Cooling and Refreshing Scalp Spray by OrganicColorSys

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									Catechin Scalp Protection Gel

Chasing fashion style and hair color is important while
your scalp’s health can’t be ignored.

   Do you like to dye hair?

   Do you have dandruff or feel itchy and uncomfortable
    after coloring hair?

   Do you worry about scalp may get redness, irritated or
    allergic reactions after coloring?

   Do you worry coloring cream affect your scalp’s health?

              Now, please stop worrying.
      O’right can solve these problems for you.
Catachin Scalp Protection Gel
Protect scalp while coloring

• Combines nano molecules with catechins and vitamins.

• Utilizes the absorbency capacity to differentiate hair
  and skin.

• Forms a protection over the skin to prevent irritation
  and other allergic reactions while coloring.

• Protection level for coloring stands at 96%, O2
  elimination reaches 98%.

New package
• Food-grade packaging, safer and eco-friendly
• Operate easier
• Nice and useful design

How to open:
Push the cap until hear “click” three times then
you can start to use.

How to use:
Apply gel in 0.2 cm thick layer to the entire scalp
and distribute evenly. Please also apply to the
skin around ears, hairline and nape. After coloring,
rinse hair thoroughly with warm water.



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