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					Posted to 6 December 2008

By Robert David STEELE Vivas, CEO, Earth Intelligence Network
With respect, I recognize that like the government you aspire to lead, you are a good man trapped in a
bad system. Your rise to eminence has been made possible by the extraordinary juxtaposition of a
collapsed federal government, a visibly corrupt bi-partisan bi-opoly that has betrayed the public trust,
and a loosely-educated public that confuses platitudes and promises with real policy panache.
Ball 1: Your continued refusal to   admit and apologize for breaking your promise to stick with public
funding, and continued refusal to   disclose all donors. It is highly probable that you received at least
$200 million in illegal campaign    contributions, and that electoral fraud was sanctioned by your
campaign. This is a ball, not a     strike, because the Republicans also engaged in broad electoral
Ball 2: Your continued refusal to engage with anyone outside the bi-opoly—no meetings with Ralph
Nader, Cynthia McKinny, Ron Paul, or anyone else remotely representative of the majority of the
American people that do not belong to either of the two extremes now dominating public policy and the
budget. Hint: there are 110 million of us, generally represented by the Transpartisan Alliance.
Ball 3: Your campaign that was devoid of substance, and your continued refusal, despite multiple
appeals known to have reached you (e.g. the memorandum I put under your hotel room door in Des
Moines), to actually present a strategic analytic matrix, a draft balanced budget, or a coalitional
approach to governance, all contradict your assertions about wanting to change anything at all.
Strike 1: You have been foolish in accepting top-down bail-outs of any Wall Street financial enterprises,
automobile manufacturers, or states such as California. This is where John McCain lost his moral
compass, the Bushie traitors on his staff not-withstanding. Bottom-up aid to individuals is legitimate
and affordable. Top-down bail-outs are financially unaffordable and strategically unsound. Stop now.
Strike 2: You have fully committed to the existing bi-opoly, busily embracing the “winner take all”
system of partisan governance, retaining the dysfunctional stove-pipe structure of the government, and
ignoring the legitimate concerns and grievances of multiple Governors who know we cannot affo rd all
that you are promising and proposing. Despite multiple efforts to expose you to deep understanding of
how governance must adapt in the age of complexity and uncertainty, you have failed to question the
paradigm now, while you have the luxury of reflection and anticipation. You need an analytic matrix.
Strike 3: Between now and Inauguration Day you can either stay with the current myopic and
intellectually-impoverished intelligence-policy-budget framework that is manifest in all of your
announcements, appointments, and prognostications, or you can discover a properly holistic analytic
model for grand strategy while committing to four reforms: Electoral Reform, Governance Reform,
Intelligence Reform, and National Security Reform. All indications are that you will STRIKE OUT before
the Citizens Summit in Denver 11-15 February 2008, when an alternative virtual government will be
formed. This is my final attempt to break through the mind-control fence around you. Open up!
ADVICE from the #1 Amazon Reviewer for Non-Fiction, a former spy now nurturing public intelligence:
1) Create a coalition Cabinet and leaven the government with Independents, Libertarians, and Greens.
2) Commit to the four reforms (see illustration below), starting with Electoral Reform in time for 2010.
3) Create three Deputy Vice Presidents (DVP): Colin Powell for Education, Intelligence, & Research; Joe
Biden for National Security, remaining *the* Vice President; and Cynthia McKinney for the
Commonwealth. Demand Whole of Government harmonization on everything, not just foreign affairs.

Posted to 6 December 2008

4) Under Tony Zinni, create the Open Source Agency recommended by the 9-11 Commission on page
413, but under diplomatic auspices while chartered to support all branches of government at all levels.
Sub-elements of the latter should include, as a means of providing every element of the Republic with
access to all information in all languages all the time, and unclassified decision-support cross all threat,
policy, and stakeholder domains:
       Assistant Secretary General for Decision Support at the United Nations
       Multinational Decision Support Activity for global stabilization & reconstruction activities
       Global Strategic Partnership Center integrating the EarthGame, World-Brain, and the
        Strategy Center articulated in Tony Zinni’s book, A Frontline Vision of America's Power and
        Purpose and my own ON INTELLIGENCE: Spies and Secrecy in an Open World.
If you adopt the above recommendations, you will be the first President in history who is able to govern
on the basis of a broad shared grasp of reality, and able to adapt to any challenge, confront any
calamity, confident that you are harnessing the Collective Intelligence of a Smart Nation.
You can lead the world, you can create a prosperous world at peace, ONLY if you create a public
intelligence-policy-budget process that is compellingly attractive to the eight challengers. Do so!

Four Reforms
This depiction has been around since 2000, when Al Gore first decided to ignore it, and then chose not
to fight the theft of the Florida election. We all now know what that lack of zeal cost the Republic. You
can play the crooked game, or you can change the rules of the game and restore the Republic in which
the people are sovereign over the government, and the government represents all of the People all of
the time. Anything less remains a virtual dictatorship benefiting the few over the many.

Posted to 6 December 2008

The Substance of Governance
The United STATES of America came together to create a federal corporation to manage services of
common concern, not to “take over” all the powers and prerogatives reserved for the still-sovereign
States and Commonwealths. The federal government is now too big, too stupid, too arrogant, and too
inept to manage the monstrous deficit budget and pathologically disorganized bureaucracies it has
created over time. You have one month to get serious, or STRIKE OUT on opening day.
Nothing you or anyone associated with you suggests that you have any appreciation of the ten high-
level threats to humanity; the twelve core policies that must be addressed and funded in harmony with
one another, or the eight challengers that will determine the future of the Earth regardless of what you
do, with one exception and one exception only: you can create a global governance model that is fully
transparent, devoted to the prosperity of all of the people, and cognizant of the FACT that peace costs
one third what we now spend on war.
For your convenience, the table below lists the four threat classes, the ten threats, the twelve policies,
and the eight challengers. Nothing you are doing now gives me confidence that you will reco gnize and
deal with all of these appropriately. At this time, absent a draconian change in your perspective, you are
the last act in a very bad bi-partisan play whose run is coming to an end.

Threat Classes           High-Level Threats                    Core Policies            Challengers
High-Tech Brutes         Poverty                               Agriculture              Brazil
 (Big War)               Infectious Disease                    Diplomacy                China
                         Environmental Degradation             Economy                  India
Low-Tech Brutes          Inter-State Conflict                  Education                Indonesia
 (Small War)             Civil War                             Energy                   Iran
                         Genocide                              Family                   Russia
Low-Tech Seers           Other Atrocities                      Health                   Venezuela
 (Peace War)             Proliferation                         Immigration              Wild Cards e.g.
                         Terrorism                             Justice                  -- Congo
High-Tech Seers          Transnational Crime                   Security                 -- Malaysia
  (Home War)                                                   Society                  -- Pakistan
                                                               Water                    -- Turkey

Your early days have demonstrated that the gap between those with power and those with knowledge
will persist in your Administration. I am willing to believe you do not know any better, and are doing the
best you can. This missive attempts to help you achieve an “aha” experience and discover that it is not
good enough for you to listen to disparate voices within your existing closed circle. You must break out
of the circle, and listen to all voices all the time. You must have access to all information in all languages
all the time. Neither the government you are inheriting, nor the government you are planning, will do
that for you. We the People can. May we please have our government back, and in return, we wil l help
you manage it, Of, By, and For We the People?
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To learn more and be a part of the nation-wide Transpartisan Network and to attend the Citizens
Summit as a delegate, visit You are invited.
Respectfully, Robert David STEELE Vivas , CEO, Earth Intelligence Network (501c3)


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