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					Multiple   Fill in the                 Short
                         True/False            Vocabulary
Choice      Blanks                    Answer

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What did Mr. Putter really
A. trains

B. toys

C. books
What is

B. toys
Mr. Putter thinks he should not
  like toys because ________.

A. Tabby is afraid of toys.

B. Old people should not play
  with toys.

C. He and Tabby always play
  with toys.
      What is

B. Old people should
 not play with toys.
What kind of toys gave
Tabby the hiccups?

A. Anything that flew
B. Wind up toys
C. Toys that beep
      What is

A. Anything that flew
What has Mr. Putter wanted to do all
his life?

A. Be an airplane pilot
B. Go for a plane ride
C. Fly a real plane
     What is

C. Fly a real plane
How is a biplane different from
other planes?

A. It can fly..
B. It has 2 flags on the tail.
C. It has 2 wings on each side.
           What is

C. It has 2 wings on each side.
   Ace junkers, biplanes, and
    monoplanes are all things

A. float
B. fly
C. walk
What is

B. fly
When they got home from the
  store, Mr. Putter promised
 Tabby a nice cup of tea and
      a warm ________.

A. Piece of toast
B. peanut butter cookie
C. English muffin
    What is

C. English muffin
All the way home from the toy
store, Tabby ____________.

A. Twitched
B. hiccupped
C. purred
  What is

B. hiccupped
The first thing that Mr. Putter
 does when he gets home
is __________.

A. flies the plane
B. feeds Tabby
C. takes the plane to the backyard
   What is

B. feeds Tabby
Tabby stopped hiccupping, but only
because she ___________.

A. fell asleep
B. was full of tea
C. went into the house
    What is

B. was full of tea
        True or False

Ever since he was a little boy,
  Mr. Putter loved planes.
What is

      True or False

Biplanes were Mr. Putter’s
 favorite kind of planes.
What is

      True or False

    Mr. Putter got to fly
a real plane when he was a
        young man.
What is

      True or False

The little plane started the
 first time Mr. Putter tried
           to fly it.
What is

       True or False

   Tabby could see that
  Mr. Putter was sad when
the plane didn’t start. Then
      she felt sad too.
What is

   Who are the main
characters in the story?
Mr. Putter and Tabby
Why does Mr. Putter buy the
      toy airplane?
Mr. Putter buys the plane
    because it can fly.
How many times does Mr.
Putter try to fly the plane
    before it can fly?
What is

3 times.
HOW does Mr. Putter get
   the plane to fly?
          What is
“He tells the plane it is the
   best in the world.”
 Why does Tabby feel sad
when the plane will not fly?
         What is
“Tabby feels sad because
   Mr. Putter is sad.”
Machines with long movable
arms used to lift things.

A. Tractors
B. Cranes
C. Dump trucks
B. cranes
 What word means “to think
 bad things might happen”?

A. worry
B. scared
C. promise
A. worry
       The wind up toys
     made Tabby ________.

A. promise

B. purr

C. twitch
C. twitch
Mr. Putter had to read all the
________ before he could fly
the plane.

A. maps
B. worry
C. directions
C. directions
 Mr. Putter kept his _______
 to Tabby when he gave he
 tea and an English muffin.

A. promise
B. secret
C. cranes
A. promise
       Final Jeopardy

Name one thing that Tabby
does to make Mr. Putter feel
What is
* Tabby rubs against Mr. Putter’s legs.

*Tabby sits on his shoulder.

* Tabby puts her head by his.

*Tabby licks Mr. Putter’s nose.
“Mr. Putter and Tabby
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