Home Inspection Checklist

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Use this inspection checklist to summarize the home inspection report you received from your home inspector.
You can also use it when touring the house with your home inspector to ensure a thorough inspection, and during
your final walk through to ensure all agreed upon work has been completed. Be sure to specifically note any areas
that need immediate attention, as well as those that may require routine maintenance. Prior to closing on the
home, you should also have an experienced party ensure any and all open building permits have been properly
closed out, and all items in the home (including kitchens and bathrooms) were legalized.

Area of Home                                                                                                        Condition/Comments
Exterior Doors
Exterior Windows
Exterior Walls
Condition of locking mechanisms on windows, doors
Eaves, trough and drainage
Gutters (note presence, condition of, drainage )
Foundation/slab (condition of, note any cracks or moisture)
Septic tank/sewer
Stairs (condition of, both interior and exterior)
Well/pump and water lines
Lot drainage/slope/vegetation
Outbuildings (detached garage, sheds, etc.)
Condition of doors/windows for outbuildings and locking mechanisms
Neighboring Lot drainage
Interior doors
Interior walls
Interior windows, if any
Cabinetry (kitchen/bath/other)
Insulations (walls, roof: include R value if known)
Attic (including insulation)
Attic fan, ventilation
Floors and flooring
Ventilation (air exchanger, bathroom fan, if any)
Heating and cooling system (note age, operability, condition. Also note any maintenance records)
Automatic temperature gauge, if any (note age, operability, condition)
Plumbing System
Hot Water heater (note type, age, condition, operability. Also note any maintenance records)
Oil tank, if any (note age, condition, operability. Also note any maintenance records)
Electrical system (note type, age, condition, operability)
Appliances (note presence of, age, operability and maintenance records, if any)
Electrical outlets (specifically note presence of GFI outlets in necessary areas of home)
Fireplaces (condition of flue, damper, presence of chimney caps, condition of surround and interior)
Overall structural integrity of house
Alarm system (note presence of, type, age, condition, operability)
Any evidence of mold?
Any evidence of fire?

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