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 The Green Opportunity from Me to We
 2011 O’right Supreme Green Design
  ― Low CO2∣Fashion∣Innovation

 Beyond Leadership
  ― Innovative Leading Indicator ∣Perfect Commodity Value

 Green Business Creates New Value
This is an era developing from
           Me to We
     Global Warming & Eco-Awareness

Increasing more views on ”We (Earth & Me)”
According to the research conducted by The Roper

More than 56% of consumers are willing to make efforts on
environment protection when making purchases.

Many consumers may not belong to LOHAS who have a
high level of eco-awareness

However, they are all willing to pay more money to adopt
eco-brands or green products.
The idea of commodity has changed.

In the past, consumers disposed after
            they had used.
Now, back to the eco-value chain of
  Brand Development and Design
Under the trend of “We” consumption era,
Eco and Fashion have better and greener
    Newton’s Eco-Friendly Sneakers &Packaging

Made of 100% Eco-materials and non-printed packaging design.
   Also expressed reducing the re-manufacturing process
   and the features of 100% recyclable & perfect fitness.
One Day Paper Waste Design by Jens Praet

          The paper you waste a day can make a piece of furniture!
A tissue box developed by WWF (World Wide Fund for Nature )

          A simple reminder of conserving paper!
The design of the greenest business card,
   Just stamp it on the recycled paper!
2011 O’right Supreme Green Design

Low CO2 | Fashion | Innovation
2011 Low CO2 & Eco-Design
  O’right New Hair Tonic
      Newly Launch
Low CO2 ─       The low CO2 design, from bottle、
                outer packing to consumer.

 80% recycled glass           100% recycled paper

     Product                       Package
    Recycled Glass

                          The greenest bottle
                       100% recyclable & reusable

80% recycled glass
                      Made of 80% recycled glass
                      Utilize the green materials ,with a
                       natural matted finish
Resources Conservation

Energy Usage Reduction

Waste Reduction

Low Air & Water Pollution
    Eco Friendly Box

                           The simplest & safest packaging
                              100% recyclable &reusable.

100% recycled paper

                        Made of 100% recycled paper & non-printed
                        Seal printed with Soy Ink

        Package         Embedded design provides well-protection

Recycled Paper present Eco-Fashion

                      -75% air pollution   -60% water usage

                   -35% water pollution    -40% energy consumption
Packaging well-stacked
Lower carbon footprint during delivery

                                 Compressed Space Design
Low CO2 → Reusable → Recyclable!

  Reuse as a Trash Can

                                   Reuse as a Pen Holder
      Reuse as a Plant Pot
 Fashion ─         Ivory wood cap shows a sense of firm and
                   superior quality.

100% | Ivory wood cap |
Rubber wood also known as "ivory wood“.
Cap with carved ivory wood, delicate materials, tender texture with firm feel.
The simple line with elegant wood color, embellishes its artless beauty.

              The effects of thermal expansion contraction may occurred
              on ivory wood due to temperature or humidity.
|Simple Line

          |Delicate Materials

 | Elegant Wood Color

    |Ivory Wood Cap
            Beyond Leadership

Innovative Leading Indicator∣ Perfect Commodity Value
    O’right ,the 1st company, not only
makes successful development in hair tonic
according to different symptoms of male &
             female hair loss
     but also continuous innovation.
INNOVATION ─    The leading brand of hair tonic
                Innovative leading indicator.

     Insists in Eco-Value.
     ECOCERT Organic Extract.
     The 1st bottle indicates natural
      ingredients of 96% on its outer box.
With ECOCERT Ingredients

                           ECOCERT Organic Goji Berry Extract

O’right Hair Tonic For Her
(Organic Goji Berry Concentrate)

  ECOCERT Organic Goji Berry Extract
  Ginseng
  Apigenin
  Biotin
  Amino Acid
  Pantothenic Acid
  Hydrolyzed Soy Protein

   96%   Natural Ingredients
  商   品    優    勢

For Female,what makes a satisfactory Hair Tonic?

                Efficiently decompose the smell of
                Instantly eliminate scalp itching.
                Accelerate hair growth.
                Effectively moisturize the scalp.
                Anti-aging on hair follicle,reduce hair
                Decrease dandruff.
                A pleasant scent.                         27
O’right Hair Tonic For Him
(Ginger Root Concentrate)

 Ginger Root Extract
 Ginseng Root Extract
 Arctium Majus Root Extract
 Glucosamine Hcl
 Zinc
 Amino Acid
 Pantothenic Acid
 Hydrolyzed Soy Protein

  96% Natural Ingredients
商   品   優    勢

For Male,what makes a satisfactory Hair Tonic?

              Restrain the formation of hair follicle
               killer, DHT ﹝Dihydrotestosterone﹞.
              Instantly eliminate scalp itching.
              Accelerate hair growth.
              Effectively moisture the scalp.
              Anti-aging on hair follicle,reduce hair
              Decrease dandruff.
     一    次    滿   足
  Satisfy your needs with 4 features
  O’right Hair Tonic takes good care of hair follicle





Comparison with Hair Tonic Series


              Female                   Male               Female                  Male
           ECOCERT organic
                                 Ginger Root extract
Feature     Goji Berry extract
                                 Double Concentrate
                                                       Natural Ingredients   Natural Ingredients
          Double Concentrate
 Scent       Light & Elegant        Light & Elegant     Rich & Pleasant       Rich & Pleasant

 Box         Eco-Material           Eco-Material          Traditional           Traditional
Design      Low CO2/luxury         Low CO2/luxury      Simple/elegant        Simple/elegant

Volume           50ml                   50ml                100ml                 100ml
Usage          2 months              2 months             4 months              4 months
 Price          USD90                  USD90                USD66                 USD66
  系 列 商 品 區 隔
Comparison with Hair Tonic Series

   Double Concentrate        Natural

          ECOCERT Organic                  Natural Ingredients
            Ingredients                    without certificate


 Hair Tonic with ECOCERT ingredients is your prime choice!       32
    目 標 族 群 描 述

Target Consumer Description:

                 According to the A.C. Nielsen Co.
The consumers at top of the pyramid prefer light and elegant scents.

                     O’right Hair Tonic For Her
                 (Organic Goji Berry Concentrate)
                     O’right Hair Tonic For Him
                    (Ginger Root Concentrate)

         Fulfill the needs of high consumption power consumers.

Green Business Creates New Values
Opportunity1 ─ O’right Best Selling & Premium Product


    Hot deal for over 8 years       Lead the market trend to low CO2
Sold more than 1,000,000 bottles!   design & Launched the greener
                                    product to fulfill the needs of
                                    consumers at pyramid top!
Opportunity 2 ─ Recommended by a lot of Hair Salons!
Opportunity 3 ─ Solid Reputation creates best sales!

                    【O’right R&D Center】
 According to test reports from 500 testers , more than 94% are
     satisfied with the results of 「O’right Hair Tonic」
                     after 3 months use.

                                  94%           89%
         99% are satisfied                 are satisfied
               with the results         with the results
Opportunity 4 ─ Hair volume increase makes people look
                 younger and confident!

                According to research,the symptoms of
                 female hair loss can be cured effectively!

                The majority of male hair loss symptoms belong
                 to androgenetic alopecia or Seborrheic
                  The earlier you start caring it, the better results
                  you get!
Opportunity 5 ─ Solve Customer’s problem,
                 perform professional!

           Not only hair styles ,but customer’s scalp!

  Hair Salons have the responsibility to take good care of both
                 customer’s scalp and hair health.
Opportunity 6 ─ Leading Brand of Green Hair Care,
                 Provides Sustainable Values!

 O’right leads green salons!

 Innovative green product &

 sustainable design concept.

 Let customers see the new value of green & WE!

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