pm
RES	203/S2	 Real Estate Finance                  MTW   8:00am-4:00pm       DABR
Sociology (SOC)
SOC 115/02    Today’s Changing Family            TR    12:00pm-1:50pm
SOC 117/01    Popular Culture                    TR    9:30am-10:45am
SOC 120/01    General Sociology                  MW    10:30am-12:45pm
SOC 120/02    General Sociology                  TR    10:30am-12:45pm
SOC 145/04    Comparing Cultures                 TR    11:00am-12:15pm
SOC 145/8B    Comparing Cultures                 F	    8:00am-10:40am	     ELC,	112	
SOC 145/8C    Comparing Cultures                 MW    1:00pm-2:15pm       PCLC, 112
Spanish (SPA)
SPA 100/01    Conversational Spanish I           F     9:00am-11:45am      2320
SPA 100/02    Conversational Spanish I           TR    12:30pm-1:45pm
SPA 100/50    Conversational Spanish I           MW    5:30pm-6:45pm
SPA 101/01    Elementary Spanish I               MW    10:00am-11:40am     2320
SPA 101/05    Elementary Spanish I               TR    2:00pm-3:50pm
SPA 101/06    Elementary Spanish I               F     1:00pm-4:55pm       2320
SPA 101/8D    Elementary Spanish I               MW    2:00pm-3:50pm       PCLC, 108
SPA 102/01    Elementary Spanish II              TR    10:00am-11:50am
SPA 102/02    Elementary Spanish II              TR    2:00pm-3:50pm
SPA 102/03    Elementary Spanish II              MW    3:30pm-5:10pm
SPA 103/01    Elementary Spanish III             MW    12:00pm-1:50pm      2320
SPA 103/50    Elementary Spanish III             TR    5:15pm-6:55pm       2320
Theatre (THE)
THE	103/01	   Acting for the Non-Major           MW    3:00pm-5:15pm       2L12
THE	105/01	   Theatre Appreciation               MW    12:30pm-1:45pm      2226

Sinclair Community College                                                        Audit Schedule
THE	105/02	 Theatre Appreciation                          TR          3:30pm-4:45pm    2226
THE	105/9A	 Theatre Appreciation                          M	          7:00pm-9:40pm	   ELC,	111
THE	201/01	   History of Theatre I                        MW          9:00am-10:15am   2226

 Audit Location Legend
 BLV     Bethany Village, 6445 Far Hills Ave, Dayton, Ohio 45459                                  (937) 433-2110
 BSCC    Brookville Senior Citizen Center, Golden Gate Park, Brookville, Ohio 45309               (937) 512-2372
 BVB     Beaver-Vu Bowling; 1238 N Fairfield Rd, Beavercreek, Ohio 45432                          (937) 426-6771
 CHS     Centerville High School, 500 E Franklin St, Centerville, Ohio 45459                      (937) 439-3500
 CPMC Greater Works Church/Y, 506 E Main St, Dayton, Ohio 45345                                   (937) 512-2372
 CVCC    Courseview Campus, 5386 Courseview Dr, Mason, Ohio 45040-2362                            (513) 339-1212
 DABR Dayton Area Board of Realtors, 1515 S Main St, Dayton, Ohio 45409                           (937) 223-0900
 DJC     Dayton Jewish, Boonshoft Center, 525 Versailles Dr, Centerville, Ohio 45459              (937) 853-0372
 DSC     Covenant House (formerly Beth Jacob), 4911 Covenant Drive, Trotwood 45426                (937) 274-2149
 EHCC    Earl Heck Community Center, 201 N. Main St, Englewood, Ohio 45322                        (937) 836-5929
 ELC     Englewood Learning Center, 1150 W National Rd, Englewood, Ohio 45322                     (937) 836-8750
 ESCC    Northwest Rec Ctr (formerly Ellison Center), 1600 Princeton Ave, Dayton, Ohio 45406      (937) 333-3322
 FSC     Fairborn Senior Center, 325 N. Third St, Fairborn, Ohio 45324                            (937) 878-4141
 FSHP    Friendship Village, 5790 Denlinger Rd, Dayton, Ohio 45426                                (937) 837-5581
 HSC     Hithergreen Senior Center, 5900 Hithergreen Dr, Dayton, Ohio 45459                       (937) 435-2415
 HHLC    Huber Heights Learning Center, 7301 Shull Rd, Huber Heights, Ohio 45424                  (937) 233-5550
 HHSC    Huber Heights Senior Center, 6428 Chambersburg Rd, Huber Heights, Ohio 45424             (937) 233-9999
 KRAC Kettering Rosewood Arts Centre, 2655 Olson Dr, Dayton, Ohio 45420                           (937) 296-0294
 LCC     Lohrey Recreation Center, 2366 Glenarm Ave, Dayton, Ohio 45420                           (937) 333-3131
 LSAC    Lathrem Senior Adult Center, 2900 Glengarry Dr, Dayton, Ohio 45420                       (937) 296-2480
 MBSC Miamisburg Senior Adult Center, 305 E Central Ave, Miamisburg, Ohio 45342                   (937) 866-8999
 MJLC    Maria-Joseph Living Care Center, 4830 Salem Ave, Dayton, Ohio 45416                      (937) 278-2692
 MRV     Mill Ridge Village, 1000 Mill Ridge Cir, Union, Ohio 45322                               (937) 832-6302
 MSNH Mercy Siena Retirement Community, 6105 North Main St, Dayton, Ohio 45415                    (937) 279-2879
 MSMN Miami Shores of Moraine Nursing Center, 3421 Pinnacle Rd, Dayton, Ohio 45418                (937) 268-3488
 OLP     One Lincoln Park, 590 Isaac Prugh Wy, Dayton, Ohio 45429                                 (937) 298-0594
 PCLC    Preble County Learning Center, 450 Washington-Jackson Rd, Eaton, Ohio 45320              (937) 456-525
 ROSC Roosevelt Commons Rec Ctr (formerly Ellison), 2021 W Third St, Dayton, Ohio 45417           (937) 333-4732
 TCB     Trinity Community of Beavercreek, 3218 Indian Ripple Rd., Beavercreek, Ohio 45440        (937) 426-8481
 VOB     Villas of Brookhaven, One Country Ln, Brookville, Ohio 45309                             (937) 833-4006
 VSCC    Vandalia Senior Citizens Center, 21 Tionda Dr S, Vandalia, Ohio 45377                    (937) 898-1232
 WCNC Walnut Creek Nursing Center, 5070 Lamme Rd, Dayton, Ohio 45439                              (937) 293-7703
 WGNC Wood Glen Nursing Center, 3800 Summit Glen Dr, Dayton, Ohio 45449                           (937) 436-2273
 YMCP Preble County YMCA, 450 Washington-Jackson Rd, Eaton, Ohio 45320                            (937) 472-2010
 YTGC    Yankee Trace Golf Club, 10000 Yankee St, Dayton, Ohio 45458                              (937) 438-4653                                                                                          34
Theatre                                                                            2011-2012 Season

Sinclair Theatre                                                                      Box Office
  Main Stage                                                                          The box office is located in the
  The Crucible • October 14-22                                                        lobby of Blair Hall, Building 2.
  By Arthur Miller, Directed by Stephen Skiles                                        Call (937) 512-2808. The box
  Tony-award-winning drama about the Salem witch trials that took place               office opens one hour prior to
  in Massachusetts in the 1690s—written as an allegory to McCarthyism.                performance and seating begins
                                                                                      approximately 30 minutes prior
  Friday, October 14, 8:00 p.m.          Wednesday, October 19, 10:00 a.m.
                                                                                      to curtain. Any other times,
  Saturday, October 15, 8:00 p.m.        Thursday, October 20, 7:00 p.m.
                                                                                      please call the box office and
  Sunday, October 16, 2:00 p.m.          Friday, October 21, 8:00 p.m.                leave a message. All calls will be
  Tuesday, October 18, 10:00 a.m.        Saturday, October 22, 8:00 p.m.              returned in a timely manner.

  Studio Series (Fourth Floor, Building 2)                                            Season Tickets
  I Love You, You’re Perfect, Now Change • November 3-6                               Season tickets are available
  Music by Jimmy Roberts, Book & Lyrics by Joe Dipietro, Directed by                  online at
  David Brush                                                                         For more information or group
  A musical revue that takes a humorous look at relationships from the first          sales call (937) 512-2076.
  date through marriage and old age—highlighting the vast differences
  between the sexes.                                                                  Directions
  Thursday, November 3, 7:00 p.m.        Saturday, November 5, 7:00 p.m.              Take Fourth Street west to
  Friday, November 4, 7:00 p.m.          Sunday, November 6, 2:00 p.m.                Building 2 (on right, past
                                                                                      Building 10). Complete directions
                                                                                      are available at www.sinclair.
Coming in 2012                                                                        edu; use Quick Links and select
Almost Maine • February 24 - March 3, 2012                                            campus map and parking.
By John Cariani, Directed by Kimberly Borst
A romantic comedy dubbed “nine tales of love in the time of frostbite” by the NY      Parking
Sun—provides a delightful midwinter night’s dream.                                    Safe and easy access to ample
                                                                                      free parking is located on both
The Laramie Project • May 18 - 26, 2012
                                                                                      sides of Fourth Street, or park in
By Moisés Kaufman, Directed by Scott Stoney
A chronicle of the town of Laramie, Wyoming in the year after the murder of Matthew
                                                                                      Lot A (student parking garage);
Shepard—based on over 400 interviews reflecting on the horrific hate crime.           $2 cash, $1 Tartan Card. Refer to
                                                                                      campus map on page 36.
The Complete Works of William Shakespeare (Abridged)
April 19 - 22, 2012                                                                   Special Assistance
By Adam Long, Daniel Singer, and Jess Winfield                                        For information on handicap
A parody of the 37 plays written by William Shakespeare—all of them performed         parking, wheelchair seating,
(vastly abbreviated) in 90 minutes by only three actors.                              and assisted listening devices,
                                                                                      contact the theatre manager at
Special Performances & Prices for Seniors                                             (937) 512-2076.
Persons age 60 and better can purchase tickets at a discounted rate for any
of this season’s performances when ordering tickets through the College
for Lifelong Learning office. Call (937) 512-2372 or (937) 512-5184 at least
three days prior to the performance desired. The office is closed Fridays,
Saturdays, Sundays, and holidays.

Sinclair Community College                                                         Campus Map


                                                                                                                       Ludlow Street
                                    Lot L


                                                                                                  Court Street
                                                                                                       Parking Lot I
                                                                                                       West Sixth Street

                                                                                                35 Eaker Street

                                                                             Franklin Street

                                                 Lot for
                                                           S. Perry S

                                                                              West Washington Street

                                 College for Lifelong Learning
                                 Building 10, Room 10112
                                 (937) 512-2372 or (937) 512-5184                                                                                                              36
Seminars & Workshops Registration
Want to sign up for Seminars & Workshops?                                            Sinclair’s quarterly
There are three ways to do it.                                                       class schedule is
   •	By	mail,	send	your	completed	application,	which	appears	on	page	38,	            exclusively online at
     to the address on the form.
     •	In	person,	bring	your	application	and	payment	to	Sinclair	College	for	        schedule.
       Lifelong Learning, Building 10, Room 10112, Dayton Campus.
                                                                                     Note: you will continue to
     •	By	phone,	call	(937) 512-2372 or (937) 512-5184.                              receive a printed College for
                                                                                     Lifelong Learning schedule
Want to take a course at a Senior Center Site?                                       each quarter except summer.
Register at the community site near you. Because some classes are limited
                                                                                     A list of the most frequently
in size, call the site for more information. See the list of College for Lifelong
                                                                                     taken classes has been
Learning sites on pages 20-22 for sites and available courses.
                                                                                     incorporated into the
                                                                                     College for Lifelong Learning
Want to audit a regular curriculum course?                                           schedule.
Come	to	the	Registration	&	Student	Records	area,	Building	10,	Second	Floor,	
                                                                                     In fact, this will make it
Dayton Campus, or to your nearby Learning Center, August 29 - September
                                                                                     easier to find the classes
7. Complete a yellow Audit Application and Registration Form, and submit
                                                                                     you’re interested in because
it to the special College for Lifelong Learning desk. College for Lifelong
                                                                                     the seminars and workshops,
Learning personnel will be there to assist you.
                                                                                     site offerings, and credit
                                                                                     classes to audit will all
Want to register for regular Sinclair credit-bearing courses?                        appear together in this book.
Whether on campus or at credit centers such as Wright-Patterson, or
                                                                                     We appreciate your
any	of	the	Learning	Centers,	register	through	the	Registration	&	Student	
                                                                                     feedback to let us know
Records office, Building 10, Second Floor, Dayton Campus, or at your nearby
                                                                                     if the audit listing in this
Learning Center.
                                                                                     schedule includes the
You may register and pay your fees at any time during the registration               classes you are interested
period. See the fall 2011 quarterly schedule, available online, for course           in taking. And, as always,
choices. If you want counselor assistance, call (937) 512-5184 for more              just call the office if you
information.                                                                         have any questions or need
                                                                                     assistance. We will be happy
How do I pay for my sessions?                                                        to help you.
You may use your credit card to pay for your classes if you go in person to the
Bursar’s office with your College for Lifelong Learning invoice, either at the
Dayton Campus or at one of the Learning Centers. Please note: no credit card
payments by phone.
In addition, while we discourage sending cash through the mail, you may also
pay in cash at the Dayton Campus or at the Learning Centers, with your College
for Lifelong Learning invoice.
And as always, you may pay by check, either in person or via mail.

Want a refund?
Full refund for sessions will be given if withdrawing within one week
after the beginning of class. No refund for single session workshops after
workshop date.

Have any questions?
Call (937) 512-2372 or (937) 512-5184 for more information. Office hours
are Monday - Thursday, 8:00 a.m. - 3:30 p.m.

         Seminars & Workshops Registration Form
 For faster registration, call the College for Lifelong Learning office as soon as you receive the class schedule
 to sign up for a selection of courses and other special sessions. Pay either by credit card in person with your
 College for Lifelong Learning invoice or by mailing a check with this registration form. Payment must be
 received before registration can be confirmed.

      Mail application and check payable to Sinclair to:
      College for Lifelong Learning, Room 10112
      Sinclair Community College
      444 West Third Street
      Dayton, Ohio 45402-1460
      (937) 512-2372 or (937) 512-5184

 Tartan Card # _________________________________ Birthdate ____________________________________


 City _________________________________________ State ________________ Zip ____________________

 Home Phone__________________________________ Cell Phone ___________________________________

 E-mail address _____________________________________________________________________________

    Course Number                            Course Name                   Days                 Time

 1. ________________________________________________________________________________________

 2. ________________________________________________________________________________________

 3. ________________________________________________________________________________________

 4. ________________________________________________________________________________________

 5. ________________________________________________________________________________________

 6. ________________________________________________________________________________________
 7. ________________________________________________________________________________________

 8. ________________________________________________________________________________________

 9. ________________________________________________________________________________________

  For Office Use Only                                                                             B E C
  Payment Received ___________________ Check # ______________________ Receipt Received ________________                                                                                           38

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