Financial Health Assessment Worksheet


The Financial Health Assessment document calculates an individual's net worth and other key financial ratios to determine an individual's overall financial health. The financial health results are color coded to provide additional clarification on financial health status. This document requires the following inputs: the individual's assets, liabilities, annual income, and annual expenses. The worksheet will calculate the individual's debt to equity ratio, net worth, cash flow, current ratio, debt ratio, and credit card debt as a percentage of total income.

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                      NET WORTH                                               CASH FLOW
Assets                                  Total Value   Annual Income                              Total Value
Cash and Cash Equivalents                             Salary                              $          75,000
Checking Account                  $         5,000     Bonuses                             $          20,000
Savings Account                   $        45,000     Commission
Money Market                      $        10,000     Dividends
Money Owed to You                                     Interest
Investments                                           Rental Income
Common Stock                                          Mutual Funds
Preferred Stock                                       Annuities
Mutual Funds                                          Savings Bonds
Annuities                                             Child Support
Savings Bonds                                         Other
Retirement                                            Other
IRA                                                   Other
401(K)                            $        50,000     Total Annual Income                 $          95,000
Life Insurance Policy                                 Annual Expenses                            Total Value
Property                                              Mortgage                            $          15,000
Home                              $        45,000     Rent
Investment/Rental Property                            Insurance
Vacation Home                     $        20,000     Tax
Personal                                              Car Installments                    $           6,000
Cars                              $        10,000     Car Maintenance
Recreational Vehicles             $         5,000     Gas
Antiques                                              Alimony                             $          12,000
Artwork                                               Child Support
Jewelry                                               Other
Collectibles                                          Other
Other                                                 Other
Other                                                 Total Annual Expenses               $          33,000
Total Assets                      $       190,000     Total Annual Cash Flow              $       62,000
Liabilities                            Total Value
Short Term                                                            FINANCIAL HEALTH RESULTS
Auto Loan                         $        15,000     Debt to Equity Ratio                             108%
Credit Card                       $         8,500     Net Worth                             $        91,500
Unpaid Income Taxes                                   Cash Flow                             $        62,000
Student Loans                                         Current Ratio                                    2.55
Line of Credit                                        Debt Ratio                                        52%
Long Term                                             Credit Card Debt (% of Income)                     9%
Life Insurance Loan
401(K) Loan
Mortgage                          $        75,000        OVERALL FINANCIAL HEALTH
Home Equity Loan
Total Liabilities                 $        98,500
Net Worth                         $     91,500

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