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									               Boosting Mobile Development - Android Development

We know the futuristic ideas that Android is all about? With the help of Android Development, there
are so many Smartphones and so many applications in the Droid market that you do not need to
look elsewhere for entertainment. The Android phone is no longer simply a gadget; it is a huge part
of our lives. Here are some phones that are bringing about quite a buzz in our very own Android
Development market –

LG Optimus 2X –

This is one of the first phones to have a dual-core processor. This high powered Smartphone one
that is together with Android. The 4 inch Smartphone offer you with an 800 x 400 resolutions and it
has a 1.3 mega pixel camera. The camera and the clarity of the phone as such say a lot about the
phone as such. It has perfect lighting, flash and colour adjustment features that allow you to take
the best pictures and videos. Once you zoom in the picture, you will find that it holds up really well.
Even though the phone is on the large side, neither is it too heavy nor is it too flashy. The design is
sleek and classic on the phone. Collaborating with the LG Optimus 2X, Android Apps Development
has indeed shown is that this is one futuristic mobile development technology.

Samsung – Galaxy 4.0 and 5.0 –

Coming October 2011 and there one more phone apart from the iPhone 5 that people are looking
forward to. Another step in the right direction for Android Development is the Samsung – Galaxy 4.0
and 5.0. This is surely a fine option for all those who want an Android powered gadget, as these
phones happen to support all the best things in Android Development, an amazing resolution of 800
x 480, a super big 4 inch wide screed, an 8GB memory space, that can be extended up to 32GB. This
is just the initial buzz, we are sure that Android is keeping a lot under the hat today and this is why
there are so many people awaiting this.

Let’s hope we have these gadgets in our local stores fast, as everyone wants a piece of them.

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