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Microsoft Office Excel File - Outdoor Classrooms


									                                                          Instructions for Exporting QuickBooks data

Where did my worksheet go?
          When you export data to a new workbook, your new worksheet containing exported data goes to Sheet 1. When you e
          the new worksheet is placed in front of the last active sheet where it will be named "SheetX" using the next available n

How do I make sure this tips sheet isn't exported with the QuickBooks report in the final workbook?
          Before exporting, on the Export Report Basic tab, deselect the option to include the instruction worksheet.

How can I customise and update my worksheet?
           You can set up Excel links between 2 or more worksheets. (See Microsoft Excel Help for details about linking in Excel.)
           feature to setup links between a QuickBooks summary report and your customised sheet.
                       >> Choose one sheet as your source worksheet into which you'll export QuickBooks data. Then create anoth
                       customise your data and link the data between that sheet and the source worksheet.
                       >> Export your source data to an existing worksheet and overwrite the current data so that the new data is
                       >> Create Excel links between a QuickBooks data worksheet and another worksheet in the workbook.

Troubleshooting: Why don't my links work correctly after exporting data?
          Be aware that any difference in the structure of the current report from the report that you used when setting up links
          in the links between worksheets. If you are seeing wrong data in your customised worksheet, then you may have:
                       >> Moved or deleted elements, or changed the structure of the report in some way? For example:
                                  You might have moved or deleted items from item list which gets used in a report like Stock Va
                                  You might have moved or deleted accounts from accounts list which gets used in a report like P
                       >> You are using a report related to accounts and have account(s) with no activity associated and did not ch
                                  TIP: Choose display All rows (available for most of the reports), Select Modify report->Display->
                       >> Deleted exported data sheet which serves as data source.
ng exported data goes to Sheet 1. When you export to an existing workbook,
 be named "SheetX" using the next available number in the series.

include the instruction worksheet.

ft Excel Help for details about linking in Excel.) You can use this

u'll export QuickBooks data. Then create another worksheet where you can
d the source worksheet.
 write the current data so that the new data is used by any Excel links and formulas.
and another worksheet in the workbook.

 the report that you used when setting up links, can cause mismatch
 stomised worksheet, then you may have:
he report in some way? For example:
m list which gets used in a report like Stock Valuation report.
 accounts list which gets used in a report like Profit and Loss standard report.
 nt(s) with no activity associated and did not choose to display "All rows".
f the reports), Select Modify report->Display->Advanced->Diplay row->All rows
5:10 PM                                                              Outdoor Classrooms
                                                                       Item Price List
                                                                              24 May 2010
                                                    Price List as of 01 June 2010
                        Please Note: Prices do NOT include VAT, installation, delivery or postage and packing
A Frame                      Solid timber 'A' climb/play frame                                                               786.00
Arbour Seat                  Seating, hexagonal or similar, around tree                                                      595.00
Balance Beams                Tapered Balance Beams                                                                           150.00
                             Set of 7 totems 3m x 150mm x 1.5m..OXYGEN - breath WATER - Drink FOOD - eat
Basic Needs Totems           CLOTHING - Outside SHELTER - Inside ENERGY - Recycle HEALTH - Happiness and well-              2,660.00
                             being (each separate totem £380.00)
Beanstalk Planter            Trough and Trellis Planter for climbing plants                                                   98.00
Bear Sculpture               Bear 'Hunt' Sculpture                                                                           380.00
Bird Bath                    Bird Bath in Timber Surround                                                                    178.00
Bird Boxes                   Bird Box Making Kit                                                                               7.50
Bird Boxes Kits              kit for making bird boxes                                                                         5.00
Bird Feed Station            Heavy Duty Rustic Bird Table                                                                    105.00
Bird Hide                    Timber and Tree Print Canvas bird Hide                                                         1,000.00
Bird Hide Canvas             Canvas for Bird Hide                                                                            520.00
Bridge                       Arched rope Bridge                                                                              698.00
Butterfly Bench              Large butterfly bench sculpture                                                                1,200.00
Butterfly Egg                Large butterfly 'egg-stage' sculpture                                                           500.00
Butterfly Sculpture          Butterfly Sculpture Life-Cycle Sculpture Set                                                    430.00
Caterpillar Bench            Large 'caterpillar-stage' bench                                                                 800.00
Chalkboard                   Chalkboard set in Solid Yorkshire Oak Frame                                                     106.00
Chinup Bars                  Solid Timber 'Chin-Up' Bars                                                                     334.00
Climbing Frame               Log-Cabin Style Climbing Frame                                                                  800.00
Cold Frame                   Solid timber frame with polythene lid for protecting young plants from frost                     62.00
Composter                    Double Bay Compotser for Garden and Healthy Snack Waste                                         185.00
Crocodile Sculpture          Carved Log Crocodile Sculpture                                                                  465.00
Crow's Nest                  Crow's Nest Lookout Tower                                                                       600.00
Cruising Rail                Rail to support 'cruising' toddlers as they learn to walk                                       150.00
Daisy Stepping Stones        Western Red Cedar Stepping Stones                                                                20.00
Decking                      Western Red Cedar Raised plank decking per m2                                                    75.00
Digging Aprons               Digging Apron to keep children clean while digging                                               15.00
Digging Bed Cover            Cat proof digging bed cover made from heavy duty canvas                                          65.00
Digging/Planting Bed         Log Cabin Style Digging or Growing Bed 1m x 2m                                                  250.00
dragonfly sculpture          Huge Dragonfly Sculpture                                                                       1,500.00
Feel Box                     Feel Box' Sensory Station                                                                        85.00
Fencing                      Early Years Safety Fencing per metre                                                             50.00
Fitted Digging Bed Cover     Heavy Duty - Natural Fibre - Waxed and Made-To-Measure                                           75.00
Flagpole                     Cedar Flagpole                                                                                  120.00
Fluted Stump                 Fluted Tree Stump                                                                                75.00
Gate                         Solid Oak mortise and tenon garden gate                                                         260.00
Gate to Anywhere             Novelty gate on a central pivot hangpost                                                        362.00
Giant Kaleidoscope           Permanent Outdoor Kaleidoscope                                                                  360.00
Hanging Baskets              large elaborate hanging basket                                                                   50.00
                             Hearing' Totem pole - large 1.2 - 1.5m oak ear, carved in 3d and attached to totem pole with
Hearing totem                speaking tube through ear hole and pole. Featuring carved inner-ear detail and carved          1,100.00
                             decorative images around pole
Hedgehog Boxes               Hedgehog Hibernation Boxes                                                                       20.00
Hedgehog Sculpture           Hand-carved hedgehog sculpture                                                                  120.00
HerbPlanter                  Planter Designed specifically for herb growing                                                   75.00

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5:10 PM                                                         Outdoor Classrooms
                                                                   Item Price List
A Frame                  Solid timber 'A' climb/play frame            24 May 2010                                              786.00
Hiden Faces              hidden Faces' Sculpture                                                                                85.00
How Tall                 How Tall am I?' Sign                                                                                   85.00
Jungle Phone             Underground pipe for speaking down and listening to                                                   220.00
                         Up and Down, Left and Right, Top Middle Bottom, Small Medium Large, Push and Pull,
Keyword Signs (set1)                                                                                                           380.00
                         Backwards and Forwards
Large Storage Shed       Large Storage Shed with lockable door                                                                 868.00
Leaf Moulder             Leaf Molder for making soil from leaves                                                               125.00
Lean to                  Timber and canvas lean-to                                                                             500.00
Listen Sign              Carved Oak Sensory Listen Sign                                                                         55.00
Log Cabin Classroom      12 x 12m Log Cabin Classroom                                                                        94,750.00
Log Cabin Style Raised
                         Heavy duty planting beds                                                                              250.00
Log Pile                 Log Pile Wildlife Habitat                                                                              15.00
Look Sign                LOOK' Oak Sensory Station                                                                              45.00
Maths Signs              Interpretive signs - Up Down - Push Pull - forwards Backwards etc.                                    660.00
                         Cedar log-edge maze wall 1.5m high with way top and peep holes - PRICE PER METER
Maze                                                                                                                           100.00
Minibeast Trapdoor       Trapdoor for the study of Minibeasts                                                                   68.00
Mirror                   Top Spec Stain-Less Steel Mirror set in Solid Yorkshire Oak Frame                                     198.75
Monkey Bars              Overhead barsforhanging and swinging activities                                                       384.00
Mouse Sculpture          Hand-carved Mouse Sculpture                                                                            75.00
Mushroom Table           Mushroom Shaped Specimen Table                                                                        185.00
Novelty Bench            Train/Tractor Novelty Bench                                                                           650.00
Oak tree seat            Solid oak seat approx 3m diameter                                                                    1,200.00
Owl Totem Pole           Owl food-chain totem pole                                                                             380.00
Parallel Balance                                                                                                               400.00

                         People Ploughing Equipment comprising 1 people plough,with seed spreaders, row seeder,
People Plough                                                                                                                 1,500.00
                         harrow, roller, bruising skis, weeding flights, watering bowser harness and seed

Pergola                  Rustic Timber Pergola                                                                                 600.00
Perspex Paint Board      Perspex Panel in a solid Yorkshire Oak frame for painting activities                                  136.00
Picnic Table             Solid Timber Picnic Table                                                                             195.00
Plantering Trough        300x300x750mm solid timber planting trough                                                             45.00
Planting Trough          Heavy duty planting trough 2 x 0.5m                                                                   140.00
Play Fort                Toddler's play fort                                                                                  1,200.00
Play House               Cedar Shingle Play House                                                                             1,150.00
Playground Bench         Solid timber bench designed to sit on hard ground                                                     150.00
PlayTractor              Play Tractor made of timber with recycled tractor tyres                                               622.00
Ploughing                One-day heavy horse drawn ploughing event                                                             500.00
Poles                    Western Red Cedar Poles for shade sail                                                                 50.00
Potato Tower             Stacking Potato Growing Tower Together with Comprehensive Information Sheets                           98.00
                         Log Cabin style 2x1m 30cm high split into 2 compartments: 1 for compost, and the other with lift-
Potting Bed                                                                                                                    340.00
                         off potting table top and pot and tool storage compartment
Potting/Planting Table   Heavy Duty Planting and Potting Table                                                                 250.00
Rabbit Sculpture         Hand-carved rabbit sculpture                                                                          120.00
Rill                     Rill                                                                                                   50.00
Rope Pull                Rope Pull' Uphill Climbing Apparatus                                                                   97.00
Rustic Pergola           Including Installation                                                                                600.00
Sandpit                  Sandpit with Timber Edging                                                                            185.00
Sandpit Cover            Cat proof sandpit cover                                                                                95.00
Science Activity                                                                                                               300.00
Science Table            Solid Heavy Duty timber experiment table with tubs                                                    125.00

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5:10 PM                                                               Outdoor Classrooms
                                                                          Item Price List
A Frame                       Solid timber 'A' climb/play frame               24 May 2010                                       786.00
Sculpture                     Foodchain/Animal Sculpture                                                                        190.00
Semi Circle Planter           Semi-circular cedar planter log-edged - 1.5m x 750mm                                              580.00
Sensory Play Panel            1.2m sensory play panel                                                                           420.00
Sensory Set                   Set of sensory boxes and signs - Hand Carved and individually produced                            675.00
Shade Den                     Play den offering shade from the sun                                                              489.00
Shade Sail                    4m Triangular Shade Sail                                                                          350.00
Shade Sail Square             3x3m Square Shade Sail                                                                            310.00
Shelter                       Square Pergola Shelter                                                                           1,500.00
Shredded Bark                 Shredded Bark Play Area Grade Per Cubic Metre                                                      50.00
                              Sight' totem pole - periscope totem pole with carved and decorated images relating to looking,
Sight totem                                                                                                                     980.00
                              seeing and vision
Sign                                                                                                                             55.00
Sign Set 5                    RAIN-SUNSHINE-CLOUDS-SPRING-SUMMER-AUTUMN-WINTER                                                  355.00
Slide                         Stainless Steel slide                                                                             858.00
Small Storage Shed            Small Storage/Play Shed with lock                                                                 688.00
Smell Box                     Smell Box' Sensory Station                                                                         85.00
Smell totem                   Large nose sculpture with one side showing internal detail                                        975.00
Snail Sculpture               Giant Timber Snail Sculpture                                                                      950.00
Soil Factory                  Soil Factory Worm Farm                                                                            380.00

Solid Oak Sign:inside/outside Solid Oak sign depicting 'inside and outside'                                                      55.00

Solid Oak Sign:recycle        Recycle Sign                                                                                       55.00
Solid Oak Sign:Up/Down        Up and Down Signs                                                                                  95.00
Sound Bar                     Solid Timber Sound Bar Frame                                                                      240.00
Specimen Table                Solid Timber Specimen Table                                                                       185.00
Spider Sculpture              Timber detailed Garden Spider depicted on web                                                     380.00
Square Planter                1m x 1m square planter                                                                            125.00
Squirrels                     Squirrel on a totem pole                                                                          285.00
Stage                         Singing and Dancing Stage per m2                                                                   75.00
Stepping Stones               Cedar 'Flower' Stepping Stones set of 8                                                           100.00
Stepping Stumps               Stumps for stepping play - set of six                                                             150.00
STOMPS                        Set of 'Stomp Stumps' for seating or imaginative play                                             150.00
Story Chair                   Hand Carved 'Throne' Story Teller's Chair                                                         600.00
Story Shaping Sign            Sign with slots for creative story making                                                         148.00
Story Shaping Signs           Set of five story shaping signs                                                                   275.00
Story Shaping Table           Table for use by story shaper                                                                     250.00
Story Shaping Trail           5 Posts, with individual story shaping symbols and story shaping character bags.                  460.00
Stump Planter                 Hollowed-out tree stump planter                                                                    75.00
Stump Seat                    Heavy Duty Stump Seat                                                                              75.00
Sundial                       Timber Sundial with hand carved detail                                                            275.00
Table                         1m x 1m table with lift off lid and storage beneath                                               175.00
Taste Sign                    Taste Box' Sensory Station                                                                         55.00
Team challenge                2 tapering balance beams for team activities                                                      360.00
TeePee                        Play Tee Pee - 2m                                                                                 250.00
TeePee Cover                                                                                                                    225.00
Tiny Tubs                     Tiny Tubs Play tubs in solid timber support                                                       299.00

Tongue Table                  Carved oak tongue with carved plates of food and detailed breakdown view of tastebuds             980.00

Tool Shed                     Small solid timber lockable shed for storage of garden equipment and wellies.                     850.00
Touch and feel                Feel and Touch Carved Oak Sign                                                                     65.00

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5:10 PM                                                        Outdoor Classrooms
                                                                  Item Price List
A Frame                  Solid timber 'A' climb/play frame              24 May 2010                           786.00
Touch and feel totem     Large carved oak hand with textured fingerprints and palm detail                    1,075.00
Towers and Rope Bridge   Two Timber Towers with rope bridge between Including Fitting                        3,300.00
Tractor Tyre             Large Tractor Tyre filled with soil and planted up                                   185.00
Treasure Chest           Solid Wood Pirate Treasure Chest                                                     440.00
Tree Trail Signs         Made from locally harvested timber, and hand carved                                   25.00
Tree Trunk Stools        Tree stump stools for use on grass or tarmac surfaces                                 80.00
Trees                    Standard Trees, including planting and stake                                          75.00
Trellis Panels           Wooden Trellis Panels                                                                 68.00
Triiangular Balance      Solid Timber Triangular Balance Beam                                                 280.00
Trough Planters          Trough shaped Planter                                                                125.00
Tyre Swing               Tyre Swing, Including Fitting                                                        120.00
Water Butt               Water Butt for collecting rainwater                                                   69.99
Water Play Feature       Water play features with pipes and/or channels for water play                        250.00
Weather Board            Large Board with symbols for learning about weather and climate                      230.00
Weather Vane             Novelty Weathervane                                                                  280.00
Weaving Frame            Large frame for weaving activities                                                   280.00
Wigwam Cover             Heavy Duty Canvas Wigwam Cover                                                       225.00
Willow Tunnel            Living Willow Tunnel that can be woven into itself year-in and year-out per metre    100.00
Windowsill Woodland      Windowsill Woodland Pack for indoor tree-growing                                      45.00
Wobble Board             Foot Shaped Board Fastened to a Tyre, Set into the Ground                             85.00
Woodland Bench           Solid timber bench designed to set into soft ground                                  150.00
Xylophone                Giant Wooden Xylophone                                                               540.00

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5:10 PM    Outdoor Classrooms
            Item Price List
               24 May 2010

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5:10 PM    Outdoor Classrooms
            Item Price List
               24 May 2010

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5:10 PM    Outdoor Classrooms
            Item Price List
               24 May 2010

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5:10 PM    Outdoor Classrooms
            Item Price List
               24 May 2010

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