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									                          The Naperville                         September 2010

                                                                 President – Jane Barnes, 630-820-0255
                                                                 Editor - Mary Ellen Barry, 630-420-8794
                                                                 Administrator – Erin O’Donnell, 630-637-8717
                                                                 Website -

Calendar                          President’s Letter
September                         Ready for the November elections? There’s still time to become more
15 –Death Penalty forum, 7pm,     informed and to encourage positive and thoughtful discussion among your
St. Margaret Mary Church, 1409    friends and colleagues about the many, many issues that have an immediate
Green Trails Drive                impact on our daily lives.
20-NEW! Table Talk: Why the
LWV opposes districts & term
                                  Your League is offering many opportunities to help you do that, as reflected in
Limits, 9am, Pancake Café, 75th   the calendar and voter service activities in this Voter and on our website.
and Rickert                       Come for informal morning conversation on Monday, September 20, at our
                                  new Table Talk gathering: 9 am at the Pancake Café on 75th and Rickert. That
29-Public meeting on local        stimulating conversation may stir you to attending other evening meetings as
referenda, 7-9pm, Naperville      well. Bring a friend!
Municipal Center
                                  Check out the progress of the nation-wide website Vote411 as it works to give
October                           voters access to candidate, ballot issues information, and voting processes for
3 –Voter Registration,            the November 2 election.
Nichols Library, Upper Lobby,
Naper Blvd. Library, 95th St.
Library, 1-4pm in all locations
                                  Watch for League-sponsored debates between candidates for governor and
                                  Senator coming on ABC-TV in October.
17-Candidates Fair, 2-4pm,
Downers Grove Park District       Come to our September 29 meeting on the two local referenda.
Fitness Center, 4500 Belmont
Ave.                              If you have not sent in your dues for the 2010-11 year, please do so soon. On
                                  page three of this Voter is a copy of our dues notice. We don't want to lose
18-Table Talk; Illinois Issues:   you! Every member makes our collective voice stronger and our impact in the
Recall Amendment, etc.; 9am,      community greater.
Pancake Café; 75th and Rickert

19 - LWVIL Senatorial
                                  In other words, step up to the plate and engage! Democracy is in the hands of
Candidates Debate; ABC-TV         each individual citizen and voter! It’s not a spectator sport.

20 - LWVIL Gubernatorial
Candidates Debate; ABC-TV                                                             Jane Barnes
27-LWV Public Meeting; Illinois
and DuPage Issues; 7-9 pm;
Naperville Municipal Center


2-Election Day
 BEYOND REPAIR: True Stories of Illinois’ Flawed
              Death Penalty
          A live, educational event revealing stories of redemption, forgiveness, and
                 betrayal from those personally affected by the death penalty.

Join us to hear directly from those touched by our state’s death penalty system:

Cathy Crino, whose sister Stephanie was murdered in 1995, will share her experience with the system after the
death of her loved one. Also, hear the testimony of Randy Steidl of Charleston, Illinois, who served 17 years on
death row. Steidl was released in 2004 after evidence emerged he had been framed.

                                  St. Margaret Mary Catholic Church

                                         1409 Green Trails Drive

                                                Naperville, IL

                                  Wednesday, September 15 at 7 p.m.

This event sponsored by the Illinois Coalition to Abolish the Death Penalty in partnership with the Naperville
League of Women Voters, Wesley United Methodist Church, St. Thomas the Apostle Catholic Church, Witness
to Innocence, St. Margaret Mary Catholic Church, Sts. Peter and Paul, , St. Raphael Catholic Church, Joliet
Diocese Restorative Justice Committee, Holy Spirit Catholic Community, Joliet Diocese Peace and Social
Justice Office, Naperville Unit of Church Women United, Grace United Methodist Church, Pax Christi DuPage
County, St. Elizabeth Seton Catholic Parish

For more information, contact Liz Moran at 312-673-3816 or

                               Constitution Day
                              September 17, 2010
    223 anniversary of the signing of the Constitution of the United States –

        LWV Opposes Two Local Referenda on the November
                      Naperville Ballot:

                                       Find out why at our meeting!
                                              Wednesday, September 29
                                             Naperville Municipal Center
                                                    400 S. Eagle

At this public meeting, we will present our case for opposing the local referendum on City Council
representation and the local referendum on term limits for Council members.

We believe that adopting these referenda, particularly the district representation item, would be a bad move
for Naperville. To continue to be a viable and respected organization, we need to demonstrate our grassroots
strength. Please try to be present!

Here are the texts of the two referenda:

Term Limits
 "Shall the city of Naperville amend Section 1-5-1 of the Naperville Municipal Code to limit the number of consecutive
terms which one person may serve as councilman to three consecutive full terms and to limit the number of consecutive
terms which one person may serve as mayor to three consecutive full terms, to be effective beginning with the election in
April 2011, and applicable only prospectively to those persons elected to the office of councilman at the election in April
2011 and only prospectively to those person elected to the office of mayor at the election in April 2011, and thereafter?"
        Source: Naperville Sun

District Representation

“Shall the city of Naperville elect part of the councilmen at large and part of the councilmen from districts with
staggered four year term and biennial elections?”

        Source: Naperville Voter Education League website
        Note: According to Illinois statue, there would be 5 districts created, each with a representative for approximately
        30,000 people, and 3 members of the Council would be elected at-large. The City Council would create the
        districts in compliance with state guidelines for district formation.

At the September 29 meeting, reference materials including interesting maps and statistics used to reach League
positions on these issues will be available, League members - including the representation study committee -
will present our thinking, and the public will be invited to discuss each issue. Our website contains the LWV
position statements and some background material. It is very important that as many League members as
possible be at this meeting, to be familiar with the League positions and be able to speak about them with others
in an informed way.

Note: The group that gathered signatures and lobbied the city council to place these referenda on the ballot has
adopted the name “Naperville Voter Education League.” Please do what you can to clarify with others that this
group is NOT the League of Women Voters. We have asked them to be careful to distinguish between us in
their public statements.

               League of
               Women Voters of

                   “TABLE TALK”
   An Informal Setting with League Members to Discuss Our Opposition to Term
                        Limits and District Representation

                                 We will grab a table at Pancake Café
                                    1292 Rickert Drive, Naperville
                        Monday, September 20, 2010 at 9:00 am

                                                                                 THE PUBLIC IS WELCOME.
                                      Individuals will be responsible for their own food and beverage orders.

                  The League Remembers September 11
Dear League Leaders:

"The League of Women Voters believes that every citizen should be protected in the right to vote… and that no
person or group should suffer legal, economic or administrative discrimination." These important words are
excerpted from the Principles of the LWVUS, the concepts of government to which the League subscribes.

This weekend marks the ninth anniversary of the September 11 attacks. This anniversary comes at a time when
many hateful voices are raised in fear and ignorance, causing undue discrimination. Just this morning, my local
newspaper, the Atlanta Journal Constitution, published a guest column from a newly naturalized citizen
recounting his struggle to vote in the July primaries. Having already presented his naturalization papers in order
to register in the first place, Mr. Herwig Goldemund was ordered by the Georgia Secretary of State to prove his
citizenship again prior to the primary and, having done so, he was challenged once more at his polling place!

League leaders must speak loudly and clearly in support of our principles. We are, by and large, a nation of
immigrants. Cultural, ethnic and religious diversity have frequently not been welcomed in the United States, but
they have always made us stronger. As we honor those whose lives were taken too soon on September 11, let us
dedicate ourselves to making our country stronger and safer by reminding our communities of the importance of

In League,

Elisabeth McNamara, President
League of Women Voters of the United States
           Recall Amendment on Illinois Ballots in November
At the general election to be held on November 2, 2010, you will be asked to decide whether the Illinois
Constitution should be amended to add a new Section 7 to Article III to provide for a special election to recall a
governor and for a special election to elect a successor governor. (See HJR121,

       If you believe the Illinois Constitution should be amended to provide for a special election to recall a
       Governor and for a special election to elect a successor Governor, Vote “YES”.

       If you believe the Illinois Constitution should not be amended to provide for a special election to recall a
       Governor and for a special election to elect a successor Governor, Vote “NO”.

       3/5ths of those voting on the question or a majority of those voting in the election must vote “YES” in
       order for the amendment to become effective.

Summary of the Amendment
No sooner than six months after the beginning of a governor’s term, an affidavit may be filed with the State
Board of Elections indicating notice of intent to circulate a petition to recall the Governor.

The affidavit must have the signature of 20 members of the Illinois House of Representatives and 10 members
of the Illinois Senate. No more than 50% of signatures can be from members of the same political party.

The number of petition signatures required is 15% of the total votes cast for Governor in the preceding election.
Based on the 2006 gubernatorial election almost 525,000 signatures would be needed.

Signatures must be collected within 150 days. 100 signatures must come from each of at least 25 of Illinois’ 102

Two special elections may be required, one to recall the Governor and, if necessary, a second to elect a
successor Governor. (The State Board of Elections estimates the cost of these elections at $101 million.)

See Recall Amendment Pros and Cons on the following page.

                                  Recall: Pros and Cons

Recall improves the performance of elected officials.

Recall provides a way for voters to retain control over elected officials who are not representing the best
interests of their constituents.

Recall stimulates interest in public affairs.

Recall encourages elected officials to be more responsive to constituents.

Voters should have the ability to remove a Governor mid term.

Recall puts an additional burden on the voter (longer ballots, more frequent elections).

Elected officials may feel unduly restrained; they may be reluctant to support action in the public interest for
fear of recall.

Expense of additional recall election is not justified, especially when impeachment or next election is available
for getting rid of an elected official.

Recall can be used for partisan purposes.

Recall can lead to abuses by well financed special interest groups.

How does Recall Differ from Impeachment?
Recall is a procedure that allows voters to remove and replace a public official during his or her term in office.
Recall differs from another method for removing officials from office – impeachment which is a legislative
process whereby the House of Representatives brings specific charges and the Senate acts as jury to decide
whether removal is warranted. (The Illinois General Assembly impeached former Governor Rod Blagojevich in
January 2009.)

                          League of Women Voters of Naperville

  Note: Membership renewal through LWVUS is no longer available. If you paid your dues to LWVUS in
 the past, we invite you to renew now with the Naperville League. You will continue to receive information
regarding state and national League programs as part of your League membership. That hasn’t changed!

                                     Annual dues are due in September
This amount includes PMP (per member payment) assessed by the state and national organizations of LWV.

□          Single Membership                                  $60.00

□          Household Membership                               $90.00

□          “Grandfathered” Senior Membership                  $30.00

□          Student Membership                                 $30.00

□    Donation to Naperville LWV General Fund                  _____
□    Donation to Naperville LWV Education Fund (tax-deductible)                 _____
           Note: For a tax deduction, a separate check payable to Naperville LWV Ed Fund is required.

Please make dues and general fund donation checks payable to League of Women Voters of
Naperville. Return this form and payment to:

                                               League of Women Voters
                                                 Bev Parker, Treasurer
                                                 1330 Deep Run Road
                                               Naperville, IL 60540-7003

Thank you!


    I might be interested in being involved with Voter Service or local issues in the coming year. Call me with ideas!

Name(s):        _________________________________________________________________

Address:         _________________________________________________________________

Email:           _________________________________________________________________

Phone(s):       (H) ___________________(C)___________________(W)___________________

League of Women Voters of Naperville
c/o Mary Ellen Barry, Editor
1134 Omaha Court
Naperville, IL 60540

                                       Death Penalty Forum, p. 2
                                       Meeting on Local Referenda, p.
                                       Recall Amendment, p. 5


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