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Innovative Eco Hair Treatment by OrganicColorSys

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Innovative O'right Eco-Friendly Hair Treatment. Check out how O'right uses its creative innovation to once again change salons for the better, both to the environment and the client.

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									   Another Masterpiece of
Innovative Eco Hair Treatment

Innovative Eco Hair Treatment v.s. Traditional Hair Treatment

Directions of Eco Hair Treatment

Ingredients Introduction of Ginkgo Hair Treatment Set

White Tea v.s. Ginkgo Hair Treatment Set
Innovative Eco Hair Treatment
  Traditional Hair treatment
Hair Treatment still with
       steamers ?

Traditional hair treatment

 Traditional hair treatment
 needs steamer to open hair
 scales and let your hair absorb
 nutrients easier.

 During the treatment, customers
 have to spend a lot of time
 waiting, machines waste energy
 and customers are also easy to
 get hurt during steaming.

 Hair Treatment still with
        steamers ?

Hair treatment with steamer causes high energy waste

 On average, a hair steamer wastes
 1000W per hour.
 A 15-minutes heat treatment for 10
 people every day, wastes about
 75,000W each month.
 In addition, the heat released from
 hair steamers increases energy
 wastes of air conditioners,
 So, is hair treatment with steamers still
 1000W × 0. 25 (15 minutes) × 10 people × 30 days
 = 75000 W / every month
  Hair Treatment still with
         steamers ?

    Eco Hair Treatment                          Traditional Hair Treatment

Innovative aluminum foil bag      Package           Common bottle

          Organic               Ingredients             Chemical

Innovative eco Ice and Warm        Power        Traditional steam, increases
                               Consumption         room temperature

                                                Improper use of steam may
No steam, protect the scalp        Safety
                                                    cause scalp injury

     Anywhere to use           Convenience          Fixed spot to use

Serve a number of guests at                      One steamer serves one
       the same time
                                  Efficiency

        More efficient, satisfactory, power saving, and safer.                 6
Directions of Innovative Eco
    Hair Treatment Set
Innovative Eco Hair Treatment


     Add a suitable amount of B to A based on hair
     damage levels and mix well, then apply to hair.
     Leave on 10-15 minutes (applicable for low-
     temperature steaming) and rinse off.

Innovative Eco Hair Treatment

  Simple operation with professional results

  We divide the treatment into Repair
  Cream A & Organic Essence B.
  Hair stylist can adjust the mixing amount
  according to customer’s hair type.
  Simple operation but shows stylist’s
  professional skills to customer, also
  delivers high value of hair treatment.

Innovative Eco Hair Treatment

  Meet your needs

  Based on hair damage levels, hair stylist can adjust the
  amount of Organic Essence B :
  - For serious damaged hair adds more B
  - For slightly damaged hair reduces B

                    B+                                      B-

     For serious damaged hair adds more B   For slightly damaged hair reduces B   16
Innovative Eco Hair Treatment

   Innovative eco warm treatment
   Different from normal hair treatment

   Ginkgo Hair Treatment with aluminum foil bag
   design can be heated by water directly to
   achieve the same effects as steamer.

   For autumn and winter use:
   Soak Hair Treatment set in 35~40 ℃
   warm water for a cozy, comforting
   experience. It also helps to restore hair

Unplugged Hair Treatment

  Innovative eco ice treatment
  For summer use:
  Chill Hair Treatment set to 5-10℃ for an
  instant cooling effect that helps tighten hair
  scales with great results.

   ECO hair Treatment
White Tea Hair Treatment Set
 Gingko Hair Treatment Set
Ginkgo Hair Treatment Set

  ECOCERT / USDA Organic Certificate Ingredient

     Repair Cream A 50 ml   Organic Essence B 30 ml

Ginkgo Hair Treatment Set

   Outer Box

Ingredients Introduction
  Certificate: ECOCERT
organic White Tea Extract

Ingredients Introduction

Organic White Tea extract
Contains tea polyphenol, an antioxidant to protect hair from
exterior harm. The tea polyphenoal content in white tea is
2~3 times more than in green tea.

Eliminates free radical, revives hair’s luster and elasticity.

                       Tea polyphenol

                                                Tea polyphenol forms a protective
                                 Hair           film for hair, resists exterior harm.

Certificate: USDA organic
  Ginkgo leaf Extract

Ingredients Introduction

Organic Ginkgo Leaf Extract

Nourishes hair, repairs damage and activates
the circulation.

Enhances cell regeneration and
restores hair energy.

Ingredients Introduction

Pearl luster conditioning substance

 Has anti-static and detangle effects.

 Easy to comb and arrange hair while wet.

Ingredients Introduction

 Alpha Hydroxy Acids Balanced
 Tightens hair scales immediately, makes
 your hair silky, smooth and shiny.

White Tea v.s. Ginkgo
   Hair Treatment
Hair Treatment Compare

 Ginkgo Hair Treatment Set                     White Tea Hair Treatment Set

           USDA                 Certificate             ECOCERT

For damage hair,                              For damage hair,
especially after coloring       Using time    especially after perm

  Enhances regeneration
                                                 Provides excellent anti-
                                              oxidization and forms a
and restore hair energy.
                                              protective film from exterior
                                    Effect    harm
 Nourishes hair, repairs the
damage and activates the        differences
                                                 Eliminates free radical,
                                              revives hair’s luster and elasticity.


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