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									  Color     Farm    VARIETIES
lavander     RC      Cool Water
  yellow     RC     Aalsmeer Gold
 Bi color    RC       Ambiance
  white    EX            Amelia
   pink    EX             Anna
 Bi color  EX          Attraction
   red     RC         Black Magic
lavander   RC         Blue Curiosa
 Bi color  EX             Blush
 Orange    EX           Caramba
 Bi color  EX           Carousel
   red     EX           Charlotte
 Bi color  EX        Cherry Brandy
 Bi color  RC            Circus
   red    EX/RC          Classy
  yellow   EX            Conga
 Orange    RC           Corvette
   pink    EX         Engagement
 Bi color  EX          Esperance
 Bi color  EX       Fancy Amazone
   red     RC        Forever Young
   red     EX           Freedom
 Bi color  RC          Friendship
  yellow   EX            Geisha
 Bi color  EX            Gospel
 Bi color  RC        Gypsy Curiosa
 Bi color  RC        Hight & Magic
Hot pink   EX         Hot Princess
 Bi color  EX            Iguana
  green    EX              Jade
  yellow   EX              Judy
 Bi color  RC           Leonidas
  green    RC             Limbo
 Bi color  EX              Lina
 Bi color  RC            Lipstick
 Bi color  RC            Malibu
lavander   EX            Maritim
 Orange    EX             Milva
 Orange    RC          Movie Star
  white    EX         Novazembla
 Orange EX/RC       Orange Unique
   pink   EX/RC        Peckoubo
  white    EX          Polar Star
   pink    EX         Pink Osiana
  white   EX/RC            Polo
   red     RC          Preference
Hot pink   RC          Raphaela
Hot pink   EX             Ravel
   red     EX         Red Unique
   pink    RC       Rosita Vendela
 Bi color  EX            Rossini
 Creme EXX/RC            Sahara
  yellow  EX/RC          Skyline
   pink    RC         Sweet Akito
 Orange    EX      Tropical Amazone
   pink    EX             Vanity
  white   EX/RC         Vendela
 Peach    EX/RC          Versilia
  white    RC            Virginia
 Bi color  RC            Vogue
                NATIVE BLOOMS - Cayambe
                    Plantation 2 (Exxide S.A.)

               VARIETY                               COLOR
RED       CHARLOTTE          Red
RED       RED UNIQUE         Red
          FREEDOM            Red
RED       CLASSY             Red intensive
PINK      PINK OSSIANA       Pink
PINK      VANITY             Pink
PINK      HOT PRINCESS       Hot Pink
          RAVEL              Hot Pink
PINK      ANNA               Light Pink
********* ENGAGEMENT         Salmon Pink
PINK      PECKOUBO           Salmon Pink
WHITE     POLO               White
WHITE     VENDELA            White
          AMELIA             White
          NOVAZENBLA         White
YELLOW    JUDDY              Yellow
YELLOW    CONGA              Yellow Orange
YELLOW    SKYLINE            Yellow
YELLOW    GEISHA             Yellow
ORANGE    MILVA              Novelty Orange
          CARAMBA            Novelty Orange
ORANGE    VOODOO             Novelty Orange
BICOLOR   ROSSINI            Bi-colour (White/Pink)
BICOLOR   FANCY AMAZONE      Tri-colour (Red/Pink/Orange)
          CARROUSEL          Bi-colour (white/hot pink)
          ESPERANCE          Bi-colour (white/pink)
          GOSPEL             Bi-colour (Red/white)
          LINA               Bi-colour (Yellow/Red)
          BLUSH              Bi-colour (white/hot pink)
          IGUANA             Bi-colour ( Red/Cream)
          CHERRY BRANDY      Novelty Orange
BICOLOR   ATTRACTION         Bi.colour (Yellow /Red)
GREEN     JADE               Green
Peach     VERSILIA           Peach
LAVENDER MARITIME            Lavender
OTHERS    RAINBOW            Diferent varieties

                  NATIVE BLOOMS - Cotopaxi
               Plantation 1 (Rosas del Cotopaxi)

                VARIETY                             COLOR
RED      BLACK MAGIC         Dark Red
         PREFERENCE          Red
         FOREVER YOUNG       Red
         CLASSY              Red intensive
PINK     RAPHAELA            Pink
         ROSITA VENDELA      Light Pink
         SWEET AKITO         Light Pink
         PECKOUBO            Salmon Pink
PEACH    VERSILIA            Peach
GREEN    LIMBO               Green
WHITE    POLO                White
         VENDELA             White
         VIRGINIA            White
         SKYLINE             Yellow
ORANGE   MOVIE STAR          Orange
         ORANGE UNIQUE       Orange
         CORVETTE            Orange/Red
BICOLOR  LEONIDAS            Bi-colour (Brown/Yellow)
         CIRCUS              Bi-colour (Yellow/Red)
         VOGUE               Bi-colour (Cream/Pink)
         MALIBU              Bi-colour (white/pink)
         FRIENDSHIP          Bi-colour ( Red/Cream)
         GYPSY CURIOSA       Novelty colour
         HIGH MAGIC          Bi-colour (Yellow/Red)
         COOL WATER          Lavender
SAND     SAHARA              Sand colour
 VARIETIES         COLOR GROUP                  Color                     Farm
  Aalsmeer Gold        1         Bright yellow                             RC          1   AMARILLO
      Conga            1         Intense yellow                            EX          2   ORANGE
        Judy           1         Light golder yellow                       EX          3   RED
      Skyline          1         Yellow                                   EX/RC        4   GREEN
    Ambiance           11        Bicolor yellow/red                        RC          5   WHITE
     Attraction        11        Bicolor yellow/red                        EX          6   LAVANDER
      Circus           11        Bicolor yellow/red                        RC          7   PINK
  Cherry Brandy        11        Special color red/yellow/cream            EX          8   CREAM
    Friendship         12        Bicolor yellow/red                        RC          9   PEACH
      Geisha           11        Bicolor light yellow/red                  EX         10   SPECIAL
  High & Magic         11        Bicolor yellow/red                        RC         11   BICOLOR YE/RED/
        Lina           11        Bicolor yellow/red                        EX         12   BICOLOR RED CRE PINK
  Gypsy Curiosa        11        Bicolor yellow/pink                       RC
      Iguana           12        Bicolor dark orange / pink                EX
     Caramba           2         Light orange                              EX
     Corvette          2         Bright orange                             RC
       Milva           2         Light Orange                              EX
    Movie Star         2         Light Orange                              RC
 Orange Unique         2         Orange                                   EX/RC
Tropical Amazone       2         Dark orange                               EX
      Voodoo           2         Dark orange                               EX
 Fancy Amazone         12        Special color orange/yellow/red/pink      EX
   Black Magic         3         Dark velvet red                           RC
      Classy           3         Blood red                                EX/RC
     Charlotte         3         Red                                       EX
 Forever Young         3         Dark red                                  RC
     Freedom           3         Red                                       EX
    Preference         3         Light red                                 RC
   Red Unique          3         Red orange                                EX
      Versilia         9         Peach                                    EX/RC
      Sahara           10        Sand                                     EX/RC
     Leonidas          10        Terracota                                 RC
        Jade           4         Green                                     EX
       Limbo           4         Green                                     RC
      Amelia           5         White                                     EX
    Polar Star         5         White                                     EX
        Polo           5         White                                    EX/RC
      Virginia         12        White with red edges                      RC
     Vendela           8         Cream                                    EX/RC
   Blue Curiosa        6         lavander                                  RC
    Cool Water         6         lavander                                  RC
      Maritim          6         lavander                                  EX
 Rosita Vendela        12        Bicolor light pink/white                  RC
   Sweet Akito         7         Light pink                                RC
       Anna            7         White pink                                EX
   Engagement          7         Light pink                                EX
    Peckoubo           7         Salmon pink                              EX/RC
   Pink Osiana         7         Light pink                                EX
      Vanity           7         Pink                                      EX
   Hot Princess        7         Hot pink                                  EX
     Raphaela          7         Intense pink                              RC
       Ravel           7         Hot pink                                  EX
      Gospel           12        Special color cream/pink/white/wine       EX
      Malibu           12        Bicolor white/pink                        RC
      Rossini          12        Bicolor white/pink                        EX
      Vogue            12        Bicolor pink/white                        RC
       Blush           12        Bicolor cream/red                         EX
     Carousel          12        Bicolor cream/red                         EX
    Esperance          12        Specialcolor green/cream/pink             EX

   Cherry-O!           7         Hot pink                               Coming soon
    Deja Vu            11        Special color orange/yellow/red        Coming soon
Hight & Booming        11        Special color orange/yellow/red        Coming soon
     Latina            11        Special color orange/yellow/red        Coming soon
   Sweetness           12        Special color cream/pink/white         Coming soon
     Topaz             7         Dark pink                              Coming soon

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