restoration by xiaohuicaicai


									              Female – male relationship balance
           RESTORATION, NOW!

The proclamation that only could start a new civilization.
The MAGNA CARTA of today against the hideous patriarchal model
poisoning mankind in all relationships.

Superb, democratic, highly re-orientating texts of feministic humanism
A guide to change the world overnight.

           RESTORATION, NOW!
In the relationship between rulers and subjects.
The only way out of the crisis of today‟s mankind
Basic premises of the proclaimed new political system
The 3 stages of its enactment.

Why has modern democrasy failed.
Why have revolutions failed.
Now, the peaceful revolution for the enactment of moral, direct
                          PART TWO
The flowering of a new literature on the basis of conscious negation of
violence, revenge, envy and immorality.
                                             Compiled texts by Van Gras
                           Graduate of Political Sciences and Psychology
Copyright owner Van Gras, literary name of Mr. Evangelos Grammenos
4, Praxiteles str., 16341 Athens, Greece
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    1. Note about the texts compiled in this book.
    2. Life-givers, life-savers, women of all the world
       The proclamation prior to all proclamations that started all known Revolutions
       the proclamation that only could start a new civilization.
    3. The model of top chief man ruler
    4. Why has modern parliamentary democracy failed? The only, really
        humanistic way out is moral, direct,democrasy.
    5. Why have revolutions failed?
    6. A light discussion leading to very serious conclusions
    7. Moral, direct democracy. Steps 1, 2 and 3
    8. Some Very Important Suggestions.
    9. The first difficult step of a most wonderful course
    10. OMNIPOTENT, OMNISCIENT Two most dangerous character
           elements of the patriarchal type of top chief ruler

                                   PART TWO

       The Flowering of a New Literature based on Conscious Negation of violence,
                              revenge, greed, immorality.

    13. NOW, IPHIGENIA, NOW. Drama
       Denouncing the patriarchal model imposed on mankind some thousands of
       years ago and still destroying it, poisoning all human relationships, intimate,
       family, social, economic, educational, national and international. Is this model
       a form of cancer eating up mankind‟s healthy soul, body and mind?
    14. LA FORZA DEL AMORE. Drama
       Overthrowing all possible objections and fears about the feasibility of the new
       mother-centered model of relationships to replace the catastrophic patriarchal
    15. What is MONYNO?
       Introductory note
       Extract. Several pages from MONYNO. Fiction
       In the form of a utopia, wonderful insights about the state of relationships
       between female and male in a mother-centered culture of the past and its
       guidelines for the future.
- Mothers, daughters          - Should women wake up
- One chief went to war       - The therapist
- Victims                     - In this big, immense city
- Capo Verde                   - Who are you really, you chiefs?
- The power of love
-Give each other your hands

Change the world overnight? This extreme proposition is shocking, isn‟t it?
Let me explain its real meaning.
One is climbing up and up on the slopes of a high mountain, be it the Himalayas or
any other. One is not sure one will reach the top, even not sure of surviving the effort
one undertook.
Why, then, is one doing it?
Because he decided it, at one moment or the other. Overnight, has this meaning. A
decision, a determination is made at one moment, overnight, it can‟t be otherwise.
Yes and no is not a decision, it is an oscillation. Oscillation is instability. Instability
is close to insanity, isn‟t it? This is what mankind is suffering from today, isn‟t it?

Here, in this most unusual book of our times, the dice are thrown, the decision is
made, the determination is stable without any vacillation, fully, clea rly

What is this decision? The texts will tell you exactly. But I feel you have already
sensed it, your intuition has already touched the depth and the beauty of this
determination. It is not high mountain climbing, that‟s dangerous. It is determination
for the RESTORATION. It is a happy course.
Restoration of human relationships in their pure, happy, natural state, characterized
    1. Absolute, undeniable respect for the life of fellow human beings and of every
        living being. You shall not kill.
    2. Absolute denial of the concept of superior and inferior or stronger and weaker
        or hostile and friendly human beings, by which concept any individual or any
        chief of any group, the smallest or the biggest, can commit horrible acts
        against a fellow human being.
    3. Direct restoration of the natural balance in the relationship female – male,
        which has been violently overthrown through the patriarchal model of
        imposition and authority of the male over the female. This overthrowing of
        the balance has caused untold suffering to females in all phases of their
        development, individually and socially, throughout the known history of
        mankind till today.

Now, you may ask: is this easy? Change overnight? I say yes, on one condition.
Just as you take the decision overnight to go climbing or diving, so you must take the
overnight the decision to RESTORATION.

The why and because this is urgent, you know already. You see it everyday on world
news and in your everyday life, at home and at work. Of course you need to know the
how before you take that decision.
These texts could tell you the how, but only you can take the decision. If you do take
it, please tell the other. We need to be many. Use all radio and TV stations you can
talk through and, of course, establish a national council of women, in every country.
A high mountain top can only be reached by few courageous people. However,
nobody can know whether they are good people. They may even be desperate,
ambitious, self-destructive or money hunters, or, hopefully, happy sportspeople.

But in this movement towards RESTORATION, only good people can reach the
happy end. Honest, altruist, compassionate, unambitious, non- violent, not fanatic.
Otherwise, the restoration will again be overthrown.

All the texts compiled in this book have been presented to the general public
separately, in my talks on radio and later a TV station in Athens, Greece; or, as parts
contained in my various books, plays and CD‟s of songs which also have often been
broadcast from the same station and repeated by many others.
The theatrical plays and songs can be sent to anyone who would like to use them for
productions of any kind, on the stage, TV, cinema, concerts, public talks in halls or
from radio, TV stations.
       Gautama the Buddha, Socrates, Plato, Jesus did so much to alleviate the
suffering of mankind, only by their talking. We have at our disposal the printed
paper, radios, TV, the internet etc. Can‟t we do more? Can‟t we bring to an end the
hideous, most inhuman, criminal patriarchal model of inequality used by the stronger
to destroy the weaker?
A usual justification is: humans are animals; the animals are violent, aggressive. So,
suffering, harming each other is our inheritance, our fate, irreversible.
Who says that animals are aggressive? Scientists, ethologists who study animal
behaviour. I‟m afraid their conclusions are conditioned, influenced by the prevailing
patriarchal model, and finally serving it.
Aggression is a momentary reaction and not the main or only characteristic in animals
and humans; a reaction serving survival, personal freedom, independence, integrity,
reproduction, the enjoyment of living and real happiness.
Inversely, we can observe that when the above needs are not threatened, the normal
state of all living beings is the quiet enjoyment of the flow of life energy within them
and friendly appreciation and respect of the existence of the fellow beings.
                  2. THE LIFE-GIVERS, LIFE-SAVERS
                             Women of all the world
         This is addressed to women of all the world who are conscious of the state in
 which mankind has been trapped during this century. And it is going to declare the
 possibility of a radical change in this state. A change that can be initiated o nly by
 these women, and perhaps enacted only by them, or, with the co-operation of
 conscious, unselfish men of every age.
         In a few sentences, let us sum up this state. Two world wars and dozens of
other smaller scale wars, going on even on this day, with more than a hundred million
dead and a similar number of orphans and widows. Can you see a common cause in
all these wars? Men wishing more power, extension of power and domination in
larger area, more lands and subjects, more raw materials, more workers for cheap
production, more ware to sell, more profit for themselves personally and for their
subject countrymen. Indifferent to the horrible massacres and to the immerse pain of
the young soldiers and the non- fighting population of women, children and older men.
Can you believe that women in power, conscious of their motherhood, could have
launched such holocausts and destructions?
         The quantities of raw matters consumed and destroyed in these wars:
petroleum, oil, steel, aluminium, coal, copper, rubber, wood, glass and other
exhaustible material are incalculable and never again repossessible. These materials
could cover the needs of a rational consumption perhaps for the next two or three
centuries. The remaining quantities of them today, are consumed at such a high rate,
either for war action going on, or regular military training, for the unnecessary
circulation of dozens of millions of cars, or for useless massive transportations of
hundreds of millions of tourists, to and from the capital cities of the world, that they
will soon be exhausted, perhaps in the next two or three decades.
         Women, mothers of mankind, you love your children, your children‟s children
and all the children of the world. You know what beautiful creatures they are when
very young, before they fall in the hands of the "educators", who distort their human
essence by teaching them to be not human but English, French, American, Chinese,
etc., not human but Christian, Protestant, Catholic, Eastern Orthodox, Muslim,
Buddist, Hindu etc., or atheist, Darwinian, socialist, communist, Nazi, fascist, liberal,
republican etc. Do you see the root or the early start of de-humanization of human
beings? This separatism and doctrinism gives men (politicians, soldiers, clergymen,
ambassadors and so many others) a lazy profession to practice, an easy, effortless life,
high positions of power, money, satisfactions, vast possibility to exploit subject
people in many ways: psychologically, financially, sexually. They have a very real
and multifoed profit from this separatism and they do cultivate it in public schools
from a very small age. They know what they are doing. It all goes on very well from
generation to generation, mechanically, unconsciously, in a state o hypnotism.
         Women, the life- givers, mothers of the next generations, can you also be lifer-
savers? Savers of the mankind that is going fast to its destruction under the leadership
of selfish, aggressive, short-sighted, power- minded or money- minded males. Can you
invert the course?
         (At this point, Ramon enters the stage left, walking very slowly. He hides so
that he can hear Arian without her seeing him)
         Of course, you can! Remember: You vote for them to be leaders, governors,
you supply them with the power to proclaim wars, to cause the killing of innumerable
people, your progeny, your creation. You allow industrialists and businessmen to
consume the remaining exhaustible resources, by buying their useless products or
services. Is there a way of action to invert the course? To avoid an imminent
catastrophe? Meditate on it. There may be many ways of action, according to the
situations, country, climate and other factors. But the success of your actions can
only have one basis: Your loving heart, your clear mind: Not to give politicians
the right to proclaim wars any longer. How can you obtain this?
1. By massive signing of a declaration that you shall never again participate in
    the general elections, unless the Parlia ment and Government in each country
    abolish from the Constitution the clause which gives the leaders, presidents,
    prime- ministers or kings the right to proclaim wars, nationalistic, religious,
    tribal, civil or any other kind.
2. By founding a political party, whose leaders shall be only female, but will ask
    for the support of all sensible and good- hearted women and men, young and
    old. This party will have, in the beginning, in all countries, where it can be
    founded, one aim, one pr inc ip le:      Deprive the separate governme nts, the
    separate party leaders or tribe leaders, or any other leader, the right to proclaim
    war, to induce war action in any form, for whatever reason. This party, in each
    countr y, e ither in the oppositio n or in the Go vernme nt, or in power, will
    demand and impose the abolition of such right.
         It is natural to be asked: How can a country, a tribe, a minority etc. defend
itself against attacks, if not by counter-attack, by war action? The answer is:
Together with the abolition of this right, the United Nations Directory, the
Security Council and other administrations will take up the responsibility to
declare any leader or group of leaders who proclaim war actions as out-laws, war-
crimina ls, most dangerous persons, subject to detention and, perhaps life
imprisonment as soon as arrested.
         At the same time, every leader of country, party, tribe, minority etc. will be
free to refer in writing or in person (either as individual or as a committee) to the
U.N. Directory, expounding the possible injustice suffered, ask for an inspection of
the situation on the spot, by an international committee. If a real injustice is proved
to have taken place by other leaders, they will all be called to meet with the
International Committee and a correction will be demanded and imposed by
decision of the International Committee and a correction will be dema nded and
imposed by decision of the International Committee. But if the projected injustice is
only a pretext of the leader(s) in order to gain a position of leadership among a group
of people using nationalistic, separative, tribal, religious or any other man- made
conceptual slogans, then, his/her/their demands will be considered false, dangerous
and will be rejected.
         The main line of thought and judgement in solving these disputes will be: We
are all humans, this is the only and highest reality. All diffe rences and separate
qualities: ethnic, religious or other, are man- made ideas, concepts and hence
pseudo-realities and must never again be a cause of antagonism, enmity, war. This
is only the game of the selfish, inhuman of dehumanized leaders or prospective
leaders and will not be respected in any way. On the contrary, it will always be
dismantled, unveiled so that liars are faced with their lies, and are bared of any value.
         Now women are slaves to the mechanis m of a man- made industria l
society, they are slaves to hard, useless and sometimes dangerous work, they are
slaves to heartless sexual movements of males, and often obliged to kill their
children in their womb. And more often they are obliged to see them die in wars, or
get sick in the addictions of stressful work, of alcohol, coffee, tobacco and other
poisonous drugs, all of them imposed on mankind today by money- maniac, profit-
mind dehumanized males. Do you realize the very low step of slavery and
degeneration of women? Do you see why the inversion of the course can only be
initiated by women, who will awake and see their fall? And will passionately and
compassionately work for their resurrection to their real high value and role in
life? Simple, good- hearted, unselfish men will follow to support and help to enact this
movement. But only you, conscious women of the world, can start it.
         Mankind will be grateful to you! They are expecting your movement.
Will you give your energy to it? Will you give your life its true meaning? Will you
make up to the truth of your humanity and your unselfish love?

The worst possible evil mankind has suffered in its course historically known

A short anti-study

I call this short text an anti-study because, unlike the ordinary studies, it will not dwell
upon the known or unknown facts and causes which brought forth this most evil
model of ruling human groups and individuals, after the destruction of mother-
centered cultures in prehistoric times.
        I will dwell upon the horrible fact that this model has survived, often in its
worst possible manifestations, during the entire twentieth century and the first decade
of the twenty- first.
        I know the wonderful work of Riane Eisler (author of THE CHALICE AND
THE BLADE) and her group in denouncing the atrocious model, the curse of
mankind. Like Iphigenia in my drama, “Now, Iphigenia Now” and like Riane, I am
unequivocally denouncing the odious model for all the past, present and perhaps
future destructions imposing on mankind.
But I will insist on the question: How did this model manage to survive till today?
The denunciation has been and is done, almost every day from all sides and in every
form, some very indirect and artful (songs, plays, feminist literature, abstention in
political elections, anti-authoritarian communities etc.) and some very direct and some
hideous forms, imitating, unfortunately, the worst sides of this hideous model (groups
of terrorists, self- nominated anarchists, anti-state, anti-authoritarian, etc.)
        I will repeat this question: why this survival? But I will let you, readers,
meditate upon it. You may find answers, you may not.
        Personally, I will not speculate. I feel that the main reason why the hideous
model survives is that we all, trapped in our intellectuality a nd our everyday
compromises, are busy in studying the bad model instead of demanding and imposing
the alternative that would block and abolish it directly, overnight.
    This alternative I have already suggested: Direct moral democracy, through the
election of the representatives of the people in each country in three steps:
    1. The civil servants in the Ministries and other state corporations will elect the
        candidates for the Parliament. These candidates will only be their colleagues
        who have served the State for at least 10 years, so that their good character,
        intentions and abilities are known to their colleagues and to the larger public.
    2. In a second step, the elected candidates will elect the colleagues who will
        offer candidacy for the higher positions of Ministers, presidents of state
        corporations etc.
       For the first, transitory period, the candidates may belong to a political party,
       but, very soon, the party and its leaders will lose their importance and
       authority and the direct vote will be the most important power. The party
       leaders will also be some of the directly voted civil servants.
    3. On a third step the general public of the country will vote for the one or the
        other party, actually, for a group of administrators in the high positions in the
        critical sections of the state ruling:    economy, social welfare, education,
        imposing peace all over the Earth, through absolute denunciation and
        prohibition of warfare action by anyone for any reason.
I have worked out a number of details for these three steps for the enacting of the new
anti-authoritarian model of ruling, which will replace the present most dangerous
model. But I am sure that so many men and women, experts in this matter, civil
servants, mainly in the Public administration, will work out in the be st possible ways
(mistakes will be corrected in the course of establishing the new model) the details for
the three steps mentioned here above.
So, let us all start enacting the new model, instead of only denouncing the old one. If
we prove unable to enact it, the old hideous model will remain the only alternative.
Woe to mankind!
        A very unpleasant conclusion

        Conclusively, we can say:
        The political system of today, prevailing mainly in the west, is falsely called
representative, parliamentary democracy.
        Why falsely? This is because the chiefs of the political parties have come to
the top position through a vote by the party members or the members of the party‟s
central Committee. In many cases, he has already, before any voting procedure,
established himself (and very rarely herself) in the top position as party leader through
some accidental fact, e.g. he happened to be a minister during a crisis and he helped
the country or his party to come out successfully; he was a top military man in another
crisis; he exposed a man or a state of corruption in the previous government. At other
times, he has become a party leader only because he has inherited a big political name
from his family, or because he is a very successful businessman, a billionaire, or
anything else. But never because the people of the country have known his wisdom
and goodness and accept him as a leader. The general public, the people of the
country, have never known the party leader personally. They know nothing about the
real character of the man, his ability or inability to understand things correctly, of
handling matters in a constructive or a destructive way. People vote for someone who
has already established himself as a leader in one or the other way.
        He may be anything: a good man or a bad man, an egocentric, unstable
person, an authoritarian, disciplinarian beast in his relationship with his human
environment, or a person greedy for wealth, for using women as objects of pleasure or
hard work, a revengeful person, a maniac-depressive, ignorant about important
principles in understanding human behavior and unable to deal wisely with difficult
situations in national or international affairs.
        This fact is dangerous, extremely dangerous, and you know why. According
to the present Constitution, the top-chief can decide to declare a war, an invasion, to
organize or participate in one alliance against another, decisions that could lead the
country, the society, the economy, even the entire world to a disaster.
       So, this is not democracy. Democracy means that the demos = people of the
country vote for someone they know personally and appreciate his goodness, honesty,
ability, wisdom, justice, knowledge to govern the people. That is direct democracy
       Of course, this personal acquaintance is impossible given the enormous
populations of modern countries. However, people serving the state can personally
know their colleagues, the only people who will have the right to offer candidacy for
Parliament and government. They will vote for them, in the first phase of elections.
This is direct moral democracy in our times. And it is the only way out of the horrible
catastrophes of the past and the possible worst ones of the future, caused by the
patriarchal model, vested in the form of so called representative parliamentary

       The intolerably inhuman essence of the patriarchal model:          the superior
against the inferior, the stronger against the weaker.

       In another text, extract from the drama NOW, IPHIGENIA, NOW, we point
out the violent start of the patriarchal culture (rather, anti-culture) and its most
inhuman, cruel, vicious culmination in the slaughtering of Iphigenia, the youngest
daughter of the King Marshal Agamemnon, which slaughtering was demanded by the
high priest, with the view to satisfy the Gods and beg them to allow propitious winds
for the battle ships to sail across the Aegean Sea in order to attack and invade the
Kingdom of Troy, which invasion ended up in massive murder of large numbers of
soldiers and civilians and the burning down and destruction of the great, peaceful,
probably rather matriarchal culture of Troy.
       Militarism and patriarchy go together, just as invasions, mass murder, robbery,
looting, colonialism and conquests of foreign lands, involving untold suffering of
large numbers of human beings.        Life-long suffering, in the form of slavery, of
abusing women and children in most vicious ways by the winner, the superior, the
stronger, the God-chosen new ruler, owner and master of the losers.
       The revolutions? So often, in the history of the patriarchal world, some
people, small groups, or larger masses of people organized and revolted against the
intolerable injustice. Very often, they were defeated, destroyed. But sometimes, they
won and became the new regime, promising justice, equality, freedom, brotherhood,
all the humane, matriarchal values after the abolition of the defeated patriarchal
regime. What happened with these Revolutions?
       We all know that they failed. The Great American Revolution was followed
by a terrible civil war. The Great French Revolution was followed by the hideous La
Terreur, during which the guillotine worked two shifts a day for some time, when the
chiefs of the Revolution cut each other throats.         And then the most criminal
Napoleonic wars with the hundreds of thousands of dead all over Europe. The same
holds true with the Communist Revolution, ending up in the most barbarian use and
slavery of the populations for the paranoic idea of cosmocratoria (world – conquest).
       Do you see that these revolutions, in spite of their theoretically matriarchal
values, were organized and enacted by males with exactly the same patriarchal
character, one chief fighting the other, the cruelest chief exterminating the others, and
finally, enslaving the entire population of a country, transforming them into a
hideously servile militaristic power, far more criminal that the previous regime?
       Conclusively, successful revolutions start by groups of violent males who feel
suppressed, impoverished, exploited, enslaved by other groups of males in power,
who are attacked and overthrown. Then, the winners establish themselves in the same
position of power, using the same and much worse means of imposition and
domination, because of their constant fear of being overthrown by their own
colleagues or by people of the previous regime.
       After each revolution, the model, which was denied and denounced before the
Revolution, is established again.      The main, most odious, irrational, inhuman
characteristic of this model remains. The top chief man ruler, sovereign master, big
boss (a president, a prime- minister, a general secretary of the party, a king, a tribe-
chief, the head of the family, an organization, a gang or mafia boss) is obeyed by all
and everyone. No matter how cruel he may be, or insane, schizophrenic, mentally
seriously disturbed, a vampire, a deep-rooted inferiority complex sufferer, nobody
will question, discuss or even whisper it. The threat, the fear of extermination is
present in the minds and eyes of everybody.
       Do you see now why all these revolutions against the patriarchal model failed?
       So, we may conclude: No external, material, social, revolution against this
model will ever succeed. Only the inner revolution, the revolution in the minds of
suffering people will replace it with the sane, humanistic model of justice and peace
all over the world. Fighting and destroying the old model is not necessary. It is in
fact counter productive. The destruction of evil always leads to a new fall. The
negation of evil and the adoption of the good leads to progress. After the destruction,
the new establishment, democratic or totalitarian, will be another form of the same
patriarchal model.
       Today, powerful people of the old system, politicians, statesmen, war
industrialists, money-hunters also suffer from the hateful model. After a period of
living in power, they break down, end up in distress, insanity, suicide, or shot down or
hanged. What‟s the use of being powerful over other human beings, after all?
        So, many people serving the old model are almost ready, willing to serve the
new model. Many more will come. The only great thing we need to do is to proclaim
the new model, by speech and simultaneously by the example of our behavior, our
denial of anger, revenge, violence, ambition, bondage to any unwholesome passion.
        If we males cannot do it well, women can do it much better. It is in their
nature, in the essence of their female being, their mother-centered values: love for
creation (not destruction), care, protection for life, tolerance, forgiveness, acceptance,
detestation and denunciation of violence, endurance of suffering, courage and hope
for a better life.

-You say that democracy has failed.
-Not democracy in general, but this modern form of democracy, based on parties and
-You are right. The two or three big parties, the smaller ones also, are fighting each
other, accusing and denouncing each other, and so poisoning the psychological well-
being of the individuals and entire populations. But, do you have a solution to this
-I do. If the party that will form the government, after the elections, gave to the
deputies of the other parties, posts and duties for creative and productive work in
various sections of the state function, all of them would be so busy and satisfied that
they would lose any disposition for ill- talking, slandering or any other negativity or
Another step would be that the deputies would take a salary from the work post they
would be assigned, and not from their capacity as MP‟s. In this case, candidacy for
MP would be asked only by people with experience in some section of the sta te
function, people with the eagerness to produce work and benefit society.
A much better step would be that only people who have served for at least 10 years in
a civil position would be allowed to offer candidacy for MP. And only if they had the
approval, by personal signing of their colleagues in the civil position they have been
-My dear, what you say reminds me of the moral, direct democracy which was the
first and genuine form of democracy practiced in ancient times.
-This idea of pre-election of parliamentary candidates by their colleagues in their civil
job, would guarantee the integrity of character of these candidates.
To confirm it, these deputies would receive, after their election, the salary of the post
of director in their civil service, but not a salary for their capacity as MP. So this
would exclude the less moral people that are motivated by very big salaries.
- Of course. Now candidates for parliament are people who made a lot of money from
a private profession, e,g. lawyers, dentists, surgeons, concrete contractors,
industrialists, actors-actresses etc. Most of them know very little or nothing about the
different sections of state work. They basically enjoy the big salary and bonuses, the
glory, fame and superiority they feel they get from their MP capacity. They also feel
and act antagonistic to the MPs of the other parties, or even their own, because they
also want the same things. The elected MP beats the non-elected
Other MPs have inherited the political reputation from their parents and seek the same
thing and fight others who stand as an obstacle to their ascent.
-I can see that by these changes, the MPs and then ministers, and consequently Prime
Ministers that would be elected would be only good people, creative, efficient,
experienced in their field, humanist, pacifist holistic and not selfish, money-minded,
glory, name, power greedy politicians, full of envy, antagonism, negativity for their
-Oh dear! This would be a new flowering of the moral direct democrac y. What a
dream to work for !
-Or, what a utopia to be again denied and betrayed by a sleeping humankind.
-Utopias give a vision to honest, integrous people to devote their lives to. Please give
me more details about the application of these wonderful cha nges, if you have
developed some.
-I have, but I shall not give them to you before you read the text: „Life- givers, life-
savers, Women of all the world.‟
Then you will have the right state of mind to accept or to invent all the details for the
enactment of the real moral, direct democracy, of a new civilization based on respect
to women, mothers, girls and not on the male-made world we live in, based on power,
authority, selfishness, the model of top chief man who can order wars and killings of
millions of people, without anyone being able to stop him. This is the root of all evil,
don‟t you think?


       You can start now! You, who work for the State, the Corporations, the
Municipalities, now vote for the good people, women and men, serving with you,
good, rational and experts, creative in their field of work, be it, engineering, city-
planning, agriculture, intensive and extensive (permaculture), right nutrition for
children and adults, practicing vegetarianism, which cures many modern illnesses and
makes drug- industry and surgical operations useless, experts in creative education of
children in the line of conscious respect of their peers, experts in social welfare
through educating people to be responsible and self-respectful, and in so many other
        The people you‟ll vote for will be the only candidates for the next general
election. Not the professional politicians. You know they are not able to enact the
great change the whole mankind is expecting and urgently needs. Now is the time.
STEPS 1, 2 AND 3

1. Candidates for MP must be in a responsible position for at least 10 years.
2. The right to offer candidacy for the capacity of ministry will belong to these MP‟s
who have served as deputies for at least one 4-year period. They will be elected by
the vote of their fellow MP‟s.
3. Further, the right to offer candidacy for the position of Prime-Minister or President
will belong to these people who have served at least one or two 4-year periods as
Deputies and one or two 4- year periods as Ministers, total years in Parliament at least
       All those candidates will belong to one or the other party, but their pre-
election as candidates for parliament will be done by their colleagues in the civil
service department where they work.         The pre-election of Ministers and Prime-
Ministers will be done by the pre-elected deputies of their party, not by the party-
leader, who will also be one of the pre-elected candidates for parliament, Minister or
Prime-Minister, in each party.
All these pre-elections will take place three months before the general elections. Each
party will present to the general public its complete organogram of candidates for
parliament, Minister and Prime-Minister or President of the State.
       After the general elections, the deputies of the defeated party or parties will
continue their work in the post they are serving, but they will have the added task to
follow and control the legislative work of the Government in the department they
serve, and in general.
Also, the entire Parliament, and not only the Prime-Minister, will have the possibility
to denounce any member of Parliament, Ministers and Prime-Minister included, who
is going astray in any serious activity, personal or public.
The majority of the Parliament, and not only of the ruling party, will decide about that
person, either sending him back home, while depriving him / her of the capacity of
MP either for one 4- year period or for ever.
In this way, the personal power of the party leader will not be so big, almost absolute,
as it is now, making him / her an almost omnipotent ruler, which is the essence of the
patriarchal model.
Now, the moral power of the majority of the Parliament will act as a ser ious deterrent
against corruption of any kind, abuse of power etc.
This is again the essence or MORAL, DIRECT DEMOCRACY.
A very good rule should be:
Every candidate for MP, Minister, Prime Minister, President should write a booklet of
at least 2000 words, summarizing his past work in the service and also his / her plans
for his / her future work. This booklet will be put up on the internet, so that every
candidate and the larger public can read it, appreciate it and compare it with the
booklets of the other candidates.
This, again, will be a basic element of the new political system, the pure, direct
     A good rule could be the following: To secure the constant turnover of
parliamentarians, and give good, expert, efficient people the opportunity to offer
     their work, ne w ideas and innovati0ns to society, and more generally to
  mankind, we could stipulate that no one can old the position of MP for more
         than 8 years, a minister, PM or president for more tha n 4 years.

 This would be the end of the long years in parliament of so many professional
 politicians, often useless term in office without any productive work for society,
While becoming wealthy at society’s expense with the huge salaries they legislate
    for themselves. This is anothe r hideous element of the patriarchal model
                        corrupting mankind up to this day.
   Another very good rule could be: every candidate for parliament, ministry,
      primacy or presidency should write a pamphlet of up to 2000 words,
 summarizing his work to date as well as plans and visions for the future. This
text will be published on the inte rnet, so that any other candidate and the general
public can read it, appreciate it, compare it with those of other candidates. This
 again will be a basic element of the proclaimed ne w political system, the moral,
                                 direct democracy.

      Another suggestion: It is normal that for the first 4 year pe riod of the
    government under the ne w system of moral, direct democracy, the Prime
   Minister or the President would be the leader of the victorious party in the
general election. For the next 4 year period, these leaders would be pre elected by
   the MPs and would be the ones who would have been elected under the ne w
system, that is, elected by their colleagues in the civil services, in which they have
    already served for at least 10 years, plus 4 years in parliament and/or as
     So we will s moothly pass completely to the ne w system of moral direct
democracy and moral me ritocracy. The only real democracy which will liberate
   humanity from cruelty, inequality, vulgarity, criminality of the patriarchal
    model hiding behind the mask of so-called parliame ntary representative

        Moral, Direct Democracy will be the most avant- garde humanistic movement
in the country where it will start, then in Europe and then in the entire world. Much
more so than any other movement, ideology, manifesto, revolutions, all of which led
to untold suffering, mass murder of millions of innocent human beings, as everyone
knows, young and old.

        We could also say that this new movement, in its spiritual aspect, is much
superior to several so-called spiritual movements of the previous century, or the
present one, like existentialism, hippyism, anarchism, sexual revolution, social
welfare (translated as financial welfare) , guruism, experiments in communal living,
with or without money.

        It is superior because it asks simple people, known to their colleagues as being
conscious in their honesty and integrity, to take up the command of the country and
offer the so much needed living example of negation of seeking material wealth and
power over other people through money or high state positions. This example of sane,
spiritual attitude to life and to fellow human beings will soon reverse the destructive
course mankind is following under the influence of the big number of people adopting
this way of life, or rather, anti- life, suggested by most leaders in the patriarchal model
of government.

       Consequently, this new wonderful movement will manage to promote ever
more humane forms of cooperation, mutual respect, compassion, pacifism, friendship
and love for the whole of mankind.

        Hopefully, there will be no case of falling back in hideous forms of patriarchal
ways of behaviour, like the ones which led to horrible massacres of thousands and
millions of people, just because the top male chief ruler wanted things to be done his
way. There will be no more top chief rulers, deciding wars, dividing the populations
of the one or the other country, selling arms, causing bloodshed just to get big profits
and direct or indirect authority over these populations or countries.

        The individuals who will start this movement for the Moral, Direct Democracy
should themselves be in constant awareness of what is going on in their environment
and within themselves, so that they may prevent any form of fanaticism,
vengefulness, egocentricity, authoritarian imposition on people to push them against
other people for any reason whatsoever.

         All problems inside a country and between countries will be treated as minor
in relation to the great principle of respect to human life. Thou shall not kill.

        The scouts of Moral Direct Democracy will be themselves the living examples
of the new type of behaviour and role of the administrators in each country and in the
entire world, at the same time.
        It is natural that because of this new attitude of respect for human life, women
will be at least 50% of the members of parliament, and ministers in each country.
Women are made to protect life, never to destroy it as ordinary male chiefs have often

       What is the first difficult step for this wonderful course?

        In most countries, the law forbids people working in any field of the public
sector to offer candidacy for parliament. If they want to do it, they must first resign
from their position.

         This problem can be overcome by various ways that the interested parties
will invent. I will only suggest a few such solutions.

         First Solution. The women and men who will start the great movement for
Moral, Direct Democracy will first ask and obtain the approval of their candidacy by
their colleagues in the departments where they work (through signing, voting, emails
or any other way). Then, they will resign from their position just before the general
elections, according to law.

        It takes courage to make this move, but this is the only way to start good, great
progress in human life. However, the parliament that will come out of this election
will be revisionary. The new constitution will include the clause that candidates for
parliament can only be people who hold a civil service position for at least 10 years.

        Elected and non elected candidates will return to their previous posts. Elected
candidates will have the added tasks of legislatory work suggesting new laws,
controlling them controlling existing laws, to solve problems and improve human life
in general.
This is why their salary will be the same as that of the director of the civil service, the
highest in the public sector.

         Second solution. In this first general election for the Moral, Direct Democracy,
a group of women only or men and women of equal proportion, ex civil servants or
private professionals with an important career in some field of useful work, will found
a new political party, with the main purpose: the election of a revisionary parliament
which will adopt and legislate the Moral, Direct democracy. This party will declare
its determination to implement Moral, Direct democracy as the new regime of the
country and propagate it worldwide.
         The leaders and members of this party will ask the support of all conscious
citizens for this big change, dedicated to the principles of Moral, Direct Democracy.
Some courageous women and men should quit their civil posts in order to participate
in this party and movement, after obtaining the approval of their colleagues. Their
victory could be a great progress for mankind.

       A third solution could be: The above mentioned courageous individuals, if
they don‟t found a political party, could organize a National council of Women and
Men for the enactment of Moral, Direct Democracy. They could ask the leaders of the
established political parties to accept the obligation to revise the Constitution, just
after the elections and constitutionalise the regime of Moral, direct democracy.

        If these leaders deny, the courageous scouts previously mentioned should
soon found a new political party, or ask all women and men of the country to abstain
from the general elections.

        This abstention will make the elections invalid and so, established parties will
have to promise the immediate enactment of Moral, Direct Democracy.

        There may be other solutions which conscious, peaceful women and men will
invent to this end. The entire population of the country will support their movement
on condition that they are living examples of peaceful, non violent, not fanatic, and
efficient individuals.

               10. OMNIPOTENT, OMNISCIENT

Two most dangerous character elements of the patriarchal type of top
chief ruler

   Probably you all have read or heard about the Roman emperors who ruled the
empire after the fall of Democracy, that they usually wanted and demanded from the
populations they ruled that they should be considered and worshipped as gods or
semi- gods. Statuses of these emperors were sculpted and placed in public places
where people could see them easily and so establish in their minds the idea that these
are the living gods of their times.
  How did this element appear?
We may say ,logically, that in that culture of polytheism and idolatry, when these
many gods represented some superhuman or supernatural powers, it was easy for the
patriarchal type emperors to push themselves into the position of one more god,
without abolishing the existing gods, in the pantheon of their tradition. The human
ego, when it is prevailing in the mind of any person, can, under certain conditions,
produce this paranoia.
  The main elements of this mental disease appear in a person as omnipotence or
omniscience, or both. We could see that the main condition leading to this paranoia in
the emperors of the past or of the present time, is the fact that they are invested with
very much power. Especially, the power to launch wars and conquests, which entail
the death of a small or big number of people (usually very big).The feeling that these
deaths, demanded by the top chief ruler, give to him is the sense of omnipotence(ruler
of life and death)which is usually attributed to a god.
  I just said, "emperors of the past or the present time."
What did I mean?
  I just wanted to remind you what we have stressed in other chapters of this book;
that the character elements of the patriarchal chiefs (most hideous elements) are
absolutely the same in the past, in the present and in the future.
  Remember Stalin and Hitler of the previous century. In the past USSR readers for
the first grade of the elementary school was written: Stalin gave the light. Stalin gave
the life. Stalin is the sun. Stalin is the earth.
  The concept of God was abolished in the Soviet Union, so they could not use this
word God to show their devotion to Stalin. But they invested in him all the concepts
which were attributed to the gods of ancient culture, or to the monotheistic God of the
old religions still surviving today.
  The same is true about Hitler. Many Germans, soldiers and civilians, had a divine
devotion to him, and they expressed it vocally, and in their irrational impulse for acts
of destruction of other people or of self-destruction in obeying his orders.
  The same is true about so many leaders of the past and of the present century. They
are all invested, by themselves and by the brainwashed populations, with the concept
of omniscience expressed in the idea that what they decide is right, correct, just the
only choice at the time, no matter if it will result in destroying human lives, causing
untold suffering to big populations of innocent human beings.
  Just before Waterloo battle, the innkeeper where Napoleon was hosted asked him:
 -General, rumors are heard that in this battle, a number of about 200.000 humans may
get killed. Do you think it will be such a great number? He answered:
 -Is this a great number for a man like me?

  Do you see the paranoid element, the megalomania, schizophrenic /arrogance of the
top chief male of the patriarchal system of ruling the human masses?
  Are you aware that we are still living under the same system, as long as we allow
leaders the right of life and death (normally attributed only to God, in the surviving
monotheistic religions but not in pure Buddhism , where respect to all living beings is
the main accepted value of religions and mundane life).
  This right is expressed in the stipulation (article) contained in the constitution of
almost all countries in West and East, North and South, that the top chief of the
country has the right to proclaim a war against one or more other countries or against
one or more parts of his subjects, if they revolt against the state, or, usually, against

  Now you see why in the constitution of the proclaimed new political system of the
moral, direct democracy, this right of the rulers of the modern sovereign governments
and countries must be abolished. All governments will be members of the Federation
of the countries of the entire Earth. The governments and leaders will represent the
peaceful and peace- loving human beings all over the Earth, and not their own
egomaniac, narcissist, self worshipping personalities.
  Without this right of proclaiming wars and killings, mankind will at last get rid of
the tyrants of the old, throwing their hideous memory and deeds in a deep garbage
  No memory of wars from the past, no impulse for wars in the present. Wars are
always an unconscious repetition of the past wars, launched by unconscious, sleeping
leaders, through pushing unconscious, sleeping masses of human males into their
aggressive or self-destructive tendencies.
  With the final end of war- making, human males will easily develop their capacities
For construction, creation, invention, cooperation for new and higher forms of
friendship, altruism, compassion and help in need of each other.


The following is a true story that happened in Greece, in the 70es.
   A very rich businessman, most probably the richest man in Greece, owned among
others, a glass factors, it was the only one in the country, a monopoly, and so he could
keep prices high and make big profits.
  It so happened that a young businessman found out that if he sold glass at much
lower prices, he could make profits.
  He decided to establish a glass factory. He got a loan and soon the factory started
producing glass. Because of the low prices, sales were going very well. Soon, clients
of the previous monopoly, started giving orders to buy from the new factory. The
managers of the monopoly owner told him the bad news, and, should they lower the
  He told them not to do anything for some time and let the new factory develop.
  The young man, enthusiastic about his success, got a new loan to be able to rise his
production and sales. At that time, the big rich man ordered his managers: Now, put
our prices low, lower that the other man‟s prices.
  Soon , his clients preferred his lower prices.
  The young industrialist got so shocked and despaired, that, in a moment of great
agony, jumped into the burning furnace of his factory and was burned out.

  I know you feel hate and horror for the big moneyman, but please consider the
mentality under which he acted.
  Is not this mentality the same as yours? Have you or your ne ighbor not destroyed
another person or persons, or your own selves under this mentality?
  Did you not let down your partner, in a love relation ship because you didn‟t want to
give your support, financial, or other, for this relationship to go on?
  Didn‟t you allow your wife or child to suffer or to die, because you didn‟t want to
take time from your business to care for the one or the other?

  Did not the top chief ruler of a country quarrel about money with the chief of
another country and in their egocentric stubbiness and greed for more money, went
out to war, causing the killing of large numbers of people, and fear, terror, pain,
suffering for millions of people and for years and year after their war?

  Now, let us look at the main elements of this mentality
  We take again the example of the rich glass factory owner, but the main elements
remain the same in all cases.
 The rich man thought: The young man, my competitor, selling at low prices, will
establish himself in this industry. If I want to compete him peacefully, I‟ll have to
lower my prices, lose my monopoly and my big profits. I didn‟t like it at all. So, let
me destroy him financially by a clever trick, a trap.
  The trick worked and the young man was pushed not only to financial destruction
but also to physical extermination, in agony and hate, which is transmitted to the
general human mind and poisons the life of innumerable human beings.
  Can you accuse the rich man for it? His mentality is the prevailing value, the legally
unpunished activity of competition in the market, in the money hunting market.
  In the name of economic development, all human values, such as compassion, pity,
care and help for each other, are trodden down, pushed completely out of the
consciousness of human beings.
  The culmination of this cruelty is represented in Shakespeare‟s THE MERCHANT
OF VENICE, when Shylock demands the death of the merchant when he could not
pay back his loan. He had agreed and signed, just as a joke, that if he wouldn‟t pay of
the loan, Shylock could cut off a pound of his flesh near and around his heart, which
act would kill him. Shylock was terribly enjoying the deadly agony of the merchant,
taking revenge for all the humiliations he had suffered from him, referring to his
stinginess, money worship and pitilessness.

  The law, the established law of the patriarchal world, man- made and money
worshipping world, based on the superiority of money over all other values, even
human life. If a debtor says to the Bank manager:
 -I can‟t pay the loan. Please, don‟t take my house. If you do so, I‟ll commit suicide,
the manager will not stop the deadly procedure. Mercy, pity, compassion are
forbidden. Great God Money Profit will punish the manager who acts on pity and
respect of life, and promote the one who acts pitilessly and without respect to life.
  Now, you see why, for a new culture to start, for the Moral, Direct Democracy to
establish itself, one of the main conditions is: No more any moral value will be given
to money. No respect, no worship, no bowing to money. No use of money for
psychological power over other people, exploitation of any kind.
  That is why in the new political system, the members of the Parliament and the
Government will only receive the normal salary of the Director of civil Service.
  In this way, they become not only the political leaders of a country, but also the
moral leaders, by their negation and despise of money accumulation. They become
masters of their humanity, and not slaves to the inhuman prope rties of money.
  So, money can be easily used for a new world without hunger, war, fear,
antagonism, animosity, envy, greed, destructive games in the stock-markets, which
are the characteristic elements of the patriarchal world.
  Have you noticed that the Present Chancellor of Germany, Angela Merckel, soon
after the elections, passed the law that one thousand euros will be given to the mother
of every newborn child for 25 months? Do you see the great value of this movement
for a new culture based on the respect of women and children?
  Mothers must have all the time to be mothers and not slaves to bankers or any other
boss in the servile service of their Master God (or rather, Master Devil) Money Profit.
                        12.LOVE AND SEXUALITY
                     IN THE PATRIARCHAL WORLD

  Probably all of you now the tragic love story of Romeo and Juliet, from
Shakespeare‟s drama or elsewhere.
  The fathers of the two young lovers, feudal masters, owners of lands and slaves, had
a long time standing hate and animosity, probably because of disputes about
ownership of lands and people, serving their greed and ego power.
  These fathers violently rejected the love of the two young, hunted them and pushed
them to their tragic death.

  Maybe you know the tragic love story of Antigone and Aemon, from the ancient
Greek drama ANTIGONE by Sophocles. Antigone did not obey the tyrant‟s (king)
rule to not bury her dead brother who had attacked his own country for royalty
reasons. Antigone said that her brother was punished for his act by his death, but
burying the dead is a higher, unwritten law, the law of forgiveness and compassion,
higher than the law of revenge and punishment even after death, a mundane law
written by kings and rulers. She obeyed the higher law, was arrested on the act and
was condemned to die alive imprisoned in a narrow brick-built cell. Aemon, the son
of the king and lover of Antigone, attacks his father for inhuman dictatoric rule. Later,
during his visit to the dying Antigone, he attacks his father with his sword. The king
avoids the hit, and Aemon, in a rage, turns his sword against himself and dies by his
own hands.

  Now, in our times, I know the story of a young lady, very successful and popular in
her job in a supermarket, who, some time before her promotio n to a managerial post
fell in love with a young man and got pregnant. When the boss learned about it, a few
months later, he refused her promotion and made her understand that she should have
an abortion (a killing of her child, the so much desired fruit of her love), or she might
lose her job altogether. I am sure you understand why. Pregnancy would mean many
months of leave (paid leave) from work, before and after the birth of the baby, a bad
example for the unmarried and childless young ladies employees.
  The shock for the young lady was so bad, that she suffered an miscarriage and she
fell in such a depression that she could not go to work anymore.
  Probably, you also know some story or stories like this one.

  These three stories point out that whether at the times of the kings of antiquity or at
the medieval times, or in our times, in the context of patriarchy, which goes together
with monetarism, ego power of the chiefs or superiors of any kind, love, natural,
divinely dictated love for union and procreation, is forbidden and hunted if it goes
against or beyond the invested interests of the bosses for their ego, authority,
imposition, money profit and every other established values (or anti- values) of the
patriarchal world.

 What about the sexuality?
We all know that urge for sexual satisfaction is very strong and the sensual pleasure
from it the greatest one. So great and intense that we tend to make it a standard, a
model for all other desires and satisfactions- full, absolute satisfaction.
  Perhaps, Freud talked like that about it, or many other people, but males know it by

  Now, if we talk scientifically, if we put it under the microscope, what is actually this
satisfaction? The spermophore tube is a very narrow, sensitive tube, and during
ejaculation, a certain quantity of sperm rushes violently through and rubs intensely the
inner walls of this tube in its rush flow outwards. This rubbing, touching of the
surface of the tube provoques an intense sensation together with the sensation of the
emptying out of an accumulated liquid material.
  The same sensation, but smaller in intensity, happens during a normal bowel
movement, because the material rushing out rubs the inner surface of the lowest part
of the intestine, the colon.

  Now, this very strong satisfaction from the ejaculation of the sperm refers only to
males and we can suspect that this overestimation and worship of this sensation can
be explained, in psychological terms, as a tendency of the ego of the male to deify
oneself, his functions, his desires and satisfactions.
  This is possible only in the context of a male-dominant culture, that is a
patriarchal world, in which the female world is not much of importance. So, when
Freud and almost everybody else talks of the sexual satisfaction as the strongest, the
highest one in a human being, he refers mainly to males. He is so patriarchal as
everybody else. The frequent and easy orgasm and ejaculation, with its intense sense
of relief and satisfaction refer only to males.

  What about the female sexuality? Large numbers of books have been and will be
written about it, by males and females, Males writing about female sexuality, can you
imagine it? Again, because the female world has been pushed down, aside to a
secondary position, “not so important”. The same perversion of the reality brought
about by the domination of the patriarchy against the matriarchal world.
  The truth about female sexuality is clear in descriptions given by women of their
own orgasm and the very high, almost paradisiacal supernatural, transcendental
feeling and sensations of exhilaration, relief, ecstasy, dissolution of the material
element of their own existence.
  It is not only the intensity but also the quality of the sensations during a full orgasm
in a female that make the difference with the male orgasm.
  More so, the frequency, the quickness, the easiness of the male orgasm has nothing
to be with the female orgasm, which normally is very rare, and combined with wider
cosmological facts like changes in the seasons of the year, the movements of the
planets and the moon, which all attribute to the sexual functions of the female the
quality of the cosmological function related to preservation and recreation of life. In a
matriarchal world, such orgasms of the females were resulting in pregnancy, during
communal or collective feasts of love.
  Of course, all this has been has been undervalued, forgotten or lost in a patriarchal
world and so the tendency is to equalize female sexual functions with the male ones.
   You know what a big and universal suffering, deep psychosomatic suffering, this
fact has brought to women, this deeply sick perversion of natural truth and reality.
   Statistics talk clearly about it when they mention that only a very small percentage
(5%) of the women have experienced a full, natural orgasm, and only the same
percentage of them have conceived a baby in combination with such an orgasm.
   This very big but silent suffering of the females in a patriarchal world, in all phages
of their development, individually and socially, I describe in detail in my drama
entitled NOW, IPHIGENIA, NOW, which you can read on line.
         Also, I give my intuition about how love and sex functioned in a healthy
matriarchal culture of the past, in my MONYNO BOOK II, which you can read on
line, together with the rest MONYNO BOOKS I, III an IV, a total of 150 pages.
   Talking about sexuality in the patriarchal world is talking about male sexuality.
   Which means talking about the mechanical cruel, insensitive, unnatural raping of
the woman, wife or friend or prostitute or dependent on a male to survive (because he
has the money).Often, depending on the age or the addiction of the sick e go of the
male, this raping renders a woman to a soulless body and man a heartless beast.
                              PART TWO

                     ENVY AND IMMORALITY.

                       Extracts from my works:
                       1. NOW, IPHIGENIA NOW
                   2. MONYNO AND THE READMAN
                      3. LA FORZA DE LA MORE

                       Now Iphigenia, now!
                        Drama in Two Parts
    Only Respect to Woman could change this horrible world

                         Drama in two parts
 Iphigenia, from 3000 thousand years ago, speaks to mankind of today
               Denouncing the most hideous patriarchal model


It is here and now, Ulysses, that you will choose your fate. Will you sacrifice your
arrogant male ego, the foxy murderer and warrior, the fortune- hunting soldier. the
arriviste of doom? This is what you are. This is what your male centered system, your
patriarchal brutality has made of you, ever since you destroyed by the force of arms,
the beautiful and simple life of the human race, when the mothers were in charge of
the communities and took care that the new generation would not miss the neseccary
affection and love. And the entire community had respect for the little girl, the
adolescent, the lover, the wife, the mother. The mother, the soul of the community,
the mother, the earth, the goddess of the earth.
 Where has your patriarchy led us? Here I am, ready to be slaughtered, as a victim to
your martial gods, for the winds to blow, and your battleships to sail towards the
other side. All stuck with herds of sleeping, bully animals, armed men killing
machines, the way you have made your men, your own children, in your system.
  You have sent for me with a lie. To come to Avlis, in the army camp, so that
Achilles who loves me would become engaged to me. Meaning hat? Sleep with me,
impregnate me and then let me down and live for the war? What about my feelings?
My love? My passion? He would pass his nights together with women captivated in
his piratical invasions at the coasts of Troy, turn them into slaves, pieces of flesh for
his vulgar pleasure and I would end up in decay and depression, in weeping and

It is that Iphigenia that I am about to sacrifice here and now. End of story.
I am not as you have made me to be. I am not the picture that you have of me in your
vulgar, barbaric, inhuman mind of yours. I am not your animal for slaughter.
AGAM- Iphigenia this is disgrace. You are insulting the sanctities. You are insulting
the most holy image that we have of you. Look at your bust. A great artist, Doxilaos
has made it. This bust will remain forever in history and in eternity. The example of
obedience, devotion, sacrifice for the country. Your statue has been placed bet ween
the statues of godfather and God Mars. Look at them and feel the proper awe.
IPHIG – Is it so then? You have made a statue of me before you kill me? You have
written my destiny, without asking me. The adorable Iphigenia, the example of the
virgin who is sacrificed by the warchiefs-kings,so that no woman could ever dare to
resist your slaughters. Have you placed me next to the gods, equal to them, equal in
divinity, because I accepted the slaughter of my humanity, of my beingness?

Hear me well, now. It is this Iphigenia that I will sacrifice here and now. I am not
your Iphigenia. I am I.
(She hits her bust with her club and she pushes and brings it down.
And I don‟t need your gods for me to take a place next to them, after you have
slaughtered me. I am here now and forever me. Life.The concsiousness of my
beingness, life eternal, now, before and forever,beyond time and space. Me,the truth,
Me ,the divinity,Gods and Godesses. Me, the universal consciousness in me.
(She hits the busts of Zeus and Mars and brings them down.
AGAM- Sacrilege. The wrath of gods will fall upon us. Our campaign will turn into a
tragedy, horror. ( He falls in ecstasy, as if he sees the future ). We will be fighting for
years butchery battles, body against body, pikestaff against pikestaff, sword against
sword. Dead, wounded, illnesses, hunger, cold, death in the snow, in the mud of the
winter, in the heat of blazing summer. Horror….Horror….
IPHIG- Your mind ha been torn general, and you can see the future. You can see
clearly. But you can‟t see any deeper, right into the hard program that has been
recorded in your mind, in everyone of you. You are incapable of seeing through, look
at your reactions, ready for manifestation, for action. War! Campaign! Hit! Snatch!
Depredation! Conquest! Revenge! With the arms for the victory! Gold! Loot! Fields!
Slaves! Women!
  This is the program recorded in your brains,since a long time ago, and you follow
it blindly,as soon as a cause appears in te surface of your mind.

  You cannot see deep inside your mind, and so you are unable to see far away in the
future. These ten years of suffering and death that you can see coming in front of
you, in this dirty war of Troy, that you are about to begin and the other ten years of
suffering and pain that will follow, until you return to your home countries; those of
you who will manage to return home, will be pitiable remains of the great army, a
few, isolated, old aged, tired sheep from the big herd of stupid murderers, such as you
turn into the male population of your kingdoms that you turn your people to be, every
time your mind is stimulate to the program-war!
   These years are nothing, they are only a moment, time, an hour in the thousands of
years that will be following. Years filled with the unimaginable brutalities, genocides,
barbaric massacres and holocaust that you will be executing under the stupid drive
that will mechanically appear in your brain disguised by the pretext of certain
disagreements over power, conquest of lands for loot, for money, for one or many
women, for whatever you feel can certify your predominance over your own
neighbors, your eternal rivals.
   This is after all the content of your mind, this is your program. What a poor and
cheap content. What a stupid, cruel limitation. This is the plight in which you have
brought the human race the human race! The blossom of conscious life, the most
beautiful flower that born on earth, with the help of thigher powers of the creative
principle. How insensitive you turned our generation to be, the most sensitive
manifestation of the Cosmic Conscience, which is the essence of Life, which in turn is
Love, Joy, Care and Birth. You vulgar wild beasts, bully jackals, Generals!
Commanders in chief! Kings! Tyrants! The curse of mankind!
AGAM- What I heard is enough. Shut your mouth. Not another word. I want to think.
IPHIG- Have you heard?
AGAM- I have my ears wide open.
IPHIG- But your heart is closed. All I said was not for your ears. They are words for
your heart. But it is stoned. You have ears for not listening and a heart for not feeling.
AGAM- I said I heard . Stop.
IPHIG- If you had heard, you wouldn‟t say- I heard! But we heard. But your mind
still works according to the old program. You are the general, the commander in
chief, the greatest king of all, the one who stands higher than everyone else. You
didn‟t feel that you are nothing more than those standing beside you. All war chiefs
of the earth programmed for massive murders and robberies that you name them
holy war and disguise them with words impressing your sleeping, hypnotized herds
of soldiers. For the country‟s honor, for the honor of the gods, for liberation, for
conquest, for the sanctities, for the sacred vengeance, because a certain war chief has
stolen from another a woman, some more loot, for an injustice in the sharing of the
robbery, some piece of land, some sort of authority that you wished for your self.
  You heard but you didn‟t understand what all these mean for us, the women. You
felt nothing.
AGAM- A while ago I commanded you not to say another word. Why didn‟t you
obey? Now, I shall speak.
IPHIG- Not yet. Not before you hear my last word. What all this means to us,
AGAM- My patience has run out. Now, anger is about to take over. I only need to
shout. Guards! Help! And they will run over, swords in hands. You will die instantly,
you and all the others. I don‟t want you to die dishonestly. Another role is written for
you by the gods. You have another destiny. We wish to hear no more from you.
IPHIG- All right then! I will whisper to your ear only two words. Nobody else will
hear .Come close to me (Agamemnon approaches and stretches his ear. Moving very
fast, Iphigenia takes out off her robe a roll of tape , attaches the one end on his mouth
and rolls it fast around his mouth two or three times. Agamenon tries hard to remove
the tape).
IPHIG- Stop. This won't unglue by no means only by a scissor. I will cut it off,
myself, after you have heard me. Stay still and careful. Try to liste n with your heart
not with your ears. (Agamemnon looks agitated with difficulty in breathing). No
panic, general. It‟s a shame. Your nose is free. Breathe normally, through your nose,
without agitation. I don‟t want you to get paniced and die . You will not make me
responsible for your death.
(Agamemnon turns towards his generals and makes gestures to call the guards for
help. Iphigenia turns her body, lifts her club up and approaches the wire rope. Stop.
Nobody moves. They got the message. Iphigenia turns once again to the front ).

                                     PART TWO

IPHIG- Now pay attention. Hear me and if you can, comprehend with your heart,
with your humanity, with all the sensitivity still remaining within you. If you listen in
this way, if you do understand, then the miracle may happen. The thousands of years
of war, of suffering brought upon the peoples of the earth by the wild beasts of
authority, no matter what is the robe they wear, kings, war chiefs, generals, tyrants,
dictators, democrats, priests and high priests,all these will come to en end. And the
thousands of years of war and suffering that are yet to come, again because of the
same authoritarian males, the maniacs for glory, power, predominance, wealth,
possession, exploitation of all kinds of oppressed, hypnotized groups of bragging
cowards wild beasts, these future horrible holocausts will never take place.
Everything will change in a moment. Now, and here. (Talking to Agamemnon). Do
you now understand, general, what was in my mind, when I was saying- Now
Iphigenia, now. Now, Iphigenia, now. You thought I got crazy. You told me – My
child, is it perhaps the agony of death that has led you out of your mind?
- I understand you my daughter. I am a heart reader myself. Look at the winds, they
get favorable for our ships, for the start of our campaign. The gods have felt your
decision to offer your life as a sacrifice for our country and they are sending us their
favor. I communicate with the gods. I can feel their dispositions. You? A heart reader
and a god reader? You, who have nothing else in my mind but to finish with my
sacrifice and push your troops of the wild beasts to the massacre. You have nothing
else in your sick fantasies, in your dehumanized consciousness, but images of glory,
dominion, grandeur, pleasures, satisfactions of food and women.
  You, a heart reader and a god reader, you the arrogant nothing, the murderous
human, an abortive form of the teratogenic product of the human race? You, a father?
-call me father my daughter, not general. You, a father?
You, the murderer of your children, of all the new generation, that you are about to
kill in the dirty war of Troy?
This is the fate that I want to change. And that is why I sacrificed all the glory that
you, soldiers and priests had prepared for me, following my sacrifice. Here and now, I
changed my fate and meet my higher destiny. And I will change the fate of women,
here, now.
Women I offer you now the eternity of freedom, of dignity, of love instead of the
thousands of years of slavery and humiliation, of pain and death that is programmed
as in your fate by the militarist patriarchy. Here and now.
   All is risked in this very moment, this very hour. (Talking to Agamemnon) If you
and the other war chiefs here listen to me, everything will change. I offer you the
eternity of freedom at this moment. Will you listen to me?
KLYTEMNISTRA- Now I shall speak,mother Klytemnistra.
    What does your warlike soul means for the women, as it now,after these hudrends
of years of your patriarchal male- minded dominion?
   Young girls, full of love for life, we are all longing to take and give the
manifestations of our love to our people. But we cannot find them anywhere.
Abandoned in the ladies with some nanny, we swallow          the grief of the absence of
parental love. Our fathers? Recruited for a certain war, for a certain campaign. For
months, years, decades. They don‟t even care for their children. Sometimes they even
ignore their existence. They impregnated they wives and left to go to war. Soldiers
don‟t live, they cannot, they must not live in love and for the love of their children.
They live by the lives of those they kill in the battlefields, or catch them as slaves and
pass them over to their chiefs, in order to work in their fields, in their war workshops
or industries. Your warriors have been deformed into vampires, no more humans. You
want them to be a reflection of yourselves, and try hard to look just like you. You
have emptied their consciousness from any trace of human dignity.
Even in times of peace, we never come to see our fathers. They are always outdoors,
in a certain chamber of deputies, in a certain meeting, at a certain temple. Those who
are commoners work all day to produce something to sell for a little money, to buy
something to eat for their families. During the evenings, the wealthy ones, in their
feasts and wine-drinking contests end up in orgies of pleasure with prostitutes, who
are the saddest byproduct of the female nature, brought forth by your male-governed
authority. The poorer ones go to the port-cafes, to drink cheap wine and engage in
wrangles over politics, where again your names, those of the authoritative beasts,
have the central place. The names of those who, in times of peace or war fight each
other over the winning of authority, either through votes or the swords.
   The years go by, and we become virgins, young ladies, women, with our body and
all of our essence longing for marriage and birth, the fruition of life and love. And
then, you arrange our marriage to one of your soldiers, and after they have stayed a
while with us, you take them away once again in your system, at war, at work, at the
hunting of heads, fields or money. And throughout this hunting, most of them lose
their life.
  Again we remain all alone, swallowing our grief caused by the loss or the absence
of our husbands. And we become the victims and the prey of every lustful, who by his
force or our weakness, he streches upon us a filthy and disgracing hand, robbing us
our humanity, our dignity, every trace of sensitivity. Once again heavy is the burdern
of slavery, of the pain and sorrow in our lives. So heavy that it breaks the very spine
of our female power, our sense of honor, of self-esteem, of our humanity.
  Further, as our children grow up, we watch them being prepared for war, being
trained to become capable killers. You talk to them about heroic deeds, that is,
vandalisms executed by other generals in previous wars.
  And sooner or later, generation after generation, you take them with you to join
your predatory troops and throw them in the battlefields against the same murderous
troops of your rivals.
  And who are your rivals? Some other authority maniac males, kings, generals,
tyrants, who some time ago might have been your friends, or your allies or even your
brothers. Suddenly, during a jangle over some sharing for a succession in a post of
authority, you hate and become enemies of each other and you throw your hypnotized
troops in deadly combats, body to body.
   It is so that we lose our children whom we loved so much when they were young
and innocent buds of the great tree of life, creations of the cosmic creative principle.
  It is then that our sorrow becomes unbearable, hurting our very essence and sooner
or later we die, from a sickness generated by our grief. If we survive, cheerless and
lifeless is our life. We lose our power, even to hate you. Not a thought to resist your
catastrophic mania. Trapped as we are in our despair and helplessness, we often
become the victims and the prey of your lust hunting for pleasure. (Small pause) This
is all I had to tell you. Did you listen to me? (Great pause). If you have listened to me,
if you have seen deep inside you, if you did see what you hide in your soul, if you
have inspected all the destruction of peoples and settlements, you would know what to
do. With one word, with one single movement, you would change the course of the
human race. From the successive destructions, as it is now, to a stable relationship of
peace and humanity, to an endless progress and evolution towards new forms of
cooperation and love.

                    THE OVERWEALTHY RAMON
                         (or LA FORZA DEL AMORE)
                                  The power of love
                                       by Van Gras

                                A play* in two parts
                             2 persons : Ramon, Arian

        Stage scenery - On the right, Arian‟s living room, unlit or invisible. On the
left, free space.

        Ramon enters the stage from left, comes to the front, stands and starts singing:

        I‟ll go up in sky - as high as I can, my dear.
        Hoping good God to encounter - a few words to tell him, my dear.

        Please, God, can you suggest me - some very sharp words, my dear.
        So that I might shake - so many deadly souls, my dear.

        Who have got the power - over persons and peoples, my dear.
        And rooted in their minds - ambition, violence, greed, my dear.

        And they make our life - fearful, anxious, sad, my dear.
        And they‟ll push us forever - to slaughter like sheep, my dear.

(At the finale of the song, the audience may applaud, as usual in opera. Ramon bows.
He looks happy. He rubs his hands, humbly, not proudly.

        RAMON - (to the audience) - How did you like it? Very much? Wonderful. I
hope Arian will like it as much. What a surprise I‟m going to make to her. I‟m almost
outside her house. She celebrates her birthday this evening. Very soon I‟ll be by her.
        However, she will expect from me the usual songs, I mean the arias from
RIGOLETTO (he imitates himself singing... La donna e mobile - il piu movento...)
from FAUST from LA FORZA DEL DESTINO (he imitates singing an aria from that
opera) L‟ora e fugita, io morto desperato.
   But me, nothing of the kind.        I‟ll sing her the song you heard. Yet, how much
better it would be if I sang it together with a men‟s chorus, a small one.
        (To the audience) - Well, you said you liked my song. So, please, come on to
the stage and let us make a small chorus. We need five men, children, young, adults,
any age. Persons who sing well, who like to sing. You may ask, "who doesn‟t like to
sing?" And who doesn‟t sing well, if one allows oneself to sing. Right? The good
disposition, that is all. You might say, "where to find the disposition for singing in
this anxious life we are living?" I know. There is anxiety, there is fear, violence,
sadness in our life, in these big cities.

* This play is revolutionary in several ways:
       1. It combines opera (singing) and drama
       2. It introduces the participation of spectators in its action, on the stage.
       3. It combines politics and culture, here culture (drama) leading politics and
           redirecting its course of action.
       4. In its ideas about the root cause of suffering of mankind and its ending.
       5. It can be performed with only 2 actors (man-woman)

        But now, you have come here to enjoy the song and the play. Our song only?
Why not your singing, too. Come on then. (Ramon encourages or goes down to the
hall and chooses five men to come on the stage).
        RAMON - Five voices. A marvelous men‟s chorus.
Will you come with me to Arian‟s birthday celebration and sing her my song? The
one you heard. Agreed? Very good. We‟ll impress her.
        Also, she may understand practically, by an example, what I have told her
recently: That, it has no more sense for me to sing, opera, that I want to do something
creative, contemporary, alive, corresponding to our time and my consciousness. It is
time for me. Before my soul (he sings) goes up in the air, my dear.
I must transmit the truth I have realized. Just as this was done by great artists like
Verdi, Shakespeare in their own times by their own means of expression, proper in
their time and place and which found acceptance and appreciation in the minds of the
audience. Right? Most probably, opera was a folk art in Verdi‟s time. The audience
sang together with the chorus in NABUCO or RIGOLETTO. (He sings the chorus
song from NABUCO or RIGOLETTO, a few lines). Today, opera is a museum - like
kind of art. How many of the audience understand the play in its details? Very few.
Am I right? Thank you.
       Well, one rehearsal and off we go. I‟ll sing solo twice each line, and then
we‟ll sing it all together. The audience, too. Those who want. We start.
       RAMON (sings) - I‟ll go up in sky
       CHORUS - (repeat) so
       RAMON - As high as I can, my dear.
       CHORUS - (repeat) (And so, to the end of the song).

(This participation of the chorus and the mass singing has caused a wave of joy,
happiness on the stage and in the hall. It is a strong emotion, an experience of
creativity, cooperation, sharing that will give spiritual and emotional excitement.)
After the finale, Ramon and the chorus applaud the audience, the audience applauds
people on the stage. Then,)
        RAMON (to the chorus). Marvelous. Let‟s be going.,

       (Lights out for a short time. When lights on again, we see Arian‟s living
room. Arian is alone. She moves to the front, stands and starts singing.

       ARIAN -        This human life is not at all
                       As you thought it when young and small

                       It‟s not heroic, not full of love
                      but full of blind and wrong self- love

                       There are no truly good lassies or lads but
                       falsely clever cowards

                       There are no fairy people or bold,
                       but only foolish, young or old

                       Who only worship and stand by their
                       money and their false I.
                        In this living you shall not meet an
                        older person wise and week

                        To guide you where to drink immortal
                        water from the spring.

                        Now you have grown up enough to
                        know this life in word and fact

                        Before you lose it uselessly just
                        turn the steer decisively

                        And make your life so good and tall as
                        you felt it when young and small.

       ARIAN - This song, I think, is just what he needs to hear. It may help him to
understand what he could do in this new stage of his life. Ramon is a big heart, a
bright spirit. It is time to express his greatness, his high potential, his compassion.
That‟s why I call this song THE TURN.

        RAMON - (applauds. Pause)... To slaughter like sheep.... -. Perhaps, no
more, perhaps never again. (He speaks in a state of vision, looking high up. The
phone rings.)
        ARIAN - (picks it up) Allo!... Yeas,... Just a minute, please... (To Ramon)
Ramon, it‟s Presso, the owner of the paper THE WORLD and of the channel ALPHA,
you know. He wants your declarations after the Prime‟s decision to give you the
Ministry of Education. I connect the phone with the loudspeakers. You can talk
without holding the receiver and listen to what he tells you and you tell him. At the
same time, everything is recorded on the recorder operating by the sound. Are you
ready? I wish you the best (To the chorus) You can sit here, please. (They do)
(Presso may appear on the big screen, or not. If yes, Arian will add) ARIAN -You can
look at Presso, on this big screen, if you want. It is his gift to us, on the occasion.
RAMON - Good evening, Mr. Presso. Yes, I‟m ready. PRESSO - Mr. Ramon, my
congratulations for your taking up the Ministry of Education.
       RAMON - Thank you.
       PRESSO - Is it true that you refuse to any Government, therefore, our own,
too, the right to proclaim war in any case, for whatever reason?
       RAMON - Yes, it is true.
       PRESSO - Do you know that this position provoked strong reactions from the
leaders of the opposition? And from some of the Government officers?
       RAMON - I‟ m not interested in the reactions of the politicians, but in the
reactions of the population.
       PRESSO - They are very favorable, up to this moment. You know,
perhaps, that sma ll groups of people, mainly young, gathered outside the
Parliament and shouted slogans for you. Is its possible that the Prime Minister felt
some pressure from these manifestations to give you the Ministry? Do you have any
relation with these groups?
       RAMON - None.
       PRESSO - I inform you, because you ma y not know, that these
manifestations continue to this moment, as a wave of enthusiasm and support to
you and the Prime Minister for his decision. Are you not afraid of manifestations
from groups of people with an ideology different from yours?
       RAMON - I have no ideology.
       PRESSO - Then, how would you call your views on prohibition of war
through the abolition of the right of any Prime Minister to proclaim war.
       RAMON - Also, of any President, King, tribe-chiefs, religious, leaders,
revolutionaries, organization-chiefs of any kind. No-one should have the right of
life and death over any other human being for any reason. I consider these
meditations of mine not as an ideology but as disclosure of the truth. Ideologies,
there are many. Truth is unique.
       PRESSO - I see. You are well-known and very popular as an opera singer in
our country, and in many other countries of the world. Do you think that this fame
brought you to the Ministry of Education? How did you happen to jump from the
Opera stage to the stage of Politics? Or, is your great wealth that opened this door
for you? You are known as the "RAMON, the overwealthy".
         RAMON - You may not know that I‟m a teacher, too. I teach music in the
seventh High-School of our city. My contact with the young is my biggest wealth. I
wrote a book "Educational Revolution". In that book, I disclose the root cause of
all evil and suggest the way of cure. In that vision, you may find out the reason that
brought me to the Ministry of Education.
         PRESSO - I didn‟t know it. I promise you. I‟ll have a good look, the
soonest possible. And I will put in my paper the parts containing your credo about
Education. But now, I would ask you to give me as shortly as possib le, the
essence of your meditations, the discovery of the root cause of the evil that
harasses mankind. And your ideas for the cure. After that, I may not disturb you
with more questions. But, please, note that our conversation is being recorded by
the recorders of my newspaper and Radio - TV channel ALPHA. At the same
time , it is translated in the main European languages and transmitted, through
satellite connections, by several channels in several countries of the world. This
moment you are the star on the stage of the world politics and not on the stage of an

         We are listening.

         RAMON - Friends, listeners, all over the world .......
You know very well that you are born as human beings, wonderful human beings
with a rich potential of emotional and intellectual development. You are not born as
English, Germans, Americans or Russians, nor as Muslims or Christians or
anything else. When you were born, did anyone say, "A German was born?" No.
They said, "A girl is born, or a boy".
         What happens to those wonderful little girls and boys, when they fell in the
hands of the so-called educators, in the trap of national, religio us or tribal
education? They distort their human essence by teaching them to be, to feel, to
think as English, American, Turks, Russians etc.. They condition them to think
and feel as belonging to some tribe, to some religion. To think and feel as
believers or adherents of an ideology, a theory, a party, an organization: left, right,
democrats,     totalitarian,   nationalists, darwinists,     materialists,   spir itualists,
communists, Hinduists, etc..
          Why don‟t we say to the children the only truth? We are all humans. Bora of
love, we live for love. Without the distortion of nationalis m and idealis m, human
beings have the same emotional wealth, the same sensitivity to pain and joy, to
goodness and cruelty. Mankind is like a rose plantation. Entering it, would you not
feel fine with all roses? Or would you fee l fr ie ndly to some, and unfriendly,
hostile to others?
          This is the big evil done by the established education. It stresses the one
race, tribe, ideology, fatherland, social class, against the other. And so it distorts the
essence of human beings making them think and feel partially, competitively,
inimically towards other human beings.
          Therefore, when they grow up, they can easily be le/ld by-chiefs of any
kind to wars and holocausts induced by these chiefs probably in order to satisfy
their passion for power, supremacy, domination. Ordinary people never instigate a

          Probably, it is these leaders that keep education in this primitive state of
nationalism and every kind of separation, fragmentation, opposition among human
          Friends, women and men teachers, please reflect that you are perpetuating
this false education, leading to separation, hostility and finally to war and
          But if you doubt the idea, of which you are victims yourselves, that you are
distinct, superior or inferior to people of other nation, race, country, religion,
socioeconomic system etc., if you doubt all that, the simple, great truth may come to
you: we are all human beings, the same beings.
The highest intelligence, the greatest sensitivity which leads to love for all. Love is
universal, otherwise is not love. Now, you are conditioned to cultivate in the minds
of children the love for the country, religion, etc.. This love goes with separatism.
How can it be love? Do you see the false?
          From my position as Minister of Education in my country, the first thing I‟ll
do is to abolish the teaching of nationalism, national history, national religion,
national ideology, or socioeconomic system. Instead, children will be taught the
truth, the only truth: All people, in every part of the Earth, belong to one race, one
nation, which is mankind. Differentiations in color, ways of living, etc. are the
wealth of mankind, not oppositions but complementations.
        All countries, in the North, South, East and West are one fatherland. They are
the variety of the Earth, not its contradictions.
        Mankind has only one religion: Love. The established religions are
antagonistic organizations serving the perverted egotism and perverted instinct of
supremacy and domination of those who have offices and chairmanship in these
        Mankind has two kind of histories. That of the barbarian souls called
leaders who, thirsty for power and domination, push their subordinate peoples to the
most horrible destruction, the most paranoid bestialities. And the history of people
who understood the truth that we are all one and tried to transmit it to mankind in
the way they could,
        Mankind has one civilization. The sensitivity of man to oneself, to the
other person and to everything on the Earth, alive or life less, to the whole
Universe. Education must cultivate this inherent sensitivity in children, through
developing their personal gifts, talents, and through cooperation with the other
person in different activities, playful, creative, productive, constructive. Personal
success through antagonism and seeking a higher grade of any kind leads to all
negative, destructive feelings like envy,           hatred, inferiority,   superiority,
aggressiveness, defeatism. Each child is a flower, a song, a gift in the vast garden of
        Thank you everybody for listening (People on the stage applaud. The
audience, too.)
        RAMON - No applaud, please. Let silence vaccinate what you heard,
grow within you. The seed fell. Let it sprout. (Silence for a few minutes. They all
remain motionless, ecstatic with head high.)
        PRESSO - May I ask you where these applauds from?
        ARIAN - We have a celebration, this evening, my birthday. I am Arian,
Ramon‟s mate.
        PRESSO - You needn‟t tell me. You, the primadonna o f our national
opera, are well-known and beloved to me. When shall we have the pleasure to
listen to you and Ramon in LA FORZA DEL DESTINO? You are both excellent in
this opera.
        ARIAN - Perhaps never again, dear Presso. No- more opera.
        PRESSO - This is a revo lution. Not like Ra mon‟s revolution, but a
personal one. What makes you give up opera, or will you give up singing
        ARIAN - I will sing, but only songs, perhaps in a new form of theatre
combining opera and prose, just as opera was in its time. Today opera is
something museum- like and a bit childish or barbarian in the psychology of its
        PRESSO - Just as history is for Ramon‟s educational concept. An item
barbarian and museum like. Could you tell me what you would like to sing after
your giving up LA FORZA DEL DESTINO?
        ARIAN - I‟ll sing LA FORZA DEL AMORE. You know, the power of
fate is the power of slavery, of submission of man to all kinds of domination or
conditioning imposed by other people in the name of some idea. This is the power of
evil. The power of love is the power of freedom of man from any slavery imposed
on one by others or by oneself. This is the power of good.
        PRESSO - I knew Arian, the wonderful primadonna. Now, I knew another
Arian, a wonderful revolutionary.
        ARIAN - Everyone is revolutionary when one discovers truth, and negates the
        PRESSO - Can I ask Ramon, one more question?
        RAMON - I hear you.
        PRESSO - What we said just now has been heard all over the country
through the channel ALPHA. We have already had the first reactions. There is
commotion. Many people, especially women, respond weeping from emotion, for the
great truth you disclosed. They say, Yes, that is the root cause of all evil. The power-
maniac leaders provoke wars. They kill our children, our husba nds. We felt it
deeply within us, but didn‟t dare to become conscious of it, to express it. We were
afraid. Now, we took courage. We found our man. He expresses for us all that we
wanted to shout, but didn‟t dare.
        But, I must not hide from you, dear Ramon, that there are other reactions,
quite contrary, as much intense and passionate. For these people you are the
traitor of the nation, of fatherland, by abolishing the right of any Government to
make war, for whatever reason. They ask: If you were the Prime Minister, would you
deny yourself the right to react by war if an enemy country proceeded to war action
against our country?
        RAMON - Yes, I deny it.
        PRESSO - And what would you do? How would you stop the enemy
        RAMON - There are no enemy peoples. There are only leaders, in
politics, army, religion, economy, who want domination, supremacy, glory. They
stir, push the subject populations to wars, out of their selfish personal motive.
Peoples are not enemies. Peoples are the human beings, the human population of
each country.
        PRESSO - But if these leaders pushed their army to attack us, what would
you do as a responsible leader of your country? I‟m sorry if I put you in a difficult
position with these questions, but you are going to face them anyway.
        RAMON - You are not putting me in a difficult position. I have meditated on
these questions and found the answers. I don‟t believe that some leader would dare
to attack our country, if our Prime Minister had denied the war, for any reason.
Any problem can be solved by understandings, with the view to help people in
each area. I suggest leaders in every country should do that. I would do exactly that as
a leader.
        PRESSO - Could this suggestion be considered Utopian? Could the war-
maniac leader of the enemy army make use of exactly this utopism and cause a big
destruction in our country? Don‟t you know the evil is stronger than the good?
          RAMON - I don‟t believe it. I believe the good is stronger than the evil. The
evil is a temporary, relative phenomenon, the good is the eternal essence of life. I
am not deceived by the phenomena. I rema in with the essence of life, which is
joy, love, freedom.
          The war- maniac enemy leader who would push his army to make a
destruction to our armless country, would consider it well be fore he did it. If
fina lly he does it, he would be rejected by all mankind. All peoples - if not
leaders, too - would set themselves up against him. Perhaps his own army, his own
nation. If the destruction took place, it might be the last one in the histor y of
mankind. Isn‟t it worthwhile for us to pay with such a sacrifice for such a great
change in mankind? For this transition from barbarism to humanity?
        PRESSO - Your answers are exciting, radical. Yet, as a journalist, as a
mirror of all views, I must report them. Two men, specialists in constitutional law
have declared that they consider your declarations not only Utopian but anti-
constitutional, also. Constitutions in every country give leaders the right to
proclaim war, aggressive or defensive. What have you to say?
        RAMON - Who have written and legalized these Constitutions?
        PRESSO - Peoples, supposedly.
        RAMON - Not peoples. You denied it when you said, "supposedly".
Politicians, power men did it. Peoples do not want leaders - killers of peoples.
People want to live in happiness, in freedom, creatively, productively. J ,< . f i0 (4
        PRESSO - A last question. Other persons, who didn‟t declare their
identity, said that with your declarations you became guilty of high treason for all
sanctified and sacred values of the fatherland. What will you say to them?
        RAMON - There is no sanctified or sacred value in any fatherland. The
only sacred value is life itself and respect for life, respect for every human being, no
matter how weak, poor, or different. Respect fo r oneself.
        PRESSO - They added, they will take care that you are inflicted with the
right penalty.
        RAMON - "Those who do not declare their identity". This alone shows
their unmanliness. For me, such people are hypnotized by the drug of their
nationalism or any other - ism. They are not responsible for what they say or do.
Others are responsible.
        PRESSO - Are you not afraid of their enacting their threats?
        RAMON - If you mean death, no, I‟ m not afraid of.
Life needs death to evolve. I do not count myself as a personality, as one ego-self, a
set of body and mind. I only count the universal consciousness behind the
subjective, phenomenal entity. Consciousness never dies.
(In the meantime, the melody of the song "SHARP WORDS" is heard more and
more clearly.)
        PRESSO - I can hear a very nice melody. Where does it come from?
        (Arian goes to the left, then shouts)
        ARIAN - From our veranda. A group of young people sing your song,
Ramon, How did they know it? (She looks at a table) The cassette we recorded it o n
is not here. ( She looks at one of the gir ls) Did you give it to Presso‟s channel?
(The girl does not answer) Bravo, my dear. (She hugs her softly)
         PRESSO - I want to hear this song, please.
         (Silence while the song is heard. Or, they sing it all together. At the e nd,
Ramon goes to the left and applauds.)
         PRESSO - Wonderful. Lots of people heard it. Tomorrow it may be sung all
over the country. Ramon, your voice is magic. The lines, the melody, also.
         (Then, as Ramon applauds, a strong voice is heard)
         VOICE - Ramon, you are a traitor, (a loud shot is heard)
         (Ramon falls down senseless. Arian runs to him. She stoops by him,
touches him. She stands up, shouts.)
         ARIAN - Blood is running from his heart! My God, he is dead!
         (She cries intensely, loud, convulsively)
         PRESSO - What‟s the matter? (No answer. Pause.) - What‟s the matter?
Why don‟t you answer me? Arian, are you crying? Was it a shot I heard? Gather all
your strength and talk to me, without stopping your crying.
         ARIAN - They shot down Ramon.
         PRESSO - Who? Those who sang his song? Impossible.
         ARIAN - I don‟t know.
         PRESSO - A fanatic must have glided among them. He did it. I know of
such incidents. Run to catcrf send an ambulance.
         ARIAN - (to the men on the stage) Please, run. (The men go out in a
         PRESSO - I‟m deeply sorry. The vision faded before shining. The dream
finished and we woke up again in the reality of the evil, in the world-of violence. I
must leave you now, excuse me. You realize how much work falls on me, after
what happened.
         ARIAN - Wait a moment, Presso, please. (The signal of the ambulance is
heard. Pause. Two men enter with a stretcher-bearer. They put Ramon on it and go
         PRESSO - Did they take him?
         ARIAN- Yes.
         PRESSO - Won‟t you go with him?
         ARIAN - I am with him. With his spirit. Not with the dead body.
        PRESSO - What a pity, such a wonderful man to be lost. Evil is stronger
than good. He didn‟t believe it. He was belied.
        ARIAN - Nor do I. The evil is temporary and false. The good is eternal and
        PRESSO - I feel like I hear Ramon. You took in his soul, his spirit.
        ARIAN - His life, too. I have life from his life, within me.
        PRESSO - What do you mean? Is it...?
        ARIAN - Yes, I have a child from Ramon within me. In a few months ...
        PRESSO - Ramon will be resurrected. This is news, a big piece of news,
Arian. Thank you for trusting me with your secret. Can I publish it?
        ARIAN - You can.
        PRESSO - I will add. Ramon is not dead. He lives again inside Arian, his
beloved mate, our excellent primadonna. Ramon will reappear in the future.
        ARIAN - This is not correct. It is something imaginary. I would ask you to
write the truth, the reality.
        PRESSO - What is the truth?
        ARIAN - Ramon will continue now. I will represent his vision.
        PRESSO - What can you do to continue his vision?
        ARIAN - I will not be given the Ministry of Education, that‟s for sure. But
I‟ll find some way to give life to his dream, to enact the vision. End to wars.
They lasted many millenia. The time has come. Nothing prevents us to live in
peace. All over the earth.
        PRESSO - But you didn‟t answer my question. What will you do.
Do you have something concrete in your mind? If you do, I can publish it, as a
piece of news.
        ARIAN - I don‟t know. I said, just now, that I will work for the vis ion,
and this was heard by people through your channel. This is the first step. Now, I
call the women all over the world not to vote again for any leader who maintains the
right to wage war, for any reason. Ail problems will be solved at the table of
discussions. Whoever instigates war action sho uld be considered, by the
Organization of United Nations, as a war criminal and will be arrested by anyone
who can do it.
        PRESSO - And executed?
        ARIAN - Not necessary. In prison he will be reeducated till he realizes his
stupidity or barbarism and consciously repents for his act and his motives.
        PRESSO - Your ideas are wonderful, Arian, but I cannot publish them.
        ARIAN - Why?
        PRESSO - It is illegal, against the Constitution to publish a proclamation to
the women for non-participation in the general elections. It is dangerous.
        ARIAN - Are you afraid, Mr Presso?
        PRESSO-Call it so.
        ARIAN - I see. For me, it‟s enough that people listened to what I said,
through the channel. Some conscious women will realize the meaning of this
vision, its great possibilities.
        PRESSO - I‟m sorry, Arian, nothing was heard. After the shot to Ramon, I
cut off every connection with the channel. Our talk was private.
        ARIAN - Why do you do it Presso?
        PRESSO - I told you why. It is against the Constitution, almost anarchic.
        ARIAN - I take up the responsibility and all possible consequences, for it.
You are obliged to publish it.
        PRESSO-No, I‟m not.
        ARIAN - You told Ramon that you are obliged to publish all views,
        PRESSO - Of the parties, statesmen, specialists etc.
        ARIAN - But not of Arian, though you call me the great primadonna of our
national opera.
        PRESSO - You know I appreciate you as a primadonna, as a friend. If you
want to tell me something from your career, your plans, your private life, I ‟ ll
gladly publish it.
        ARIAN - But as Ramon‟s mate, as a fighter for the vision for the great
change in the consciousness of mankind, you do not count me.
        PRESSO - Personally, I do. But as a publisher, I must ...
        ARIAN - Silence me . . . Why, Presso? Why are you denying me the
chance to speak through your channel? If only ten conscious women feel the
power lying in this vision, it would....
        PRESSO - Arian, my dear, you don‟t know things from within. You talk
about ten women. My channel is looked at by millions of women. If I give you
the chance, if you publicly proclaim what you told me privately, there will be great
commotion. In a short time, in a few months, your proclamation may become an
organization, a party of women, a movement, and change the entire scenery of
political stage. It could sweep out big interests.
       ARIAN - Are you afraid of it? This movement would be the most
humanistic, most progressive in the history of mankind.
       PRESSO- Yes, I see, b ut. . .
       ARIAN - But, what?
       PRESSO - It is ver y ... anti...statesma ns hip, anti- author itar ia n. It
abolishes statesmen, governments, the power of sovereignty of leaders ...
       ARIAN - We do not abolish the governments, nor the statesmen. They can be
very useful for the just distribution of the production of the Earth to all mankind.
       Last year I was in India. Do you know what I saw? The whole population, a
six hundred million people live in the worst possible poverty, misery, hunger, no
shoes, rugged clothes, disease. While a very small minority, people with high
positions in politics, army, industry, religion, touris m, enjoy abundance in
everything. Why? Why no statesman of the western world of abundance do not
care about this terrible injustice, this inhuman misery? I listened to the news,
while I was there. Do you know what they talked about? About dis putes inside
the political parties, antagonism among leaders, who supports or denies whom, all the
tricks of the game for the top power.
       None is interested in the tragic poverty of the population. And I often
heard about wives burned to death by their husbands or fathers- in- law, because
they could not pay the promised dot, that is, burned for a little, very little money.
       That could be the work of the honest men, the true statesmen, when the
usual ones will be denied the right to dominate peoples, to divide and kill.
       We do not abolish statesme n or governments. We demand that the y
should change their role; help the poor, the hungry people and stop dividing the
Earth in pieces to be dominated by them.
       PRESSO - If they lose the right of sovereignty on their country and
population, then the defence forces and organization, army, aviation, navy lose
their meaning. The same with the arm industry, the buying and selling of arms, the
military education.
       ARIAN - Quite right. What wrong do you see if all that becomes
meaningless, useless? There will be an end to the immense flow of money and
human energy to the preparation of barbarism they call patriotism, nationalism.
       PRESSO - Don‟t you know that very big interests are at stake?
       ARIAN - What interests? Financial?
       PRESSO-Yes. And many other.
       ARIAN - The money that will go out of militarism will go to other
investments, useful, beneficial to people. Money- maniac people will find ways to
make money out of the new investments. What other interests are in danger?
       PRESSO - I don‟t know exactly. I have not thought about it.
       ARIAN - I did. It is the feeling of the value of the ego-self that may be at
stake. The position of supremacy and sovereignty won by those who rise to the top
power. They enjoy the submission of all the othe rs. Submission is ensured by fear,
and fear is ensured by the arms, by the right of life and death the governor has on
people. Either you become my soldier and fight in the war I make, or I kill you,
imprison you, label you a traitor, coward, anarchic, a p sycopath ... Do you see the
barbarism of the state power, Presso, or not? Speak clearly, please. What interests
will you lose if you publish my proclamation? Your paper may be more popular and
better sold. You will earn more.
       PRESSO - You don‟t know things, Arian. The selling of the paper does not
cover half of the expenses of its publication.
       ARIAN - The rest? How do you cover the damage?
       PRESSO - From ... other sources of income.
       ARIAN - Do you continue a business at a loss? I don‟t believe it. You
would have gone bankrupt. On the contrary, you are getting richer, I know.
       PRESSO - We said much, you understood little.
       ARIAN - I got the essential. The state power pays you for your support
through your serious newspaper. That‟s why you don‟t dare to publish m y
declaration. You are afra id of this great peace movement because it is
antiauthoritative. Authority might deny you allowances. Am I right? Are you not
their slave? Speak truly.
       PRESSO - You shouldn‟t talk to me like that. You know that I appreciate
you, just as I did Ramon. I gave the idea of putting him in the Ministry of
        ARIAN - Why did you do it? What was your motive? Can you tell me?
        PRESSO - Well, you know, the Government was in a critical state.
Because of some corruption in it, its moral power was weak. We are going to
have general elections soon. A man of great vision, an incorruptible like Ramon
would raise the prestige of the Prime and he might win the elections again.
        ARIAN - I see. You used Ramon as a patch for the old jacket of the
Prime. Did you not know what a rampant pacifist and humanist Ramon was? His
revolutionary ideas?
        PRESSO - I knew a lot, but not what I heard to-night during the interview. We
gave him an innocent Ministry of National Education but he turned it immediately
into a rampart and opened fire to the entire Establishment. He gave a line of action
for the Government, locally and universally. "Governors, leaders should refuse the
right of instigating war in all cases. Those who do it, should be cons idered as war
crimina ls, arrested by anyone who can arrest the m and sentenced to life
        Which means, the last citizen or soldier could arrest the Prime Minister, if he
saw it necessary to wage war action for some reason. He asked the self- abolition of
the leaders of the States.
        Do you realize, Arian, that Ramon, went far over the lines? It was my big
mistake to give him my channel to speak directly to the public.
        ARIAN - Is this why he was shot down?
        PRESSO - Be careful in your words, please. You give me some guilt for
his death.
        ARIAN - I could suspect even that, if I didn‟t know you well. You are not a
killer, but rather coward.
        PRESSO - Now, you talk more logically. I‟ll suggest something. I can
talk to the Prime to take you as a candidate deputy for the comi ng general
elections. They are not far, you know, six months, at most. Do you want it?
        ARIAN - You are not going to buy me, Presso. My consciousness is not
for sale. I swear on the memory of Ramon to work to enact his universal vision. To-
night I will establish the movement "Life-Givers, Life-Savers, Women of all the
World". In world-scale. I‟ll send our proclamation through my fax sets to many
newspapers and channels in Europe and America. Our slogan will be "End of the
millennium, end of war".
          I don‟t want the candidacy you offer me. Presso. I will not trust our
movement to any male. It will be clearly a women‟s movement. We give the life to
mankind, its perpetuation. But leaders destroy it because of their power mania. They
are still barbarian, primitive. We‟ll fight to save life from their hands. If there are
males as real, conscious human beings, they will support our movement. Good-bye,
          PRESSO - Good-bye, Arian. I am not going to publish your proclamation if
you do not change the tone and the means of your action. I talk honestly.
          ARIAN - No man slave to blind power can talk honestly . Honesty goes
with freedom. The tone in my words is the proper one, the means of our action
very efficient. The blind authority of the so-called statesmen or leaders will end
by the end of this millenia. I‟ll send you our proclamation, though you may not
publish it. (She hangs up the phone and the screen) (He speaks to the chorus)
          Friends, please sit at the FAX sets. (They go to the back of the stage, and
can be invis ible) I‟ll dictate the text. Then, We‟ll send it to some newspapers.
Then, I‟ll translate it in other languages. Ready? We start. (Arian dictates the
following text)
                   THE LIFE-GIVERS, LIFE-SAVERS

                            Women of all the world

       This is addressed to women of all the world who are conscious of the state in
which mankind has been trapped during this century. And it is going to declare the
possibility of a radical change in this state. A change that can be initiated only by
these women, and perhaps enacted only by them, or, with the co-operation of
conscious, unselfish men of every age.
MONYNO: A meaningful modern epic?

A way out of the crisis of today's mankind.

      It starts as a fascinating fairytale, with a wise old man and his magic
carpets, and develops to heighten the reader's minds and hearts to the great
values and experiences of love, brotherhood, compassion, denial of money-
seeking or power-seeking as way of life.
      The old great (?) epics like The Iliad , The Odyssey and The Bhagavad
Gita praise war , conquest, killing , looting , enslaving the fellow man.
      In radical contrast, MONYNO, this modern epic, praises and encourages
altruism, compassion, respect for life and mutual help.
      The old epics , created in the context of patriarchal, militarist societies,
support the values, or otherwise, the anti-values of obeying war chiefs (who
may be and have often been) wild inhuman beings, mad for power, wealth,
conquest, pushing millions of people to atrocious massive murder and self-
      MONYNO radically destroys these anti-values by praising and practising
the highest maternal values of altruism, helping each other to develop in
goodness, respect for human beings, especially for girls and women in all
phases of life. No mother-father Gods but a single and eternal mother
      Unlike the great length of the old classic epics, MONYNO is contained in
4 short books with a total length of 150 pages.
      The extraordinary thing about MONYNO is that it invites the reader to
write the book to follow, MONYNO book 5. The reader who will have loved
the characters of this work, will use these characters for the new book 5. The
genuine goodness, open heart and mind of these characters will guide
readers to write a fine book to strengthen the conscious, non-violent ,
peaceful movement for a new culture that mankind needs terribly.
      Throughout the four MONYNO books, suggestions are given for :
   2. A new relationship between women and men.
   3. A new form of character education of children and adults based on
      silent self-observation, in which self-discovery and self-transformation
      may start.
   4. A new way of economic life, based on covering basic needs through
      the exchange of surplus quantities of goods , mainly food items , which
      may be abundant in one place and lacking in another.
   5. A new way of diet, based on vegetarian eating, to help mankind out of
      diseases and pills due to eating killed animals and milk products.

      MONYNO means without money. It is the name of the young man, the
main hero of this work.
      The winning book, chosen by the readers will be published in a large
number of copies and the writer will receive the normal fees.
      You can read some parts of the 4 MONYNO           books on my website
      The writer's full name and address:

      Mr. Evaggelos Grammenos 4 , Praxiteles St Ilioupolis 16341 Athens,
      Mob.Phone: 0030-6937 46 28 19, E-mail:,

            Writer of many published novels and studies among which are:
KRISHNAMURTI & THE 4 th WAY (sai towers,2003). Translator of more than a
         100 books (KRISHNAMURTI, OUSPENSKI, ADLER, FROMM etc.)

            Graduate of Psychology, Political Sciences, Teacher of foreign
                      languages, Poet , Singer, Musician.
                                  Monyno's first book

  The Reedman and his Magic Carpets.
   Monyno's Preparation and Flight.

         Read Monyno's second, third and fourth books.
        Monino's awesome adventures in the dreamland of
         Monynoland, Land of Love,Peace and Kindness.
        The Building up of the new Monynoland.
         The real revolution, the refusal of revenge and violence.
        Brotherhood and sisterhood stretch their wings far and
         wide. The return of Agape – Love. Saves life and
         renovates it.

The fifth book will be written by the readers..
The winning book will be published by our house.
Details about submissions at the end of the 3 rd book.
Now, you may ask. How did he earn this name, Monyno? A strange name,
since it does not exist as a first name for boys. I‟ll tell you.
         When Monyno went to work on the fields, at night he would return
home without visiting the field owner‟s house for pay.
         He often worked for a widow with four small children.
Upon his return home, the widow would visit to give him payment for his work,
from the little savings that she had. Monyno always told her;
         -Money? No! And he would wag his finger as if to say “don‟t even think
about it” He was a man of few words.
He always said –“Money? No!, not only to the widow, but to every other
woman, man or child who came to his home to pay him for his work.
         So it was, with his reputation of always saying “money, no!” he earned
the nickname Monyno.
         And when the widow brought some food to him, or from the sweets,
she had made for her children, Monyno never accepted it. He showed her four
fingers, meaning. “You have four children”. He would then take from the
cupboard the loaf of good bread his mother made him, cut it in half, and wrap
it in a towel before placing it in her hands, again displaying four fingers.
         He spoke little, but he had, as you will have already guessed great
kindness and compassion in his heart.

        It came to pass that Monyno heard something of Kalas, not upon his
arrival, but many days later. After work, he never passed the village shop,
where the news of the day was heard and commented upon.
        However, upon returning he usually came across children from the
neighborhood playing and shouting. But of late he had not seen them and
wondered why. His good mother realized this and told him about the visitor.

        His mother had a large garden behind the house, where she planted
whatever they needed to eat. They also had a lot of fruit trees and a small
vineyard. In September, they both ate almost nothing other than grapes. She
also sowed wheat and barley, enough for their needs. They also had a goat
that provided milk for making trahana (broken whole wheat soup) and
chilopittes (small pasta squares) for the whole year. They lived happily this
And because his mother wanted to do all the gardening so that she could
pleasure her body with movement, the sun, sky and wind, Monyno had all the
time to help wherever he was needed.

       When he heard from his mother about Kalas Monyno felt joy and
moved in a strange kind of way. It appeared as if the fairy tales his mother told
him when he was little were comi ng true. He looked forward to meeting him.
       The next morning he had a very good feeling, as if something very
good, and very great was happening in his life. He delayed getting out of bed.
He did not go out to work in the fields today, as he had decided to go and visit
Kalas in the afternoon with the children of the village.

      The time had come. Everyone started off together. The children were
happy to have Monyno with them. They were very fond of him, even though
they would tease him from time to time when they would cross paths on his
return from the fields. They would cry out a teasing rhyme to him:
        -“Monyno, Monyno! Paper, coin money no!”.

  Well, that afternoon, after enjoying their shouting in chorus this teasing
rhyme, they started singing Monyno‟s latest song, which they liked so much
that sometimes they sang it in their sleep and dreams, at times voi-
celess, at other times loud, as their mothers often witnessed.
  Monyno stood opposite them, listened motionless, concentrated
and enjoyed their chorus singing.







Yes, Monyno, though unschooled, composed, from time to time, wonderful
Children soon made his songs their own and sang them in their games and in
the school yard.
He would laugh, never anger at this taunting on his way home to rest after his
day‟s labour.

They started off to Kalas, or Kala-Kama, as the children called him. He was in
his normal place. They sat, made eye contact as always, until they
experienced the peace and energy they always had from this mutual
exchange. This time Kalas focused his eyes on Monyno, who returned his
look in like peaceful and steady manner. The children did not realize this as
Monyno sat behind them, so they still felt Kala‟s gaze on its way to Monyno.
Kala‟s gaze thus reached everybody.

When they had finished, Kalas was first to speak, asking-“Are you Monyno?‟‟
Monyno motioned „yes‟ with his head, while looking at the other children, as if
asking if they had divulged his name. The answering look they gave him was
„no‟. He then realized that Kalas could guess one‟s name simply by looking at
-“Would you like to ask something?” said Kalas.
After a small pause, Monyno said
        Kalas was pleased that Monyno was a person of few words and much
silence. Also, that he did not pose any questions, any stupid questions usually
made by the adults. He said to him.
    -”If you want, you may come tomorrow morning, on your own.”
        -“I‟ll come,” answered Monyno.

Many days passed after this first meeting. The meetings were consistent,
The villagers learned about these meetings and were curious as to what they
were about. Some decided to drop in on a meeting, on the pretext that they
were merely passing by. They heard them talking. Some claimed that Kalas
was teaching Monyno to fly a carpet. There were many and varied claims, all
confused and contradictory. Also the question: Where did Monyno find the
money to pay for flying tuition and for a carpet? Everyone knew that Monyno
had no money, so if he could have it for free, why not them?
Eventually, both from curiosity and jealousy, some of them decided to
approach Kalas and talk to him, when Monyno was with him.

       And so they did. They asked their questions. Kalas did not answer
immediately. He made some gestures to Monyno, he glanced into his eyes,
and he knew what he had to tell them. He said:
       -“Yes, you too can fly with a carpet, as soon as you are ready. In order
to be ready, you must not make any more questions related to money, or any
questions about egoistic wishes. Whoever makes such questions is
immediately dropped from the training. He may return after a month and try
again. Whoever completes a year of training will be able to fly.

        These words from Monyno, on behalf of Kalas, were much to their
liking, because he did not ask payment for the lessons. But what about the
carpet? The trip? Somebody raised his hand to ask.
       -“We understand that we don‟t have to pay for the lessons, but….”
Kalas glanced at Monyno. He got the message, and said to the questioner;
       -“You are out. You spoke about money. Now,leave. You may try again
in a month‟s time.”
       -“But why?” asked another.
       -“Out,” said Monyno. “You know why”
A third, supposedly a clever one, piped up.
       -“How much is the carpet?”
And a fourth:
       -“How much is the trip?”
       -“You are both out” said Monyno, showing them the way back home.
Nobody was left. That is how the first visit by the villagers ended. Envy,
inattention, foolishness, impatience, money questions, all excluded them.

        The original two remained. For a while they remained silent. Then
Kalas asked Monyno:
        -“What is your village called?‟‟
        -“I call it Moneyvillage,” responded Monyno
        -“And the villagers, what race are they?”
        -“Moneypeople”, said Monyno.
        -“Such people cannot fly. They are too dense and heavy. The flight is
towards Monynoland, and to go there, you need to be light, carefree. Money
thoughts, money worries make you very heavy. You can never fly like that.
        -“Shall I ever be able to fly to this magic land?” asked Monyno.
        -“You will be able to, as you have it (Monynoland) already in your
heart,” responded Kalas serenely.
     There ended the day‟s meeting and conversatio ns.
                         MONYNO, BOOK TWO


      It was the time when Monyno felt that he had digested his meal. He
was about to get up from the couch on which he had been resting.

       Just then, he heard the gentle sound of a distant drum beating a slow,
constant rhythm. Each beat harmonizing perfectly with the other beats in a
pleasing synthesis of sound. Entrancing, inviting you to listen and dance to its

      Monyno made for the tap at the far end of the house and bathed his
head under it, as he did back home. He then dried his head with a towel.

      He then saw the girl go to the tap and do the same. She obviously had
the same habit of bathing her head after arising from bed.

      She remained motionless for a while, appearing to be enjoying the
sound of the drumming, as he did.

        She then made some dancing motions, using her whole body, not just
her legs. She then motioned him with her finger, but even more with her eyes,
to follow her out of the house.

       And this he did. Moving towards the side road, he saw other people
also moving rhythmically to the main road. Once there, they saw many
people, men and women, descending dancingly, yes, dancingly. They swayed
their bodies left and right. Standing on one leg, they raised the other
sideways, and to the front, slowly, calmly, effortlessly.

      They were like little trees, like large flowers swaying in a gentle breaze,
moving trees or flowers.

      Monyno felt entranced. Without a thought, he lived and embodied the
magic rhythm of the drums and the movement of the dancers.

       They soon arrived at the large square where they had eaten their
lunch. Other people, men and women, were coming from the other main road
on the left. From the third road, on the right, came many children, in separate
groups of boys and girls. They were dressed in short, gown like garments,
snow white for the boys, and multicolored for the girls.

       Now, together with the rich tones of the drum, the sweet sounds of an
accordion would be heard.

       At that, everybody started dancing, in small teams, small circles of ten
men and women together. As the circles rotated, round and round, they also
circled clockwise around the square, in such a way, that after a long time they
would all have encircled the entire square, while having rotated round and
round many times.

        Something like the dance of the earth, which, while taking a year to
encircle the sun, rotates some three hundred sixty-fine times, around her own
axis at the same time.

        Oh, what an awesome sight to behold, as well as a wonderful sound to

        Monyno and the girl were in the same circle. As their circle moved to
the right, they arrived at the road end where the children had come from. Just
down the road was a smaller square where the children danced, also in
circles with both boys and girls, danci ng the same circular dance, as with the

Between the two squares, on a wooden stage, were two drums, with a man
behind the one and a woman behind the other. From time to time the
drummers would join the dancers, from whose ranks another man and woman
would take their place. There stood between them an accordionist. This made
up the entire band.

After a while the accordionist alighted from the stage and proceeded to the
square where he slowly walked around playing so that he could be heard by
all in turn.

       They had been dancing for quite some time, when suddenly
everybody turned to the east. A full moon decorated the horizon.

        The music stopped immediately. Then, gradually, the circles
disintegrated, and everybody started walking calmly around the square
some choosing to rest on the wooden benches or on the tables where they
had had their lunch.

Monyno and Quiety as he had named the girl in his mind, without telling her,
walked around together, while keeping some distance between the two of
       At some moment, Monyno saw a girl who was walking on her own,
approach and stop before a young man. He also stopped, and they looked
deep into each other‟s eyes, for quite a long time. The girl then put her palms
together and bowed her head before him. He waited till she had again raised
her head up high.He then responded with the same gesture of putting his
palms together and bowing his head.for some time. When he raised his head
he noticed her smiling joyfully and happily. They then walked off together .

       Monyno then turned to Quiety and looked into her eyes. She
understood, and answered him with her eyes that these two had been united
in Love, as they had been, that morning.
Monyno then saw other girls doing the same thing. There were occasions,
after the girl lifted her head, that the young man did not reciprocate, but left
shortly afterwards. She would then understand that for some reason he could
not accept her love.

      All of this would happen silently, without a word being spoken. Nobody
needed to talk to convey their feelings. The eyes, hand, in fact the whole body
spoke. What a strange land. Could it perchance be the Land of Silence?

       By the time they had done the round of the square, in absolute silence,
Monyno had seen the ritual which united young people in love many times. He
looked at Quiety. She said ‟Yes‟ to him, with her eyes. This was the Great
Feast of Love which occurred every year on this day, and which unites many
souls in the name of Love.

      Could it be, thought Monyno, that would be the Land of Love?

       The sun fell deep behind the horizon, and with it everyone started
leaving the square, as slowly as they had come, but this time in absolute
silence, without the sound of drums.

       The children had left earlier from the other square. Where had they
gone? Monyno asked himself. He had other questions in mind. In good time
he would discover the answers without having to ask anyone. Furthermore,
these people may never talk their whole lives long, not only on such a day, the
Feast of Love. Who knows?

        That night was one of great joy and happiness for all, but mostly for
those who had united in the bond of Love. The same applied for Monyno and
the girl Quiety.

       The next morning Monyno, after having drunk plenty of water to
quench his thirst, wondered to himself. Where were the children of this land?
He had not seen them leaving their houses, in the side streets and the main
road, on their way to the lunch yesterday, or the Feast of Love.

        Quiety sensed his question. After washing and dressing, she indicated
that they leave the house.

        They proceeded down the side road, this time to the right, to the other
big road. They ascended this road until the reached a wonderful place, on a
plateau higher than the surrounding area. From there you could look down on
the whole town. The fields, the gardens, the forests around the town, and
further afield.

       From the plateau, Monyno saw many rectangular shaped homes,
similar to Quiety. Some were longer, with large windows for the sunlight to
enter. The roofs also had sunlight windows which were open. Maybe they
closed them in the winter, to prevent the rain, only allowing the sunlight. What
beautiful homes!
      Approaching one of these, he saw within many boys and girls working
on clay. They were making various objects, both of utilitarian value and as
decorations. They would draw decorations on them before firing them.

      A woman supervised them, helping them learn the technique. This
must be their teacher, surmised Monyno.

         They then visited another building, further along the road. There he
saw children turning wood on a lathe, big objects like clay plates, but shaped
like the plough which plows the field.

       At the next one, children were making wooden furniture. At yet another,
children were learning rhythmic exercise. To the gentle beat of a drum, they
moved their bodies through a full routine ending up on the spot that they had

     Monyno understood. Here the children learnt many useful and
wonderful life skills.
      In another room, a group of children sat cross legged on pillows on the
wooden floor, silent, motionless, eyes closed. A magnificent experience!

      There were yet other children outside the buildings tending to plants
and weeding them. They learned to open furrows to irrigate the plants.

       That was how he and she spent their morning, when suddenly, they
heard a little bell on a tree branch ring. It was lunch time. Immediately
afterwards, from afar, could be heard the beating of a drum. This was surely
from the square they had eaten lunch yesterday. This was surely the call for
the adult lunch.

         Monyno wondered whether they should be heading for the square
which was quite far away. He was also hungry. Quiety put him at ease with
her glance. They would eat where they were. In this Country you are given
food, wherever you are. No need to cook or pay. You are always invited to
join in, and always welcome.

       They went to a large table, taking a bowl each, and after washing their
hands were served their food which they ate at a long table in the shade,
outside one of the buildings. The food was wonderful, just like yesterday‟s.
Salad, and juice from the slowly boiled legumes, and under that the mashed
pulses with hot peppers, oregano and other herbs. With such tasty vegetarian
dishes, even if you were a carnivarian, you would soon stop eating meat for


       Don‟t ask for how long Monyno stayed in this strange, dreamy Country,
for days, months and years? Had you asked him, he would not have been
able to tell you. Even when he was at his place of birth, he never counted
days or years. He didn‟t know, didn‟t care what day or month it was. He simply
felt the seasons from the weather, adjusting his work in the fields according ly.
Plowing, sowing, planting and harvesting.

       So it was here, too. He never kept track of time. That is why he was
always carefree and happy.
       However, one morning Monyno woke up feeling anxious. Had he seen
a dream, had he felt a feeling? He could not tell. He felt, however, that
something bad could be happening back home. Something is bad for Kalas
and his students.

      Quiety understood his need to return home to prevent something bad
which was about to happen there. She was not saddened, because her lo ve
was not restricted and self serving, self-centered, Monyno had to leave for
good reason, and she had to help him.
       Sh e showed him, with her eyes, as always, that she was pleased that
he was leaving for a good cause, to prevent something bad from happening.
She really wanted him to succeed. Her love would always be there for him.
They would not part. She would help him.

       How would he return? Monyno had memorized the way there. He
would first go to the small lake, then he would ascend further up, to the peak,
to the large lake, and from there he would descend towards his Country.
Would he make it?
                       MONYNO, BOOK THREE

                                  CHAPTER 3

                            Agape‟s Tragic Fate

        On this festive day in honour of the arrival of the water from the Eternal
Source, and the naming of New Monynoland, the Chief Constable of
Monyland had gone on a mission, far from his post, on his horse. He returned
late that night, almost at midnight. However, the lights in the kitchen of his
home were still on. Why was his family not asleep at this time? He started
feeling restless, not that this was not his usual state of mind, one way or
        As soon as he saw his wife‟s face, he saw her agony.
        -“What‟s up? “ he asked. “Why are you up at this hour?”
        -“Our daughter…” answered the beleaguered mother.
        -“What happened to her? Where is she?”
        -”She has not returned.”
        -“From where has she not returned? Where did she go?”
        -To the festivities,” said the woman, haltingly, fearing the outburst of
the policeman, while at the same time trying to pacify him. That is w hy she
spoke gently to him.
        -“Which festivities? “
        -“At New Monynoland. The holy water arrived there today.”
        -“What holy water, and what New Monynoland are you talking about?”
he asked incredulously, as the truth dawned upon him and he started to swell
with anger. “You mean the Monynolanders? My daughter went to these
vagabonds? And what were my men doing? Suntanning? I‟ll show them. I‟ll go
right now to instruct them to go to Monynoland and bring back our daughter,
who slipped past them at midday, at once. Dozy idiots. Why do I pay them, for
goodness sake?”
        -“Don‟t do that. It‟s midnight.”
        -“And so?”
        -“You will cause a huge upset. For our village and theirs.”
        - “Who cares, let all hell break loose…..That‟s what I like. Disorder, so
then I can give orders to restore order. You don‟t know me well, it seems.”
        -“I know you indeed. In fact I know you better than you know yourself”,
said the woman calmly but meaningfully in a way that he did not quite
understand.” But you must not do this, because it is illegal.”
        -“Illegal? Why?”
        -“Because you may not arrest a person at night”
        -“It is my daughter I want, not just a person.”
        -“Your daughter is also a person, you idiot.”
        -“You call me an idiot?”
        -“If you are to make such idiotic outbursts, can I call you anything
        -“What idiotic outburst?”, asked the constable foolishly.
Besides the emotional shock which he had suffered, he was also very tired
from the long trip on horseback, as well as very sleepy. Maybe that is why he
had made these idiotic outbursts. Maybe he was not such an idiot after all.
        -“You also need a warrant of arrest from the prosecutor,” added the
        -“For my own daughter? I don‟t need anything. I am the prosecutor.
She is under age and I have the right to do what I want. Even to kill her,” he
said, letting another „pearl‟ slip from his tongue.
        -“Right? Where do you live?” Added his wife. “In Ancient Rome?”
        -“Why, what happened there?”
        -“There, the father had the right to life and death of his children.”
        -“And to kill them, he was not answerable to anyone. Yes, well done. In
Ancient Rome. And rightly so.”
        -“What are you saying? You are completely out of your head. Or
maybe your exhaustion has hit your brain, and you don‟t know what you are
talking about. Anyway, our daughter has come of age. She is 18”
        -“ Come of age, the dribbling little kid?”
        -“Dribbling little kid is your brain. And there‟s no hope of it ever growing
up. With the work you do, you will never manage to grow into a human being.”
        -“I‟ll fall down from exhaustion. I must go…. to get to become a human
being, no, to get some rest, because tomorrow, early in the morning, I‟m going
to let all hell loose.”
         And off he stumbled, falling asleep on his bed fully clothed, with his
shoes still on. Pure Roman legionnaire.


       The Monynolanders and their few visitors who had overnighted after
the festivities with them were very tired after reveling the whole night, which is
why they did not wake up early, at the crack of dawn, as was their habit.

That is why the guards managed to easily slip into their camp unnoticed by a

They were three in all. One rider, on the horse provided by the Chief
Constable himself, the others on foot, but secretly carrying arms in their

The cavalryman proceeded directly to the tent wherein Agape slept. How
strange! The horse, as if it had noticed her presence from afar, despite her
being out of sight in the tent, went right next to it. But Agape had also sensed
the approach of her father‟s horse, even though it proceeded slowly, in
response to being reigned in by its rider.
       As Agape was in the transition stage between sleep and wakefulness,
she did not know where she was. She did, however immediately recognize
the horse‟s gait. She knew the horse well, having ridden it many a time,
whether simply to practice her equestrian skills or to visit her married sister in
the neighbouring village.
       Impulsively, without thought, which in any case in this dreamy state
was still not fully functional, she flew out of the tent, and on seeing the horse
ran up to it, reaching out to caress it.

       This is precisely what the rider wanted. He crouched down and
grabbed her by her forearm, and in one move yanked her up and onto the
saddle in front of him. With a hard yank of the bridle, he turned the horse
round and made off.
       Spurring the horse in its midriff and with a crack of the whip to its rump,
the horse bolted off from whence it had come. The two men who were on foot
followed, running at first, and then walking.
       The rider, with a wild joy from his accomplishment, whipped the horse
frequently, and it, in response, galloped more and more quickly, as fast as it
       The rider did not, in his enthusiasm, take into account the narrow
wooden bridge which they would reach shortly, and which would have to be
crossed slowly and carefully. The horse was aware of this, having the wisdom
through instinct, and was not about to cross the bridge at the speed at which
it was being driven. That is why, just before reaching the bridge, the horse
suddenly stopped dead still, throwing both girl and guard ten metres ahead.
       Fortunately the ground was soaked due to the rain of the previous
night, and was soft and muddy. So it was, that Agape, slim and light, picked
herself up, practically unscathed. She grasped at the opportunity to escape.
Standing up with difficulty in the slippery mud alongside the stream, she
started running off downstream. It was not long before the other two men
arrived on foot, to find the rider on the ground. They asked him about the girl.
He pointed her out. They saw her. Because they had strict orders from their
boss not to let her get away again, they feared the consequences of her
slipping away. They ran towards her, leaving their comrade prostate in the
mud. He was heavy and could not get up. Maybe he had broken a bone. A
severe pain in the knee made him fear the latter.

        The two were meanwhile catching up on Agape. In fear she stumbled,
at a loss as to what to do. The one man ran ahead of her, so now she was
trapped between the two. She could not get away, whether she ran upstream,
or down.
        Agape felt the danger, the fear of what lay in store for her at her
father‟s hands, remembering a backhand he had once given her that had
caused her nose to bleed.
        Impulsively, instinctively, she turned towards the bank of the stream
and jumped into the water.
        She reached out and swam downstream. But the current was so
strong, the stream so swollen from the rain which had fallen the whole night
on the mountains upstream, that she was instantly overwhelmed.
        Her two pursuers watched on, sensing that she was drowning, as they
saw her body emerging and sinking, bobbing up and down in the torrent, until
she never appeared again.
        They returned to the rider. They tried to pick him up, but he cried out in
pain. They knew what that meant. The one crossed the bridge, heading for
the Village. He told his boss what had happened. The Chief issued an order
for a car to head off immediately with paramedics to take the man to hospital.

          When the mother heard the news , she broke out in horror.
          -“You evil man! Murderer!” She shouted at her husband. “You killed my
      -“Me? How can you blame me? She drowned on her own. If she had
come here, I would have given her a good hiding, and that would have been
the end of it. I would not have killed her.” (another „pearl‟ from his cursed
tongue) From repeating the word „kill‟, he actually caused it, albeit unwillingly.

       You can imagine what kind of person, or primitive being, the father-
beast was.
He does not warrant further attention. Not even in passing. Let us erase him
from our minds. If you meet such a person (there are many such people in
Monylands) turn away, and distance yourself immediately. They are
vampires. If you frequent them, they will suck your blood. They will poison
your soul.

                                CHAPTER 4

    The True Revolution. The End of Revenge and

        The news arrived at New Monynoland at midday. His comrades
dreaded to tell Harilaos, but of course could not a void it. When he was told, he
felt a sharp pain in his heart, so strong as to cause him to double over in
        He was about to break into tears, but he held back. He did not want to
cry in the presence of others. He walked off, going behind the furnace. The
others knowingly let him express his grief in private.
        That is when he let himself break out in tears. Tears streamed down
his cheeks as he sobbed freely to a point of total exhaustion. He seemed to
cry for ever. As long as he had tears, which never seemed to end, he cried.
His chest heaved deeply, his whole body quivered. His nose blocked and
unblocked from mucus. His shirt was drenched in tears. It was pain and
release from pain simultaneously.
        When the tears ended, so did the greatest pain. He stayed on for a bit
longer. Maybe for an hour or two. Time had no meaning. Only the feeling of
beingness remained. Having released his pain, he now felt beingness more
deeply and fully.

       He then went back to join the others. They had gathered under a pine
tree, near the water which was running from the pipe. There they had built a
small stone column with a hole near the top. The pipe protruded from the
other side, like the opening of a tap. A large opening. Thereunder they put
their pitchers and other vessels they used to fill with water. Or they would cup
water with their hands to drink or wash their heads.
        He sat near them without uttering a word. Nobody spoke. A long time
elapsed. Harilaos then lifted his head and indicated that he wanted to say
something. Everybody turned towards him.
        -“ I shall take revenge,” he said, calmly but strongly, decisively. “ I don‟t
know how, but I shall take my revenge. That is my pledge.”
        Nobody said a word, but everybody felt uncomfortable. Something like
a threat hung above them, like a black cloud which casts a dark shadow on
the earth and forebodes thunderbolts and violent storms. Some of them stifled
this feeling and said, silently, while others shouted out loud.
        -“Yes. We shall take revenge. Death to the murderers of Agape!”
        This bad feeling that appeared in their soul brought other dark thoughts
to mind, together with feelings of disappointment, fear, doubt for their future.
Maybe they were thinking: Now that Agape is dead, after being chased by the
Chief Cop and his men, which girl would now dare to come to Monynoland,
even for a visit? And which girl would dare to fall in love with one of them, one
of the Monyless ones, as others teasingly referred to them as. Which father
would give his daughter to one of them?
         Whereas, if all had gone well for Harilaos and his Agape, many girls
would have plucked up the courage to come and join their Community, and
maybe fallen in love with some of them, set home and stayed there.

        What a blow this was to them just as everything was going so well!
How would they respond? Could they get over it? What upsets lie in wait in
life! How is one to foresee them? How could they be avoided? And how can
one not be devastated after such a blow? And where could help be found to

        Kalas was not with them. He was in his tent. Seated cross legged,
peacefully. Meditating. His mind was open to vibrations, to states of mind of
those close to him. Whether they were physically close to him or far away.
        He felt the thoughts, feelings and emotions of the Monynoyouths, his
children. For that is how he felt about them. His children. He meditated at
length. His soul brought forth favourable states of mind, pure thoughts and
feelings that he wanted to transmit to them, at this difficult hour they were

       It was just past midday when he left his tent and made his way to the
pine tree under which the youngsters were sitting. He sat quietly, cross legged
on the ground, at the upper edge of the shade. However, everybody had felt
as if he had come to talk to them. It would have been one of those rare
occasions at which he spoke.
       He raised his head. He straightened his back, sitting perfectly upright.
Everybody turned towards him.

      -“My children,” he said with love, affection and deep compassion
resonating in his voice “At this difficult time we shall build our righteous
character. It is at such difficult times that humankind can transcend the ego,
that we may transcend our ego and its violence.”
New Monynoland has entered a good path. It has progressed rapidly, with
your enthusiasm and hard work. With your passion for a life without the noose
of money at the throat of humankind, as is life in your Monynoland. What you
have achieved is a great revolution. You have succeeded. Now your
achievement is in danger of being destroyed. By what? By revenge.

        Everybody was taken aback. They looked at each other. Somebody
venture, curiously:
        -“Should we not take our revenge? Are we to hang our heads and allow
others to inflict us with violence? To not enact justice?”
        -“We need to raise our heads up high, to rise above revenge. There is
no force more terrible, more destructive and evil than revenge. Do you know
how many bloody revolutions there have been from time immemorial in the
name of this money savagery known as „civilisation‟? Revolutions with the
ideal of freedom of mankind from manipulation by the power of money, private
ownership, and the rule of the financially and politically stronger over the
        But then, when these revolutionaries took power, instead of setting up
a community of brotherhood kindness and justice, they turned instead to
avenging the injustices they had lived through, thus becoming even greater
oppressors of their fellow man. And so the revolutions failed. The one after
the other. They fell back on the most crude and primitive form of barbarism
against their fellow man.
        Yes, all revolutionaries are pseudo-revolutionaries, because they do
not revolt against themselves. They do not drop the violent feelings within
them, revenge, superiority, imposition, dominance.
        Such a person was the Chief Constable. You all knew him. Do you
want to become like him? Then take revenge. You can even kill him. You
have a reason to justify it. He killed Agape. And you can rule over Monyland
and its money culture. How? Very easily. If Harilaos stands in front of the
people and relates his story and the murder of Agape by the Chief Policeman,
who will not be moved? Who would not shed a tear? And if he says to them
        -“Lets move ahead in a new community, let Monynoland go forward,
that our Monynoculture progresses. Destroy your subjugation to money. Live
by helping one another, with brotherhood, with the fruits of the earth, without
factories, in the purity of nature. Destroy the Monysociety, the Monyculture
and its savageness. This is what killed Agape, Love. This is what will forever
be killing Love. If Harilaos does this, with you all at his side, what will happen?
What do you think? Thousands of young people will rise up, will arm
themselves. They will strike banks, stock exchanges, factories, cars. And
afterwards, if you take power? You hit out at any resistance,with executions
and civil war.
        -“Is this what you want? If so, take your revenge.
        If not, create the revolution within yourselves, your own psychological
revolution. You have rejected money. A wonderful act. Don‟t try though to
impose it on others. If you don‟t want to impose or rule, the people will like
you. They will not fear. They will not get fanatic. There will be no for or against
anyone or anything.
        You will be the only revolutionaries who will not want to rule, who will
reject imposition. True revolutionaries. Maybe there could have been others,
few or many, I don‟t know. Nor does anyone else. And whoever claims to
know, it is due to them ignoring themselves, they are hiding their thirst for
dominance, for retribution, for power, in the name of some cause, person or
another. Don‟t fanaticize about ideas, symbols, names, no matter how noble
they may sound. Hold the passion of quest for self knowledge and self
change, the letting go of your inner violent impulses. Revenge is violence, not
justice. Revenge brings on the death of compassion. Kindness is buried and
love is drowned in revenge.”

       Kalas abruptly stopped his sermon. An extended silence prevailed.
Kalas then made a gesture indicating the end of the meeting. Everybody was
to go back to work, their hut or wherever they chose.
       He gestured to Monyno and Harilaos to stay behind.

        Once left alone, he turned to Harilaos and said.
        -“ Agape has not died. Agape lives.”
        Harilaos felt so joyfully relieved that his eyes shone.
He then wondered. What does Kalas mean? Agape/Love in general, or
Agape/Love, my beloved?
        -“I mean Agape, your beloved,” replied Kalas, who picked up his doubt.
“Have you heard the story of the young shepherd who said he saw a fairy
crossing the river on stepping stones at the point where the river widened?”
        -“But this little shepherd is a dreamer. Everybody in the Village knows
that. He believes in fairies, angels and demons.”
        -“The news from the Village is that nobody found Agape‟s body,
despite the Chief Constable having given the order for a search along the
entire length of the river all the way down to the sea. The only one who saw
something was the young shepherd, the „dreamer‟. This is the one whom you
should believe. Agape passed onto the other bank of the river.“
        -“But that side is mountainous and wildly forested. That is where the
great black bear lives. The hunters who dared to go there have seen it. One of
them was devoured by the bear. Whoever believed the young shepherd who
maintained that Agape indeed crossed the river, she would nevertheless still
have met the same fate.
        -“The hunter, yes, but Agape, not. The black bear is a mother. The
mother will protect the innocent child, the hunted by the vicious father, the
Monyman, as Monyno would call him. Now return to your hut, but don‟t
recklessly run off some day to cross the river and run into the wild forest in
search of Agape. Both you and she will be endangered. Even if you managed
to bring her back, nothing will have been achieved. The doors are still closed
for Love as long as the Monypeople rule. Be patient. Don‟t rush. The time will
come when Agape returns without endangering herself. Don‟t take revenge.
Stage your revolution against your own inner violence. Be aware of it, and it
will subside, until it eventually disappears. Go now, rest. You work hard at the
kiln. Of that I know.”
        -“I enjoy it”, answered Harilaos, as he left aimfully, unburdened,
peacefully and emotionally mature.
        Kalas fell silent once again. He then spoke slowly, with a few
meaningful words.
        -“Monyno. Tomorrow, at the crack of dawn, I shall leave.” He then
remained silent.
        Monyno was taken aback. He wondered; what does he mean by “I‟ll
leave?” He will die, he will leave the community? Where shall he leave for?”
-“He‟ll go from whence he came,” was the answer. “He may return, or he may
not. My body, I mean. But my spirit will forever be with you, all of you. Do you
        Monyno gazed at him dumbfounded. Was he aware of what he had
just told him, or not? He could not say for certain.
        -“I‟m off. I‟ll have an early night. Goodnight.”
                             LAST CHAPTER

                       HELP FROM ABOVE.

       One sweet dawning of the day, when the sun shone hazily in the east,
with the light of the moon in the west on the wane, and the evening star fallen
very low in the south, Monyno felt a wonderful feeling flooding his soul. Was it
a dream or reality that he heard in his state of semi awakedness? A sweet,
distant echo reached his ears, or, rather, his breast. A rhythmic, slow sound of
the drum, with a sweet, deep echo.
       It was quite magical. Something descending from up high, from the

        How long was he hearing it? He could not tell. Gradually, he threw off
his sleepiness and started feeling himself once more. The sound was sweet
and deep as before in his dream. Therefore it could not have been a dream. It
was real. A reality sweeter than a dream.


       Many days had passed, three weeks to be precise, from the morning
Kalas had left New Monynoland, leaving behind many unanswered questions.
Where did he go? Will he ever return? Will he be away for long or will he
return shortly?

       In the critical situation in which they found themselves, Kala‟s absence,
seemed initially as another blow to their mission. They nevertheless later
recovered, that is, returned to their normal state. They returned to their work.
The lake filled up slowly. It would be some days later for it to fill, but they had
to start right away to prepare the ditch to channel the overflow to the river,
from whence it would flow into the sea. Alternatively they could have sent it to
Drylandia village, which had no water for irrigation the whole summer. This
required a lot of work, for which the assistance and cooperation of the
Drylandians was needed.

      They had many more projects in mind, but we won't go into that now.
What we will say, however is that after Kala‟s last address, all thoughts of
revenge had left them. And first amongst them was Harilaos.

        However, a sorrowful feeling of a loneliness remained with them
following the death of Agape. But when Harilaos told them of the young
shepherd, and that Kalas believed that Agape was alive, and would return in
her own time, the sorrow started to lift from their souls, and hope and
forbearance started to reemerge in their souls.

      That is how things went until the sweet daybreak when Monyno heard
the sweet, distant echo of the drum descending from up high, from the
heavens. When he was more fully awake, he arose and left his tent. He stood
motionless, looking eastwards at the mountain.
       That‟s when he realized that the sound emanated from high up in the
mountain, rose up to the skies and from there resonated gently on his breast.
       Now the sound was more clearly audible. He soon saw a number of his
comrades emerging from their tents, standing up, looking east and aligning
with the magical, rhythmic sound of the drum.


       How long were they standing like this for? Half an hour? One hour?
Nobody knew. Time had stopped in this majestic presence. The horizon
above the mountain was becoming redder and redder, as the sound became
stronger. Now, together with the drum the faint sweet sound of a flute, was
heard. Followed by the sound of a harmonica.
       A rare musical orchestration descended with the morning mountain air,
enchanting their souls.
       Eventually, they felt an all mighty attraction, pulling them, slowly a nd
rhythmically, one behind the other, towards the mountain. They hadn‟t
ascended very much, when, suddenly, the moment the sun rose above the
mountain peak, they saw, near by, almost directly in front of them, some
stunningly beautiful lissome girls, dressed in white robes, descending from the
mountain, towards their community.

        Monyno had spoken to them at some time about his experiences
during his magic journey in the dreamy Monynoland, but not everybody
believed him, because he himself, seemed doubtful as to whether everything
he had said, he had actually lived out, or whether he had seen it in a dream.
        But now, however, the awesome young ladies that were approaching
were as Monyno had described. Were they perchance also dreaming? No, no,
it was reality, a reality so dreamy that was no different to the sweetest dream.

       The maidens descended one behind the other, allowing sufficient
distance between them so they could see the path in front of them. When they
came very close, they stopped, and they then took a horizontal formation, one
standing beside the other.

       First in line of the boys was Monyno. As the first girl stood up, he, too
arose. The other lads thinned out and stood in a horizontal row at his side.
Monyno let out a huge cry, spreading his arms out wide.
       She in turn flew her arms open and took him into her embrace. They
embraced for quite some time. They then took each other by the hand and
demonstrated to the others how they were a beloved couple, joined in love for

        We will not elaborate on all the joyful events of the day, which was
Love Feast Day, about the nearly arrived angelic girls from the dreamy
Monynoland, Monyno‟s reunion with his beloved and the matching up of the
girls with the lads.
       Neither will we elaborate on how Kalas ascended the mountain, found
the everliving old couple, old Lady-Serpent and old Adam, and how they all
combined their spiritual energy to bring assistance from the dreamy
Monynoland, that was intimately connected to the Eternal Source, the Source
of Kindness, Love and Forgivingness, to help the youth of New Monynoland,
and to prevent vengeance with its horrifically catastrophic results.
       Neither still will we elaborate on how Agape found refuge in the forest
of the mountain on yonder side of the river, how the great black bear housed
her in her cave. How she fed Agape wild honey and tender shoots of black
mustard and other plants. How she put her to sleep by her side, to warm her
with her fur.
        And how and when she came to return to humanity, that she had
grown to fear so deeply, and reunited with her beloved, who had remained
true and faithful to his love.


       We shall explore these in a new book, Monyno‟s fourth book. But why
don‟t you, dear readers, write this book yourselves? You could write
something so beautiful as to give joy and light to countless children (not to
mention adults) around the world.

I wish you a heartfelt Good Luck!
                        SONGS NEVER SUNG BEFORE

                    A guide to the right way to RESTORATION

One chief, two chiefs

One chief went to war,
one chief and his dogs.
He ordered his dogs
push on and on my sheep
against my foe‟s sheep
to make him bow deep.

He didn‟t bow deep
he ordered his dogs
Push on and on my sheep
against my foe‟s sheep
to pay for his attack
and make him bow deep.

Since neither bowed deep
the dead sheep made a heap
Just then was heard a scream
-Why this killing, chiefs?
Will you eat our meat?
-My ego feeds on it!

My meek, sleeping sheep
for ever bowing deep
you don‟t know how great
you make my fame, my fate,
when you move to death
bowing till last breath.

Who are you, really, you chiefs?

Who are you, really, my chief?
You stand so high, so stiff.
Are you perhaps the superman
or a subhuman, prehuman
monkey causing trouble, mischief?
Who are you really, my chief?

You order us to go to war
to kill or else to be killed.
You seem you feel to have the right
to give or take away life.
Are you perhaps Almighty God?
Aren‟t you ashamed to play this role?

Who are you really, my chief,
some mighty being, heavenly boss,
a monkey causing so much mischief,
who are you really, my chief?
These big flocks of sleeping sheep
what if they shake off their sleep?

Now, you chiefs all over the Earth
negate your power over life and death
your right to do whatever you like
whatever your beastly selves decide
to kill, to steal, to impose, to rape
worse than any unconscious ape.

Now, you chiefs, all over the Earth
gang or tribe or nation chiefs
we deny you the right of life and death
now, you make room for honest people
women and men respectful of life
to lead mankind out of fear and strife.

Now I‟ll vote only for people
firstly respectful of children and mothers
who give us life, sisters and brothers
people who act only from compassion
free from any beastly passion
no greed for power, sex, money, corruption.

Now, I‟ll vote only for people
who honestly served the state, the people
who bravely deny war and fight
defending peace with friendly might
supporting women‟s motherhood right
to lead mankind out of fear and fight
to a life of friendship, happy and bright.

In this big, imme nse city

In this big, immense city
in work and in leisure,
everyone very busy
to forget self and fear.

Fear of loneliness,
your heart‟s emptiness,
love you have strangled down
through aggression, separation.

Brought about by your I,
your narrow motivation,
your mind‟s old chains,
the cause of all your pains.

Your own restricted limits,
your old-age brain cells,
prison built long ago
by primitive ego.

Your urge to grab every
favour, satisfaction
from a friend or a stranger
through persuasion or destruction.

In this big, immense city
in work and in leisure,
who would dare to try
a superior behaviour.

To enlarge inner mind,
the ego to minimize,
to enrich poor heart,
compassion to flowerize.

Break down isolation
through some wholesome action
uniting all and everything,
ending pain, destruction.

Getting out of ego prisons,
live in love, like pigeons,
love embracing all creation,
changing all from foundation

In this big, immense city
in work and leisure,
who will try for sure
to get a bit more mature.

In this big, unhealthy city
in work and leisure,
who will dare to scream
a sane, heavenly dream?
Mother Goddess

We are praising you,
we are blessing you,
we are thanking you,
Mother Goddess.

And appeal to you,
Mother Goddess,
the giver of sweet life,
just like all females
to save our Earth, all beings
from mad chieftain males,
Mother Goddess.

Our Planet one Motherland

Lassies, ladies, newly married
in office, factory or bars
for a daily wage or salary
from sly bosses, wild wolves.

A slave to their evil goals,
money, sex and their ego‟s,
their fight for imposition
in which they lose their souls.

Your love just a fairy tale,
they disrespect your deepest feelings,
they only enjoy your senses
and destroy your real essence.

They seldom give you money, glory
on the stage and on the screen,
high offices in their states,
but they dispatch your female being.

They drove you out of home,
your children for their fights,
your motherly love, affection
doesn‟t count in their minds.

Mothers, daughters, wake- up, see
your plight all over the Earth
who have made your life
distortion, shame, a vain strife.
Reject submission, begging, fear,
with love and courage in your heart,
take up leadership, command,
make our planet one Motherland.

New hope

New hope and joy for young and old,
no more fear, dismay,
for Mother Goddess up above
and deep inside our heart,
shows us the Love and Peace Way,
no more war-chiefs to lead us astray,
o, tidings of friendship and joy,
friendship and joy,
o, tidings of friendship and joy.

Capo Verde

In that far away Archipelagos,
the very little known Capo Verde
daughters and mothers are well respected
and all relationship love, care-based.

A mother takes care of all children,
her own, her sister‟s and her neighbor‟s,
the poorest person finds shelter, food
in their loving larger families.

Let‟s go down there, my girl,
to Capo Verde Islands,
a peaceful life, exciting,
no evil, stress, no fighting.

Here you‟ll find meanness, disrespect
inside your own family,
here the civilized, powerful males
mistreat women in many ways.

Uncivilized but innocent down there
with natural gentleness in their heart,
they all respect women, mothers, children,
evil, force, violence is never heard.

Let‟s go down there, my girl,
to Capo Verde Islands,
a peaceful life, exciting,
no evil, stress, no fighting.

The therapist

I heard of you say:
“the real therapist”,
not a charlatan,
not an hypocrite.

Just an honest conscience,
bright, clear eyes
that you fix directly
in your neighbour‟s eyes.

And so you are transforming
the evil, inner wound,
depression disappears,
compassion reappears.

It‟s your loving stare
that pushes away
traumas deeply hidden,
fear and guilt feeling.

They say your looking,
so compassionate,
radiates around,
healing energy.

In response you say,
healing energy
is inside the life,
sustaining every being.

Keep your look, your eyes
directly fixed, immovable
and the thinking process
cancelled in your mind.

Every thought movement,
sadness, fear, guilt,
anger, hate, revenge
are mechanical.

Morbid repetitions
of older registrations
having taken place
in your unconscious mind.

I heard of you say:
“the real therapist”,
not a charlatan,
not an hypocrite.

Just an honest conscience,
bright, clear eyes
that you fix directly
in your neighbour‟s eyes.

And so you are transforming
the evil, inner wound,
depression disappears,
compassion reappears.

And so you are healing
the deeply hidden wound
unblock and renovate
the inner source of life.

If it‟s really true,
what I heard of you,
I ask, I beg your grace,
my dear good therapist.

Should women wake up

I sought all over the Earth
for a peaceful country, place,
egoless cooperation,
brotherhood, humanization.

I sought administrators,
really selfless men and good
who would guide and help the people
to be in friendly, happy mood.

Life is artistry, work
in the shop or in the land
and allow love to flower
in the song and in the dance.

I found here and there
an anxious life, separation,
each other to fear, suffer,
meanness and exploitation.

I saw people holding power,
either small or very great,
full of pride, violence, passion,
imposition, thoughtless action.

I heard them say and shout
false, separatist ideas,
and push people against each other
to atrocious slaughter, killing.

Then, I went to see mothers
with a hope in my heart
that they may put an end
to the slaughter among men.

I found them all in pain,
mourning deeply, silently
their fate, when they lost
their sons and their mates.

I looked at them and said:
-How can you good-hearted mothers
allow your sons to kill, be killed,
your progeny, creation?

This question shook them badly,
they raised look and voice
and replied with anger, pain:
-No power left to us.

-But is there any power
in this life of human beings,
greater than mothers‟ love,
their just revolt and cry?

Should women wake up,
should they freed their mind
from submission, fear, pity,
mankind would change overnight.

People could feel friendly again,
re-discover they are all
their mothers‟ living treasure
and life, happy work and leisure.

Life is artistry, work
in the shop or in the land
and allow love to flower
in the song and in the dance.

The power of love

Love came and spoke to my ear,
now is the end to guilt and fear,
end to all sadness, to every lie,
feel the great feeling and fly.

No one can ever master me,
love is the only power leading me.

Hatred, selfishness and useless tear
fade out as smoke and disappear.
Love lights a fire eternal and bright
which even Death could never fight.

No one can ever master me,
love is the only power leading me.

Poverty, riches, I do not mind.
Love is always warm and kind,
it is not beaten through evil‟s assaults,
jealousy, envy or angry thoughts.

No one can ever master me,
love is the only power leading me.

Give each othe r your hands

I love you, Sea, blue and great,
your waves hug me like a mate,
send away all shame and fear,
it‟s only you and I here.

Stretch wide your arms
over sea‟s foams,
love is running ever light
like breeze and hums.

East, West, the North, the South,
sea, great bosom and mouth,
send your waves like a loving hand,
make the Earth one Motherland.

Sing your songs of joy, love
over blue wave,
give each other your hands,
dance free and brave.


You have fallen victims, brothers or foes,
to the mad urge of so many leaders
for glory, for power, for occupation,
for the most vulgar, rude domination.

So big all the slogans, the ideals,
swollen with imagination,
you easily believed they were real,
though only a utopian deception.

The top-chief commander ordered and asked
your blind belief and submission,
so that he might destroy his every one foe,
to grasp the top and absolute position.

Attached, brain- washed in your bad rush,
you betrayed every human grain
and offered your family, your foes or friends
a sacrifice to your god-chieftain.

You have never looked, watched beneath
the mask your leaders wear,
and though they only warship their I,
they fight for you, they swear.

You have fallen victims, again and again,
my brothers, my friends, my foes
and if you are carrying the same old mind
again in the trap, or you „ll say “No”.

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