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					                        Roe Fulkerson Lodge No. 299 F. &A.M                                        January 2011

                                         From The East
My Brother’s

First of all I would like to thank you for having the confidence to elect me as your Worshipful
Master. I assure you I will work diligently to fulfill the duties of my office.                   Worshipful Master
                                                                                                  Stewart Davies
This year Roe Fulkerson Lodge will celebrate its 60 year. The New Year will be off to a           561-801-1959
quick start with our installation and a series of special events to follow. Our first stated
                                         th                       th                              Senior Warden
meeting will be on Thursday January 6 . On Saturday Jan 15 at 4:00pm we will have our             Phil Dixon
Installation with dinner at Tropical Acres at 6:30pm. February 12 will be the District 33         954-253-8872
Annual Sweethearts Ball, then on February 26 the Charity Dinner Dance benefit for the             padixon@bellsouth.net
                      rd                    th
MMRL. On April 23 we will hold our 60 Anniversary Charter Dinner Dance at Tropical                Junior Warden
Acres as well. We will have the honor and privilege having our Grand Master M:.W:. J. Dick        Tim Camac
Martinez and some of the Grand Lodge Officers present to celebrate with us. For the
remainder of the year we will have Our Annual Lodge Picnic, Annual Steak and Chicken              Treasurer
                                                                                                  Wallace T. Fine, P.M.
Feast and Thanksgiving dinner the dates of which will be announced later.                         954-432-0702
The officer’s of this lodge are here to serve you. We will be making plans for additional
events and special programs. What we accomplish and how successful we are is largely
                                                                                                  William A. Marti, PDDGM
dependent on the amount of support that comes from the craft. I ask you to join with us and       954-987-2875 home
take part in making it a successful year for Roe Fulkerson Lodge.                                 954-494-7994 cell
Br. Phil Dixon

Worshipful Master Elect

    Roe Fulkerson Masonic Lodge No. 299
    811 Glenn Parkway
    Hollywood, Florida 33021
    Lodge Telephone (954) 961-9443


     Mark Your Calendars
            Stated Meetings
       Thursday January 6th & 20th
      7:30pm (Dinner 6:00pm)
       Installation of Officers
            Saturday, January 15th
            Open Meeting 4:00pm
                                                                January 2011
                                             From the West                                                         Appointed Officers
                                                                                                                   Senior Deacon
"The state, like the man, must use constant effort to stay in the paths of virtue and manliness. The habit         Ken Paulsen
of electioneering and begging for office culminates in bribery with office, and corruption in office...We          561-926-7715
must remember that in free States, as well as in despotisms, injustice, the spouse of Oppression, is the
fruitful parent of Deceit, Distrust, Hatred, Conspiracy, Treason, and Unfaithfulness. Even in assailing
                                                                                                                   Junior Deacon
Tyranny we must march into that fight like Puritans, or into the battle with the abuses that spring up in
                                                                                                                   Einar Jordam
free government, with the flaming sword in one hand, and the Oracles of God in the other." Morals and
Dogma by Albert Pike
                                                                                                                   Senior Steward
                                                                                                                   Richard Davies
Brethren,                                                                                                          561-312-7377
I was late in submitting December's article and deem it necessary to thank the Brothers who made 2010 at           Rldicky@gmail.com
Roe Fulkerson Lodge such a great year for me. Where did the year go? 
It seems like only yesterday our Worshipful Master handed me an apron (chef’s apron) and told me I would           Junior Steward
be responsible for the Lodge dinners.  Cooking and serving meals, cleaning the dining room, washing pots           Fred Hessler
and pans – I was beginning to feel like your Lodge wife.  It was a wonderful time, and my wife was pleased         754-246-6472
to discover that after 12 years of marriage, I had finally learned how to cook something other than scram‐
bled eggs.                                                                                                         Marshal
                                                                                                                   Robert Bailey
The best part of the year for me was spending time in the kitchen with brothers. Fortunately, I had a group        954-434-7384
of brothers who were always there to give me a hand. Brothers Ron Carpel, Michael St. Anthony Francis,             Chaplain
Diego Prieto, Fred Hessler, Richard Davis, Lonnie Weinberg, Phil Dixon, George Sijtsima, Einar Jordan, Right       R.W. Ray Williams Jr.
Honorable Troy Porter, and Worshipful Donald Dunn ‐‐ thank you for your assistance, information, and the           954-989-8899
encouragement while we were in the kitchen. I am convinced that our delicious Lodge meals were due to 
your support.  What a terrific time I had!                                                                         Organist
                                                                                                                   Paul A. Bender
I hope everyone had a wonderful time celebrating Christmas, Hanukkah, and New Year’s. I am very grateful 
for the blessings of the past year:  interesting events and challenges that included a Lodge picnic, sitting in 
the East for a Fellowcraft degree, Worshipful Don’s master meat loafs, Ron Carpel’s Chicken Parmesan,              Hilliard Silver
Alexis Gutierrez’s chicken & rice, Bob Bailey’s banana bread, the award ceremonies for 25 and 50 year 
Masons, and an essay writing contest for a local middle‐school. I will always enjoy remembering  conversa‐
tions with Brothers Howard “Let me tell you sumptin” Saxonberg, Jesse “Tonka Trucks” Taylor, and Brian 
“The Ghosthunter” Bray, and spending hours after a meeting with Brother Don Polling discussing Freema‐
sonry, Punk Rock music, and cigarettes. I send you the warmest wishes for a bright and beautiful New Year. 

Timothy Camac                                                                                                                    Jan 6th

                                                                                                                              Spaghetti and
                                              From the South                                                                   Meatballs
                                                                                                                             Carrot Cake or
                                                                                                                             Chocolate Cake

                                                                                                                                Jan 20th

                                                                                                                           Rotisserie Chicken
                                                                                                                           Mashed Potatoes
                                                                                                                           Mixed Vegetables
                                                                                                                               and Salad

                        The Masonic Home - St Petersburg, FL Dec. 12, 2010
                                                    January 2011

                                                         Support Your Masonic Brothers.
     Lodge Committees
           2010                               MORGAN STANLEY                                 CHRISTENSEN
          Masonic Renewal                                                                   FINANCIAL INC.
R.W. Ray Williams - R.W. Albert McDonald
            W. Mark Kuznitz                         Giovanni Renteria                          Brad Bodie
        Ritual & Floor Work                             Financial Advisor                       Mortgage Lender
R. W. Ray Williams - R.W. Albert McDonald
    W. Wallace Fine - R.H. Troy Porter
                                                     Cell Ph (954) 562-7846           Cellular :(305) 303-2345
         Masonic Education
        Clyde Treco - Tim Camac                                                       Phone: (954) 206-0033
        Ken Paulsen - Don Poling
                                                                                      E-mail: brad@cfimortgage.com
           Board of Relief
                                                                                       O’STEEN BUILDERS
       Worshipful Master - Wardens

                Charity                         When you need a plumber who can
       Worshipful Master - Wardens
                                                       do the job right, call:
         Phil-Dixon - Ken Paulsen              My Plumbing Co.                             L. Raymond O’Steen
             W. Wallace Fine
                                                                                            Commercial Construction
                                                      Donald Dunn
        W. Don Dunn - Bob Bailey             Serving; Dade, Broward and Palm Beach
                                             Counties                                                (305) 944-2721
      Trestle board / Web Site                                                                    Fax (305) 944-3795
        Phil Dixon - Richard Davies          4302 Hollywood Blvd. Ste. 294
                                             Hollywood, Florida 33021                      www.osteenandcompany.com
R. W. Ray Williams - R. W. Herbert Goldman   Phone: 954-966-5855
                                                                                                     Hours: 7:30 am to 4:00 pm
  Public Education & Citizenship             Fax: 954-966-5873
 R. W. Albert McDonald - W. Mark Kuznitz                                                             Tue., Thur., Fri., Sat.
                                             E-mail: myplumbingco@gmail.com
                                                                                                     Closed on Mon., Wed.,
                Petitions                    Licensed and insured       CFC 1427089
   R. W. Ray Williams - R.H. Troy Porter
R.W. Ray Williams - R.W. Herbert Goldman       Support the Roe                         Post Hills Barber Shop
               Tim Camac                                                                                John
          Investigation Pool
                                             Fulkerson Lodge En-
              Front Line
                                               dowment Fund!
      Tim Camac - Albert Brennan Jr.
                                              Purchase a Leaf on                            5744 Johnson Street
             Einar Jordan
                                                                                            Hollywood Fl. 33021
              1st Backup
   W. Donald Dunn - R.W. Ray Williams
                                               the Tree of Life.
    Richard Davies - Mike Corcoran
                                                                                                                      Bob Hilton
             2nd Backup                                                                                               Travel Agent
    R.H. Troy Porter - W. Mark Kuznitz
                                                                                             Travel Network
                                               Email your views, questions,
                                             comments and suggestions to us           49 Bougainvillea St. NE
                                                           at                         Lake Placid, FL 33852
    Want to join a committee?                       Visit our website                 dazzletravelnshop@hotmail.com
Call Stewart Davies and let him know
your interests at 561-801-1959 today.          www.roefulkersonlodge.com              www.dazzletravelandshop.com
                                                                                January 2011

                                                                                                                                    Good Luck and Best Wishes
                                                                                Information Technology Consultant
Phone (954) 434-5543 Wallace T. Fine                                                                                                                      To
Fax     (954) 343-2206 Broker/Owner
                                                                                                                                   Roe Fulkerson Lodge in 2010
Res. (954) 432-0702 Licensed Mortgage Broker
                                                                                           Phil Dixon                                                   From
Cell Phone. (954) 662-9071
Email finerealtyinc@bellsouth.net
                                                                                    padixon@bellsouth.net                                Bill & Moynette Marti
Let us be the Key to your Real Estate success story                                Phone: 954 253-8872

                    TECHNICO                                                          D’EUROPA                                            Charles A. Fischer
       Technically Speaking We Are The Best                                         F U R N I T U R E                          Retirement planning for So. Florida Business Professionals

                 Michael Maher                                                 Stan Serwatka                                   1525 NW 3rd Street, Suite 9 Deerfield Beach, FL 33442
1104 N. Dixie Hwy.                   3900 N.W. 49th Street
                                                                               1025 E. Hallandale Beach Blvd. Ste. #3
Lake Worth FL 33460                  Tamarac FL 33309
                                                                               Hallandale Beach, FL 33009                      Phone (888) 750-2411          (954) 340-7474
Phone (561) 588-8300                  Phone (954) 484-2929
                                                                               Ph: (954) 456-2626 / (954) 773-7654             Cell (954) 234-8376      Fax (954) 227-3434
Watts (800) 476-2318                 Watts (800) 757-5999
                                                                               Fax (954) 456-2644
Fax (561) 588-5530                    Fax (954) 484-5155                                                                       Email: Charlie@charliefischer.net
                                                                                                                               Web: www.charliefischer.net

             LIGHTS BY H & H                                            L.E. SCHOOLEY & ASSOC.                                                LAW OFFICE OF
Industrial Light Bulbs save your business $$ because they REDUCE
               labor costs to change They last longer
                                                                            DESIGNER, MAUFACTURER AND                                 MICHAEL J. REPPAS , P.A.
           Reduce energy usage - - For information call                        DISTRIBUTOR OF MASONIC                                         ATTORNEY AT LAW
                        Donald E. Haugen
                                                                               AND FRATERNAL JEWELRY                                      LL.M. INTERNATIONAL LAW
                 1005 Country Club Road Z408
                        Margate FL 33063                           Contact: Larry E. Schooley
Res 954 979-3468 Office 800 637 3853 Cell 954 254 6851             P.O. Box 740502 Orange City FL 32774-0502
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                                                                   (386)774-9326 Cell (954) 494-3128 Fax (386) 774-8911
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ALL lamps 12,00 hour     Fluorescent Lamps All Sizes
                                                                   email les24k@mindspring.com
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18 Month Warranty        40,000 hour 40 Month Warranty
Incandescent & Flood     Full Spectrum My Specialty
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                                                                   FREE CATALOG

                                                                         Clean & Fix it Cleaners
                                                                                                                                  Robert R. Holland, Jr. CLU, ChFC 
                       Al Brennan                                           Dry Cleaning and Alterations
                       President                                             Convenient Location with excellent                  WWW.ASSETMINDERS.COM 
                         6818 Stardust
                                                                                    quality and great prices
                                                                                                                               Ph: (954)969‐1323   Fax (954)974‐3880 
                 North Lauderdale FL 33068
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Fax     (954) 970-0504
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Cell    (954) 257-6415

              Nova Clean Air                                         ADJUSTERS GROUP 2000 INC
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       * A/C Services & Repair for                                 We Help You – The Policy Holder
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                Kool Air                                           If you have a building claim, will you get paid fairly?
                                                                   CALL US BEFORE YOU CALL YOUR INSUR-
                                                                   ANCE COMPANY
                    Call Br. Alexis                                Free Consultation – No Obligation
                                                                        We work for you not the insurance company
                                                                                                                                         $50.00 per year
              @ Nova Clean Air                                     Toll Free (877) 369-6889 – www.ag2000.net
                  954 274 0500
                                                                          January 2011
     PAST MASTERS                                      PAST MASTERS                                             BOOSTER CLUB
U.D D. Jordan ::         1951 W. Johnson ::                                                      Wallace & Phyllis Fine          01/11
                                                 1964 J. Huber ::          1971 E. Ellingson
1952 E. Welker ::        1953 H. Gregory ::                                                      Henry & Emmy Gebhardt           12/11
                                                 1973 R. Lipof::           1975 H. Goldman
1954 T. Wright ::        1955 H. Kinnison ::
                                                 1977 G. Madias            1980 J. Prigodich::   John R. Williams Jr.            01/11
1956 C. Finney ::        1957 M Ratliff ::
                                                 1981 E. Rosenberg         1982 D. Haugen        George C Dreyer                 01/11
1958 J. Mallory ::       1959 E. Downing
                                                 1982 D. Murphy            1982 M. Reeves        Al & Linda Brennan              01/11
1960 E. Maples ::        1961 E. Bettsworth ::
                                                 1984 L. Koppel            1990 L. Schooley      Ian MacCartney                  01/11
1962 R. Baird            1963 J. Jirik ::
                                                 1989 R. Smith::                                 Albert & Eileen McDonald        01/11
1964 W. Hinson ::        1965 A. Brennan Sr::
                                                 1990 D. Willey            1994 R. Hodgson
1966 A. Stegar ::        1967 G. Skinner                                                         Herbert & Miriam Goldman        04/11
                                                 1992 B. Brown             1999 E. Jackson
1968 T. Mallory ::       1969 R. Stone                                                           Mary Jackson                    10/10
                                                 1998 A. Hopper Jr.        1990 S. Jockers
1970 D. Azzolini         1971 M. Beatty ::                                                       Everett Ellingson               10/12
1972 W. Fisher           1973 J. Driggers                                                        Tony & Kay Freeland             02/14
1974 E. Wynn             1975 H. Hudson ::            PAST DISTRICT
1976 G. Leverett ::      1977 W. Thomas                  DEPUTY                                                         IN MEMORIAM
1978 J. Sigmon ::
1980 V. Jennings ::
                         1979 T. Carpenter::
                         1981 E. Ball::
                                                     GRANDMASTERS                                Joey Roache by Dee Dee Roache                    02/11
                                                 1958 Charles Finney ::                          Wayne Roache Sr. by Dee Dee Roache               02/11
1982 J. Lafler           1983 T. Neal
                                                 1963 Martin Ratliff ::                          Wayne Roache Jr. by Dee Dee Roache               02/11
1984 H. McDonald Jr.     1985 E. Wynn
                                                 1979 Earl Wynn                                  “Uncle “ Louie Gallowich by Dee Dee Roache       02/11
1986 O. Willingham       1987 L. Gallowich::
                                                 1981 David Archer::                             Joyce Gallowich by Dee Dee Roache                02/11
1988 J. Ryder ::         1989 J. Grayson Jr.::
                                                 1982 James Prigodich * ::                       Pat Gallagher by Dee Dee Roache                  02/11
1990 P. Lowe             1991 W. Marti
                                                 1984 Theodore Carpenter ::
1992 L. Brooks           1993 J. Piver                                                           Helen Gentry by Dee Dee Roache                   02/11
                                                 1990 Elmer Ball ::
1994 R. Isgan            1995 B. Bennett                                                         John R. Williams Sr. by John R. Williams Jr.     09/11
                                                 1992 William Marti
1996 J. Williams Jr.     1997 R. Hilton                                                          Gladys Brennan by Al & Linda Brennan             01/11
                                                 1997 Robert Isgan
1998 W. Fine             1999 M. Kuznitz                                                         Barbara Dreyer by George C. Dreyer               02/11
                                                 2003 John Williams Jr.
2000 F. Stoltzfus        2001 W. Roache Sr.::
                                                                                                 Albert Brennan Sr. by Albert & Eileen McDonald   02/11
                                                 2006 Albert McDonald
2002 G. Ferrone          2003 A. McDonald
                                                 2007 Fred H. Stoltzfus                          Pat Gallagher by Mark Kuznitz                    02/11
2004 D. Rinck            2005 K. Jacobs

2006 A. Freeland         2007 B. Bodie
                                                 * Affiliated   : : Deceased
2008 T. Porter           2009 D. Dunn

1968 E. Conners        1969 C. Yelvington
1970 G. Schreck Sr.:: 1971 M. Cross
1972 A. Dombroski      1973 E. Wasserman
1974 G..Schreck Jr.:: 1975 S. Wilson ::
1976 D. Archer ::      1977 L. Bosak ::
1978 J. Gaskill ::     1979 R. Cannon
1980 J. Holive ::      1981 E. Abelman
1982 C. Snyder III :: 1983 T. Nickler ::
                                               January 2011

                                              Masonic Education

    Below is an excerpt from one the monthly discourses published by R:. W:. George Aladro, Sr. Grand Warden.
                                                  “What’s the Hurry?”
Our Lodges should be oasis of tranquility in this fast pace world that seems to be doing everything to drive us
mad. Think of the Lodge as a way to unwind from the time you have been away from it. Think about slowing down
enough where you can smell the roses. Remember if it is worth doing, it is worth doing it right.
I know you may have to work the next day, but believe me when I tell you. That if you go to Lodge in a hurry you
will not enjoy it as much and you will feel drained at the end of the meeting waiting for the time to get by watching
the clock thinking to yourself when is it going to end. My Brothers guess what it won’t happen any faster as we all
know, its going to take whatever it takes, no more no less.
Next time you go to Lodge, take a different approach, take a deep breath and make yourself a promise to relax not
worry about time and to enjoy yourself. You will find yourself enjoying the proceedings, engaging your Brothers,
creating fellowship, possibly lowering your blood pressure, leaving the stress of every day life outside the doors,
doing good deeds for someone that you may not even know, which will make you feel good. Grab a bite to eat or
share a cup of coffee with a Brother and friend you have not seen in a while.
Talk to the Master and volunteer for something to do around the Lodge, it will give you a way to escape from the
everyday cares of life, help the Lodge and Brothers, teach others by your actions and learn something yourself.
All too often, Brothers do not attend the Grand Master’s Official Visit to the District or District Deputy Grand
Master visit to your Lodge and fail to hear the message being delivered by the Grand Lodge Officers and more
especially our Grand Master or his District Deputy in their respective Districts, they worry it will be too long a
My Brothers can you spare the time for just two meetings, most of them start and finish on time, at worst it can
take a half hour to an hour more of your time. Can you please give us that much we would like to meet with you
and let you know what we are trying to do on your behalf?
Can we speak frankly, the Grand Master and Grand Lodge Officers do not travel all over the state for their health
or because they have nothing else to do. They do it because it is mandated by Regulation one, but secondly and
more importantly because we wish to communicate with the Craft, to meet the Brothers, to establish bonds of
It is you, every single one of you that we are interested in. Your Grand Lodge Officers are constantly conveying the
message that with you all the hard work and sacrifices are worth making, without you nothing is worth doing. You
my Brothers are the Fraternity. We need your participation in all our doings.
I know in my heart that if you commit to prioritize your time and if we are part of your efforts, you will find a little
bit of time to attend your Lodge and share time with your Brothers creating bonds and friendships that will last a
I also know that if you are asked to help, aid and assist you will do your best and for that we thank you, based on
that I ask all Officers of the Lodges and the Brothers that attend on a regular basis to the Lodges to commit to
attend the Grand Masters Official Visit to your District. Furthermore to bring a Brother that has not attended in a
while to meet the Grand Master and Grand Lodge Officers it would be my personal pleasure and honor to meet
and greet every one of you, it would definitely be a great opportunity for me. 
To obtain a copy of this complete discourse, send an email request  with “What’s the Hurry” in the subject line to: roefulk‐
                                       Support our Masonic Youth

                                                     Rainbow Girls
                                                Love Assembly #95


2010-2011      Grand Choir Director, Dawn Williams
2010-2011      Third Place Banner Winner

2009-2010      Grand Editor, Victoria Burg
2009-2010      Miss Service, Victoria Burg
2009-2010      First Place Scrapbook Winner

We hope everyone had a wonder holiday and would like to wish everyone a safe and very Happy New Year.

We are all very excited for the new year and preparation for Grand Assembly! Our Rainbow sisters from Illinois will be
joining us at Grand Assembly and we can't wait to see them again!

Our meetings for January are as follows, all meetings start at 7:30pm, but members are expected to arrive at 7:00 to set up
the room:
January 3rd Elections
January 17th Meeting

Our calendar for January is as follows:
January 1st 4:30pm - 6:00pm Cook and serve New Year's dinner at Ronald McDonald's House. Everyone is
           invited. Please contact Mom Lu if you need a ride.

January 9th 3:00pm - 4:30pm Installation of New Officers and Advisory Board

January 15th 5:30pm Serve and clean up appetizer's for Roe Fulkerson Installation

January 22nd     12:00 noon Prospect Party at Jaxson's Ice Cream Parlour. Everyone interested in Rainbow Girls or
                Rainbow Pledge are invited for an afternoon of fun. Please bring money if you wish to eat or shop.

January 29th     Ritual Competition in Stuart, Florida

January 31st     7:30pm Fun Night

Our meetings for February are as follows, all meetings start at 7:30pm, but members are expected to arrive at 7:00 to set up
the room:
February 7th Meeting
February 21st Meeting

Our calendar for February is as follows:
February TBD Baby Dedication - more details to follow

February 12th Statewide Initiation in Deland, Florida

February 26th Annual Spaghetti Dinner and Bake Sale

February 28th 7:30pm Fun Night

If you have any questions regarding any of our events or if you are a girl between the age of 11-20 you can join Rainbow
Girl Love Assembly #95 or if you are between the age of 8-11 you can join Mom Pat's Hoppers Rainbow Pledge Group. For
more information, please contact Mom Lu at 954-540-1294 (cell) or 954-961-1294 (home) or email her
at Critter4ever@aol.com.

Words can not express are gratitude for your continued support. Please keep an eye on this page for more events or check
out our website at www.freeweb.com/loveassembly95/ or contact Mom Lu.

In Rainbow love and service,
Mom Lu, Mother Advisor and Advisory Board members of Love Assembly #95
                                                        January 2011 
      Monday          Tuesday        Wednesday                  Thursday            Friday         Saturday                 Sunday 
                                                                                              1                     2 
                                                                                              Happy New Year 
3               4                5                        6                   7               8                     9 
                                 District School of       Stated Meeting                      Doric Lodge           Rainbow Girls‐Love 
                                 Instruction – Doric      7:30pm (6:00pm                      Installation of       Assembly 95 Installation 
                                 Lodge                    Dinner)                             Officers 2:00pm       of Officers 3:00pm‐
10              11               12                       13                   14             15                    16
                                 Installation             DDGM Official Visit                 Roe Fulkerson 
                                 Practice (6:30pm)        –J Dewey Hawkins                    Installation of 
                                 and Officer’s                                                Officers 4:00 pm 
17              18               19                       20                  21              22                    23
                                                          Stated Meeting                      Coral Springs  
                                                          7:30pm (6:00pm                      1:00pm & West 
                                                          Dinner)                             Broward (6:00pm) 
                                                                                              Installation of 
24              25               26                       27                  28              29                    30
                                 Masters &                                                    North Broward & 
                                 Wardens – Hosted                                             Eureka North 
                                 by North Broward‐                                            Shore Installation 
                                 Location TBA                                                 of Officers 


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