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									B UT ME
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"Miss Bout Me OM U.S.A” Entry for one category is (baby$30.00) (3 & up $45.00 up to 5 photos. Additional category titles $5.00 each. Photos accepted now until entry deadline of August 1, 2008 at midnight, winners announced August 4, 2008. Contestants Age Groups Ages: 0-36 months (Baby) 3-4 years (Tiny) 5-8 years (Little) 9-12 years (Jr.) 13-17 years (Teen) 18 years - up (Senior) All Photo Entries must indicate age category in the subject of the email submission (eg. Age & Group, Category & Full Name) PLEASE put your age group in the subject of your email! Winning Category Titles “ Bout Me USA 2008”™©

Baby/Tiny/Little/Jr./Teen/Miss/Ms./Mrs./Mr./Senior “Bout Me” *All categories are open to all age groups* 1.Consciousness 3.Awareness 5.Photogenic 7.Talent 9.Queen 11.Feature Celebrity (rising) 13.Cover Model 15.Prince 17.Victory 19.Prestigious 21.Handsome Star 23.Bout Me U.S.A 25.Sagacious 27.Creativity 29.Bout Me OM USA*** USA*** 31. Maternity Goddess 32. Plus Size 24.Bout Me Cosmos 26.Princess Royalty 28.Spirit 30.Bout Me Healing 2.Glamour 4.Congeniality 6. Optimistic 8.Motivational 10.Beautiful 12. King 14.Supermodel 16.Angelic 18.Fitness 20.Goddess 22.Photogenic Cover

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