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                          KNOW YOUR CHILD’S RIGHTS
           A Parent’s Guide to Second Language Programs in Boulder Valley Schools
Is English one of the languages your child speaks or is learning to speak? If the answer is yes, then you
should know that by law, your child has a right to receive instruction designed to meet his or her needs as
a English language learner. The Boulder Valley School District (BVSD) is committed to providing all
students the best education possible. The purpose of this document is to inform you about the services
available in the District to allow you to make the best choice for your child’s education.

You took the first step in assuring that your child’s needs will be met when you filled out the Home
Language Survey. We use this to establish whether a language other than English is spoken by your
child and/or used in the home. District policy, which follows federal and state guidelines, requires that
we assess the English language proficiency of ALL students who speak and/or understand a language
other than English. An assessment given by a qualified person from our department is used to determine
whether or not your child needs an alternative language arts program.

For Students Who Qualify For ESL Alternative Language Arts
In BVSD, alternative language arts instruction is provided through ESL (English as a Second Language)
instruction. The goal of ESL is to provide students who are in the process of acquiring English with
instruction designed to meet their needs in listening, speaking, reading, and writing enabling them to
meet or exceed grade-level standards in all content areas. ESL instruction is provided in designated
schools. Bilingual programs are also available for Spanish speakers. More Information about these
programs is on the other side of this sheet.

Schools With ESL Program
In schools with ESL programs, students who qualify for alternative language arts attend grade level
classes with native English speaking classmates, but receive their language arts instruction from specially
trained ESL teachers. When ESL is NOT provided in the neighborhood school, students who qualify for
ESL have the right to attend the closest ESL satellite school. BVSD provides busing to the ESL school
for students who live more than 1.5 miles away from the satellite elementary school or 2 miles from the
secondary school.

Alternative language arts instruction is provided until a student’s performance in listening, speaking,
reading and writing is assessed to be comparable to fluent English speakers in their classes. At that time,
the student is transitioned from ESL to language arts instruction in their grade level class rooms.

An additional right that you have as a parent of a child who speaks a language other than English is the
services of an interpreter for school-related matters: including parent teacher conferences, attendance or
discipline hearings or other meetings with district personnel, as well as oral interpretation of major policy
documents or forms that must be filled out for school functions. Your child's home school can provide
you with an application for interpretation services.
Our office is happy to provide you with more information. Attached is a list of the coordinators who are
assigned to program schools. Please contact them with any concerns.

Schools with Bilingual Program

Spanish /English bilingual program is offered to students K-8 in Boulder and K-5 in Lafayette. The
program is available at University-Hill Elementary School and Casey Middle School in the city of
Boulder and Escuela Bilingüe Pioneer and Angevine Middle School in Lafayette. Students in the
bilingual program receive academic instruction in both English and Spanish with students who are native
speakers of both languages. ESL classes are an integral part of the program. Teachers in the bilingual
program are also specially trained to meet students’ linguistic and academic needs. If your child speaks
Spanish and qualifies for alternative language arts instruction and you do not want him or her to
participate in the bilingual program then he or she should be enrolled in the appropriate ESL satellite
school. If you any questions, please call Jorge García at (303) 447-5214.

                       IN BOULDER VALLEY SCHOOLS?
ESL instruction in Boulder Valley schools is alternative language arts instruction designed
specifically to support the listening, speaking, reading, and writing development of second
language learners. It is delivered by certified teachers who have special preparation in the theory
and practice of second language instruction. It is delivered in small groups tailored to meet the
individual needs of students to enable them to achieve academic success. Students are expected
to meet district and state standards in listening, speaking, reading and writing English.
Students in grades 1-12 who are designated as limited English proficient receive a minimum of
45 minutes of ESL instruction per day. Kindergarteners receive 20-30 minutes. In most schools,
this is accomplished in a pullout class that coincides with Language Arts instruction in the grade
level classroom. At the secondary level, students may receive up to 2 or 3 periods daily of ESL
instruction as part of their schedule. Academic tutoring in math, science, and social studies is
also provided. For high school students, ESL classes carry language arts credits necessary for
There are many strategies that can help second language learners be successful. ESL teachers
make instruction understandable by using hands on activities, visual aids, modeling, and
demonstrating the meaning of the unfamiliar vocabulary. They work to connect what students
are learning in ESL with what they have already learned at home in their primary language and
what they are studying in their grade level classrooms.
ESL teachers also help students learn to feel comfortable in the school as they experience the
stress that often comes with learning a second language. The teachers strive to create an
instructional setting where students feel safe in taking the risks necessary to learn a new
language. They also seek to value students’ home languages and emphasize the importance of
being proud of both their new English skills as well as their first language abilities. ESL teachers
value the importance of the family and the critical role family members play in helping their
children be successful in school. Please feel free to contact them with any comments or

                                             Program Selection Rights

You have the right to enroll your child in any program offered by the district. Dual language-
Bilingual Schools-in Boulder Valley School District are available to you through our Open
Enrollment Process. For ESL programs all you need to do is agree that you want your child to
receive these services. If you do not agree, you do have the right to decline to enroll your child in
such program or to choose another program or method of instruction that is available in our
school district. If you enroll your child in any of these programs you also have the right to have
your child immediately removed from such program simply by requesting it. Remember that you
always have the right to change your mind. If you make one choice today and wish to change
that choice all you have to do is to contact us and we will be happy to assist you in making the

If you have questions about support for students, please call (303) 447-5073 and ask for a


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