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					                              Are travelers lonely?

Recently I met a nurse who used to travel. When I asked her why she stopped, she said:
“I got tired of feeling lonely.” I found this response interesting because I never felt
lonely while traveling. Travelers can do so many different things to maintain a social life
while traveling. What do travelers do?

First of all, pets are great companions. More and more travelers travel with their pets.
Furthermore, more and more hotels are accepting pets to accommodate all kinds of
travelers who want to take along their pets.

Keep in touch with friends at home and people you meet along the way. You can always
keep in touch by phone with friends and family far away. Make plans on when to see
them again. Many times, friends and family love to come and visit and see new sites
while not having to pay for a hotel room. Invite people to come and visit.

In between visitors, exploring, and spending time with your pet, seek out other travelers.
Travelers often create their own network. They often travel together or keep in touch.
They can sometimes be found within your apartment complex, your department at work,
and online at or Delphi forums
has a large membership of traveling nurses with interesting online discussions regarding
travel. Meanwhile, has a place for travelers to find each other
in different states and email one another. If you are in Florida and you want to find
another traveler in Florida, you just go to the website and look up Florida and find out
who is there and email one close by.

Finally, you can join local clubs and interest groups in the area. The sierra club
( is a nature related club that has local chapters nationwide. The
annual fees go to environmental causes. Also, you may want to try,
or check out the website: Travelaloneandloveit is a site
developed for flight attendants to use while traveling alone.

There are so many options and so many things to see while you are traveling. Figure out
what your needs are and how you can match them while traveling. Ask someone to come
with you. Whatever it takes.

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