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The Pursuit


									May 2009                      QUEENSLAND LURE COURSING ASSOCIATION
Issue 1

                                                                The Pursuit
Inside this issue:
                                    Focus on support for the
                                        Warwick Club
Focus on               1
supporting the
Warwick Club

New Management         2     The Warwick Lure Coursing Club hosted a small but enjoyable Field
Committee                    Trial on Sunday, 26 April at Henry Joppich Park in Warwick. The
                             weather was kind to us and we were able to sit back, soak up the sun-
Results 19 April       3
                             shine and watch the dogs run by!
Results 3 May 2009     5
                             The Top Ten Dogs of the day were:
                             Milo (Westie)
AGM Meeting 2009       6     Spark (Australian Silky Terrier)
                             Jet (Toy Poodle)
AGM Committee        7/8/9   Bridie (unregistered)
Reports                      Lucy (another Westie)
                             Lady (Samoyed)
Finance Audit         10     Barney (Rottweiler)
report                       Chelsea (Samoyed)
                             Fudge (Border Collie)
Our Anatolian         16
                             Jewels (Australian Silky Terrier)
                             All these dogs went home with their certificates and a bag of dog food.
Mondesa               18
                             Our Top Dog of the Day was Milo on a fine score of 175. This was
7 Worse Eco Sins      22     Milo's first ever run and she had a wonderful time.

QLCA race dates       25     The Warwick Club would love to see more Brisbane folk at their Field
2008/2009                    Trials or Practise Mornings. Every second month is a Field Trial - see
                             The Pursuit for dates and prices. The coursing days are shorter than
Race Sponsors 2009    25
                             Brisbane's -
Warwick Lure          26     there is no break between runs and a barbecue lunch is held at the end
Coursing dates               of competition.

Notices               27     The Warwick Club is also holding a demonstration of Lure Coursing as
                             part of the Million Paws Walk activities in Queens Park, Toowoomba on
2009 Membership      29/30   the 17 May. Any Lure Coursers are welcome to attend.

Certification         31     Thanks to Janine Baldwin for this article
Applications                 See photos on page 21 that were taken on 26 April

Susan McDonald                                                             Race Secretary:
Phone: (07) 3806 9329                                                      Heather Irvine
Email:                                                Phone: 3349 3678 (after hours)
Vice President:
Ian Smith                                                                  Points Scorer/Trophy Officer:
Phone: 07) 3289 1235                                                       Kerry Tscherepko
Email:                                       Phone: (07) 3893 1706
Ainsley Tunnicliffe                                                        Editor:
PO Box 249, Acacia Ridge PO QLD 4110                                       Fay Clark
Phone:                                                                     Phone: 3821 4920
Email:                                                                     Email:

Treasurer:                                                                 Web Editor:
Christine Stevens                                                          Chris Robinson
Phone: (0423 587 754                                                       Phone:
Email:                                          Email:

Assistant Secretary:                                                       First Aid Officer:
Penny Williams                                                             Tom Martin
Phone: 0413 016 274                                                        Phone:
Email:                                               Email:

Membership Secretary:                                                      Safety Officer:
Debbie Flesser                                                             Noel Rampton
Phone:                                                                     Phone:
Email:                                      Email:

Fund Raising:                                                              Public Relations:                   Club Historian:
Kelli Cavanough                                                            Craig McDonald                      Sabine Muller
Phone: 0410 556 194                                                        Phone: 3806 9329                    Phone:
Email:                                        Email:         Email:

Jaye Keavy                                        Fay Clark                                         Tom Martin
Phone:                                            Phone: 3821 4920                                  Phone:
Email:                                            Email:                       Email:

                                            HONORARY LIFE MEMBERS
Mr Ian Smith                                      Mr Greg Mannix                                    Mr Noel Rampton
Mrs Sabine Mueller                                Mrs Rosine Jewels                                 Mr Terry Cullen
Mr Kenn Airens                                    Ms Carol Cameron
Mrs Els Airens                                    Mr Eric Smith

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The Secretary                                                              The Editor
Queensland Lure Coursing Association                                       Queensland Lure Coursing Association
PO Box 249                                                                 PO Box 249
Acacia Ridge, LPO QLD 4110                                                 Acacia Ridge, LPO QLD 4110
Email:                                                                     Email:

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need themselves to ensure that the Act is adhered to.


No Dog Name                 Breed            Group            Owner        Race 1   Race 2   Score
26 Jackson  Airdale                            2   Bailey, Jay               77       81      158
25 Harry    Airdale                            2   Bailey, Jay               57       60      117

27   Squire     Irish Terrier                  2   Flesser, Debbie          84       86       170
29   Jethro     Irish Terrier                  2   Down, Jennifer           80       82       162
30   Rio        Irish Terrier                  2   Down, Jennifer           78       83       161
3    Gideon     Irish Terrier                  2   Down, Jennifer           81       48       129
28   Niamh      Irish Terrier                  2   Flesser, Debbie          78       50       128

34   Boss       Staffordshire Bull Terrier     2   Richardson, Donna        86       86       172
33   Axle       Staffordshire Bull Terrier     2   Keavy, Jaye              85       85       170
32   Tallulah   Staffordshire Bull Terrier     2   Keavy, Jaye              84       85       169
31   Tauro      Staffordshire Bull Terrier     2   Tunnicliffe, Ainsley     77       81       158

1 Jimmy         Tenterfield Terrier            2   Bourke, J&C               0        0        0
2 Rummy         Tenterfield Terrier            2   Bourke, J&C               0        0        0

35 Maggie       Cocker Spaniel                 3   Haskard, Maggie          89       90       179

36 Murray       Golden Retriever               3   Tunnicliffe, Ainsley     89       90       179

38 Sandy        GSP                            3   D & J Toyer/O Gillies    90       87       177
37 Kiri         GSP                            3   D & J Toyer/O Gillies    85       86       171

39 Mira         Afghan Hound                   4   Greenwood, Ulla          90       87       177

40   Kai        Basenji                        4   Clydesdale, K            85       82       167
41   Bengal     Basenji                        4   Clydesdale, K            72       82       154
42   Jade       Basenji                        4   Pollock, Faye             0       0         0
43   Rajah      Basenji                        4   Pollock, Faye             0       0         0

46 Chelsea      Beagle                         4   Delatte, Alexandre       88       87       175
44 Indiana      Beagle                         4   Spackman, Michelle       0        0         0
45 Monty        Beagle                         4   Spackman, Michelle       0        0         0

50   Zeb        Greyhound                      4   Smith, Eric              89       88       177
48   Lulu       Greyhound                      4   Walpole, Kate & Tom      88       86       174
47   Spider     Greyhound                      4   Lobley, Skippy            0       0         0
49   Tiger      Greyhound                      4   Durrington, ainsley      0        0         0
51   Effie      Greyhound                      4   Cameron, Carol            0        0        0

15   Makani     Rhodesian Ridgeback            4   Cattach, Peter           83       85       168
53   Ruby       Rhodesian Ridgeback            4   Clark Fay                81       86       167
54   Phoenix    Rhodesian Ridgeback            4   Smith, Rick              80       82       162
52   Gypsy      Rhodesian Ridgeback            4   Pierpoint, Fiona          0       0         0

61   Kalil      Saluki                         4   Bowman, Therese          87       86       173
57   Bree       Saluki                         4   McDonald, Susan          82       87       169
56   Hassan     Saluki                         4   Bowman, Therese          84       84       168
55   Amy        Saluki                         4   Mueller, Sabine          83       84       167
60   Zafina     Saluki                         4   Bowman, Therese          82       85       167
59   Honey      Saluki                         4   Cameron, Carol           76       0        76
58   Sami       Saluki                         4   Bowman, Alex              0        0        0

62 Raine           Whippet                       4   Tunnicliffe, Ainsley          89   87   176
64 Cartier         Whippet                       4   Greenwood, Ulla               88   86   174

67 Diva            Border Collie                 5   Appleby, Vanora & Garry       84   86   170
66 Crush           Border Collie                 5   Wong, P & E                   77   50   127

68 Aria            German Shepherd Dog           5   Cox, Rebecca                  0    0     0

69 Connor          Swedish Vallhund              5   Chambers, Louise              84   85   169

21 Flea            Boxer                         6   Collier, Karla                84   86   170

 8 Rumour          Rottweiler                    6   Youle, Heidi                  85   85   170

 6 Lady            Samoyed                       6   Smith, Anne                   85   83   168
 7 Chelsea         Samoyed                       6   Smith, Anne                   60   66   126

20 Zorro           Boston Terrier                7   Collier, Karla                90   87   177

 9 Jet             Toy Poodle                    7   Smith, Anne                   82   83   165

23   Wigga         Boston Terrier X Fox Terr     U   Hetherington/Kennedy          92   89   181
22   Storm         Irish Terrier X               U   Cavanough, Kelli              85   87   172
19   Ozi           GSD                           U   Cox, Rebecca                  88   83   171
5    Oscar         West Highland White           U   Appleby, Vanora & Garry       80   85   165
4    Rocket        Basenji                       U   Hammond, Nicole               82   82   164
24   Mia           Siberian Husky                U   Barnett, Belinda               0    0    0

18   Lyra          Whippet                       V   Greenwood, Ulla               85   86   171
16   Azzizza       Saluki                        V   Cameron, Carol                83   83   166
10   Penny         Fox Terrier                   V   Bosanquet, Dianne             81   84   165
14   Jamaa         Rhodesian Ridgeback           V   Cattach, Peter                80   84   164
13   Benji         Greyhound                     V   Irving, Kelly                  0    0    0
17   Oscar         Whippet                       V   Greenwood, Ulla                0    0    0

77   Miss Gracie   Jack Russel                  LE                             0   90   76   166
79   Bailey        Staffy                       LE                             0   87   76   163
78   Rhona         Rhodesian Ridgeback          LE                             0   85   77   162
80   Aida          Whippet                      LE                             0   67   76   143
82   Scandal       Border Collie                LE                             0   80   55   135
81   Jazz          Boxer                        LE                             0   84    0    84
76   Poppy         Labrador                     LE                             0   83    0    83
75   Walter        Whippet                      LE                             0    0   76    76
74   Limi          Whippet                      LE                             0    0   75    75

                           FROM DONATIONS TO QLCA

                                               IN MEMORIUM

We would like to extend our sincere sympathies to both Rachel and Bill on the loss of their be-
loved Irish Terrier Bailey, and also to Kerry on the loss of her dog Liam.

                                                                                                   Place in
No   Call name   Breed                    Group   Owner                  Race 1   Race 2   Score    Breed
 1   Penny       Fox Terrier                V     Bosanquet, Dianne        79       83      162      2nd
 4   Jamaa       Rhodesian Ridgeback        V     Cattach, Peter           79       81      160      3rd
 6   Azzizza     Saluki                     V     Cameron, Carol           76       40      116
 9   Lyra        Whippet                    V     Greenwood, Ulla          83       85      168      1st

16 Kai           Basenji                    4     Clydesdale, K           81       77       158      2nd
17 Bengal        Basenji                    4     Clydesdale, K           85       78       163      1st

18   Rory        Beagle                     4     Gray, Jenny             77       83       160
19   Kingswood   Beagle                     4     Green, Danielle         72       75       147
20   Monaro      Beagle                     4     Green, Danielle         78       84       162      3rd
21   Radar       Beagle                     4     Gray, Jenny             81       84       165      2nd
23   Chelsea     Beagle                     4     Delatte, Alexandre      85       86       171      1st

25   Tiger       Greyhound                  4     Durrington, Ainsley     86       83       169      3rd
26   Zeb         Greyhound                  4     Smith, Eric             85       86       173      1st
27   Effie       Greyhound                  4     Cameron, Carol          82       85       167
 3   Benji       Greyhound                  4     Irving, Kelly           85       86       171      2nd

28 Ruby          Rhodesian Ridgeback        4     Clark, Fay              82       77       159      2nd
29 Phoenix       Rhodesian Ridgeback        4     Smith, Rick             78       81       159      1st
 5 Makani        Rhodesian Ridgeback        4     Cattach, Peter          77       76       153      3rd

30 Amy           Saluki                     4     Muller, Sabine          81       84       165      2nd
31 Bree          Saluki                     4     McDonald, Susan         86       87       173      1st
32 Honey         Saluki                     4     Cameron, Carol          84       70       154      3rd

34   Raine       Whippet                    4     Tunnicliffe, Ainsley    85       85       170      3rd
35   Flynn       Whippet                    4     Williams, Penny         85       86       171      2nd
36   Cartier     Whippet                    4     Greenwood, Ulla         88       85       173      1st
37   Aida        Whippet                    4     Greenwood, Ulla        DNR       87        87

38 Lady          Samoyed                    6     Smith, Anne             79       75       154      1st
39 Chelsea       Samoyed                    6     Smith, Anne             50       85       134      2nd

40 Jedda         Rottweiler                 6     Youle, Heidi            82       84       166      1st

41 Jet           Toy Poodle                 7     Smith, Anne             84       83       167      1st

43 Jackson       Airedale                   2     Bailey, Jay             82       85       167      1st

44 Squire        Irish Terrier              2     Flesser, Debbie         84       84       168      1st
45 Niamh         Irish Terrier              2     Flesser, Debbie         50      DNR       50

46 Nudie         American Staff Terrier     2     Greenall, Melissa       86       84       170      1st
47 Koda          American Staff Terrier     2     Greenall, Melissa       84       85       169      2nd

49 Miss Gracie Jack Russell                 2     Weller, Nicole          83       78       161      1st

52 Murray        Golden Retriever           3     Tunnicliffe, Ainsley    86       86       172      1st

53   Jerry       Nova Scotia DTR            3     Williams, Jessica       83       86       169      1st
54   Phoenix     Nova Scotia DTR            3     Kellenberg, Sharne      85       83       168      2nd
55   Kailey      Nova Scotia DTR            3     Kellenberg, Sharne      30       84       114
56   Skye        Nova Scotia DTR            3     Kellenberg, Sharne      80       85       165      3rd
57   Storm       Nova Scotia DTR            3     Kellenberg, Sharne      78       83       161

                                Minutes of the Annual General Meeting
                                 held on 19 April 2009 at Wally Tate Park Kuraby.

Meeting opened at 12pm with Craig McDonald in the chair.
Attendance: As Per Attendance Book
Apologies: NIL
Minutes: Minutes of the previous AGM 2008, were read by Fay Clark.
Moved by Louis Chambers that they be accepted as correct and seconded by Terry Stevens. Carried

Business Arising:

Correspondence In ( relating to the AGM.)

Correspondence out (relating to the AGM.)

Moved by Tom Martin and seconded by Rebecca, that they are correct. Carried

Presidents Report:
      Good to back on our grounds
      The passing of one of our members Ian Thompson
      It has been a sad time for some members losing their dogs
      Lots of new members helping out
      The Club is in a strong financial position
      New equipment to be purchased
      New benches installed, thanks to Ian Smith and Penny Williams.
      Thanks to previous committee members on a job well done
      Welcome and thank you to new office bearers.

Financial Report 2008- 2009
The outgoing Treasurer Rachel Bulloch, read the Report. The Treasurers Report and the Auditors report will be
tabled on the website, and printed in the next edition of the Pursuit. The Auditor is to remain the same.
Funds need to be raised for the Anatolian commitment.
Moved by Christine Stevens that they be accepted as correct and seconded by Tom Martin. Carried

Committee Reports: See Attached.

Election of new committee for 2009
All Committee Positions called vacant by Noel Rampton
The only nominated position received by the Secretary was for the position of Treasurer -
Christine Stevens was nominated by Fay Clark and seconded by Heather Irvine.

All other positions were proposed at this time.

President:                Susan McDonald                        Carried
Vice President:           Ian Smith                             Carried
Secretary:                Ainsley Tunnicliffe                   Carried
Ass. Secretary:           Penny Williams                        Carried
Treasurer:                Christine Stevens                     Carried

Committee :
Race Secretary:           Heather Irvine & Kelli Cavanough      Carried
Editor:                   Luke Comimo        (expressed interest)
                          Fay Clark nominated if Luke does not accept nomination
Membership Officer:       Debbie Flesser                        Carried

Committee                 Jaye Keavy                            Carried
Committee:                Fay Clark                             Carried
Committee:                Tom Martin                            Carried

Fundraising:                   Kelli Cavanough                       Carried
Public Liaison Officer:        Craig McDonald                        Carried
Points Scorer: /
Trophy Steward                 Kerry Tscherepko                     Carried
First Aid Officer:             Tom Martin
                               (and anyone else who has a First Aid Certificate – a list to be developed)

Safety Officer:                Noel Rampton                          Carried
Club Historian:                Sabine Mueller                        Carried

General Business:
Notice of motion from Sabine Mueller.
Change to the point requirements for the title of Lure Courser of Merit.
Sabine suggested the new point requirements are to be:
Option 1: 3 x175 points or 5 x 172 points, no time limits (after the dog has already achieved Field Champion
Option 2: that the judge selects 2 dogs each year judging on performance, to become Lure Coursers of Merit
Meeting voted unanimously in favour of option 1.

Notice of Motion from Rachel Bulloch
That the Membership Officer receives an honorarium of $75.00 for all her hard work. Proposed and seconded.
Following an objection to the motion and further discussion, Rachel proposed an alternate motion:
That all honorariums be scrapped from now on. Seconded by Christine Stevens. Motion was carried.

Meeting Closed at 1pm.

President                      Secretary
Craig McDonald                 Fay Clark


I have immensely enjoyed my experience as Editor of the Pursuit over the last 2 plus years. I have
learnt a lot about different dog breeds as I researched details and personalities to share with you.
Amongst them, we looked at the Rhodesian Ridgeback last month, and recently the Kelpie, the Border
Collie, the Whippet, the Italian Greyhound, the Pharaoh Hound and the Basenji (that I can at present

Personally, I have become a cheetah carer as I read and published details of our Anatolian commit-
ment and the responsibility that these dogs have, and the training that they go through, in Nimibia, to
help preserve the cheetahs.

At this time, I would like to take the opportunity to say a big thank you to the few people who assisted in
providing articles of interest for publication. Amongst these, was the history of lure coursing in Eng-
land, how we began it all here in Queensland, together with fleas, ticks and other vet treatments.
Thanks especially to Philip Prouten for his article on the little Rainbow Bee-Eaters that build their nests
in our grass areas about September each year. Thanks also to the few who put together personal arti-
cles on “what they do outside of lure coursing”, that allowed us to get to know them better – and not
just as Storms’s mum, or the guy who drives the bike.

Unfortunately, due to the escalation of work commitments together with my lack of out of hours internet
availability and restricted site availability at work, I am unable to continue with the role as Editor of the
Pursuit. I must warn that there is a considerable time commitment to the role, but it is also extremely
enjoyable and rewarding. I would encourage anyone with the expertise and a bit of time, to give it a go
and I wish them every success and hope that they get as much out of it as I have.

Heather Irvine


The past year has been great for fundraising both for the Anatolian and for the club, I’ve had tremen-
dous support from the club members and there guests everyone is always willing to dig deep into there
pockets to help out where ever they can.

We also assisted with bush fire appeal from the donation of clothing and other items from a few gener-
ous club members, I thank them for there help.

I would also like to recognise all individuals and clubs that have sponsored the group prizes every
meet, thank you all for your help.

The Christmas awards night dinner was such an awesome night. I had so much help with donations
that there were so many prizes. I would especially like to thank Elizabeth Clydesdale for specially mak-
ing a Christmas cake to raffle off for the night. I would also like to thank heather Irvine for her help with
ripping tickets and with holding on to the money while I was wondering around.

Kelli Cavanough


We now have 102 members with 130 dogs.

Memberships are up to date.

Still having a problem getting copies of pedigree papers from owners.

Debbie Flesser


I took over the position of Racing Secretary from Phillip Prouten in 2008. I would like to take this op-
portunity to say thank you to Phillip and Alison for the job that they did under very trying and stressful
personal circumstances. It was not until I took over doing the Racing Secretary’s position that I real-
ised the amount of time and work involved in the preparation for a coursing day.

This year has been particularly disruptive to the normal running of coursing days. Having to move to a
different ground due to works that were being carried out upon our own grounds was at times very frus-
trating. There was not the same amount of room for parking and shade was at a minimum, this re-
sulted in a diminishing number of members attending the meets. Thankfully we are back on our old
grounds and members are increasing.

I would like to thank Heather Irvine and Susan McDonald who in the past twelve months have assisted
me and also acted as Racing Secretary on the days I could not get there. My thanks also go to the
members who were very patient and forgiving of me for all the mistakes I made.

In the past 6 months my husband, Terry, has developed a programme for the computer to make the
recording of entries and race results easier. It is now up and running and should ease the workload on
race day as well as giving accurate scores for breed and group placings. This in turn should ease the
job of the Judges a little as they no longer have to worry about adding the scores whilst judging the
dogs on the field. It is now up to the club to purchase a suitable laptop for the Racing Secretary to use,
which I believe is now being looked into.

Christine Stevens
Racing Secretary

What is our Anatolian commitment all about?
                               CHEETAH CONSERVATION FUND

                             Livestock Guarding Dog Programme
                                   Progress Report - 2006

Livestock loss to cheetahs is an economic and emotional issue. Farmers perceive cheetahs as having
an excessive economic impact on their livestock and wild game industries. Many Namibian farmers
have done little to alleviate their problems in a non-lethal manner through appropriate livestock and
predator management. By addressing the farmer-predator conflict through a conservation management
strategy that benefits both humans and cheetahs, CCF is ensuring the species’ survival on Namibian
farms and has raised greater awareness of better farm practices.

One of these conservation strategies is the CCF’s Livestock Guarding Dog programme. This pro-
gramme is proving as popular as ever with many farmers calling CCF to enquire about the Kangal
(Anatolian) Shepherds. During communications with farmers such as at training courses offered by
CCF, and at information days and farm visits, various aspects of raising and training livestock guarding
dogs are discussed. There is a great need for dissemination of information on the protocols for raising
and training dogs, and the reasons for success and failure. Many people are using dogs without fully
understanding the principles behind bonding and developmental stages that can prove problematical,
such as playing stages, but that can be solved through corrective training.

As of December 2006, there are 140 (74M:65F) dogs alive, of which 19 are pets, 120 are working
dogs, and one puppy experiencing health problems remains at CCF. Of the working dogs, 91 are com-
mercial and emerging commercial placements, 25 are communal placements and 4 dogs were recently
placed with resettled farmers.

1. Breeding and Puppy Placements

During July 2006, CCF was fortunate to have an ultra-sound machine being used for cheetah research
at the Centre to confirm that CCF’s two breeding female Kangals (SB240 & 269), bred in June, were
pregnant. In total 20 puppies were born in August, but only 16 were raised, due to the inexperience of
one of the female’s that whelped for the first time (SB269), and four puppies were born outside the den
box. Nonetheless, both females did an outstanding job at raising their remaining pups.

Two of these puppies were placed as pets, making them available as back-up breeding females in the
future. The rest of the puppies (14) were placed with communal and commercial farmers, mostly in the
north central farming area. All the puppies, except the pet placements were sterilised, de-wormed and
vaccinated prior to placement.

A third female, CCF’s Mongretolian (SB287, Kangal-Mongrel cross-breed) gave birth to her first litter in
November. She successfully raised all seven puppies.

Her sister (SB286) had been placed with the African Wild Dog Conservancy in 2005 as part of a pilot
project to help develop the conservancy’s own guarding dog programme. However, no feedback was
received on this dog and, following an inspection, it was discovered she had five puppies (born in Octo-
ber). As both the female and her pups were in very poor condition all the dogs were brought back to
CCF. One of the puppies does not appear to belong to the litter (tooth eruption suggested a different
age, as do her looks) and was placed as a pet. The other four (4) pups were placed as working dogs,
and the female (SB286) although still at CCF, will be re-homed as well as a working dog.

Overall, 18 puppies were placed as working dogs and three as pets during this reporting period.

2. Follow-up on Prior Placements
One four-year-old male (SB214) was brought back to CCF after his owners reported him unwell. As it
turned out, he appears to have stepped in a gin-trap. Surgery was required to remove one toe, with a
second being badly damaged. He recovered so well from surgery that he was re-homed in the Oka-
handja area as a working dog. He has adapted to his new home and, following two inspections, his
condition remains good.

Two dogs, (SB247 & 250) died of suspected poisoning. Tests for strychnine were negative, nonethe-
less some sort of poisoning is suspected. This highlights the unselective nature of many predator con-
trol attempts, and the hazards of using these methods around valuable guarding animals. Both dogs
were working in the eastern communal area, making it difficult to identify the culprit, who may not nec-
essarily be the dog owner, due to the communal nature of farming in these areas.

CCF Education and Community staff member, Gebhardt Nikanor, travelled throughout the farming ar-
eas to vaccinate dogs and inspect prior placements and also accompanied a farmer to retrieve his sto-
len dog. With the transponder providing irrefutable evidence of ownership, the thieves gave the dog up
and the owner decided not to press charges. Two dogs (SB271 & 197) changed ownership after the
farmers sold their goatherds. Two dogs, (SB272 & 279) were killed after being hit by cars. One dog
(SB214) brought in for health reasons and CCF’s own working dog Shades (SB142) underwent surgery
to partially re-sect areas of the tongue affected by squamous cell carcinoma. One dog previously re-
ported dead (SB139) is in fact alive and living with a new owner. It is unclear why the previous owner
reported him dead when in fact he had been given away. He is still a working dog in Namibia.

3. New Breeding Dogs
CCF’s young breeding male, Amos, (SB285) imported from South Africa during 2005 successfully bred
three times this year. He is working very well and has a fine temperament. CCF periodically imports
new males to supplement the Kangal dog bloodlines in Namibia and maintains a register of all the Kan-
gal dogs in this country.

A farmer who has a Kangal/Australian cattle dog cross, stemming from some of the original imported
bloodlines, asked permission to breed this dog back to a Kangal. CCF’s imported South African male,
Amos, which is unrelated to this US bloodline, was used. The female is pregnant and CCF will work
with the owner to place the puppies as working dogs. This female is a very good working dog and the
Australian cattle dog cross is worth looking into for future cross-breeding options, as it’s size, tempera-
ment and coat make it ideal as a working dog.

A breeder in the UK offered CCF a litter of new bloodline puppies that were due in August, but for vari-
ous reasons it was decided not to import puppies just yet. Hopefully in the near future arrangements
can be made to bring in puppies from the same breeder. One of CCF’s prior placements, a female
(SB205), is un-spayed. Her owner has offered to produce a litter from this female. She has proven her-
self an excellent working dog and she will be bred on her next heat to CCF’s resident breeding male.
                                        Mondesa’s Story

Mondesa was born on June 18 2003. Her name was chosen by her first owner and refers to the
name of a former township in the coastal town of Swakopmund.

At eight and again at twelve weeks, Mondesa had 5-in-1 vaccinations and in August 2003, when
she was eight weeks old, she was placed on a commercial farm in eastern central Namibia to look
after sheep and goats.

Seven months later, the farmer contacted CCF and reported that Mondesa had caused problems
on his farm. He claimed that she was playing with the goats, injuring them and had killed some of
the goat kids.

CCF advised the farmer that Mondesa was going to a playful stage normal for her age and that
she needed guidance. It was suggested to keep her on a leash attached to a run wire, while inside
the kraal. This would help to minimize her movement within the kraal. The farmer was also told by
CCF that he needed to get someone to monitor Mondesa and reprimand her when she did some-
thing wrong.

The farmer said that he would try out these steps for two weeks and if there was no improvement
in Mondesa’s behaviour, he would ask CCF to take her back.

After the two weeks, CCF was indeed asked to collect Mondesa. It turned out that the farmer was
not very committed to spend time on working with Mondesa or to get a herder to devote time to
working with her in the bush.

When she came back to CCF, Mondesa was in fairly poor condition, but because she was still
young, it was thought that she could still be trained to be a livestock guarding dog.

Mondesa was placed with CCF’s herder Armas Shivute who has his own herd of goats. He discov-
ered that she didn’t need much training, just some supervision because she was still a juvenile.
She sometimes still chased the goats and bit them playfully in the ear but once she had passed
through that phase she became an excellent guarding dog and now makes her new owner proud.

For example, if one of the nanny goats gives birth in the bush, away from home, Mondesa will re-
main with her and the new-born kid while the rest of the herd will return home. On one such occa-
sion, Mondesa stayed out in the bush with a goat and her kid for three days until the kid was able
to walk and then returned home with them.

Mondesa is now trusted by Armas Shivute completely and goes out with the herd unaccompanied
by a herder.

Being a livestock guarding dog is a tough and dangerous job and Mondesa also had her fair share
of injuries. One of her tasks is to guard the herd from baboons which can snatch goat kids. Once
she sustained three wounds inflicted by a large baboon which had to be stitched. She was also
wounded by a warthog and snake bites are another danger which guard dogs can face.

Regular treatments for Mondesa include de-worming every four months and an annual vaccination
against rabies.

The working life of a livestock guarding dog is generally around eight years so Mondesa should
have another four years ahead of her before retiring at CCF.

She might have had a bumpy start but has turned into a very hard worker and all round fantastic
guarding dog.

Mondessa—Update 2/1/08
Mondesa has been named the best guarding dog at CCF. Every day she takes her 100+ goats out to
graze without a herder. She has a bubbly and friendly demeanour, but when it comes to her herd, she
is all business. On New Year’s Day, Mondesa gave us a bit of a scare. A few days after Mondesa had
been routinely dewormed, she would not eat or go out with her herd. We knew it was serious, since
she willingly takes the goats out daily. Upon close examination, Mondesa was dehydrated, lethargic,
itchy, but her temperature was normal. We didn’t waste any time. Elizabeth Lester, our Veterinary
Technician, took Mondesa to the local veterinary clinic where she would be treated and monitored. She
spent three nights at the vets. In the end, she was moderately constipated, had a typical case of Tick
Bite Fever, and a few mites, which are similar to fleas. She is currently taking medication, but is al-
ready feeling better and out protecting her herd again.


    Anne Smith of the Gold Coast with
    her Samoyeds, Lady and Chelsea

    Amanda Glass, of Toowoomba,
    releases Spark, the Australian
    Silky Terrier.

     Fudge, owned by Anne Freebairn of
     Goomburra, enjoys the autumn
     sunshine watched by Rosine and Sabine

Milo and Lucy (owned by Anne
Freebairn of Goomburra) show
their winning style.

       Barney the Rottweiler, owned by Lyn
       Crane of Killarney.

                                  The 7 Worst Home Eco Sins
Buying a new chair or leaving a laptop in standby may seem harmless, but the way we run our home
can be terrible for the plant. Here are some of our bad habits that we can all change to make a differ-

1.     Not recycling
If you’re doing your bit by putting papers, PET bottles, glass and cans out for the local council to col-
lect, then make sure you keep up to date with what they’re picking up, particularly with plastics.

Many councils accept all plastics marked with the numbers one to seven in a triangle on the base. As
for ink cartridges, environmental advocacy group Plant Ark has placed recycling bins in participating
Officeworks, Australia Post, Harvey Norman, Tandy and Dick Smith outlets nationally in a bid to reduce
the 34 printer cartridges going into Australian landfill every minute. Batteries and lightbulbs are tricky to
get rid of, but Ikea in Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane will take them off your hands. Also, visit to find recycling services in your council area. It lets you search by
product for a specific recycling solution.

2.      Dumping Unwanted Items
It’s a lovely feeling when the local council offers free clean-up days and you can clear your home of the
junk you’ve been meaning to get rid of for ages. That glow of satisfaction would soon wear off though, if
you saw the extra landfill it creates at the other end. But you can restore that good feeling by donating
unwanted furniture and the like to charity organizations who’ll be happy to take it, as long as it’s in rea-
sonable condition.

What might be junk to you may be just what someone else was looking for. You could always organize
a garage sale, but if you just want to get the stuff off your hands, consider and which are recycling communities that allow you to list your product, much like
eBay, except the items are free, as is your listing. Clear home and clear conscience all in one lovely

3.      Wasted Energy
Perhaps the biggest change you can make is to buy GreenPower energy, whereby the amount of elec-
tricity used in your home is purchased by an energy provider and put back into the main grid in the form
of renewable energy, such as solar, wind and hydro-power. Opting for 100% GreenPower will add
about $400 to the average family’s yearly power bill, but you can opt for a lower percentage. Visit

Replacing incandescent globes with energy-efficient florescents is a start, as is turning off stand-by
power and lights when not in use; check out the new power boards that let you control appliances by
remote control. Visit and

4.   Wasting Water
We’ve come a long way since hosing our garden paths to be rid of a few leaves, but we can still do
more. While there can’t be many of us who still leave then tap running while brushing our teeth, can
you put your hand on your heart and say you never brush them in the shower? Even if you don’t, a
standard showerhead can use up to 25 litres of water each minute.

By installing a WELS (Eater Efficiency Labelling and Standards Scheme) four-star rated shower rose,
you’ll use just seven litres per minute without losing the pressure. Before you buy new appliances visit, which rates their water efficiency. To make the most of your washer
and dryer, wait for a full load before you use them.

5.    Buying Brand New
The trend for mid-century modern furniture is not only soothing to our eyes but also the environment as
it means one less brand-new thing is being bought. This has a trickle-down effect, with fewer new
pieces being made and therefore less resources being used.

While, admittedly, mid-century items aren’t cheap, there are bargains to be had when it comes to vin-
tage furniture. Everyone’s heard a story of a great junk-shop or council-clean-up find brought back to
life with a bit of clever reupholstery. Hit the internet to find out where your closest furniture auction
houses are and when the auctions are held and you’ll soon have your own story to tell.

6.    Not Composting
We all know fruit and vegetable scraps are great for the compost bin, but there are other household
items adding bulk to our kitchen bins—and therefore landfill—the can be put to good use.

Wood-fire ash, coffee grounds, tea leaves, tissues and even vacuum dust can all be added to the mix
and your garden will thank you. Even apartment dwellers with a balcony can get in on the act as worm
farms take up little space.

Unbelievable as it sounds, one kilogram of earth worms can eat their own weight in scraps in just a
day, leaving behind fertilized soil known as castings that are pretty much the caviar of the compost
heap. Hardware stores have a great selection of compost bins that are as simple as a (preferably recy-
cled) plastic container to top of the line numbers that spin, making aerating a breeze. For those inter-
ested in DIY, the Bunnings website has a downloadable PDF file that explains how to build a worm
farm and what to feed them. Visit and type Worm Farms in the search box; se-
lect the file “How to Build a Worm Farm.aspx’

7.    Using Chemical Cleaning Products
There’s no need to be pouring chemicals such as sulphates, phosphates and petroleum by-products
down our sinks. These are common ingredients in many cleaning items, but unnecessary now there
are so many plant-based products that do the dirty work beautifully. Yes, they cost a bit more, but
prices are coming down as demand grows. At the very least, switch to phosphate-free dishwasher and
washing-machine powders—our waterways will be eternally grateful.

Chemical-free drycleaning is tougher to find, but there are alternatives to using perc (as perchloroethyl-
ene is commonly known), the solvent that’s the current norm. so ask around. Take a look at Daisy
(, a Melbourne-based chemical free drycleaning business.

There are easy ways for kids to go green, too. See the fun and colourful lunchboxes at, made from discarded juice packs that usually end up in landfill.
                                                                         Notebookmagazine—October 2008


Countertops: Make a clean, safe and effective all-purpose cleaner by dissolving four tablespoons of
baking soda in a litre of hot water and pouring it into a spray bottle. The bicarb acts both as a mild
abrasive and deodorizer.
Flatware: White toothpaste (not gel) makes tarnished silver and flatware look new again. Simply rub it
on the surface and buff it gently with a soft cloth, then rinse it off with water.
Refrigerator ‘tools’: Leave an open box of baking soda in the back of the fridge to absorb odours.
For spills, leaks and stains, mix a teaspoon of vanilla extract in a bucket of warm water. Turn the fridge
off at the wall, take out the contents and shelves and wipe down the interior with a soft cloth soaked in
the solution.
Stainless steel: White vinegar kills over 90% of household bacteria and is an excellent degreaser.
Pour it into a cloth neat and wipe it over stainless–steel surfaces to take off stains and fingerprints.

Whitening: Borax is a natural mineral and you can buy it at your local grocery store. Pour half a cup
in the washing machine during the wash cycle.
Fabric Softener: Add one to two cups of white vinegar to the washing machine during the rinse cycle
for super-soft clothes and sheets and to stop undissolved soap and scum sticking the fabric.
                                                                                 Continued Page 18

Club Merchandise
                   Club Shirts                  $30.00
                   Club clip on badges            $5.00 (reduced from $10.00)
                   Cloth Badges                   $5.00
                   Slip Leads                   $15.00
                   Title Badges                   $3.00
                   (Field Champion, Companion of the Course, Lure Courser of Merit)

Items are available at the Secretary’s desk.

Advertising Rates:
                        6-12 Issues            Web                    Combined        Single Issue
Full Page               $8 per Issue           $40 per Annum          $100            $10
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Business Card           $2 per issue                                  $40             $4

Race Sponsors will receive free advertising in the Pursuit for 3 editions and annual on the website.

Green cleaning tips—continued from page 17

Ironing: Ditch expensive ironing sprays and put one tableshpoon of cornstarch in a spray bottle filled
with warm water. You can make a frangranced ironing water by mixing 625ml mineral water; 5ml es-
sential oils of your own choice (around 100 drops) and 30ml vodka. Decant it into a spray bottle and
remember to shake it well before spraying.
Stain-removal: Next time you spill red wine on yourself (or someone else), treat the stain immediately.
Put a cloth under the stained area dn pour soda water on it. Add salt and let it sit—it’s the salt that lifes
the stain. Then brush it off and launder the garmernt as uaual.

Toilet bowl: Pour a large cup of borax into the bowl before bed and leave it overnight—remembering
to block the access to other residents. Then give the loo a good scrub, wipe it down and flush it.
Tiles: Mix two tablespoons of borax and the juice of half a lemon, then add it to 300mls hot water in a
spray bottle. Use it on all the ceramic surfaces in the bathroom to take off mould, soap and mineral
build-up. Remember to rinse them well and wipe them down.

Wallpaper: Chalk absorbs dirt naturally so simply rub a piece over the wallpaper smudges and wipe
off the residue with a cloth.
Wood furniture; Instead of beeswax, use olive oil spread sparingly ion a cloth. A little goes a long
Carpet; Deodorise carpet by sprinkling baking soda on the surface and letting it sit a while to absorb
odours. Then simply vacuum it all up.. Now that wasn’t so hard, was it?
                                                               Australian Country Craft and Decorating

       The QLCA Christmas Dinner and Presentation Award night for 2009 venue and
       therefore cost, is yet to be decided. However, if you would like to lay-by your
       ticket at any time, see Fay Clark (Treasurer) for details.

            QCLA RACE DATES For 2008/9
Race meetings are held at Wally Tate Park, Beenleigh Road, Kuraby.

                        Summer Cup
                        7 December 2008
                         18 January 2009
                         8 February 2009

                    Race Schedule 2009
                          1 March 2009
                         22 March 2009
                           19 April 2009
                           3 May 2009
                           10 May 2009
                          14 June 2009
                           19 July 2009
         23 August 2009 Hope Island Cup Invitation Race
                       6 September 2009
                         4 October 2009
                       1 November 2009

              RACE SPONSORS for 2009

 1 March                    Whippet Club
 22 March                   Rhodesian Ridgeback Club
 19 April                   QLCA
 3 May                      Terry Cullen
 10 May                     Irish Terrier Club
 14 June                    Sabine Mueller
 19 July                    Auscapes
 6 September                Naadivah Salukis
 4 October                  Beagle Club
 1 November

                                          Warwick Lure Coursing
                                          RACE DATES For 2009
             22 February—Field Trial                                26 July—Practice
             29 March—Practice                                      30August—Field Trial
             26 April—Field Trial                                   27 September—Practice
             31 May—Practice                                        25 October—Field Trial
             28 June—Field Trial                                    29 November—Fun Day

                              Warwick Lure Coursing Club Inc
                          Presents at Field Trial, Henry Joppich Park, Warwick

Cost: per dog, payable on the day.
Practice Days — $3.00 for members, $4.00 for non-members
Field Trials—$6.00 for members, $8.00 non members & late entries

Breed:________________________________ Call Name:_____________________________

Registered Name:_______________________                     Date of Birth:___________________________

Name of owner/s:_______________________                     Phone:________________________________


I hereby apply to enter this dog under the terms and conditions set out by the Warwick Lure
Coursing Club Inc and agree to abide by its rules and regulations.

                         I understand that all dogs are entered at the owner’s risk.

Signature of owner/agent:

Entries must be made by calling Janine Baldwin (race secretary) on 4661 8530 or posting your entry to J Baldwin, 27 School
Rd, Warwick, 4370.

                           The Greyhound Adoption Program Qld

The Greyhound Adoption Program is currently looking for homes to foster care.

For further details about fostering or the adoption program, contact the Grey-
hound Adoption Program on phone: 0417 725 684


                                                   FOR SALE
Female owner. Well maintained $2,900 ono. Enquiries to 0410 556 194


NEXT GENERAL MEETING:                              be graded.
During the meet on 10 May 2009
                                                   Where owners have not produced copies of
                                                   papers, the dog/s must run in the Unregis-
PUPPY RUNS:                                        tered/Mixed breeds section.
A recommendation will be made by the Com-
mittee to the next General Meeting, that pup- New members are granted one meet, where
pies must be aged between 6 and 9 months to their dog can run with the regular breeds. If
be eligible to run in the puppy runs.            the papers are not provided for the next meet,
                                                 the dog will be placed in the Unregistered
                                                 Section. The exception is the Greyhound,
PEDIGREE CERTIFICATION:                          where the Race Secretary or other appointed
Please be aware that all dogs, where the         official will view the ear brands in both ears
owner has not provided a copy of ANKC/CCC and note them down, instead of a pedigree.
or related papers of an official body, cannot    (Thanks to Sabine Mueller for making us aware of this
take part in our yearly competition and will not little known rule.)

Results from 3 May 2009 (Continued)

58 Kia           Bull Terrier X          U    McDonald, J & G         84       85      169      3rd
60 Uzi           GSD                     U    Cox, Rebecca            85       86      171      2nd
61 Wigga         Boston Terrier X        U    Hetherington            86       87      173      1st
62 Mia           Siberian Husky          U    Barnett, Belinda        20       80      100
75 Oscar         West Highland White     U    Appleby, Vanora         85       85      170

64 Connor        Swedish Vallhund        5    Chambers, Louise        79       83      162       1st

76 Diva          Border Collie           5    Appleby, Vanora         86       86      172       1st

65   Mia         Minature Pincher        LE   Lanham                  30      DNR      30
66   Wicky       British Bulldog         LE   Lanham                 DNR      DNR       0
67   Misty       Tibetan Terrier         LE   Lanham                  20      DNR      0
68   Rumour      Rottweiler              LE   Youle, Heidi            81       81
69   Poppy       Labrador                LE   Wendy                   86       85
70   Indiana     Beagle                  LE   Spackman                20       50
71   Monty       Beagle                  LE   Spackman               DNR       30
72   Major       Bordor Collie           LE   Hackett                DNR       40
73   Misty       Poodle                  LE   Hackett                DNR       40
74   Jazz        Boxer                   LE   Mellar                  88       86
                                                                                     Bold = Group prize

With thanks to Terry Cullen for the sponsorship of the
group prizes for this meet
                            New Club Shirts
                            Full QLCA Logo

The Committee is in the process of investigating a new source for our t-shirts. As soon as we
have further information, we will let you know when shirts can be ordered. If you are inter-
ested in purchasing a new shirt, please let the Race Secretary know so that we can get some
idea of numbers. They will probably cost in the vicinity of $30.00 each.

                                    Watch this space


Modular Pet Parks—It’s not cage—it’s a park! at
Water Dog—automatic outdoor pet drinking fountain at
Pet Direct—all pet products at
Heritage Fencing and Gates—fencing in 2 heights with gates made to order at email john-
Waggle Outdoor gear, harnesses, life jackets, boots, backpacks, toys, pet loos etc at


Please make sure when you are completing your entry forms, to write your email and contact
details reasonably clearly. If there has been something missed, I need to be able to contact

All new membership forms must be received from and returned to the Race Secretary to com-
plete the nomination approval. Also, if you have moved or changed your details, don’t forget to
let us know on a Change of Details form.

Heather Irvine
Race Secretary

              Queensland Lure Coursing Association Incorporated IA05669            Membership Number
                                  ABN 23 309 683
                                                                                    ----- /---------
                                      (Delete as required)
Send to:                                                                          Method of Payment:
Membership Officer                                                      Cheques—Made payable to QLCA
QLCA                                                                 Money Order—Made payable to QLCA
PO Box 249 Acacia Ridge LPO                                                  Cash—No cash through post
Qld 4110

                                     PLEASE PRINT IN CAPITAL LETTERS

Mr / Mrs / Ms / Miss:   (Please circle whichever is applicable)

First Name: ……………………………………………. Last Name: ………………………………………………..
Occupation: ……………………………………………………………………………………………………………..
Telephone: Home ( ) ………………………………...…. Work ( ) ……………………………………….……...
Mobile: ……………………………………………………..
Email: ……………………………………………………………………………………………………………………

Mr / Mrs / Ms / Miss:   (Please circle whichever is applicable)

First Name: ……………………………………………. Last Name: ………………………………………………..
Occupation: ……………………………………………………………………………………………………………..
Telephone: Home ( ) ………………………………...…. Work ( ) ……………………………………….……...
Mobile: ……………………………………………………..
Email: ……………………………………………………………………………………………………………………


Address: ………………………………………………………………………………………………………………...

Suburb/Town: …………………………………………….. State: …………………... Postcode: ………………

Competitor Information
Breed                             Call Name                       DOB              CCCQ Reg No

 I / We hereby apply for membership of the Queensland Lure Coursing Association Incorporated IA05669,
and agree to abide by the rules in accordance with the Constitution, as set out by the Association.

Please note: Any member found guilty of baiting a dog with live game shall immediately be banned for life
from membership of the Association, subject to Clause 8b (vi) of the Constitution.

Signature: ………………………………………………..……………….. Date: …………………………………..

Signature: ………………………………………………..……………….. Date: …………………………..………

                                Queensland Lure Coursing Association Incorporated IA05669
                                                    ABN 23 309 683

Please note, that to obtain an electronic version of the Pursuit, you must join the Yahoo
group or download the magazine from
the website
(Please circle selected fees)
                                                                                       Renewal Date:
                                                                                       31/01/20 ……..
Email Pursuit Single: $15.00                OR    Family $20.00
Paper Pursuit Single: $25.00                OR    Family $30.00                        Membership Number:

HALF YEARLY MEMBERSHIP FEES (Applicable after 31 July each year)

Email Pursuit Single: $7.50                 OR    Family $10.00                        FM/…………………..
Paper Pursuit Single: $12.50                OR    Family $15.00
                                                                                       SM/ ………………….

SUMMER MEMBERSHIP FEES: (Applicable after 31 October each year)                             Office Use Only

Email Pursuit Single: $18.00                OR    Family $23.00
Paper Pursuit Single: $28.00                OR    Family $33.00

                                              FOR NEW MEMBERS ONLY

PROPOSED BY: NAME: ……………………………………………... SIGNATURE: …………………………………………

SECONDED BY: NAME: ……………………………………………... SIGNATURE: ………………………………………….

OFFICE USE ONLY: DATE RECEIVED: …………………………….. RECEIPT NO: ……………………………………...

   Breed                              Call Name                         DOB                  CCCQ Reg No

Yahoo Group ID

                     ‘The Pursuit’
                     Magazine of the Queensland Lure coursing Association Inc IA05669
                     PO Box 249 Acacia Ridge LPO QLD 4110
                     ABN 23 309 329 683
                     PRINTED MATTER ONLY


                   Magazine of the
                       May 2009
‘Dedicated to the Preservation of the Functional Hound’


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