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                                                                                  Ellison: Oracle’s Java
                                                                                  commitment strong
                                                                                  BY ALEX HANDY
                                                                                  SAN FRANCISCO — In an
                                                                                  attempt to reassure the Java faith-
                                                                                  ful that the Java platform will
                                                                                  continue to grow and evolve, Ora-
                                                                                  cle CEO Larry Ellison took the
 AGILE TRAINING TAKES FLIGHT page 4                                               stage at the JavaOne Conference
                                                                                  at the Moscone Center in June
                                                                                  and declared that Oracle will con-
                                                                                  tinue to pour money into the

Development job                                                                   advancement of the technology.
                                                                                   MICROSOFT the foundation

numbers shrinking
                                                                                     DROPS IN
                                                                                                   created here at        Oracle CEO Larry Ellison and Sun chairman of the board Scott McNealy hold
                                                                                   AT JAVAONE
                                                                                     PAGE 22       Sun, we have           up flags intended for Ellison’s yacht, The Rising Sun. The flags spell Java.
                                                                                                   invested heavi-
BY JEFF FEINMAN                                                                   ly,” Ellison said to the crowd at       everything that sits on top of our      cle’s acquisition of the company
The number of “software          Software Publisher Jobs, U.S.                    Sun Microsystems’ 13th—and              database and all of our products        he co-founded, McNealy admit-
publishers,” defined as oper-      275                                            final—annual Java conference            are Java-based.”                        ted that he would miss being the
ations necessary for produc-                               263.7                      “I think we are going to con-          For Sun cofounder and board          chairman of the JavaOne confer-
ing and distributing soft-                                                258.1   tinue to invest and accelerate our      chairman Scott McNealy, it was a        ence.
ware, has dipped slightly in                                                      investment. Other than our data-        bittersweet morning. While he               McNealy pointed out that,
                                    Thousands of jobs

the United States through          250                                            base, which is based on SQL,            expressed excitement over Ora-          combined with its previous
2009, according to the U.S.                237.9                                                                                                                  acquisition of BEA Systems,
Department of Labor’s
Bureau of Labor Statistics. In
January, there were 262,100        225
                                                                                  For IBM, Harmony is                                                             Oracle has invested more mon-
                                                                                                                                                                  ey in Java than any other com-
                                                                                                                                                                  pany in the world. Ellison
publishers in the U.S.,
according to the bureau.
That number decreased to
                                                                                  now its Java of choice
                                                                                  BY ALEX HANDY                              When Craig Hayman, vice
                                                                                                                                                                  agreed, and then went on to
                                                                                                                                                                  insinuate that the future of Ora-
                                                                                                                                                                  cle and Sun may include smart-
260,500 in February, 259,300       200                                            IBM has begun to use libraries          president of WebSphere, took            phones and other devices manu-
                                                                 Mar b.


in March, and 258,100 in                                                          from the Apache Harmony pro-            the stage at JavaOne, he was            factured by Sun.




April.                                                           2009             ject in some of its production-         ostensibly talking about hosting            With Ellison literally waiting in
   Analysis firm Evans Data                                                       level Java software, it was             Java application servers in the         the wings, Sun CEO Jonathan
                                             Source: U.S. Department of Labor
also released research point-                                                     revealed at JavaOne in early            cloud and backing them up with          Schwartz kicked off JavaOne by
ing to a decline in software oper growth for several major                        June. The move comes after              what he called “extreme transac-        showing off a number of new tools
developers. In its 2009 Global industrial regions, including                      years of IBM quietly contribut-         tion processing” through creative       and      platforms.        Schwartz
Developer Population and North America, Western Europe                            ing code to the Apache Harmony          caching. Then Hayman spoke              announced the release of JavaFX
Demographics Study, released in and Japan.                                        project, and it marked the first        about Apache Harmony.                   1.2, Java SE 1.6_14 and the new
May, Evans Data revised down-          For 2009, Evans Data origi-                time IBM had publicly discussed            “In our regular shipping offer-      Java Store. However, the expected
ward its prior forecasts of devel-               continued on page 16 >           its use of the software.                            continued on page 15 >                  continued on page 15 >

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4    NEWS         Software Development Times     July 1, 2009                                                                                                              www.sdtimes.com

    Getting agile teams set to take flight
    Scrum trainer relates aviation, jazz, improv to software development
    BY JEFF FEINMAN                                                                                                 also tries to help teams get in       Alliance’s “inspect and adapt”
    There are as many issues                                                                                        rhythm by explaining concepts         principle, which encourages
    involved in safely guiding an air-                                                                              based in jazz and improvisation-      teams to constantly analyze their
    plane to its destination as there                                                                               al theatre.                           efforts throughout an iteration.
    are in software product devel-                                                                                                                            “Scrum is applicable for new
    opment.                                                                                                         GOING WITH THE FLOW                   product development,” James
        Michael James travels                                                                                       Much like a jazz group jamming        said. “There’s no road map. You
    throughout the United States                                                                                    away, a Scrum team must               take a couple of steps in a direc-
    and Europe talking with agile                                                                                   maneuver along driven by              tion and sense how that is. You
    teams about themes common to                                                                                    instinct and communication,           take a measurement and then
    agile development and flying                                                                                    rather than appointing an indi-       make a decision based on that.”
    planes. Some of those themes                                                                                    vidual to set the tone. “Leader-          James said organizations fail
    are situational awareness, or                                                                                   ship changes from moment to           when they form development
    knowing exactly what’s going on                                                                                 moment based on a situation,”         teams based only on technical
    at any given time or iteration; as   Michael James leads a Scrum training session for developers.               James said. “So in a jazz ensem-      skill sets and not personalities.
    well as assertiveness when mak-                                                                                 ble or improv acting group,           A team with too few extroverts
    ing decisions.                       traffic controllers, airport          see what the team really has.”       when they’re in a group flow,         will underperform because it
        When a pilot takes a seat in     ground control and pilots.                One difference between the       the team will get into a certain      will miss someone that acts as
    the flight deck of an airplane,          Since radar, flight data pro-     two is that in software it can be    situation where everyone              the “social glue” and helps com-
    he or she must be extremely          cessing systems and other tech-       harder to measure success and        knows a particular person is          municate information. At the
    alert. The pilot must ensure         nologies used by controllers are      failure, because teams are           going to set the direction.”          same time, a team that has too
    that the navigation display is       very strong nowadays, many            building something that’s never          James noted that jazz and         many extroverts will also under-
    showing the correct route, and       problems arise out of commu-          been built before, so there is not   improvisational acting are            perform because they’re social-
    that the mode control panel is       nication issues, not technology.      much of a basis of comparison,       applicable to how groups oper-        izing and not focusing on goals.
    showing the right speed and              “Aviation is interesting          James noted. Operating an air-       ate in small ensembles, which is          “We’re ignoring that the
    altitude. And more than any-         because it’s a place where we         craft safely, however, for the       “basically what a Scrum team          team is made of human beings,
    thing, the pilot must have an        measure teamwork so precisely,”       most part is a repeatable form of    is.” In Scrum, there is not neces-    not resources,” James said. “It’s
    open line of communication           said James, a certified Scrum         work. Crew interaction and data      sarily an externally appointed        going to reduce our effective-
    with the rest of his or her team.    trainer with agile training com-      recordings can show what went        leader. Anyone can point the          ness in getting the most out of
        Flying a plane safely across a   pany Danube Technologies.             wrong and what went well.            direction, and team members           these people if we see them as
    continent or across the globe        “When an air traffic controller           In James’ seminars, agile        must learn to adapt to fluctuat-      horses pulling a wagon, instead
    requires utmost communica-           and pilot team gets into a non-       discussion doesn’t just center       ing circumstances and actions.        of realizing we’re dealing with
    tion and teamwork between air        routine situation, that’s when you    on ties to aviation. The trainer     This idea is laid out in the Scrum    complex human beings.” T

    IBM offers greater insight into projects
    BY DAVID RUBINSTEIN                  release, IBM is releasing to beta     to how to be successful in           to be able to consume licenses
                                                                                                                                                          IBM’s software group, intro-
                                                                                                                                                          duced WebSphere CloudBurst,
                                                                                                                                                          a US$45,000 appliance designed
                                                                                                                                                          to provision WebSphere servers
    With the idea of providing busi-     Focal Point for Project Manage-       process improvement.”                for a set period, like the duration   on demand.
    ness intelligence for the applica-   ment, an extension of the Telel-                                           of a project,” Nally said.                “WebSphere CloudBurst is
    tion development life cycle, IBM     ogic tool that was used to “triage”   IBM SOARS TO THE CLOUDS                 IBM is focusing on private         an appliance: Plug it into the
    announced Rational Insight, a        new feature requests, and it now      IBM also announced at the            clouds established on a compa-        wall, go into it and configure it
    data warehousing, analysis and       offers the kinds of measure-          Rational conference initiatives      ny’s premises. It is not, Nally       like you would configure your
    reporting engine built for soft-     ments that can be applied to an       to provide tools on the cloud, as    said, competing with Amazon           router, then point it at the
    ware development management,         overall project, Nally said. “Oth-    well as tools for the cloud, Nal-    EC2.                                  machines that are running
    at June’s Rational Software Con-     er project management tools are       ly said.                                “You can expect to see             some virtualization software,”
    ference in Orlando.                  disconnected from the develop-            The cloud offers IBM a new       Rational’s use of the cloud,          Hayman explained. “The [next]
        The company also rolled out      ment process,” he claimed.            way to deliver—and for cus-          focused on software, as part of a     step is to load it up with the vir-
    the first parts of a cloud strate-       “Project managers walk            tomers to deploy—Rational’s          larger picture,” Nally said,          tual machine images for your
    gy designed to help IBM cus-         around on Monday saying, ‘This        tools. Among cloud services          pointing out that IBM Global          WebSphere applications.”
    tomers create and manage their       is what we want,’ then they walk      IBM is delivering now are basic      Services is working with the              Thus, CloudBurst can provi-
    own private clouds for software      around again on Friday to find        cloud services, such as register-    Rational division to help cus-        sion empty servers to act as Web-
    development.                         out, ‘This is what we did,’ and       ing a virtual machine, starting      tomers exploit development            Sphere application hosts on
        The Rational Insight product     then a lot of time is spend man-      it, getting images onto it, and      services in the context of a pri-     demand. The CloudBurst appli-
    is built on IBM’s Jazz collabora-    ually reconciling those.              the like, Nally explained.           vate cloud.                           ance’s pricing is based on the
    tion technology and the Cognos           “In Insight, users can do             The cloud provides for more         “People like the benefits of       number of WebSphere instances
    business intelligence platform to    planning based on actual work         flexible use of hardware as well     the cloud,” he said. “But they        hosted, and it includes software
    provide metrics on such things       items, because it’s more tightly      as server monitoring and man-        want to know, ‘What’s the incre-      for slimming those images down
    as defect densities, development     linked into the functioning of        agement, which is what IBM’s         mental step to get me from            to operating system bare essen-
    trends over time, task comple-       the development team,” he said.       customers have been asking for,      where I am now, without taking        tials. This is IBM’s first virtual
    tion vs. requirements, and more,         Other Rational tools that         he said. He added that they also     on a degree of change that’s          machine repository, though it is,
    said Rational CTO Martin Nally.      round out the Insight offering        want more flexibility in licens-     impossible to manage or con-          as yet, only targeted at Web-
    “There are a large number of         are Team Concert, Require-            ing. Although not ready to           trol?’ ”                              Sphere provisioning.
    standard analyses and reports        ments Composer and System             announce new licensing terms            At JavaOne, IBM made even              Hayman did, however, say
    tailored to the governance and       Architect. Insight is also linked     yet, Nally did say the company       more cloud-focused announce-          that the technology was not
    management of software devel-        to IBM’s Measured Capability          was working on a plan akin to        ments around its WebSphere            strictly limited to WebSphere.
    opment,” he said.                    Improvement          Framework,       what Telelogic offered in its        platform. Craig Hayman, vice              Alex Handy contributed to
        In conjunction with the          which Nally called “IBM’s guide       term licenses. “Customers want       president of WebSphere for            this story. T

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