Desert Biome-1 by zhangyun


									Desert Biome

By Maha Al Kuwari
                   Desert Biome

Desert – Environmental Conditions
• The desert is an area of extremes; very dry, very
  isolated and very hot. It can be cold at night (in the
  winter), windy (in the summer).
• It can be over 100 degrees Farenheit during the day
  and drop below 32 degrees Farenheit at night.
• It doesn’t usually rain in the desert, but when it rains,
  there might be a storm.
• Because the weather is very hot, the rain might
  become vapor before it reaches the ground.
• Deserts can be sandy, stony or covered in pebbles.
Desert – Animals
       • Camels close their eyes
         and nostrils to keep out
         blowing sand and dust.
       • Camels store fat in their
         hump, and they can stay 3
         to 5 days without food or
Desert – Animals
              Desert Tortoise
        • short, elephant like feet
          with un-webbed toes.
        • Tortoises can hide their
          heads and feet in their
          shells for protection.
        • They will eat any kind of
          plant and animal matter.
Desert – Animals
               Armadillo Lizard
     •   Nostrils are formed into little
         tubes to help the Armadillo
         Lizards smell for food or
     •   It is active in the daytime and
         feeds on a wide variety of insects,
         spiders and other invertebrates.
     •   When in danger, it runs as fast as
         it can for safety.
                 Desert - Plants
• Desert Plants should adapt to store water. They store
  water in the roots, stems, leaves or fruit.
• Some plants have long roots that reach the
  underground water deep in the ground.
• Other plants have developed spreading root systems,
  which means that the roots are a bit below the
  ground, and they are spread widely. In this way,
  when it rains in the desert, the plant is able to collect
Desert - Plants
        • Cactus


Desert - Plants
        • Ocotillo


  Human Activity Affecting the Desert
• Driving Off Road             • Desertification
Driving your car on the        Since there is a lot of
  desert affects the desert       climate change, there is
  plant and animals. the car      lack of rainfall. This is
  tracks will destroy some        causing more
  of the desert land, which       desertification of land on
  will affect the plants and      Earth’s surface.
  the animals. also, there
  are some desert animals
  hiding in the sand, and
  when we drive on the
  sand, those animals will
  Human Activity Affecting the Desert
• Human activity are not only affecting the desert,
  but they are affecting a lot of ecosystem. Also,
  human activity is changing the climate and the
• I think humans should be more aware and
  responsible of their actions.

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