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									Nick Hurd MP
Minister for Civil Society
Cabinet Office

12th April 2011

Dear Minister

Orange & T-Mobile [Everything Everywhere] giving 100% of text donations to charities

We are writing to you to raise a serious concern over text donations. While O2, Vodafone, 3
and now Virgin are committed to passing on 100% of text donations to charities. Orange and
T-Mobile (Everything Everywhere) are the only remaining mobile operator not to do this.
We consider this to be an impediment to effective fundraising via mobile text giving and I
am now writing to ask whether you could please raise this with Everything Everywhere and
urge them to join the other mobile operators in offering 100% of text donations direct to

The increased use of mobile devices for charitable giving means that this issue has become
extremely significant to the voluntary sector. Giving by text played a key role in Sport Relief
2010, and made a significant contribution to this year’s record breaking Red Nose Day.

We see text donations as an important future revenue stream for charities; something that
has never been more vital given the current economic climate, with the potential to tap into
a new demographic and create a new age of giving.

That is why we are keen for Everything Everywhere to join the others in the sector and
ensure that charities, however big or small, receive the full value of donations made.

Your assistance in this matter would be very much appreciated.

Yours sincerely,

Bruce Leeke, Acting CEO, Institute of Fundraising
Thomas Hughes-Hallett, Chief Executive of Marie Curie Cancer Care and Chair of the
Philanthropy Review
Louise Parkes, Director of Fundraising, British Heart Foundation
Brian Carlin, CEO, Aspire
David Nussbaum, CEO, WWF

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