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									                  Key Stage 4 External Learning Opportunities Directory

Norfolk County Council 2009/10                                            1
                     Key Stage 4 External Learning Opportunities Directory


Provider                                                  Page
Angling4Success                                             3
Broadland Council Training Services (BCTS)                  4
CinemaPlus                                                  5
City College Norwich                                        6
Community Music East (CME)                                  7
EAGIT Training Centre                                       8
Easton College                                              9
E-Learning Service                                         10
Future Education                                           11
IDEA DJ Skills workshops                                   12
Norfolk Fire & Rescue Service                              13
Norfolk Training Services (NTS)                            14
Norwich City Football Club                                 15
Open Road                                                  16
Roots and Shoots                                           17
Shaw Trust                                                 18
St Edmunds Society                                         19
Studio 77 Dance and Performing Arts                        20
UK Black Belt Academies Governing Body                     21
Whitlingham Outdoor Education Centre                       22
Young Urbanites                                            23
YMCA                                                       24

Course Index                                             25 - 29

Norfolk County Council 2009/10                                               2
                   Key Stage 4 External Learning Opportunities Directory

Organisation:           Angling4Success
Address:                Turnpike Business Centre
                        London Road
                        NR18 9SS
Website Address:
                                                                                  01234 272101 (office)
Contact Name:           Gary Richardson                              Phone:
                                                                                  07813 311118 (Gary )
Provision:              Angling (+ Photography). Other modules available: Falconry, Forest Skills
                        Ages: 12-16
                        Angling4Success taps into young people‟s learning potential, using a
                        mentoring approach and outdoor experiential learning situations to teach
                        them: practical skills associated with the angling & photography as well as
                        softer attributes: planning, problem solving, teamwork, how to learn new
                        skills, communication and enables them to achieve results through tenacity
                        and patience. Off-site provision, mainly at: Barford Lakes & other suitably
                        equipped commercial fisheries near to Norwich.
                              OCN level 1 – Improve own learning and performance
                              ASDAN YAA
                              Falconry: LANTRA Beginner‟s Falconry
                              Fishing / Fish Husbandry: BTEC First Cert – Fish Husbandry
                                 (Equivalent to 2 GCSE‟s) starting SEP 2009.

                        Target Audience:
                        Student profiles that have benefitted already from the Angling4Success
                        course, on an alternative curriculum basis, are many and varied, but include
                        the following recurring characteristics and combinations thereof:
                        STUDENT A - LOW SELF ESTEEM, low expectations of ability/future prospects
                        STUDENT B - POOR LITERA CY or other learning difficulties have led to
                        disengagement fro m the mainstream education system. Low achievement fuels
                        disruptive behaviour, aggression and (possible) exclusion.
                        STUDENT C - MANUA LLY SKILLED indiv idual who leans towards, e.g.,
                        construction and aspires to become a skilled tradesmen after school and is detached
                        fro m any academic aspirations.
                        STUDENT D - SHORT ATTENTION SPAN gets student into trouble in a large
                        class. We have consistently witnessed the phenomenon that students who cannot still
                        and concentrate for more than a few minutes in a classroom can sit
                        uncharacteristically focused, laskeside for hours.
                        STUDENT E - OUTDOORS TYPE who thrives in the outdoors and is likely to
                        progress to agricultural college and/or chose a career in the outdoors
                        STUDENT F - LOVES FISHING! and shows very little enthusiasm or passion for
                        much else.
                        Provision so far in Norfolk: Woodside/Thetford/Great Yarmouth
Time Involved:          Alternative curriculum sessions
                        Flexible modular provision from 6 weeks to whole academic year.

Norfolk County Council 2009/10                                                                                3
                   Key Stage 4 External Learning Opportunities Directory

Organisation:           Broadland Council Training Services (BCTS)

Address:                9 Hellesdon Park Road
                        NR6 5DR

Website Address:
Contact Name:           Sally Nderitu                            Phone:      01603 788950

Provision:              Programme - Mix it

                        Mix it is designed to provide flexible, individual training for young
                        people aged 14-19 years old. Individual learning plans are set for each
                        participant that set realistic goals for a young person to achieve.

                        Each programme is focused on the individual strengths of the learner
                        therefore raising levels of self esteem, confidence and motivation. Young
                        people pick and mix a timetable most suited to them from subjects such
                        as the following;

                                Sports and fitness and healthy living
                                Visual arts and media
                                Citizenship and personal development
                                Performing arts
                                Music Technology

                        Once strengths have been identified in a certain area a young person can
                        base their provision around their chosen subject and gain a Level 1
                        Qualification through the National Open College Network which is
                        delivered for all the above subjects.

                        All life skills can be delivered one to one and are embedded in core

Time Involved:          Due to bespoke nature of the programme provision can be provided
                        from1 to 5 days per week.

Norfolk County Council 2009/10                                                                     4
                   Key Stage 4 External Learning Opportunities Directory

Organisation:           CinemaPlus

Address:                Cinema City
                        St Andrew’s Street
                        NR2 4AD

Website Address:
                                                                              (01603) 625145
Contact Name:           Guy Martin / Anna Stubbings               Phone:
                                                                              (01603) 628612
Email:         /

Provision:              FAST-FORWARD’ at CINEMA CITY
                        Our filmmaking workshops are designed to help young adults reconnect
                        with learning whilst developing valuable team-working and
                        organisational skills. The young people will also learn vocational skills
                        from working in collaboration with a professional media organisation.

                        Fast-Forward is aimed primarily at young adults aged 14-16 though it is
                        also open to older pupils. We have a strong track record of successfully
                        providing filmmaking activities for young people and a key aim of the
                        project is to raise the young people's self esteem whilst they become more
                        confident and skilled at interpersonal relationships and team-working.

                        We can also offer accreditation in the form of an Arts Award
                        qualification. Arts Award is a national qualification that recognises how
                        young people develop as artists, arts practitioners and arts leaders. Young
                        people aged between 11 and 25 can achieve Arts Awards at levels 1, 2
                        and 3 on the national qualifications framework. A Bronze Level 1 Award
                        in the Arts is equivalent to a GCSE D-G grade (for more information go

                        Cinema City's established and successful education programme is run
                        under the name of CinemaPlus and is the lead partner in a network of
                        local organisations and education providers with an interest in the moving
                        image. Activities are targeted at all age groups and abilities.

                        The all-day workshops are delivered once a week (day to be negotiated)
                        and participants progress through each term by using storytelling and
                        documentary film techniques to explore their own creativity whilst at the
                        same time developing technical and team-working skills. Developing
                        their own stories, pupils work towards finalising their scripts,
                        storyboarding and shooting their stories and editing the final footage. The
                        finished films are screened at Cinema City in Norwich.

Time Involved:          One day per week for a term.

Norfolk County Council 2009/10                                                                      5
                   Key Stage 4 External Learning Opportunities Directory

Organisation:           City College Norwich

Address:                Ipswich Road
                        NR2 2LJ

Website Address:
Contact Name:           Gene Miller – 14-16 Manager               Phone:      (01603) 773690


                        PLO (Practical Learning Opportunities)

                        Students can access a vocational course for one day per week. They work
                        towards a Level 1 NVQ or VRQ (vocationally related qualification) in the
                        following subjects:
                        Brickwork, Carpentry, Childcare, Construction, Manufacturing
                        Engineering, Sport, Body Repair, Building Service (Plumbing and
                        Electrical Installation), Catering, Health & Social Care, Motor Vehicle
                        Engineering and Hairdressing & Beauty Therapy.

                        Time involved 1 day per week for 2 years, 9am – 3pm


                        The Step-Up course has been designed to meet the needs of those
                        students who are at entry 3 or low level 1 provision.
                        In year 10 the Step-Up course consists of two weeks induction which
                        involves information, advice and guidance and allows us to assess the
                        students‟ academic ability, their barriers to learning, subjects of interest
                        and routes in to education.
                        In year 10 Students can choose between five different areas of study;
                        sport, hair and beauty, construction, Health and Social care or catering.
                        Each block, of which there are three, consists of 12 weeks of 5.5 hour
                        Example route A: two weeks induction, (Block 1) twelve weeks of Sport,
                        (Block 2) twelve weeks of Construction and (Block 3) twelve weeks of
                        Catering a week of IAG.
                        Example Route B: two weeks induction, (BLOCKS 1, 2 and 3) all in
                        Sport finished by a session of IAG
                        At the end of year 10 students will have a day of information, advice and
                        guidance to help them choose the vocational area that is right for them to
                        study in year 11.
                        In year 11 students complete a full year (32 weeks) – of a level 1
                        vocational qualification in the subject area of their choice.

                        Time involved 1 day a week for 2 years 9am – 3pm

Norfolk County Council 2009/10                                                                    6
                   Key Stage 4 External Learning Opportunities Directory

Organisation:         Community Music East (CME)
Address:              189 King Street
                      NR1 2DF
Website Address:
Contact name:         Mark Howe                Phone:        01603 628367 or 07765450027
Provision:            OCN Step up and Progression Awards, Entry Level, Level 1 and 2
                      courses - Credit based learning - units delivered in the context of singing
                      and vocals, song-writing and rap, band skills, dj and percussion, music
                      technology, guitars and ukulele.

                      Arts Awards at Bronze and Silve r levels
                      A national qualification that supports young people to develop as artists
                      and arts leaders. The awards can be delivered in the context of a range of
                      media and music activity including; video, animation, website design,
                      music production, pod casting and digital photography.

                      OCN Entry Level Lite racy and Nume racy
                      Music technology, photography and film with embedded literacy and
                      numeracy at Entry levels and Level 1.

                      Two tutors deliver to groups of 8 – 12 participants with mixed abilities.
                      No previous experience or specific talent is needed – anyone can take part
                      and enjoy music making or creating digital products. The workshops are
                      ideal for raising confidence and self-esteem as well as developing soft
                      skills such as team work and communication. Training can take place on-
                      site at our centre or off site in schools or other venues across Norfolk.

                      We have 22 freelance musicians and media artists trained by ourselves and
                      experienced delivering workshops to “hard to reach” and vulnerable
                      groups. They all have current CRB checks, have received training on child
                      protection and delivery of IAG at level 2.

Time Involved:        We offer 1 x 2.5 hour sessions a week for 12 weeks or 6 x 1 day sessions
                      of 5 hours to provide 30 hours contact time for our OCN courses at level 2.
                      Courses can be adapted for an intensive session over a week – 6 hours a
                      day for 5 days. The Arts Award courses have a similar contact time
                      requirement, but need additional time for staff member or tutor to support
                      course work.

Norfolk County Council 2009/10                                                                      7
                   Key Stage 4 External Learning Opportunities Directory

Organisation:           EAGIT Training Centre

Address:                20 Hurricane Way
                        NR6 6EY

Website Address:
Contact Name:           Sharon Davies                              Phone:      01603 480647

                        This programme is designed to deliver units of Performing Engineering
                        Operations NVQ at Level 1 or 2 dependant on the needs of the young
                        person. This qualification is practically based and is offered across a
                        number of engineering disciplines.
                        The number of units undertaken and the amount of time spent in the
                        training centre can be tailored to the needs of the individual

                        It also provides curriculum support via practical skills training in an
                        engineering environment which may assist students studying for the
                        Engineering GCSE double award.

                        All training will take place at EAGIT Training Centre.

Time Involved:          One day per week for one year.

Norfolk County Council 2009/10                                                                    8
                   Key Stage 4 External Learning Opportunities Directory

Organisation:           Easton College

Address:                Easton
                        NR9 5DX

Website Address:
Contact Name:           Sam Kimberley, Simon Parker               Phone:      01603 731257
                        1) Key stage 4 Alternative Vocational Curriculum
                        Courses offered at level 1 (NVQ or VRQ):
                        Land based programme that offers all learners experience in all areas of
                        land based provision, to include work with animals, (large & small, wild
                        & domesticated), plants: amenity and commercial horticulture,
                        landscaping and plant husbandry, machinery operations and maintenance
                        and estate skills. Sport and active leisure, Public services.
                        Entry requirement guidance: Key Stage 3 Grade 3 SATs.

                        Courses offered at level 2 (BTEC First Certificate)
                        Countryside and environment, animal care, horse care, sport, public
                        Entry requirement guidance: Key Stage 3 grade 5 SATs.

                        2) Young Apprenticeship
                        Offered in Sports leadership, coaching and management and includes
                        BTEC first certificate or diploma, short extra qualifications e.g. level 1
                        coaching and work experience (possibly outside of term times). It
                        demands a high level of commitment.
                        Entry requirements: Key Stage 3 SATs point score of 15 from English,
                        Maths and Science.
                        Joint delivery by Easton and City College Norwich.
                        Some delivery at Easton College, a group will also work at Earlham HS.
                        All learners working with an employer or working at the school (subject
                        to appropriate facilities).

                        3) Courses for students with learning difficulties
                        Tailor made programmes can be designed in conjunction with schools to
                        meet the needs of learners.

                        All programmes are subject to viable group sizes.

Time Involved:          One day a week through years 10 and 11

Norfolk County Council 2009/10                                                                       9
                   Key Stage 4 External Learning Opportunities Directory

Organisation:           E-Learning Service

Address:                Level 1
                        Carrow House,
                        301 King Street,
                        Norwich NR1 2TN
Website Address:
                                                                              01603 224020
Contact Name:           Jackie Thompson                           Phone:
                                                                              01603 433276

                        The E-Learning Service for Norfolk County Council offers an alternative
                        method of delivering education to children out of mainstream school
                        through the use of technology. Pupils of all key-stages can select subjects
                        to study and lessons are individually prepared for them by e-teachers.
                        These lessons are accessed from a Virtual Learning Environment (VLE)
                        using a computer in the pupil‟s home but can also be accessed from any
                        other computer with an internet connection, including those at school or
                        in a PRU. Equipment and an internet connection are installed in a pupil
                        home when necessary together with any software needed.

                        Most GCSE subjects can be taught through e-learning. Some of these
                        together with ICT CLAiT can be covered entirely by the Service
                        (including the coursework elements); others can be supported by the E-
                        Learning Service with the coursework being set, marked and monitored
                        by the school. In addition, some subjects may not lead to accreditation
                        but can be offered as „interest‟ subjects to engage the pupil.

                        Lessons can be done by a pupil at any time in the week which allows e-
                        learning to be done alongside all other types of provision.

Time Involved:          Each subject comprises 2 one- hour lessons plus a one- hour web-chat
                        (term time only). Any number of subjects can be done by pupils
                        depending upon their motivation and the time available.

                        In general, the E-Learning Service would expect a pupil to be doing this
                        provision for a minimum of 6 weeks after which point it can be stopped
                        at any time.

Norfolk County Council 2009/10                                                                    10
                   Key Stage 4 External Learning Opportunities Directory

Organisation:           Future Education
                        168b Motum Road,
Address:                Norwich.
                        NR5 8EG
Website Address:
Contact Name:           Michael Howard                             Phone:       (01603) 250505

Provision:              Future Projects offer creative based part time alternative curriculum
                        courses for young people at Key Stage 4. Currently these are on
                        Wednesday and Thursday each week with students working in small
                        groups up to 8 students from different schools in the area.

                        Mixed Media (Mornings Wednesday & Thursday)
                        Radio broadcasting course in a professional radio station based at
                        Future, which is the home of Future Radio, Norwich‟s community radio
                        station. This course offers students the opportunity to work with
                        broadcast professionals and instructors learning a range of broadcasting
                        skills including technical studio operation, presentation, research and
                        editing, putting together their own shows plus a range of transferable
                        skills. Students gain an Arts Award at Bronze or Silver in broadcasting.

                        Spray Art project learning graffiti techniques over the summer term
                        working towards producing a large mural.

                        Music (Afternoons Wednesday & Thursday)
                        Access to Music Level 1 Award in Creative Music Producer. Students
                        will cover 2 Access to Music units, Music Sequencing & Production and
                        Career of a Music Producer/Artist (accredited by Rockschool). Students
                        get to use Apple iMacs with Reason software learning how to create their
                        own music and research their chosen artist/producer. This course runs
                        across the academic year leading to a level 1 Award. Students learn a
                        range of creative and technical skills with much of the moderation
                        evidence useful for key skills subjects – communications and ICT.

Time Involved:          The Music, Mixed Media and Visual Arts projects run for the whole of the
                        academic year.

Norfolk County Council 2009/10                                                                     11
                   Key Stage 4 External Learning Opportunities Directory

Organisation:          IDEA DJ Skills workshops

Address:               9 Havelock Road
                       Norwich Norfolk
                       NR2 3HQ

Website Address:
Contact Name:          Damien Bennett                           Phone:       07940 419198

Provision:             Arts Awards opportunities at Bronze and Silver levels

                       Aimed at young people aged 11- 25

                       These workshops are ideal for raising confidence and se lf-esteem as well
                       as developing an important understanding of listening skills, co-
                       ordination and rhythm.

                       Teaching beat mixing, a cappella mixing, scratching techniques, DJ
                       theory, knowledge of equipment and history of modern music culture, no
                       experience or entry requirements are needed.

                       The emphasis is on being creative with mixing music and enabling young
                       people to learn new skills in a relaxed yet focused environment.

                       These workshops have proved very effective in engaging students with
                       challenging behaviour and complex needs

                       A unique experience involving learning new skills and techniques using
                       professional equipment.

                       Negotiable and flexible. Not limited to term times.
Time Involved:

Norfolk County Council 2009/10                                                                12
                   Key Stage 4 External Learning Opportunities Directory

Organisation:           Norfolk Fire & Rescue Service/Youth Development Team

Address:                Thetford Fire Station
                        Norwich Road
                        IP24 2HT

Website Address:
Contact Name:           Mark Keddie                               Phone:      07919492241

                        XLER8 is designed to engage Key Stage 4, currently in education,
                        refusers or excluded. We encourage Students with learning difficulties
                        and disabilities and have a proven track record working with EAL
                        Students. XLER8 courses are flexible; we can integrate Year 10 and 11
                        students together. It is a 2 Year course with the following QCA
                        Kitemarked Qualifications and Awards through ASDAN. Qualifications
                        and awards can be tailor made to fit each individual or group of Students.
                        We Offer Short Courses, Wider key skills – Bronze Silver Gold Awards
                        & Certificate in Life skills.

                        Our courses are fun and educational; increasing attendance and
                        motivation & improving students chances of completing compulsory
                        schooling. Groups meet at operational Fire Stations throughout Norfolk
                        and cover the following core subjects. Life skills, personal understanding,
                        Interpersonal Communication & Team Skills, Fire and Rescue Service
                        Familiarisation and safety awareness, residential (currently sailing or
                        mountain climbs), Community Projects, preparation for work.

                        Our Alite course is a 30 hour course which incorporates ASDAN
                        Activities Award. The 3 points awarded can be used in conjunction with
                        CoPE. Students are put through their paces on an intensive Fire Service
                        course at a local fire station.
                        Alite Objectives: To protect and encourage fire service principles of self
                        discipline, good time keeping, leadership, team work and respect. It runs
                        from Monday to Friday 09.30 to 16.00 and utilizes 3 differing fire service
                        activity areas, skills, safety and team building. The week concludes with a
                        simulated house fire rescue scenario where students bring together the
                        skills they have learnt to tackle the blaze and rescue casualties. School
                        management, friends and families are encouraged to attend the event.

Time Involved:          Flexible

Norfolk County Council 2009/10                                                                   13
                   Key Stage 4 External Learning Opportunities Directory

Organisation          Norfolk Training Services (NTS)
Address:              Harford Centre
                      Hall Road
                      NR4 6DG
Website Address:
Contact Name:         Annette Belson                                     Phone:          01603 259900
Email:       or
Provision:            The programmes are designed to engage and inspire young people ages 14 and 15 (yr
                      10 and yr11). It enhances Key Stage 4 provision by giving young people work-related
                      skills combined with functional and essential skills including basic/key skills.

                      Entry Level 3 in Vehicle Technology
                      NVQ Level 1 Engineering (Motor Vehicle) inc luding:-
                           Light Vehicle Mechanics
                           Body Repair and refinishing
                      New provision from September 2009:-
                           Level 1 IMI Award in Automotive Pre-Vocational Learning
                           Level 2 IMI Certificate in Automotive Pre-Vocational Learning
                      These are available in the following occupations:-
                           Light Vehicle Mechanics
                           Heavy Vehicle Mechanics
                           Motorcycle Repairs
                           Body Repairs
                           Body Refinishing (paint spraying)

                      Construction (Wood)
                      Current provision is Level 1 City & Guilds Entry to Construction. This will still be
                      available but as from September 2009 we will be adding the Vocational Diploma in
                      Carpentry & Joinery:-
                           City & Guilds Level 1 Award in Carpentry & Joinery
                           City & Guilds Level 2 Certificate in Carpentry & Joinery

                      Administration and IT
                      We will continue to offer interested applicants the NVQ Level 1 in Bus iness
                      Administration. This will include working on a CLAIT certificate.

                      Other New Provision:-
                           BSC Entry Level Award in Workplace Hazard Awareness
                           Introduction to the Logistics Industry with advice and guidance on career

                      All our programmes are designed to prepare young people for progression onto further
                      learning and/or employment. Each young person will have the opportunity to access
                      advice and guidance by qualified staff on the options that will be available to them
                      prior to the end of their programmes.

                      Brochures are available.

Time Involved:        ½ day per week, 1 day per week, 2 hour sessions, 2 days, 3 days (if

Norfolk County Council 2009/10                                                                               14
                   Key Stage 4 External Learning Opportunities Directory

Organisation:           Norwich City Football Club

Address:                Study Centre
                        Carrow Road
                        NR1 1JE

Website Address:
Contact Name:           Nichola Bennett                             Phone:       (01603) 218757

Provision:              ASDAN Sports and Fitness Award
                        We run credits for up to 60 hours of involvement in various sporting
                        activities. Students of all abilities are welcome.
                        The award covers objectives within the following areas; Skills and
                        participation, Fitness and Sports study. The award is achieved through
                        the development of a portfolio containing evidence of the student‟s
                        participation in sporting activities.
                        A varied and exciting timetable is organised with previous students
                        participating in sailing, skiing, canoeing, raft building, a pool
                        competition, weekly football skills, kick boxing and culminating in a day
                        trip to an outdoor centre. Attendance and participation is excellent. This
                        is a great course for developing confidence and social skills.
                        Achievements are celebrated with a presentatio n event at the end of each
                        Credits from the Award can count as up to half of the c urriculum
                        requirements of the ASDAN Certificate of Personal Effectiveness
                        (CoPE), which has GCSE equivalence at Levels 1 and 2, and is worth an
                        AS Level at Level 3.
                        Additional certificates are available in first aid and football skills.

Time Involved:          One day per week throughout the academic year with parallel courses
                        being run on Tuesdays and Thursdays.

Norfolk County Council 2009/10                                                                    15
                   Key Stage 4 External Learning Opportunities Directory

Organisation:           OPEN Road

Address:                OPEN Road Motor Project,
                        The Arches,
                        NR1 2EF.

Website Address:

Contact Name:           Jim Crucefix                             Phone:     (01603) 763111

Provision:              OPEN Road can now offer:

                        EAL PEO Level 1 performing engineering operations, providing a
                        foundation for a career in engineering working on motor vehicles or
                        motorcycles, recognise competence to a occupational standards in

                        IMI Pre Vocational Qualification. The Introduction to Vehicle

                        Level 1   Award 500/6198/7

                        Level 2   Award 500/6133/1

                        Level 3   Award 500/6142/2

                        Route: Foundation Learning Tier.

Time Involved:          One day per week for an academic year.

Norfolk County Council 2009/10                                                                16
                   Key Stage 4 External Learning Opportunities Directory

Organisation:           Roots and Shoots – Growing for the Future.

Address:                Holt Hall Field Studies Centre,
                        Kelling Road,
                        NR25 7DU

Website Address:
Contact Name:           Chris Wright                              Phone:       (01263) 713117

Provision:              This project is available to any gender who would like to experience
                        outdoor learning in the subject of Growing plants and vegetables. To
                        study horticulture or be able to develop basic skills in DIY and the
                        Environment. This work can be linked to the following qualifications:-

                        ASDAN Award Scheme, AQA Awards in Horticulture and Environment,
                        OCN Awards in Horticulture.

                        The project is based in the walled garden at Holt Hall and grows organic
                        fruit and vegetables for the students visiting the Field Studies Centre. It
                        provides work related learning opportunities and teaches young people
                        how to grow, manage and harvest the fruit and vegetables.

                        We have been in situ since September 2007 and are completing the
                        second growing season.

                        We can cater for students from GCSE, through to disaffected,
                        disenfranchised and students with complex special needs. We are also
                        working with young people not in full time education, employment or

                        Please speak to us regarding your proposed programme as we can tailor it
                        to your own needs.

                        Once a week or for a short period or longer as required.
Time Involved:
                        Programmes and times all negotiable.

Norfolk County Council 2009/10                                                                    17
                   Key Stage 4 External Learning Opportunities Directory

Organisation:           Shaw Trust

Address:                Unit 16
                        Mason Road
                        NR6 6RF
Website Address:
                                                                               Tel: 01502 589719
Contact Name:           Kim Croysdill                             Phone:
                                                                               Mob: 07966529392

                        Shaw Trust Young Peoples Services

                        The Young Peoples Services is an on site, alternative curriculum project.
                        Our referrals are aged 13-16 and are often excluded or at risk of exclusion,
                        have low self esteem, disengaged and often in need of extra learning
                        support. They can be difficult to work with in large groups, have anger
                        issues as well as problems at home or with peer relationships. They can
                        struggle with authority, be withdrawn and unresponsive at school.

                        The project is designed to promote all aspects of the world of work, health,
                        team work, job skills, self esteem and confidence as well as offering regular
                        sport activities and accreditation in a variety of courses. There is also the
                        opportunity for the young person to access our extended work experience
                        programme, this is an off site provision with intensive support. The main
                        focus is around employment and moving into work.

                        We offer various accredited courses Health and Safety in the Workplace,
                        First Aid, Food Hygiene, Manual Handling and also Level 2 Qualification
                        OCN Level 1 Getting Connected Units. Key skills and life skills are
                        embedded into all learning.

                        We collect the students from an agreed location in the morning in our
                        minibus and then drop them back again at the end of the day.

Time Involved:          One day per week for 1 year can return for 2 nd year

Norfolk County Council 2009/10                                                                   18
                   Key Stage 4 External Learning Opportunities Directory

Organisation:           St Edmunds Society

Address:                38A Bull Close
                        NR3 1SX

Website Address:
Contact Name:           Zita Hipperson                           Phone:       01603 622035

                        Offer on site carpentry, joinery and furniture making. Including
                        Accreditation is optional in City and Guilds Level 1 in Basic
                        Construction skills, carpentry and joinery or furniture making and a Level
                        1 NOCN course in Using carpentry hand skills, and woodturning. Also
                        including a level 2 NOCN course in developing joining skills and
                        maintaining woodworking tools.

                        You will learn basic joints, types of wood, and make various projects.
                        Embedded numeracy Measuring communication planning and designing.

                        We offer literacy and numeracy up to level 2 ASDAN award on a
                        Monday only.

Time Involved:          Negotiable and flexible. Not limited to term times.

Norfolk County Council 2009/10                                                                 19
                   Key Stage 4 External Learning Opportunities Directory

Organisation:           Studio 77 Dance and Performing Arts
Address:                Office:
                        7 Onley Street
                        NR2 2EA
Website Address:
Contact Name:           Hannah Ashmore                            Phone:       07772330507
Provision:              Studio 77 has been set up to delive r fun and accessible arts training
                        in and around Norfolk.

                        Studio 77 offers classes in all areas of the performing and creative arts
                        with a particular focus on dance and drama. With the aim of engaging
                        and inspiring young people.

                        We have run various Outreach/ youth diversion projects with
                        community groups/ pupil referral units/ young o ffenders’ programmes
                        and the limelight scheme. These workshops often represent first contact
                        for many individuals with a meaningful project or a creative discipline.
                        They can often build strength of character and a feeling of responsibility,
                        helping young people learn about their particular stresses, anger
                        management, learning and social difficulties and can enhance team
                        building and communication skills.

                        Studio 77 can delive r any of the Getting Connected units

                        Studio 77 is also an accredited centre for The Arts Award.
                        It is a QCA qualification and sits on the NQ framework at levels1, 2 and
                        3. (The Award is assessed through a portfolio of evidence, presented in
                        any format.)

                        Other Qualifications are available please call for more details.

Time Involved:          Sessions can be offered as one off workshops or as weekly classes built
                        into the school timetable. Studio 77 can tailor make sessions to fit in with
                        the schools current creative arts provision.
                        Workshops can take place on site or if required a studio space can be
                        booked at a suitable location.

Norfolk County Council 2009/10                                                                      20
                   Key Stage 4 External Learning Opportunities Directory

Organisation:           UK Black Belt Academies Governing Body
Address:                No 9 Bull Close,
                        NR3 1SX
Website Address:
Contact Name:           Richard Vince                              Phone:      07947 712555
Provision:              Samurai School
                        There are no entry requirements to this programme other than a
                        willingness to participate.

                        The awarding body will be National Open College Network (NOCN)
                        There will be 50 GCSE points available to students who complete all
                        units available. The course will take place at ‘The Black Belt Academy’
                        No 9 Bull Close, Norwich.

                        We will be using this Martial Arts based course to teach and demonstrate
                        (learning via influence) lifeskills and personality traits such as;
                        Respect, Focus, Leadership, Courage, Integrity, Honesty, Perseverance,
                        Communication, Listening (active) and living healthily.

                        Candidates will learn our Taekwondo syllabus as we teach these skills
                        through physical practice and the spoken word. The course will require a
                        considerable amount of physical activity. Each candidate will, over the
                        course of 2 years, reach the Taekwondo grade of approximately brown
                        belt and will benefit from the lift in self esteem and confidence that this

                        We have many years experience of working with children who are less
                        than enthusiastic about school but this course is not exclusively for this
                        type of student.

                        The largest ‘appeal’ factor we feel the Samurai School course has is that
                        ‘it’s cool.’ Teenagers want to be part of this and we can channel their;
                        aggression, enthusiasm, exuberance, hyperactivity and mischievousness
                        in a constructive manner, that also delivers qualifications for them and
                        your school.

Time Involved:          One day per week for years 9, 10 and 11. We estimate that enough units
                        to gain 50 GCSE points (2 grade ‘d’s) could be achieved in 2 academic

Norfolk County Council 2009/10                                                                       21
                   Key Stage 4 External Learning Opportunities Directory

Organisation:           Whitlingham Outdoor Education Centre

Address:                Whitlingham Lane
                        NR14 8TR

Contact Name:           Mike Roper                               Phone:      (01603) 632307
Website Address:
Provision:                                       Adventure Education

                        Sailing, Canoeing, Windsurfing, Archery, Biking, Climbing, Navigation
                        and more – We offer accredited and developmental programmes in
                        outdoor education and adventure, which are fun, practical and
                        challenging. We will be developing key skills of problem solving,
                        working together, communication and leadership in a challenging outdoor

                        We have a range of modular programmes each term, which can be taken
                        up individually or linked together as part of a one-year or two- year

                                        Autumn            Spring             Summer
                         Fridays        Lakes &           Trees & Trails     Journeying (half
                                        Rivers            (Land activity     term only)
                                        (Water activity   skills)

                        The course is predominately practical with most of the sessions taking
                        place outdoors, with appropriate protective clothing and equipment
                        provided. The programmes will work towards accreditation for personal
                        skills with a range of land and water National Governing Bodies and
                        through Getting Connected units.

                        No previous experience required, just a sense of adventure!

                        One day per week for a term (10:00 – 15:00) - Fridays
Time Involved:          Each module lasts for one complete term (except summer term – half
                        term only).

Norfolk County Council 2009/10                                                                  22
                  Key Stage 4 External Learning Opportunities Directory

Organisation:     Young Urbanites
                  Charing Cross Centre
Address:          17-19 St John Maddermarket
                  Norwich, NR2 1DN
                                                              Tel: 01603 619004 or Mob:
Contact Name:     Junior Johnson                  Phone:
Provision:        Young Urbanites recognise that in today’s society academic achievement alone cannot
                  guarantee a young person a rewarding or fulfilled life. In fact qualifications can be of
                  little value if a young person does not develop the social skills required to transform
                  them into life success. Our services support the social and educational development of
                  young people. We deliver an accredited programme, and workshops that address youth
                  related issues.

                  All services are delivered on-site. We have worked successfully in high schools, LSUs
                  and PRUs.

                  Social Awareness Programme
                  The aim of the Social Awareness Programme is to provide a social education that
                  supports the development of young people who are experiencing personal difficulties
                  within the education system and are at risk of social exclusion.

                  Through active learning workshops and activities that include pairs and group work,
                  photo story boards, digitally recorded role plays, and group discussions, the programme
                  encourages self motivation, raises confidence and self esteem, challenges anti-social
                  behaviour, and generates the required evidence for ASDAN Wider Key Skills Units.

                  By incorporating ASDAN wider key skills criteria and accreditation, the programme
                  provides opportunities for the participants to improve their own learning and
                  performance, their ability to communicate and work confidently and effectively with
                  others, and have their achievements to be recognised as part of the wider aim of raising
                  attainment levels, which inspires positive life choices and improves employment options.

                  Social Awareness Workshops
                  Young Urbanites are aware of the impact of the rise and growth of seemingly glamorous
                  youth cultures and lifestyles. We also recognise that youth or adolescence finds young
                  people at their most vulnerable, and open to the attraction of sub-cultures as they search
                  for self-awareness, identity, and a sense of belonging.

                  By offering a series of street smart workshops, young people are supported in identifying
                  and understanding the influence of peer and media pressure, media representations and
                  stereotypes, and addressing topics such as relationships, anti-social behaviour, youth
                  crime, gang culture, and drug misuse.

                  Entry requirements: Our activities are best suited to young people aged 14 – 16

Norfolk County Council 2009/10                                                                          23
                   Key Stage 4 External Learning Opportunities Directory

Time Involved:     Social Awareness Programme: 2 hours per week over one term or 12 weeks
                   Social Awareness Workshops: 1 hour – 1 hour 30 minutes

Organisation:           YMCA Training

Address:                Diamond House
                        Diamond Road
                        NR6 6BT

Website Address:
Contact Name:           Keith Loveys                               Phone:      01603 620642

                        1) Wider Key Skills (Problem Solving, Working with Others and
                           Improving own Learning).

                        The delivery of the wider Key Skills programmes particularly helps
                        young adults who need to improve their personal and social skills in order
                        to be able to fully engage in education, further training or employment.

                        2) Technical Certificates in the areas of Retail, Care, Childcare and
                        Business Administration. (Level 2 awards equivalent to a GCSE)

                        The delivery of Technical Certificates provides young adults who want to
                        enter a vocational occupation with the under-pinning knowledge needed
                        to help them secure employment in their chosen area. As an integral part
                        of the apprenticeship framework, the technical certificate is a good
                        stepping stone for young people who wish to move on to an

                        Both Key Skills and the Technical Certificates are accredited (by City &
                        Guilds and EDI) and are Level 2 qualifications.

                        Delivery can take place at either the school or in our local training centre.

Time Involved:          Key skills : 2 hours per week over 1 term per key skill.

                        Technical Certificates: 2 hours per week over either 1 or 2 years.

Norfolk County Council 2009/10                                                                     24
                  Key Stage 4 External Learning Opportunities Directory

Course Index

Course                                      Provider                               Page
Access to Music Level 1                     Future Education                        11
Administration and IT                       Norfolk Training Services (NTS)         14
Adventure Education                         Whitlingham Outdoor Education Centre    22
Amenity and Commercial Horticulture         Easton College                           9
Angling                                     Angling4Success                         3
Animal Care                                 Easton College                          9
Animation                                   Community Music East (CME)              7
Archery                                     Whitlingham Outdoor Education Centre    22
Arts Award                                  Studio 77 Dance and Performing Arts     20
Arts Awards – Bronze & Silver               Future Education                        11
Arts Awards – Bronze & Silver               Community Music East (CME)              7
Arts Awards – Bronze & Silver               IDEA DJ Skills workshops                12
Arts Awards - Bronze & Silver               CinemaPlus                               5
ASDAN                                       Angling4Success                         3
ASDAN                                       Norfolk Fire and Rescue                 13
ASDAN                                       St Edmunds Society                      19
ASDAN                                       Norwich City Football Club              15
ASDAN                                       Root and Shoots                         17
Automotive Pre-Vocational Learning          Norfolk Training Services (NTS)         14
Band Skills                                 Community Music East (CME)              7
Biking                                      Whitlingham Outdoor Education Centre    22
Body Repair / Refinishing                   Norfolk Training Services (NTS)         14
Body Repair (Vehicle Maintenance)           City College Norwich                    6
Brickwork                                   City College Norwich                    6
BTEC Level 2 First Certificate              Easton College                          9
Building Services (Plumbing & Electrical
                                            City College Norwich                    6
Business Administration                     Norfolk Training Services               14
Business Administration                     YMCA                                    24
Canoeing                                    Norwich City Football Club              15
Canoeing                                    Whitlingham Outdoor Education Centre    22
Care                                        YMCA                                    24
Career of a Music Producer/Artist           Future Education                        11
Carpentry                                   City College Norwich                     6
Carpentry and Joinery                       Norfolk Training Services (NTS)         14

Norfolk County Council 2009/10                                                           25
                    Key Stage 4 External Learning Opportunities Directory

Carpentry                                         St Edmunds Society                     19
Catering                                          City College Norwich                   6
Childcare                                         City College Norwich                   6
Childcare                                         YMCA                                   24
                                                  Broadland Council Training Services
Citizenship and Personal Development                                                     4
CLAIT                                             Norfolk Training Services              14
Climbing                                          Whitlingham Outdoor Education Centre   22
Community Projects                                Norfolk Fire & Rescue Services         13
Construction                                      City College Norwich                   6
Construction (Entry to)                           Norfolk Training Services              14
Construction                                      St Edmunds Society                     19
CoPE (ASDAN)                                      Norfolk Fire & Rescue Service          13
CoPE (ASDAN)                                      Norwich City Football Club             15
Countryside and Environment                       Easton College                         9
Courses for students with learning difficulties   Easton College                         9
Creative Music Producer                           Future Education                       11
Dance & Drama                                     Studio 77 Dance and Performing Arts    20
Digital Photography                               Community Music East (CME)             7
DJ                                                IDEA DJ Skills workshops               12
DJ and Percussion                                 Community Music East (CME)             7
Estate Skills                                     Easton College                         9
Falconry                                          Angling4Success                        3
Film Making                                       CinemaPlus                             5
Film Making                                       Community Music East (CME)             7
First Aid                                         Shaw Trust                             18
Fish Husbandry                                    Angling4Success                         3
Fishing                                           Angling4Success                        3
Fitness                                           Norwich City Football Club             15
Food Hygiene                                      Shaw Trust                             18
Football Skills                                   Norwich City Football Club             15
Forest Skills                                     Angling4Success                         3
Furniture Making                                  St Edmunds Society                     19
GCSEs                                             E-Learning Service                     10
Getting Connected                                 Studio 77 Dance and Performing Arts    20
Getting Connected                                 Shaw Trust                             18
Getting Connected                                 Whitlingham Outdoor Education Centre   22
Graffiti Techniques                               Future Education                       11

Norfolk County Council 2009/10                                                                26
                   Key Stage 4 External Learning Opportunities Directory

Guitars and Ukulele                          Community Music East (CME)             7
Hairdressing & Beauty Therapy                City College Norwich                    6
Health and Safety in the Workplace           Shaw Trust                             18
Health & Social Care                         City College Norwich                   6
Horse Care                                   Easton College                          9
Horticulture & Environment                   Roots and Shoots                       17
ICT CLAiT                                    E-Learning Service                     10
IMI Technical Certificate                    OPEN Road                              16
Information, Advice & Guidance               City College                           6
Information Technology                       Norfolk Training Services (NTS)        14
Joinery                                      St Edmunds Society                     19
Key Skills                                   Whitlingham Outdoor Education Centre   22
Key Skills                                   Shaw Trust                             18
Kick Boxing                                  Norwich City Football Club             15
Lakes and Rivers                             Whitlingham Outdoor Education Centre   22
Land & Water Adventure                       Whitlingham Outdoor Education Centre   22
Land Based Provision                         Easton College                         9
Landscaping and Plant Husbandry              Easton College                         9
Life Skills                                  Norfolk Fire and Rescue Service        13
Life Skills                                  Shaw Trust                             18
Literacy and Numeracy                        Community Music East (CME)             7
Logistics                                    Norfolk Training Services              14
Machine Operations and Maintenance           Easton College                         9
Manual Handling                              Shaw Trust                             18
Manufacturing Engineering                    City College Norwich                   6
Martial Arts                                 UK Black Belt Academies                21
Media                                        Community Music East (CME)             7
Media                                        Future Education                       11
Metal Work                                   Future Education                       11
                                             Broadland Council Training Services
Mix It                                                                              4
Mixed Media                                  Future Education                       11
Motor Cycle Engineering                      Open Road                              16
Motor Vehicle Engineering                    City College Norwich                   6
Motor Vehicle Engineering                    Norfolk Training Services              14
Motor Vehicle Engineering                    Open Road                              16
Motor Vehicle Mechanics – Light and Heavy    Norfolk Training Services (NTS)        14
Music                                        Future Education                       11

Norfolk County Council 2009/10                                                           27
                     Key Stage 4 External Learning Opportunities Directory

Music Production                               Community Music East (CME)             7
Music Sequencing & Production                  Future Education                       11
                                               Broadland Council Training Services
Music Technology                                                                      4
Music Technology                               Community Music East (CME)             7
Navigation                                     Whitlingham Outdoor Education Centre   22
Numeracy and Literacy                          Community Music East (CME)             7
NVQ Level 1                                    Easton College                         9
NVQ Levels 1 and 2                             EAGIT                                  8
OCN Level 1 and 2                              Community Music East (CME)             7
Painting                                       Future Education                       11
Photography                                    Angling4Success                        3
Performing & Creative Arts                     Studio 77 Dance and Performing Arts    20
                                               Broadland Council Training Services
Performing Arts                                                                       4
Performing Engineering Operations              EAGIT Training Centre                  8
Performing Engineering Operations              OPEN Road                              16
Podcasting                                     Community Music East (CME)             7
Pool                                           Norwich City Football Club             15
Preparation for Work                           Norfolk Fire & Rescue Service          13
Public Services                                Easton College                         9
Radio Broadcasting                             Future Education                       11
Raft Building                                  Norwich City Football Club             15
Retail                                         YMCA                                   24
Sculpture                                      Future Education                       11
Sailing                                        Norwich City Football Club             15
Sailing                                        Whitlingham Outdoor Education Centre   22
Singing and Vocals                             Community Music East (CME)             7
Skiing                                         Norwich City Football Club             15
Skills & Participation                         Norwich City Football Club             15
Social Education                               Young Urbanites                        23
Song-writing and Rap                           Community Music East (CME)             7
Sport and Fitness                              Norwich City Football Club             15
                                               Broadland Council Training Services
Sport, Fitness and Healthy Living                                                     4
Sport & Active Leisure                         Easton College                         9
Sport                                          City College Norwich                   6
Sports Leadership                              Easton College                         9
Sports Study                                   Norwich City Football Club             15

Norfolk County Council 2009/10                                                             28
                   Key Stage 4 External Learning Opportunities Directory

Step Up                                      City College Norwich                   6
Step Up                                      Community Music East (CME)              7
Street Art                                   Future Education                       11
Street Smart Workshops                       Young Urbanites                        23
Taekwondo                                    UK Black Belt Academies                21
Trees and Trails                             Whitlingham Outdoor Education Centre   22
Vehicle Technology – Entry Level 3           Norfolk Training Services              14
Video                                        Community Music East (CME)             7
Visual Art                                   Future Education                       11
                                             Broadland Council Training Services
Visual arts and media                                                               4
VRQ Level 1                                  Easton College                         9
Website Design                               Community Music East (CME)             7
Wider Key Skills                             Norfolk Fire & Rescue Service          13
Wider Key Skills                             YMCA                                   24
Wider Key Skills                             Young Urbanites                        23
Windsurfing                                  Whitlingham Outdoor Education Centre   22
Woodturning and woodworking                  St Edmunds Society                     19
Wood Work                                    Future Education                       11
Work Experience                              Easton College                         9
Workplace Hazard Awareness                   Norfolk Training Services              14
XLER8                                        Norfolk Fire & Rescue Service          13
Young Apprenticeship                         Easton College                         9

Norfolk County Council 2009/10                                                           29

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