He Kexin Pics - Chinese Gymnast by sonofafish

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He Kexin is the top athelete on the Chinese Olympic team for the uneven bars, but is she even old enough to compete? This is a collection of photos of He Kexin from a recent gymnastics event. Look at them and decide for yourself.

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									Chinese gymnast He Kexin may not be allowed to compete in the 2008 Olympic games due to her age. Though she is the top-rated athlete on he Chinese team for the uneven bars, she may not actually be 16 (the minimum age) as Chinese officials have contended.

Her age has been noted as 13, 14, 15 and 16 on different occasions. Though she was scheduled to compete in the Women's Artistic Gymnastics event, the minimum age for the event is 16 by the end of the year in which they compete.

A Chinese sports authority called the Chengdu Sports Bureau lists her birthdate as January 1, 1994; if this is true, she is one year and one day too young to be allowed to compete. All photos in this set are from the Doha Gymnastics World Cup on March 5, 2008.

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