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									Landice L770 Club Pro Trainer
Over the years, Landice has manufactured only treadmills.

To some, this sounds like a very good qualifier when considering what
treadmill to buy.

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But in a world full of faulty merchandise, the brand is not always an absolute

You need to take some time to scour the territory first before forking out your
precious dollars.

Landice L770 Club Pro Trainer in a Nutshell
The Landice L770 Club Pro Trainer is one of the most recent versions to
come out of Landice.

It is part of the Club Series which is a tad better than the LTD series because
it has no usage restrictions.

Another main difference is that it operates on a 220 volt circuit.

Because there is no limit on how many hours you can use it in a day, the Club
Warranty practically covers all types of usage, be it in a residential or
commercial setting.

The warranty applies to the frame and parts for up to five years whereas the
labor aspect is up to 1 year.
This is very nice and it makes Landice L770 Club Pro Trainer seem like it is
insured twice – the first being that a Landice device is already durable in its
own right that there won’t be any need for an official warranty.

Speaking of durability, the Landice L770 Club Pro Trainer has utilized
advanced engineering technology and quality materials.

Like other Landice products, it is made of aluminum to ensure it stays rust-
free for years while making the overall weight lighter than most metals.

Features of the Landice L770 Club Pro Trainer
When it comes to the features and mechanism, Landice L770 Club Pro
Trainer is no different from other Landice designs except for the volt

Let’s take a look at the main features:
1. Can carry up to 400 pounds of user weight.

2. Uses a 3 horsepower motor

3. Utilizes a Shock Absorption System designed to reduce the impact of
heavy fall. This is important in protecting leg joints and knees.

4. Allows the user to run up to 11 miles per hour

5. A console which displays basic fitness information such as calories burned,
time, speed, and distance covered

6. Has four fitness programs that can give you a structured approach to

This device can work well with beginners who would just like to hop on to
treadmill and are not really into a complex setup.

If you are someone who are a stickler for other details such as cardiovascular
information and heart rate, this device is not for you.
Also, if you are in the US, you may want a volt converter since this device
uses 220 volts which is twice the normal requirement in the country.

In most retailers, the Landice L770 Club Pro Trainer costs a little under
$3,000 which is one of the cheapest in the market.

For all its worth, this device help you a lot if all you need is a simple,
uninhibited exercise.

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