How To Repair A Water Damaged Mobile Phone

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					How To Repair A Water Damaged Mobile Phone:

Learn how to save your cell phone when it gets water-logged. The next
time when your get your cell phone soaked in water, tea or coffee, just
remember and follow these simple and easy first aid measures. You will be
more than happy and surprised to see your priceless mobile phone or ipod
in working condition. You won't get frustrated of running around repair
centers if you follow these simple tips.

     Most people don't know the basic steps to avoid a wet cellular phone
from getting damaged. The most important thing is to follow the procedure
to avoid damages to the circuit board (PCB) of the cell phone as it is
what an engine is to a car. Preventing damage to the PCB should be the
main aim as you lose warranty on the handset due to water-logging and in
such cases most of the service centers don't provide a new circuit board
and it is also not available in the open market.

Steps to repair and fix a water damaged cell-phone:
Remove the battery immediately and don't just switch-off the handset. The
removing of the battery is a must.
Now dismantle your cell phone carefully. To open your cell phone you need
a torx T6 size screw driver and a tweezer. Remember the steps how you
opened the phone as you will have to assemble it later!
Dry the green coloured circuit board carefully and completely. Use a hair
drier or you can also dry it in sunlight or on the top of a TV or a
computer monitor.
Dry the spare parts and components carefully. Be careful with the LCD as
it is very delicate.
Clean the circuit board with spirit using a brush. This prevents
corrosion on the PCB.

      Now re-assemble your phone carefully and if all goes well, your
cell phone should switch on without any hassles. If it fails to switch
on, charge your handset and try again. If it doesn't switch on now, luck
is not on your side. You will have to get your phone repaired at a
service center.

Note: If you are scared or not sure how to open your cell phone and
follow these steps, don't go ahead to repair the phone yourself. You are
more likely to damage the handset further. Just remove the battery and
let a professional cell phone repair engineer do the needful.

If you are interested in learning cell phone repairing, you can join our
online cell phone repair course.

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