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              SECURITY SYSTEM
 Established 1989
 41 employees - mainly engineers
 Full Service Systems Integrator
 Lines of business
    – Fingerprint based identification systems
    – Document /Passport Authentication Systems
   R and D
    Ongoing research and development in above fields.
             Bartex Corporation
In addition to our Border Registration and Security System,
we also offer fingerprint based identification systems
for control of access to computer systems and to
physical locations such as buildings, rooms, vaults etc.
           Bartex Corporation
BARTEX also offers a full range of Automated Fingerprint
and Palm-Print IdentificationSystems (AFIS) for Police and
Government applications
 Border Registration and Security System

The Bartex Border Registration and Security

  System is designed for use on international

  borders where a major increase in security is

  desired while maintaining efficient throughput

                  of travelers.

The System allows for automated registration of

  all personal and vehicle information allowing

  the front-line border control officer to focus on

              assessing the traveler.

The BorderGuard passport authentication

 component of the System automates the

 authentication of the passport alerting the

border control officer to anything suspicious

 related to the passport and /or the picture.
     License Plate Recognition
   The License Plate Recognition (LPR) module
    uses infra red technology to obtain crisp
    images of vehicle license plates at land
    crossings (ie highway borders).

   The resulting high quality images permit
    highly accurate digitization of vehicle plate

  The latest Facial Recognition

technology is used to verify travelers

     against photo images from

 appropriate watch list data-bases.

Originally designed specifically for the

Hungarian Border Police, the system‟s

flexibility and adaptability make it a valid

   option for any country in the world.

Passport Authentication

Facial Recognition

License Plate Recognition
         Additional Options...
   Surveillance module

   Optional Fingerprint Recognition technology
    (AFIS) for second-line operations

   Full network capability

   Future Enhancements - Portable, Colour, etc
              System Benefits
   Increasing border security without inconveniencing
    honest travelers, also known as „increasing security
    without decreasing flow‟ is a major goal for border
    control agencies.

 Increasing security without decreasing
    flow is exactly what the Bartex Border
    Registration and Security System does.
       System Benefits

The automation of repetitive functions

 liberates trained border personnel to

concentrate on evaluating the traveler,

profiling etc, becoming more effective.
             The Problem
 Human memory has limitations regarding the
  amount of information that can effectively be
  stored and accessed.
 Time constraints prohibit time consuming
  referral to bulletins and voluminous
  documentation, allowing many unwanted
  travelers to slip through the cracks.
 The Solution?
               The Solution

Bartex Border Registration and Security System
   Our passport database and networking
    capabilities allow for the latest passport
    security feature information and counterfeiting
    intelligence to be applied to the passport of
    each and every traveler!
   Maximal security check applied to every
    traveler automatically and quickly.
               Reference Site

   The Bartex Border Registration and Security
    System has been successfully installed and in
    trouble free operation for nearly three years in
   The system is used by the Hungarian Border
    Police at nearly 600 border crossing points:
    Air, Land, Rail and Sea.
            Reference Sites
This technology is installed on the borders of
  the following countries:
 Sweden
 Argentina
 Turkey
 Hungary
 Nigeria
 Dominican Republic
    Hungarian Ministry of the Interior
Excerpts from a letter issued by Mr. Laszlo Valenta, Head
   of the Hungarian Interior Minister’s Cabinet.
I hereby certify that between 1999-2000, on behalf of the
   Ministry of Interior Affairs, Bartex Corporation
   successfully completed the automated border
   registration system’s information technology and
   system integration project worth 1.8 billion forints for
   the Hungarian BorderGuards.
… all the borders of Hungary, almost 600 systems were
   installed… it was a large scale information technology
   project… which Bartex fulfilled to excellent standards.
         Technical Summary

   The Bartex Border Registration and Security

    System is comprised of several key hardware

    components and software modules:
           Passport Authentication Component

   The BorderGuard               BORDERGUARD
    passport authentication
    component has the ability
    to perform numerous
    security checks on any
    passport presented.

   Fast - full verification in
    less than 10 seconds per
      BorderGuard Software
 Examines Documents under 5 kinds of light
 Detects individual and combinations of
  mandatory and prohibited patterns under
  each type of light.
 Compares user selectable range of fields
  within the MRZ (machine readable zone) and
  the HRZ (human readable zone) as well as
  the important basics such as verification of
  checksums, expiry date etc.
     Authentication tests are performed under 5 kinds of light.

     Visible Light                              Infra Red Light

                              UV Light

Collimated Light A                                Collimated Light B
    BorderGuard Versatility
                           Rear View
The BorderGuard has a

   built in standard PC

  running Windows NT.
 License Plate Recognition Module

The combination of task specific Infra Red

  cameras and our highly accurate Recognition

  Software module results in dependable

  automated digitization of vehicle license

  plates at land border crossings.
Infra Red Camera

   For detailed technical information please refer

      to the separate presentation titled “Bartex

      Border Registration and Security System

               Technical Presentation”.
             Bartex Corporation‟s

Border Registration and Security System

 is available now for installation in any

              country in the world*.
  *(with the exceptions of those countries under UN embargo).
     Thank You for Your kind attention.

   For further information please contact:
              Bartex Corporation
              Budapest, Hungary
              tel: ++ 361-345-0504

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