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									February 12, 2011
Volume 17, Issue 5

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   Program book ads due today!
   Artisan Alley Next Saturday!

   Potluck Dinner: Feb. 19: Get your
   talent ready and this is your chance
   for a sneak peek!
   Sign up today!

   Extra items for potluck dinner due
   next today.
   Cookbook recipes emailed due
   today to

   Costume Boxes.
   Start Looking. Contest for Best
   Dressed Box.
   Costumes and boxes due March

   Spaghetti Dinner February 26 ,
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What’s Been Happening?
Thank you for printing up your update today. Whoever brings an update with them to rehearsal Saturday,
February 12 will have their name put in a bin for UpStage bucks. So, print your UpDate and bring it to
rehearsal today. (You only need one per family.)

Program book ads are due today. 1 ad is due per child. Also, remember to go home and email your recipe if you
haven’t yet.

Thanks to the newlyweds Joanna and Matt Orgovan for working so hard to organize Artisan Alley. We wish
you luck in the opening of your new store in Lakewood. Thank you for sharing your talents with UpStage.
Thank you to all of the crafters, bakers and buyers who supported UpStage today!

Next week is the potluck. We have rehearsal from 9:30-11:30. Parents and friends are invited to come to our
sneak peek at 11:30-2:30. We are setting up tables according to the R.S.V.P’s so please make sure your
number is accurate. If there is a change, please call Mrs. DeNardo by Thursday, 440.995.1146. If you haven’t
yet brought in your extra items

for the potluck, bring them in during the week. Every person is supposed to bring in an item below and then sigh
up for a dish with Mrs. DeNardo. We are looking forward to great talent this year.

Extra items due today! Final Sign ups for talent contest are today!
A-G Each family bring 2-2 liters of regular pop and 1-2liter of diet
H-L Paper cups
M-P Large Paper Plates
R-Z One bag of Valentine’s candy, please so we can make the favors! Happy Valentine’s Day!

You should be practicing at least five to ten minutes per day by reading over your script, singing in shower, and
reading as you go to bed etc. Bring all scripts to every rehearsal. Remember to take them out of your folder
when you get here. It is a good idea to put all pieces of your script in a binder.

Make sure you always put your folder in the bin when you arrive to rehearsal. If you forget your folder, leave a
note in the bin so that we know you need new information, if any will be distributed for that particular Saturday.

Remember our office closes at 1pm. So, all money needs to be in at this time.

Big News, Big Change

UpStage Players is going Green! From now on, starting next week, we will distribute our standard handouts,
such as the UpDate by email only. Did you fill out your half sheet that was in your folder last week making a
commitment to check email or stating that you need a hard copy of the UpDate? If not, see Ms. Hockenberry
or Mrs. DeNardo.

Spaghetti Dinner

Thanks to Robert Kuklinca and Sue Otcasek for helping out with this event. We need servers and of course
diners! February 26 , 2-6. Invite your friends and family. Need baked goods for this event. The cost is $4.00
for kids, $6.00 for adults, $2.00 for all UpStage Participants bringing a parent or adult. If you are interested in
making a dessert, please sign up at the desk with Mrs. DeNardo.

Player of the Week

Congratulations to Riccolette Patterson, Isabella DeMarco and Luke Johnson. This week’s Player of the
Week will be announced at rehearsal. We will post it in the next UpDate.

UpStage is going to see Shrek the Musical!
Thank you all for being so patient and understanding with the change in date. We were amazed at the amount
of tickets that ended up being sold, a total of 134. Our new performance date is Wednesday, March 9 . Kris
will distribute the tickets today. If you have any other questions please contact her at or
see her after rehearsal today. Thank you to Kris Walsh, Randy Davis and Mrs. Walsh for organizing this

Program Book Ads Remember that all UpStage Players must sell on ad for $25.00 due next Saturday,
February 12 . If you did not get it in today, you will be charged a late fee.

Cookbook Recipes Calling all chefs! Please email your cookbook recipe for our first UpStage Cookbook
to . You also need to tell us your favorite UpStage memory or your favorite play.
Thank you Jennifer Bretz for chairing this fundraiser! Put UpStage Recipe in the subject line. Recipes due
today, so go home and email out those recipes!

Adult Night Out
Last week we sent home invites to our Adult Night Out. Mark your calendars for Saturday, March 19 , 7-11,
we have rented the downstairs bocce courts and bar area at the Slovenian Home for an evening of play. We will
provide food and you bring your own beverage. The evening will be a relaxed game of bocce organized by
bocce extraordinaire Joe DeNardo, music, food, drinks, 50/50, a few Chinese auction baskets, getting to
know each other better and fun! Please bring friends. The cost is $10.00 per adult, $15.00 for a couple! Hope
to see you all there. Thanks Joe DeNardo for chairing the bocce games. Get your tickets soon, so we can
start planning the event!
Costume Column

Thank you for bringing in your costume pieces last week. If you haven’t yet, please get them in as soon as
possible. Every child needs a costume box with a lid the size of a standard copy paper box, that should be
decorated and have your name and role on every side. Start working on this soon. This is due the same day as
your full costume on March 5 . As soon as you get your costume pieces, bring them in so the costumers may
begin altering your costumes.

Attention Fish: Choose your own color shorts and t-shirt. If you have questions contact Dawn Ganser-Kostal
440.605.9901or Trish Martin 216.531.1851.

Potluck Dinner The Potluck dinner is next Saturday, February 19th from 11:30-2:30. This is also the day
where photos are permissible and you will see a sneak peek to Opening Night! Stephanie DeNardo is
chairing this event. Thank you so much Mrs. DeNardo. Please see her at the front desk for questions.
Improv. Troupe Our next Improv. Troupe is March 16 , 6:30-8:15. Hope to see you all there. Mrs. DeNardo
is making her famous mac and cheese. Sign up with Edwin for your side dish.

Ticket Information
The premiere is sold out. Tickets are no longer available.

Ticket orders are coming in rapidly. We currently have 302 tickets sold for the three performances. That
leaves approximately 500 tickets left. We will start advertising outside of our UpStage Family March 1 , so
get your tickets in today. Don’t get closed out.

An adult must sign out the tickets at the ticket window. If you place an order this week, you can pick up your
tickets the following Saturday. You must check tickets before you leave the window. There are no refunds or

If you send an order through the mail remember to include a self addressed-stamped envelope.

Questions about tickets call Bev Ramsey at 531-5156. Ticket flyers are available on line.

Rehearsal Schedule
Please call Mrs. Walsh-Hilf for questions 216-978-2395 or

Tues. Feb. 15: 6:30-8:15 Horton, JoJo Pg. 70-76 Alone in the Universe

Thurs. Feb. 17: 6:30-8:15 Gertrude, Cat in the Hat, Cat in the Hat Jr., Bird Girls, JoJo Pg. 83-88
Amayzing Gertrude, Amayzing Gertrude
Sat. Feb. 19: 9:30-11:30 Full Cast. MANDATORY.

11:30-2:30 Sneak Peek/Potluck Dinner Parents come steal a sneak peek at your actor as we present a scene
for you. All are invited to come with a date or two. Bring a dish with a utensil to serve with. We will have games, a
talent contest, Chinese Auction and fun.

Tues. Feb. 22: 6:30-8:15 Gertrude, Cat in the Hat, Cat in the Hat Jr., Bird Girls, JoJo Pg. 83-88
Amayzing Gertrude, Amayzing Gertrude

Thurs. Feb. 24: 6:30-8:00 Wickersham Brothers, Horton, Sour Kangaroo, Baby Kangaroo,Bird Girls,
Jungle Citizens, Pg. 88-95 Monkeying Around/ Chasing the Whos

Sat. Feb. 26: 10:00-11:00 Wickersham Brothers, Horton, Sour Kangaroo, Baby Kangaroo, Bird Girls,
Jungle Citizens, Whos Pg. 88-95 Monkeying Around/ Chasing the Whos

11:00-2:00 Full Cast No Fish Run Show

Spaghetti Dinner Today 2-6. Invite your friends and family. Need baked goods for this event. $4.00 for kids,
$6.00 for adults, $2.00 for all UpStage Participants bringing a parent or adult.
Makeup artist forms due today!

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