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     Stories and photos
     by Brain Morton


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          Sticks bark with ‘Pieces of Wood’                                                        Gmnd Confusion (with a beautiful
          by Lester Larch (#4)                                                         into
                                                           To herald the arrival of Sticks
                                                         the land of Weyerhauser, the band has     forest scene cover) and Bulldingblox;
            The seeds were planted in Chicago; released           their most recent studiocarv-    only the   recording locationhas
          now the saplingrock stars, collectively ing,        Pieces of proOa.                     changed.
          known as Sticks, have taken mot in the           The album features thesameslash-          The band was concluding a nation-
          Northwest.                           t / / l l ing, chopping sounds that have graced     wide tour of state parks and forests,
                                                tJ\                                                which included a stop at Woodstock,
                                                                                                   when they landed in the Seattle area.
                                                                                                   Totally taken in by the lush green
                                                                                                   surroundings of F’reeway Park, the
                                                                                                   backwoods boys from        Big    Bush,
                                                                                                   Chicago, decided to changetheir base
                                                                                                   of operation and Seattle home        soil.
                                                                                                     In quest of a Seattle studio, the band
                                                                                                   found  serious    differences between
                                                                                                   way of life and the living patterns of
                                                                                                   Seattlites.                                 relentlessly behind the crooningM a p
                                                                                                     “The Seattle horticultural scene i s      l e w d from the opening G m t White
                                                                                                   really messedup,”saidBob          Alder-    Birch to thefinal chords of the instru-
                                                                                                   wood, lead singer for the former            mental Hocku Hocku.
                                                                                                   Chicago band. “I’ve seen more people           The album i s not without i t s
                                                                                                   abuse twigs in this town than anycity       documentaryvalue, as thebandde-
                                                                                                   our band has toured through.”               scribes their branching out in search
                                                                                                     “Pioneer Square i s lined with trees,                  to
                                                                                                                                               for a place perform live; Stick’s hunt
                                                                                                   and Freeway Park is nice, but it’s a        ld
                                                                                                                                               e to asmallrestaurantnoungeldis-
                                                                                                   drag for myself and the rest of the         cohngout on the outskirts f Federal
                                                                                                   groupto fight through concrete and          Waste, and the title cut of the album:
                                                                                                   brick just to get enough sunlight.”              Preces of wood,
                                                                                                     I n light of the situation, Sticks trans-      We searched for the Money
                                                                                                   planted themselves to FederalWay                 Tree
                                                                                                   area; eventually recording the .basic         0  We found it on 99, near 2 m h
                                                                                                   tracks of Pieces of Wood at Scum-Tac           The banddebuted their live stage
                                                                                                   Studios under the watchful      eye of       show to a packed MoneyTree crowd,’
                                                                                                   producedgardenerJack Ted Bob Mike           which left the building stunnedand
                                                                                                   Templeman Flicker Douglas Ezrin.            splintered.
                                                                                                     The final product, released on Re-           While D. Vo mixed merciless hack-
                                                                                                   dwoodRecords(the label associated            ing with leafy leads, Alderwooden-
                                                                                                   with Barbra Streisgravel’s Evergreen         twined the           The
                                                                                                                                                             audience.         willowy
                                                                                                   and Brush’s Trees ) is Sticks at their       vocalist’s voice seemed to reach the
                                                                                                   leafy finest.                                tops of the tallest trees while hespun
                                                                                                     Highlighting the album are the             and twisted from sidetoside,as        if
                                                                                                   chainsaw riffs of lead axeman James          being whipped by a strong .Northwest
                                                                                                   D. Vo. H i s hacking, slicingguitar lines    wind.
                                                                                                   seem to come out of the woodwork on               run                  a
                                                                                                                                                  “I twenty miles day in prepara-
                                                                                                   cuts. like Queen of Stakes and Re-          tion for the   concerts,”
                                                                                                                                                                       said       -Aid-
                                                                                                   negades (Can Bend Your Branches),           ewood, in between bitesof a bark bar.
                                                                                                   whose lyrics tell a sad and mournful        “I  don’t want the audience to sawlogs
                                                                                                   tale, definitly not for those with weak     out there.”
                                                                                                   limbs:                                         “I think we’llstay in Physical Waste
                                                                                                        Oh momma, I’m in f a r for my           for a long time. The trees stay green,
                                                                                                        life                                    and there’s plenty. of rain to nourish
                                                                                                        and the tong branch of my tme                             as
                                                                                                                                                our songwriting well ’as our roots,”
                                                                                                        Hangman isgoing to use me for           Mderwood continued.
                                                                                                        gattows                                   As long as Sticks remainin the area,
          b a d stick8 gultariat James 0. Vo; his influences Include G d d y 1 and
                                                                              -                         and I don’t have very lung              Northwest fans w have something
          (Leafy) Plant.                                         staff photo by Jim deShutter         D. Vo and the rest of Sticks crackle      besides driftwood to crackle about.

          by Lea Churhall
                               Hall andthepossibilities
          I of marsh grass scheme reminds me of happier times‘
          other throughout his dissertation.
                                                            The Lecture Hall,    affectionately     and cattails for use in gardening.          spending the summera small lake in
            Bufford 0. Croaker,   Professor of            known as ToadHallor the Frog Palace         “There are many more interesting          Lily.”
          Dermatology at Ponds University in              by HCC students, wasfilled to capacity    things to  talk about than warts,” Croak-     Croaker was generallywell received
          Lily, Nebraska, spoke in the Lecture            with Nursing, Medical Assistant and       er stated raucously.                        by the audience.
          Hall, May 19.                                   Herpatology students, who listened          Croaker’s stertorous voice sprang

            Croaker, known to his friends as              eagerly to Croakerspeak.                  from one wall to the other as he filled       “it was ope of the deepest and most
          “Buffo”, originally to lecture onthe              Beginning, as originally planned,       the LectureHallwith i deep sonorous
                                                                                                                            ts                                       ‘I
                                                                                                                                                meaningful lectures have heard    here
                of    acneand     warts on the            with thesubject of warts,Croaker          booming.                                    in a long time,” stated Tad Poles.
          delicate psyche of the college student,         moved to the aesthetic value of using        “ p i s place has wonderful acoust-        “Yeah,” commented an eavesdrop-
          instead jumped  from one subject to the         small decorativeponds in landscaping      ics, he commented. “The color               ping cynic, “about knee-deep.”

              Nudie musical ‘Oh, California’ keptin dark                                                                                                                .

                                                                                                                                                to themenpd health of thestudent
              by 1. Strain                                                                                                                      body,” stated I. Disgusting.
               By a six to two vote, the Highline                                                                                                 “I                to
                                                                                                                                                     constantly had light matches to
           Community College Board Trustees
                                          of                                                                                                    make sure that nothing indecent was
           were able to keep the Drama Depart-                                                                                                  happening on the stage.”
           ment’s new nudie musicalOh, CaZifor-                                                                                                   Althoughthe first performance of
           nia in the dark (althoughthe drama                                                                                                   Oh, Culifonia left ‘many of the audi-
           department wouldn’t know a loop-hole                                                                                                 ence in the dark, the second perform-
           i f it hit them in the face for those who                                                                                            ancescheduled     for tonight will &
           don’t know it, there are only five                                                                                                   better if you have 20 dollars to spare.
               Thosewhoattendedthe           first per-                                                                                           Thanks to the board’s actions, one
           formance were dismayed by the fact                                                                                                   enterprising student, Rick Reliable,
           that the lights in the theatre were not                                                                                              will make a fortune.
           turned on during the entire perform-                                                                                                   Reliable has ma,naged getto        his
           ance. Even more disturbed were                                                                                                       hands on severalhundred infra-red
           members of the cast     who, intentionally                                                                                           sniperscopes andi s willing to rent one
           or unintentionally, kept bumping into                                                    was in prison,” giggled  Brucie Daisey:     toanyonewho will coughup the 20
                                                          Suntan who portrayed Linda.Round-                                                     bucks.
           each other on the stage.                       stand. “Roger (who portrayed Gover-       “It was just heavenly.”
               The performance was       constantly                                                   The director of the    play,     Misty      Asked where he managed to get his
                                                          nor Very Chocolate) was like         an                                               hands onthese scopes, he told this
           being interupted by giggling or shouts
           of “if you bump me one more time,        I’m
                                                          animal,,.look at the bruises on my tush
                                                          where he pinched me. He wasn’t like
                                                                                                    Failure, attacked the  Boadof Trustees
                                                                                                    for their lack of artistic values.          reporter “ none of your  .......
    T ’    going to kick you right in the    .....”       that in rehearsal.”                         “The Board obviously has no idea of ,       Other rnembm of the c ~include
                                                                                                                                                Candy Welfelt as a reformed.aurfer
               Several times during the perform-                                                    artistic values.
           ance, members of the cast fell offthe            “X fell off the stage twice because it                                              turned cocktailwaitreus, P e r c y ,Juutice
                                                                                                      “According to the sixth or is it the
           stageand into thelaps of delighted             was BO dark,” complained Denise
                                                          I portrayed a reformed 19th Amendment of the Constipation-
                                                                     who            W
                                                                                                                                                as the governor’s propa8anda minis-                       .
           members of the audience. I t was later
           reported that one of the cast who fell         akinny-dipper.                            ...
                                                                                                      er...I mean the Constitution, we are      ter, Owen Money aa the Minister of
                                                                                                                                                M a c , Valn Rhoda            a famous
                                                                                                    allowed to perform our musical any
           and a member of the Board of Tms-                .“I into the lap of the game guy way we want to. Those old fogies
                                                                fell                                                                            movie star turned political anarchist                     c
           tees, who was sitting in the front row,        each time and because i t was so dark I                                               and RomanPadadadadowsltf aua weird                        t
                                                                                                    denied our constitutional rights.”
           were missing.                                  couldn’t seewhat he lookedlike which                                                  movie director.
                                                             a shame he had nits hands.”
                                                                                                       One of the board membersdefended
               After the performance,members of                                                     their actionlr.                               Tickets go on rralebehindbuilding41
           the cast complained about working
                                          the                Not all the p e r l o r m m were unhap    “We felt that hrrvinn all tbwe lu-       at seven o’clock A brawl L planad                 *   .
           conditions.                                                                                                                          bebindbuWfnp39forma~intbefrcmt
          .. , .‘%.w s . d@cable,”. .raged. Suzy


         Summer Fashion Show Reveals
         Hidden Talents
             The first ana summer      fashion
          show was held Wednesday, May 2,at 3
          1:30 p.m. in the elegant Multipurpose
          room overlooking the track.
             All models were either Highline
           College students or faculty members.
           They were chosen tobe in the show on
           the basis of their audience  appeal,          "We were trying to capturethat
           modeling ability, and immediate av-        fresh new look," said Joe Focus, staff
           ailability.                                photographer.
                                                         In other words, the photographers
                                                      dragged them in or dredged them out
                                                      (whatever) and started snapping
                                                      photos. But there wasnoexcuse for
                                                      such rash behavior.
                                                         The small audience seemed enjoyto
                                                      the show.I n fact, the room echoed with
                                                      uncontrollablelaughter and snicker-
                                                      ing throughout it. But no one even
                                                      clapped once.
                                                         After the show Gary Hassett, one of
                                                      the models, complained to the press   of
                                                      the sexist handling of the show.
                                                         "The fashion coordinator, that Ema
                                                       Brintz lady, why shehadme pull up my
                                                       shorts. She said, 'Show  more leg,show
                                                       more skin, come  on cutie, show'em
                                                       what you've got.' I t was so embarras-
                                                       sing. I resent being treated as a sex
                                                       object, *'said Hassett.
                                                          "Everyone else was doing it and I
                                                       thought it would cool        to parade
                                                       around half-naked. Butnow Ifeel like
                                                       my body  was being     used," Hassett         Robbie Flash sports the l t s In shorts
                                                                                                                             ae t
                                                       replied when asked why he submitted
                                                       himself to such degradation.                  made of carbon paper for the look that
                                                                                                     comes back again and again.Yellow bear
                                                                                                 -   sddseparately.

Jackand Pete Ofbnheimr (twins) are wearing color
coordinated (with each other) designer ensembles.

                                           Photos by F. Stop


        Former OlymDian distance man

                               DiPPY adds depth to T-bird tracksters
            by Brodie Juantorena                                                                                                                their careers and Waddleis hoping to
                                                                                                                                                increase! the number nextseason.
               Last week’s acquisition of Dale D.                                                                                                 Althoueh HCC has only   lost two
            Dippy by the Highline College track                                                                                                               this
                                                                                                                                                other runners year, Bumd Outman
            team may give the T-birds the punch                                                                                                 and Dyan Alone,Alderwood is con-
            they need the 5,000and1 , O meter
                      in              0O O                                                                                                      cerned aboutthe rule and has ordered
            events.                                                                                                                             bullet-proof jerseys.
              .Highline’s      runners have
            been a disappointmentto the school’s                                                                                                   “It’s not too cool,”     Alderwood
            past reputation of dominance in the                                                                                                 grimaced trying to act like he cared.
            Sport.                                                                                                                                            top
                                                                                                                                                “One of our distance    men,          J.
               To solve this dilemma assistant track                                                                                            Michael Coldsko, has been shot twice
            coach Bob Alderwood run down the
                                  has                                                                                                           in the legs.H e wasn’t killed, but Ifeel
            scouting trail andhas recruited just                                                                                                it’s hurt his performance a bit.”
            thz man the T-birds need.                                                                                                              The track team is currently prepar-
               Dippy, who ran in the 1972 Munich
                                                                                                                                                ing for the Federal Waste Relays Meet
            Olympics representing small Euro-                                                                                                   to be held June 1,1982.
            pean country of  New Grand Femwick,                                                                                                    Greg Roo will be favored in the 800,
            should add maturity and consisten-
                                                                                                                                                l,SOO, 5,0oO,’ 10,OOO and 50 meter hop,
            cy the team needs.                                                                                                                  skip and choke.
               “Dippy’s a fine runner,” smirked
            Alderwood. “Besides that, he’s a real                                                                                                  “ROO should dominate all those
            swell guy and a big kick in the locker   Dale Dippy running t i d behindteammate Greg Roo inthe 5O O metdm in
                                                                            hr                                       ,O                         events as long as he doesn’t screw up
            room. He knows more dirty jokes than     yesterday’s Tukwila Relays. Dippy took eleventhin the        ae
                                                                                                                  rc.                                     his
                                                                                                                                                and lose eligibility by passing some
            anyone on the team.                     former, was  the victim of the new       runners who find it necessary tojump               of his classes,” Alderwood cackled.
               “Did you hear the about    the       AACC rule concerning false starts.       the gun, stated Waddle.                               With Roo, Coldsko, Dippy and team-
            Scottish long jumper?” queried Alder-     “Falsestarts     are really a drag,      “In thepast,whenthere’sbeen           a          mate Rudy Goits running well, theT-
            wood, (Editor’s note - Delete this      especially in the 5O O meters,” whined false start, a judge a gun in the air
                                                                       ,O                                        fires                          bird harriers will be a teamto reckon
            paragraph)                              AACC inspector Dave Waddle. “It’s        to stop the race. Now, he just   fires at          with.
               Dippy will replace Jack Stoolbaker,  inexcusable andt really messes up
                                                                     i                 our   the naughty runner,” giggled Waddle.                  “NO doubt  about     it,” Alderwood
            whowas killed in the Algona. Invita-    time schedule.”                            “Basically it’s really effective,” the            mimicked.“We’rea bunch o f tough
            tional May 28.                            To eliminate this, the AABS Board of  -part time mortician chuckled.                                                 kick
                                                                                                                                                jocks and we’re going to the cleats
               Stoolbaker, HCC’s top 5O O per-
                                        ,O          Trustees has  decidedto      terminate     This year 73 runners have   shortened            out of those other ‘teams*!”

                                                                                                       ” .
            T-bird matmen choke                                                                     Fkeaturmg:

            against Gator women
              Chokers is the moniker for Grays
                                                                                                      Sparky Plug
                                                        Green River Athletic Director Mur-            Sparky Plug,    former designated
            Harbor CC, but the men’s wrestling
                                                      ray H. Nelson was slightly distraught         bench warmer for the Texas  Peons, has
            team inherited the name   May 23 as the
            squad, getting beat badly by thewo-       by HCC’s conduct on the ma‘t.                 become starting shortstop for the new-
                                                                                                    ly formed Highline Collegebaseball
            men’s team from Green River, strangl-       “Wrestling i s supposed to be a non-        team.
            ed their competition posted           a   violent, non-conatact  sport,”stam-             Plug, affectionately . called“The
            narrow victory, 54-43.                    mered Nelson. “I    guess it’s getting to     Plug” by teammates, brings to the T-
              “We went to Green River with the        be like basketball, though. It’s some-        birdsan outstanding of credentials.
            attitude that we’d be easywinners and     thing weshoulddiscussatournext                  The Plug played for the     world
            have alittle fun besides,” gagged head    board meeting.”                               champion New York Yahoos last year,-
            wrestling coach Rugley Woodchuck.           The Highline wrestling program has          but after the wiley infielder wrote an
            “But those girls started thrashingus,     been cut no particular reason, other
                                                               for                                  exposeonthe     history of mushroom
            so we foundit necessary to choke them                       13    of
                                                      than the fact that out the 16 active          growth in Baltimore and its suburbs,
            to death. I guess it’s cool.”             members   have      been indicted for         his career “went to the dogs”.
                                                      murder.                                         Considered a hard-shelled  player by
                                                        “It’s a tragic loss,” HCC Athletic          his former teammates, Plug was re-
                                                      Director Ric Reliable stated. “We got         sponsible for stopping73grounders
                                                      our program built up to championship          last season, while only committing 263
                                                      caliber and then we almost get beat   by      errors.
                                                      a bunchof women.                                 The Plug will join a T-bird squad that
                                                        “Basically, I think when those guys         i s ready for theupcomingseasonand           splrrkVpk(J
                                                              of                      to
                                                      get out prison, we’re goinghave to            looks to be a championship caliber
                                                      start working out more,” Reliable             team.                                       burned out, he should really ignite our
                                                      subtracted.                                                                               team.”cackled Erb, a former Peor
                                                                                                      “We’re tough and with Sparkyin our        himself,
                                                        Highline’s next matchs set for Jan.
                                                                                i                   infield, we’ll be a major contender,”
                                                      31, 1992 against the Lower Columbia           saidheadbaseballcoach Homer Erb.             Plug is a 1926dropout from Tyel
                                                      Red Devils when    the      T-birds’ top        “He’s kind of old, butif he doesn’t get   High School
        T-bird RW bgerbssr chokes his GMCW            wrestler Rog Lagerbeer is estimated to
        opponent.                                     receive parole.

            Modern technoloav used


                     Jet packs might set records            “But with some training, I feel our    Reliable sighed airily. “Notonly i s        head affectionately. “The major ad-
           Johnny Spacial
           by                                            boys a n take whatever        mons-
                                                                                    those          their initial cost staggering, justment
                                                                                                                                 have    for
                                                                                                                                           me                      W i l l be handling
                                                         ters dish out,” he added.                 you any ideaof the cost of high grade       jet pack in flight and praying my
              “We                        be One Of the           problem, to
                                                            Another according               Ric    positronium fuel? And the upkeep,” he       system W i l l be able to overcome the
           strongest cross country teams in the
                         stated Bob Aldefwood, High-     Reliable, Highline athletic director, is  whistled, “is obviously CoStl~.’’          amplified gravitational forces.’’
        *  line                              C08Ch* On   whether ornot therest of the Athletic        “We are sacrificing much in order to       Navigation poses an extra dilemma
           b + POssible
           the . r a n t s effectsof using high  ‘ped    Association of Community alleges - get the jet packs. We are not goingto             to the enthusiastic team.
           JGb )89bAm.
                                                         ( M C C ) will accept Highline’s use of   buy new uniforms and will go to one           “You’re over the horizon even
                                                                                                                                                               ~                   before
             Jet packs are a new dimension the   in      jet packs,                                leis meet  this            -ieason;’
                                                                                                                      upcornin8               you know where heckthe         you’re goini.
                                                                                                                                                                                  ~   ~~~

           sports of cross-country, according to            “I  anticipate a rather large fight   Alderwood added.                            Those cliffs and mountains can jump
           Alderwood.                                    about this, but we   do    have todo        The S and M Budget is tight this year    right out at you. It’s scarey,” an
              “The jet packs that we are purchas-        something to balance out other schools everybody has to‘tighten their
                                                                                                  and                                         unidentified enthusiastic team mamb
           ing are the new fast acceleration       Voit‘ unfair advantages,” Reliable con-        belts’, according to Reliable, explain- er said.
        . 3MxV Ace Weber models which have a             tinued.                                  ing the cross country item cuts.               “So far Ihaven’t quite got the knack
           cruising speed of 70 umiquats          per       Reliable would not state   which         T h e members of the c m 8 country       of being able to stay on the courm,”
           liquat hour,” said Alderwood.                 schools he was referring to as having    team and their coach have mixed             addedColdsko, “1 think that theyll
             There are severalproblemswhich              an unfair advantage.                     feelings about the new innovation in        have to use better marking8 on the
           the HCC cross country         team      may      “It seems anything unique     and     long distance running.                      coume, M) we can see where to go when
           encounter.                                    slightly unorthodox is frowned upon         “To say that training for cm88 coun-     we’re cruisingat 400 feet.”
              “Well,there is a slightamount of           by the AACC,” he sighed morosely.        try will be different i s an understate-       Alderwood has suggested that the
           acceleration on take-off whichcould             “1 don’t want to get involved,” stated ment,”Alderwoodyawned.          “I’m not    cour8cs be marked with distinguish-
           be detrimental to thehealth of our            an official of the AACC on whether or    sure exactly how well i t will all work     able red flags in order for the runnera
           boys,” explained Alderwood. “I’d say          not jet packs would be allowed.          out.”                                       to we the course.
         around 250g acceleration.,I       mean, gee,       Still another problemwith jet packs      ‘‘1 presume that we’ll be doing a lot       “But,” commented      Alderwood, there
          these babies makea Saturn V booster            is their obvious cost.                   le86runningthan in the past,”analyzcd usually is a problem about runner8
          look like a firecracker.                    .,    “Jetpacks obviouslycost      a lot,”  J. Michael Coldsko, scratching his                   mnLonprrg,11


        AA’aareernent an aDDR
                                                    -                    ~

                                                                                                           H    8           C,
        by Deja Vu                                  The directions include Buildingfour                                                                                             the signing  over of one’s first-bornson.
                                                 (the College of Fine and Performing                                                                                            ’      The HCC AA could       possibly     be
           The newly  acquired Associate of      Arts), Building 17 (the   College     of                                                                                           approved by the ICRC and fits within
        Arts degree has met some stiff opposi-   Mathematics), Buildings and 22 (the
                                                                           21                                                                                                       the S&M budget,                to
                                                                                                                                                                                                        according the
        tion at Highline Community College,      Colleges of Miacellany), and Building                                                                                              HCSU.
        according  to    Lionel Treanor, HCC     eight (the College of F o and Foos-
                                                                          od                                                                                                            The proposal to change from com-
        counselor.                               ball).                                                                                                                             munity         to
                                                                                                                                                                                            college university came
           Potential tactics include the modifi-    “The switch to a four-year college is                                                                                           about much    more swiftly than the  final
        cation of HCC to a four-year institu-    seenas a positivestep in the right                                                                                                 AA degree. Only three faculty memb-
         tion.                                   direction,” stated Cheryl Robots,                                                                                                  ers expired before the change became
            “The changeover’to the four year  .  HCSU president. “We tookgreat deal
                                                                             a                                                                                                      certain.
        curriculum would negate theneed for      of time weighing the possible effects                                                                                                  The fast movementof the proposed
        a two-year program like the AA de-                         AA
                                                 of both the new degree and the new                                                                                                  change can be largely attributed to the
        gree, thus ending the past controversy university’system and,    after extensive                                                                                             recent binding   and gagging the HCC
        on the subject,” stated Treanor.         use of a two-man research team, found                                                                                               Faculty Senate. The action i s rumored
            “We fotsee no probleminthe switch..  the latter to be more in keeping with                                                                                               to be part of the S & M Budgetfes-
         Several frat and sorority houses are    thepolicies and philosophies of the                                                                                                 tivities.
         slated to moved into Delrose Manor      students of Highline College.”                                                                                                      ‘‘ Mmf,” stated Bruce Roberts, chair-
         next month, with a few hundred rich         “It’s the best proposal I’ve heard,”                                                                                            man of the Faculty Senate. “mmmff
         college students ready to inhabit the    said Bruce Cravenstein, student progz                                                                                              rrnoonnff nn  eemmm....” he continued.

    a    area at a moment’s notice,” he @d.
            Included in the deal were 8 number
         of cars to parked at bizarre angles
                                                  rams coordinator.
                                                    The AA degree at the core of the
                                                 dispute was passed into being during      U o W Treanor “You’ve 8 8 ~nothing
                                                                                           like thir “b.”
                                                                                                                          1                        -
                                                                                                                                                                                        “Ithink Bruce’s statement pretty
                                                                                                                                                                                     well sums upthenewsystem,”said
                                                                                                                                                                                     Treanor. “It’s about as succinct as we
         and cases of low grade liquor to get    the first fourmonths of 1979 after                                                                                                  can hope to be.”
         students “into the swing” of college     considerable interplay between    the   to total 50 credits. Ironically, math                                                         The HCSU council, Student Affairs
         life.                                    HCSU, Student Affairs ,Instructional    proficiency is amajorpoint      in the                                                     Council, and theInstructionalCouncil
            Maps have been mimeographed    for    councils and theFaculty Senate.         degree.                                                                                    will meetnextweektodiscussthe
         the benefit of studentsandteacher          Requirements for obtainment of the        The AA also calls for additional                                                       questionable transferability o f UW
         alike to make the transition smooth      degree include a 15/15/15 coursedis-    credits of Writing 101, PE 100, a 2.0  ‘
                                                                                                                                                                                     students  to Highline University, or
         as possible.                             tribu tion with the distributed courses  GPA, a two year house mortgage and                                                        HiU.

                     Volum 1, Number 2
                                      . .

                                            Hlghlim Communfty                Cw Midway, Washington
                                                                              ol                                                            June 1; 1979
                                                                                                                                                                                           ~.................. 2  ................
                                                                                                                                                                          Arts and Entertainment.. . . . . . .
                                                                                                                                                                                                          ...... 8
                                                                                                                                                                          ~...........................................*~......  10

                              .and slashes budget
        S&M committee .-scrapes
         by Nasty L Slacker    ,                                                                                                                       the
                                                                                                                                           appreciate opportunities           to be
                                                                                                                                           beaten and thrashed.
           ‘‘Bondage ’79” was the theme this
                                         for                                                                                                  ‘ T m sure everyone would be inter-
    D    year’s S.. and M budget    committee
         meetings at Highline College.
                                                                                                                                           ested in thistype of involvement,”
                                                                                                                                           Robots added hastily.
           The festivities were held in the
         Student Dungeon. In attendence were                                                                                                  The Faculty Sadists are alsodoing ...
         representitives o f all four H C C                                                                                                their share of making existence at
         masochistic councils,                                                                                                             Highline one of the mostinvigorating-
           Resulting from the five special beat-                                                                                           l y masochistic   experiences     in the
         ings, urn, er, meetingsi s an increased                                                                                           Puget Sound area.
         budget to accomodate the       ever in-                                                                                               “The Faculty Sadists are wonderful;
         creasing population of S8r“oriented                                                                                               eversincetheybroughtupthe             AA
         students on campus.                                                                                                               proposal, I’ve been able to write my-
           “Black silk and fishnet Stockings  are                                                                                          self into a virtual state of oblivion,”
         definitely in this year; thanksto an                                                                                              said Melodie Steiger, Thundergag as- .
         increased budget, Highline will have                                                                                              sociate  news      editor and obvious
         more than share of kinky material,”                                                                                               masochist. “I’m shattered!’.’
         said Bruce Hackintosh, a member of                                                                                                    I n addition to thesupply of S&M
         the HCC destructional council.                                                                                                    oriented equipment, campus      activities
            “We’veopted for ropeinstead o f             ---a        -
                                                                                                                                           for next year will cater to the sick-
                                                                      out by the HCSU council for UIO by Highlirb Colb#e d d &   ue
                                                            ””                 ~

         chains in o r studentbondage prog              m n                                                                                 minded student.
         ram,” Hackintosh continued.     “The           exclurrivety.                                                             ae
                                                                        c d the studonta oc) campus nothing and am g o d for the sm.
                                                                         o                                                                     “The Lecture Hall will be sunk 20
         chains were more expensive and      har-       sudden depletion of the whip supply,”      baseballbats;they’re   in thatblack      feet into the ground, filled with slime
         der to use; we’llkeepthe rue@ ones for         Hacmt-b bludgeoned. u       don3 know ‘. , fishnet bag in the very dark closet,”
                                                                                    I                                                       and SbM equipment, and opened the  to
         special occasions, though.”                    where they went to; tt sure beats me?     HCSU council president  Cheryl Robots     public,” Hackintosh stated. “We
            Despite the fine work done by the             The HCSU student   council is also       said.                                    should really rack in the business.
         S%M committee,    problems      still do       perplexed by the suddendisappear-             The student council plans to satisfy     “In keeping with Highline’s reputa-
         exist for campus masochists. A shor-           ance of campus whips,but are coming their masochistic desires summerthis            tion as a landmark of sadism, registra-
         tage of whips has several sadistic             up with alternative routeg for those       by repeatedly playiw softball against    tion procedures    will remain the same,
         people worried.                                wishing extreme pain.                      the Tbondcrgrrg staff.                          l
                                                                                                                                            as w the tradition of crawling across
            “whip6  h v c always been uur    i
                                            tn,         + “ u whips are gone, but we have a
                                                            Or                                       <.‘We may be stretching things too     Highway 99 to reach the Midway
          M) I don’t no if we can handle the            fantastic supply of trundgeons and         far,” Robots said, “but we greatly       Dungeln,” Hackintosh concluded.

    b    Faculty leaves of absence cause many vacanicies                                                                               The history of the development of              researchtopic,“the      detrimental ef-
                                                                                                                                     such taste stimulant8 ia a faacinating           fects of acoustics on humanpsyche
            A substantial majority of faculty                                                                                        Study,Say8 Weeks.                                and the potential benefitsof its elimi-
          membra have requested.leaves of                                                                                              44
                                                                                                                                                                  ,’*he said,         nation.
          abdence, according    to Dr. Filbert                                                                                         Engineering instructor Allen.
                                                                                                                                                                                        Said Quiet of her researchlewe, ‘‘
          McNearly, HCC dean of instruction,                                                                                         Wrench ha8 requeat_ed a leave in order
            The resoomsfor the requestedIeaves                                                                                       to resume work on his experimental
          are m diverse as the instructom and
          administrators who have requested
                                                                                                                                     automoMle which gets 400 miles per                                     ,”she added.
                                                                                                                                     Iiquathour and acbieva8      up to 40              Alsa applyingfor absence leavesare
          them, said McNearly.                                                                                                       m.p.h. downhill with a minimal
            Dr.Brodis0’ Weeku, Scottiahhi~tory                                                                                       amount of leg motion activity.
                                                                                                                                                                                      instructors Olaf Uncry, drama, frtm
          imtructor, fequerted his leave inorder                                                                                       (4                                             Jim Steele, phyaical education, Johnny
          to ba able to succemfuly .#ample                                                                                                                                            Spacial, astrometaphysiologist,
          e%odccuisines MdvS only toscotland,
                                                                                                                                               ,”naid Wrench,
                                                                                                                                                            a glazed look             Robert Alderwood, part-time band
                                                                                                                                     fadin#over hic eye8 ashe held the                member, Sam 0’ Rie, pedaeologist,,
          thistle rulndwichea and Scott’r por-                                                                                       flywheel hedescribedinview.
          ridge.                                                                                                                                                                      Swan Lager,   Australian     wildlife
                                                                                                                                                                           ’*         specialist, Andy Ratlcr, tough guy and
                                                                                                                                                                                      rodent specialist, and Bruno Knuck-
                                                                                                                                       Wrench is 8till in the procass of              lebuster,foosball coach, amongothers.
                                                                                                                                     developinga comfortable sot of psdrrf8             The total number o f . faculty and
                                                                                                                                     for reduced foot fatigue during long             administrative personnel  applying for
                                                                                                                                      dbtance travel.                                 absence leave8 i8 undetermined

                                                    . .                                                                                                                                                                                      J

                                                              4.. ,.”.‘,.-,.       ..... . - . . -*..
                                                                                                ”_         ”””
                                                                                                               ’.-   .
                                                                                                                                                                                               .””         . . .     c   --.-.-- . . . . .


\                                                                                  “ U..   .“   - I   ,.
                   The release of deadly photochemical           of fashion merchahur;ung.I t ’ s a jungle
                                                                                                             reatens all life
                                                                                                              acetate or some other cellulose solu-                     of
                                                                                                                                                      the lengthening the slit up the side.
                dust containing the unstable radioac-            out there and now because of a that l        tionthrough very small holes      and   The addition of a small rose tatoo on
                tive isotope Np-239 into the atmos-              gunk out them floating around I’m           solidifying it in the form of filaments. the left thish is the smart girl’s corn-
                phere has caused some     amount of              becoming a laughing stock!                                    i
                                                                                                             The end products a syntheticmaterial     promhe to fashion.
                concern to Agnes Twimp, head of                     ‘‘I’m not sure I want to be involved     capable of holding more brilliant dyes      “A pair of adorable clunky-heel&
                Highline’s fashion    merchandizing              with that type of a situation,” she said    with reduced bleedover than is poss-     b m p toe .clogs completes the picture
                programs. The dust hasthe capability             uncertainly.                                ible using more readily available or-    of stylishness this summer,” Twimp
                of obliterating a life on this planet.              Twimp, who has been with the col-        ganic fabrics.                           observed.
                   “Oh, this just spoils everything!”            lege since t97S, has been influential in       “The diversification of colors avail-
                Twimp exclaimed while inspecting a               the introductionof synthetic fabrics   as                          of
                                                                                                             able through the use such inorganic         Also “in” this season are satin boxer
                new rayon-polyester pastel   print fabr-         aviable alternative to the orthodox         fabrics has opened up.a new dimensionshorts over a tight-weave torso suit.
                ic. The print is imported underthe               cotton or wool vogue,                       in summerfashionmerchandizing,”            White Adidas and dainty toe stock-
                trademark Moron by Qron’s of Lon-                   “Aside from basically being much         said ”wimp.                              ings are a-must to the chic chick,   says
                don this season.                                 more difficult to launder and   care for,      “This season we arc featuring the     Twimp.
                   “Just look at this lovely print, just         synthetic fabrics offer an entirely new     butterfly plunge neckline  print blouse     “1 feel very positive about this
                perfect for our new line of summer               facet of fabric engineering. The poten-     introduced by Marcel’s of Paris this - summefs fashions,” said       Twimp. “The
                fashions. With all that awful dust inthe         tials for uniqueand colorful prints         year. A waist sash completes       the   addition of the photochemical      dust
                air, what’s a girl to do?” W i m p               utilizing rayon,polyester and other         portrayal of femininity by adding addi- filters, which obscure theentire facial
                explained tearfully.                             man-made   blends    are boundless,”        tional emphasis on stylishwoman’s
                                                                                                                                 the                  area, to prevent loss of life could prove
                   “I’ve worked a good portion of my             Twimp cooed.                                waistline,” she said.                    to be an innovative problem for the
                life tobecome       respectable
                                    a               con-            Rayon and other synthetic fabrics           “The wraparound skirt i s back h l al body-conscious fashion    expert to tack-
                tributor to the rough-and-ready world            are produced by pressingcellulose           its provocative glory, heightened by     le,” she added.

                Casino gambling welcomed by students, faculQ

                amusement o f the public as well as              Cr .
                                                                  om                           ”

                                                                                                                         staff photo by 0- Veroper    When asked whetheralcholic bever-
                students and faculty’members.                    its approval of theproposal to both         funds to meet requests
                                                                                                                             the             of all ageswould be allowed in thecasino
                  Cheryl Robots, president of the                state and campus officials,” she said.      programs.”                             area, Gravensteinexpressed shock.
                Highline CollegeStudent Union was                “We have been struggling to balance           Gravenstein concurred that the in-     “Certainly not!” he replied.“That
                ,overjoyed atthe news.                           the S & M budget, which faces  adeficit     creased revenue would be a boonto      wouldnot    be in keeping with an
                  T h e HCSU has formally expressed              of $48,000. Now there will be sufficient    collegefinances.“We were in a posi-academicatmosphere.”

            .   security ‘pedal power’ eases energy crunch
                by Hi Wheeler                                    paint,includingscarlet  lip balm in         ing for the new transpo’rtation mode;         portation vehicles with the outdated,
                     The HCC Campus Security i s cur-
                                                                 generous portions over the mouth to
                                                                 prevent chapping, in theevent of a
                                                                                                             Reliable and Badgely                        . grease encrusted patrol car, Badgely
                                                                                                                                                           commented, “Theadvances      modern
                 rently in the process of substituting           tumble.                                       “The price of one moderately new,          technology has made over the primi-
                 modernized, energy-efficient vehicles                                                                        at
                                                                                                             fully equipped prlcar could buy      18      tive internal combustion enginein the
                 in place of the     outmoded  standard            I n response toa need diversified
                                                                                         for                 multi-purpose ‘unies,’ four high-            torm of pedal machines i s the greatest
                 patrol car, according to Herman                 transportation needs, the college has       mileage Schwinns  and a couple of            advancement in transportationsince
                 Babgely, head of   Security.          .         also purchased eight Schwinn three-         sporty Stingrays or Motocross bikes,”        the wheel.
               .     “Theincorporation of unicyclesand           speed tandem bicycles, said  Rick Reli-     Reliable figured.                               “When you think of how far modern
                 other such energy conscious vehicles            able, director in charge of campus            “At current gasoline prices, the cost      man has come thesince         last one
                 into standard campuspatrol vehicles i s         purchases.                                  of a full tank could purchase double         hundred  years,       advancements
                 a unique and innovative concept we                “No officer ought to out patrolling
                                                                                       be                    that,” he added.                             made, it staggers the mind,” Badgely
                 have come with,” said Badgely. “We              alone at night,” Badgely said. “We feel       In comparing the new   line of trans-      scratched his head dazedly.
                 shoulda done this years ago.”                   this is an adequate  solutionto    this
            .        Aside from beingbasically fuel effi-
                 cient, the new transportation mode
                 allows the patrolling officer 360 de-
                                                                 problem, keeping
                                                                 gasoline cutbacks.**
                                                                                     inmind      recent
                                                                                                             New courses excite interest
                 gree peripheral vision and, in the case
                 of the new line of A-L VI11 high                                                            by Sue Sayre                           ,
                                                                                                                                                    .      ed an interest in Mumbley-Peg. They
                 performance unicycles, a turning                                                                                                          seem to feel beginning, intermediate
                                                                                                               Several new classes will be offered         andadvancedclassescould        be com-
                 radius of a scant 18 centimeters.                                                           in Fall Quarter, .Pilbert Mc Nearly,
                     “When you are dealing with the law                                                                                                    bined successfully.
                                                                                                             Dean of Instruction, has announced.             “Hawever, we have not reached a
                 those figures can really count,” Badge-
                 l y noted.                                                                                    Journalism students will now have           decision as yet. We must first have a
                     An added plus tothe new method of                                                       an opportunity to  study,   “Pornog-          more accurate idea of the number of
                 partrolman transportation is the op-                                                        raphy: The Writing and Editing of             students actually interested,” M c
                 tional  Omnivision extender
                                     seat          at-                                                       Sexually Explicit Misinformation.’’           Nearly said.
                 tachment,whichcan          raise the pilot                                                                                                  ‘‘Wine-Making at Home” is the new
                                                                                                               “We are titillated at the prospect,”        offering in the Home Economics de-
                 seat on any standard unicycle up to        22                                               Bessie Stringlow, Journalism instruc-
                  feet the         air, allowing  superior                                                                                                                               er
                                                                                                                                                           partment. “Students will l a the n
                                                                                                             tor, stated. “The majority of students        technique of producing a   crystal clear
                 surveillance conditions, according to                                                       in all my . classes are planning to
                 Badgely.                                                                                                                                  beverage, without getting        purple
                                                                                                             register for Porno 101. We may have to        feet,” Kitty Brocker, instructor, pro-
    i               a
              heckuva“We                   time gettingour                                                   use the Lecture Hall in order to seat
    t            boys in blue up therebut      once they’re                                                                                                mised.
                                                                                                             everyone enrolled.                               The practical side of office life will
                 up, it’s like a Crow’s nestor something
                 on that thing,” Badgely observed        casu-                                                 “Field trips are planned to the Ues         be explored in “The Extended Coffee
                 ally.                                                                                       Moines theatre, Kozy Kitty and poss-          Break” seminars. Businessstudents
                                                                   The three-speed gear box allows for       ibly the HCSU office. Married stu-            will havetheopportunity for actuyll
                    To protect a patrolling officer from         greater maneuverablity on  campus           dents will be required to bring notea of      practice in breakrr,
                 the height of the     Omnivision  seat,         walkways and hills,Reliableremarked         permissionfrom their spouses in order         until they reach the goal of makingthe
                 Campus Security has      initiated designs      animatedly. “Also, aparasol fixture         to participateinthe field trips,” String-     break lastthree hours and30 minutes
                 for a high altitude crash suit. suit            which has been proposed would allow         low concluded.                              . and the work period ten minutes in
                                    i ,
                 i s made of an a y gaily-colored flan-          the officers greater protection from
                 nel material, with several large, furry         the elements,” headded excitedly.             Co-edAwareness     andAdvanced             l %a e looking forward to m inter-
                                                                                                                                                           e ;r
                 buttons  down      the front  for       easy                                                Frisbee Throwing have bean added to          esting y.ear in 1979-80, M c Nearly said.
                 removal.                                          Recent oil lrhortages have provkd to      thePhysicalEducation program be-                                          lbe
                                                                                                                                                          “Many of them courses w offered
                     A large peakedhat would protect the         be a key factor in bringing the pedal       cause of popularstudent demand,              at HighlineCommunity Callbge for the
              hr w * A,-f   &‘
                             .    fficer, which would be         power potentialto light, but the advan-       ‘“any H.0,T.A. (Hellovalot Older           first time inthe state, mme for the first
              these babies malt: Y h+d reflective                tages have proved to be poritive back-      Than Average) student8 have express-         time at any college in the nation.”
              look like a firecracker.

                                                                                                                                                       June 1.1979 Thund.mard - 9 .

     Nordal’s background, talent aids HCC students
     by Lon Fox                                                                                                                                                                          Nor-
                                                                                                        ;‘Tor the entertainer,     his personality important than having a degree,
        Marius Nordal, a well known jazz                                                             is his success,’’ Nordal emphasized.          dal stated.
     composer, has channeled his talents
                                                                                                                                                       “If the person has i n t e d z e d the
                                                                                                        Nordal pointedoutthatthe            really music, to make it a part of himeti’; if he
     and philosophies into teaching music                                                            serious musicians, who are good but .redly has a feel for the music, then his
     students at Highline Community                                                                  can’t find outlets, usually drop out and credibility as a teacher is better.”
     College.                                                                                        play part-time;whilethe            musicians      His teaching has not kept Nordal
        Nordal’s interest lies in thepiano,                                                          who are not so good but who like to           rrom performing. He is in a quartet
     which he hasbeen playingsince he was                                                            entertain play for years.                     composed of himself on the piano, a
     10. Considering his  early start, he feels                                                         “Many of these musicians young  are        saxophone player, a bass player, and a
     that stories of child geniuses are                                                              people, who don’t mind the late hours         drummer who       have played     in such
     nothing but myths.                                                                              and the general lifestyle,”      Nordalsaid.  places as the Doubletree Inn and the
        “Generally, a   person gets      better                                                         “But I think i t is undignified to see     Windjammer. Theyare allprofession-
     during high school, thengraduates,                                                              someone who is older (whatever that           al people,  who are involved in the
     keeps improving for about four more                                                             means)competevisually             or profes-   quartet part-time.
     years, and then he usually coasts the                                                           sionally with theyoungerentertain-                Nordal enjoys composing and is at
     rest of the way,” Nordal explained.                                                             ers,,’ he added.                               the moment working with the Dallas
       Jazz and classical music have been                                                               The combination of visual effects’ Symphony an         on          interesting goal:
     thetypes of music that Nordal has                                                                                                              blending jazzwith symphony music.
                                                                                                     and charisma i s the formula for real             “I want to combine jazz, American
     concentratedon and composed        during                                                       talent, a!though Nordal feels that      there
     his career,  using the piano his way to
                                    as                                                                                                              streetmusic, with the more serious
                                                                                                     are a Lot o f good singers and musicians classical music of the symphony. It’s
     “get into the music.”                                                                           who simply don’t want to perform.
        “The piano has been the real.                                                                                                               been tried many     times,and      it has
                                                                                                         N o r a also acknowledges a differ-        usually failed,” he stated.
     motivating force in regard to       the                                                         ence between singers and musicians,
     composing and the publishing of my                                                                                                                Nordal i s also well known for public
                                                                                                     mostly in experience.                          jazz clinicshehas held all over the
     work,” Nordal said.
                                                                                                         “In jazz, it i s hard to rind people who country.
        Before coming to Highline, Nordal             Marius NorQl
     received masters
               his      degree             from                                                                          have
                                                                                                     play well and charisma.                   But     At Highline, he holds classes on the
                                                      people: the pkrformer and the enter-           singers don’t have to       perfect a techni-  History of Jazz, piano instruction, and
     North Texas State University in Dal-             tainer.                                        quesincethey ‘practice’ in front of            Survey o f Music.
     las,the        music
                 best   school          in the                                                       people all the time.But there’s a lot of
      country, he says.                                 He has performed with suchrnusi-                                                               Nordal views musical    show business
                                                     cians as the Supremes,  RichardHarris,,         cross-over;” he said.                          as “essentially, alot of nonsense.”
        While at the University in 1970-72, he       Sonny and Cher, John       Davidson,                                                               “The reason I can say that and feel
     recorded several pieces of musicon                                                                  For many of those reasons, he found
                                                                              i ,
                                                     Gladys Knight the P sand Peggy
                                                                     and                                                                             good about it is because I feel some-
     albums put outonce ayear by the                 Lee.When not       performing,he was             the music business “too        crazy” and so
                                                                                                      came to HCC in 1973 to teach.                  whatdetached. I’ve grown,because
     school. As a result these recordings,
                         of                          recording jinglesand commercials.                                                               I’ve wanted to,*’ Nordal concluded.
     he was   voted    Best New Writer by               Basically, the business is dealt witb          . “Ifortunately had       smooth transi-
     Downbcat magazine in 1973.                      as entertainment, notas music. In the            tions, from my education, to perform-
        I n regard to his experience in the          case of the performer, he has to                 ing, to teaching,’’ Nordal said.
      music business,Nordal found that it ij:
      divided up into two   categories  of
                                                     present quality because his success
                                                     not based onhis personality.
                                                                                            is           The experience of the teacherin the
                                                                                                     “lifestyle” of his field of music i s more               SALON
                                                                                                 i                                                              D’
                          Teacher’s initiative cont.                                                  Hofmann chosen                                          ITALIA
               a tfrom page 2                           We’re asking     not
                                                                    people to           sigi
     that owning firearms was a constitu-            Initiative 363, Larsen said.                     NEH reviewer                                         Get Ready
     tional right. While through the initia-             I f it does make it onto the ballot,
                                                     we’ll try to acquaint people with the              Ellen Hofmann, Humanities instruc-
     tive Gottlieb was attempting tostop
.-   one groupofstateemployees         from          bad parts of the initiative. We have            tor, been
                                                                                                        has     chosen one
                                                                                                                       as             of the
                                                     support from anybody in unions, he               national grant reviewers for the Na-
     taking any typeo f strike action which
     Larsen maintains i s a right.                   said.
                                                        The secretary of state must receive
                                                                                                     tional Endowment for the Humanities
                                                                                                     field. She will be evaluating proposals                  Summer
        “If a otherstateemployeescan
             l                                       123,711 signatures byJuly 6 i f the             from  throughout  the        nation in            . . .with a hairstyle that’s
     strike, why can’t teachers?” he ques-           measure is to be placedon the ballot,           Washington D.C. next week.                           free-looking and easy
     tioned.”In my opinion, he’s bigot. He
                                a                    according to Carol Coe, President of
                                                     theWashington  EducationAssocia-
                                                                                                       The NEH considers gra’nt proposals                    to maintain . .       .
     makes threetimeswhatthehighest                                                                  from individuals and institutions. Re-               designedjust for you!
     paid teachersdo.”                               tion.                                           quests vary from a    few    thousand
                                                                                                     dollars to one for $300,O00.                        letrN Service S o h far
                                                                                                                                                            Men and Women
                                                                                                       Hofmann, with eight other educators
                            Special needs cont.                                                      and industry leaders,will be consider-                      941-4120
     .         m ,from prrge 2
                t                                    then the
                                                      convey           information to t h i
                                                                                                     ing 2s proposals in the education                   24645 Pacific Highway S.
                                                                                                     category.                                         Just Four Blocks South of k C C
                                                     departments they effect.
              because Ihave to see that                Streich wBs hired to      Special
     classes they are taking are within the          Needsoffice which exists primarily to
     agency’s guidelines,” stated Streich.
                                                     make a smooth entry for a student into
                                                                                                       we’re okafor a few aood Demle                           u     ~~   a-   -   -m“-

         check Savingsbought ten $25
                 If            YOU
                       Bonds, you’dpay
                                                                     If this sounds like a
                                                                   come-on, then come on. Join
         this $187.50,five you’dgetbackthe
               $250 in
                                                                       Payroll Savings Plan.
                                                                   Save with U.S. Savings
         math:                                                     Bonds.

E                                      L

                                     wir k
                         OUR STAFF OF 12 SPECIALISTS

                         PARA-PIVCH0100Y CAMP
                AN    iNfORMAliVE YET UNiQlJElY SER€N€ €Xp!ORAliON                                        You want to work with people, but want a B.A. Degree, additional skills
                                  Of   iNN€R R € A l i l i E S .
                                                                                                        and knowledge, and you need to support yourself?

                          JUNE 24Vk rkRu JUNE SOTk                                                         The Human Services FVogram is a     two-year offampus learning
                                                                                                         program leading to a B.A. Degree from Western WashingtonUniversity.
                                   % 252’po                                                              The curriculumstresses the knowledge that is essentialfor effective work
                                                                                                         in human srie agencies.
                                                                                                          The HumanServices Programwith its night classes and work component
                                                                                                         may be your answer, and you don’t have to leave King County to do it.

                                                                                                                             For more inlormatian c na t
                                                                                                                                                     o t c:
                                                                                                                     Rec~dting,   Hanun Serplces Roprm,Western
                                                                                                                     W p h g t a a University, 2080 NE P r
                                                                                                                                                        e- Way,
                                                                                                                                       8 .
                                                                                                                        Seattle, WA 9 mTebphwe: 5 4 W 3 4
                                                                                                                                                                                                                              Juno 1,1979 Thund.mord        11

        Shortages and fuel for thought
                                 Wd the progressloJ, of tlme and bhe in*
                              cIIR6sed ~oynp~itwltles bur i h s and bur tedr-
                              m i w kwnlw m m m n many of us    t
                              tJllnkback to a time Wen thlngs w m better. Or
                              were my?                                                    How qulckly things seem to change when
                                 The gas lim that have bsen replonslble Ibr            someone else employs ~esamtypeufmethod
                              everything f m inumvenlmae to violence w e               to Increase the value 01 thelr pmdua, especially
                              mn'tanyshorterin         lm. 7 m people were
                                                              7                        when one considers 1 act that themal estate
                              scmam/ngatmt me oufragousprim of gasoline                pri- have never    1      bveled offi as did the
                              at S cents a gallon,                                     gas p r i m after 19B.
                                 How much wuld some of us give now to be                   The primary reas thatpeople am much
                              abie to pay that wtmgous prlce for the gas we            mom aware ofthe            situation and not real
                              are putting into our tanks at over 80 cents a             estate is the fact tha ?sis something that we
                              gallon today 3                                            alwayshaveaneea          ;andconsequentiywe
                                 Oneofthemostunfortunatecircumstances                   are made more     awar f it every timewe ttf to
                              surmunding the current gas shortage is that
                                                                      (3)               obtain fuel.
                              the parties that are k i n g blamed are the ones              But understanding rituation doesn't always
                              we see, not the/ ones rttsponsible.                       make it any easier       teal with, sometimes it
                                 Service station owners and attendants    are just      makes it even mor lifficult. In most       cases
                              as much vlctims of the game as the rest of us.            understandlng a pml 3 that you are unable to
                               7ney can't sell what they don't have. And the            do anything a b u t se E' only tu frustrate you.
                              game has been     givennew
                                                     a           twist withthe              And when there ar gRat number of people
                              government playing with    aiiwtlons.                      In the same sltuatio, only makes them mad-
                                 But even the oII mmpmles that are wntml-                der andless underst; ng. The recent situation
                          .                      gas
                              ling the oil and pipelines    aren'tdoing                  in California is mon an example than many
                              anything that'w wuldn? do If we w r e in their             service statlonomel 3m to think about.                   Fortunately, the situation in the area atvund         gasollne, but just to the norfb of us there seems
                              same situatlon.                                        . .    Peopie waltlng In c lines for over two hours,      us has not yet reac&d the point where people             to be no indication ofa gas shortage.
                                 It seems hlghiy unlikely that any us muid
                                                                    of                   pregnant women b e l wsaulted tior thetr posf-        are afraid to take a place in a fuel Nor are
                                                                                                                                                                                   line.                    mere are no gas -lines, prices at some sta-
                      r       sell something fior lem If we wuld wait for a
                              shoH prlod of tlme andsell it for a higher
                                                                                          tion in line,g s
                                                                                          trying to
                                                                                                                   c Man& belngshot for
                                                                                                                    gas !imit, ail indicate
                                                                                                                                               lines that boast an hour and a half Walt com-
                                                                                                                                               monplace in the Pacific Northwest, but      if hu-
                                                                                                                                                                                                        tions were evenunder 18y) centb a gallon fir
                                                                                                                                                                                                        regular g0s. 777ere are aim no lines, no waithg      --

                              price.                                     -                how mtlonai indlvic 9 canbein a shoHage              man nature is anyIndication,theworstmayyet           *   and no complaints about anytype of gallon per
                                 Many people have been dolngfor years with
                                                               It                      sltuati&.                                               be before us,                                            customer limit. Wnich Is grvat; if you live in
                              real estate. Drivlng the price up to the paint that        Yet these same p          'e are usually the ones        m a t is even more interesting is the fact that       Monroe
                              it doesn't seem likely that any us In thls area
                                                              of                       who are most s e m i        ! to the biatant violence   the shortage seems to oniy a f k t certain reg-            - But @r now, the gas situation is something
                              will ever own thehouses we may eventually                that often abounds i         arious segments of our                       -
                                                                                                                                               ions. The Seattie Tacoma area has been harrd             thathasbecomea part ofourlivesandyet
                              declde to putzham.                                       soctety.                                                        to the
                                                                                                                                               pressedmeet Increased   demand for                       another item to deal with.

                                                                                                          St0 by John Miller
                                                                                                          P c s by Brian Morris


                                                       P u a M to tho Ilmk

    I                                                                                                                                   I
             Strong performances highlight ‘Dear World’
             by John Miller                             cast seeming to have difficulty enun-  tended to be slow in some places but         times movedrhythmically and at‘oth-
                                                        ciating during thechorus segmentsof    not excessivelyso and strong    portray-     resembled spastic contortions.
               I n one of the finest series of per-     the show.                              als by individual cast members made             The emphasis of the song was on      the
             formances this year, the cast of Dear        “One of the reasons that the opening these segments even less noticeable.         difference of the garbage created by
             World entertained substantial crowds show went slowly was the fact that a            There were mury outstanding 18.           normal caring people and the emotion-
             at the Highline College Little Theatie majority of the cast workedaroundthe       pects that made tbtmasicalwell worth         less unfeeling individuals portrayed
             with an excellent combination sing
                                            of          clock, almost to the the show went attending, one of the most noteable
                                                                            time                                                            by the President, Lawyer and Prospec-
             ing, dancing and acting.
               The performances started slowly   on
                                                        on, constructing the set,” stated cast   e
                                                                                               b gthe music is l.
                                                                                                  ni              t ef                      tor in Just A Little Bit Mom          .
                                                        member PatFrawely.                        The orchestra, which included ten            Walsh’schoreography         was more
             opening night with the majority of the       The performances that      followed  various instruments centered around          than effective enoughtomake            this
                                                                                               pianistlorganist Greg Short, provided        point clear to the audience,and its
                                                                                               an atmospherethat effectively built          quality was   obviously appreciated,
                                                                                               the m o d for different scenes.              judging from theenthusiastic resp-
                                                                                                  The musical itself was highlighted        onse it received from the viewers.
                                                                                               by excellent performances by many      of       The only consistently weak part of a
                                                                                               the principal characters. Two of the         strong series of performanceswas the
                                                                                               cast members who consistently     turned     underlying romance between Denise
                                                                                               in strong showings were Connie Dent          Elder who portrayed NIM, a waitress
                                                                                               (Aurelia, The Madwoman of Chaillot)           at the Cafe Franch, and Christopher
                                                                                               and Tim Siciliano (The msident).             Donley who represented Julien, a
                                                                                                  Dear World, which centers around          former aid to the President.
                                                                                                the attempts of tbe patrons of the             Both people appeared to be some-
                                                                                               Cafe kancis to stop greedy industrial-       what uncomfortable with the charac-
                                                                                               ists froai turningParis into a city of oil   terstheywereplaying,         and Elder’s
                                                                                               demiclts, benefited greatly from the         performance suffered from a lack of
                                                                                               portrayals of Dent and Siciliano as                                      in
                                                                                                                                            gestures most noteablely I’ve Never
                                                                                               opposing forces representing happi-          Said I Love You.
                                                                                               ness and cor ruptioa.                           Donley and Elder did, however, both
                                                                                                   Dent exhibited a professional pre-       give excellent accounts of themselves
                                                                                                sence that from her first’appearance        in the quality of the various vocal
                                                                                                was intensified with each numbershe         numbers they performed.
                                                                                                sang. Her character had manysubtle             Strong performances were turn- also
                                                                                               points and inferrences about life that       ed in by many of the supporting cast
                                                                                                were well represented in the show.          members, most noticeably Eric Tyler
                                                                                                  Tim Siciliano was just as effective in    and Cynthia Combs.
                                                                                                theopposite side      of thespectrum.          Tyler, who played a waiter at the
                                                                                                Siciliano exemplified the personifica-       Cafe Francis, added.g?eatly to the
                                                                                                tion of corporate evils and insensitivi-     presentation with both his voice and
                                                                                                ty to the point that he received occa-       his ability to add to the central flow of
                                                                                                sional boos with hisapplause at the          various scenes.
                                                                                                curtain call.                                  The performanceof Cynthia Combs
                                                                                                   I n addition to excellent individual      in the play as a deaf  mute i s especially
                                                                                               performances the    choreography for          enjoyable due toher doing the part in
                                                                                                the showwasalso        well done,and a       mime.
                                                                                                consistent source of well received en-         Combs has been involved in mime
                                                                                                tertainment.                                 for the past four years and her per-
                                                                                                   The first choreographed numberin          formance in B u r World reflected the
                                                                                                act onewasdone by Stacy Buroker,             many mood changes,using only facial
                                                                                                Siciliano and featured Jim Rogers as         expression and hand gestures.
                                                                                                TheProspector,Gerald Duff asthe                                of
                                                                                                                                               “A wide range people, all of which
                                                                                                President’sLawyer and Siciliano theas        being so involved in all the different
                                                                                                President.                                   aspects of the show,really helped give
                                                                                                   The piece was titled Just A Little Bit    a lot o f us a feel for the       whole
                                                                                                More andwas a humorous bit which             presentation,” said Tyler.
                                                                                                convinced the audience that       the          And that feeling has been more than
                                                                                                characters.performing it were indeed         evident in the excellent entertainment
                                                                                                overcome with greed.                         qualities exhibitedin the presentation
                                                                                                   Having the greatest impact on the         of Dear World.
                                                                                                spectators, however,was       the song
                                                                                                choreographed by Stephanie Walsh
                                                                                                titled Pretty Garbage- Ugly Garbage.
                                                                                                   It featured Les Paul Kniskernas The
                                                                                                Sewerman, along with the patrons of
              Cindy-Lee Franklin, Connie  bent and Loti Fowler who portray8doiabrlelle, Aumlia  the Cafe Francisin a flow that was at
              and Constance, three of the Madwomen of Paris in ths HCC production at ‘Dear

            Summer Theatre and Conservatory ~nnrst year
                                                                                                                        1              0             I.      m

                                                                                                                                               Douglass will be conductingaudi-
             by K.J. Harmeling                                                                                                              tioning workshops that will simulate
              The season for the Highline College                                                                                           actual auditions.
            Summer Theatre and    Conservatory                                                                                                 “The idea i s to teach them to concen-
            began May 10 and will run through                                                                                               trate on what they are doing rather
            July 28.                                                                                                                        than on themselves,” said Douglass.
              During this a
                          time,       company of                                                                                               “1’11 be theauditioneer,andgive
                             professionalac-                                                                                                them the do’s, don’ts and deadlies of
            tors-in-residence and community                                                                                                 auditioning,” she added.
            members will produce two plays, Noel                                                                                               In addition to the two productions,
            Coward’s Hay Fever’ and Shakes-                                                                                                                         l
                                                                                                                                            ’the conservatory w &fer daily clas-
            peare’s A Midsummer’s Night Dreum.                                                                                               ses in acting, scene design, costuming,
              The professional  actors-in-resi-                                                                                              management, lighting and all other
            dence were cast by audition from the                                                                                             aspects of producing which complete
            large community of professionalac-                                                                                               the theatre experience.
            tors living and working in the Seattle                                                                                             Anyone 1s years of age or older with
            area.                                                                                                                           a serious interest in learning about
              Chosen as the  actors-in-residence                                                                                            professional summer theatre may re-
            were Dennis Percy,    Inga Douglass,                                                                                            gister for the conservatory.
            William Wilter, and FAward Baran.                                                                                                  Open enrollment for the conservat-
i             These actors will play leading roles                                                                                          ory began onMay 10 and will continue
t           in the Summer “bestre, teach classes                                                                                            through June IS.
            in their area8 of expertise, and offer                                                                                             Company call will be at 10a.m. seven

            other programs to the college and                                                                                               days a week, with rotationand holidays
            community daring tboir rebidencm. ,                                                                                             arranged eachweek. Special arrange-
              Two of these actors, Dennis Percy                                                                                             ments can bqmads far each company
            andfnga Douglass, are presently in                                                                                               member after regirrtradon a d during
            rehearsalsfor Hay Fever, to open June                                                                                            orientation. Variable credit is avail-
             13.                                                                                                                             able o atudenta who have other
               Percy wl play the role of David, to
             Douglass’ Judith, the wacky parents                      in
                                                                                                                                             commitments or who              wh
                                                                                                                                                                         a le88 in-
                                                                                                                                                terne cxpclrlenm.
             a 1920’s British theatrical family.                                                                                            -  Company membsrr rbauld regher
               The plot of the play focuses on an                                                                                            for D r a m 296,and antact Dr.Quirti-
             unplanned h w party when                     each                                                                               na Taylor, Director of Dramatic Art8
    -   4   .member of the family invites a special                                                                                          at HCC.
             guest, without the knowledge of the                                                                                               S U ~ H C ~ m ~ a
                                                                                                                                                 ,               a ~ d   .
                                                                                                                                                                         ,  w for
             others. “ r . . . C . . “ * . . .. . ,* - * -* .- - * * - . .
                ....                               .
    Gabriel ends Lecture Hall concerts with power
    by June Hdst and Kevin Stauffer                                                                                                                              W i t h t h e h b b l l i t y of the market,
                                                                                                                                                              not knowing what’s going to be big, it’s
       A combinationof rock, pop, andjazz,                                                                                                                    hard to make plans.One must look for
    courtesy of Seattle-based performing                                                                                                                      the right producers and managers
    group Glbticl, brought the Highline                                                                                                                       until the magic combinationi s found,”
    CollegeLecture Hall concert scene to a                                                                                                                    he continued.
    close May 24.                                                                                                                                                Gabriel was noted by Rick Nelson, a
       Running through  selections    from                                                                                                                    special writer for the           Seattle    Post
    three studio albums and one pending                                                                                                                       I:ttefligencer, in a music commentary
    disc, Gabriel exhibited poise in per-                                                                                                                     fortheir“thoughtfullyconstructed**
    forming for a less-than-crowded facili-                                                                                                                   songs. Lauberattributes the             band’s
    t ; strings broke, butthe band didn’t.
     y                                                                                                                                                        composingand arranging excellence
       Instead, the band created afriendly                                                                                                                    to practice.
    (alibi not exactly clean) rapport with                                                                                                                       “ think it’s that we’ve been together
    the audience; while rhythm guitarist-                                                                                                                     practicing for so manyyears. We’re
    /vocalist Frank Butorac   broke and                                                                                                                       good at our original       material as a result
    changed strings on luckless Gibson
                        his                                                                                                                                   of practicingour ownmusicrather
    SG, drummer Mike Kinder spewed                                                                                                                            than top40 songs,” he said.
    forth a tavern-oriented monologue of                                                                                                                          LauberandButoracbothcompose
6   humor.
       “It’s really embarassing being up
                                                                                                                                                               songsand write lyrics for the band.
                                                                                                                                                               Both have been writers for about 10
    here in front of 30 people,” Butorac                                                                                                                       years.
    saidas he wrestled with the second                                                                                                                                                    no
                                                                                                                                                                  They have had formal training but
     betrayingstring. “But love you all,”                                                                                                                      polished up    their talents with practical
                                                Bass player Gary Ruhland drummer Mike Klndsr p n l sairtight rhythm tar dsbri
                                                                                              n rd
     Kinder added dryly.                                                                                                                                       experience. They’ve been influenced
       When Butorac,Kinder, bassist Gary                                                                                                                       by           rock
                                                                                                                                                                  country, n’                  roll, jazz, and
     Ruhl and keyboardist/vocalist/guitar-                                                                                   staff photo by Chris Campbell
                                                                                                                                                               contemporary music.
     ist Terry tauber were not relaxing        Martha, a Lauber-penned tune which                                    There’s so much we have to                   “We also enjoy going out on the road,
     with the crowd, Gabriel performed 15      received considerable local well as
                                                                               as                                    share                                     doing substantial dates,” Lauber said.
     tight arrangements o f all-original       national airplay.                                                     it’s so nice to know you’re there            Theyappeared with Burton Cum-
     material.                                    “I   suppose Martha hasbroughtus                                   forever, forever, together                mings Dec 1978 and played in Atlanta
       Probably the most recognizable of       more recognition than anything else,”                                  Yes I know you are                       with Toto January of this year.
     Gabriel’sLecture    Hall efforts was      Lauber said. He and the band are at                                    the one for me, baby                        “Our main followingis in the South
                                               ease with      their    original material,                             There’s no place I’d rather be           and Southeast (U.S.),” said Lauber.
                                               which Lauber defines as ‘‘contempor-                                                       in
                                                                                                                   An eight-year stint the music field            Gabriel also toured the Eastern          Mid-
                                               ary pop;” Gabriel often strays    from the                       gives Gabriel theexperienceneces-               west in January o f 1979. They had
                                               pop path, however.                                               sary to   pull off their pop approach.          mostlycollegeand university dates,
                                                   ‘We feelmore comfortable       with the                         Gabriel started out     as a six-piece      and a couple of shows;             plans     are
                                                stuff that wewrite,” Lauber stated.                             band in 1971. They dropped a coupleof          uncertain for their next tour.
                                                “We do somecountry, too. Iplay pedal                            members and have had four for the                 “That’s all contingent on our next
                                                steel guitar, and do westernjust for
                                                                    we                                          past three years.                              project. We’re a daytodaygroup,”
                                                fun.                                                                                                           Lauber added.
                                                                                                                   “Ithink   probably the        most fun
                                                   “We started off with jazz; we really                                                                           The group       not
                                                                                                                                                                             does usually                  play
                                                                                                                aspect of our work in Gabriel i s the
                                                have a backgroundin jazz music.”                                actualrecording and practicing,the             many clubs except in the summer.
                                                   I t i s this refusal of Gabriel to stay                                                                        “Clubs becomelucrative in the sum-
                                                                                                                actual doing o f the project is the meat
                                                within one musical style which leads                            o f it,” said Lauber, during interview
                                                                                                                                                  an           mer; 15 to 20 per cent of our income
                                                Lauber to sayof his band’s stance on                            before their performance hereat HCC.            comes from them,” said Lauber.
                                                the music                         in
                                                              industry, “We work a very                                                                            “We’re selective about the clubs we
                                                capitalistic situation;we’ve chosen to                             Their firstalbum, This StaronEvery           play because we’ve been at for eight it
                                                play by some rules and not others.’’
                                                                              by                                Heel.was put out in -1976 on ABC                years,”hecontinued.             Gabriel plays
B                                                  One rule Gabriel does adhere to in
                                                much of their original material is a pop
                                                                                                                Records. Sweet Retease, their second,
                                                                                                                also on ABC, came out 1977. Gabriel,
                                                                                                                                                                colleges during the school year.
                                                                                                                                                                   “We’ve played in every conceivable
                                                rule of thumb:keepthe lyrics on a                               their third album, was released on the                   and
                                                                                                                                                                situation we’ve                learned  from
                                                ground level and the melodies simple                            Epic label last fall. The group is now in       them,” Lauber said.
                                                but catchy.                                                     theprocess o f working on another                  The membersof Gabriel have work-
                                                    Together, a song which the band has                         album.                                          ed hard during their eight years to-
                                                recently composed, displayed the sun-                              “We just left our record label,  Epic.       gether, accordingto Lauber.
                                                ny, jazz-pop music coupled with plain                           It’s the third one we’ve left. We were             “I  think our basic goal i s to attain
                                                lyrics which Gabriel used with effec-                           with Electra in 1972 but no  album came         some sort of recognition for what we
                                                tiveness throughout the     performance:                        out of it,” stated Lauber.                      feel we are attempting to do,” he said.

     The Entertainer; a talk with Larry Cooper                                                                  “there are over 10 O more singers
                                                                                                                                    0O O                         “1 can’t describe thefeeling of being
                                                entertainer’s needto be “genuine” for
     by George Erb                              the audience.                                                   that have broken out the lounges and
                                                                                                                                        of                     on stage; the applause and the encores.
        Highline College alumnus       Larry                                                                    are recording.)’                               Tbe feeling of      satisfaction is so
     Cooper chose to beprofessional
                                                  After playing Holiday Inn lounges
                                                                                                                  “It i s easier to get run over on the        dramatic.    ..Ijust can’t describe it.’’
                                               for a year, Cooper signed     with Seattle’s
     musician after his 1974 graduation.  He                                                                    freeway by a 747 than to make it big in           “Imiss my music like Imiss mybest
                                               Jack C . Belmont Agency.         Cooper
     worked musicians   “grind”           for                                                                   pop music,”
                                                                                                                      he          said.                             said.
                                               toured northwest lounges, performed
     three years  before      giving up and
                                               a growing            of
                                                           number concerts             and                        “If I had one             to
                                                                                                                                   message young
     moving on to another area of work.        recorded his first album, Sharing                                musicians,” Cooper jokingly said, “it
        Coopercomposed  and        performed   Dreams, Lovin’ Times and Things , in                             would be this: get your      birth certifi-
     contemporary pop and country music 197s.                                                                   cate         to
                                                                                                                    changed show     that         YOU are
     in additional!for three years.                                                                                        the           of
                                                                                                                related to president Capitol
        First Cooper started out working the      4 4 1 realized I was going up,” Cooper

     l c l lounges, beginning
                    thus         “the          said, “it was really happening. But I                                                    to
                                                                                                                Records. Then prove people        that YOU
                                               w a s losing realism
                                                                my          in         the                      have talent!”
     grind”. H e gained regionalrecogni-
     tion, performed concerts and then cut momentum.”                                                              Cooper distilledhis message:con-
     an album.                                                                                                  nections count.
0       Cooper’s reminiscense of those
     three years is a blend of ambitions,
                                                  Cooper rememberedthe darker side
                                               of professional entertainment.
                                                  “It’s such a glorified profession,” he
                                                                                                                   “All of the people who have madeit
                                                                                                                big today know somebody in the right
t    occupational pressures and the unique
     rewards of being a performer.
                                               said, “but it’s also a competitive and
                                               high-pressurefield; everyone wants to
                                                                                                                place,” Cooper said.
                                                                                               Still, despite often dark descriptions
        “There is no such thing as an over-    be a star.”
     night success anymore,” Cooper said                                                     of his performing career, Cooper mis-
     for the aspiring musician. “Beginners        Larry Cooper wanted to be a star     too,  ses the rewards of the stage.
     start out working the lounges. The        and with an expanding career came
     concern is to work, and get regional      popularity and enthusiasticfans.
     acceptance.”                                  “I   started believingwhat everybody
        Only after cultivating regional         told me. Iwas playingthe games other
     recognition, Cooper explained, can the people play. Iwas an entertainer all of
     musician expest concerts or maybe, a
     recording contract.
        Talent is only part of the ingredients
                                                the time,” he said.
                                                   Emotionally it’r devartatinrg. Iwould                              for every                                       Are you slck and ttred
                                                                                                                                                                      of spending a fortune
     necessary to a professional musician,
     according toCooper.
        44Some  people can play a Buitar and
                                                like to kaow one sntcrtriner who bua
                                                8ocu We. Wben othm rtut to r l x
                                                p t’c 8-8                         O
                                                                                     ea ,
                                                                   to #O t0 WO!k Y U W O r f
                                                                                                                       age and                                        on tapes and records?

     sing; that’s a well and go06,” C o e
                    l                   o pr    and watch tbtm rclrx.”
                                                                                                                       Interest                                        Sound off at the place

     said.“But,the     other SO per cent is        “Sometimes it felt like beinga monk-                                                                                   wlth the blg, fat
     getting yourself together so that you      ey in a cage,” Cooper mid of perform-                                                                                    Inventory and the
     can premnt yourself on stage.”             ing “you h o w , put a 0Uit.r hhi8b d                                                                                    thy, llttle prlces!
        “ooitu plrysrr d r b @ e n.I”c a        and watch him perform,”
     dimeaQur,Tbaw8thtper8i8tin                                                                                                                                                                                   .
                                                   Cooper 8tre8sed tbe competitionand
                             and psnaarlltp the arnbitiour prem of cauntlerr,rspir-                                       Burien Books
     are tb om# that make it#,”       c-pr      ing muaicfurs.                                                                 244-1422
       C o em e
         o pr m d
            t             the’ need for a         T t every a h # b mtemimt t L t
      perfomwr to b8 8iacets 011 atagd; the      ~ U k t b e t e p # ” c a p e r ~                                        1
                                                                                                                         a &W.;lS~
                ,k,T ,y**fl
                          ,cL\ .**<‘.A
                                                          ,&.*”,‘.*,’. ,!,‘,‘.,   .‘,”   ’   .*;!il-.;a>.t!L’
                Alien’- a technically advanced “B“ movie
        bv Ric Bmwne                               a of double bill or a film that
                                                                               capitalizes     f’ilm and send8 them running tothe               which lacks the technical excitement
                                                                                               n m s t film library to try to identify                                            m
                                                                                                                                                of other computers in other N ssuch
                                                                                               what that tilm is.”                              as Stanley Kubrick’s 2 :A Space
                                                                                                                                                                            W    l
                                                                                                   Dan O’Bannon’s screenplay fits this          odyssey.
                                                                                               category. There is nothing unique or                The second reason the direction
                                                                                                                                                                        is               of
                                                                                               original about the storyline.                    Ridley Scott.
                                                                                                   The story-line takes us aboard the               c t,
                                                                                                                                                   S ot who directed the award win-
        or anywhere else for that matter.        category i s almostas difficult but if the    commercial starship “Nostromo” on                ning picture, The Duellists, never
           This statement is notmeantto be       defiGition is stretched a little further      its waybackto        earth. The ship is          allows the special effects to take over
    t   derogatory; in fact, it is meant as a    Alien fits right in.                          diverted to an unknownplanetbecause              the story. Heallows each character the
        compliment. Some bf the finest   science   I n B Movies, the author, Don Miller        of a distress signal.                            chance to develop andmature instead
        fiction films were classified as “B’     states: “A ‘B’ movie fits into mtber              Once the
                                                                                                       on planet,           three crew          of beingboggeddown with an overdose
        pictures.                                                             m
                                                 category. Tbc plot of the N b easily          members disembark      from the shipand          of visual effects that stifle the actor’s
           Some will argue that the definitionof recognhcd.sbeingdpboacdofYfrom discover a huge space! ship that, for                           ability to be creative.
        “B” movies does not apply to Alien.      several other film& ”hat is to my, the                                     has
                                                                                               some unexplained reason, crashed                   These creative aspects occur during
        “B” picturesare defined as low-budget    audience can pick out puts of tbc fllm        onto
                                                                                          planet. the                                      m    the cast’s desperate attempt to combat
        productions usually designed as part     tbat se to rcmind them oflaotber
                                                       em                                          While investigating the ship, one of         the alien aboard the   space craft. Seven
                                                                                               the crew members discovers several               extraordinayperfomace*aretwned t            p
                                                                                               hundred eggs lying in the holdof the             in by the fifm’s seven stars   -      Tom
                                                                                               ship. Upon touching one, t hatches and
                                                                                                                          i                     Skerritt, Siooprpey Weaver, Veronica
                                                                                               leaps out andattaches itself to the                             a y
                                                                                                                                                Cartwright, H m DeanStantion, John
                                                                                               crewman’s face. Naturally, the crew-             Hurt,a Holm and Yaphet Kotto.
                                                                                               man and the alien are retumed to the                                      in
                                                                                                                                                   Sigourney Weaver, her film        debut,
                                                                                               starship.                                        is by far the most surprising member
                                                                                                   Once aboard the starship, the alien          of this outstanding cast. *
                                                                                               starts knocking off the crew one by                Weaver, who portrays Ripley, the
                                                                                               one.                                             Nostromo’s executive officer, turns in
                                                                                                   Although the story-line is a familiar        superlative
                                                                                                                                                a                 performance as the
                                                                                                one,O’Bannon’s      script has enough           heroine who mustface the alien alone.
                                                                                                twists and turns to keep the audience           Her performance will undoubtably
                                                                                                on the edge of their seats. I t definitely      lead to many more movie roles.
                                                                                                is a thriller.                                     Academy Award       winner        Jerry
                                                                                                   Two things placethis“heir-appa-              Goldsmith has contributeda magnific-
                                                                                                rent” to Star Wurs above other films.           ant music score   that adds to the tension
                                                                                               The first being the specialeffects.              andunderscoresthe          brilliant visual
                                                                                                   Special effects director Brian John-         effects and cast performances.
                                                                                                son and supervisor   Nick Allder, as well          Alien is a brilliant study in the art of
                                                                                                as notedartists H. R. Giger and Ronald          science fiction and horror. I t i s not for
                                                                                                Cobb, created a unique environment              the weakof heart. The pace is fast and
                                                                                                for this space thriller.                        energetic with little room to rest. Be
                                                                                                   From the space ship 66Nostmmonto             forwarned, be prepared for some
                                                                                                the alien space ship on the unknown             shocking scenes.
                                                                                              -planet, the audience i s treated to
                                                                                                dazzling display of visual concepts,              Alien is playingnightly at the U A 150
         Three c m membersh.omthe !space-tug “Nostromo”inspect the r m i 8of a non-
                                                                       e a   n                  most notably, the interior of the alien         in downtown Seattle at 6th and Blan-
         human pilot ona deqtroyed space ship in 20th Century-Fox’s new 8 l n a fiction
                                                                           c c
                                                                            e                   space craft. The only disappointment            chard. I t is rated ‘R’ (which mayhurtit
         thriller ‘Alien’.                                                                      i s the computer known as “Mother”              at the box office) with good reason.

        Record revie&
                    James Taylor flies high with ‘Flag’
                                                  tion. I t i s really depressing to him
                                                                                    see               The unfortunatepart is that with the   ideas are so similar, but just think of all
        by Erin Oxley
                                                  waste his many talentsin this cut.              progression of JT’s career he tends to     the joy it could bring the case  lawyers-
           Flag is the solid, new release from      Fortunately, this one    song    is ndt       get away    from the simpler style which back to more pleasant thoughts.
        James Taylor.                             indicitive of all the othertunes.                                      and
                                                                                                  made him famous, instead                is    Chanson Runcube is by far the best
           This work of vinyl comes enclosed   in    Some of the othercuts from the               clogging tunes
                                                                                                            the            with too much     track off the album. The lyrics area     l
        a coverthat i s difficult to believe. The album, Brother Trucker, I s h a t the           complexity. His lyrics also reflect this   in French and when translated come
         front is half yellow, half pink and       Wuy You Look, Company Mun, Mill-               trend and   thus     frequently become     out toJT’s explaining that wants to
        divided bya diagonal line. The back is    worker, Johnnie Come Back and                   pointless.                                 write a song in French but must use
        the same, only in light and dark blue.    (B.S.U.R.), all have similar character-             I WIN Not Lie for You presents the     English ideas.
                                                  isticsof weak lyrics and too       much         listener with a fine blending of words       Actually, because the lyrics arein a
            The record itself sports several      orchestration.                                  and  music.     The tune has a   slight    foreign language they become secon-
         quality tracks with one major excep-        Don’t getme wrong, these songsare             southern style which adds an intrigu-     dary to the music,    which is super,
         tion, Doy ’hipper.                       very listenable when you consider the            ing turn.   The vocals are extremely      incidently.
            Duy Tripper, the Lennon
                               old       and      culmination of performances          -it’s       clear which aidsin the delivery of the   ’  The tune i s so incredibly laid-back
         McCartney rocker, is ruined with JT’s    just some portions which become an-              lyrics.                                   and relaxed that it allows the listener
         use of slow tempo and over orchestra- noying.                                                The most traditionally styled JT       to drift away in a daydream.
                                                                                                   song i s Sleep Come n e e Me. It’s a                                     JT
                                                                                                                                               The band i s excellent and carries
                                                                                                  ballad about a man jailed for murder.      thelead     on the guitar and     vocal
          BEHiND THE SCENES’                                                                      The band performs well with this folk-
                                                                                                   rock number, and the twist of blues
                                                                                                                                             extremely well.
                                                                                                                                               In short, Flag, althoughit’snota

          Moore - Egyptian film festival                                                           adds the form that JT is known for.
                                                                                                      Another noteableperformance
                                                                                                   given by Danny Kortchmar (electric
                                                                                                                                             second Sweet Baby Jumcs, should hold
                                                                                                                                             its own in the charts as well as ST’S
                                                                                                                                             other material.
          by Ric Browne                                                                            guitar) whogetstoshine       during an
                                                                                                   unexpected hard rock riff in the mid-
            You can tell them by their bloodshot                                                   dle of the song.
          eyes, cramped legs, aching backs   and                                                       Up On the Roof is a remake of an old
          their desire to read anything that i s                                                    Carole King and Gerry Goffin tune.
          printed below a picture.
            The sunlight bothers them, and they
                                                                                                      JT is certainly an improvement over
                                                                                                    King’s strained voice, and thus makes
                                                                                                                                                           warm    up to
          can’t seem to get their eyes to focus.
            The symptoms Ihave just described
                                                                                                      whole easy the
                                                                                                           song on                     ears.              a Summer
                                                                                                       The song Rainy Day Man is great. I t
          are classicsympthoms of a disease                                                         is done in a light jazz form. Don                          Look!
          known as Xomaseriesttcketholdc~or-                                                        Grolnick on piano proves to be very
          thefilmfestival.                                                                          talented and JT’a vocals are extremely                 We Feature:
            Since opening night, May 10, movie                                                                             just
                                                                                                    smooth. This Bong has one problem                   personalized cuts
          buffs from all over have locked to the
          Moore   -   Egyptian’s Fourtbe Seattle
                                                                                                   -   the ideas the lyrics are a definite
                                                                                                                                                          custom perms
                                                                                                    ripoff of GordonLightfoot’s Rainy
    i     International Film Festival.                                                             m moplc.
                                                                                                     y                                                   facialslmake-ups
    .       Hundreds of movie    addictshave
          surrendered their evenings and their
                                                                                                     For example, Lightfoot sings: If ...                   manicures
                                                                                                   you get lonely all you really need                  unwanted hair removal
          eyes to witness this veritable orgy of                                                      iu that miny &y love;
          movies, myself included.                                                                    rainy day people all know
                                                                                                                                                         By Appointment pfsuc
.           In all, 83 films were scheduled with
          two films showing every night, except
                                                                                                      there%noaomw they con’! tfac
                                                                                                                                                              824-4855 .
          on weekendswhere there are midnight                                                            As opposed to Taylor’s lyrics:
          showings in this   month-longmovie
          extravagana thatwill conclude June  6.
                                                                                                      I t looka like another fall.                                  Reflections
                                                                                                       Your good fhfenad they don’t
            Of these 83 films, there includes 17
          Seattlepremieres, 25 Northwest pre-    Althoughthis film festival cannot
                                                                                                      deem to help at 11.
                                                                                                       Whenyou ’re feeling kind of cold
                                                                                                                                                                          Hdr                   t
          mieres, nineWest Coast premieres, 13 be compared to such film festivals as                  and amrrll.
          Americanpremieres andthe World Cannes or the New York,theSeattle                            Ju8t look up your miny d a y .
                                                                                                                                                                        Design                  4
          premiere of Alien (now playing at the                                                        man.                                                                                     b
          U A 150).               I                     contonplrolr1s                                It’s really unfortunatethat     these                                                     le

              Seattle International Flm Festival cont.
              col’it.hwn~14                                                                                                                               the
                                                                                                                                             what makes Seattle festival unique.
      film festival is one of the finest of its                                                                                             Whereas other major festivals have
      kind.                                                                                                                                  many different supports and receive
          By showcasing films from 26 diffe-                                                                                                 grants that create problems    and
      rent countries, the Moore-Eygptian                                                                                                     headaches for the film exhibitors, this
      has given the Seattle moviegoing                                                                                                       film festival is the sole work of the
      public a glimpse of the cinema techni-                                                                                                 wonderful staff at the Moore-Egyp-
      ques from around the world.                                                                                                            tian.
          k o m the almost gray-toned Polish                                                                                                    The film festival has run smoothly
      films to the rainbow colors of the                                                                                                     except for some films arriving lateor
      Japanese   cinema,    the film festival                                                                                                in onecase a film was stolen from
      attendee can easily judge the merits of                                                                                                another film festival and the Moore
       each film.                                                                                                                            had to shuffle is schedule slightly to
          The Fourth     Seattle International                                                                                               accomodate the movie patrons.
       Film Festival is the brain-child of Dan                                                                                                  The one thing that is most admired
       Ireland and Darryl MacDonald.                                                                                                         about this film festival i s the way the a
          The firstfilm festival had its origins                                                                                             management   keepsthe         movie goer
       when Ireland and MacDonald found                                                                                                       informed of any changes of the
       the MooreEgyptian to be vacant.                                                                                                       schedule long before the date change
                                                                                                                                           . so that no one will be inconvenienced.

Ilb       They leased the theatre, redecorated
       it in the style of Egyptian motif.
           “We were afraid someone      would
                                                                                                                                                This fourth film festival is a great
                                                                                                                                             success and     hopefully this sort of
       steal our idea so we did all the negotia-                                                                                              movie heaven will be continued as is.
       tion in secret,” stated Ireland.                                                                                                         The €es*:ival continues tonight with
           “Many people  thought      we were                                                                                                     N            p
                                                                                                                                              the orthwest remiere f         o
       crazy and that this city (Seattle) would       Sally Kellerman (center) star of “A LittleRomance” joined the opening night   crowd     Terayama’s Pastoral: Hide unci Seek
       not supportsuch       an
                              event     but we                                                                                                and Nouchka van Brakel’s A Woman
                                                     for the Fourth Seattle International Film Festlval.         staff photo by Ric Browne    Like Eve with the star of the film
       proved them wrong,” MacDonald in-
       terjected.                                                                                                                             Monique van de Ven and director van
          The attendance for the following           sell tickets. But this year,     with 83       “This means there won’t be an oppor-      Brake1 on hand to introduce the film.
       film festivals hasdoubledeach year            films, they are only showing the film        tunity for word o f mouth tohelpa film.       The shows will 7 and 9:30 p.m.
       and this year, with more films and a          once and that had made Ireland and4 We are gambling thatthe people o f                     Individual prices are $3.50 for each
        longer running time, will double last        MacDonald a little apprenensive.             Seattle will teke a chance on a title.”     regular evening performance. Tick-
        year’s attendance.                              “We’re out on a limb this year,” said       Although it is a risk, Ireland and        ets are available at the Moore box
           The first three festivals offered         Ireland. “We’re running more movies          company can afford to take such risks       office from noon to 4 p.m. and 7 to 10
        films that were shown more than once,        than ever before and    not repeating        because they don’t have to answer to        p.m.
       thus allowing word of mouth to help           them.                                        anyone but themselves - and this i s          The festival continues til June 6.

       KEVCN .STAUFFER                                                                                Empty Space brings clowns
                 See ya later!                                                                  A cast o f clowns reminiscent of
                                                                                             Barnum & Bailey, comes today to The
                                                                                                                                                  Director Shaun Austin-Olsen     has
                                                                                                                                               reunited a cast of favorites to make the
                                                                                             Empty Space Theatre in Ken Camp-                  merriment including: Jeff Steitzer and
                                                   To Dr. Don McLarney, who put my           bell’s madcap play, Skungpoomery .                Steve Tomkins, returning as Faz and
                                                 commentary on the “concrete valley”            A show for all ages, Skungpoomery              Twoo; Lori Larsen, Robert Wright,
                                                 on his reading list for his history         will play weekends in June ona special            David Colacci, JeanMarie Kinney, Jill
                                                 classes. I always did mean to come up       schedule of both Friday and Saturday              Klein, Barbara Morink and and David
                                                 with another one, honest. ,                 Midnight Shows two  and            Saturday       Mong.
                                                   To Ada Wolf, who hasbeen a fantast-       matinees at 11 a.m.      and 2 p.m. for              Tickets will be $3.50. Call the Empty
                                                 ic friend and spiritual guide during my     younger theatregoers.The schedule i s             Space box office between 2 p.m. and
                                                 stay. The times we have spent sharing       from Zune 1 through June 30.                      S:30 p.m. every day of the week except
                                                 have meant much to me.                         The play brings back the Amazing               Vonday for information and reserva-
                                                                                             Faz and his cohort Two0 (Space Park               tions.
                                                   To all the athletes, administrators,
                                                 andeveryoneelse       that I’ve hadthe      Show ’76-’77) on a crusade to “inject
                                                 opportunity to interview or come in         Things with their original zoom and

                                                                                                                                               1 Help keep
                                                 contact with. It’s been nice to have new
                                                 faces to smile at across campus as each Like School for Clowns another Ken
                                                 issue o f the Thunderword came out.         Campbell hit at the Space, Skungpoom-
                                                   To Laura Koenig, who made          the    ery i s a vehicle of inspired silliness,
                                                 world’sbestbunnysuit       in less time     tailored to the talents of the Space’s
                                                 than it takes a bunny to make one; to       favorite alumni.
                                                 Lynne Kays, who allowed me to visit
                                                 her adorable kids in the Child Develop-

                I f
                                                 ment Center.
                                                   To HCC President Shirley Gordon,
                                                 who throws frisbee with Thunderword
                                                                                                               Theatre cont.                    Cross
          Hello. Goodbye.                        students, made an attempt to listen to
          This column marks the last time I’ll Gabriel n the Lecture Hall, and has a
                                                                                                        Cont from page. 12
                                                                                              the Summer Theatre and Conservat-
                                                                                              ory can bemade by mail or phone.

       be sitting at a typewriter doing a story  mottotowardsthe       faculty that goes
       for this issue, this year, or forthe rest something like, “Remember: we’re             Ticket prices are $4.00 and $4.50 with
       of my lifeas far as that goes.            here to serve the student.’’                 reserved seating. The performances
          I have enjoyed writing for the Thun-     To all the wonderful people I’ve met       will run Wednesday through Saturday
       derword the past two years. people through or because of my mom, and
                                     The                                                      evenings with a 2:30 matinee on
       Ihave met and the experiences Ihave       mostly to my mom, Arvie Stauffer,            Saturday.
       had are things Iwill remember indefi-     first class print shop person and A-1          For reservations and information
       nitely. The  campus we   have written for person. You’re the main reason I     came    telephone Summer Theatre, 878-3710,
       is one of the best.                       to Highline, ma.                             ext. 341.
          I have especially delighted in the        And if I hadn’t come to Highline, I
       opportunity to write a column the past never would have met the wonderful,
       three semesters. Readers oncampus         zany Thunderword folk, the people,
       have taken the time toexpressand          I’ve virtually lived with for thepast
       exchangeideas, pro and con,on my          two years. Here’s to them, especially
       various writings, and Iappreciate you     this year’s bunch:                                                                      -
       all for that.                                Let’s start at the top with Betty
          One other nice thing about having Strehlau, our advisor. How she canput
       your own column s that, when the end up with us andstill look youngerall the
                           i                                                                                    Authentic
       of the year rol I s around, you have a    time is a mystery to me.
       little room to give some thanks. I
       thinking of the   speech
                                    which goes
                                                    To George Erb, who added
                                                 stability and animal instinct to our
                                                                                                               Mexican Food
       something like, “I    wish I had time to  office; to Sylvia Jones, who has    adjust-
       thank each one you in person, but
          Well, Imay miss a few names, but   let
                                                 ed to us well.

                                                    To June Holst and Tom Bettesworth                         Grand Opening! -
       me give a shot at thanking some of you    for their friendship as well as their                SO# of all lunch orders
       who have made life at Highline College    writing; to Pricilla and Martin Brown
       a pleasure. Thanks:                       for their musical words and tips.
                                                    To Erin Oxley, our talks in the                           3 Tacos, $3.25
          Bruce Mackintosh, Darlene White,                                                                 3 Encbiladar, $3.25
       and each andevery last personon this      Hotdog Hilton about a million-and-one
                                                                                                       2 Enchiladas, 1 Taco, $3.25
       year’s studentcouncil.      I appreciate different things      havehelped   me
                                                                                                   1 Enchilada, 1 Taco, 1 Tostada, S3.30
       you putting up with me, even when I                                      It’s
                                                 through the past two years. nice to
                                                 be able to know someone will listen.               Above orden include rice 6 beans.
       played for the Thunderword team at
l      the HCSU picnic, Ilearned partly from        To “Brain” Morris, who clicks a fast
       being on the council and mostly from      shutter, and to Chris “Reggie” Styron,                        878-2659
       the people involved.                      whocould take a picture of himself
                                                 hitting FI ball down to the track, even                23433 Pacific Hwy S.
          Keep smiling, Jan. Keep playing                                                                 Just north of HCC
       Pete. thanks for jamming with the         while someone was spilling tea all over
       band, Stay lefthanded, Lee, and stay a
       leader, Cheryl. .                                     cmtmonPIz(r,20

                                                                                               .   .. ....-                           -                                                   b

                 Track team takes third
                     Smith, Prentice top records in finals
                 by Rod Weeks                                                                                                                        hundredths of a secondoff the winning
                   The Highline College track team                                                                                                   mark.
                 saved the very best for last.                                                                                                         Two of Highline’s field men also did
                   The Thunderbirds placedthird as a                                                                                                 well.
                 team at the AACC conference   champ                                                                                                   Gary Robinson tookthird in the long
                 ionship meet in Bremerton May 18-19                                                                                                 jump with a personal best leapof 22’s’.
                 with the help of several outstanding
                 individual performances.                                                                                                                         had
                                                                                                                                                         Robinson the           misfortune of
                   Three of tbose performances shat-                                                                                                 scratching on his last two jumps.
                 tered state  community   college                                                                                                        “He just barely brokeover the board
                 FecordS.                                                                                                                            on his last two jumps. Both of those
                                                                                                                                                     looked to be better than the winning

                    Spokane CC took first in the meet
                 scoring 16s points. The Saints from Mt.                                                                                             jump,” exdaimed McConnaughey.
                 H o finished second with 111 fol-
                   od                                                                                                                                    Steve Tulip tied for fourth inthe high -
                 lowed by HCC with 88.                                                                                                               jump clearing a   height of 6’4”. .        k:
                                                                                                                                                                                                         $bp  ’
                    Mike Smith, who doubled the 5,0oO                                                                                                    The HCC coach feltTulip did an
                 and 1 , O meters, setnewstate re-
                        0O O                                                                                                                         exceptional job consideringhe just
                 cords in both  events.     H i s time of                                                                                            recovered from an injury. .
                 30:Si.S in the 10,OOO toppedtheold                                                                                                    . “He hadn’t jumpedpreviously to
                 mark by a full 50 seconds.                                                                                                          that,” he explained.“Stevewould’ve
                    Smith’s time in the S,O00 o f 14:54.24                                                                                           been in good shape if he hadn’t had a
                 was eight seconds fastcr     than       the                                                                                         badback. He hurt it three or four
                 established record.                                                                                                                 weeks ago.”
                    Highline’s Ray Prentice buried the                                                                                                   Tulip injured his back in the Mt.
                 previous mark in the 1,500 meters as                                                                                                Hood-Bellevue     meet. .
                 he topped former teammate .Tom                                                                                                          “He’s jumped once in four weeks, so
                 Smith’s 1978 record running a     3:48.76.                                                                                          he had a tot of poise and he jumped
                    Head  track    coach Don McCon-                                                                                                   really well,” the HCC mentor added.
                 naughey was delighted by his team’s                                                                                                     The performance of the entire track
                 showing and had    special praise for the                                                                                            team pleased McConnaughey who i       w l
                 squad of distance runners which      com-                                                                                            be retiring as coach at the end of this
                 piled 68 of the team’s 88 points.                                                                                                    season.
                    “They did a super job and really rose        McConnaughey feels that
                                                                                       Smithi s “a       Mehtala ran an excellent flight m g             “There’s 22 teams in the league, and
                 to the occasion,” McConnaughey said.          major college prospect” and is fairly     second with a personal best af 14:88.        we f’inished in thetop t r e that’s
                                                                                                                                                                                  h ;
                 “It’s probably the best exhibition of         confident hewill hear from someone,                                                    pretty god,” he said. 44Anytime       you
                 competitiveness I’ve ever seen.”                                                          “Brad was fourth over the     last         finish in the top five, you’re a pretty
                                                               although many universities have       their
                                                                                                         hurdle and he just outcompeted the
                    Highline’s top performance in the          scholarships ndup halfway through
                                                                                l                                                                     successful team.”
                 twctday event came i the SO O when
                                                ,O                                                       rest,” McConnaughey stated.                     McConnaughey stated     that he found
                                                               the season.
                 the T-birds stole a three places.
                                     l                              The T-birds had two other fine                                                    the inspiration and dedication of the
                    Following Smith,who came in first,                                                        “There was probably six inches          team torank higher than the times or
                                                               distance mnners battling in the 1,500        between first and second,” the coach
                 were teammates Jack Stillmaker and            meters where Prentice took first and                                                   the standings.
                 Jeff Hotsko coming second and        third                                                 continued. “If they hadn’t had a TV          “The thing that makes me happiesti s
                                                               Greg Kangascame in a very close              camera (at the finish stripe), I don’t
                 respectively.                                 second.                                                                                thedegree       of competitiveness by
                    Stillmaker’s time of 15:04.11    and                                                    think the judgescould have picked it.”    every athlete on the team,” he con-
                                                                    Prentice’s time of 3:48.76 and Kan-
                 Hotsko’s time of 15:07.41 were person-        gas’ m a r k . o f 3:48.82, which was ICSSMehtala’s time was only two one-             cluded.
                 al bests for the two.                         than a tentb of a second slower, both
                    “That was a great race,” said assis-       topped tbe winner‘s time i the nation-
                 tant track coach and distance     running     al junior college meet by five seconds.
                 specialist Bob Maplestone.      “To see       “he M t i O W meet was held the same
                 those guys come one, two, three was
                 really the climax of the meet.
                    “It really made my day,” Mape
                                                               day as the AACC championships.
                                                                    According to a e the two milers in
                                                               essence may hold the top times for                                                                      -I
                 continued.                                    junior college runners this year in the
                    Hotsko and Smith were running      first   entire country.
                 and second with five and a half laps               Prentice’s win came as a surpriseto
                 left. That’s when Smith put on a kick         many as the     Highline harrier came out
                 that gave him the lead for the rest of        of thepackto          triumph in the final
                 the race. “he T-bird sophomorewas              stretch.
                 never challenged as he built up over a             Rangas also came from behind, but
                 &yard lead in the final lap.                  couldn’t catch his shorter teammate.
                    Stillmaker, deemed by Mape as “the              “It turned outas good as it could
                 most improved athlete on‘ theteam             have,” Mape said concerning the race.
                 afterethat meet,” passedHotsko in the         “It’s ironic that Greg beat Ray in every
                 last stretch to place second.                 race this year and thenRay won in the
                    Smith’s victory was quite an    accom-     conference championships.
                 plishment as the runner had competed               “I think they’re both really happy
                 and won the 1 , O the day before.
                                0O O                           with the   way        it came out,’’
                    “On Saturday I was getting a little        continued. “Obviously Greg i s a l ~ t t l e
                 concerned because I was tired. I felt         disappointed and Ray is really elated,
                 pretty good, though, especially after         but they’regood friends and that’s the
                 Friday,” Smith said referring to his          best way to get beat.”
                 win in the &mile event.                            Both nnners achieved times of     55.6
                    I n thesame race Hotskocame in             in the last lap which is considered a
                 fourth with a time of 32:13.58       and                       i e
                                                               world class tm , stated M p      a.
                 Stillmaker followedin fifth in32:14.80.            In the 800 meters the two faced off
                    Smith is hoping that doubling thein        again. This time Kangas beatPrentice
                 two events w help in his quest for a          finishing third in 1:51.87, which is a
                 track scholarship. So far the T-bird          personal record for him. Prentice
                 victor hasn’t been contacted.                 came in a close fourth with a time of
                                                                  . Dean Kohler picked up afifth place
                                                                in the 400 met& sprint tallying a time
                                                               of s1:02.
                                                                    Kohler then joined thre‘e other T-
                                                                birds in’the mile relay team competi-
                                                                tion as the squad posted sixth place in
        I                                                           The team ran without. it8 leading
        4                                                       sprinter Ben Inman. Inman pulled a
                                                                hamstring in a meet against Mt. H o
                                                                and Bellevue in Burien May S.
                                                                                                       od T-birds run in NCAA Preps
                                                                     “With no real sprinter, we were able     Three distance runners from the            was
                                                                                                                                                     tone pleased       with his runners.
                                                                to get sixth place,”       said    McCon- Highline College track team competed       performances,
                                                                 naughey. “It doesn’t     sound     really  in the NCAA Preparation Meet in            The placings were not ‘hdicative of
                                                                 great, but it’s better than nothing.       Eugene, Oregon May 24.                     showings
                                                                                                                                                     the           as the T-birds were
                                                                     “We had to use a distance runner and Mike Smith ran in the 3,000 meters         competingagainstfour-year schools
                                                                 a one-miler,” he added, “If Inman had and placedeighth with a time of %:21.9..      and Olympic ayetes, Mapeexplained.
                                                                 been there,we would’ve beenthird or        The mark betteredhh k t time in the        The winner of the 3,000 meters was
                                                                 fourth.”                                   event by six b c n l and set a new.
                                                                                                                           eo d                      Matt Centrowitz, wpbd IWJ in the 1976
                                                                     McConnaughey also felt that if In-      co
                                                                                                            s o record,                              Olympic&
                                                                 man had been healthy, tbe sophomore
                                                                probably would have won the 400
                                                                                                              RayPrenticetookthirdhtbe     lm          Tba J mcster~m d p W iia-
                                                                                                            meters in 3:@.7 and Greg Kangas                          e,
                                                                                                                                                     i b r George W yhntAI tbe m u d
                                                                                                                                                     u e,
                                                               metem.                                     followed in fooutfi in 3:52.1.                      s p c as
                                                                                                                                                     frstcnt a a l r h r     t usitad
                                                                                                                                                                                 i   m   e   ,   i   n

                                                                frtbe110meterhigbkrndhrBd                   Asrhmt track cowb Bob lldrploG           state8 birtorg.                                      ,

            -“                                                              ,   .   ”.
                                                                                         .   .

        Sparky Lyle pitches book instead of baseballs
    byRicBrowne                                strictly from a baseballstandpoint,              “That was a joke.  The commissioner      who are practical jokers and Graig i s
                                               like Reggie (Jackson). People upset
                                                                             are              got all bent out of shape about it...all   known to have the quickest one-liners
       As the Texas Rangers the Ameri-         with the things I said about him, but          said after the fact. And Dick Young (a     around. Iasked him why we were being
    can m        e were getting ready to play that is strictly from a baseball stand-         reporter for a New York newspaper)                               l
                                                                                                                                         taken so seriously a of a sudden.
    the Seattle Mariners in the Kingdome       point.                                         confronted mein New York about the            “Why, Iasked, because of one ltlite
    May 18, one of their phyers was sitting       “I don’t dislike Reggieas a person,         way it was written inthe book and Itold    joking around in the Mayor’s Trophy
    in a rcstaurantindowntown Seattle not that is not it. Ijust don’t like the way            him, as Iwill tell you now,
                                                                                                                        that I’m sure    game, are we takenout of context when
    pitching baseballs but making a pitch      he plays baseball.  That’s my opinion.’*       every writer has taken a storyand          we have been jokesters all our lives-
    for his book.                                 After he hadfelt he had clarificd his       changed a word here and there to the       ...they made big deal out o f nothing.’*
       Sparky Lyle, late of the New York       stand about the book such as the day           pointwherethestorysounds         better        But did Nettles actually throw the
    Yankees and now pitching for the           that Graig Nettles “intentionally”             and that is what we did in the book.       ball away intentionally?
    Texas Rangers, was in Seattle to pro-    - threw the ball away in the 1978                  “I told the commissioner he was
                                                                                                                          that               “That wasn’t the thing,” Lyle said
    mote his new book titled appropriately     Mayor’s Trophy game in an attempt              being unfair because you take two          defensively. “The b lwas hit hardand
    The Bronx Z o   o.                         to avoid additional innings.                   people like Graig Nettles and myself       it DID hit him right in the chest andhe
       Co-authored by Peter Golenbock,                                                                                                   did overthrow the bag, but everything
    who was the author of the best seller                                                                                                that was said was AFTER the ball game
    about  the     Yankees Dynaty, Lyle’s                                                                                                was over.
    book, in biographical form, i s a recol-                                                                                                 “Fran Healy (a  Yankee      reserve
    lection of the strifetorn season that                                                                                                catcher) i s a very serious person and
    saw the Yankees overcome injuries, a                                                                                                 he askedNettles if he really intention-
    change of management, internalstmg-                                                                                                  ally threw theball away and  Graig said
    gles and a huge Boston Sox lead to
                              Red                                                                                                        ‘Yea’ and Fran believed it. I couldn’t
    win the pennant and the    World Series.                                                                                                                got
                                                                                                                                         believe everyone so upset over it.”
       I n Thc Bmm Zoo, Lyle tells it like he                                                                                                Our conversation returned to Reggie
    saw us a look at the behind-                                                                                             Jackson whom Lyle seesas the most
    thescenes details of the    Billy Martin-                                                                                             unpopularYankeeamonghisteam-
    Reggie Jacksonfeudanddescribing                                                                                                       mates.
    the divisive rote of Yankee       owner                                                                                                        doesn’t
                                                                                                                                             “Reggie           just wantto    be
    George Steinbrenner.                                                                                                                  recognized, he wants to be idolized. If
        Lyle gives us some insight into the                                                                                               Reggie had kept his mouth shut, he
    antics of ballplayers on the Yankee                                                                                                   would have gotten his candy bar
    clubandwecanalmostwatchthe                                                                                                            named after him and he would have
    disintegration of anembattled Billy                                                                                                   been popular.”
    Martin.                                                                                                                                           Cant. on page 18
        Lyle doesn’t just take a look at the
    Yankees, he also m k some rather
    strong statements about    other teams in
    the American Leagueand calls the U s
    Angeles Dodgers “crybabies.” He al-.
    so is prophetic on tl-e change of teams
    by Rod Carew.
        After reading     his book and   the
    parts dealing with his    almost daily
    battle with the Yankee owner, George
     Steinbrenner, Ihalf expected to find a
     battle scarred, broken man, but Sparky
     Lyle is not a man to be broken.
        When we first met, he lookedfresh
    and showed no wounds. was a little
     tired, but  that was to be   expected
     because not only has he been     pitching
     almost every night, he also promotes                                                                                                            Mr. Mulligan
     his book in every city. that his team
     plays in.                                                                                                                                       invites you to
        During his tour, he visited cities that
     had been little harshon his book and
     asked him if he had encountered any
                                             I                                                                                                        come in and
        “Sure,” he said with a‘twinkle in his
                                                                                                                                                       sample our
    eye.  “You’re goingto      g e t a certain
    amount, butItell them the samething
                                                                                                                                                   deliciously unique
     I’m going to tell you.
       “I to tell them that BronxZoo i s

    Men netters fall in tournament                                                                                                                   $7.00 off
    by Tom Bettesworth                             At the numberthree spot Don Stari-          secondround    o f action in doubles.
      With no player advancing past the
    second round of the conference tour-
                                                 ha won in two sets, 6-1,6-2 over Shinji
                                                 Kokade of Seattle Central.Jeff Gross
                                                                                               Durane and DeMers lost toMoseby
                                                                                               and Ashmanof Bellevue, while Stariha
                                                                                                                                                                on all
    nament May 17-19, the T-birds from
    Highline College were sent home ear-.
    lier than coach Dave Johnson      ex-
                                                 also won in two sets as he posted 6-2,
                                                 6-0 victory over Bob Gaforth of Cen-
                                                 tralia. .
                                                                                               and Ward lost Subcliff and Taylor of

                                                                                                 HCC finished the season with an 11-9
                                                   At fifth singles Mike C l a won, 6-
                                                                           a n
                                                                             h                 record and the Coastal Region Champ-
    pected.                                                                                    ionship where they went undefeated  in
       “We just couldn’t get anything go-        0, 6-4 over  Aubry Rebley of Fort
    ing,” stated Johnson.  “Nobody was
    playingwell, we just weren’t ready for
                                                 Steilacoom. Wallihan played our best
                                                 tennis for the team,”said Johnson. “He
                                                                                               match play.
    this tournament,”
       Highline f’inished
                        the     tournament
                                                 proved to be themostconsistent of
                                                 themall.”     ,
                                                    But Callihan and all the rest of his
    with six points, placing them in eighth                                                                                                                  dinners
                                                                                                                                                 All hamburger     are     compli-
    as a team. The finish was the worst          teammates fell prey to their opponents                                                        mented with a handsome  sewing of
    since Johnson took  over six years ago.                           of
                                                 in the second round the tournament.                                                           stake fries.
       Meanwhile Green River and     host        Callihan lost a tough three set match,2-
    Yakima dominated the tournament      all     6,6-1,6-2.                                                                                                $3.25 to $3.50
    three days and ended up deadlocked    in
                                                   Grosh lost to Dave Whiteside of
                                                 Yakima, 6-1, 6-2, whil-e Stariha lostto -                                                     I
                                                                                                                                                           Valuable Coupon
    first place with 167 points each.            ancther netter from Yakima,      Don
       The T-birds’ only success in the                                                                                                                                             .       I

                                                 Cooley, 6-1,6-1.
                                                                                                                                                           $1.oo off
    tournament wag on the day, where               At the number one spot    Durane logt,                                                      I
    they won six out of seven first round        7-5, 6-4, to Ron Osterhaut of Everett.
                                                                                                                                               I       ’
    matches.                                     “Durane had beaten this guy earlier                                                           I
       Rocky Durane started things off by                                                                                                                                                   I

                                                                                                                                                                on all
                                                 and should have won this time,” &    a
                                                                                      d                                                        I
    winning at the          one
                     number singles              Johnson. “He just didn’tplay up to his                                                        I           ’.                               I
    spot. Durane beat Jim Keyes of Fort
    Steilacoom, 3-6,6-1,6-0.
       “Rocky was caught sleeping at the
    beginningof his match,” said Johnson.
                                                   I n doubles action both teams picked
                                                 up wins in the first round. Durane and

                                                                                                                                                     Hamburgers                             i
    “It took him awhile before he
                                      got        DeMers won at the number one spot, 6-
                                                 4, 6 4 , over Byrden and slrlzaro of
                                                                                                                                               !      Mulligan’s Old Place
       I n second singles action HCC netter
    Mark DeMers suffered a tough three-
                                                 Columbia Basin.                                                                               D
                                                                                                                                                         SeaTac Mall,                       8
    setloss     to Reid Green      of Fort         The win avenged a r l i e r defeats                                                         D
                                                                                                                                               D          Federal Way                       I
    Steilacoom, 7-6,1-6,6.4.                     they suffered a m s t the man from                                                                                                         I
       “DeMars had beaten thisguy twice          CBC. I n seccmd doubkw action Roger                                                           D
                                                                                                                                               D            839-1755                        I

    during the regular w6on and rrhould          Ward andStariha won Over Willru and                                                           D                                            8

    have won thiu match, too,” said John-        Molat of Skagit Valley.                                                                       :    0xphaIpmJuW”vvrJwrnOl                   ;
                                                                                                                                               b m a m ~ r o m m a r m m m r ~ r ~ = ~ ~ m m a m ~ m ~
    son. “DeMers just didn’t play well.”           Both t e a m suffered defeats in tbe

                                                                                                                                                                                        ,   .


                         Adair and Gibbs end careers at Highline
                                                                                                                    by Kevin Stauffer                               “Ihad to limitmy activity. The
                                                                                                                                                                 doctor said Imoved too much before
                                                                                                                      The Highline College women’s ath-          he adjusted my back Icould snap the
                                                                                                                    letic program has been enhanced dur-         spinal cord. Iwent through therapy a      l
                                                                                                                    ing the last two years by the presence       summer; I still go once in awhile, but
                                                                                                                    of three-season participants
                                                                                                                    Gibbs and Rhondi Adair.
                                                                                                                                                      Lisa       it’s fine now, for the moat   part.**
                                                                                                                                                                    Adair and Gibbs shared one sport,
                                                                                                                      Both ladies participated in vol-           basketball, during 1978, their nrJt
                                                                                                                    leyball, basketball and tennis this year,    year at Highline.
                                                                                                                    adding a spark to women’s sports on             “I really enjoyed basketball my first
                                                                                                                    campus.                                      year, and volleyball my second year,”
                                                                                                                      Gibbs, an Auburn High School               Gibbs said. “I    guess it depends on what
                                                                                                                    graduate, competed in volleyball and         sport you did best at; the people really
                                                                                                                    basketball last year for HCC, adding         made i t fun, too.
                                                                                                                    tennis to her schedule for 1979.                “My average was higher last year; I
                                                                                                                      “I  came because of a basketball           think i t was around 12 points a game.
                                                                                                                    scholarship, and Iheard Highline was         This year it was about seven eight.”
                                                                                                                    pretty good academically,” said Gibbs,          Cibbs received the most satisfaction         -
                                                                                                                    a 1977 high school graduate. “It’s one
                                                                                                                    of the most recognized community
                                                                                                                                                                 from her experience as a volleyball            q
                                                                                                                                                                                                                b$   I

                                                                                                                                                                 player for Highline this year, while
                                                                                                                    colleges in the area, from what I            Adair appreciated the ball-and-net
                                                                                                                     heard.”                                      sport throughout her career at HCC.
                                                                                                                        Adair attended Mt. Rainier High
                                                                                                                     School during her sophomore year                “I  enjoyed volleyball the most be-
                                                                                                                                                                        we to
                                                                                                                                                                  cause got to
                                                                                                                                                                             go                      od
                                                                                                                                                                                               Mt. H o this
                                                                                                                     (1974), moving across the country the
                                                                                                                                                                  year, and placedfourth in the region,’*
                                                                                                                     following year and staying across the                                                               ,q
                                                                                                                     Rockies for the remainder of high            Gibbs said. “We all got along pretty                   :$
                                                                                                                     school.                                      good, too. I’m notsaying basketball
                                                                                                                        “My dad was transferred back east; I      wasn’t fun; it was. Ijust had a bad
                                                                                                                     spent my junior and senior years at          year.”
                                                                                                                     James Madison High       in    Virginia,”       “I think Ienjoyed volleyball the most
                                                                                                                     Adair said.                                  out o f it,” Adair said o f her three-sport
                                                                                                                        Adair came back to the Northwest          stay at  Highline.      “We didn’t    have
                                                                                                                     following her graduation, but decided        volleyball back    east, so it was like
                                                                                                                     to enter the wonderful world of work         learning all over again; it was brand
                                                                                                                     before entering college.                     new to me. Plus, had  we a           really
                                                                                                                        “ worked a year for King County
                                                                                                                          I                                       successful team.’’
                                                                                                                     Parks. Iwas tired of  school and Ididn’t        Adair enjoyed more success on the
                                                                                                                      think Iwould do well if Ididn’t want to     tennis courts her first year as part of
                                                                                                                     go, so I didn’t go,” Adair explained.        the HCC women’s team, but amove up
                                                                                                                        Adair competed in basketball and          in team position meant a downswing
                                                                                                                      tennis the following year as a student      for Adair in 1979.
                                                                                                                      at HCC, but a back injury kept her             “did a lot better in tennis lastyear,
                                                                                                                      from participating on the women’s           because Iwas further down the lad-
                                                                                                                      volleyball squad.                           der,” said Adair, who       occupied the
                                                                                                                        “I couldn’t play volleyball because of    number four singles slot in 1978. “got I
                                                                                                                      a back injury; it took a season away,”      to go to the regionals and everything.
                                                                                                                     .Adair said. “It was kind of scary,             “This year I   played number one, and
                                                                                                                      because I went to the doctor, and Ire       I didn’t do   as     well. I played both
                                                                                                                    ‘took x-rays halfway through the sum-         doubles and singles both years.”
                                                                                                                      mer; some discs were wrapped around            Gibbs took time off during her first
                         Lisa Gibbs Serve8 in a match against Fort Steilacoom.         photo by Gary Lindberg         my spinal cord.                                          Cont. on page 20

                         Baseball star Lyle promotes new book cont.
                                 Cont. from page 17                     The Yankees are well known for                  Although Sparky ha5 since left the        funny, controversial and tragic. But,
                                                                     their clubhouse fights. Was it surpris-          Yankees and is happy with the Rang-         don’t look for a sequel because“this i s
                           I asked him what started the feud
                                                                     ing to you      to read about the fight          ers, he still has many friends on the       the first and last book by Sparky Lyle.”
                         between Reggie and Munson.                                                                   Yankees apd misses   playing in Yankee
                           “Reggie started it when he ripped         between ‘Goose’     Gossage       and Cliff                                                    Iasked him what he wanted tosay in
                                                                     Johnson?                                         Stadium, his home for many years.           his book and to sum it up. T h i s i s his
                         Munson in a sports   magazine even
                         before he joined the. Yankees.  We             “I think there’s too much emphasis             Igot asmile out of him when Iasked         summation:
                         couldn’t understand it. Reggie likes        put on the incident in theclubhouse             him about his return to Yankee                 “Iwanted to get across that no
                         attention; Iguess he was trying to say      because once the game starts, it’s all          Stadium this year in a different             matter how     much      money players
                         that there was room for only one            forgotten.                                      uniform. I asked him what sort of            make, if it i s the minimum or $800,000
                         superstar on the Yankee team, and he           “Whatever confrontationthey had, if          reception he received.                       or whatever, that all ballplayers have
                         was it.                                     both had been                      the
                                                                                       able to go out on field         “Standing boos,” he said laughing.         the same problems...    we are just hu-
                            “He is also a back-stabber. H e can      together, they would have been fight-           “But that sure is better than total          man, that is what I want to say in the
                         tell a writer you’re worst
                                                the          ball-   ing FOR each other. That’s why Idon’t           silence. I t was a mixed reaction real-      book.
                         player who ever livedand thenext day        think people realize that what happens else can I explain it...I t was       “Baseball players are just human
                         Reggie will come over and smile at you      in the clubhouse really doesn’t change          New York City.                               beings with the same problems as
                         and say, ‘Hey, how’re you doing, bud-       the outcome of .the game itself.”                 Lyle’s book i s excellent reading. It’s    everyone else.”                                             .’*
                         dy?’as if to say,’I wasn’t serious about       Lyle went on to blame the New York
                                                                     media for making life as a Yankee
                         the stuff I said. I was just doing it for
                         the writers.’ What kind of mentality s i    miserable.                                       -Featuring:
                         that?”                                         “If you read the New York papers,
                            I n his book,Lyle wrote of numerous      you’d think the Yankees had the exclu-
                                                                     sive rights to fights on and off the field.
                         incidents of players refusing to play
                         for various reasons;    some good and
                         some ridiculous. I n it Lyle wrote:
                                                                        “I think i t (fighting) is typical of any
                                                                     club; it’s just played up morwisy the
                                                                                                                       Ray Prentice                                                                                                 F
                                                                     New York media.                                                                                                                                                1:
                         “You’d expect something like this in
                                                                        “Almost every team has troubles                 Highline miler Ray Prentice broke
                         Little League.’, Iasked him to elabo-
                                                                     like theYankees. Idon’t think you                the state community college 1,500
                         rate on this.                                                                                meters record in the AACC conference
                            “Well number one, we ARE grown           could have 25 guys living together day                                                                                                                         A

                                                                     after day, February through Septemb-             championships May 19.                                                                                         i
                         men playing a kids game. Andnumber                                                                                                                                                                         r
                                                                     er, without somebody getting mad at                Going into the meet a “darkhorse”,
                         two, the mental strain to play the game
                         o f baseball for 162 games has lot to do                ...
                                                                     each other it i s just a matter of what          Prentice ran a 3:48.76 which i s five
                                                                     amount of press play you get...y ou’re           seconds faster than the winning time in
                         with how well your performance i s                                                                                                                                                                         E
                                                                     going to hear about it more from New             thenational      championships this
                         going to be for that year.                                                                                                                                                                                 H
                                                                     York than say Seattle.’’                         season.
                            ‘The least little thing can either get                                                                                                                                                                  e
                         you up or down for a game, andthis i s         Lyle defends Billy Martin through-
                                                                     out his book and he did again during
                                                                                                 so                     The HCC sophomore took fourth in                                                                            1(
             I           basically what happens.                                                                      the conference 800 with a time
                            “It’s like the manager says,’ Hey,       the interview and again he blamed the                                                          ~

                                                                     New York media.                                  1:51.87.                                                                                                      51

                         you can play tomorrow.’ Now you can’t                                                           Last year he took second in the 1,500                                                                      t<
                         tell me you wouldn’t be upset waiting          “Billy Martin wasa helluva good
                                                                     manager. The New York media said                 in the championship meet.                                                                                     e
                          to play for 80 long, especially if you
    .’                   feet you SHOULD be playing anyhow            that he wasn’t, but when Billy took
                                                                     over, he told everyone what he was
                                                                                                                         Prentice was one of three T-birdsto
                                                                                                                      compete in the NCAA Preparation
                         and don’t know why you’re not, and he                                                                                                                                                                      0
                          tells you you’re going to play and BO       going to do.                                    Meet in Eugene, Oregon May 24,
                          you come to tbe park Ole next day all         “He wasn’t a ‘by-the-book’ manager
                                                                      and I guess that was what made the                 In that meet he placed third in the                                                                        nl
                          ready to play and your name isn’t on                                                        1 O with a 3:49.7 mark.
                          the line-upad
                                     cr.     You just want to say     media mad at hirn..,they were always
                                                                      second guessinghim. He would do the                Rentice ha8 been a member of both                                                                          f
                          tbe hell with it.                                                                           the track team and the c m s country          Prentice i 8 a 1w7 graduate ‘ of                                S
                             “That may sound like I’m going to        totally unexpected and he always told
                                                                      the playera where they stood and                squad the k t two yeam.                     Glacier High School,                                              E
                          take my ball and go home, but that is                                                          “he m e r placed fifth in the c m s                            ag ,
                                                                                                                                                                    Like teammate Greg K n mhe w i l                                t?
                          the way they (the management) treat         would explain exactly what he was
                                                                                                                      country conference meet t h i s year        beattending the Univmttyof Idrboir
                                                                      going to do, if somethine went wrong,
                                                                                                                                                     ta .

         t       u
                          you anyhow. So you have really no                                                           which was third bmt on the                  M s of next year.
                                                                                                                                                                   o c tf                                                           P

                          choice excent to retaliate in the same      he took the blame and the playersliked
                         vein.”                                       that. H e w m honest with them.”
                                                                                                                                                June 1,1979 thundemord pmo 19
                      -                        ~~~~   ~   ~~                                     ~~

Czubin named track coach; Maplestone quits
by Kevin Stauffet                                                                         stated. “He has three times as much
   Chuck Czubin, head track coach at
                                                                                          experience as Bob       .”
                                                                                              Maplestone, on the other hand, feels
Highline Nigh School from 1971 to                                                         that his track record   should have given
1975 and assistant coach at Highline                                                      him the advantage over Czubin when
College in 1978, has beennamed as the                                                     the selection was contemplated.
new HCC head track coach by Athletic                                                          “He’s an assistant          and
                                                                                                                   coach, he
Director and former head track coach                                                      hasn’tcoached any outstandingath-
Don McConnaughey.                                                                         letes,” Maplestone said of Czubin. “I
   Czubin, who  also     operated as an                                                   don’t knowof anyone that he’s coached
assistant track coach at HCC from                                                         that has gone on to do great things.
1960 to 1970 before accepting the head                                                        “He doesn’t have a super record;   my
coaching  position at Highline High                                                       record is better   than his and Ithought I
School, has already begun the job of                                                      should be given a chance.”
recruiting for next year.                                                                     Maplestone’s record as both assis-
   One of Czubin’s first tasks will be to                                                  tant track coach and cross country
hire an assistant     track coach. Cir-                                                    coach at   Highline       is noteworthy:
cumstances surrounding the hiring of                                                       among his team’s     accomplishments
Czubin have led former assistant track                                                    ‘are two cross country championships
coach and head cross country coach                                                         in the last five years and a distance
Bqb Maplestone to the pointof resign-       Bob Mapmtone                                                                                     Dan MeConnaughey
                                                                                           program within the track team which
ing both positions.                         going to be a good coach some day,’’           hauled in 68 of HCC‘s 88 points in the            lestone’s pending departure from HCC
   “I don’t want to raise a fuss, but Ido   McConnaughey     said of Maplestone.           conference track meet April 18-19.                coaching. “Now I’ve talked to another
want people to know whatgoing on,”
                             is             “When you select coach you don’t
                                                                a                   put       “He’s donea      super job with the        n   cross country coach.”
Maplestone said.   Acommunication           others down, you   just try to find out the    distance program; that’s why we     hired             Maplestone will  likely
gap between Maplestone and McCon-           person that will provide the       most                                                          teaching on Highline’s campus next
                                                                                           him,” McConnaugheyconfirmed. “We
naughey considering theopening of           leadership and be the best coach for                                                             year; he i s an instructor in the En-
                                                                                           started cross country in 1965; we’ve
the head coaching spot is one key           track and field.”                                                                                gineering department.
                                                                                           been second or third every year, and
factor in Maplestone’s    decisionto           When Maplestone     learned of McCon-                                                             “I’lldefinitely be teaching here un-
                                                                                           won the conference championship
resign.                                     naughey’sdecision, he informed the                                                               less something comes up,”     Maplestone
                                                                                           back-to-back (1976-1977).
   “I came into his office one day and he   resigning head coach of his hopes at              At the present time, i t appears that          said. “I’ve been asked what Ithought
told me he’d quit, which suprised me,”      becoming the new track leader. A                Maplestone will remove his fine coach-           about coaching at two other schools,
Maplestone said of McConnaughey’s           conflict in coaching philosophies sur-                                                           but I really enjoy teaching here.
                                                                                           ing record and expericnce from the
resignation. “I   knew he would retire.     faced from the talk, @ringingthe two                                                                 “Highline i s a super  school;    the
                                                                                            Highline teams.
 within the next five years, but Ididn’t    track men to a stalemate.                         “It’s happened alot that an assistant           Engineering andTechnology depart-
know it would be that soon.                    “I himthat Iwas hoping to the
                                                   told                          be                                                           ments are good. I t was the ideal setup
                                                                                            coach will quit under the same cir-
   ‘Then he told me that he’s already       head coach, apd he said that he didn’t                                                            beingan instructor andanassistant
                                                                                            cumstances, that’s          affected my
contacted a new head coach,‘ I can’t        think I was qualified,’’ Maplestone                                                               coach.”
                                                                                           decision, too; especially when you feel               Maplestone may not be able to give
 understand why Don didn’t talk to me       said. “He thinks a head coach should            that you’re better than theguythat
 before; as. far as I’m concerned the       have experience in all theevents; I                                                               up coaching as      readily as he once
                                                                                            gets your job,” Maplestone said.
 coachwas already hired before the          disagree. I think he should       coach                                                           thought; the performance of his dis-
                                                                                              “One of the factors (McConnaughey)
 assistant was talked to.                   certain events and hire a good assis-                                                             tance runners at this year’s conference
                                                                                            may have considered is that I still               championships has made Mape reluc-
   “He didn’t talk to me; when you   work   tant coach for the rest of the events?          compete, but that wasn’t even discuss-
 somewhere, should
              you       knowwhen               Maplestone also feels that ahead                                                               tant 10 leave the field.
                                                                                            ed; Iwas given no option,’’Maplestone                “When I first thought   &out     it I
 they are going tohire someone to work      coachneedsthe        time to handle the         continued. “I asked him one more time,
 with you.”                                 business endof a track team, allowing                                                             thought I could just phase it out,”
                                                                                            and told him that I really wanted the             Maplestone said of his coaching
   While operating as assistant coach,       room for an assistant coach to   function      job and a chance.
 Maplestone had hoped that the head          with the team.                                                                                   career. “They ran fantastic at confer-
                                                                                               “asked him why he was so set on
                                                                                                 I                                his          ence, and that makes it all worthwhile;
 track coaching position would eventu-         “A head coach i s an administrator                          he
                                                                                            decision, and said that was too,late
 ally be his.                                and organizer; motivation i s his big-                                                           they’ve been working hard all year
                                                                                            todo anything, that it was already                 long.
    “I assumed that somewheredown            gest aspect,” Maplestone said. “When           official.
 the line I’d get to be head coach,”         you getto a certain level, it’s more                                                                 “After I thoughtabout it, I really
 Maplestone explained.                       motivation than anything.’’      ’
                                                                                               “McConnaughey made a number of                 don’t want to quit; if the opportunity
    “He never expressed an interest in         I t will be Czubin rather than Maples-       proposals, all of which Idon’t consider           came up where Icould teach and coach
 the headcoaching          to
                   position me,”             tone who will motivate the3980 HCC             Ican work under,” Maplestoneinform-                I’d take it.”
 McConnaughey said of the situation.         track squad. McConnaughey leaned in            ed. “I McConnaugheythat if did
                                                                                                   told                        he                 ”I’m disappointed; it’s not like I
 “He did receive   consideration; Iconsi-    favor of Czubin’s past coaching work           what he wanted to, I  was going to quit.”         wanted to quit,” Maplestone added. “I
 dered a lot of possibilitiesand alterna-    when making the decision.                         “He has a lot to offer young people;  I                     Cont. on page 20
 tives.                                        “Coach Czubin has a background o f           would have liked for’him to       have
    “He’s a strong young man, and he’s       head coaching,” McConnaughey                   stayed,” McConnaughey said of Map-
                                                                                                                                                   The 30-second mile.
                                                                                                                                                    We teach you how.
                                             I am able to recruit strong players,             “It was nice having an assistant
by Bev Joseph                                they will help the five returning play-       coach,” expressed the T-Bird mentor.
   Norma KayAdamson, Highline Col-           ers,” stated Adamson.                         “He really enjoyed working with the
lege women’s tennis coach,has just             “Our team next year should be just          girls,” she continued.
completed her second year, and states,       as strong asthisyear’s     team, if not          Playing tennis w occupy the sum-
“I  would like to be back next year.’’       stronger,’’ she continued.                    mer for the Highline coach and her
   Coach Adamson is looking forward            Although the player maximum for a           five retuning playeps.
to a better season next year, as the         team i s 12, Adamsonhopesto       keep
netters finished this season with a 2-ll     nine. “That number is more convenient
record.                                      for traveling                   for
                                                           and less expensive the                     Summer Jobs
   The relatively short one and a half       college,” she explained.  -                              Earn $240 a week to start
month season of league play is mis-            Warren Farmer,the assistant coach,
leading.                                     will be playing on the pro European                          248-0533                                                        .   .   .

   A major aspect of the job i s recruit-    Circuit this summer.                                      Between noon - 3:00pm
ing. Adamson will be lookingfor tennis
prospects from graduating classes of
nearby high schools.
   Because of     her  busy coaching
schedule at HCC and Tennis World,
Adamson was unable to get letters of
intent for perspective tennis players
next year,                                                                                                                                              First Jump Class
   However, this summer, the HCC                                                                                                                       Saturdays, 8:30am
coach will actively be recruiting.
Hopefully, she will be able to obtain
written statements from tennis play-
 ers who want to attend Highline Col-
lege in the fall.
    L a s t year Adamson recruited four
 scholarship players. Job conflicts and
 transferring to other schools prevent-                                                                                                                      Call
 ed the scholarship players from join-
 ing the team.
    Next year, the coach hopes to,give
 out five full scholarships which High-
                                                               ‘AutoRebuild, [RIG.
 line College w be offering in WRO-
 men’s tennla.
                   il                                             FOREIGN AND DOM@hC‘
   The T-Bird coach sees great promise
 for next year’s team, Maggie Kohler,
 Sandy Fleming, Cindy Eibey, Elaine
 Eggerbraaten and Tami Kendall w        l
                                 pago 20 thundmword Jurn 1.1W9

                                 Gibbs and Adair leave HCC cont.                                                                                                        I        Mape cont.
                                                                                                                                                                                   C o n t m n ~ 1 9
                                          cn o p,
                                          ot m.l
                                            h   9I
                                                 )                                                                                                                      don’t know what I’ll do in my spare
                                 year at Highline, avoiding the       courts; a                                                                                         time.”
                                 walkthrough the Pavilion during a                                                                                                         “I’m concerned that he da8n’t get
                                 tennis team workout year brought                                                                                                       hi8 feeling8 and hi8 poaition he’s a
                                 Lisa back to the racquet and net.                                                                                                      fine young coach,” McConnaughey
                                     “I              in
                                         had tennis high school; I’d been                                                                                               said of Mape. “Coach Czubin told me
                                 doing t h e aport8 since ninth mdC,’’                                                                                                  that he’d really like to have Maples-
                                 Gibbs explained.“I       thought Ineededa                                                                                              tone, and he’s              that
                                                                                                                                                                                        redly ~orry Maples-
                                 break in 8pring so Itook one.                                                                                                          tone can’t work with him.”
                                     “It was kind of a spur of the moment                                                                                                  “I don’t really have anything   person-
                                 thing this year. Iwalr getting boredthis                                                                                               al against him;Itold him that Iwished
                                 spring; I walked through the Pavilion                                                                                                  him the best,” Maplestone saidof the
                                 one and
                                       day,           the. tennis team W88                                                                                              newly appointed head track coach. “I
                                 practicing.                                                                                                                            have different philosophies from both
                                     “1 saw Rhondi and      said, ‘Wow, Rhon-                                                                                           Don and the new coach, though.
                                 di, do you    think Norma (women’s coach                                                                                                  “Both philowphiescan work, but      it’s
                                 Norma Kay Adammn) will let me hit                                                                                                      difficult for them 10 work together.”
                                 with you?’Iwanted t mif Icould still
                                                          o                                                                                                                Despite the situation, feelings have
                                 hit; Icould.”                                                                                                                                            to
                                                                                                                                                                         been important both Maplestone        and
                                     Gibbs  and      Adair will take their                                                                                               McConnaughey.                              - \

                                 respective and respectable talent8 to                                                                                                     “Everything Bob has done has been 4’’;
                                  four-year   institutions         nextyear.                                                                                             positive for the program; he’s a good
                                  Neither athlete is expecting a       8cholar-                                                                                          person,” McConnaughey said. “He’sa
                                  ship.                                                                                                                                  good friend and coach Czubin s a good
                                     “I’m probably going to PLU (Pacific                                                                                                 friend and Idon’t want any feelings.’*
                                 Lutheran University); it’s close         to                                                                                                Still, Bob Maplestone can’t help but
                                  home and save moneyby not living                                                                                                       have some illfeelings on notreceiving
                                  there,” Gibbs said her college plans.
                                                         of                                                                                                              the headtrack position.
                                  “I’ll   commute; it’s funny saying that                                                                                                   “I can’t understand why he didn’t    at
                                  I’ll save money going toPLU, but it’s
                                                     by                                                                                                                  least give me a chance,” Maplestone
                                  the closest university.                                                                                                                said of McConnaughey’s      decision.
                                     “I’d like a scholarship, but I’m not                                                                                                                  at
                                                                                                                                                                         “When you look the whole thing,       you
                                  looking for one. I don’t even know if                                                                                                  canaskwhy       I quit, because I could
                                  they give them to women athletes at                                                                                                    have stayed on as assistant track and
                                  PLU.”                                                                                                                                  head cross country coach.
                                     “I’m going to Central (Washington                                                                                                      ‘When you anticipate something,
                                  State University),” Adair said. “If they                                                                                               you can workunder circumstances,
                                  offered me a scholarship I’d surely                                                                                                    because  you     think things will get
                                  take it, but I don’t think I’m good                                                                                                    better. When they don’t, youlose your
                                  enough; I might try for a           tennis                                                                                             motivation.”
                                  scholarship, butI’d really have to work
                                  hard.”                                                                                                                                        Term Papers
                                     The pair of Highline athletes will
                                  miss aspects of the college which they                                                                                                        Reports
                                  contributed a total of sixseasons of                                                                                                          Resumes:     Edlted
                                  sports to.
                                      “1’11 miss the people here, that’s the                                                                                                              Proofread!
                                  main thing,” Gibbs stated. “1’11 miss a
                                  lot of the coaches and instructors, but
                                  probably Dale Bolinger (women’s hoop
                                  coach) and     Eileen B m m e l l(volleyball
                                  coach) the most, but more Bolinger;I
                                  worked or we worked for him, and saw
                                  him every day.                                                                         -~    ~

                                      “Also, I’ll miss campus;
                                                         the         and             T-bird raquoteor Rhmdl M a l t rslrxorli during I team pnctlco.
                                  knowingwhere things are, and .the
                                   sports.”                                                                                               staff photo by Gary Undberg
                                      “I’ll mise all my coaches andall my           field of special education during the
                                   friends that I’ve met throughsports,”            year Itook off.
                                   said Adair, parallelingGibbs’ words.        “I      “1 worked at Woodside school as an
                                   think Highline has a relaxed atmos-
                                   phere, for the most part.
                                      “I’m just glad that Iwent through a
                                                                                    aide during that and
                                                                                    worked there through the Community
                                                                                    Involvement Program on
                                                                                                                      I also
                                                                                                                campus. 1
                                                                                                                                           Get a.B.A.
                                  two-year school first instead of a four           think it’s probably the  most rewarding
                                  year one. I t gave me time to pinpoint
                                  exactly what Iwanted to do.”
                                                                                    thing I’ve done.’’
                                                                                       Both Lisa Gibbs’ and Rhondi Adair’s
                                                                                    careers at HCC have been more that
                                                                                                                                               T a Means
                                      What Adair doeswanttodo              i s to
                                   receive a degree at Central and work
                                   into the field of special education.
                                      “F’romwhat I hear, Central has a
                                                                                    rewarding, especiallyfor the women’s
                                                                                    sports program.,
                                                                                        The activity does not end with the
                                                                                     school year for either athlete. Adair
                                   goad program; Il going mostly
                                                          be                  for                    be
                                                                                     and Gibbs can found on the      softball
                                   a major in special education,” Adair              fields thissummer, doing what each    of
                                   said. “I    pretty much decided on the            them does best: participating.

                                                  Stauffer’s goodbye cont.
                                            cOrrttn#nprolllS                        great friend,       and respected by
                                     To Tim Kelly (TKO), the   world’s              everyone in the office. Thanks for the
                                  biggest Sonic fan and the manrespons-             trip to Western.
                                  ible for my attendance at the season’s              .Finally, a big thanks to Gary Lind-
                                  first playoff game.                               berg and Chrir Campbell. It’s hard to
                                                                                    find the wordr to ds8cribe the help you
                             b       To Tim Johnson (TJ); if it wasn’t for          have been. Seems like we’ve lived here
                                  you, Cutesy wouldn’t there to watch               for two yearr together.
               \                  the nasty    little clackers; to Ric                 Chrisand     I are ’going to leave
                                  Browne, who ha8 put forth more ener-              journalirm and become rock stars if
                                  QY and effort than     any     A r t 8 and        we can work up the nerve, Gary ir the
                                  Entertainment editor alive.                       guy‘to see if you ever need to get’into
                                     To Lori Fox, for finally writing in my         the office at 4 in the morning. He lives
                                  journal and for having the mirage to              here. Both of you are great writers and
                                  join next ‘ycar’a8tudcntcouncil;to                fantastic friends.
                                  MelodieSteiger, for graciourlyaccept-                Anyway, I guess this ir it. Hops I
                                  ing my razzing in s f a class,., AA,
                                                         ob l
                                                          t                         didn’t forget anyone. I’m a little at a
                                  Melodisl                                          lor8 for wordr. Highline College and
                                                                                    the Thunderword have     been a big part
                                     To Kim Harmsling, the Thunder-                 of my life.
                                  word’s nicsrt renegade from Varhon                  Thank you very mkh. ood blear a   l
                         ,   I    Idand, who ha6 taught me that dugs                of your live$* ‘
                                  can be quite humorous.                              P.S. SSS you at Western, where the
                                     To John Miller,the editor of thir, our         Thunderword rWf r W d eventually
                                   grand finale; a 40-prge issue. Ehrly             regroup. I’m tooking lorward to it!
                    I             morning roftball and taka with‘mme-
                                  one who obvhurly c u m for and under-
                                   rtandr people have helped m a t l y ,
                    1:            erpacirlly thia quarter.

     n                                                                                                                             I
‘;   I‘



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