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									OK, lets start fixing one thing out of time. It will be less confusing
and it will save us both a lot of time. When one is completed, we will go
the next one.

First thing we will do is fix the LOCATION and OCCUPATIONS drop down.
This is very important, without out it, there is no functionality to the
site. The job category and city selection in POST A JOB” should be the
same as the one on the home page.

Like Digg.com, there should be TWO small blue lines on top then followed
by "Now Hiring" in black bold font instead of "Top News." And then two
drop-downs exactly like that of "Most Recent" and "All Stories" but
instead should read: "All Alberta" & "All Occupations.”

All Alberta (drop-down)
Banff / Canmore Area
Brooks and Medicine Hat Area
Calgary and Area
Drumheller and Area
Edmonton and Area
Fort McMurray and Area
Lethbridge, Waterton and Area
Lloydminster and Area
Red Deer and Area
Whitecourt / Athabasca and Area

All occupations (drop-down)
Arts, Cultural, Recreation, Sports
Business, Finance, Administration
Camp & Hospitality
Engineers, Architects, IT, Natural Science
Farming, Fishing & Natural Resources
Processing, Manufacturing, Utilities
Sales, Services
Social, Legal, Education, Gov't, Religious Services
Security & Transportation
Trades, Contraction, & Labor.

The font, color, lines, background.......everything should be exactly
like it. Again, the “category” and “city” selection should be the same as
the ones on the home page.

When this is complete, we will go the next one.


Home Page Fixes.

Lines in between job posts like digg.com
Every job that gets posted should have a maximum of THREE lines of
preview. Not more. Example:

“Customer Service
FedEx --- Fedex Express Canada Ltd. is part of the world’s largest
express transportation company. Our award winning organization puts its
people first based on our People-Service-Profit philosophy. We offer a
comprehensive rewards package to all permanent full-time and part-time
employees, which includes……..
3 hrs 25 min ago”

The title (Customer Service) should be hyperlinked. When clicked, a full
job description should come up on the next page.

Company name (FedEx) should also be hyperlinked. When click, all posts by
that company (FedEx) should come up.

The display picture should be the same as the one employers upload when
creating an account.

Completely REMOVE the   all APPLY buttons from the home page.

City and date synchronization is very important.

And each page should have 50 job previews before “Next Page” comes up.

I am off to bed. Please let me know how much you complete today. I'll
check it in the morning first thing. Thank you.

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