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UNINTER | The Center for Linguistic & Multicultural Studies


                  Letter from our President                                             1

                  General Information about Universidad Internacional                   2

                  Student Profile                                                       3

                  Academic Accreditation & Affiliation                                  4

                  Fast Facts                                                            6

                  Intensive Spanish Program                                             7

                  Semester Program                                                      9

                  Intensive Spanish Program for Specific Purposes                      11

                  High School Program                                                  13

                  Kids Program                                                         15

                  Teaching Spanish Summer Institute                                    17

                  Executive Program                                                    19

                  DELE Preparation Course                                              21

                  Credits                                                              22

                  Course List                                                          23

                  Your New City                                                        25

                  Places Nearby                                                        27

                  Extracurricular Activities                                           29

                  Your New House                                                       30

                  Accreditation                                                        32

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    Welcome to Universidad Internacional!

    Universidad Internacional is a marvelous place           it’s a one week program, or an entire semester,
    to study!!!                                              we will do everything in our power to make your
                                                             stay an unforgettable one.
    Since 1980,The Center for Linguistic & Multicultural
    Studies at Universidad Internacional (UNINTER)           We look forward to welcoming you to our
    has been a leader in teaching Spanish to foreign         community here at The Center for Linguistic &
    students.                                                Multicultural Studies and hope that you will make
                                                             us part of your journey to Spanish language
    Our goal is to help our students bring themselves        fluency.
    closer to fluency, while teaching them the
    invaluable lessons involved in getting to know a
    new culture. Year after year, new students get to
    know us for the first time, while former students
    return to continue their Spanish studies with us.

    Our time tested methods and dedication to our
    students have helped to attract students from
    nearly every continent on the planet. Whether                                                    President

1                        www.sprachenmarkt.de, Tel: +49-711-45 10 17 370, service@sprachenmarkt.de
To provide multicultural exchange among countries through the Spanish language and all its cultural
manifestations, offering to our foreign students the necessary theoretical and practical tools for their successful
insertion into the language, supported by appropriate teaching strategies.

Your New School
The Center for Linguistic & Multicultural Studies was founded in 1980. Its mission was the teaching of the
Spanish language and Mexican culture exclusively to foreign students. We believe that intensive study in
small group is best for Spanish language instruction therefore since its inception, UNINTER was used the
“Group 5 System” At UNINTER it is of the utmost importance to group students according to their ability in
order to master the language.

How Big is Uninter?
The student body of Universidad Internacional consists of Mexican and
international students, receives more than 1800 Mexican students
and more than 3000 international students yearly. Every day, they
have the opportunity to share a multicultural environment where
the Spanish language is the main tool for communication. We can
proudly say that our university has become in a very short period
of time the most important institution in the teaching of the Spanish
language in Mexico.

                         www.sprachenmarkt.de, Tel: +49-711-45 10 17 370, service@sprachenmarkt.de                    2
       I    Student body
       Total student Population:                                      2493

       High School Mexican students:                                  350
       Mexican Students:                                              1840
       International Students:                                        2800 per year
       Mexican Students / International Students:                     6 to 1

    International students:                                   Mexican students:

    Gender:                                                   Gender:

    Males:                                         36%        Males:                                  30%
                                                   64%        Females:
    Occupations:                                              Ages:

                                                   62%        18 to 25
                                                              years of age:                           87%
    & employees:                                   22%        26 and older:

       “     you can look forward to
             developing new and lasting
             friendships, and gaining the
             knowledge and skills that will

             lead to a lifetime of personal
             achievement and fulfillment.

3                         www.sprachenmarkt.de, Tel: +49-711-45 10 17 370, service@sprachenmarkt.de
Accreditation & Affiliation
Colleges and Universities
In the United States, the Intensive Spanish Language Program at The Center
for Linguistic & Multicultural Studies/Universidad Internacional is affiliated with
different colleges and universities, which accept and transfer university credits
that are given to enrolled students.

Students from these institutions receive academic credits upon completion of
their studies at Center for Linguistic & Multicultural Studies Studies/Universidad
Internacional through their own academic departments or through their
international studies offices.

USA & Canada
• Auburn University; Auburn, AL
• Cal State University, Dominguez Hills; Carson, CA
• Cal State University, Stanislaus; Turlock, CA
• Clackamas Community College; Oregon City, OR
• Cleveland State University; Cleveland, OH
• College of Marin; Kenfield, CA
• Columbus State University; Columbus, GA
• Chaffey College, Rancho Cucamonga, CA
• Florida Agricultural and Mechanical University; Tallahassee, FL
• Florida Southern College; Lakeland, FL
• Francis Marion University; Florence, SC
• Forsyth Community College; Winston-Salem, NC
• Fort Lewis College, Durango, CO
• Furman University, Greenville, SC
• Georgia State University, Atlanta, GA

• Gonzaga University; Spokane, WA
• Indiana University of Pennsylvania; Indiana, PA
• Incarnate Word University, San Antonio, TX
• Iowa State University; Ames, IA
• John’s Hopkins University; Baltimore, MA
• Lake Superior State University; Sault Ste. Marie, MI
• Loma Linda University; Loma Linda, CA
• Minnesota State University Moorhead, Moorhead MN
• Northern Arizona University; Flagstaff, AZ
• North Carolina Central University; Durham, NC
• North Carolina State University; Raleigh, NC
• Palomar Community College, San Marcos, CA
• Phoenix College; Phoenix, AZ
• Saint Francis University; Loreto, PA

                 www.sprachenmarkt.de, Tel: +49-711-45 10 17 370, service@sprachenmarkt.de                        4
                           • Saint Mary’s College; Moraga, CA
                           • Santa Barbara City College; Santa Barbara, CA
                           • State University of NY at Brockport; Brockport, NY
                           • Texas Tech University; Lubbock, TX
                           • Texas Woman’s University; Denton, TX
                           • Union College; Schenectady, NY
                           • University of Findlay; Findlay, OH
                           • University of Missouri-Columbia; Columbia, MO
                           • University of Northern Iowa; Cedar Falls, IA
                           • University of North Texas; Denton, TX
                           • University of Phoenix; Phoenix, AZ
                           • University of Texas at Arlington; Arlington, TX
                           • University of Texas at Brownsville; Brownsville, TX
                           •University of Utah; Salt Lake City, UT
                           •University of Wisconsin at Whitewater; Whitewater, WI
                           •Victoria College; Victoria, TX
                           • Virginia Tech University, Blacksburg, Virginia
                           •Walla Walla Community College; Walla Walla, WA
                           •Western Maryland College; Westminster, MD
                           •Western Nebraska Community College; Scottsbluff, NE
                           •Woodford College; Spartanburg, SC
                           •Okanagan University, Kelowna, B.C., Canada
                           • University of British Columbia; Vancouver, BC, Canada

                           I    Other Countries

                           •Centre International de Recherche et d’ Étude de Langues, Togo Africa
                           •Galillee College, Haifa,Israel
                           •Hanze University Groningen, Deutschland
                           •Institut Supérieur d’ Action Internationale et de Production.
                             Saint Barthéleny, D´Anjou
                           •Universidad Peruana de Ciencias Ap. Perú

                           •Universitá per Stranieri di Perugia, Italia
                           •Universidad Tecnológica Empresarial de Guayaquil, Ecuador
                           •Universitatea Din Craiova, Rumania
                           •University of the Virgin Islands, Saint Thomas, Virgin Islands

5                        www.sprachenmarkt.de, Tel: +49-711-45 10 17 370, service@sprachenmarkt.de
Fast Facts
Where will I be?

I Uninter is in the heart of Cuernavaca.
I Cuernavaca is a charming colonial city. It’s year-round temperate climate makes it known locally
    as the “land of the eternal spring”
I   Our campus is located about 85 km (53 mi) south of Mexico City.
I   The city’s bus system is economical and easy to use. Bus destinations from Cuernavaca include
    regular services to Mexico City (every 15 minutes)
I    Cuernavaca lies about 700 meters (2,300 ft) lower than Mexico City, and therefore serves as a
    popular refuge from the cold for inhabitants of Mexico City.
I   Cuernavaca’s downtown cathedral dates from 1552.

Where will I live?

I   Our Housing Office has been placing students with “Mexican Host Families” as a means to en-
    hance students’ Spanish skills and their understanding of Mexican culture.
I   Universidad Internacional offers a Guest Residence that is located only two blocks from the main
    campus. There are private fully furnished rooms with individual bathrooms.

When should I start                     What help and support will I get?
                                        I Our International & Study Abroad office will help you with the
Classes begin                               application process, arranging housing and other services.
every Monday                            I    A comprehensive orientation program is organized each
throughout the year.                        Monday.
It is recommended                       I   Transcripts are issued at the end of each period of study.
that students arrive                    I   We’ll pick you up from the airport when you arrive and when
the Friday prior to                         you leave.
starting classes. Every                 I   Additional tutoring free of charge.
Saturday, Uninter
gives an orientation,
a written placement
test and an oral                        What else is on the campus?             When can I go?
interview to determine
the students’ level of
                                        IFour Computing Labs                    I   Spanish classes begin
Spanish proficiency.
                                        I A Library                                 every Monday

                                        I A Bookstore                           I   Spring Semester

                                        I 2 Cafeterias                          I   Fall Semester

                                        I An infirmary                          I   Summer

                                        I An International affairs
                                        I   Excursions office

                   www.sprachenmarkt.de, Tel: +49-711-45 10 17 370, service@sprachenmarkt.de                6
    What programs can I take?

              Intensive                             Since 1980, the Intensive Spanish Program
                                                    has helped our students take leaps and

       Spanish Program
                                                    bounds in their Spanish studies no matter
                                                    what level of previous Spanish they have.
                                                    Students are completely immersed in the
                                                    culture and language which are woven
                                                    intricately into the linguistic process.

                                                    Our program strives to make Spanish a
                                                    part of your life. It will challenge you with
                                                    comprehensive yet manageable classes
                                                    and courses which will help you gain better
                                                    fluency and knowledge of the Spanish
                                                    language. The Intensive Spanish Language
                                                    Program is open to everyone and enrolls a
                                                    vast number of students.

                                                    Our goal is to maximize your usage of
                                                    Spanish in a multicultural environment.

7           www.sprachenmarkt.de, Tel: +49-711-45 10 17 370, service@sprachenmarkt.de

I   No more than 5 students per class
I   6 hours a day, 5 days a week
I    Native Spanish Speaking Teachers
I   Complete Cultural Immersion
I   Dynamic guided conversation workshops
I   Complete flexibility


Intensive Spanish Language Class (3 hrs.)
After taking a brief entrance exam and oral interview with a Spanish professor,
students are placed in small groups according to their previous level of
Spanish fluency, their ability to communicate, and their interests. We subscribe
to the “Group 5 System” in which no more than 5 students are assigned to a
professor. This guarantees that our students receive the attention they need
and encourages interaction among the group. This class focuses on 4 main
skills: speaking, listening, reading, and writing.

Latin American or Grammar Courses (2 hrs.)
This is a flexible option that allows the students to choose from an assortment
of classes in the following areas of study: Art, Business, Education, History, Latin-
American Studies, Linguistics, Literature, Political Science, Psychology, Religion,
and Spanish grammar.

Cultural Lectures, Idiomatic Expressions or Conversation (1 hr.)
This component is designed to improve students’ listening and conversational
Spanish Language skills and cultural awareness by corrected discussions
on topics like holidays, festivities, and family life. Students are encouraged
to compare and contrast their own culture with their experiences in Mexico.
Students are taught idiomatic expressions that will help them interact and
better understand the culture in which they are immersed.


                              MON         TUE        WED         THU        FRI
 8:00 - 9:00
 9:10 - 10:00                 INTENSIVE SPANISH LANGUAGE CLASS
 10:10 - 10:55
 10:55 - 11:15                BREAK
 11:15 - 12:00
                              LATIN AMERICAN OR GRAMMAR COURSES
 12:10 - 13:00
 13:10 - 14:00                CONVERSATION OR CULTURAL LECTURES
                              OPTIONAL CLASSES & ACTIVITIES

                 www.sprachenmarkt.de, Tel: +49-711-45 10 17 370, service@sprachenmarkt.de                        8
                                                 Join us for a semester long study program
                                                 and watch your Spanish skills soar while
                                                 you make friends from around the
                                                 world and immerse yourself in Mexican
                                                 culture. You can earn up to 18 credits
                                                 at your home university and complete
                                                 your Spanish requirements while having
                                                 the unique opportunity to attend classes
                                                 with Mexican and international students.
                                                 You have so much to gain, and nothing

              Semester                           to lose.

                                                 We welcome you to come and share this
                                                 experience with us!

9   www.sprachenmarkt.de, Tel: +49-711-45 10 17 370, service@sprachenmarkt.de

Language courses
Students will generally spend 4 weeks in each course, completing 3 courses
in a 12-week semester program. More advanced students (those with one
or more semesters of Spanish) are placed according to student’s level of
proficiency in Spanish.

Latin American courses
Social science/humanities courses last for 6 weeks. Universities may select
courses for their students from the following options: history, literature,
psychology, art, sociology, and political science.

Traditionally, universities with a semester program arrange for a week of
vacation in the middle of the program, so that their students may visit historical,
cultural, or tourist areas in Mexico.

Hours in a thirteen-week semester are distributed into three sections:
* The first part of the semester includes 6 weeks of classes
* One week of vacation
* The second part of the semester includes 6 weeks of classes


 Week           1     2   3 4     5      6       7     8      9       10 11 12 13

 8:00 - 9:00
                INTENSIVE         INTENSIVE            INTENSIVE       INTENSIVE
                SPANISH           SPANISH              SPANISH         SPANISH
                LANGUAGE          LANGUAGE             LANGUAGE        LANGUAGE
 9:10 - 10:00                                     V
                CLASS             CLASS                CLASS           CLASS
                SPN 211           SPN212               SPN212          SPN 322
 10:10 -11:00


 11:15 -12:00   LATIN AMERICAN                    A
                                                       LATIN AMERICAN COURSES 2
 12:10 -13:00   COURSES 1
 13:10 -14:00   CONVERSATION                           CULTURAL LECTURES


 AFTERNOON                                        N
            OPTIONAL CLASSES                           OPTIONAL CLASSES
            & ACTIVITIES                               & ACTIVITIES

                    www.sprachenmarkt.de, Tel: +49-711-45 10 17 370, service@sprachenmarkt.de                        10
        Intensive                    We recognize that some students are learning Spanish
                                     not just because it interests them, but also because

                                     they need it for a specific purpose. For this reason, we
                                     offer several specialized programs that provide specific
                                     vocabulary and coursework that will help you reach your
       Programs                      goals and communicate more effectively in the Spanish
                                     speaking world. If you require a program focusing on a

     for Specific                    different field or with different vocabulary, we can modify
                                     any program to meet your needs. To make sure we meet

       Purposes                      all your requests, it is best if you contact us at least 2
                                     weeks prior to your arrival.

                                     Bilingual Teachers and Professors
                                     This program is designed for teachers who need to
                                     use Spanish as a communicative tool in teaching
                                     native Spanish speaking students while at the same
                                     time offering them a better understanding of Mexican
                                     and Latin American culture. You will work and have
                                     discussions with Mexican teachers while improving your
                                     level of Spanish fluency. You can also take advantage
                                     of one of our internship opportunities depending on
                                     your level of Spanish and the length of your stay. We
                                     will work with you, practicing techniques and methods
                                     specifically designed to meet your goals.

11       www.sprachenmarkt.de, Tel: +49-711-45 10 17 370, service@sprachenmarkt.de
Nurses & Health Professionals
This program is designed for health care professionals, or those studying in
a health care field who wish to gain a better understanding of the culture
and language of Spanish speaking patients, while advancing towards a goal
of more effective communication. You can have lectures with health care
professionals and professors with knowledge of this field, and also make guided
visits or even participate in an internship depending on your level of Spanish
and the length of your stay. This program can be modified to meet the needs
of doctors, nurses, paramedics, and other health care fields and professions.

Business Programs
This program is designed to provide business professionals with Spanish
language skills so that they can effectively communicate with their Spanish-
speaking colleagues and clients. The proper knowledge of language and
culture will expedite beneficial bonds between professionals and their clients
and colleagues. Our certified and talented instructors teach vocabulary,
practical situations, and cultural aspects related to business. You can also take
advantage of one of our internship opportunities depending on the length of
your stay and level of Spanish.

Social Workers
This program is designed to provide social workers with Spanish language skills
so that they can effectively communicate with their Spanish-speaking clients.
The proper knowledge of language and culture will establish a functional
and beneficial bond between the client and professional. You can also take
advantage of an internship or volunteer opportunity depending on the length
of your stay and level of Spanish. Our certified and talented instructors teach
vocabulary, practical situations and cultural aspects related to the social work

This program is designed for lawyers who need to use Spanish as a
communicative tool, and simultaneously offers a better understanding of

Mexican and Latin American culture. Communicating in Spanish, even at a
basic level, improves the service offered to Hispanic clients. This course gives the
practitioner a basic understanding of the legal framework that their Spanish
speaking clients come from. Basic terminology will be taught in the areas of
criminal law, domestic relations, and minor civil disputes.

Our program for specific purposes has the same structure of the Intensive
Spanish Program with the specific vocabulary and situation related to your

                 www.sprachenmarkt.de, Tel: +49-711-45 10 17 370, service@sprachenmarkt.de                        12
     High School                     The High School Program is designed to make the
                                     study of the Spanish Language fun and meaningful for

                                     teenagers. In this program, learning and fun go hand
                                     in hand. There are also athletic activities for students
                                     who want to stay active and make new friends while
                                     practicing the sport of their choice. This program is
                                     designed specifically for students ages 13 to 17, but can
                                     accept younger students upon request.

                                     The High School Program, which can last as little as
                                     one week, is offered during a 9 week period between
                                     June & July. In addition to the academic portion of
                                     the program, there are cultural visits to sites around
                                     Cuernavaca such as the main square, tourism train,
                                     wrestling matches, museums, and the market, along
                                     with a day long excursion to the Las Estacas River, trips
                                     to the movies and athletic activities.

13       www.sprachenmarkt.de, Tel: +49-711-45 10 17 370, service@sprachenmarkt.de
The High School Program is available year round; however some of the activities
mentioned are only available during the dates listed above.
I   All activities are supervised by trained professionals
I  Transportation may carry an extra cost.

* Students should plan on an additional 50 USD per week for expenses related
to transportation to different places.


Spanish Class ( 3hrs.)
 We begin with 3 hours of interactive and dynamic Spanish classes. Students
are placed in small Spanish classes grouped according to their previous level
of Spanish fluency, their ability to communicate.

Functional Spanish (1 hr.)
The purpose of this class is to put into practice your acquired knowledge both
in and out of the classroom in a daily context such as in the home, school
and social settings, while becoming acquainted with Mexican culture and
every day life. We provide different activities such as Mexican songs, idiomatic
expressions (slang), and discussions of music, movies, and popular culture.

Conversation, Field Trips, and Intercultural Activities (2 hrs.)
During the 2 hours of Spanish Conversation Workshop, students can practice
their skills in communication and pronunciation while interacting with Mexican
high school students in a variety of activities of mutual interest like games,
handcrafts, and the like. Students will also have the opportunity to take part in
field trips and other activities to expand their cultural experience.


                 MON         TUE          WED           THU          FRI
 8:00 - 9:00

 10:10 - 10:55
 10:55 - 11:15   BREAK
 11:15 - 12:00   FUNCTIONAL SPANISH
 12:10 - 13:00

                 EXTRA CURRICULAR

                 www.sprachenmarkt.de, Tel: +49-711-45 10 17 370, service@sprachenmarkt.de                        14
                                                  While you are busy studying Spanish in
                                                  one of our many intensive programs, your
                                                  children can learn Spanish too! The facts
                                                  show that learning a second language
                                                  is much easier the younger you start,
                                                  which is why the Kids Program is an
                                                  opportunity you can’t afford to miss! The
                                                  kids program, which is offered between
                                                  July 6th and August 7th and can last for
                                                  as little as one week, is designed as a fun
                                                  way to start learning Spanish at a young
                                                  age through recreational activities.

     Kids Program
                                                  We have developed an engaging
                                                  platform that allows children to Learn,

15   www.sprachenmarkt.de, Tel: +49-711-45 10 17 370, service@sprachenmarkt.de
Live and Love Spanish with a careful selection
of teachers to provide a stimulating, safe, and
healthy learning environment. Our emphasis:
To make sure that your children are engaged,
interested, and excited to learn Spanish and
broaden their horizons. Our teachers are
specially trained and are dedicated to the
success of the children in this program.


I   Makes learning Spanish fun
I   Classes with Mexican Children*
I   Field Trips
I   Interactive and fun activities
I   Native Spanish speaking teachers

*While the children’s program can be taken all
year, some activities are only offered during the
summer dates listed above.


                MON TUE       WED     THU     FRI

8:00 - 9:00
                       INTENSIVE SPANISH
9:10 - 10:00
                       LANGUAGE CLASS
10:10 - 10:55

10:55 - 11:25         LUNCH AND RECESS

11:25 - 12:00

12:10 - 13:00     CHILDREN & RECREATIONAL
                    & CULTURAL ACTIVITIES
13:00 - 14:00

(The program is offered throughout the year, but
interaction with Mexican children is only during
the Summer Season. Certain activities may
change during the off season, which is from
September to June)

                 www.sprachenmarkt.de, Tel: +49-711-45 10 17 370, service@sprachenmarkt.de                        16

                                                      The Teaching Spanish Summer Institute
                                                      offers a three week bilingual course
                                                      for specialists in the area of language
                                                      education, literature, and        related
                                                      areas (masters’ level) combined with
                                                      an immersion experience in Mexican


     Teaching Spanish                                 I To     delve deep into the science of
                                                          language and literature education

     Summer Institute
                                                          within a cultural framework in which
                                                          it is easily understood.

17       www.sprachenmarkt.de, Tel: +49-711-45 10 17 370, service@sprachenmarkt.de
I    To create a forum among international
    specialists in the area of Spanish education.
I   To apply knowledge to solve problems in the
I   To explore means of research and reflection
    that can contribute to the improvement of the
    current world of education for foreigners.


Offered are intensive graduate courses from
the Teaching Spanish as a Foreign Language
masters program. Each of the courses totals 24
hours of in class sessions and meets Monday
through Thursday. Friday, students will participate
in a series of bilingual workshops with dynamic
methodology in Spanish language education. The
participants, Mexican and International, will put to
work their knowledge in the field with the purpose
of generating concrete proposals to solve key
problems in the teaching of Spanish and literature
(applied methodologies, learning activities,
creating materials).

 Graduate Level Courses (Monday to Thursday)
 HOUR            MON      TUE        WED       THU
                 LIN604 Acquisition of Foreign
 8:00 - 10:00
                 LIT600 Children’s’ and Juvenile
 10:00 - 12:00
 12:00 - 2:00    SOC600 Teaching of Culture


Pragmatics Multiple Intelligences and Learning
Styles Intercultural Competencies Marginal Literary
Voices Teaching of Spanish for Specific Purposes
Genuine Materials.


 Graduate Level Courses (Monday to Thursday)
 HOUR            MON      TUE        WED       THU
 8:00 - 10:00    ENG600 Comparative Analysis of
                 English & Spanish
 10:00 - 12:00   SPN601 Methods in Teaching
                 Spanish as Foreign Language
 12:00 - 2:00    SPN700 Pragmatic Contribution to
                 the study of Spanish

                 www.sprachenmarkt.de, Tel: +49-711-45 10 17 370, service@sprachenmarkt.de                        18
     Executive                     The Spanish Executive Program is a program aimed at
                                   professionals, business people, executives, diplomats or

                                   civil servants who wish to improve their knowledge of
                                   the Spanish Language in as short a time as possible.
                                   This program is based on the student’s language skills,
                                   her/his personal, professional and/or social needs and
                                   expectations. The Executive Program may be customized
                                   to fit individual needs. It is offered, regardless of initial
                                   skill level, at all levels from beginner to advanced.


                                   The Program consists of six to nine hours between 8 AM
                                   to 5:30 PM on the following activities:

                                   INDIVIDUAL CLASSES

                                   We offer individual Spanish (One-on-One) lessons
                                   with specific professional themes led by highly trained
                                   native-speaking professors.

                                   This session helps to improve speaking, writing, reading
                                   and listening skills.

19     www.sprachenmarkt.de, Tel: +49-711-45 10 17 370, service@sprachenmarkt.de

Our group-5 system (maximum 5 students per class) allows to interact with
different accents, gain confidence in speaking general topics with others,
improve the grammar, and to enrich the vocabulary.


1) Conversation using vocabulary focused on your field of interest in order to
   develop the Student Oral Proficiency and Vocabulary.
2) Group workshops in functional Spanish in daily situations and idiomatic
3) Cross-cultural training, intercultural business communication or Latin
   American Culture.

To satisfy the individual needs of the students need we have designed the
following four alternatives:

     OPTION 1            OPTION 2            OPTION 3                OPTION 4
      9 HRS.              9 HRS.              6 HRS.                  6 HRS.

 I    3 sessions     I    6 hours        I    2 sessions     I    3 hours of
 of intensive        of Individual       of intensive        Individual Classes
 PRIVATE             Classes             PRIVATE
 Spanish                                 Spanish             I   2 hours of Group
 classes for 3       I   2 hours of      classes for 3       Classes
 hours per class     Workshops or        hours per class
 with separate       Conversation        with separate       I   1 hours of
 instructors per                         instructors per     Workshops or
 session             I   One hour        session             Conversation
                     group Thematic                                    or

                     Conference                              I   One hour group
                                                             Thematic Conference

                   www.sprachenmarkt.de, Tel: +49-711-45 10 17 370, service@sprachenmarkt.de                           20
         DELE Preparation
     Los Diplomas de Español como Lengua Extranjera          The Center for Linguistic & Multicultural Studies
     (DELE) certificates are official documents and          at Universidad Internacional, is the first institution
     are the only certificates recognized the world          in the central region of Mexico to offer both
     over by businesses, chambers of commerce,               preparation courses for the DELE exam and
     and private and public educational institutes.          application of the DELE exam.
     Anyone who will be using Spanish in the                 Now you can prepare for and obtain DELE
     workplace, teaching Spanish as a second                 certification at the same institution in beautiful
     language, or who has a strong interest in the           Cuernavaca, Mexico!
     Spanish language would greatly benefit from
     obtaining DELE certification. You can obtain
     DELE certification as a beginner, intermediate, or
     superior level Spanish speaker.

        DAY                         MON             TUE             WED              THU             FRI
      8:00 - 9:00
                                    INTENSIVE SPANISH LANGUAGE CLASS
      9:10 -10:00                   (GROUP FIVE SYSTEM)
      10:10 -10:55
      11:15 -12:00
                                    SPANISH COURSE FOCUSED ON DELE
      12:10 -13:00
      13:10 -14:00                  CONFERENCE OR CONVERSATION SESSION

21                       www.sprachenmarkt.de, Tel: +49-711-45 10 17 370, service@sprachenmarkt.de
Club Amigo
This is a Club created to promote a linguistic and cultural exchange between Mexican and foreign
students. Such experiences provide you with the opportunity to have fun, visit places, share ideas and
most importantly practice Spanish with native Speakers.

Promotes international understanding and an appreciation of language and culture between our
national and international students of Universidad Internacional.

Can I get credits also?
Yes, and the credits are reported in semester
hours. One credit equals 15 contact hours. A
contact hour is the equivalent of 50 minutes
of class time or the equivalent of 60 minutes
of independent study work. They may choose
a letter grade or a pass/fail grade upon the
approval of their home institution. Students
must have the approval of the administrator
or the chairperson of the Foreign Language
Department or their advisor and must sign the
registration form before their arrival in Mexico.


                www.sprachenmarkt.de, Tel: +49-711-45 10 17 370, service@sprachenmarkt.de                22
                            Course list
                            I Spanish Language
                                SPN 101      Introduction to Spanish Grammar I
                                SPN 102      Introduction to Spanish Grammar II
                                SPN 111      Beginning Spanish I/ 4 credits
                                SPN 112      Beginning Spanish II/ 4 credits
                                SPN 211      Intermediate Spanish I/ 4 credits
                                SPN 212      Intermediate Spanish II/ 4 credits
                                SPN 222      Communicative Strategies in Spanish/4 credits
                                SPN 294      History of Mexico/ 3 credits
                                SPN 301      Advanced Grammar/3 credits
                            *   SPN 305      Introduction to Readings in Spanish/ 3 credits
                            *   SPN 306      Introduction to Literature/3 credits
                                SPN 308      Mexico Today/ 3 credits
                            *   SPN 309      Latin American Studies/ 3 credits
                            *   SPN 311      Spanish Civilization/ 3 credits
                                SPN 312      Spanish American Civilization/ 3 credits
                                SPN 320      Spanish for Spanish Speakers I/ 4 credits
                                SPN 322      Spanish Conversation I/ 4 credits
                                SPN 323      Spanish Composition I/ 4 credits
                            *   SPN 324      Spanish Stylistics I/4 credits
                                SPN346       Analysis of Mexican Culture/3 credits
                                SPN 371      Spanish for Business/ 3 credits
                                SPN 405      Spanish American Literature I/ 3 credits
                                SPN 406      Spanish American Literature II/ 3 credits
                                SPN 407      Latin American Short Story/ 3 credits
                            *   SPN 408      Mexican Literature/3 credits
                            *   SPN 409      Chicano Literature/3 credits
                                SPN 420      Spanish for Spanish Speakers II/ 4 credits

                                SPN 421      Spanish Phonetics and Phonology/4 credits
                                SPN 422      Spanish Conversation II/ 4 credits
                                SPN 423      Spanish Composition II/ 4 credits
                            *   SPN 424      Spanish Stylistics II/4 credits
                            *   SPN 434      Analysis of the Psychology of the
                                             Mexican/ 3 credits
                                SPN 581      Educational Aspects in Mexico/ 1-3 credits

                            I Social Science and History
                              SOC 308        Mexico Today / 3 credits
                            * SOC 309        Latin America Studies / 3 credits
                              SOC346         Analysis of Mexican Culture/3 credits
                            * HST 311        Spanish Civilization / 3 credits
                              HST 312        Spanish - American Civilization / 3 credits
                              HST 494        History of Mexico / 3 credits
                              PLS 345        The Mexican Political System / 3 credits

23                        www.sprachenmarkt.de, Tel: +49-711-45 10 17 370, service@sprachenmarkt.de
* PSY 434       Analysis of the Psychology of the
                Mexican / 3 credits
  RLG 401       History of Religion in Mexico/ 3 credits
  ART 421       Introduction to Mexican Art/ 3 credits
  EDU 581       Educational Aspects in Mexico/ 1-3 credits

I Literature and Linguistics
* LIT 306       Introduction to Literature /3 credits
  LIT 405       Spanish - American Literature I / 3 credits
  LIT 406       Spanish - American Literature II / 3 credits
  LIT 407       Latin American Short Story / 3 credits
* LIT 408       Mexican Literature/3 credits
* LIT 409       Chicano Literature/3 credits
  LING 421      Spanish Phonetics and Phonology/4 credits

I Internships
  INT 352       Internship for Medical Personnel/ 1-3 credits
  INT 353       Internship for Social Work / 1-3 credits
  INT 354       Internship for Business and
                Economics/ 1-3 credits
  INT 355       Internship in Education/ 1-3 credits
  INT 356       Internship in Hotel and Restaurant
                Management/ 1-3 credits
  INT 357       Internship in Mexican Criminal Justice/ 1-3 credits

Courses marked with an (*) are offered in conjunction with University programs
scheduled in the fall or spring. These courses are generally offered in Spanish;
occasionally in English. Persons interested in one of these courses should write
for information as to when they will be offered next.


                 www.sprachenmarkt.de, Tel: +49-711-45 10 17 370, service@sprachenmarkt.de                        24
              Your                         Cuernavaca, is the capital and largest city of
                                           the state of Morelos in Mexico. and includes

           new City
                                           numerous small localities outside the city,
                                           like Ocotepec, where interesting religious
                                           celebrations take place, like the Day of the
                                           Dead in the first days of November. Cuernavaca

                                           is located about 85 km (53 mi) south of Mexico
                   is surrounded           City on the M-95 freeway. It is known as “the city
                 by some of the            of eternal spring” because of its consistent 27°C
                 most beautiful            (80°F) weather year round. Cuernavaca sits in
                   and culturally          the heart of central Mexico, and is surrounded

                  rich regions of          by some of the most beautiful and culturally
                      the country          rich regions of the country.

                                           The city’s name comes from Nahuatl
                                           Cuauhnahuac “place near trees”, the name of
                                           the pre-Columbian altepetl at the location. The
                                           name was altered to Cuernavaca by influence
                                           of the Spanish words “cuerno” (horn) and
                                           “vaca” cow”.

     Our Architecture in Cuernavaca
     The city has remains of ancient Aztec and Tlahuica cultures (such as at Teopanzolco)
     as well as colonial buildings. Emperor Charles V gave Cuernavaca to Hernán Cortés
     as a fief, and in 1532 the conquistador built the Palacio de Cortés, now the Museo
     Regional de Historia de Cuauhnahuac (Historical Museum of Cuauhnahuac).
     The museum features a mural by Diego Rivera depicting the conquest of Mexico,

25     www.sprachenmarkt.de, Tel: +49-711-45 10 17 370, service@sprachenmarkt.de
mammoth remains, and items from
contemporary    Indigenous    cultures.
Cuernavaca’s    downtown    cathedral
dates from 1552. Murals depicting the
journey of the Mexican Saint Felipe to
Japan. At the 11:00 mass on Sundays,
a mariachi band accompanies the

    What else
    can I see
    in Cuernavaca?
Key attractions include the city Zocalo
(Main Plaza) hosts some magnificent
colonial architecture, leading on from
here is also the Palacio de Cortes, now
also known as Museo Cuauhnahuac.
This is the only Zocalo in Mexico that
does not feature a Cathedral. In 1987,
the Gardens at Jardín Borda, were com-
pletely restored after years of decay. The
house and gardens were originally com-
missioned by a wealthy silver magnate
in the 1700’s was also host to Maximilian
and Carlotta during the French reign in

For those interested in art, there is the
Museo Casa Robert Brady, which is
actually a private house turned into a
magnificent art gallery. Here, you’ll find a
permanent collection on display which
includes works by Rufino Tamayo and a
self portrait by Frida Kahlo.The house and
collection belonged to Robert Brady, an
American who resided in Cuernavaca
from 1962 to 1986. Art lovers may also
enjoy a tour of the workshop (taller)
at the Taller de Alfaro Siqueiros, a very
famous Mexican Muralist, who resided in
Cuernavaca’s colonial center.

                 www.sprachenmarkt.de, Tel: +49-711-45 10 17 370, service@sprachenmarkt.de   26
                Eating in Cuernavaca
                Good restaurants can be found both around and throughout the city,
                as well as cafes and bars, including the newer hangout of La Plazuela.
                This small, foot only street and plaza has several cafes and bars with
                nightly music of local talent.

                I Las Mañanitas
                One of Mexico’s most famous restaurants is here in Cuernavaca. The
                garden terraces are indeed glorious with pools and fountains. You can
                also stay here.
                The setting alone is worth eating here if you have the company to go
                with the extravagant surroundings.

                I Marco Polo
                Good Italian food, friendly atmosphere, great for Pizza, pasta, or other
                traditional Italian foods.

                I Rincon del Bife
                Mostly beef, Argentina Steak House, Great Steaks. Indoor/outdoor
                garden setting. Very Nice Atmosphere.

                I Gaia
                The restaurant Gaia near the Zocalo is arguably one of the best
                restaurants in town.

                              What else                            m a ny a t t ra c t i o n s !

                             is nearby?
                Add to the success and enjoyment of your courses by participating in
                Excursions planned by the school. All of our excursions are varied and
                full of excitement. So be sure to take advantage of your free time to
                enjoy the many attractions that The Center for Linguistic & Multicultural
                Studies and Cuernavaca its surroundings have to offer.

                I Teotihuacan Archeological site (Pyramids)
                Teotihuacan is the most important, archeological zone in Central
                Mexico due to the magnificent pyramids dedicated to the sun and
                the moon.

27   www.sprachenmarkt.de, Tel: +49-711-45 10 17 370, service@sprachenmarkt.de
                                                          into the heart of the mountain and present a
I Xochicalco and Hacienda de Cortes                       variety of interesting geological formations.
The pyramids at Xochicalco, located 42
kilometers south of Cuernavaca, are one of the
                                                          Mexico city
most important archeological zones in Morelos
dating back to the 9th and 10th centuries BC.
                                                          I Museo de Antropología
                                                          Is the largest museum in Mexico. It houses a
I Rio las Estacas                                         broad collection of works from the rise to the
Las Estacas is a river rising from a natural spring
                                                          fall of all Mesoamerican cultures. It is regarded
in the midst of a tropical jungle with abundant
                                                          as one of the best of its kind in the world. Other
flowers. This recreational site was used to film
                                                          sites of interest include the Zocalo the National
many scenes from the “Tarzan” films.
                                                          Palace, Templo Mayor, and the cathedral, as well
                                                          as the homes where the artist Frida Kahlo and
I Tepoztlan                                               Diego Rivera lived.
The town is a popular tourist destination near
Mexico City. The town is famous for the remains
of a temple built on top of the nearby mountain           I Taxco
                                                          Just over 100 miles southwest of Mexico City is
Tepozteco, as well as for the exotic ice-cream
                                                          one of Mexico’s most-loved colonial towns, which
flavours prepared by the townspeople. Tepoztlán
                                                          is also best known in Mexico (and world-wide)
was named a “Pueblo Mágico” in 2002.
                                                          for its silver. The parish church of Santa Prisca, a
                                                          250-year-old baroque-style church, is found in
I Cacahuamilpa Caverns                                    Taxco.
These caverns are among some of the largest
caves in the world. They extend two kilometers

                 www.sprachenmarkt.de, Tel: +49-711-45 10 17 370, service@sprachenmarkt.de                       28
                     What else can I do
                     after classes?
                     Uninter offers several options for those students who wish to stay
                     active and practice sports while they are here. Every week, our
                     Sports Staff organizes outings to practice several sports and
                     organizes games for Mexican and international students. This is
                     an excellent way to practice the Spanish you have learned in your
                     classes, while making new friends and being part of a team. Some
                     of the sports offered are: basketball, tennis, soccer, swimming,
                     football, track, and self defense.

                     Cultural Activities
                     Also offered are several workshops and classes such as: cooking,
                     yoga, salsa, Latin jazz, capoeira, hula, and contemporary dance.

                     Social Activities
                     In addition, the school schedules a variety of social activities each
                     week. The students can find out what activities are available in
                     the weekly program. Every week, there is a Café Social in which
                     students meet at a different restaurant each week to relax, eat,
                     make friends, and practice their Spanish in an out of school
                     environment. The only cost for this activity is transportation to the
                     restaurant and your own check.

29   www.sprachenmarkt.de, Tel: +49-711-45 10 17 370, service@sprachenmarkt.de
                     Your New Home
                     While students have the option to live in a bed and breakfast,
                     one of the most valuable opportunities that students sometimes
                     overlook is the chance to live with a host family. Living with a
                     host family is probably the most effective and enjoyable way to
                     become fully immersed into the language and culture. Here are
                     some reasons to consider it:

                     I You    will learn the language faster, you will experience the
                         customs and the traditions of Mexico firsthand.
                     I   You will discover the best local places, and you will feel like
                         part of the family.

www.sprachenmarkt.de, Tel: +49-711-45 10 17 370, service@sprachenmarkt.de                  30
     Our accommodation cost is based on the following:

                                    Plan “AA”. Luxury
                                    You will be living in a spacious home with a private room and
                                    bathroom. These homes usually have a garden and swimming

                                    Plan “A”. Superior
                                    You will be living in a spacious home with a private room or shared
                                    (by request) along with a shared bathroom. These homes will have
                                    a garden and often or sometimes a pool.

                                    Plan “B”
                                    You will be sharing your room and bathroom with another student.
                                    In a smaller home.

                                    All housing plans include three meals a day and transportation to and from
                                    the school.

     How can I get from
     the airport to Cuernavaca?
     Uninter offers a convenient and efficient private taxi service from the Mexico City International
     Airport or anyplace within the Mexico City metropolitan area directly to your Mexican family’s
     home or any other destination in Cuernavaca.

     When Should I pay?
     Registration fee, tuition, and housing accommodations are due upon arrival at the school. We
     accept credit cards for the registration fee and tuition. If you wish to pay before your arrival,
     please contact us.

31                  www.sprachenmarkt.de, Tel: +49-711-45 10 17 370, service@sprachenmarkt.de


                                                                                                                                            SPN 423
and affiliations

La Universidad Internacional / The Center for

                                                                                                                                            SPN 422
Linguistic & Multicultural Studies, is a Mexican

private and accredited institution for higher
education. It was founded in 1980 with the goal of
promoting communication and understanding


                                                                                                                                            SPN 323
between Mexico and other countries.

The Intensive Spanish Program at/ The The
Center for Linguistic & Multicultural Studies,

                                                                     Spanish Leveles Comparison Chart beetwen

is recognized as a Quality Approved Programs

                                                                                                                                            SPN 322
through a Formal Agreement with SUNY-

Brockport, an American Institution Accredited
by the Commission on Higher Education of
the Middle States Association of Colleges and


                                                                                                                                            SPN 212
Schools, Philadelphia, PA.

La Universidad Internacional / The Center for
Linguistic & Multicultural Studies, is recognized

and approved by the SEP (Secretary of Public

                                                                                                                                            SPN 211
Education), the highest educational authority at

the state level with national validation. The SSEP-
Morelos has granted the RVOE (Reconocimiento
de Validez Oficial de Estudios) to UNINTER in


                                                                                                                                            SPN 112.11
                                                                                                                                            SPN 112.10
                                                                                                                                                      SPN 112
the area of higher education for professional

                                                                     UNINTER - ACTFL & MCER
degrees. The RVOE, a National Accreditation,
is the highest official educational certification a
Mexican institution can receive.
                                                                                                                Novicio alto

                                                                                                                                            SPN 112.01
                                                                                                                                            SPN 112.07
                                                                                                                                                      SPN 112

ISO Certification 9001:2000 BIU                                                                                                             SPN 111.06
                                                                                                                                            SPN 111.09
                                                                                                                                                      SPN 111

                                                                                                                                            SPN 111.01
                                                                                                                                            SPN 111.04
                                                                                                                                                      SPN 111



                 www.sprachenmarkt.de, Tel: +49-711-45 10 17 370, service@sprachenmarkt.de                                                                      32
                       GENERAL INFO                       Telephone +52 777.317.1087
                                                          Fax       +52 777.317.0533
                                                          Toll Free
                         Universidad Internacional
                                                          USA       1.800. 574.1585
     The Center for Linguistic & Multicultural Studies
                                                                    1.800. 932.2068
              San Jerónimo 304, Col. San Jerónimo,
                                                           CANADA 1.877.463.9428
        Cuernavaca, Morelos, 62179 / P.O.Box: 1520,
                    Cuernavaca, Mor. 62000, Mexico

            Who recommends us?
            MaryAnn Blitt, Foreign Language Coordinator,
                              MCC-Mapple Woods, Kansas City, MO
            “I have been taking students abroad for the last ten years, and have
            to say that Universidad Internacional has a top-notch program. They
            provide all of the services that I could ask for as a program director, and
            the classes, cultural activities and student support are exceptional.”

            Tom Cranson, Residente Director, of Phoenix Group.
                           Phoenix, AZ
            “My ten year involvement with bringing students to Univerisdad
            Internacional has resulted in making many friends among the directors,
            teachers, and staff who have been a pleasure bringing students who
            are always made to feel comfortable and whose educational needs
            are always met. The flexibility with which the curriculum schedules,
            excursion, directors and teachers operate insures that all students
            leave here with a profund knowledge of Spanish and Mexican culture
            and the desire to return and experience again, the warm culture of
            both the school and Cuernavaca.”

33               www.sprachenmarkt.de, Tel: +49-711-45 10 17 370, service@sprachenmarkt.de

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