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									This document contains two (2) sample complaint letters that an individual can use to
resolve disputes in a concise and tactful manner. These samples can be used as
examples of how to properly draft a complaint letter. The first sample letter is a noise
complaint. The second sample letter is a complaint regarding the number of cars
parked in a yard. These samples should be used by individuals or entities who wish to
resolve disputes amicably without police or court intervention.
                                     Sample Complaint Letter
Sample 1

To Whom It May Concern:

This letter is in reference to the frequent loud noise coming from your apartment after the hours
of 10 pm. While we have politely requested that you keep the noise to a minimum after this time
in the evening, the noise persists.

If you do not cease the noise, we will be forced to notify the police and your landlord, which
may result in you being fined or ticketed.

We wish to resolve this matter amicably, and appreciate your assistance in the matter.


Sample 2

To Whom It May Concern:

In regards to the three non-running vehicles that you have sitting in your yard, I wish to make
you aware that you are in violation of the homeowners’ association’s laws. Per our HOA

“Residents are permitted up to two vehicles in their driveways, both of which must be running
and actively used.”

Because you are a renter, it is possible that you were not aware of this law, so please take this
letter as your first notification. If the vehicles are not removed from your lawn by the end of
September, we will have to take more aggressive action.

Please address any questions regarding this letter to Jan Smith, XXX-XXXX.


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