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					    How to use OverDrive Audio Books for MediaMall

         Download the OverDrive Application to Your Windows PC
On the main home page for Medi aMall, look on the left column and scroll down to the Digital
Software section.

Click on OverDri ve Audi o B ook.

Click on the OverDri ve Audio Books link and it will take you to the downl oad page.
Click on the link to downl oad.

The OverDri ve application will download to your computer.

Launch the applicati on to install it on your computer.

The Default settings will be correct for most users.

Refer to the Download and Installati on Instructi ons web site if you encounter any installati on
                               Selecting Your Audio Books

On the Me di aMall website, select your audi o books by clicking on add to cart.

Once you have selected your audi o books, go to the My Cart tab and click on Proceed to Checkout.
Enter you EIU Li brary ID number.

Click on Confirm check out.

Click Download.
On the next wi ndow make sure to select Open with: OverDri ve Medi a Console.

Click Ok.

OverDri ve shoul d l aunch automatically.

A wi ndow will appear with the title and fol der location of the medi a being downl oaded.
Confirm information and click OK.

If a message about the s pecified default fol der does not exist, say YES.
Next wi ndow will show the selected parts to downl oad.

Click OK.

The Progress bar on the bottom right of the OverDri ve Console window will show the downl oad

Once the downl oad is complete you may choose to PLAY or TRANSFER the medi a file to a portable
pl ayer or B URN it to a CD.
                        How to Use Your Audio Book
       Selecting Play will gi ve you a window to navig ate through the downloaded audi o book.

If selecting to Transfer to a portable pl ayer, make sure that your pl ayer is supported and that it has
enoug h room for the files being downloaded.

        See the end of these instructions for information regardi ng supported medi a pl ayers.
                                Please note that iPod is not supported.
If selecting the B urn function, OverDri ve will launch Windows Media Player to burn the medi a file
to a CD.

Click OK to continue to Windows Medi a Pl ayer.

Click on the B urn tab in Windows Medi a Player to launch the CD burning wizard.

                      http:// www.overdri Medi aConsole/ p

Your wi ndows and opti ons may be di fferent dependi ng on the version of Windows Medi a Player that
you have installed.
OverDrive will only work on Microsoft Windows PC’s and Laptops.

OverDrive requires Windows Media Player with Digital Rights Management.

OverDrive must be installed on the computer prior to downloading the media files.

Supported Mobile Devices
An updated list of supported devices can be found at:

AudioVox PPC-6700 Smartphone from Sprint
AudioVox XV6700 Smartphone from Verizon
Cingular 2125 Windows Mobile 5.0 Smartphone
Coby MP-C741
Creative MuVo NX 128
Creative MuVo TX FM 128
Creative ZEN MicroPhoto 8GB
Creative ZEN Nano Plus
Creative ZEN Portable Media Center
Creative ZEN V Plus
Creative ZEN Vision:M
Dell Axim X51v Pocket PC
HP iPAQ hx2495 Pocket PC
iRiver T10
iRiver T30
Motorola Q
Rave MP Amp
Rio Carbon
Samsung YP-F1x
Samsung YP-T8x
Sandisk Sansa c140
SanDisk Sansa e130
SanDisk Sansa e250
SanDisk Sansa m230
SanDisk SDMX1-256
SanDisk SDMX1-512
T-Mobile MDA Vario Windows Mobile 5.0 Smartphone

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