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Why the Apple iPod Touch is the Future


									Why the Apple iPod Touch is the Future For Digital
Media Players
Apple certainly would like you to think that their iPod Touch portable digital media player is the way all
these devices should be built in the future. Other manufacturers would like to have a say in this, but it is
Apple that is leading the way forward.

The second generation iPod touch has held a dominant position in the marketplace for some time now
and with the recent release of the third generation iTouch models this slot at the top looks set to
continue. Indeed if the new release is anything to go by then Apple, as well as all iPod users, will be
happy as the features you get with these devices really looks like the future for all portable media
players. And this is very good news

The Apple iPod touch combines all the top features of the other iPods in the range and the best of
Apple's iPhone device. In fact the touch and iPhone look so similar it is hard to tell them apart. As a user
this means that you will always get one of the best sounding music players and in addition you also get a
Wi-Fi connection to the Internet for use wherever you happen to be.

This ability of the Apple iPod touch to let you browse the Internet through WiFi also enables you to send
and receive emails directly on the player. This is just like having your own personal computer with you
all the time and you can just store it in your pocket! This functionality is often all than many of us ever
use our computers for and now the iPod Touch just does it all for you. Do we actually need computers

But where the touch excels is when it comes to you playing your music. With the in-built software it is
possible for the iPod touch to synch songs down from iTunes on you computer very quickly, so now
waiting around forever to get your music loaded is a thing of the past. These devices have enough
storage capacity to hold enough music to keep you happy all the time.

There is also the facility to play videos on the touch and this is one that many of us just love. Being able
to run our favorite video clips at any time is just so useful, especially if you are a regular traveler or a real
movie buff. The screen display is clear and bright so that your videos will always look great. Movies on
the move is a neat concept that is attracting even more users to this top of the range iPod.

The iPod touch runs the same software as the iPhone, so this means you have the benefit of loading up
your device with literally hundred of great software applications or apps. One of the biggest benefits of
this is to gamers who can play video games on these machines. And with the new iPod Touch 3G the
features you get for gaming have been really enhanced to provide much more fun and entertainment.

There are also a load of more serious apps available that come as standard or can be download easily
from Apple's App Store in literally just a few seconds. The benefits you get from this means that these
players are infinitely expandable as new applications are being written every day and new releases will
always be at the forefront of this technology.
The only downside for some with the iPod touch is that the storage space, even with the 64GB of the
latest models, may not be enough for some of us who have a vast number of music tracks to load up.
But for most of us this capacity will be just fine.

But the future is bright as Apple will of course address this issue and bigger capacity players are already
in the pipeline and, as with the iPod Nano, you should expect to see an integrated video camera built in
to these devices before very long.

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